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J.G. (Jerry) Gallimore was born in Vincennes, Indiana in 1940. His family settled at Crane Naval
Depot where Jerry's earliest interests were centered around science -specifically crystals and geodes.
As a young adult, his years of experimentation served him well as he pioneered what is still called the
"Gallimore effect" in crystallography. Although his life path traveled from New Orleans street artist to
Zen Teacher, Mr. Gallimore's last years were a concentration of electronics research, experiments, and
writing. In this time he was president and one of the founders of the United States Psychotronics
Association. The USPA continues to flourish and each year awards the posthumous "J.G. Gallimore"
award. Mr. Gallimore wrote five books prior to his death. He is primarily known and recognized for
his work in the field of Radionics. His work in all five volumes has now been republished by
Borderland Sciences Research Foundation.

Dedicated to the United States Psychotronics Association In Memory of J.G. Gallimore

Table of Contents
Introduction i - iii
Chapter One 1-15
An Investigation Into The Problem
Of Parapsychology Transmission
Chapter Two 16— 27
An Investigation Into Ultraviolet
Chapter Three 28 - 32
An Investigation Into the Relation
of Different Geometries on Energy
Chapter Four 33-63
Properties of "Odic", "Orgone" as
Characteristic Energies

PART TWO - 64 - 215

Collected writings of J. G. Gallimore


When I first started investigating parapsychology, I found that information was very
hard to obtain. Later, I discovered that certain channels of information were available and
quantities of information was easily obtained. These channels were organizations with a
library and/or publishing facilities.
These organizations usually depended on their publications to finance information
gathering, research, and/or support of their convictions that parapsychology was a valuable
contribution to mankind.
After becoming familiar with the bulk of available information, I discovered vast
repetition of generalities, which, while they provided familiarization with possibilities and
general opinion; left me with a sense of ncn-accomplishment. To best explain this is that after
reading hundreds of books and reports, I could not "do" or "apply" anything common or
exotic to extend my own abilities.
It is common for researchers to develop a selective attitude on reading materials.
After reading general material, the quest for better material means digging into files under
selected headings of interest. In my own case, files provided new information of such
varied topics that I would sit for hours fascinated by finding something new in the next folder
or cabinet.
If you are serious about your research, you find yourself building piles of information
on the floor beside the file cabinets. These you later take to be photo-copied for your own
Were it not far the generosity of these organizations and the comradeship of working
towards a common purpose; you would find information gathering a most difficult
However, something happens to most researchers that continue. They find they run out
of surprises and "new" information. At first the information becomes common with new
information popping up every few days only, then every other week,
then months.
This is where almost all researchers drop by the wayside - others find new sources of
information such as the Library of Congress, federal information sources, universities and
business research. Each source opens up new caches of information which delimit and
frustrate equally the researcher. Too many reports, not enough time to read every one, and
increasing redundancy of information. Then the seeming impossible happens - no new
information but thousands of reports describing known subjects inadequately.
Not to be frustrated, the researcher had found addresses of "current" research
publications and "current" expositions of research with the authors or scientists sometimes
available for questions. I never thought that I would find so many who knew so little.
Indeed, few people research available materials to become acquainted with what has been
discovered. Instead, a degree and a position almost guarantees the right of the research
scientist to "probe" the subject without ever knowing the subject background.
How this is achieved is to write a paper on "theory" of how different manifestations
occur. This is given "approval" by their profession because it is couched in technological
terms, and because the paper sounds good to their peers who know nothing about the science
and do not have time to research it. After all, they are doing a functional job that leaves little
time for esoteric interests.
The formation of a body of scientists years ago has resulted in a "common" pool of
knowledge that is quickly ending this trend. A ridiculous paper is now grounds for "academic
displeasure" and discrimination.
After becoming familiar with the latest papers and books of these international figures,
fewer than twenty people "seem" to know what they are researching in this area. I have
made many judgements but in the final analysis, I could do nothing after all my effort than
before I started since little was discovered. I did not have a vast understanding of what has
been done, and what could be done.

Therefore this book is written from that research which provided me the means of "doing

something," direct experimentation, and control of energies. This research was done after leaving

the path of "accepted" sciences and looking into new paths where "observation" defines a means of

action of a new energy.

Armed with the history of what had been done or attempted, logic, and observation; I set up

the foundations of a complete new science. Unemployed and condemned by existing research for a

non-mathematical theory, I was offered no help in any direction. I wanted facts before a math

model. Now that my path has proven results, and an exact math model can be made with little

speculation, their support is still denied because of academic history. However, now I am

unconcerned with scientists, their views, or their research.

Because of the control over the new energies, and the fantastic results possible; all this

research would be "classified" and probably never given to the public, nor the advances along

medical lines.

The information contained here is simple, makes sense, and will let you, the reader, gain

control of new energies, as an exceptionally young science, new discoveries can be made in any

direction you care to explore. You can relate to existing sciences or produce new undiscovered


I have said that any ten people given ten related facts will produce similar conclusions.

However, while seven conclusions will be identical, two people will expand the information, and one

person will connect that information to apparently unrelated facts to produce new lines of research or

new discoveries.

My task has been to develop the initial facts. While I have made conclusions, few are

presented in order that you may draw your own conclusions and develop what may appeal to you

personally. Thas been a major undertaking, to present thousands of facts in a few pages in a manner

which makes sense.

Effectively once the facts become known and their relationship to mass, energy, and man; then

a new science is born. Build your math model, your relationships of each fact with another, your

discoveries; but above all your knowledge of universe.



If you are interested in parapsychology and have read some of the numerous publications or

books written about peoples reported abilities, then you have a general understanding about


You know that terms like "telepathy" mean a communication of symbol or language from a

"mind" to a "mind" across distance. Other terms exist like "telekinesis" which means "mind moving


Many other abilities of "mind" manifest in private lives and in the research labs investigating

the reality of those abilities. The question is; what do we know about parapsychology? Frankly,

very little. A great mass of information has been gathered about the various abilities, but almost no

information about "how" it works through natural laws.

Most of the research being conducted today is still "proving" it exists. Almost all research is

repeating a prior research using the same statistical methods to prove man can have this ability.

Few researchers are investigating "how" it works, but rather "how" man "uses" it as an ability.

However, thanks to this research, we know the results are statistically conclusive in finding man

"has" this ability to communicate mind to mind, or move mass by mind.

Where do we go from here? Is something missing as a piece of knowledge that has the

scientists stopped so well that they must keep repeating experiments until that missing piece is


This seems improbable perhaps, but this is the problem. This book hopes to fulfill the

expectation expressed by scientists that this information will be discovered soon.

Not only is this information presented, but the operable mechanism by which "all"

parapsychology is transmitted. This mechanism is defined, examined, and

To a scientist, these words are easy to claim but hard to prove. Many books have made
fantastic claims and few, if any, sustained any validity of claim after the book was read.
Perhaps then a "claim" is not what is proposed since this information has been
examined, and attempts to verify accuracy has already been made in the "physical sciences".
This book is an informal document of research "going cut on a limb" to obtain
information, and then examining any information found. The important questions are:
"How is parapsychology propagated?" "How is it carried?", "How is it used?" and "What
physical laws?"
Let's start be defining parapsychology. What do the abilities reveal? In the same way
that we cannot define electricity by heat from a coil, we cannot define parapsychology by
mind moving mass; although both are physical properties. We need something like
knowledge of the energy, or attenuation by distance, or speed, amount of energy; we need
something hard to examine as a physical law.
By having little hard evidence available from scientists to examine, let's start from the
biological sciences and locate some hard data.
In its broadest context, parapsychology is a combinatian of biological abilities directed
by mind while using the physical laws of energy and matter. (100)
Biological because we are the sender or receiver of information, or some people are
knowers of the past or future. Vfe are a biological organism. If indeed we have these
various abilities and many others reported as used by individuals (101), then the physical
medium which supports life and existence on earth, our body; is important in that its design
allows us to use these inherent abilities.
If our body could not be used as a means of detection or modulation of a signal, we can
be sure that we would not have that ability to use. This brings up an important point that
the abilities of man are largely undiscovered because
of the lack of knowledge of what is possible with a biological organism.

In this universe, we have proposed no less than eight different possibilities of types of life

sustaining methods other than an oxygen breathing and carbon based animal. (102). Consider, a

silicon based animal which breathes methane or ammonia. Would their abilities be the same as ours

in parapsychology? We can be sure they would not because the species chemistry is different.

We do not know our own limitations, so we cannot know the limitations of other chemistries

of life. By not knowing limitations, we do not know what is possible or functional.

We have not evolved a science of "biological ability" of even our species of life. If our

biological medium is necessary for our unique parapsychological abilities, then the chemistry of our

body is important for its "use" in everyday living by subliminal guidance.

In the same way that low blood sugar makes a person crave sweets (103) until he "must" have

sugar and will seek it out, so also will abilities guide a person to be at the right comer of a block at a

certain time.

This subliminal guidance and understanding is not understood yet, but in the same way that

body-language reveals a person's thoughts (104) and emotions by acting them out; so also does the

parapsychological abilities act out need in a more intelligent manner. Since the superconscious has

access to more information than the conscious mind, subtle changes can be made such as decisions of

where to eat lunch and the speed of walking until one arrives at the right corner of the block at the

right time. Why? We are supposed to see something, hear something, feel something that is a


Whether two old friends time their meeting this way, or whether something is needed for one's

development, to see a robbery, to help a person, or to feel wind, sun, color, and life as an individual


In parapsychology, we can be sure that subconscious, conscious, and the super-

conscious as levels of knowledge and intelligence are used to produce "calculated changes in
our life" at the proper time(105).
Conscious awareness and usage differ from person to person and if our biological
medium is necessary for our parapsychological abilities, then the chemistry of our body is
important. That body chemistry differs drastically from person to person should point out
that abilities could not be identical in people for this reason.
Every doctor knows the variations of blood chemistry possible are very large, that
diseases are different, that weight is different, that endless variables can exist between people
Could any of these possibilities of difference between people have an effect on the
"efficiency" of a biological organism to detect a small signal, or affect the mechanism of
It is certainly possible, and logic says that it must be a major factor in why only "certain
people" are effective in parapsychology testing where all people are potentially effective.
Has this been investigated? Not to my knowledge; however some investigators have
"considered" or approached the possibility of different blood chemistries (107). Since the
possibilities are enormous as to what changes efficiency from person to person, few
researchers would attempt to tackle that problem even with unlimited funding. What is
body weight except mass, the chemistry of the body being interactions between various
different masses. Is not chemistry a means where mass gains or loses energy in its actions?
And does it not change the mass it acts upon? (108).
Is the biological organism then a place where not only life exists, but intelligence; and
yet is dependent on the physical actions of mass, energy, and change. Is our intelligence
separate from that body acted upon by chemistry? We know that different chemicals called
drugs will change our level of intelligence
(magnesium pemoline) (109), feelings, sight, hearing, pain, general health, strength; we can be made

to hallucinate into other worlds of seeming existing where the mind will scream to stop (110).

Can drugs aid the organism to better awareness? Can that induced awareness be trusted?

The food you eat every day or place in your body is mass acted upon by chemistry. That mass

is also chemical. Other than supplying energy for existence, you can be sure it has effects on the

total person such as personality, intelligence, size, memory capability, parapsychology, health,

illness, and a list of others which would surprise us all.

Man as a chemical machine, that to me is not exactly what I envision myself as being, but the

reality of my existence must be faced on hard terms "if" I want better health or other assets.

Today we have chemistry as a science to understand why certain masses affect other masses,

and how that occurs.

That man can understand why investigating his world will lead to a better knowledge of

himself and the action of the physical sciences on himself is important. In most cases, man's search

for a better tool or process has given him information about his environment more valuable than the

tool or process he was seeking (111).

What is chemistry except physics in action! Physical laws of mass and energy changing or

acting upon other masses and energies in a variety of ways.

We have a science today called bio-physics which is investigating the effects of chemistry and

energy on man by relating those effects to known physical laws of physics. (112)

When your arms hang at your side, do you suppose they know which way is down or are they

acted upon by Newton's law of gravity?

Bio-physics, while much more complicated, works to examine chemical relation-

ships and physical laws for a better understanding of what affects us. And what does affect
us? All of physics, chemistry, biology, botany, all the physical laws of action, energy, and
Can you doubt for a minute that parapsychology is founded on a physical law? Do you
suppose that encased as you are in that mass of liquid, meat, and bone, that mind is not
affected by our environment.
Soul, that lovely word, is our escape from this environment if we believe we are more
than just a physical being. Soul, that divine spark of life that animates us. Consider now if
our soul is not affected by our experiences. If so, then our physical world has a great effect
on cur soul because almost all experiences are depending on physical laws.
If I may make this distinction, parapsychology is a function of mind whose
quality is determined by soul as the intensity and awareness of life.
A soul "knows" an experience where mind does the experience. This is to say that a
sudden "knowing" may not be mind but a soul to soul communication.
Mind is that thing which drugs affect, physical laws affect, which experiences physical
life, which communicates by many means, one of which is through parapsychology.
Soul has the ability of extending past the known laws into "cosmic" laws. While subject
to higher or cosmic laws, it can alter the effects of physical laws on mass and energy if a need
arises (113).
Soul can heal or change the pattern of a person abusing his health by mind, food,
illness, or danger of loss of life. Soul can override physical laws because it is subject to a
different set of laws.
Soul may be big or small in size depending on what size it needs to be at any one time,
as small as an atom or large as the universe. Mind cannot fathom what soul is.
The majority of psychic experiences is through mind, or more specific, the
conscious mind through it's needs.

In its broadest context, parapsychology is a combination of biological abilities directed by

mind while using the physical laws of energy and matter.

Is there a mechanism of transmission for all psychic phenomena? From the known facts we

must assume a mechanism exists. Much has been written of paranormal phenomena or experiences,

and research has been conducted to affirm the existence valid.

However, here lies the problem; the intensity of any signal emitted from the biological

organism (man) should be a maximum transmission of six feet by known physical phenomena (114).

The attenuation or loss of signal intensity per distance traveled is an exact physical and
mathematical law.

This is what scientists encounter as contradictions of facts, one finding a phenomena

documented but not justified by known physical laws. The physical mode of transmission is not

known because of the difficulty in establishing a physical parameter or phenomena where effective

transmission at a distance can be placed in known physical laws.

Many "theories" have been presented which should be called hypotheses until proven

according to the definition of the meaning of "theory". Had indeed a workable theory evolved, then

control of phenomena would be existant and could be artificially duplicated at will.

A new approach to analysis:

The investigation of any phenomena should be stated in simple known terns. If the analysis is found

not supporting that phenomena where it is known to exist, then that analysis is in error at some point.

Therefore the analysis "method" must be stated and examined. The phenomena:

A weak signal of biological origin is known to exist and carry information

or communication over vast distances. The Problem: The attenuation or loss of signal strength over

distance said to be. covered by propagation of information is seemingly impossible with the known

biological intensities initially broadcast according to the known laws of physics in signal vs. distance.

A signal propagation distance of six feet should be a maximum for effective recovery by another

biological organism. The Problem Restated: Is there a means by which information may be conveyed

over long distances with a small signal strength which will not exceed six feet in normal direct air

propagation, and still be recovered by a biological organism? Some possible parameters of known


A. A signal may change the intensity of an existing flow of energy;

Example, transistor amplification (115).

B. A signal which has changed the strength of an existing energy field may be

broadcast by that energy field according to the laws of intensity vs. dis

tance. Example; amplitude modulation (115).

C. A signal may be imposed on an existing energy carrier without changing it's

intensity. Example, frequence modulation (115).

D. A signal may be imposed on a carrier by phase modulation (115).

E. A signal imposed by amplitude, frequency, or phase modulation (115) may be

recovered from the carrier at one or more points along it's transmission path.

The Analogy Leading To A Solution: In the possibility that the means of propagation

was not a direct through-air method, I investigated indirect transmission by a signal modulating an

existing energy field.

Analogy Example:

In a super-cooled coil (cyrogenics) electricity or currents of electricity can circulate for
years because of the drop in resistance of the coil to a practically nil value (116).
Assuming that a coil could carry that current for a hundred years without excessive loss
(feasible with today's technology) then any signal imposed by frequency or phase on that
current would be existing also a hundred years.
The intensity needed to impose an intelligence carrying signal would be minute at the
lowest level. A signal imposed of ten microvolts would possibly lose less than half that
strength in fifty years.
A signal imposed could be detected or picked off repeatedly at different times and at
different locations around the coil. The Solution:
If there exists a "natural" energy field which is self-sustaining then a possibility exists
that an intelligence carrying signal can be imposed by frequency or phase modulation.
If that natural field encompasses distance and is not regional in location, then
information carried to all of its parts may be assessed up to its limit of distance.
The speed of transmission of a signal would be identical to the speed of the carrier or
natural field.
The signal strength needed to modulate this field is minimal exactly like the analogy of
cryogenic coils and electrical currents. Statement:
A field necessary for propagation of a biological signal and meeting the requirements
of existing para-normal phenomena should cover every surface area of the Earth. Such an
energy Field would be said to be "circulating" by reason of carrying information repeatedly
to any one area (necessary for access).
A naturally occuring energy field exists which is self-sustaining and circu-
lating over the total surface of the Earth ... Gravity. This energy field meets
all necessary parameters for signal transmission (117).
All mass emits radiation.
All mass attracts other mass.
All components of a mass attract.
All mass has a circulating field called gravity.
All gravity fields are self-sustaining indefinitely.
All biological organisms have mass.
Biological organisms are components of a total Earth mass.

All mass emits radiation.

All biological organisms emit radiation.

While the total field strength, may remain constant, magnetometers have shown that
variations of strength can exist at any specific location around the Earth surface.
Assuming the same exist for component surfaces (the biological body) then we have a
means of inducing fluctuations or modulation in the biological radiation if the skin surface is
affected or can be controlled by mind.
We do know that minute potentials exist on the skin surface from heartbeat, brainwave
activity, brainwave frequencies, muscular activity, and are capable of transmitting
Whether the surface of the body is used or the total mass acting as a radiator like an
antenna is used, cannot yet be determined.
Other energy and signal sources:
We emit from the body infra-red, ultra-violet, cold luminescence, rf-low frequency, rf-
high frequency, rf-very high frequency, rf-ultra high frequency, chemical modulation,
chemical light, sound in varied frequencies, and possibly
many others.
If any of these energies act as physics indicates as to affecting by modulation, addition,
or interference to another energy (gravity) then we have an information source and a carrier
Assuming that this is possible and the mechanism by which information is conveyed
over distance is gravity, what information can be found on how this is accomplished?
In the physical sciences, there is little information about gravity research released; all is
secret! However, research in any field will eventually reach a problem where another field
is involved, and information, possibly even superior information than known may result.
Initial problem; to define gravity from known phenomena to find common denom-
inators relative to parapsychology that can be investigated.
General definition:
1. Gravity is a radiation from mass,
2. which circulates through the mass,
3. which is a self-sustaining energy field,
4. which attracts other mass inversely as the square of the distance,
5. is an energy field founded on a particle,
6. which conveys the wave field through mass or space,
7. which has a frequency and speed relative to the particles involved,
8. which cannot be the electron.
If gravity was founded on the electron, then all objects close to an electrical field as we
use today would gain or lose massive amounts of weight. Since this is not so from existing
knowledge about electronics, we can assume another particle is used.
We can at least assume this temporarily while an investigation into known phenomena
continues, and find through the investigation information which will
support or not support that assumption.
A gravity, field is thought to be a physical field capable of being artificially duplicated
in a lab. The key word here is "field"; we know from existing knowledge that the speed of
this field will be different from electricity if it is the carrier of parapsychology phenomena
because of no time barriers. If events of the future can be known, then the speed of a carrier
field would be faster than light. Electricity is limited to the speed of light.
A second key word is "radiation". This radiation has physical characteristics in
propagation, attracting mass, circulation through a mass, and therefore "is" a physical field.
Active mechanism, this is how the radiation sustains an energy field. As this field is
self-sustaining, then this field or free energy system is directly related to mass existence in
that both may exist, or neither may exist. As such it must be a part of the intra-atomic forces
that hold mass together atom by atom.
That radiation can be propagated from an atom or group of atoms, and reach out light
years in distance to affect other atoms means the energy locked in mass, is tremendous.
Mass is energy. This is a known concept of physics that was proven at Hiroshima.
Mass can be converted to energy and energy to mass. Perhaps we have not mastered the
second version of storing energy in mass like we learned to release stored energy, but that
day is not far away.
Field, radiation, mechanism, all are just words unless the actual total mechanism is
understood and can be used. There is a difference between finding a mechanism and using
that mechanism.
The analogy is a man standing in a stream feeling the push of water against his legs,
and eventually developing a water wheel to harness that push into doing something useful for
In parapsychology we need to know the manner of modulating the carrier, and
more research into the biological mechanism capable of modulating a signal and recovering it
as information.
The energy I have proposed as being used is gravity. Could this energy have effects in
our world such as phenomena we could observe? The answer is yes! We can observe the
phenomena generated by gravity, and gravity itself; or possibly more correctly, the radiation
which is gravity. This may cone as a surprise to many, but man has the ability to actually
"see" gravitational radiation.
Man has reported seeing a radiation emitted from mass for hundreds of years. Since
man's science could not place this into known or understood phenomena, it has been
discounted; especially by the scientists who could not see this.
Is it real or imagination, a trick of the mind altering vision? What makes me think that
this is real and not imagination is that for twenty years I have been "seeing" this radiation
myself. Perhaps I am a candidate then for the funny farm, but to me seeing is believing and
offers opportunities for objective experimentation.
Believing is not the same as proof to scientists, therefore this book is written including
my research results (with an admitted bias). My bias has worked as an incentive to learn the
facts, but not to distort facts towards my beliefs. As I found, this was not necessary nor
In this chapter, the carrier of parapsychology is revealed. As yet the question of its
validity has not been determined. Additional information is offered in each chapter in a
developing series of selected researches. The individual researches are important in that
their sum of discovered information reveals the total mechanism.
The next chapter is about man's sight and the information uncovered to progress to an
understanding of properties of the energy used in nature.
Many researchers who could not see this radiation never believed other people could.
The researchers had perfectly good eyes, and not seeing what a few people
claimed, even in the sane room at the time, proved these people were hallucinating. But, had
they listed the properties or characteristics reported to them, they would have found not only
was it valid, but a remarkable tool to gain control of the energy.
Man's sight is important, and is included here because it "defines" the energy as well as
the best physical instrument you can buy.
After being defined by using sight as a monitor, it can be investigated by physical
instruments eliminating the variables associated with sight. The energy can then be
generated in sufficient quantity for everyone to be able to see it and feel it. Yes, it can be
most distinctly felt.
Chapter One Summary
A. A postulated gravity field exists which can be modulated by parapsychological
means and transmit information.
B. Information is capable of being transmitted to any location on Earth via
C. A signal can be stored in a circulating field, and information then of the
past can be accessed.
D. A person's thoughts or a group's thoughts will be subject to immediate feed
back or reinforcement at the moment of thinking.
E. People with similar thoughts affect each other regardless of distance.
F. Physical chemistry is an important parameter of parapsychology.
G. The Superconscious and sub-conscious enter into indirect control of a life
H. Man can see and feel the radiation from organic and non-organic masses.

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Chapter Two
Man began treating rickets (vitamin C difficiency) and other diseases around the turn of
the century with ultraviolet liggt. This method using light was continued in England until the
mid-nineteen-thirties. The use in army hospitals was particularly effective or helpful to large
quantities of patients (201),
Ihe use of ultraviolet was not for "dramatic" effects on curing a patient, but was used as
an aid in healing and to shorten the time needed for a patient to recover from an illness.
The length of time necessary to return a man to sufficient health for discharge from the
hospital was shortened one day out of four. A normal twenty day illness of some diseases
was thus reduced to fifteen days. Added benefits of using light was that a whole ward of
people could be treated at the same time by placing lights on the walls.
A daily treatment time was of several hours. During this time, the anti-bacterial or
germicidal action of ultraviolet was discovered, and ultraviolet lamps were installed in
surgical cabinets to keep instruments clean. Vfe are still using this method today.
Was ultraviolet a useful treatment for patients? Yes. Effective? Yes. Dramatic
results? No. It simply radioed the length of stay in a hospital. It treated the air in a room
and ihe patient by direct application. Whether germicidal action on air was a major
contribution or not is not known.
What about the direct contact of ultraviolet on skin, we know that this in sunlight is the
cause of sunburn if prolonged. This also results in the "tan" we get on repeated exposure.
Is it healthy? Yes, if not overdone. Some research today suspects that its action on
the pigment in the skin may not be healthy beyond a moderate level.
Why were the ultraviolet treatments discontinued in hospitals? Because it
was found to have an irritating effect on eyes after continued exposure, and overexposure
could be harmful. Thus ended a thirty year usage of light, particularly the short wave
lengths of ultraviolet.
At just about this time (1925) that it was being discontinued as a treatment, ultraviolet
was found to be a "natural" radiation emitted "from" biological organisms. Let me repeat
this emitted "from" biological organisms. (Discovered 1922, investigated until 1939).
Alexander Gurwitsch was a Russian histologist who noticed that the division of cells in
an onion root were dividing at a definite rate of rhythm. Another anion root "pointed" at the
control onion changed the rate of cell division. Slides of tissue sections showed the rate of
cell division after exposure to the second root to increase by twenty-five percent over normal
Using the second onion with a glass tube to direct the unknown "radiation", he was able
to direct this radiation to specific locations on the control onion, and localize it to small areas.
Repeated trials produced the same results of increased growth rate when the "biological
ray gun" was used in this manner.
His observation that plants emit a radiation which can affect other plants, even cellular
growth, was a discovery which created intense interest around the world. This phenomenon
was examined and the results "confirmed"in England, France, Germany; but the Americans
failed, so the "Academy Of Sciences" squashed all his research as being imagination.
The second important discovery was when Gurwitsch interposed different substances
between the two onions. A glass slide blocked the radiation, but a quartz window passed
the radiation. A gelatin window also blocked any radiation, and knowing the attenuation of
glass and gelatin on the shorter wavelengths of light, he concluded that this radiation was in
the ultraviolet range of the spectrum.
Later, the radiation was found to affect the budding rate of yeast, and the
growth rate of bacteria, and this research was confirmed by the Russians (203).
The energy was focused on yeast and used as a monitor since no physical instrument
could apparently monitor it. Since the budding rate could be determined in yeast growth, it
provided the ideal biological medium in which any change could be observed with some
knowledge of the rate and intensity of change from normal.
A crucial test was made using a quartz prism to "bend" the radiation onto a yeast
monitor; and at the position where the prism passed the radiation to provide an increased
growth, the angle was measured between the onion, the prism, and the geast. (204).
This biological spectroscope again revealed the radiation to be in the ultraviolet range,
The wavelength of the radiation was found to vary between 1930 - 2250 angstroms.
An important point is that Gurwitsch never "saw" any radiation, but he had an effect to
monitor from this invisible radiation. He called it "Mitogenic" radiation.
Later he investigated the "intensity" of radiation and came to the conclusion that it was
on the order of four to six "quanta" per square centimeter of surface area of onion roots.
In later investigations, the same radiation was found emitted from man, and low
intensities were found from the fingers, eyes, nose, and the tip of the tongue. These
intensities were of twelve to fourteen quanta, and had very strong effects on yeast growth
A physical instrument to measure this radiation was needed, but at this time a radio
tube to measure ultraviolet needed a minimum of 2500 quanta to detect any change. The
most sensitive detector was a Geiger tube, and this required at least 100 quanta.
No instrument could be made with the electronic technology available in those
early years to detect the small intensity of radiation. As a result, a major discovery was
shelved and eventually forgotten. In our technology today, we have photo-multipliers
capable of measuring down to "one" quanta of ultraviolet, but the discovery of "mitogenic"
radiation has long been forgotten.
From library books, some popular publications or magazines have presented stories on
reported energies, radiations, or pyramids, because that information sells magazines, and
people are interested in hearing about something new or fascinating. A few magazines have
carried stories on Gurwitsch, as well as a few new popular books.
As a result of this small but effective means to re-acquaint people with a forgotten
discovery, some people have begun to examine the works of Gurwitsch.
One doctor in New York has been working with photo-multipliers to detect radiation
from the skin surface of man. After very careful alignment of distance from skin to
detector, he "was" able to detect the same intensities reported by Gurwitsch. (205).
Since his research is as yet unpublished, I cannot reveal more than this except (to say)
his results are positive on the radiation existence.
The fact that he "can" pick up this radiaticn is of tremendous importance to the
biological sciences. A surface radiaticn of ultra-violet is found emitted from man and can
be monitored.
Why this is introduced here is because it is part of a pattern that is not directly evident
from its parts, yet once that pattern is known, thousands of facts, researches, and bits of
information can be found to fit like a complex puzzle.
Consider the thousands of people who have claimed to be able to see an "aura" around
people. The question is - do they?
I must confess a bias towards believing them, because I see that aura around people and
objects. However, I see it only when I want to. I see an aura only
by changing my vision by re-focusing my eyes until the aura is apparent. Then -seeing is
But what does accepted science say? Is it possible that the human eye response is
"capable" of seeing those reported energy fields?
I had from my viewpoint a personal incentive from my experience to find out whether I
was seeing something, or just "thought" I was seeing something. In the case of the latter
being true, I would resign to my fate by seeing a specialist in such matters and living in a
padded room.
After searching for some time, I found what is called an ideal bock. This book
investigated from a military and commercial viewpoint the "total" range of the response of
the human eye (206).
The factual presentation coupled with an intended electronic duplication of that
response in equipment is why I call this an ideal book. You look up your question and there
is your answer stated up to "the limits of known science.
Here is the information relevant to my probe found therein: The human eye is a
composite of two "frequency selective" types of sight. People have two types of sight and
each can be used separately or combined in different light-environments, one by day and one
by night. The receptors of light are either rods or cones inside the eye retina with the rods
on the periphery and "the cones in the center. In normal sight, the focus of light is directed
onto the cones; but in "night" sight the focus is more diffused and light impinges on the rods.
Cone vision is termed photopic and covers violet to red (400 to 750 NM) frequen-cies. Rod
vision shifts the frequency into the ultraviolet and is termed sco-topic (330 to 710 NM)
wavelength - NM. A simple shift in focusing can allow a person to use either photopic or
scotopic vision at any time regardless of light conditions.
The sensitivity of the eye to ultraviolet drops rapidly as the wavelength shortens, but
we can see the near ultraviolet as well as green or yellow. The
important fact is that man "can" see into the ultraviolet range simply by focusing his eyes at
any time.
The next question that needed an answer was if the sensitivity of the eye to low level
light met the quanta requirements specified by Gurwitsch as natural radiation emission.
The answer was an astounding "YES". The human eye can discern an illumination of
between seven to fifteen quanta at it's highest level of sensitivity. In experimental subjects,
the time needed for a person in almost total darkness was forty-five minutes to reach the
sensitivity required.
But now I wish to interject a thought. The research done to date has been done with
people from the military or business, and while this research has been important, the use of a
"sensitive" or a person who sees the radiation daily could possibly provide new data on an
"extended domain" created by the psychological effects or beliefs of a person. In this
viewpoint, one person would be looking for a recognizable color or pattern; while the
sensitive would see an energy field with color at times, and patterns unfamiliar to a soldier.
The second advantage is that a soldier must be deprived of sight to reach the necessary
sensitivity, where a sensitive can "see" by a simple focus change in normal light conditions.
This can be called a visual frequency voluntary selection.
This may be defined as one person having a "trained" eyesight, and another person just
trying to "see".
Before embarking on individual sensitivities, other information relevant to the
radiation characteristics needs to be presented. This radiation has been investigated by
various researchers during the last one hundred and twenty years. Some researchers have
been very biased, distorting facts, and some researchers have been opposed, even adamant
about proving all this as nonsense, and they have equally distorted facts.
My research has found each approach and their findings unreliable when exam-
ined, but the supporting evidence supplied by each side has proved valuable in an overall
Solco Tromp published a massive book in 1949 in which he investigated a multitude of
reported phenomena about the radiation characteristics. One section of his bock was the
photographic action produced by the radiation from objects, mass, and chemicals. His
analysis was that a vapor or gas was emitted from "all" mass, and would fog or imprint a
photographic plate under extended exposure (207).
All mass reacts photographically. This is a valid statement which is known today.
Tromp was biased in the belief of the radiation, but not to the point where he would distort
research. His examination of secondary emission of light from mass after exposure to light
almost proved his initial beliefs wrong. He made photographs of different masses provided
by their own light and photographs of a mass that had been removed from a box yet left an
imprint of light.
He modified his beliefs as that mass emits a gaseous radiation which may be a product
of secondary emission of chemical cold light caused by initial exposure to normal light
sometime earlier; or, that all mass possesses a natural radioactivity which can induce a small
chemical cold light by natural disintegration.
Chemical cold light emission and natural radioactivity are both valid concepts
recognized today. The physical characteristics of the "gaseous" characteristics found by
Tromp as a radiation which "hovers" over a mass, or is displaced by wind have largely been
A question which may be important now is, what frequencies of light were found to be
acting on the photographic plates?
Cold chemical light frequencies extend from yellow to ultra-violet and is generally in
the four quanta range. Natural radioactivity emits all spectra frequencies and in even lower
intensities. The absorption of energy in mass from the disintegration of the natural
radioactivity can induce a small chemical activity and thus cold light.
The placement of a substance in an extremely dark room produces secondary emission
of cold light from the previous absorption of light and consequent chemical activity for up to
three months. After that period, the only frequencies detected are "ultraviolet".
It may then be said that all mass emits ultraviolet even when chemical activity has
We know that all mass emits radiation known as gravity, and with the frequency
experiments can surmise that this radiation is of an ultraviolet or higher frequency. This is
not yet proof but only an indication or educated guess from the data in so far.
The main point is that all mass emits radiation which may be photographed, or in the
case of a sensitive, seen directly.
The frequencies of light given off by a mass differ from element to element. Each
element absorbs selective frequencies and emits a "signature" radiation of light spectra.
This is how the conventional spectrometer analyzes a mass for component identification.
The sensitive can, in many cases, separate elements or compounds by their radiation,
and in tests by scientists, have arranged at least fifteen elements in proper order without a
This can be achieved in the dark with the sensitive looking at the radiation
characteristics, or in some cases, blindfolded; and "feeling" the radiation.
I once watched a blindfolded sensitive "feel" the colors of nine different chalks, and
call out each correctly. He could see color or transpose the radiation in his mind, of the
radiation given off by "color" only, and its "feel" when he passed his hand over the nine
different colors.
My performance is sporadic and ranges from three to nine colors depending on whether
I am "sensitized" or just feeling normal. The scientists who see this demonstration are often
"spooked" and find excuses for leaving fast. Others are
very interested and want as much phenomena as I or others can provide.

The sudden discovery that "they" are capable of some phenomena from my instruction

overwhelms them when it occurs. Using simple latent talents like dowsing, or finding an object on

a table while blindfolded produces a believing scientist. He will never speak of this to his

associates, but he will use and practice this privately.

A minor but important consideration is, can the biological organism radiation interact with the

radiation from mass. As some of us have seen rock exhibits bathes in ultraviolet and the colors

produced by absorption and secondary emission, then the radiation of even small quantities of

ultraviolet must have some effect on mass.

Having found earlier that man emits ultraviolet, then we are sure some effect - if only chemical

- will result. The effect of interference or accumulation of mass ultraviolet meeting biological

ultraviolet should be considered.

In the case of interference by frequency, then this could be the means man "feels" and

separates elements in the dark. Accumulative effects could also produce this effect. In other

chapters, man's sensitivities will be explored, and refinements of some of the preparatory statements

will then be made.

Since mass can be a multitude of chemical combinations, we can expect from cur knowledge

of spectroscopy that many frequencies even in the ultraviolet range will be emitted by any one

substance. As each compound will have a "signature" of specific frequencies related to the

elements in its composition, the complex compound will be found to have a complex radiation.

The biological organism is extremely complex in the number of compounds contained and

actively changing. Any radiation from such a body must be complex and change as we change.

If any sensitive could see an "aura", it should differ from person to person because of different

body chemistries. The reports of sensitives do say this, each

and every one.
Likewise, the energy from specific elements or masses should produce individual
frequencies, and a constant energy field. If that field has a frequency comparable to a
"color", then that color or perception of that color may be used to identify that mass from
other masses and should be a constant repeatable from day to day or year to year.
In a dark room, a sensitive can distinguish different frequencies of color from different
masses sufficiently to identify composition, but only after training and familiarization with
typical elements.
The importance I give to the "consistency"of biological sensitivity does not constitute
proof in any manner, it is only an indication that if an energy exists, it will have certain
characteristics and can be defined through principles of physics.
Any action or reaction of this energy on the biological organism will be important
initially to define the energy, after being defined, the biological parameters are of secondary
Since we know of the consistency of biological reaction, we can predict an unusual
energy exists. The properties of that energy may be discovered by reaction, but the actual
energy must be found in physics principles for any control or usage in the future.
The radiation found through selective researches at this date have been found by
scotopic vision and other indications to be in a frequency range of ultraviolet and higher
frequencies. We do not know at this time whether it is temperature dependent or emitted
from mass proportional to temperature. Indications are that it is non-dependent and is a
constant. Future experiments will define this.

Chapter Two Summary
A. Ultraviolet can be healthful within certain limits, in healing and in
germicidal action.
B. Over-exposure of UV can irritate eyes or sunburn exposed skin.
C. Ultraviolet is found (to be) emitted from biological organisms.
D. Biological UV affects other biological organisms.
E. The "aura" of an organism is assumed to be ultraviolet.
F. Ultraviolet can be directly perceived by Scotopic vision.
G. All mass emits UV, cold light, and natural radioactivity.
H. Mass emits UV after chemical activity has ceased.
I. All mass emits a radiation known as gravity.
J. Gravity radiation is proposed as ultraviolet.
K. Selective frequencies of UV can identify elements.
L. Compounds have a complex radiation.
M. The intensity of radiation from mass remains constant.

Chapter Two Bibliography
201 Medicology, Universal Medical Society, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1905).
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204 Aleksandr G. Gurvich, Mitogenic Radiation, Moscow, 1945.
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207 Solco Tromp, Psychical Physics.

Chapter Three


An Investigation Into The Relation Of Different Geometries On Energy

We are blessed today with a population of large proportions being interested in a phenomenon

called "pyramid energies" and its affects on plants, food, razor blades, and meditation.

The pyramid is a geometric construction which supposedly "attracts" and "emits" an unusual

energy. The question is - does it? and if so, why are the properties of special geometries relative to

this energy?

Psychoenergetics as a name given by foreign investigators, seeks to examine many forms of

geometries which can emit energies, store energy, or as psychotronics as a name, produce effects

depending on the individual geometric construction of a specialized device.

The problem is that while an energy is found to be emitted from such geometric constructions,

it has not yet been defined "through conventional physics and thus harnessed, controlled, and


My approach has been to investigate "if" such a phenomenon occurs, and if so, "why" without

any involvement in the "usage or effects".

Here is a related phenomenon which produced results leading to a later discovery on

geometries: The Orgone accumulator.

Mass has an attraction to mass. The greater mass drawing with more intensity the lesser mass

towards it. The intensity being relative to the mass weight and inversely proportional to the

distance separating the two masses.

Any two masses "touching" will produce a flow of energy constant towards the greater mass.

In the event of equal weights, then the mass having the composition containing the "heavier

elements" will draw the greater amount of energy. In the event of identical composition, the

compactness or hardness of one mass will prove dominant.

The Orgcne accumulator consists of a box construction having one or more layers of
two distinct masses. One mass being organic on the outside of the construction, and one
mass being metallic forming the inside of the construction. This device being capable of
attracting and storing an unusual energy.
The Orgcne accumulator is then two distinct masses in a design arrangement such that
the heavier mass and heavier elements are covered with a lighter mass and lighter elements.
All the energy flow is directed from the covering or lighter mass internally to the heavier
mass or layer. That the lighter mass can "replenish" lost energy by an outside attraction
means there is a constant flow set up towards the interior of the construction or a dynamic
energy system.
In the event that sufficient energy is absorbed where a balance is reached, the dynamic
system becomes a static system ready to supply more energy whenever the balance is
The important thing is that "gravitational energies" can be absorbed and stored in a
dynamic system.
The design effectively "traps" energy in this construction, but does not enter yet into the
dynamic system. Any hollow geometric shape or non-geometric shape should work equally
A similar passive device is the Vasilev or Faraday cage.
Many researchers have found that ESP is enhanced if the sensitive or person was
placed in a Faraday cage. This box construction covered with a metal shield effectively
blocks all electromagnetic radiation from the person so he is in a non-disturbed free
The question of "why" ESP is enhanced or how it is carried or broadcast has eluded
these researchers. In the Faraday cage, the high energy of X-rays and cosmic rays can still
penetrate and pass through the box. Also as several researchers have proposed, Neutrinos
can pass without meeting any resistance.
Magicians know the obvious is almost always overlooked in a show, and there-
fore misdirection can be achieved easily. When a person enters a Faraday cage, he sits down in a

chair usually. Isolated by the metal cage from electromagnetic disturbances, he still can sit or stand.

He is susceptible to and affected by the natural gravity field. Scientists "forget" about gravity

because they live with it. While the intensity of gravity in the cage is not comparable to a massive

charge like the Orgone accumulator, the flow of gravity is not impeded as an Earth flow through the


Thus the disturbances caused by electrical phenomena cease when the person enters the cage,

and the carrier exists as a free field ready to be modulated by thought.

It is unknown to a large segment of the population, but common microwaves can produce

general mental disturbances in all of us and serious disturbances in a few of us. Therefore when

these influences are blocked, the person can settle down in a non-disturbed condition and use his

inherent abilities.

Something worth mentioning is the construction of the houses some of us live in. Many

houses have aluminum siding on the outside, and generally all contact a pipe somewhere that is

grounded. This effectively eliminates electromagnetic disturbances. However, the metal being on

the outside of a lesser mass (wood) will draw energy from "inside the house" outwards. People

living in such houses will be tired, irritable and nervous from having "their energy "sucked out".

GRAVITRONICS The word gravitronics is a combination of electronics and gravity in relation to

the principles by which they operate.

If the impedence of the earth is known, then the impedence of free space (377 ohms) which

controls the design of electronic antennas, transmission and recovery of electrical signals, can be

"joined" in a gravitic/electronic science.

With such an impedence match that earth and space are joined in a circuit,
then control of "local" distortions of gravity become possible. The intensity or charge or
force of gravity can then be changed on a snail localized "surface" of the earth. This can be
achieved also by resonance of mass or frequency, but "impedance" has been found to be the
tool eliminating problems of fantastic frequencies or of finding another earth to match.
Geometry has been found indispensible in antenna design or in antenna "science."
When a geometric design approaches the impedence of a particular frequency or signal, the
power curve of energy absorbed rises dramatically, and when an impedence "match" is
obtained, maximum transfer of energy can take place.
Tesla, in discussing his scheme to broadcast power; said that this planet behaved like a
conductor of limited dimensions (intrinsic - impedence) and therefore feasible to transmit
power through mass.
Unsaid and possibly unknown was the reverse statement that mass can broadcast power
through an intrinsic impedence match from its existing gravitational field.
The problem of understanding gravity in natural manifestations was very difficult until
the geometric effects were understood. All mass is affected by gravity, the geometric form
of that mass determines its characteristic impedence and produces effects of a gravitational
disturbance which ordinarily means a localized "concentration" of energy.
Therefore all geometries are "active" in some concentration of gravity in a mass beyond
what the mass weight attracts, but the "efficiency" of concentration is relative to its singular
geometric form or shape approaching an impedence match with free space.
Each mass is then an antenna with a characteristic power curve depending on its shape.
A solid of the right proportions will then produce a field of concentrated gravity at
"focal points" in its own geometry, and those points defined by the ratio proportions in its
In a solid or hollow mass, the length of one side "relative" to another side will define
"effectiveness," The best "ratio" found to date is one side being 1.618034 times the length of
another side. This ratio is familiar to many as the "Golden Mean".
The geometric mean of an impedence match equals the golden mean ratio.
All designs are successful, but those designs incorporating a Golden mean ratio effect
maximum power transfer to focal points in its geometric construction.
A natural phenomenon utilizing this is crystalline structure where during the "growth"
of a crystal the "active" forces of gravity "mold" by inter-molecular forces the future shape of
the crystal to be.
Identical compounds sometimes form different shapes during growth depending on the
"time" of day, month, or year, and the active forces of gravity at that particular time.
The "ratios" of form differ from element to element and from compound to compound.
The effectiveness of molding is limited to the "inherent structure" of the specific mass
defined by its atomic chemistry.
The forces of gravity help structure the "form" of a crystal, and as a child of gravity, the
crystal is always attracting and focusing gravity through its geometric structure.
Through the length of quartz (c-axis) a strcng current flows which is emitted from the
point of the crystal and has been felt by many people, seen by many people, and even
photographed. From the effects of gravity on crystal substances, we can start to probe the
effects gravity has in the formation of other masses.
In probing this, it seems like gravity existed before mass. From my research, I see all
mass, all nature, working through a perfectly controlled environment of gravitational
relationships that astound me by the complexity and yet harmcny.
A star in the night sky has a beauty frcm its light, yet I know that the mass weight is resonant
to some intrinsic impedence which can be duplicated in my lab and effect a transfer of
Chapter Four



Properties of "Odic", "Orgone" as Characteristic Energies

I am indebted to those men who, as pioneers in the research of a strange energy, showed

great fortitude in its pursuit and left a wealth of information behind for examination and
further inquiry.
That these men had fortitude is evident from the fact that the feelings of the scientific
community disputed its existence and would scorn any investigation.
Several men who were prominent in science were forced to disclaim private researches
or face ruin.
In the early eighteen hundreds, "Goethe" had published a treatise "Studies of Light and
Color." In this he had mentioned the luminosity around plants as biological energy. Being
a professor of college, his students were encouraged to read his books to further understand
One student was "Karl Von Reichenbach," who was later to create a vast industrial
empire in steel, metallurgy and chemicals. The creativity of this man produced changes in
every area he touched, new steels, new metallurgical processes, and new chemicals.
Accepted as an industrialist and scientist, his later years were spent in the investigation
of that energy his teacher had noticed around objects and plants. He gathered all the material
available throughout Europe as his methods were professional and demanded his efforts be
His material gathered, an analysis showed that it emitted from inorganic as well as
organic substances. Certain people showed a sensitivity to the detection and even effects of
this energy. He then employed such people to determine the properties and nature of this
The major discovery was that it was emitted from electromagnetic action, which placed it in

the realm of energies which could be defined and investigated. He published all his findings in a

series of seven papers titled "Researches On Magnetism, Electricity, Heat and Light, In Iheir

Relations to Vital Power" (May 1845, Annals of Chemistry, Germany). (Republished by Health


His biography and findings are printed in a modern bock, "Letters on Od and Magnetism," by

F. D. O'Byrne. A great deal of information is to be found in his book that I cannot include as only the

properties are investigated in this book. However, the debt to Reichenbach for his researches cannot

be taken lightly.

His diligence and hard work to establish this energy by properties and photographic, action has

provided us with a foundation from which we can work.

Letters On Od And Magnetism, translated by F. D. O'Byrne from Karl Von Reichenbach's The

Odic Force:

xii Goethe (1749-1832) anticipated Reichenbach's observations of the luminosity of plants.
Goethe in the right against Newton - author Dr. Fred Gravell's 2nd edition, 1922 Studies of Light and

xxii Reichenbach first published his observations in a series of seven papers. "Researches on
Magnetism, Electricity, Heat, and Light in Iheir Relations to Vital Power." May 1945 Annals of
Chemistry. "The Researches" 1847. "Abstract of Reichenbach's Researches" - Gregory 1846.
xxiii "Annalen der chemie," 1945, Baron Von Liebig. "Researches Into the Forces of Magnetism,
Electricity, Heat and Light in Relation to the Force of Life." Dr. Wm. Gregory, 1850 English edition.

xxv "Odische Erwidrungen" 1856 Reichenbach. "Zur Farbenlehre" - a theory of color - 1910
Goethe Research of sensitives on energy and effects, 1845. 1832 - discovered eupion; Plcamar;
Kapnomor; Assamar.

The researches of Reichenbach were conducted with the help of sensitives. That is, people

who were sensitive to changes in etheric energies. The energy termed odic, odyle, odylic, or od

was supplied to these sensitives from the action of crystals, chemical processes, energy from the sun,

moon, or magnets.

These then are the properties taken from the results of his investigations. As such, they are

very important in that they determine the characteristics of the

energy and provide information on how it affects us; how it is an active or latent energy around us.

What is most important, he gave us a collection of properties to analyze and evaluate that

someday we might understand the principles of odic (etheric) energies.

The impressions of the people involved was to determine the effects of the energy on them as

opposed to effects of an environmental nature. The energy absorbed by water from the sun would

thus taste cool when the water in reality was somewhat raised in temperature from the heat absorbed.

Thus it is important that every reference is made with reference to an energy not an

environmental condition.

Reichenbach 1830 discovered paraffin 1831 discovered creosote 1833 discovered Pittocal dyes


a. The light which the magnet visibly emits in the dark is seen by the sensi
tive of different colors at different distances, but always of the same color to
each particular eye at a fired distance.

b. This light not only appears in a variety of outward forms, but assumes
every known kind of color.

c. These include all the primitive colors, all their intermediate shades, and
white and black mixed in every gradation of grey.

d. In many cases, they appear singly to the sensitive eye; in such instances,
they are grey at both poles or blue at the southward and red at the northward pole.

e. Most frequently, however, and always when of a certain degree of intensity

several occur together; they often all appear at once.

f. When they occur together and arrange themselves freely, they take the
relative positions of the colors of the rainbow.

g. The red end of the iris is then below, the blue above.
h. Above the blue, the intermediate shade violet being interposed, a pure red appears a second
time so that the odic spectrum, which commences with red, running through orange, yellow, green,
blue, and violet-blue, terminates in red again.

i. The phenomena of colored light are produced according to the same laws by the
magnetism of steel, electro-magnetism, and terrestrial magnetism.
j. The last, since it is motionless relatively to us, impresses certain rules upon them,
causing different results at each particular point of the earth surface.
k. Terrestrial magnetism produces them in unmagnetized iron bars.
1. In all the observed cases, and probably universally, the phenomena of odic light
consist of an iris, except, perhaps, in certain directions in which they appear grey.
m. As a rule, one or more rarely, two colors predominate in size and intensity in this
iris. In many instances, only this prevailing color is perceived by the sensitive; the others,
being fainter, escape them.
n. In general, they are grey when directed towards the point of the magnetic dip, blue
towards the north, yellow above, red towards the south; they also appear grey in the east and
yellow in the west. Mixed colors, such as green, orange, violet blue, etc., lie between them.
This holds good in all its details in the meri-dianal circle, in the horizontal, and in that of the
o. If the magnetism of steel or electro-magnetism come into conflict with terrestrial
magnetism, through unconformable position, the colors of the odic light are weakened and
changed. In the conformable position, they are strengthened and rendered more vivid.
Intermediate positions afford intermediate tints.
p. Crystallod, Biod, and Od, from any other source, act upon the odic light of another
body in the same way as terrestrial magnetism when brought into conflict with it.
q. A magnetic bar, turned round on its axis and flaming at both ends, does not exhibit
at its poles, either in the vertical circle, in the meridian, or in the parallels, in the horizontal
circle, or in any position whatever, odic flames displaying complementary colors although
they stand in polar opposition.
r. But the colors of the upper half of the circle display more brilliant light than those
of the lower. All colors produced by the northward pole of a magnetic bar are more brilliant
in the half of the circle turned toward the north and duller an that turned to the south; the
converse holds, with regard to the intensity of the light, in the colors produced by the
southward pole.
s. These colored odic flames may be conveyed from magnets on to other conductors
of Od.
t. Magnetic bars, terminating in several points, have the colors distributed among
these so that each bears a different color, corresponding to its point of the compass, and the
iris of every flame may be decomposed or subdivided into its elementary color.
u. A four-cornered iron plate in this manner shows both magnetism and OD not
merely as longitudinal, but transverse, so as to present two directions, at right angles to each
v. A circular surface of iron, and still better and more perfectly an iron sphere with a
strong electro-magnet passing through it, exhibits all these appearances combined and
possesses, in addition, a number of new ones so as finally to acquire every resemblance to
the terrestrial globe with the polar lights playing over it.
w. The odic nature of the positively magnetic north pole of the earth, the odic nature
of the east and of the earth's surface (the nadir, or that below, in all cases) bear a certain
character of agreement in which they stand in opposition to the negatively magnetic south
pole of the earth, the west and the heavens (the zenith, or that above).
I combined all these different observations into a single more comprehensive
experiment. I had a supporting apparatus made on purpose, capable of holding a plate
weighing upwards of 15 lbs., freely moving on its centre and also arranged so as to turn
round in a circle on its short axis. I laid this with the long edges on the magnetic meridian,
while the cross edges ran from east to west; thus, in such a position that the plate could be
turned round in a meridianal circle in the direction of its length, while the cross edges always
remained in the parallel during the movement. In this way, I obtained the results shown in
the Figure below.

EFFECTS FROM MAGNETISM (From THE OD FORCE By Baron Charles Von Reichenbach)

A. Very weak magnetic steel exhibits Odic incandescense without flame; as

soon as the intensity of the magnetism passes beyond a certain point, emissions of

light occur, which display themselves as vaporous misty and finally flame-like,

especially at the poles of the magnets and appear not unfrequently as high as a

man, even to healthy eyes.

B. Terrestrial magnetism exercises great influence on the size and coloring

of the Odic flame; and the phenomena of these occur differently according as the

nagnets are placed with one or other pole towards north, west, south, or east,

turned upwards or downwards, in the magnetic dip, or in any other intermediate


C. Iron bars behave like weak magnets in relation to Odic energy when under

the influence of terrestrial magnetism.

D. Banding occurs in the Odic flame, just as in Odic incandescence.

E. The direction of the flame exhibits a tendency upwards.

F. Magnet-flames of unlike poles, opposed diametrically to each other and

gradually approximated, exhibit little or no mutual attraction, do not lift each

other up, but repulse one another, accumulate around their own poles, and become

introverted. On contact, the introverted flames disappear, and a delicate inter

mingled flame appears enveloping the opposed poles.

G. Odic flames meeting cne another cross-ways carry one another onward.

H. The flame obeys currents of air.

I. All the manifold effects which one magnet produces upon one another are directly

reflected in accompanying Odic phenomena, or give rise to peculiar appearances of the Odic light.

The rubbing of magnets affords numerous examples of this.

J. The same occurs when the armature is used as an induced magnet and moved in different

directions over the magnet.

K. Ihe divergences between Od and magnetism which arise here not infrequently go on to such

an extent or contrast that + Od and - Od or m co-exist simultaneously in one magnet pole.

L. Electro-magnetism produces the phenomenon of Odic flames in exactly the same manner.

The electrical atmosphere strengthens them and, under certain circumstances, reverses the poles.

M. Crystals and animals (human hands) influence the Odic flames like magnets, strengthen

them, weaken them, reverse or destroy them, both in contact and by mere approximation. Heat

weakens Odic flames.

N. Odic flame is a material object, probably a substance rendered luminous, but by no means

magnetism. The magnetic curves produced with ircn filings over bars present to the eye a multitude

of stars of minute odically flaming magnets.


A. Every crystal, natural or artificial, exercises a specific exciting power

on the animal nerves; weak in the healthy, strong in the diseased, strongest of all

in the cataleptic.

B. The force manifests its abode principally at the axes of the crystals,

Silver, Gold, in coin; Copper, Brass; Bar Iron; Pumice stone; Obsidian; Melinite;

Opal, common; Zinc; Lead; Cadmium; Dense limestone; Bed copper ore, dense; Potas

sium, Sodium; Hydrate of potash, dried; Cromate of Iron; Selenium; Sulphuret of

potassium; Melted Sulpher; Talc, dense; Gurhofian; Magnesite; fossil wood; Egyptian

Jasper; Quartz, dense with fatty lustre.

C. Crystalline - Granular limestone; Dolomite; Orpiment; Wavellite; Kakoxene;

Native Silver, Konigsberg-irregular; Speiss-glance ore; Prehenite; Natrolite; Loaf

Active bodies, all crystalline, good, mostly large and splendid, free crystals from the Imperial

collection at Vienna.

A. Those which compelled the figures to close up and grasp the object with

scarcely sensible cramp. Rough Diamond, very small; Antimony, metallic; Mesotype; Witherite;

Tin ore; Mica; Corundum; Ferrocyanide of Potassium; Sugar Candy; Leucite; Granite; Augite;

Hornblende; Staurolite; Sulphate of Copper; Graphite, lamellar; Wolfram; Bismuth, metallic;

Argentiferous Copper ore; Rutile; Lieverite; Spargel-stein; Sphene; Iron pyrites; Analzim; Adular

(moonstone); Felspar; Boracite; Cele-site; Topaz; Apatite; White lead ore; Crystallize Gold, half inch

thick; Alum.

B. Those which caused the hand to close upon them convulsively, but did not

attract the hand: Pistacite; Zinc-blende; Magnetic iron ore; Iron-glance.

C. Major attraction and convulsive closing of the hand: Glance-Cobalt; Rock

Crystal, Rock salt.

D. Those which acted so strongly that they caused the hand to clench upon them with violent

spasms and attracted the hand when near: Meteorite from Macao; Fountainebleau quartz;

Calcareous spar; Arragcnite; Heavy spar; Tourmaline; Beryl; Selenite; Fluor spar.

CONCLUSION The experiments and observations detailed

in the foregoing treatises and the deductions drawn from then, when briefly summed up, yield the

following axioms in physics and physiology: —

1. The world-old observation that the magnet reacts sensibly on the human organism is

neither "lie, deceit, nor superstition," as many naturalists at present think and declare; but is a well-

grounded fact, a manifest physico-physiological law of nature.

2. It is tolerably easy matter, one that may be carried out anywhere, to attain conviction of

the correctness and accuracy of this; for people are to be met with everywhere whose sleep is more

or less disturbed by the moon or who suffer from nervous indispositions; almost all these experience

the peculiar excitation by the magnet, to a considerable extent, when it passes down them from the

head over the body. Still more frequent are healthy and vigorous persons who feel the
magnet very vividly; many feel it more weakly; many detect it, but in a very slight degree; finally,

the majority cannot perceive it at all. All those who detect this reaction, and they appear to constitute

a quarter or a third of the human race, are here denominated by the general term of "sensitive."

3. The perceptions of that influence present themselves, chiefly, to the two senses of feeling

and sight: to the feeling, by a sensation of apparent coolness or tepid warmth; to the sight by

appearances of light issuing from the poles and sides of magnets when the patients remain, for a long

time, in deep obscurity.

4. The capacity to exercise such influence presents itself not only in the steel magnet, which

we produce in our workshops, or in natural magnetic iron, but nature gives evidence of it in an

infinitely varied number of cases. In the first place, there is the entire globe, which, through

terrestrial magnetism acts more or less powerfully upon sensitive persons.

1. Od affects neither thermometer nor thermoscope.

2. The energy from the right hand feels cool to people sensitive, yet the hand warms meter.
3. A sunbeam cools sensitive people, warms meter.
4. Moonlight warms sensitive people, no effect to meter.
5. Fire radiates cold to sensitive people, heats mater.
6. The energy from chemical processes cool people.
7. Od energy more conductable in metals than heat.
8. Od energy from magnets, crystals, hands, or other sources felt at over 400 yards.
9. Od heat or cold does not affect density or volume.
10. Od energy may travel through seventy feet or more of metal.
11. High sensitives perceive very great differences or apparent temperatures between different
colors of solar, lunar, and combustion spectrum.
12.: Wires conducting Od appear glowing hot to people, yet cool to meter.
13. Sun-rayed water is cooler to people than water shaded.
14. A porcelain or wooden rod heated at one end grows cold to person holding other end.
15. Heat itself may produce Odylic cold.
16. Therefore, heat must be essentially distinct from Od.
17. Odyllic phenomena occur where electrical phenomena do not:
a. sunlight d. crystals
b. moonlight e. human hands
c. spectra of light f. chemical processes
transmission through glass
18. Odic energy enters into the mass of any body it charges; free electricity stratifies itself only on
the surface. Od-charged water remains so after pouring glass to glass.
19. Od energy may for a time charge the air in a room, whereas Faraday could not

collect electricity in a room prepared for the purpose. It escaped instantly by the
surface of the walls.
20. Free Odic energy charging a body takes a quarter of an hour to several hours before
dissipation by contact by other bodies. Free electricity is removed by contact.
21. Odic energy may be condensed in non-isolated bodies.
22. All bodies continuous in structure are equally good conductors of Odic energy.
Electricity only well conducted by metals.
23. Odic conduction slow, twenty seconds or more to traverse fifty yards of wire. Electricity
24. All bodies permeable to Od; many bodies practically impermeable to electricity.
25. Electricity can induce Od at a distance at which it is powerless to induce electricity.
26. Induction of Od by electricity takes time, thirty seconds or more to become manifest.
27. Duration of Od incomparably greater than that of electricity; a wire glowing Odylically
by electricity continues to glow thirty seconds or more after being taken out of the
28. In some cases, Odylic light disappears sooner than the excited electricity. Electrical
excitement may remain in a resin cake of an electrophore for days or weeks whereas the
Odylic light slowly excited by the strokes of fur is lost in a few minutes.
29. Many Odylic flames exhibit a constant upward tendency, raising vertically.
Electricity, whether in motion or at rest, exhibits no such tendency.
30. Odo-luminous phenomena of great extent appearing over metal plates (electrified or un-
isolated) do not adhere to the metallic surface as the electrical currents do, but flow over
it as the Aurora Boreal is does over the earth.
31. Odyllic currents do not flow merely from the points but also from the sides of bodies;
even of jagged bodies, e.g., large crystals. Electricity perfers a point.
32. In a voltic pile, all the elements give out Odyle; whereas only internal activity of the
electric current and entire limitation of the current itself is observable when the circuit is
33. Odylic currents excited by electricity show great independence of their cause.
34. A positive meeting a negative Odylic flame will not unite with or neutralize it. If they
cross, each carries the other with it. If directly opposed, they mutually repel each other.
Opposite charges of electricity instantly neutralize each other.
35. An electrical specimen of Shorl, like every crystal, shows at its pola a lively action on
sensitives, but when warmed no chang2 takes place. The electricity thus excited is not
sensibly perceived.
36. Od is produced and manifested in a multitude of cases; e.g., chemical changes, vital
changes, in crystals, by friction, in spectra of solar, lunar, and candlelight, in polarized
light, and in amorphous material world in which magnetism is not known to exist.
37. In general, Od is developed alone without magnetism. Magnetism never alone without
38. Magnetism, if any, in solar or lunar rays so feeble that existence doubtful, (not modern)
while Od is so powerful and varied in affects as to appear capable of shaking life to its
very foundations.
39. Mist and cloud instantly diminish effects of sun and moon on sensitives; magnetism is
arrested by nothing and least of all by vapours.
40. All solids and liquids may be charged with Od, only a few bodies with magnetism, and
none yet known with diamagietism. 41. Od-charged bodies act exactly like the magnet on
sensitives but will not
attract cne particle of iron filings.
42. Magnetism remains in steel for years, Od cannot remain in steel, iron, or water longer than
about one hour.
43. Od conducted to a distance of many yards by resin, glass, wood, silk, cotton, etc.
44. Od conducted by iron wire yet showed no trace of magnetic action.
45. Sphere of radiation for Od felt through air at great distances (160 feet) and more for bodies
such as hands, crystals, and electrified substances. No such magnetic sphere for magnets of
same size.
46. Od rays simultaneously and analogously refracted by prism with light rays; not magnetic.
47. Od distributed throughout mass of body charged, magnetism limited entirely to the mass
48. Od, like electricity, surrounds itself with alternating spherical zones of opposite polarities.
49. Crystals and hands of same size of magnet often surpass it in Odylic power.
50. Terrestrial magnetism does not affect direction of Od-charged bodies but causes magnetic
bodies to place themselves in the meridian.
51. Flames of Odylic poles in inorganic world (including flames from horseshoe magnets) show,
no appreciable attraction for each other: magnetic poles and their lines of force exhibit
mutually the very strongest attraction.
52. No upwards tendency observed in magnetism: Odylic flames from horseshoe magnet held
horizontally flow horizontal for a space and then both curve upwards.
53. Magnets, placed in the electric atmosphere of the conductor, can be made to invert the position
of the Odylic poles (by turning the positive, southward red-glowing side of the magnet towards
the positively charged conductor) while that of the magnetic poles remain unchanged.
54. Magnetic effects appear and disappear instantaneously on start and interruption of magnetic
current, while Odylic effects lag behind in both cases.
55. Powerful sources of Od fail to induce magnetic current in coil by induction.
56. A magnetic bar gaining in Odic power by communication from like hand or like crystalline
pole will not support one more grain of iron than before.
57. Let northward pole project from left hand and southward be held in palm, reversing action in
(w) and its blue flame turns to red, while the pole itself continues unchangeably magneto-
58. Odylic flame of magnet may be extinguished by approach of organized living being, without
any change in the magnetic power.
59. Rays of moon Odo-positive while moon itself magnetically negative to earth.
60. Of diamagnetism we know only repulsions, which may be ordinary magnetic phenomena.
61. But a bar of iron lying horizontally in the plane of the magnetic meridian
is cooler (Odo negative) to the sensitive at its northward end than when depressed to an angle
of 65° with the horizon and thus horizontal in the plane of the magnetic inclination.
62. Magnetic polarity of unevenly numbered lamallae of compound magnet is same in all lamallae
at each end of the magnet, while lamallae are shown by colours of their glow to sensitive as
alternately blue and red, blue predominating (by number of lamallae affected) on northward
and red on southward side.
63. Drawing one magnet along another, in one limb positive magnetism and negative Od-
luminations occurred at the same time.
64. The Od reflected from the prism differs polarically from the Od that passes through. The
reflected Od is negative = cool, agreeable, blue end of solar spectrum; the refracted Od is
positive - lukewarm, nauseating, orange end of spectrum.

65. Crystal was seen to be blue on one end, pink on other with gold color in center.
66. As a sequal to the slowness of Odic conductivity, positive and negative Od can co-exist in the
same body for a relatively brief period, before either equilibrium or a definite polarity of a
particular part be established.
67. Diamagnetic substances: Bismuth, antimony, cadmium, gpld, lead, ccpper, tin, zinc,
68. Paramagnetic substances: Iron, nickel, cobalt, pallodium, titanium.
69. In photography, it was found that Od light would not penetrate glass, callod-ium, or films.
70. Sunlight will react chemically with photographic films only to a depth of 6 1/2 inches through
glass although illumination will pass through more.
71. Od will pass lumination through glass.
72. Od will produce oscillations in a pendulum touched by a sensitive.
73. If a sensitive has + metal on his person, keys, watch, etc., no oscillations are produced.
74. Negative Od matter: Selenium, sulphur, charcoal. Positive matter: Iron, copper, tin, lead.
75. If I placed the sensitive with his face turned to the south so that the rod of the magnet was
parallel with the meridian, and its north-seeking pole turned away from the sensitive's body,
and thus struggling to turn northwards towards the sensitive, I was surprised to see it turn
towards the south pole of the earth's axis with its north-seeking pole forward and outward away
from the sensitive. Thus, contrary to its most fundamental law, the rod-magnet turned with its
north-seeking pole, not to the north pole but to the south pole. In the case of one and the same
pole, there we have the magnetic force tending to the north and the odic force tending to the
south; and in this conflict the victory is with the Od, which dominates the magnet and carries it
captive along with it in the direction south.
76. Od may create force in objects.
77. Tables were made to rise.
78. Od will deflect a compass needle. ±
79. Brass is Od +, also German silver, argentan silver.
80. Erect crystal produces tulip-shaped blue lundnation at point, other end when inverted, red and
81. Sun on wire produced - Od. Prism separates colors and polarities: Violet, Blue, Green OD -
cool; Yellow, Orange, Red OD + warm.
82. Pole of Compass N = -, S = +.
83. A magnifying glass will gather and condense Odic lumination.
84. Plants emit Od, animals emit Od.
85. Your right hand is blue, left yellowish red - Od to right disagreeable.
86. Chemical reactions create - OD.
87. Decomposition = Neg. Od.
88. Evaporation, steaming, distillation all negative forming etc.
89. Sound and vibration Negative.
90. Friction = +.
91. Running water = +.
92. Positive electricity cool, negative = warm.
93. A Leyden jar when charged with electricity became luminous throughout. At the moment of
each discharge, the sensitives saw an unusually bright spark flash along the wire with the
speed of lightening from which they were able to give me the exact direction taken by the
discharges, that is to say, from the inner (E+) lining to the outer (E-). As to the Voltic
column, I will only mention the fact that the enclosed polar wire becomes not only self-
luminous, but that it is surrounded in addition with a corkscrew formation
of light, spinning around it in an impetuous current.
94. In color, copper emits red, surrounded by green flams: tin, lead, pallodium, cobalt, were blue.
Bismuth, zinc, osmium, titanium, potassium - all red. Silver, gold, platinum, antimony,
cadmium - all white. Nickel and chromium -green to yellow. Iron — polychrome or all
colors. Arsenic, coal, iodine, selenium - all red. Sulphur - blue.
95. Theo-Bromine - white Od color. Parabnic acid - blue. Calcined lime - red.
96. Everything emits light
97. Mercury = Odic +.
98. Selenium, Iodine, phosphorus, tellurium = +.
99. Sodium = +.
100. Alkalies, alkaloids - all +. Hacoid salts, oxides, acids = -.
101. Base of crystals +, tip -.
102 N = blue, W = yellow, S = red, E = greywhite colors. NW = green, SW = orange, SE = grey
red, NE = violet.
103. Northpole +, south pole -, if opposites attract.
104. Sleep with head to N for polarity alignment.
105. Speed through 100' of wire, 1/2 minute.
106. By a reduction of pressure in. a vacuum tube, a pink diffuse glow spreads
through the tube known as the positive column. Meanwhils the cathode assumes
at its tip a luminous tuft - the negative glow - violet in color - between these two is an ill-
defined region called the Faraday dark-space. Later the walls fluoresce olive green.
107. A sensitive created colors in a card moistened with starch paste and 10%
potassium iodide - actinic effect on sensitized surface.

The information of the properties of Odic energy has been condensed to save a great amount of
space. The term Odic has been given to this energy by Reichen-bach as to him it best described its
universal prcperties. Several varieties of this name exist such as Od, Odyl, Odyle, Odyllic, and may
be used interchangeably.
1. Od does not affect thermometer, thermoscope.
2. Found, effects in light.
3. Found, effects from fire.
4. Found in, effects from Chemical processes.
5. Conducted by metals.
6. Greater conductivity than heat.
7. Emitted from magnets.
8. Energy does not add density or volume.
9. Biological sensitivity to this energy.
10. Absorbed in water.
11. Conducted by organic materials.
12. Heat emits this energy.
13. Found, effects from crystals.
14. Energy distributed throughout mass.
15. Affects air.
16. Slow dissipation from objects.
17. Condensed in non-isolated bodies.
18. All substances conduct.
19. Slow in conduction.
20. Electricity induces into air, substances.
21. Has vertical tendency to rise.
22. Luminous, gives off light.

23. Emitted from all sides of an object.
24. Energy independent of cause.
25. Two polarities, not attracted to each other.
26. Opposite polarities repel each other.
27. Energy produced by friction.
28. Free energy without magnetic field.
29. Affected by mist, clouds,
30. Will not attract mass.
31. Energy not permanent in mass when absorbed.
32. Energy transmitted through air.
33. May be refracted.
34. Surrounds itself with alternating bands of opposite polarities.
35. Not affected by magnetism.
36. Energy from magnet affected by another magnet.
37. Will not induce currant in coil.
38. Energy in rays of moon positive.
39. Each lamallae of magnet opposite polarity.
40. Reflected light has negative polarity.
41. Positive and negative energy may co-exist in matter.
42. Refracted light has positive polarity.
43. Not chemically active through glass, films.
44. Light of energy passes through glass.
45. Will produce oscillations in pendulum.
46. Will produce physical effects.
47. Metal damps oscillations.
48. Negative-energy emitters, selenium, sulphur, charcoal.
49. Positive-energy emitters, iron, copper, tin, lead.
50. Will affect magnetic compass, poles.
51. May oppose gravity.
52. Pcsitive-energy emitters, brass, German silver, argentan silver.
53. Negative-energy illumination blue color.
54. Prism separates polarities in light.
55. Energy condensed by magnifying glass.
56. Biological organisms emit energy.
57. Chemical reacitons create negative-energy.
58. Sound and vibrations create negative-energy.
59. Friction creates positive-energy.
60. Funning water emits positive-energy.
61. Positive electricity emits negative-energy.
62. Negative electricity emits positive-energy.
63. Corkscrew energy formation around conductor.
64. Negative emitters, tin, lead, palladium, cobalt, sulphur.
65. Positive emitters, bismuth, copper, zinc, osmium, titanium, potassium.
66. Everything emits light.
67. Base of crystals emits positive; tip emits negative.
68. Magnetic north is negative; south is positive.
69. Positive polarity of orange red color.
70. Energy speed through iron .3 feet per second.
71. Polarity stronger in vacuum.
72. Emitted by tube shapes.
73. Affects photographic film.

Biological energy changes during 24 hours Graphs... Energy Intensity

Vrs. Time, Earth Rotation.

Graphs... Energy Intensity Vrs. Time, Earth Rotation.

Graphs... Energy Intensity Vrs. Time, Earth Rotation.

Graphs... Energy Intensity Vrs. Time, Earth Rotation.

- 54 -
Graphs... Energy Intensity Vrs. Time, Earth Rotation.

- 55-
Wilhelm Reich, a clinical psychoanalyst, was another very important researcher (1897-
1957). He received his M.D. degree from the University of Vienna in 1922. He was the
clinical assistant psychoanalyst under Freud and a teacher at the Vienna psychoanalytic
His investigations in Neurosis causes and effects gave new insight into physical and
emotional actions, which resulted in ten books being written before 1930. When forced to
escape the Nazi regime, he went to Denmark. His reputation as a teacher preceeded him
and, encouraged by willing schools and students, he taught in Denmark, Sweden, and New
His research in Bio-physics resulted in several new papers and books. As his research
progressed, a new form of energy was discovered which affected living organisms and did
not obey the known laws of science.

THE CANCER BIOPATHY By Wilhelm Reich (1945) - Reference. The breaking down
of the sharp boundary lines between the various specialties in natural science facilitates work
in medicine and research. In spite of all variations, nature is a unitary whole.
1. We must give up the air germ theory and recognize "endogenous infection."
2. We must fully accept the role of emotions in organic diseases.
3. We must acknowledge the development of living, spontaneously moving substance
from other living or from non-living substances, even from free orgone energy.
4. We must acknowledge the existence of a basically new cosmic energy, which I call
Orgone and which is present everywhere and is governed not by mechanical but by
functional laws. A force which new can be made visible and can be measured by means of
the thermometer, the electroscope, and the Geiger-Muller counter.
5. "Energy" is the capacity to do work. There is no known energy that could
compete with the work of the total life apparatus of our planet. The energies
which achieve this work can derive only from non-living nature itself.
The functions of the living show that such a specific Biological energy would have the
following characteristics:
1. It would be basically different from electromagnetic energy and yet have a relation
to it.
2. Assuming the origin of the living from the non-living, it would have to exist in
non-living nature, independently of the living organism.
3. It would have to explain satisfactorily the relationship between living organisms
and non-living matter or nature (respiration, orgasm, nutrition, etc.).
4. Contrary to galvanic electricity, it would function on organic material, which is a
non-conductor for electricity and animal tissues.
5. Its function could not be restricted to isolated nerve cells or cell groups, but would
permeate and govern the total organism.
6. It would have to explain in a simple way the pulsating basic function of the living,
contraction and expansion, as it is expressed in respiration and the orgasm.
7. It would express itself in 1he production of heat, a characteristic of most living
8. It would definitely explain the sexual function; i.e., it would make sexual attraction
9. It would explain why the living organisms have not developed an organ for
10. It would help to explain the difference between protein that is dead and protein
that is alive; that is, it would explain what has to be added to the chemically complicated
protein in order to make it alive. It would have the capacity of charging living matter, i.e.,
it would act in a life-positive sense.
11. It would have to show us the mechanism of the symmetry of form development
and what is the function of form development in general.
12. It would finally enable us to understand why living matter is found only on the
surface of the earth's crust.
These questions are nothing but the indispensable framework for any discussion of
Biogenesis and of Biophysical problems.
Biological pulsation, the basic phenomena of living substance, is explained by the two
antithetical basic functions of the biological energy, attraction, and dissociation, or
contraction and expansion.
1. All matter, if exposed to high temperatures and made to swell, undergoes a process
of vesicular disintegration.
2. High temperatures (autoclavation at 120° c. heating to incandescence, about 1500°
c.) destroy what life there is. But these same temperatures produce the energy vesicles
which in turn can develop into living bacteria.
3. The energy at work in the Bions is not introduced into them artificially from the
outside; rather it originates from the vesicular disintegration of matter itself.
4. An energy vesicle is a minute quantity of matter containing a quantity of energy
derived from this matter.
5. The Bions are not complete living beings, but only carriers of Biological energy;
they are forms of transition from non-living to living.
6. The blue color of the content is the immediate expression of this energy. As the
blue disappears, the essential biological characteristics of the bions disappear also.
Control experiment: That of producing coal bions.
By heating coal dust to white incandescence and in this state emersing it in a prepared
solution of 50% bouillon and 50% 0.1 KCL, the solution turns black as a colloidal is formed
with heavier particles sinking to the bottom.
Within a half hour, the solution has turned a grey color. Examination under a
microscope at 700X and 2 - 3000X shows, movement, pulsation, formation of membrane,
blue intensity of coal bions.
We send a galvanic current of about 0.2 to 0.5 MA through the preparation. The
vesicles move toward the cathode, i.e., they are positively charged. With biological stains
(gram, carbol, fuchsin) coal will not react, but the bion vesicles immediately react positively
(blue with gram stain).
Bions from Iron filings: Heating Iron filings to incandescence and then immersing in
KCL solution.
Bions from Sand: Heating washed sand to incandescence and then immersing in KCL
solution yielded bion vesicles termed SARA, larger than most other bion forms.
Bions from soil: Humus sifted and boiled reveals a bion formation (yellow)
in solution. When dried, forms crystals. When frozen, forms bion flakes. This solution
used to keep other bion solutions alive.
Disintegration of Bions: Bion vesicles disintegrate into another form called T bodies; a
lower evolutionary form, found in rot, putrefaction, illness, etc.
Bion vesicles form protozoa: A bion group will evolve a membrane around the group,
evolving into protozoa.
Size of bions normally one to three microns.
Healthy tissues when boiled yield PA (regular) bions. Cancerous or sick tissues when
boiled yield T-bions. A T-bion in a healthy solution of PA bions will be killed.
PA bions in a solution of T bions will be killed.
T bions turn black as they grow larger.
Bion cultures radiate energy. Bion cultures are luminous.
Luminous radiations reveal a grey-blue, or blue color energy, which may be seen better
with a magnifying glass, has optical properties.
The radiation had an irritating effect on the optic nerves.
Using the properties: organic material attracts and soaks up "Orgone" energy; and
metal attracts and then repels; an accumulator was constructed. Also incorporated was a
A temperature differential is calculated for T0-T as the condensed energy releases some
"Orgone energy noticed and investigated in open air, sky. A particular device was
created to allow better observation."
Energy has attraction, repulsion, yet not magnetic or electric energy.
Ways to contain and condense this energy were found and, as it had a healtful effect on
people, devices were created for sale. The devices at one point were declared illegal, and
interstate shipment was banned. Reich was sent to prison and soon after died. All his
bocks and private papers were publically burned by
the government officials.

The careful and brilliant research had in fact turned up infornation of which the government

did not approve release to the public. Reich named this energy "Orgone," as to him it best

described its universal characteristics.

Orgone Energy Properties

A. While working with "bions" (artificially created living cells) in 1939, Reich
discovered that some of the bions emitted a kind of energy that seemed not
to obey the laws of any of the known forms of energy.
B. In 1940, Reich invented a way to concentrate the "Orgone" energy. He con
structed an Orgone accumulator, a box whose walls, floor, and ceiling consis-
ted of several layers of alternating organic and metallic material. Observations and
experiments have shown that organic material attracts and repels Orgone. Thus the organic
layers attract and soak up Orgone and the metallic layers draw it from the organic material
and radiate it into the interior of the accumulator.

C. Orgone will attract Orgone. Greater concentrations will draw energy from
weaker concentrations until the weaker system can give off no more or the
stronger system has attained what for it is its maximum charge.
D. Radioactivity triggered or excited or stimulated Orgone to such an activity
that all people around were taken ill. Energy absorbed and affects to pro
perty lasted several years.
E. The Orgone envelope of the earth, or atmospheric Orgone, which could be seen
or demonstrated to be in constant, though uneven, movement from west to east
at a speed considerable greater than that of the earth's rotation.
F. Orgonotic potential, Orgonotic systems are subject to mechanical potential
by charge going from high to low.
G. Cycle of tension, charge, discharge, relaxation.

H. Two types of Orgone, one a blue mist; one a black mist.

I. Metal tubes act as accumulators.

J. Water attracts and absorbs either polarity.

K. Black polarity removed from an organism by tube connected to water.

L. Books on Orgone: Orgone Functionalism; Ether, God and Devil; Orgone Energy Bulletin (plus
many others).

M. Books by Reich: The Scizophrenic Split; Character Analysis; Children of the Future (and

N. Bions are created in a test tube by Orgcne Energy.

O. Inside an accumulator, the energy is emitted as a spinning wave. The light dots seem to
come from the walls in rhythmic sequence. A magnifying glass condenses radiations.

P. Orgpne-charged metallic material attracts and holds in a state of attraction Orgone particles
while it repels metallic particles.
Q. If we put a thermometer above the top of the accumulator in a tube inserted in a hole made in
the exterior top layers and a second thermometer outside the accumulator, we find the
temperature above the accumulator is 0.2 degrees to 0.8 degrees centigrade higher than room

R. Organic substances attract and absorb Orgone energy.

S. How the energy penetrates the metal we do not knew, but we know that it does penetrate it.
T. An electroscope discharges 5 to 7 times slower in Orgone than air.

U. Reich also invented an Orgone energy field meter; the construction is described in "The
Cancer Biopathy". "If we turn en the current to an induction apparatus, the secondary coil
will emit or create an Orgone energy field that when brought into contact with the energy
field of a living organism will produce lumination in a tube filled with fluorescent gas
(helium, argon, neon) without material contact. A sensitive electric eye can transform this
lumination into electrical energy and measure it on a meter."

V. By a Geiger counter, experiment in 1947, Reich showed Orgcne was capable of developing a
motor force.

W. In 1949 he announced the motor force in the "Orgone Energy Bulletin Vol. I,
No. I." and its application in the successful invention of a motor with a rotating armature
(undisclosed "Y" factor).
X. Reich, in "Cosmic Superimposition," showed that Orgone streams, when meeting under certain
conditions and angles, give rise to or result in the creation of matter.

Y. The motility of the Orgone energy, as far as we know it today, is undulating, pulsating, and
spinning waves.
Z. The Orgone potential also shows a marked analogy to gravity; just as a highly charged Orgpne
energy system will attract Orgone from a system of lower charge (negative entropy), so a
booty or a system of greater mass will attract bodies of lesser mass.
AA. Weak radioactivity will trigger or stimulate lumination.

BB. From observation and experiments of Orgcne energy, if some carrier or system
is charged with it to its maximum degree so that it can hold no more, it will transform itself
into electricity and in this way or form find a dis-charge.
CC. A tube will draw energy from a cloud; pointed beside the cloud it creates a weak area. The
cloud will then draw energy from the weaker area and will grow.

1. Concentrations affect thermometer.

2. Conducted by metals.
3. Biological sensitivity to energy.
4. Water attracts, absorbs energy.
5. Attracted, absorbed, transferred by organic material.
6. Transmitted through air.
7. Energy dissipates slowly.
8. Can be condensed.
9. Light emitted from energy, luminous.
10. All sides of charged bodies emit energy.
11. Energy independent of cause.
12. Like charges attract.
13. Absorbed by mist, clouds.
14. Light from energy passes through glass.
15. Can produce physical effects.
16. Blue illumination observed.
17. Magnifying glass condenses illumination.
18. Organisms emit energy.
19. Emitted energy takes corkscrew path.
20. Everything contains this energy.
21. Energy emitted from tube shapes.
22. Metal attracts then repels energy.
23. Opposite charges repel.
24. Radioactivity changes energy, hazardous to health.
25. Energy envelope around earth.
26. Around earth, energy moves west to east.
27. Energy concentrated can give off electrical discharge.
28. Energy discharge can be mechanical potential.
29. Has tension-charge-discharge-relaxation cycle.
30. Tube shapes attract energy.
31. Energy affects electroscope.
32. Charged metals repel other metals.
33. Charged metals emit heat.
34. Electroscope discharges slower when energy present.
35. Secondary transformer coils emit this energy.
36. Energy will affect ionization.
37. Energy can exert motor force, will power motors.
38. Motor force has "Y" factor.
39. Can be emitted as undulating, pulsating, spinning waves.

Odic = All mass emits radiation, having four polarities, seen by human organism,
affected by terrestrial magnetism.

Orgone = All biological organisms emit radiatipn, organisms affect other organ-
isms by radiation, radiation affected by terrestrial magnetism, radiation
occurs nan-organic, from mass, objects, elements, earth. Energy can be
condensed, controlled.

Radiation = Both orgone & odic in hard ultraviolet. Radiation may be

transmitted through mass, air.

Radionics = Radiation from each mass of specific frequency, radiation may be
broadcast to a specific person by locking on that person's frequency.
Radiation carried information (can be tuned), radiation carried by
gravitational currents.

Stress creates a radiation: time.

ESP, a 30 GC radiaticn carried by gravity currents.
Pattern, form - can influence (control radiation currents). Parity: left or right handed, up or
down rotation.
Thought produces distinct frequencies.
Frequencies have a pattern.
Radiation carrying information can "store" by frequency in mass. Radiation can control -
health, mind, mass, time, energy. All radiation affects space, time, mass.


The End Result:

Like the cyrogenic coil, PSI information is carried by gravity to all parts of the earth. Also
like the coil, the information is stored. All our thoughts are stored, and are accessed by
people with a "similar frequency" or, who have entered a temporary framework of mind
where the frequency is harmonious. Gravity then is the "Akashic Records."
Our frequencies and thoughts are re-inforced as they are thought, in the pattern of our
thinking. Similar patterns of thinking produce similar thoughts through subconscious
As gravity reaches through space, so does mind traveling on gravity currents.
As all mass, even biological, emits radiation, so that radiation may be accessed
"artificially", and may be tuned as in Radionics. All results are through feedback to original
Note: The Akashic Records may be changed as the signal in the coil may be changed.
And: Radionics may be monitored by gravity transducers. Where ultraviolet and infrared are
used by the earth and the people in communicating long distance and/or knowing the distance
involved, there exists also the collective conscious or unconscious of the people in the field
of the earth.
It is almost as if the earth was alive and gave to each person reinforcement of its own
personal thoughts, ambitions, and ideals.
Through resonance of similar thoughts one could tap similar thoughts, through non-
resonance or discord within oneself, one was alone by not tapping other thoughts. Yet the
earth seems to have a field of intelligence giving the proper dues to each person; I cannot
help but relate the earth as to a living body. The nature of life is said to have an
intelligence by the Indians. What if indeed
that were true - would that mean all life is connected together by the earth field which has a
combined intelligence?
Man has a "characteristic impedence" in relation to the earth's gravitational field.
What this means is that this is not a "fixed" quantity but is controlled by "mind", body
weight, body form, neural activity, intelligence, health. All are in relation to that
"characteristic impedence", but mind controls changes in that impedence hourly.
The Biological Organism is matched naturally to the impedence of free space and
gravity. As a product of evolution, all living organisms inherit the ability of being a part of
a living field; rather than as a separate organism without contact with nature.
This living field is the composite of all animal intelligences and their experiences.
Man is an inheritor of evolution, being the dominant "intelligence" on this planet, and
thus "utilizing" and subconsciously guiding the living field.
Man is directly connected to nature, but normally not "conscious" of this, he "rejects"
his heritage by doing those things that inhibit his "conscious awareness ."
People who are aware, enter into direct "control" and communication with the living
When a person holds a distinct thought, the aura is seen to "display" that thought as a
color change. When people get mad, they "see" red, and indeed their aura "turns" red.
When people are compassionate towards another person, the aura appears to be green.
When doing physical work, blue predominates. When in deep thought, colors depending on
what "type" of subject - orange, yellow, maroon, blue. When in deep meditation - purple.
Thus not only are selective thoughts "broadcast" by selective colors, but the
"frequency" of color is in relation to the type of thought; from the lower
frequency of red to "the higher frequencies of purple and ultraviolet. The mind "channels energy"

by frequency "absorption" (other people's thoughts) and frequency emission (your own thoughts).

Suppose there existed a device which had a characteristic impedance of "man", and was

"frequency selective" or capable of "tuning" thought. The feedback from such a machine from the

gravitational field would "inforce" any thought you had which was "in resonance" with this machine.

From being frequency selective, the use of "enhancement" of any thought or destruction of any

thought could be programmed. Far from being just a "mind affecting machine", it could activate

biological fields in healing frequencies specifically directed to an organ or "against" a microbe.

This device could then be the "ultimate" machine for good and bad. It could cure disease, mental

illness, define abnormalities, or prove a massive benefit to man. Likewise the machine could main

and kill.

Such a machine exists.

From the Russians' discovery of a PSI frequency entering a Faraday or Vasilef cage at 30 GC,

we can correlate this with other data of infra red microwave nature and propose that ESP is from 25

to 30 GC as frequency.

The carrier being modulated by this frequency being gravity and transporting this information

to all parts of -the world.

The wavelengths of organic and inorganic being less than this frequency yet still of UHF

microwave nature from 14 GC to 25 GC.

The information for the above is results achieved by "subjective" reaction using radionics,

pendulums, Bovis device - which all "measure" ratios and wavelengths.

From hindsight, I realize that "Verne Cameron" applying his self-taught intuitive nature,

achieved this in one device. Using a cone of specific angle (a geometric "local" impedence) he

attached a wire to the "point" and "conducted"

the radiation to a "fine tune" impedance natch coil.)
As for another example of present technology, the magnetic field of a single wire coil
[A] is a vortex [B].

But, if a capacitator [A] produces a torus or vortex like the coil,

does this mean thatthis is just the way electronics developed, or does it mean the way
electronics compensates for existing phenomena in the mathematical relations.

In fact, there is a coupling thrust developed toward the (+) positive pole of the
capacitator which is not included in compensation theory,* This thrust comes from a
gravitic anomaly or lessening of charge on the (-) negative pole which creates an unbalance.
This force also acts on a dielectric if placed between
two plates of a capacitator: Which shows up better in a

* Ref. Towsend Brown.

The intensity of gravitational attraction varies from day to day.

The oscillation frequency can determine intensity. The intensity of
gravity is related to the well-being of people. Blood sugar varies directly.
A question may arise about infra-red as another possibility of the radiation. Quite
possibly the infrared is seen or felt by the sensitive, but in relation to physics; the radiation of
infrared from any mass is "temperature dependent." By its very nature as an emission of heat
it can be discounted unless gravity emits radiation proportional to temperature.
The one radiation found so far is ultraviolet, although cosmic rays are also suspect in constant

emission at any temperature.

RATIOS AND EQUIVALENCES From research into geometry, units

(inches, feet, meters, etc.) were found not to express relationships of geometry "adequate" for a full

understanding. A new means was found which provided better comprehension, that was to assign

known "ratios" rather than units to a geometric perspective. Example #1: an area A X B

is "equivalent" to a square of

side =

Example #2: a triangle is equivalent to the weight of the triangle

concentrated at a point 1/3 of its height (centroid) instead of being evenly spread over the base.

Gravity: Newton said "gravity can be accounted for as if two masses attract with an intensity

relative to distance." This is an equivalence statement! Whether this action behaves as this, or

actually does this is an important point, the behavior can be different than a

theory, yet be mathematically correct.
Example #3: any mass (M) has some radiative/gravitic wavefront through it.

another mass (M2) may be thought of as being on the surface of a "Huygens" sphere.

The Radiative Effect is attraction as ,

same as Newton's law. Yet the Principle is quite different.

radiation differential over distance


Newton's force =

The difference of Principle is attraction, vs. being shoved together by Radiative Wavefronts


If a large mass (EARTH) was radiating out "against" the radiation from space coming in, the two

colliding wavefronts would trap matter by being compressed between the colliding wavefronts.

Example #4: An interesting experiment is to suspend two masses side by side to see if they attract

"inside another mass", they do not. i.e. Brinsley Le Poer Trench (Balls down mineshafts).

The Earth then is an emitter "outward" rather than inward. If then, the force is outward, it is

possible to create "local distortions", and change force of gravity on a small localized surface

of the earth. This is ach-ieved by resonance of mass, frequency, or impedence. One of the

most novel is the geometric impedence of solid geometries (the pyramid being a characteristic

impedence match). Acoustic impedence matches (speakers) are used today in sound, and the

antenna impedence matched in electronic. The free space impedence matched to Earth mass

(electrically 377 ) can be accessed by Geometry of form. Tesla, in discussing his scheme

to broadcast power, said this planet behaved like a conductor of limited dimensions (i.e.

intrinsic impedence) and therefore feasible to transmit power through mass. (Mass broadcast

power through form).

The frequency of PSI is approximately 30 GC; the carrier is 1400 to 1900 angstroms.
Interference of statistical averages by a magnetic imposed field on a person, or infrared,
ultraviolet sources bearing a similar frequency - constitutes proof, not only is there PSI - ESP,
but locates carrier by statistical averages.
Gravity passing through any material will impose a small dipole orientation and a small
magnetic charge.
The orientation of matter to the gravity field will produce greater or lesser effect.
A geometric object will have mass at different angles and each face and direction
orientated to terrestrial magnetic north will decide the effect for that face.
The geometric mass shape will then be a sum of different effects, cumulative with
some effects in conflict. All conflicts produce "static" dimension stresses.
An object may be designed for greater or lesser conflict of energies depending on
shape. A change of orientation (flotation) will change the field effect (cyclic).
A paramagnetic material aligns with a magnetic field - a diamagnetic material aligns
against a magnetic field.

The diamagnetic force is identical to Maxwell's displacement.

Could it be that a diamagnetic field, interacting with a material, will align dipoles
against it? If so, then a magnetic field is created by the material; or is the material necessary
for the field to exist. Is then magnetism a reaction effect of one mass and its molecular
dipole arrangement and another mass of greater or lesser dipole arrangement or alignment?
A moving pocket of mass (electron) and energy moves through space for several
reasons, attraction, repulsion, energy absorbed raises to level where must move - etc.
In moving, the electron emits soma radiation. That radiation is diamagnetic. The
electron locked in mass emits radiation which is diamagnetic which aligns the constituents of
the atom and acts as an attraction to each part. A small portion of this radiation escapes
from the atom, and attracts other atoms. A mass formed by attraction of like atoms emits
radiation proportional to its size. This diamagnetic radiation we call gravity.
Detectors: Will produce magnetic field in paramagnetic materials. Will interfere with
What would happen if two magnetic fields from independent sources met and tried to
align one piece of material in opposite directions of polarity?
(a) stress molecular
(b) stress opposing fields
(c) heat, other physical parameters.
Results: time stress, transportation of matter, intense time field produced
(4th dimension).
Gravitational effects on mass produce luminescence of weak hard ultraviolet.
What is needed is a computer version of a rotating Earth with the effects of light (as in
optic handbook), magnetic fields, gravitation, and the Z energy field as an interacting model.
Only by looking at Earth as a whole, can the information of different effects as they apply to
small areas be coherent.
We must have a general theorem before the specific information we have becomes
coherent; thus from the "high view" we perceive the small areas and understanding is
Why do floating lights (5-8 CPS) cause epilepsy in some people? My guess
is that because that is also the frequency of earth, that they
cannot handle the
syncronization because of their development.
If a person could, in awareness, attain this syncronization - then "TIME" distortion, or
possible elimination could occur.
A person who attained timelessness on earth could "travel" anywhere in the universe,
but could only visit places having a mass and thus frequency similar to Earth.
The release of consciousness is thus a process of adjusting to the Earth's
frequency - or a theta brainwave.
This process in reverse is: the further away from the "prime" frequency you are - the
more dis-eased you become.
Notice that PK is attained when the heartbeat synchronizes with the earth pulsation: 4
beats per second.
Node Monitor
A magnet produces a node every 5-3/4 inches.
If another magnet at a distance (x) were to be placed in resonance or in a nodal point,
there should be a change in:
(1) The intensity of its magnetic field.
(2) A possible field shift in direction.
(3) A change in magnetic drift.
(4) A change in the exterior electrostatic charge.
5-3/4" - 11-1/2" - 23" Check frequency!
A magnet at area (y) will produce an "image" at area (x) which will have the same
properties. Area (x) is an infinite number of places, each at a definite distance from one
Two or more nodal points may occupy the same space from two or more magnets at
different places.
This is similar to "Vivaxis" theory where a person has similar nodes. Dela-warr
plotted human nodes.

CUBE = Volume

D set = Set co-ordinates at angle + 9 0 °

(1) A node is located within the cube.

(2) A node can never be further than Dset = (5-3/4")

(3) A three dimensional nodal detector is needed.

(4) Achieving node resonance with one detector connects others.

Evolution from rim in Log Spiral - Left Hand Each plane succeedingly faster - shorter

time Rotation then right handed.


(1) Node moves as prime moves.

A. Moving Matrix.

(2) Outside sine wave Intensity - Baron R

B. Earth-Stellar energy source (9 am - 9 pm max).

C. Outside cyclic influence - cycles.

(3) High energy place in matrix where born.

(4) Direction Vector for energy different each individual.

D. Matrix oriented to birthplace.

(5) Birthplace, direction, time of birth, all set characteristics.

(6) Breathing - visualising color, all right hemisphere of brain.

E. Intuitive processes produce energy - left handed vortex.

F. Node moves - birth node stable = 2 related matrices.

(7) Circle confines matrix - other patterns.

G. (Artificial matrices) can control living matrix - Prime2.

(8) Magnet erases energy - or detection of Prime1.

(9) Supercon - Subcon - Conscious - all individual matrices.

(10) From 2 - grav. changes intensity during earth rotation.

H. Fluctuating gravity provides mental flux (not best?).

(11) Matrices related to light - time.

I. What happens if your superconscious is identical to others (same matrix).

(12) Frequency determines one's pattern (emotional - other).

(13) Frequency may be artificially altered - changing pattern.

(14) Thinking "selects" vibrations from wide spectrum source!

(15) Nature of vibrations related to nature of thought.

(16) Identical thoughts select identical vibrations.

(17) Intensity of thought affects only amplitude.

(18) Emotional activity of others can affect amplitude only.
1. Energy can affect metal crystallization (Razor blades).

2. Energy can affect molecular structure rubber (rub-pad).

- 78-
(19) Telepathy - energisation of existing thought patterns.

(20) Oxygen is carrier; thought is modulator.

(21) Activity of breathing affects non-substantial aspects of man.

(22) The astral zone contains all emotions.

(23) Emotion an act or carrier wave independent of breathing.

(24) Suppose height of person (ant.) determines frequency (2 meters).

(25) mass of person -

Magnetism can erase parapsychology information.

Bismuth (diamagnetism) must have a parapsychological effect: enhancement.

Capacitors store energy (T. mag.).

Movement of crystal releases Energy (T. mag.).

All organized matter inputs - outputs T. mag.

Tuning by angles - angles represent frequencies T. mag. SECRET REPORTS FROM BEHIND

IRON CURTAIN - Ostrander & Shroeder 1.1 MM

Russian - snails - 30 GC approx. transmission

Russian - Mosquitoes - 30 GC approx. transmission,

Vasilev - People - 30 GC approx. transmission.

Energy Gravitation: natural radiation emitted from mass - 4 polarities -Hard ultraviolet.

Anti-Gravity: right hand polarization.

Russell Sage Foundation - investigator GURSWITCH (1931): The human body radiates heat

energy comparable to a 40 watt lamp. Variations in the degree of this radiation indicate diseased or

pathological states.

All substances have random order, non-random order and thus orientation of dipole moments

in the constituent atoms S molecules.

If non-random - Diamagnetic

if ordered - Paramagnetic.

Energy given off in direction of magnetic poles.

Energy is found abundant wherever oxidation is occurring. Geiger-tube and photo
effect, cell combination

If a "conductor" rotating between poles of a magnet generate a current:

then a "diamagnetic" rotated between poles of a magnet will generate

diamagnetism or neutral currents.

If all molecular substances absorb infra-red, gravity, terrestrial

magnetism, and give off energy - what is food other than a body passing mass

through it to absorb those energies absorbed in other masses.

As the alignment of molecular forces in an iron bar exhibit a magnetic

field; so does the lattice structure of crystals exhibit a gravitic field.

Orgone, odic is simply condensed gravity. The Biological Organism reflects

the daily tide of gravity by blood sugar rising as gravity rises, falling as

gravity falls.

Gravity is not constant.

Triad of energies
An orgone accumulator is a gravitic pile - weak - but with the (a) pole in

the middle of a box.

Mass + structure = gravity

Alignment of molecules = magnetism
Electron bands disturbance = electrostatic.
As the coil is the usable link in electromagnetics, so the capacitator is
the link in gravities.
Terrestrial magnetism is a weak energy: You may direct energy entering or leaving a
mass: The energy can be focussed, directed, or vectored: The energy can be tuned: The
energy is high frequency.

People are connected by geomagnetic means. Biological effects are bio-magnetic .

Earth field - .5 Gauss Bio-magnetic field ? Deflected field ?
Organized structures emit energy (crystals, magnets). Dielectrics absorb energy.
Energy attracted to tubes, emitted.
Energy is expressed in electronics as Z vector. Z vector at some point ceased to be
direction of propagation; and thus assumed a "quantity".
Energy is "gamma" neutral type energy! Circulatory system of gamma radiation!
The intensity of molecular oscillation is directly related to gravity and could provide a
Since a substance absorbs infra-red at a resonant frequency, the amount of
absorption is related to the intensity of gravity.

The movement of crystals or water through the gravitational field (even centimeters) releases

the odic red.

Dowsers detect that radiation - infra red. Also - Cameron found that an antenna connected to

a coil emitted a ray - black body microwaves, also in frequency range of infra-red.

Note: Red and blue odic repel each other which means odic red is a gravitational energy -

possibly anti-gravity.

If Radionics utilizes the gravitational field to carry infra-red specific frequencies to a person

for health treatments: Then gravity waves or a gravity field can carry modulation.

a. What is needed is a "radio" utilizing gravity as a carrier for communi

cation; no more huge power requirements for long distance.
b. A radio implies a broadcast unit and small amounts of power could power.
Needing only a small gravity field in a lab - with imposed voice modu
lation on High UHF or infra-red frequencies, the earth field could carry

c. A resonant circuit anywhere an earth could pick up signal - resonant



Matter - A particle having become solid (charged) will have wave characteristics .

Matter — A particle uncharged will not be subject to wave characteristics.

Matter - An uncharged particle will not be subject to the law of harmonic relationship.

A charged "matter" will be subject to the law of harmonic relationship.

The neutral matter being neither waves, vibrations or non-quanta until charged.

Due to its charge, it is alive, and all that is made from it.

All forms of matter radiate a combined wave-form of energy which forms a

force-field body; this body and the atomic structure of the radiating elements are related.

The force field body or "aerial" receives vital energy.

The shape of the aerial determines what frequency or type of energy it receives.

A living cell as well as elements is an aerial.

Resonance with the cell's aerial is conditioned by the sun, moon, stars, rhythm of seasons, and

the location on the earth's magnetic field.

People are sensitive to gravitational changes.

Gravity is not magnetism.

Magnetism is a weak product of gravity.

Organized lattice structures have strong gravity field.

Gravity field different in two masses of same weight.

Dowsers detect gravity changes, not magnetic changes.

Gravity is a neutral charge energy.

1 Kgm sulphur crystal emits more gravity than 1 Kgm powdered sulphur.

People connected by neutral gravitational field.

Parapsychology uses neutral field.

People emit strong gravity field.

People emit as product weak magnetic field.

People emit as product weak electrostatic field.

Gravity produces product medium electrostatic field.

Gravity parity (1) up (2) down (3) left (4) right.

Diamagnetic or magnetic used for PSI shield; one enhances - one stops.

Forms emit gravity - tubes, pyramids, cones.

Gravity from each mass has specific frequency, can be tuned.

Make diamagnetic wire gen. (gravity output?).

Use mag. field around diamag. crystal.

Starting point - EG = Mass (dielectric constant)2 x 1/2 pi x r2

WT x type mass x area and form


1. Energy - grav. from all objects. 2. Enhance - generate - produce

3. Direct - channel 4. Use - the effect of energy on mass-physics

How energy given off (1) how energy enters (1).

(1) The behavior of energy in relation to mass-physics.

(2) The control of energy by its behavior through physics.

(3) The machinery that controls energy.

(4) The purpose for gaining control - what it will do!

Time - mental - gravity - mass transport.

Energy proportional to mass and coherent structure: a rotating diamond will generate more

energy than quartz. A diamond exposed to proper frequency (4-3/4 cps) will generate its maximum

amount - a mass frequency (resonant) will destroy the diamond.

Radiation (gravitation) may be tuned by electrical appliances - Resistors -capacitors.

People have different frequencies according to development. 20 - 100 myra-cycles.

Tuned radiation from person affects person instantly - with progressive effects.

There is a dipole alignment in atoms - molecules as an effect of radiation tuning.

A radiation tuning affects the Biological Organism by re-orienting the organism to the earth's

gravitational field (molecular dipole orientation). Disease is mis- alignment! Mental problems are

mis-alignment! Mental development is


Radiation of gravitation can change in intensity by tuning and physically affect ionization -

polarization - dark current - etc.

Tuned field from photograph through earth affects - recognizes person. Gravitational field

seems to act with some intelligence.

Shifting gravitational intensities on earth's surface - normal science information - intensity


The ultraviolet emission of all mass is of two types, plane polarized or circular polarized. The

light passing through a prism is circular polarized and feels good to a Biological Organism. Plane

polarization feels uncomfortable and warm.

Scotopic vision and biological sensitivity predated discovery of ultraviolet radiation.

Since all mass emits ultraviolet in distinct wavelength according to atomic makeup, then

gravity must be considered ultraviolet of a combination of wave lengths.


Some people see auras: This statement is justifiable and correct only to those people whose

belief is that auras can be seen! Baron Von Reichenbach, in 1851, published a treatise of

breathtaking size and effort on how and what fifty-five people termed sensitive saw as auras.

Included were correlaticns, corrections, and elaboration on the auras, and the agreement or

disagreement between people on what they saw.

As a mass of sensitives, agreement on color, size, intensity of auras was easily achieved.

Different people also were more or less sensitive than another person.

The conclusion reached by this massive work was that, indeed people saw an energy in varied

colors emanating from organic and inorganic materials.

If as Hironymous says: The spectrum or light through a prism is

proportional by deflection, the frequency of light determines the angle and the frequency
is determined by the object it reflects from or is given off by.
Indeed; the function of the spectrometer is that of light frequency determination of any

Several interesting facts about this research is (1) people needed to be in a dark room to

perceive auras. (2) The perceiving was by an organic system. (3) Auras seen better by not locking

directly at object or emitter. (4) Parts of the body other than eyes could detect color or energy. (5)

Energy could influence people emotionally and physically in a lighted room.

Today our research into biological systems has provided us with much more information that,

when applied to Reichenbach's work, produces some verification. (1) In the eye, perception is by

rods and cones. (2) Rods and cones have different frequency sensitivity. (3) Our normal vision

is termed "photopic", but changes in darkness to "scotopic" which has greater sensitivity as well as

frequency change. (4) Photopic vision extends from blue to infra-red. (5) Scotopic vision extends

from ultraviolet to almost red. (6) Photopic vision uses cones as receptors. (7) Scotopic vision

uses rods as receptors. (8) Cones are in the center of the eye, and rods are on the outside periphery.

(9) To use rods as vision, a slight turning of the head is necessary to change the angle of light

reaching the eye to impinge on periphery. Or - not looking directly at an object, same as

Reichenbach's sensitives perceived.

We may be sure that "if" people see auras, then the use of rods as vision perceptors is

necessary in a dark room. We may also surmise that if seen, the light from an object will be in that

frequency of sensitivity from ultraviolet to yellow or almost red.

Taking the position that people see auras - where is light coming from? People see it around all


(1) The intensity of light has been determined to be 1/200 of the light necessary to achieve a

photograph by normal exposure. However, extended exposures have been made and produced

photographs showing luminescence around objects.

(2) Why is there light? A hypothetical energy is emitted or a natural phenomenon is

occurring, or both.

(3) By natural phenomenon is meant that light on an object will induce some degree of
phosphorescence when that object is placed in the dark. However that will disappear in a
short time, normally five hours.
(4) There is a volatile or gas given off by all objects that will produce photographic
exposure after one week of contact with the emulsion of the plate.
(5) All substances are somewhat radioactive and the light may be from this low
radioactivity of natural disintegration.
(6) Chemical activity will produce "cold light", although this chemical activity may be
quite low.
While one or more of these phenomena may be occurring around an object in the dark,
the sensitives themselves maintain this is an unusual energy which has direction and
orientation in relation to the earth's terrestrial magnetic field.
(1) Control by training is achieved in aura sight so that scotopic vision
is available in daylight and objects still have an aura.
(2) Ethyl chloride (potassium) gives off a "ray" of lihjt parallel to the
earth, and only in the north direction.
(3) Other objects vive off two distinct polarities which are of blue and orange colors.
(4) Radiation given off by objects is captured by earth's field and produces a
deflection or "turn" of light at six to eight inches away from object.
(5) The two polarities emitted at different ends of an object will suddenly turn
(6) The polarities will at times mix, but not combine. They stay separate from one
(7) The light "pulsates" according to composition of object - many a second to several
a minute.
Whatever is the cause of this aura light is not simple optics, gases, or luminescence as we
know it. It is also not radioactivity or a volatile gas. -89-
We are left with the assumption that this may indeed be an energy of unusual
properties. The nearest phenomenon that would explain this would be a volatile gas having
luminescence and given off by natural chemical changes and/or radioactivity.
This seems plausible. However, separating the object from a photographic plate by
mica gives a weak image without a gas teaching the plate, still perhaps luminousity.
The light will not pass through glass! It will pass through natural quartz and produce
photographs or affect living cells.
(1) Passing through quartz, mica, gives us a frequency range of ultraviolet by analysis.
Note: Scotopic vision is ultraviolet to normal.
(2) Affects living cells as to multiplication rate, also indicative, duplicated by
General analysis findings:
Radiation of ultraviolet wavelength having pulsations, affected by earth magnetic field,
having opposing polarities.
a. . • . must be an energy as opposed to a product of other energies.
b. Satisfies Reichenbach's notes that it is an energy that may be perceived
by other than the eyes, i.e. - another part of the biological organism; i.e.
dermal optics.
Definite conclusions:
c. All matter radiates ultraviolet light of low intensity!
d. Biological organisms have potential of perception by scotopic vision or

dermal optics in UV range.

NATURAL RADIATION There is an interesting radiation found

to be emitted from inorganic and organic materials. This radiation has a wavelength of
from one centimeter (1 cm) to one hundred and twenty (120 cm).
This radiation then is of the far infrared region of the spectrum, and can be
photographed only by extended exposure times approaching two hours. The radiation has
two basic polarities showing color.
The opposing polarities are of a blue and an orange color. Any organized molecular
structure such as a natural quartz crystal will emit a polarity at each end of the C axis
The north pole of the crystal will emit a blue color polarity, the south end of the crystal
will have the orange polarity, but of lesser intensity.
The reaction of biological organisms to each polarity has been attraction to the blue
(cool) energy called negative; and repulsion from the orange (warm) energy polarity called
This energy shows a distinct gravitational orientation, always turning upward, away
from the earth. A magnet (seems) to draw energy (orange polarity) in a vortex motion into
its south pole, and expel the blue polarity vortex out the north pole.
Energy emitted from organic substances also has a direct vector orientation from that
substance; each substance shows different energy vectors, and elements may be identified
from the direction of the energy vector. Hardness, purity, may be determined of an element
from the type of diffusion of this luminous energy.
The energy shows its gravitational/magnetic character by two simple interesting
1. The negative polarity (blue) is always oriented towards the north magnetic pole.
Rotation of an emitter has little effect on vector prefer-ance.
2. The energy is non-magnetic and is always emitted from a substance in an involute
curve to the magnetic field.
This energy is also enhanced (intensity) when the natural electrical nature of an
organized molecular structure is aligned with the magnetic poles. Every
structure has a "critical rotation period" which when properly aligned will emit more energy; the

problem has been detecting proper alignment.

Every biological organism also shows this critical rotation period (crp) emitting more energy

when correctly rotated to its individual crp in relation to the magnetic poles.

In every organism, there is a similar vector orientation with additional patterns of energy on

the outside showing distinct vectors. These vectors are ever-changing according to the "emotional"

intensity of the organism.

There is also a pulsation period of this energy from every object; this energy is constantly

expanding and contracting in a rhythmic sequence, more intensity from organic than non-organic

substances. This fluctuation is of very low frequency from thirty per second to one cycle in several

minutes. Frequency characteristics of this energy are very different from pulsations of it's field; the

frequency of the energy can be measured from its harmonics. The frequency is in tetra-cycles,

harmonics extend down into gigacycles and megacycles. Therefore, it is very difficult to measure

with conventional electronics.


One property is that the energy is attracted to dielectrics. Stresses caused by the absorption of

the energy into an organized structure of a dielectric (crystal) produces a corresponding electrical

charge on the surface of the crystal which may be monitored (intensity monitor).

The high frequencies may also be monitored by using a "standing wave detector"

incorporating the vector orientation preference of the energy. This is accomplished by using a

circular antenna with a moveable inside rotor. Energy conducted to the antenna will set up standing

waves on the surface. A seven centimeter wavelength will be picked off by the rotor contact at

seven centimeters from where the energy enters the antenna, or at every seven centimeters around the

circumference. Vector preference: at some point on the antenna,

the energy wishes to leave centripetually (inwards); therefore we direct it inwards from the

circumference by the rotor contact at a standing wave node.

Unlike conventional electronics, fine tuning is accomplished by adding antennas in series.

The first antenna acting as a bandpass selector, each additional antenna as a harmonic selector.

If the housing of the antennas is bakelite or some other dielectric, there is an unusual

phenomenon which occurs, when the energy is "tuned" by one or more antennas, a corresponding

electrostatic field suddenly sppears over the surface of the housing. A differential amplifier can

detect this.

Because of the very low frequencies (VLF) amplitude pulsations, a tuned VLF electrostatic

monitor is used (gives additional information).

One other characteristic that I find interesting is that in relation to the electromagnetic

spectrum, this energy has a neutral charge.


1. Measure UV from skin: Use as Biofeedback: enhance UV.

2. Reflected light from mercury: Radionics monitor; changing polarization.

3. Energy research: UV: unusual: direction: pyramid: type. Potassium chloride emits a ray only

to the north.


B.V.R. circular path around conductor.

Hooper: magnetism: same!

Mag: transmitted - UV transmitted. UV same as mag. same with shapes. Shapes direct

inherent mag - gravity.

People are able to see gravity with scotopic vision: ultra violet range. Same with magnetic.

People modulate gravity in parapsychology! Geomagnetic coupling: magnetic tuning for radionics;

mag. tuning therefore for voices - frequency selection.


Changes in protoplasm streaming - cyclic.

Changes in blood pressure - cyclic

Changes in tissue ionization - cyclic

Changes in blood sugar - cyclic

Terrestrial magnetic changes - cyclic

See: Bibliography in Handbook of Unusual Energies, Vol. I, Also Reich.

Gurwitsch Rays - 1990 A to 2500 A

Ultraviolet (yeast cells detector)..

Formatory forces as detector - crystal growth. Ionization changes in a medium. Resistance

changes in a medium (related ionization). Frequency affects to a medium. Frequency detection

by beat frequency. Light - infra-red (30 GC) and ultraviolet. Light detector using inteferometry


Brunker: 6,500 A to 13,000 A

Plane wave converted to circular/amplified. Detector - variable reluctance. Magnetic lens -Mirror -

plane polarization to circular.

The primary energies act by laws. Associative law is math formulae or a ratio-proportion of

energies. A thing is affected by changing relationships of the energies governing its existence. A

ratio is equivalent to a substance or law.

What can you do before reading this book / after?
The energy taken from non-organic and organic sources and applied through
instrumentation in a process of ratios and equivalences to affect organics/non-organics in a
controlled manner.
Russian aura color panels tests - colors have a distinct feeling.
Sawyer: Found six different colored chalks could not distinguish without light in


1. Hironymous - tuning of radiation by prism angle.

2. De la warr rates - angle S atomic number - example: element #21 - rate 303 +


3. Absorption of light in metals (high frequency).

4. Diamagnetic materials.

5. Time/substance/thought capability.

This spectrograph powered by "natural" energy can reach into time/tune

thought/thought of material or substance.

6. Time/thought capability related to "pick up" ability and not tuning capabil


7. Information stored in light - diamagnetic fields which can be picked up.

8. Needed to enhance:

A. energy
B. pickup
C. tuning accuracy

D. correlate with physical sciences - spectrography.

Radionics measures the conductivity of light (ultra-violet) through different

substances. The light is uniform constant wherever the machine is located -and the machine
measures the ratio of absorbed light - non absorbed light.

Intensity relative to substance conductance : reacts with biological field.

can be refracted by frequency
Produces diamagnetic field inside conductor: A
displacement electrostatic field on conductor surface.

Light (UV) escaping from a tuner (R) is how "action" is performed by a radionics
The radii selected (rate) produces a "tuned thought" which is "released" -see above!
Fact: A properly oriented (tuned) thought will produce a result. How is the problem
at hand.
Energy released - affects or is affected by earth field. Identifies subject "through"
earth field: produces desired reaction: instrument tunes - feeds back to that tuned.
We live in a sea of millimeter size corpuscles of transparent energy: Constantly flowing
"this sea, west to east around the earth; rising and sinking like tides at different times of the
This is the moist mercury given off by matter which has a natural luminescence. This
feeble light is so low in intensity that it is never seen except by sensitives, yet controls the
health of you and roe. You will find that your blood sugar ebbs and flows in a synchronous
tide matching the great tide of energy corpuscles .
This energy absorbed in making a new chemical is released again when a compound
changes or reacts with another. Attached to oxygen, it gives you life as you breathe and
absorb it. In food it is the sustaining force. Ebbs there an
energy that reacts whenever oxygen reacts and creates life when there was none.
Light from chemical reactions - no, just light of creation revealing a
temporary change.

1. Cameron: TV aerial connected to coil emits "ray".

2. Bio bodies emit rays.

3. Odic - orgone rays - orange & blue?

4. Infra red heat from body - organisms.

Could infra (bio) red be a "intelligent frequency" so as to approach 18 GC?

The molecular resonance point frequency . • . all energies frequencies -

In microwave, what would a pot do to the signal? Radionics?

Why does radionics "interfere" with infra red?

Everything emits "some" heat - infra red!

H - information carried on light!

Rife: light frequency kills microbes!

LC - RC - LR - all frequency tuning - complicated.

The mechanism for absorption of infrared radiation is based on activation of the vibrational

and rotational modes of the molecule, rather than on shifts in the electronic spectra, because all

molecules vibrate and rotate, all show absorption in the infrared region.

Note: De la Warr interference of infrared. Note page 153 - Biomedical instrumentation -

absorption of compounds.
Note: H - prism

Why does color therapy work? The frequencies resonant with a particular body are absorbed.

All molecular bodies absorb but "release" light of another frequency. ("Aura").

Magnet = F
Rotation = Beat frequency result

Circle is F1, F2, or tunes frequency similar to capacitance or RL

Oxygen 5507 carrier of magnetic frequency/energy

A. All mass must be considered to be vibrating, absorbing energy and releasing


B. Energy absorbed will be of frequency relative to structure.

C. Energy released will be .... ?

D. Odic red absorbed!!, ultra violet emitted - blue.

E. Terrestrial orientation.

F. Refracted, reflected - light properties.

G. Relates to normal science by infra red absorption. Far infrared.

H. Rife-light frequencies used to kill bacteria.

I. H. tuning by prism.
Photographic film has a composite frequency - energize that frequency and a picture

frequency and the photochemical process is started.

A magnet in a box is a frequency resonator - frequency determined by strength of magnet, box

dimensions, frequency of Earth magnetic field, and orientation of the magnet. Changing

orientation of magnet changes frequency.

Orientation changes "beat frequency".

In the nineteen-thirties, Rife developed a microscope that utilized light frequency tuning.

He subsequently found that bacteria (harmful) would suddenly die if exposed to a resonant


My Proposal is: From information derived from my computer, the infra-red

spectrum contains all the necessary frequencies to:

(1) Analyze living mass by reflected and absorbed frequencies.
(2) Shift frequencies in living mass by reaching resonant or absorption frequencies and
holding that frequency. Frequency shift 25 angstroms per minute approx. to a higher
(3) Bacteria may be identified, as well as mass by its frequency of absorption. Harmful
bacteria will die.
(4) Infra red will penetrate mass due to its long wavelength.
(5) Bacteria, tumors, sick tissues, may all be affected by infra red of a proper individual

If Drown Correct - Information carried on light


light, magnetism, are where the breakthrough will come in the future!

If all radiation, light, magnetism, etc. carry modulated information, and

we emit this radiation, then, in essence we are the "light".

The modulation of light is its "pattern". Parity is a right handedness,

clockwise rotation, or is the magnetic front of the wave.

Campbell says design of pattern is effective. Then concepts are

frequencies and actual patterns can be used as a machine.

The emanation from any object has been found by De la Warr labs to be in an

organized field.

Tromp shows that this Volatile as gas or radiation passes through quartz

and exposes photographic film like light.

Gurswitch says that the roots of plants emit much of this energy and the

intensity is 1/200 that necessary to expose film by normal light, and that pro-

longed exposures in time are necessary.

Reichenbach says as much as a fifteen hour exposure has been used to detect a radiation.

An examination by Tromp of photo-galvanic and photo-tropism has revealed that photo-

luminescence is not the radiation which exposes the film, but it may be produced by all matter in

some degree.

There are three ways of locking at the "energy" from matter: Tromp says that a volatile is

given off by matter; Reich says a radiation, and Reichenbach says a radiation that behaves like a gas.

Either way, something is given off I .

We find that this something is an involute curve to the magnetic and electric

fields of force; and may be described as Poyntems equation of the Ether. Tuning is accomplished

by dynamic form and magnetic fields. The form is invariably an imcomplete circle and takes the

tuning form of "angles" of a contact on this incomplete circle such that, labeled from one to ten on

the circle, a number is found resonate.

The incomplete circle space is average equal to two spaces, so that 12 div-

From odic - p. 7 - Odic flames obey currents of air. This must be like a gas -having body, mass.

Corresponds to Reich orgone as corpuscles of energy. Tromp: like gas - photographic like gases.

Reichenbach - photographic. Reich: concentration of corpuscles - luminous gases. Energies: 1.

orgone & odic as gases luminous (corpuscles)

2. orgone & odic as finer energy (hard ultraviolet) Gravity magnetism 3. Energy
confined in a circle Energy of time
Energy of form, pattern (from) 4. Mind
Natural radioactivity
Stresses in matter create time stress energies Stress - time & gravity are all related -
or same!

Crystals may by twinning be reversed in growth and so be mirror images. If

an energy is given off by one in a right hand spiral. It is given off by the

other as a left hand spiral. All axis identical.

De la Warr model of a helix, elements have a higher vibration than adulter-

ated elements or compounds.

Hironymous (also De la Warr) model, refraction of "radiations" through a

prism gave elements a higher place than compounds.

The Kargulla experiment, the intensity of light determined the hardness of

minerals. All light seen validates Reichenbach.

Tuning "vibrations" may use magnets, spirals, capacitance, or resistance.

Radiations possibly vortex action of either direction of spin determined

by substance or:

The human body is a repeated pattern of cells.

Energy can affect enzymes, plant growth, seeds by using a "healer".

Akroasis - harmonics

Uri - energy changes molecular structure.

Magnesium carbonate (clear crystallized) - old Atlantis crystal, the best

device or collector for neutral energies and best storage.

To utilize this energy for power or other uses it is necessary to have a

resonant frequency (crystal) for "broadcasting" too. The vortexes set up by the

main crystal can be considered a broadcasting system.

The crystal seems not compatible with ordinary sciences to produce, and

must therefore be made by alchemical processes (to crystalize magnesium


Also, resonant frequencies can be used for body chakras.


If you can assume that a dielectric has internal pressures as described by the Maxwell

equations; then any energy absorbed by that dielectric or crystal will have a corresponding electrical

charge imposed on the surface by those pressures.

In the section of this book on crystal properties, a list will be found which includes the

important properties.

1. A crystal absorbs terrestrial energy of a magnetic nature.

2. A crystal gives off an energy pattern determined by the chemical composition.

3. Excitation of a crystal enhances energy output of cosmic type energy.

4. Shock excites crystal to release cosmic type energy and electrical

energies (Peizo-electricity).

5. Rotation of a crystal generates magnetic type energies.

6. Crystals have two polarities.

Therefore a simple motor can be constructed to utilize these properties. Eesigns of a simple

nature are shown.

When I designed a motor to run on the unusual energy and its vector force, the design is almost

identical to that described as an electrcphorus or electrostatic motor: electrostatic design included and

can be used as Z force motor.


Jefimenko, Department of Physics, West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia 26506

(Received 18 December 1970; revised 16 February 1971) AJP, Volume 69/July 1971

An electret-type electric motor and a corona-type electric motor have been constructed for

operation from the earth electric field. The power is delivered to the motors by means of simple

earth-field antennas with radioactive or sharp-

point collectors. Initial results on the operation of the motors are reported, I. INTRODUCTION

It is a common knowledge that at the surface of the earth there exists an atmospheric electric

field, or the earth electric field, as it is usually called. The average intensity of this field is about 120

V/m during fair-weather periods and can be much higher during electric storms. By using an

appropriate earth-field antenna a few meters high one can obtain therefore a voltage of about 1000 V

or more between the tip of the antenna and the ground. It is quite tempting to use this voltage for

operating an electric device, an electric motor for example. However, since the electric conductivity

of air is very small, the current that can be produced by means of an earth-field antenna is also very

small. Thus only a motor requiring for its operation a fairly high voltage but an extremely small

current, or an "extra high impedance" motor, can be powered in this fashion.

The currents obtainable with the earth-field antennas used for studying the earth electric field

range from fractions of a microampere (antennas with a-source collectors during fair-weather

periods) to perhaps a few milliamperes (antennas with sharp-point collectors during electric storms).

(For a discussion of various collectors see J. A. Chalmers, Atmospheric Electricity, Pergamon,

Oxford, Eng., 1967, pp. 222-134 and papers quoted therein). The voltages normally obtainable with

these antennas range from several hundred to several thousand volts. Thus, if a motor is to be

powered by means of such antennas, the motor should have an impedance of at least 105 ohms.

An impedance of this magnitude is not practical with the usual electromagnetic motors, whose

very nature demands the use of relatively high currents. But even a much higher impedance is

attainable with electrostatic motors. (For a review of the various types of electrostatic motors and

principles of their operation see O. Jefimenko and D. K. Walker, Phys. Teacher 9, 121 (1971).

The impedance of the recently discussed "slot-effect electret motors," for example, is

109 ohms and higher. (O. Jefimenko, Proc. W. Va. Acad. Sci. 40, 345 (1968). O.

Jefimenko and D.K. Walker, in Conference on Dielectric Materials, Measurements and

Applications, The Institution of Electrical Engineers, London, 1970, pp. 146-149). Electrostatic

motors with electrets and other similar motors should therefore be adaptable for operating from the

earth electric field by means of the above-mentioned antennas. II. EXPERIMENT

On the basis of the considerations just presented a slot-effect electret motor has been

constructed requiring for its operation 100 V at 5 x 10-8 A and thus suitable for being powered by a

conventional earth-field antenna. The active element of the motor is a stationary disk electret

consisting of two oppositely polarized half-disks (Fig. 1). The electret is positioned between two

slotted disk-shaped rotor electrodes made of aluminum foil glued on two thin mica disks. The rotor

electrodes are mounted on a Plexiglas axle having near its ends two "printed" commutators painted

onto the axle with India ink. The commutators are connected with the rotor electrodes by means of

narrow India ink lines drawn alcng the axle. Ihe rotor assembly consisting of the two electrodes and

ihe axle weighs 4 g. Ihe brushes are made of two aluminum foil strips 0.5 mm wide. The diameter

of the electret and rotor electrodes is 7.5 cm. Ihe thickness of the electret is 1.3 cm. Ihe electret is

made of a mixture of carnauba wax, colophon-ium, and beeswax (45%, 45% and 10%, respectively).

Ihe pulverized mixture was

melted and heated for 1.5 h at 120° - 125° C. The melt was then allowed to solid-

ify while in a forming field of 7900 V/cm.* The effective surface charge density of
the electret is approximately 2 x 10-6 Asec/m2. Since the motor is designed for

a very small power, the axle is supported by jewel bearings.

As expected, the motor operates very well when connected to an appropriate

earth-field antenna. The method of operation is illustrated in Fig. 2. The

motor was first tested with an antenna consisting of a 7-m wooden pole carrying
an a source in a brass capsule at its top. Placed at the street level sufficiently far from tall buildings

and trees this antenna produced, an an average, a voltage of 500 V and current of 10-7 A. With this

antenna the motor ran at a rate of about 60 rmp. Subsequently the motor has been powered by the

same antenna placed on the roof of an isolated 11-story building (West Virginia University

Engineering Building). On the roof the antenna normally produces a voltage of several thousand

volts and a current of about one microampere, causing the motor to run at a rate of several hundred

rpm. The motor operates equally well from a 7-m sharp-point antenna erected on the roof or from

an airborne sharp-pointed antenna.

Although various applications of low-power motors operating from the earth electric field are

possible, it is interesting to explore whether the earth electric field can be used to operate motors of

appreciable power. The maximum energy density in the earth electric field occurs during electric

storms and may be assumed to be as large as 0.5 J/m3 (corresponding to a field of = 3x105 V/m).

(Although the breakdown field as measured in a laboratory is = 3x106V/m, the maximum field

occurring in the atmosphere appears to be no greater than = 3x105

V/m - see Ref. 1, p. 330). Assuming furthermore that by means of appropriate

antennas the energy contained in 1 m3 of the earth field could be extracted from

the field in 0.1 sec and that the field would replenish itself at the same rate, one would be able to

deliver to a motor a maximum power of 5 W from each cubic meter of the field for as long as the

assumed conditions would exist. It appears, therefore, that appreciable rates of energy extraction

from the earth electric field should be possible, if only occasionally.

As far as the motors are concerned, of all presently known electrostatic motors the corona-

type motors appear to be the most powerful ones. It is therefore likely that motors of this type

would be especially suitable for accepting significant amounts of power from the earth electric field.

In accordance with these considerations a fairly large corona motor has been constructed for

investigating the possibility of operating this motor by means of antennas. The motor consists of a

cylindrical Plexiblas rotor 10 cm in diameter and 10 cm long surrounded by 20 stationary knifelike

brass electrodes, each two adjacent electrodes being of opposite polarity. The rotor is hollow and

has an internal aluminum foil lining for enhancing the corona discharge from the electrodes onto the

rotor. The rotor is mounted on a steel axle supported by ball bearings. The weight of the rotor

with the axle is approximately 300 g. The motor is represented schematically in Fig. 3, where only

four electrodes are shown, for simplicity. This motor requires for its operation a minimum of 4000

V at 10-7 A and is capable of developing a maximum power of 70 W at about 10,000 rpm. In

laboratory tests this motor has been found to perform very well from a small sharp-point antenna

placed in the vicinity of a Van de Graaff generator. Connected to the roof-top sharp-point antenna the

motor also operates but makes no more than 100 rpm (the slow rate is a result of the fact that the

antenna normally produces just about the minimum voltage and current required for the operation of

this motor). III. DISCUSSION

The above experiments demonstrate that it is entirely possible to operate electric motors from

the earth electric field. Low-power motors may be operated from the conventional earth-field

antennas (those commonly used for the earth-field studies). In principle, motors of appreciable

power can also be operated from the earth field. However, the conventional antennas are not well

suited for this purpose since the currents which they produce are much too small. One will have to

design therefore new types of antennas before motors developing a power of at least several watts

can be conveniently operated from the earth electric field. For producing relatively large currents

these antennas should have either multiple collectors or single collectors of large dimensions.

In conclusion it may be mentioned that the

principles involved in the operation of electric

motors from the earth electric field can be easily

demonstrated in a classroom by means of the

following very spectacular experiment. A small

sharp-point antenna or, preferably, a candle-flame

antenna is placed in the vicinity of a Van de Graaf

f generator. The antenna is connected to a small

electrostatic motor or, if such a motor is not

available, to an "electric whirl" (electric reaction

wheel). As soon as the generator is turned on, the

motor (or the whirl) begins to turn although there is

no direct connection between the motor and the

generator. The power is delivered to the motor by

the antenna located in the electric field of the

generator. The antenna receives this power from

the generator through the intervening air.


I thank Mr. David K. Walker for assistance in

carrying out the experiments reported in this paper.

*(For details on fabrication of carna-uba-wax
electrets such as the one used here see O.
Jefimenko & D. K. Walker, Appl. Phys. Letters
18, 52, 1971).


Beyond the Atom - by - L. Day & G. De La Warr

Gurwitsch & Frank investigated mitogenic radiation; I. I. Rabi S P. Kush & S. Millman of

Columbia Univ. - Mitogenic radiation - Radiation Between Cells. Dr. Abrams - Matter emits

radiations - devised a chart/table of frequencies of organs - invented instrument to cure by frequency.

Ruth Drown - publication - Theory and technique of the Drown radio-therapy and radio-vision

instruments (1939) Blood specimen link.

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Hahnemann originated homeopathy.

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H. Cambell - Symbols utilize energy.

Cameron - Symbols have energy.

Drcwn - Key - symbol for person - Radionics.

Odic - energy.

Orgcne - energy.

Burr - energy.

Abrams - energy.

Lakhovsky - energy.
Gurswitch & Frank - energy.
Tesla - energy.
My research seems always to lead to two areas:
1. Energy is expressed by a. energy b. form
c. pattern d. parity
result - effect e. frequency
2. A distinct thought properly oriented will achieve the desired result.
If time, space (object), is or has an energy and is perpetuated around us -
it has then a vibration or frequency and an activity. Eliminate activity and you eliminate
effects to yourself, and enter into control.
Let's assume there are certain fundamental laws operating which govern our universe.
If then these laws are found, and then found to be the same laws that govern perception, then
science, magic, religion, faith, growth, death, can all be connected and understood as one.
Assume that everything has a rotation left or right, then the alteration of that rotation
would produce effects "if time has a rotation." Eliminate any rotation and eliminate time
(stasis), "turning kinetic into potential." However, stress alters tine and converts potential or
steady state time to kinetic energy which can affect physical matter (Kozyrev).
Through all sciences there is a common thread, such that form, pattern, frequency or
energy is common to each.
Only by knowing what is common do we know what is behind each science and thus
great advancements can be made.
A science separate will stagnate, common relationships produce advances in all areas
whenever one new fact from one science emerges.
Only understanding the totality can produce one science. Protecting one science can
only lead to segregation and stagnation. Each science uses observation but no observation
is being made about all sciences. Marrow-sightedness
creates narrow sciences.
The force-field body precedes physical manifestation.
The pattern of the change of energy evoked by the force field body is subsequently
induced into cells by magnetic induction.
Magnetic induction in cells is accompanied by a static charge on the cells themselves.
The subtle radiations origin is connected to electrostatic charges which under certain
conditions in a magnetic field radiate energy particles. These particles compose the physical
radiation from a magnet.
The reservoir of potential energy needs an energy-pattern as a channel to appear.
Human thoughts can modulate an energy-pattern.
Energy flows through a life force - it is designed to be a channel. How it uses or
blocks is up to it.
The radiation of a rubber membrane molecular construction - R-parameter? C-?
There is a definite connection between the four-beat of Reich, the four-beat of Russell,
and the four energies of alchemy and others.
"From Eden to Aquarius" - Greg Brodsky:
1. The creation and control of matter is a manifestation of energy vibrations.
2. Five states of being.
3. Five colors of people, blue not living.
4. The child imitates what he sees in his environment.
5. Bodies - energy made manifest as solid living matter.
6. This energy has specific patterns of flow, which dictate its function.
7. Atoms are created from spirals of energy.
8. A single point in space which provides the opening for life to cone into the material
9. Molecules are made up of spirals.
10. All energy moves in a spiral.
11. There are two directions for the spiral, and they are opposite.

12. Any energy flow will have its reciprocal part (flow).

13. Two spirals of energy flow in opposite directions - like a rope - intertwined.

14. Energy emitted from a central point divides into four.

15. Of two major energies - each opposite yet contains a small, portion of the other.
16. All matter is composed of the energy vortex.
17. The aura is the vibratory force field surrounding all living things.

Your self image is your pattern! The energy is free, universal, available! The use of energy is

intelligence! You use this energy accordingly to your pattern. The soul is your will and ability

pattern. The spirit is the universal will pattern. Changing your normal pattern brings awareness.

Changing your normal pattern gives higher intelligence. Sacrifice your pattern for universal pattern -

the greatest thing you can do. Be, not do. Your thoughts use energy. Universal thoughts add

energy to the whole. Every thought has an activity visualized. Every activity belongs to a pattern.

You identify with your pattern or thought. Your pattern leads your life.

Bonwits: Associative law - you become what you think.

Cumulative law - becomes habit. Def.: meta - application of abstracts to definites. Three

forms of energy from the magnet - light, smoke, sparks. Hironymous tuning by crystal (prism)

instead of magnet defines tuning through space time, instead of molecular (magnet) tuning.

ENERGY - polarity, nature, natural around objects, all things have an energy. VIBRATION -

frequency, harmonics, of energy. If a person shifts his base fre-

quency, then he also shifts his harmonics, pattern. Higher vibration, the freq. of thinking
determines the quality of the thoughts (vortexes).
ACTIVITY - attract, repel, change, creating pattern. Activity is a trap of doing,
not being.
PATTERN - picture of activity. All activity has a pattern - all things have an
energy, vibration, and thus a pattern.
CYCLE - repetition of pattern. Once in motion, a pattern tends to stay in
Ones activity, then pattern, then cycle = Karma. The cycle reflects back to
person, activity.
Energy has a frequency and a pattern.
The amount of energy nay be changed.
The frequency may be changed.
Or The pattern may be changed.
The action of energy may be changed.
The interaction of energies may be chang2d.
The pattern will affect matter.
All patterns tend toward realization, becoming.
Two energies, two patterns.
An energy may be endowed with a pattern.
Energy performs as a picture of its activity (pattern).
The vibration of a pattern is its frequency.
A pattern may be endowed with energy.
As each energy contains the potential of its opposite polarity, so each pattern
contains the seed of its destruction.
A pattern may repeat as a cycle.
Energy has orientation and direction in space.

"Beyond The Atom" - Four Laws (p. 129):

1. The fundamental energy of the universe in the form of energy particles,

manifests through any energy pattern which modulates it according to a law of harmonics.

2. All forms of matter radiate a combined wave-form of energy which forms

a force field body due to the interraction of inherent radiations.

3. The force field body is related to the atomic structure and acts as a

complex frame aerial through which fundamental energy duly manifests as matter.

4. The modulation wave-form depending on space-time considerations can have wave

characteristics. P. 130

Form or pattern is the channel through which this fundamental energy makes its appearance.

The first law says that it manifests as energy particles through the interne diary of an energy pattern.

The energy pattern modulates it in accordance with the law of harmonic relationship .

There is a neutral ether consisting of countless myriads of inconceivably

small particles per cubic centimeter having no electric charge and no mass. Universal mind places

electrostatic charges on these particles when there is a suitable magnetic field so that they become

charged particles. The complexity of the charge determines the type of charged particle and its

Preeminence - certain energies try to dominate others. Idolatry - association law.
Clannishness - energies band and work together - connected. Activity - all energies have an
activity (acting). Rebellion - repulsion between charges, energies. Murder - anger or massive
charge eliminates other energy. Adultry - energies attempt other energies job, activity.
Stealing - drawing from area around them more than is their right. Lying - taking on other
energy form, work, activity.
Covetousness - expansion out of bounds - taking up other activity, space, object, form, etc.

Sacrifice - a pure ? cannot remain in the locality of discordant ?
(money) without being des-royed. First & second - love thy god and neighbor - harmony
with self and neighbor. Triad - Father, Son, Holy Spirit - magnetism, electricity, neutral
charge energy.
Law of acceptance - accepting, working with others. Preeminence
Law of expansion -movement keeps moving. Covetousness
Law of dynamic universe - everything active. Activity
Law of destruction - massive polarity destroys. Murder
Law of gain - acceptance of anothers force by will. Stealing
Law of addition - two combining.
Law of separation - two separating.
Law of multiple - two create third or many.
Associative law - if a, then b.
reduction law - If a, then b, if a, b, then c.
Law of application - information tends to be used.
Law of plenty - if some works, add more.
Law of finality - unbalance perpetrates more, destruction.
Law of reduction - all things have components.
Law of attraction - opposites attract. Triad
Law of repulsion - discord repels. Murder
Law of combination - A, B, tend to collect C. Preeminence
Law of reversal - energy expended creates vacuum. Activity
Law of growth - concentrations seek to expand Covetousness
Law of silence - momentum without activity.
Law of confusion - if A, B, C, D, E, F, G, then A absorbed, Murder

Law of oppression - first A, then B. Preeminence

Law of thumb - (squash) first A, eliminate B. Preeminence

Law of compassion - A reflects about B situation. Stealing

Law of empathy - A becomes B. Lying

Law of equals - A = B. Triad

Law of unequals - A greater than B. Preeminence

Law of inequality - A less than B. Lying

Law of Sharing - if A, then B also. Triad

Law of mutual interest -Triad

Law of fear - Law of rejection

Law of justice - Law of pride

Law of refusal Law of mule

Law of return Law of ego

Law of open Law of self

Law of constriction Law of exhibitions

Law of denial

Law of weak

Law of protection

Law of feeding

Law of saturation

Law of force

Law of newcomer

Cause and effect - repetition produces same result.

Law of knowledge - understanding brings control.

Law of self knowledge - knowledge of one's self.

Law of names - knowing that which is named.

Law of words of power - power of sound, mantra.

Law of association - common bond between objects can control either: idolatry.

Law of similarity - sympathetic, associated, affects resemble causes: adultry.

Law of contagion - interaction continues after separation: clannishness.

Law of identification -one becoming another: lying.

Law of synthesis - union of opposites produces another: rebellion.

Law of polarity - two polarities, each containing essence of other: triad.

Law of balance - balance eliminates destruction: love.

Law of infinite data - always more to learn.

Law of finite senses - limit of sensory information.

Law of pragmatism - we can't see everything - if it works, its true.

Law of infinite universes - infinite (views) universes exist.

Law of invocation and evocation - exterior and interior metapatterns.

Body object TV
Soul energy Electricity

Mind vibrations Frequency

Will activity Transmission

Life pattern Screen

Deeds effect Information

Death cycles Daily

Parity polarity

The parts of a whole contain the pattern of the whole.

The seed of a whole contains the total pattern. Energy - pattern - effect Drown:

1. Law of cohesion, holding together, attraction.

2. All substance is precipitation of this energy.

3. One energy acting on one substance.

4. On instruments, all dials, each an octave.

5. Each number a note.

6. Our body "dynamos" constantly create (pass) energy and grounded by

energy passing through the body around the earth. 7. Energy nature of light just above,

white light. 8. Different mass forms have different vibrations.

"Pyramid Energy" - Eric McLuhan.

1. The King's Chamber, the major energy center in the pyramid is also the

center of gravity.

2. The pyramid is aligned north-south, parallel to the earth's "magnetic" axis, this would

indicate that-the energy waves involved are somewhat polarized.

3. The Egyptian pyramids are solid masses of rock with specifically shaped cavities

(chambers) hollowed out and interrelated in a specific way.

These chambers are "resonate cavities."


1. Pyramid energy is a neutron energy which acts as a vortex system.

2. Effects to time will only be achieved by a concentration of neutron


3. Free energy can be drawn from the earth or atmosphere to power motors.

4. Rodines radio may be enhanced by attaching a tube of metal over the

antenna (neutron field).

5. Medical cures may be achieved by use of neutrcn energy or neutral photons to achieve

balance of potassium/sodium ions in the body (bio battery).

6. 4th dimension lasers could be built.

7. Tools may be made using phychotronic energy.

8. Theory of shapes is possible using this energy.

9. Control of weather can be achieved.

10. A perfect conductor may be built.

11. A perfect resistor may be built.

12. Faraday cages and electric field collect energy inside.


Mathematicians have been aware that plants have a certain sequence of leaves in relation to the

plant species. These leaves grew in Fibonacci series, as well as other named series. Early

botanists called this the "signature" of a plant and it revealed the "use" of that plant in a herbal


Paracelsus, Helmont, Geodarino Bruno and Jacob Boehme all relied on the "signature"

because it revealed the relationship of the plant to its environment.

Each plant absorbs according to its species a specific mineral balance that is revealed by its

shape or pattern of formation. The use of a plant is toxic or tonic according to the needs of a human

system and its deficiency of mineral balance. This is how alchemists, and secret hermetic societies

utilized balance to achieve perpetual health.

It is possible to extract and modify a plant species medicine once the correct "signature" is


1. Plants have an aesthetic vibration pleasing to humans.

2. Plants grow in two directions.

3. Root cells dissolve mineral salts for nourishment.

4. Water is a universal solvent.

5. The roots are a water pump raising water from root to leaf.

6. No plant is without movement.

7. All growth is a series of movements.

8. A plant san sense a near support to climb on.

9. Plants are capable of intent.

"Alchemy, Ancient and Modern" - Stanley Redgrove, university books, Inc., N.Y. p. 16: This true

aim of alchemistic art - particularly the demonstration of the validity of the theory that all the various

forms of matter are produced by an evolutionary process from one primal element or quintessence. p.

18: Combustibility was thought to be due to soma elementary principle of combustion - the

sulphur of the alchemists and the phlogiston of later period. P. 19: It was taught by Empedocles of

Agrigent (440 B.C.) who considered that there were four elements - Earth, Water, Air," and Fire.

Aristotle added a fifth

- ether.
p. 21: The obtaining of philosophical mercury, the imaginary virtues of which the alchemists

never tired of relating, was generally held to be essential for the attainment of the magnum opus. It

was commonly thought that it could be prepared from ordinary quicksilver by purificatory processes.

p. 23: Sendivogius: The three principles of things are produced out of the four elements in the

following manner: Nature, whose power is in her obedience to the will of God, ordained from the

very beginning, that the four elements should incessantly act on one another so, in obedience to her

behest, fire began to act on air, and produced sulphur; air acted on water, and produced mercury;

water, by its action on the earth, produced salt. Earth, alone, having nothing to act upon, did not

produce anything. But became the nurse, or womb of these three


p. 27:
Metals Planets
gold sun
silver moon

mercury Mercury

copper Venus

iron Mars

tin Jupiter

lead Saturn

p. 30: The medicine is described as a pale brimstone hue (saffron).

p. 32; We must strip the metals of their outward properties in order to

develop the essence within. Helvetius.

This killing of the outward nature of material things was to be brought

about by the processes of putrefaction and decay. (J. F. Helvetius - The Golden

Calf). p . 33: Janus Lacinus (The Pearl of Great Price) by Peter Bonus - an

amalgam of gold and mercury is to be prepared, a furnace is to be made ready.

Amalgam left to decay. (Placed in a sealed vessel in the furnace and allowed to

remain until some change is observed). Gold obtained in pure form for


P. 34: The presence of a small quantity of some appropriate form of matter -

the catalyst - brings about a chemical change in an indefinite quantity of some

other form.

P. 35: The Elixir of Life, which was generally described as a solution of the stone
(minerals) in spirits of wine.
P. 36: Alchemists - They had great belief in the efficacy of time to effect a
desired change in substances.


I remember a physicist being in a group of people I was instructing on dowsing. This man

was quite brilliant and very good an analyzing phenomena; so good in fact that he could not

experience phenomena because he was analyzing what had happened, not what was happening.

He was always looking outside himself at other people to see what they were doing, not inside

himself to experience what he was doing.

Having failed to experience some other phenomenon I had showed the group how to perform,

he was not confident of his abilities when we started an outdoor class on dowsing.
Having located a strong stream underground but close to the surface, I let each man in
turn walk over the ground equipped with a dowser's forked stick. As each was prepared for
a bending of the stick by prior instructions, they experienced firsthand the actual bending in
their own hands, even the physicist. After watching others go over the stream and their
sticks bend - weak at first, but stronger after learning how best to detect it, the physicist
started over the stream.
His dialog to himself was: let's see, I am pressing several ounces of pressure outwards
and the stick is properly balanced now as he said to do - and its dropping. I compensate by
a half-ounce increased pressure, one ounce, two ounces, half a pound - pound - thing's still
dropping. I can't get the stick back up!
He let go of the stick. Being a physicist, he picked it up and spent the afternoon
repeating the experiment of walking over that stream. Each trip was a further analysis.
This man progressed from "I don't believe it" to "Impossible" to "damn thing works!"
Later I brought out welders' rods and bent them into "L" shapes. Holding one in each
hand straight out, they would cross when over a strong stream or metal object.
Each of the nine engineers in turn experienced the sudden crossing of the rods over the same

exact spot while walking. (1 physicist, 2 mathematicians, 6 department heads).

The physicist was un-believing when they suddenly crossed in his hands, finding all sorts of

explanations. In the end after repeated trials, he said "that's spooky. I've always believed that a

rational answer was able to account for metaphysics, dowsing or other things I've heard about, but

this is spocky. I'm not sure I appreciate what you have done to my head."

Another time in Virginia, I was talking to a group of young people when one person expressed

a desire to know how to dowse. He said he would just like to be prepared if ever in a situation

where he would need to find water (desert, etc).

In twenty minutes, the whole group had felt their sticks bend over a city water pipe buried in

the back yard. Young people are very sensitive and learn easily.

Radionics tuning.

Rate 77101 example - 77 being a high number - no "perfect" number has been found, high or

low. However low numbers indicate more serious conditions.


I am led to believe that a perfect number can exist with deviations. A series of vectors act as

resistors in parallel, giving a resultant division, averaging vector.

With this division type - capacitators should be hooked up in series to produce same results.

Compensation rate 10-7 = 3 rate subtracted from ten can be correct - averaging low reverse

compensation (treatment rate).

Need: Monitor energy: By: Electronics:
using: Magnetism, sound, light, frequency, crystals, ionization: not using: Heat, temperature,
Effect: Interference with matter and charge as transducer. Science: Electronics acts in a
vector system. However each vector can exist alone. (X Y Z) X being magnetic, Y being
electric intensity, Z being unusual energy. Note: If it exists alone it must be "in
existence". Z vector traces back to plane polarization, polarization, ionization, resistance,
There is an energy which has been discovered from analysis of electricity. If an energy
can exist:
Effects of capacitance charges on transistors.
Ionization charges on transistors.
Eark current charges like temperature.
There must be a fluctuation in the earth field, frequencies, and effect mass.
In equations relating electromagnetic phenomena in three vectors, (X, Y, Z) X
(magnetic) is in quantity and intensity in relation to YZ. Y (electric) is intensity and
quantity in relation to XZ. Z (?) is a magnitude also in relation to XY. However, if this is
a force, what force?
All matter radiates. A (alpha) particles are positive particles, B (beta)
particles are negative particles, and G (gamma) particles are neutral. If we can pass these
through a magnetic field and determine polarity, can we determine their electromagnetic
Imposed on a dielectric the particles are found to "polarize" and enhance current flow.
We find A particles relate to the static pressure and X vector, B to Y vector, (static) and G
to Z vector (hydrostatic).



In order to monitor certain parameters of the Biological organism from a distance; certain

fundamental original postulates were used.

1. The electrostatic field on the surface of any organism varies as its

Biological activity; and carried information as frequency information

on several bands.

a. - infra - frequency band - 100 cps (EKG-EEG).

b. - 1500 cps - to - 3,000 cps. Muscle activity.

c. - 47 KC - 60 KC, Neural activity.

d. - 91 MC - 305 MC - Neural activity.

e. - 1.2 GC - 1.4 GC - neural activity.

2. That the reality of a Biological energy envelope-field was existant; and imposed a varying

electrostatic field on the surface of the field envelope. (Re. Gurswitch 8 Prank -

Mitogenic Radiation).

3. That the biological organism produced tensor stresses as field tensors of such a nature as

to impose a static charge upon penetration of any substance. The static charge varied as

the modulation width of the field tensor; and thus carried modulation information

according to the biological activity of the organism. (Re. Kozyrev - Experimental Pro-

perties of time

The resulting theory using these three postulates is that information from three related energy

sources is available, and may be monitored at a distance.

A. Electrostatic surface potential - 0 to 30 feet.

B. Biological envelope - 0 to 12 feet.

C. Biological tensor fields - 0 to 00. Very long range.

Assuming that these fields contain information, and are related to the electromagnetic

spectrum by Maxwell equations it is found to be stress fields of the

electromagnetic called the displacement vector.

The Reality of Bio Monitors

The static potential of each energy is of such a nature that one instrument could effectively

monitor all three if it were of a sensitive electrostatic nature.

Therefore, what was needed was an electroscope capable of frequency selection. For this

instrument, FET sensitivity was sufficient to produce an electroscope capable of frequency and

intensity measurements. The FET selected was of motorola

Med. gain audio common source

small signal amp.

The FET selected was of such a nature as to have a variable gate resistance. Results so far

obtained using other fixed gate resistance FET's have not compared to using the F0010.

The basic circuit is highly satisfactory as of this time. Modifications:

A. 1. The input of the FET is connected by a capacitor to a 7" copper

plate. Length of "COAX" used is (18") eighteen inches. A Diode D1 is

connected across the shield of COAX cable and imput. The normal shield

ground is dropped, using COAX capacitance as "regenerative" effect (dis

covered by J.G.G.).

B. The load of circuit is sensitive, and as amplification of this circuit

depends on proper load matching, variable pot. R1 is used. Mod. B.

The pot as used has normally two connections, A+ to B+. But another

connection is made to "ground plane" as in an antenna arrangement to

provide an "artificial ground plane" which provides much more sensitivity

and allows tensor fields to be monitored. Thus the basic circuit is:

STANDARD APPROACH - using the modified circuit in standard technology is

relatively easy.

Two circuits are used back to back with each having an antenna. The signal from each is the

input to a common node rejection circuit using the motorola 539 op. amp.

The directional qualities of the antenna provides more signal from one end and thus passed

through the op amp, contains all the information necessary to provide remote Biological monitoring.

General frequency band selection is provided by capacitor C1 R1 of the primary circuit; further

frequency filtering,

selection is by using standard EEG-EKG equipment. Three antennas have been developed (J.G.G.):

Short range (copper plates) to 11 feet; Medium range (parabolic +) over 11 feet; and Long

range ( +++ )

SOIL RADIATION RESEARCH IN SOVIET RUSSIA from: Wetter, Boden, Mensch ("Weather,

Ground, Man"); Issue 10, 1970 by: Dr. J. A. Kopp, Ebikon (Switzerland)

Great progress has been made in recent years in the research of the physical forces which

originate from subterranean water flow and geological breaks (schists) and can now be measured

with physical instruments. People generally call these forces ground (or soil) radiations; the

physiologists call them soil irritations because they act according to experience upon the nervous

system of men.

The physical forces of the soil which produce in sensitive people a muscle reflex effect (signal

of the dowsing rod) stimulate many Russians to observations and experiments. In the year 1916 the

engineer Nikolai Kaschkar, professor in the Institute at Tomsk, published his research results which

were arrived at from the search for water with a divining rod. He pointed out that the change of ion-

ization of the air most clearly characterized those locations where subterranean water exists, a

statement which coincides with the results of West European scientists .

In the year 1944 the engineers Boris Tarejew and Eugen Simonow investigated divining rod

signals above electric cables located underground and above subterranean water flows. They

computed from the divining rod signals that this rod is a most simple electrophysiological instrument

and furthermore the most sensitive one because the divining rod permits a more reliable

measurement of an electric current carried by a cable than the needle of a galvanometer. "Which


nical control readily reacts so promptly and accurately as the divining rod?" they asked themselves.

In the year 1966 a bioinformatory meeting took place in Moscow at which a group of

geologists, geophysicists, and physiologists participated. They discussed mainly the basis of the

divining rod problem and about what information was yielded from the experiments performed in

Kirgisien and Sabaikalien. It showed that ores caused much stronger divining rod signals than

subterranean water veins. Among the participants of the above-mentioned congress in Moscow was

also the geologist Nikolai Sotschewanow, who demonstrated a novel divining rod. It had the shape

of a door, appearance of a frame-like antenna and was made of 3-mm thick barbed wire. N.

Sotschewanow replied to the questions which were posed to him. He calls the diviner the dowser; the

operator. According to his opinion the earth magnetic field does not play a role in the reaction of

the dowsing rod. It showed that, while driving a car, the metallic shielding has no influence.

When one places wires around the joints of the operator, the divining rod signals become weaker.

When placed in the vicinity of the neck of the operator a strong horseshoe magnet, the divining rod

flips over in the opposite direction after the turning has been decreased.

The participants at the Congress asked themselves what position the divining rod will occupy

in geophysics. From the number and the kind of the performed experiments one can surmise that

the whole complex of problems could be described as placed in the geosciences (like many others

that cry for recognition). In any case, it warrants a positive evaluation and further investigation. It

should be now clear that one possesses in the divining rod a living organism with guidelines. The

Russian researchers declared:

"Perhaps we are standing at the threshold of a new epoch based upon the knowledge of ancient
times which causes us to solve problems which were not touched til new and comprise areas
not yet investigated. We have to go after the creation of new, geophysical research methods,
whatever the costs would be."
In Soviet Russia one did not only work in the area of geophysics but also in
geomedicine leading to the investigation of the actions of soil radiations. The nedical
investigations are based upon the assumption that microwaves appear in subterranean water
veins. Starting from this working hypothesis the clinical investigations confirmed the
correctness by results of measurements in the field, and the hypothesis that the microwaves
cause really functional changes influencing the organism in various organs and systems.
The degree of these changes as well as the origin of the characteristic symptoms supposedly
depend upon the intensity of the action of the magnetic fields produced by those magnetic
waves. The clinical investigations in the Institutes of Industrial Hygiene and Occupational
Diseases of the Medical Academy of the USSR in Moscow rendered very revealing results.
As experiments of many years demonstrated, the old manifestations of the interaction
of microwaves upon the human organism based upon the appearance of the asthenical
condition upon which background in the para-sympathetic system changes originate:
inhibition of the dermographic indication, decrease in arterial pressure, changes of the
electrocardiographic curves, slowing down of the rhythm of the heart activity, connected
with extrasystolic contractions of the heart auricle. Interferences of the vegetation systems
originate in the form of sweating of the hands, reduction of temperatures, as well as raising
the threshold of pain.
Encephalographic investigations showed changes of the bioelectric functions of the
brain. In some cases, persons exposed to microwaves showed a hyperfunction of the
thyroid as determined in investigations using radio-active Iodine. In the blood one observed
deviations from the normal in the morphology of the perifaric blood, increase of histamine,
increase of the albumin level mostly in the globulin content, and in the inclination of reduced
amounts of thrombocytes. Under clinical conditions ruptures of vessels in conjunction with
headaches, conditions of fear, tremor of the body, and variations of the pulse and. of the
blood pressure
was observed. From these observations one concluded that, with persons who

were under the influence of microwaves in the field, disturbances of the

functions of the vegetative system, especially of the heart and vascular

system, appear. These disturbances are, however, reversible. At long radiation

exposure one observed indications of the development of pathogenic processes.

These observations coincide in many respects with those which were made by

physicians and scientists who have been active in research of geobiology in



Clairvoyant modes of being and survival. P. 164:

It must be necessary to complete our view of reality. Its abscence must

leave an inharmonious gap in the relationships that make up being. It must form

observations (or comprehensions) into a harmonious relation with the rest of the

one. If they do not fit in this way, they are irrelevant to the one, and since

this includes all of being, this means they do not exist.

It must be the simplest and most elegant subpattern we can make and still

fit our observations into the total one.

It must mesh smoothly and inexorably into the one and function according

to the sane laws that govern the whole. To the degree it does this, it is

valid (real); to the degree it does not, it is invalid (unreal), nonexistant.

The basic limiting principles of the mythic modes, psuedosciences derived

-astrology, numerology, voodoo, etc.

There is no difference between perception and symbol, object and image,

thing and name. Each is, and can be used as if it is the other. "Objective"

and "subjective" cannot be differentiated. There is no difference between in

here and out there.

Anything can become identical with anything else or stand for anything else

once the two have been connected. Once this connection has been made, time and

space cannot break it, but an apropriate act of will, correctly expressed, can.
Each part of a thing is the equivalent of the whole. If you break up an object or event,
each of the parts equal the whole.
To control the part is to control the whole. To know the real name of something is to
have pcwer over it. To manipulate the symbol of something is to manipulate the thing it
stands for.
Space is determined by the connection between things and events. If they
are connected (and therefore identical) space between them does not exist. If they are
unconnected, space cannot connect them. This is irrelevant to sensory space or to
geometric time.
Time is determined by the connections between events, if two events are the same
event, time cannot separate them. If they are unconnected, time cannot connect them.
This is irrelevant to clock or calendar time.
All events start with a specific act of will. To explain an event is to show the
connection to this act of will which in itself, needs no explanation and is inexplicable.
There is a substance that all things and people have to varying degrees that determines
their effectiveness, their ability to influence events. It can be gathered and redistributed by
appropriate behavior. Its names include "mana," Wakenda, manitou, power, baraka. It is
a sort of material "energy" that affects things and determines the course of events. It can be
used for gpod or evil. In itself it is neither black nor white, but grey.
There is no such thing as accidental. Everything has meaning and is charged with
meaning. Since part and whole are one, to understand the smallest part is to understand the
whole and vice versa.
Birth and death are a change from one form of existence to another. They are, as are
sleep and wakefulness, two similar phases of the same being.
This is the only valid way to interpret reality.
Basic Limiting Principles of the Transpsychic Modes of Being.

Each object, entity, or event is a separate unity, but has no clear demark-ation line with the

organic integral unity that makes up reality.

There are tremendous forces in the cosmos that can sometimes be brought to bear on a local

part or situation.

These can be brought to bear by an absolute single-mindedness of purpose on the part of one

"wave" towards the conditions of another "wave."

Space is real and "exists" but is totally unimportant. Parts of the whole are separated by it but

since they are also connected through being parts of the same one, this does not matter.

Knowledge of other parts can come from two sources.

A. From observation of, as in sensory nodes.

B. Through being a part of the whole and so perceiving other parts

through the whole.

From the viewpoint of the individual part, there is free will of each sentient part. From the

viewpoint of the whole, all actions that the parts will take are already decided and -their results


Since whatever is done to one part affects the whole, an ethical principle is built into the

universe. If one part moves another toward greater harmony with the whole, all the whole -

including the part that took the action - benefits. If one part moves to disrupt the harmony (hurt it,

disrupt it, stunt its becoming) between another part and the whole, the disruption affects the all of

being, including the part that took the action. Whatever action you take affects you also.

Good and evil exist. Anything that moves a part towards its fullest development and fullest

integration with the whole is good. Anything that prevents or moves against fullest development of

the part and the fullest integration with the whole is evil. In the long run, the terms fullest

development of a part and fullest integration with the whole mean the same thing - in the short run,


ray not.
This is the only valid way to regard reality. All other ways are illusion.
Sensory (limiting) nodes of being:
1. All valid information directly or indirectly comes from the senses (feelings).
2. All events happen in space and time.
3. All events have a cause.
4. Causes occur before events.
5. Events in the past can be remembered, or - at least theoretically - their effects
observed, but cannot be changed.
6. Events in the future can be - at least theoretically - changed.
7. Objects separate in space are separate objects; events separate in time are separate
8. All activity - movement - takes place through space and takes measurable time
units to occur.
9. Action (movement or change of movement) takes place only when one entity is in
direct contact with another.
10. All objects and events are composed of parts that can be - at least theoretically -
dealt with separately.
11. When objects or events have similar parts, they can be placed in classes
for a specific purpose and the entire class can be thought of and dealt with as if it were
one object or event. This can also be done with classes of objects or events. 12. This
is the only valid way to regard reality. All other ways are an
illusion. Basic limiting principles of clairvoyant modes.
1. All objects and events are part of the fabric of the total of being and cannot be
meaningfully separated from it. The most important aspect of any object or event is that it
is a part of the total "one" and it is to be primarily
considered under this aspect. Considering it under any other aspect is an error.

2. Boundaries, edges, and borders do not exist. All things primarily "are" each

other, since they are primarily one.

3. This lack of boundaries applies to time also. Divisions of time, including

divisions into past, present, and future, are errors and illusion. Events do not

"happen" or "occur," they "are."

4. Since no object or event can be considered in itself without considering the

all of space-time, the concepts of good and evil do not have any meaning -any

application of them would automatically mean the application applies to the total

context of being, to everything. The universe cannot be categorized in this way.

5. All forces or situations in space-time, or places where the fields of

activity are weak or strong, move with a dynamic harmony with each other. The very fact

of the universe as a flow-process universe means it moves with harmony.

6. One can only be fully in this mode when one has, if only for a moment, given

up all wishes and desires for oneself (since the separate self does not exist) and for

others (since they do not exist as separate either) and just allows oneself to "be" and

therefore to "be with" and "be one with" the all of existence.' To attain this mode, one

must - at least momentarily - give up doing and accept being. Any awareness of doing or

the wish to do disrupts this mode.

7. Valid information is not gained through the senses, but through a knowing of

the oneness of observerand observed, spectator and spectacle. Once this complete

oneness is fully accepted, there is nothing that can prevent the flow of information

between a thing and itself.

8. The senses give a false picture of reality. They show separation of objects

and events in space and time. The more completely we understand reality, the less it

resembles the picture given by our senses, by the sensory mode of being. This is the

only way to regard reality, all others are illusion.


1. CHE Ancient Chinese

2. PRANA Ancient Hindus

3. MANA Pacific Islands

4. VITAL FLUID Alchemists


6. ODIC FORCE Baron Karl Von Reichenbach

7. N-RAYS Prof. Blcndot

8. X-FORCE L. E. Eeman

9. ORGONE ENERGY Dr. Wilhelm Reich


11. ELOPTIC ENERGY T. Galen Hieronymous

12. DI-ELECTRIC ENERGY Dr. Oscar Brunler

13. COSMIC ENERGY Vernon Howard


15. BIOPLASMA Soviet Research

16. X-ENERGY Mme. Curie






22. PSI FIELDS U.S. Research
25. RADIATIONS Abbe Mermet
26. RADIANT ENERGY T. Henry Moray
27. MITOGENIC RADIATION Gurswitch & Frank
28. L-FIELDS Burr -146-
Reported Energies: Metaphysics

1. Radiation seen from Biological organisms/non-Biological organisms.

2. Radiation felt from Biological organisms/non-Biological organisms.
3. Different levels or types of Radiation present.
4. Radiation same or related to magnetic radiation.
5. Ultrasonic radiation present on Biological systems.
6. ULF from EEG, EKG present.
7. Radiation plane polarized.
8. Can be reflected, refracted like optical waves.
9. Polarization can be changed.
10. Can change polarization of nercury.
11. Can produce electrostatic charge on crystal.
12. Propagates as standing waves.
13. Biological body has zones or fields at circles.
14. Is a magnetic lens affect.
15. Onion cells multiply when exposed to radiation (mitogenic).
16. Yeast cells growth rate doubles with exposure.
17. Light will not pass through glass (mitogenic) (odic).
18. Light will pass through quartz - ultraviolet range.
19. Petri dish test of Russians, effect from proximity.
20. Occurs in Z vector.
21. Carried by RF OSC radiation.
22. Can produce static charge on crystal.
23. 30 KC and 300 MC RF cause pain/discomfort.
24. Thought registered at 300 MC by pendulum.
25. Can produce photographs by extended exposure.
26. Has several polarities. • - - • -•
27. Radiation can be fecussed by parabolic mirror.
28. Radiation weak intensity in li$vt S ultrasonic.

THE LAWS OF ANIMAL MAGNETISM - Dr. D'Eslon, Pupil of Mesmer

1. Animal magnetism is a universal, continuous fluid, constituting an absolute plenum in

nature, and the medium of all material influence between inter-stellar bodies and between the earth

and animal bodies.

2. It is the most subtle fluid in nature, capable of flux and of re-flux, of ebb and flow, and

of receiving, propagating, and continuing all kinds of motion.

3. The human body has poles and other properties analagous to the magnet.

4. The action and virtue of animal magnetism may be communicated from one body to

another, whether animate or inanimate.

5. It operates at a great distance, without the intervention of any body.

L e t t e r s on HUNA_________________ P o s t s c r i p t ___________ Letter No. 7, Pg. 9

C o m p a r a t i v e List of Terms for the Word Mana or Vital Force

1. Mana of the P o l y n e s i a n s . 37. tinh (Annamites of Vietnam.

2. e l a n - v i t a l : Henri Bergson. 38. elima (Nkundu of B e l g i a n
3. vis m e d i c a t r i x Naturae: medical science Con go).
(Hippocrates) = healing force of Nature 39. ( d y n a m i s ) of
(also called vis natural is) ancient Greeks.
4. mumia: P a r a c e l s u s (1490-1541). 40. Numen ( R o m a n s ) .
5. Vital Fluid of medieval a l c h e m i s t s 41. El (Hebrews).
6. A n i m a l M a g n e t i s m or Magnetic Fluid of
A n t o n Mesmer (b. 1734). Hutton Webster gives a rather
7. Odic Force of Baron Karl von detailed study of some of thes
R e i c h e n b a c h ( a l s o Odyle) words in his MAGIC: A Sociolo-
8. Nervous Ether of R i c h a r d s o n . gical Study (1948), Ch. I. The
9. X-Force of L, E. Eeman. f o l l o w i n g from several American
10. Bio-cosmic energy of Dr. Oscar aboriginal t r i b e s came from
Brunler (also " d i - e l e c t r i c " )--used W e b s t e r ' s book:
currently by G. Patrick F l a n a g a n in
pyramid power studies. 42. Orenda (Iroquoi).
11. Orgone Energy of Dr. W i lhelm R e i c h 43. Manitou (Algonquian).
(1897-1957). 44. Wakan (Sioux).
12. Prana ( " A b s o l u t e Energy") of a n c i e n t 45. Wakonda (Omaha).
Hindus (also akasa and brahma). 46. Maxpe (Crow).
13. Manna (Israelites) 47. Digin (Navaho).
14. "Virtue" (healing power of 48. Dige (Apache).
Jesus) 49. Hullo (Chickasaw).
15. ka (Egyptians); also hike.
16. Universal Life Force of Baron
17. Life Force of Dr. Aubrey T. YOU FIND THEM:
Westlake, M.D.
18. Cosmo-electric energy (George 50.
Starr White, M.D. )
19. reiki (Japanese) 51.
20. Ethertricity (dream power) of
Gaston Burridge; see May/June, 52.
1974 Psychic Observer.
21. Telesma of Hermes Trismegistus. 53.
22. Pneuma (="breath" or "spirit")
of Gallien. 54.
23. Astral Light of the kabbalists.
24. Spiritus of Fludd. 55.
25. Eckankar (in Pali language =
"vital force"). 56.
26. Baraka cf Sufis and Berbers of
Morocco, (cf. Persian,
barakat). 57.
27. mungo (African)
28. entelechy (Dreisch) 58.
29. ch'i (Chinese)
30. Bioplasma (Russians) 59.
31. Arealoha (Frances Nixon's
Vivaxis) 60.
32. Psychotronic (Biotronic) energy
of Czechs. 61.
33. Kirlian effect.
34. kerei (Indonesia) 62.
35. tondi (Sumatra)
36. Eloptic Energy (T. Galen 63.
6. It is increased and reflected by mirrors, communicated,

propagated, and increased by sound, and may be accumulated,

concentrated, and transported.


1. Through the approximation of the operator to the patient.

2. Through the hands.

3. By the eyes.

4. By words - the word of command.

5. By a combination of these.


1. It permeates all things to a greater or lesser degree.

2. It accompanies sunlight and probably other forms of light.

3. It has properties similar to known forms of energy but is a distinct energy.

It accompanies magnetism but also appears separately.

4. It is polarized and can be reflected by mirrors.

5. It emanates from the human body and has been particularly noted at the

fingertips and eyes.

6. It can heal, or, used negatively, can harm living creatures.

7. It can be conducted by such things as copper wires and silk threads.

8. It can be stored in inanimate materials such as water, wood, and even


9. It can fluctuate with cosmic and weather conditions.

10. It can be controlled by mind.

11. It can cause things to happen at a distance and enters into the dynamics of

many paranormal phenomena.

Everything is sum of three energies: active, passive, neutralizing. Universal

love: the "energy" vehicle of the cosmic will.

Goethe - Radiation around plants 1851 - Odic - Radiation around objects. 1957 - Orgone -

Radiaticn around animate/inanimate objects. Effects of radiation

on cells, whole organisms. 1922 - Abrams - Conduction of radiation through wires, effects on

whole organisms

- tuned radiations by capacitance/resistance.

1933 - Drown - effects of tuned radiation on film.

19-- - Hall - Capacitance tuning, detector of radiation

1944 - De La Warr - Conducted radiation tuned, non-conducted analogy tuned.

1949 - Hieronymous - Optical tuning of radiation.

1934 - Ukako Upton - Broadcasting radiation by elect, oscillations effects plants.

19-- - Blondet - Vacuum tube detection/separation of radiations.

1955 - H. Cambell - Analogy/symbols tune radiation.

1960 - Hieronymous - Information from light/astronauts/planets.

- De La Warr - Formatory forces of matter - picture of activity.

1965 - M. Rae - Centripetal vectors.

1974 - Tansley - Metaphysics/effects of radiations.

- Sonic pictures in sand solution.

- Pyramid, dowsing, pendulum.

- Equivalences S ratios.

1975 - Gallimore - Physics of radiation/action of detection of polarity, frequency,

pattern, crystal energies/effects on formation; microwave sound - infra red.

- Gallimore - What past sciences would have left! Acupuncture - magic -


Radionics is divided into "two parts:

All the familiar energies are dynamic, this energy static, unusual. The

instrumentation is dynamic and static. And 1. diagnosis; by 2. tuning and 3.

decides or acts. Sense - decide - act.

1 2 3







Ouspensky: The world has 48 laws, 3 + 6 + 12 + 24 + 3. 1. Absolute; 3. All


worlds; 6. All suns; 12. Sun; 24. All planets; 48. Earth; 96. Moon.

Law of octaves = 7

No force works continuously in the same direction, after a certain tine

changes occur in intensity, direction, force or inner vibration.

Space Consciousness:

Life is motion - motion is life.

Knowledge is a spiritual tool for self improvement.

Three dimensional meditation - mental ordering

Fourth dimensional meditation - empathy - all things

Fifth dimensional meditation - conscious of universe

Sixth dimensional meditation - union with universe

Seventh dimensional meditation - union and aware of everything.

Natural luminescence freq. 1.365 x 10-15 +(to) 1.16 x 10-16

in hard ultraviolet (Gurvitch)

Photopic - scotopic vision (RCA)

Biological intensity 3-12 quanta cm2.

Limpids of skin photoactive - absorb - emit light.

PPG - 205,206 effects of light on body (JG) (?)

Tuning Radiations - radionics, Bovis.

Absorption of infra-red (spectroscopy).

Duplication of light effects by radionics - GSR - EMG - Plesmogradt reactions (JG)

Vector tuning, energy at angle

From Bovis Pendulum Eevice: "In order to adequately work, the subjective sensory input must have

a physical reality," I propose that due to the high frequency of this energy, the objective reality is a

"standing wave" in which "peaks" are detected at "harmonic intervals."

The light will light only at

points of standing waves.

If microwave sound emits from the body, ad if a static condition occurs when the sound travels

over the surface of objects, and if the Biological organism can detect either the static condition or the

sound - then we have a tool, a detector,

A. By changing our orientation of mind, different sounds.

B. By pickup discrimination, choice of subject.

C. By pickup, monitor go - no go, on or off.

Assuming resistance rises in bismuth by electricity in, or around magnetic field: direct or

proximity: then the approach or contact of a Biological organism will induce "neutricity" and lower


Nov. 23 - GSR reaction to radionics tuning :: Biological pickup - reaction.

Detection from machine: freq. analyzer - 90 IB signal.

50-75 Rotary switches advertised to 2 gc.

BIOLOGICAL FIELD MONITOR An FET detector measures static or

dynamic field changes. It detects energy fields around the human body by conducted field changes
in the EET. However, the measurements are in error in that the energy measured is a constant field
and not necessarily electrical, but of a bio-energy similar or identical to Gurswitch or
mitogenic, and therefore capable of conversion to electrical. DEMONSTRATION: The
static field on a conductor of height "Z" is identical to intensity of electrostatic or
electrodynamic charges on the body. The fet detector will not react to the conductor, and
not at any comparable distances to which the Biological organism causes it to react.
Inserting the comparably charged conductor in an equal volume of liquid (water) to
produce identical inductance grounding causes no reaction on FET.
Insertion of a capacitor between liquid and conductor causes a periodic alteration in the
field of RC time, "no reaction except at very close range" - body range 1000.
Inserting a diode with or instead of capacitor, has produced high frequency signal by
radio signal detection, yet little FET signal.
By conclusion: The body generates energy greater than observed by static, dynamic
measurements, and this energy can affect a FET detector 1000x control. Detection heart beat
and body changes at 11 feet. Same intensity static only detected inches away.


As a person, how do you learn about your world? By noticing apples fall as well as other

objects, the collected properties of which reveal that which we call gravity.

In this manner we observe light travel in a straight line and has many properties, of
which the study or science is called optics.
What then is science but the observation, collection, and categorizing of phenomena;
with the "intention" of finding a pattern for understanding of the phenomena of properties.
However, we may observe that light travels in a straight line without ever
Let the segment en the x-axis from -1 to 1 be
a bar magnet of no cross-sectional area. Let
the dotted curves be two flux lines. Then
there exists an 'elementary curve passing
through the origin and a given point on the
flux curve (above) which is orthogonal to all the flux lines it crosses.
Orthogonal - "at right angles to." The force field is in the direction of 'the
tangent to the flux curve at every point on it therefore the component in
the direction of the curve (defined above) is zero.
Let Y = f(x) be a smooth curve. At
every point of the curve, there is a
tangent circle of maximum radius.
If Y = f(x) is referred to as an
evolute curve, then the curve formed by the center
of these circles is its involute curve.

understanding "why" it does so. Therefore, there is a difference between under-
standing patterns of action and the why of the action and most of our sciences
are control of patterns of energy, not understanding.
Since the KINETIC energy is a vector in a dielectric (hydrostatic)
pressure, the influx of kinetic energy into a dielectric will rpoduce a
corresponding potential charge on the surface of the dielectric.
Therefore an open ended amplifier will pick up this charge and amplify it
as a monitor device.
The input of kinetic energy into the crystal or dielectric can be by touch-
ing, holding, or by directing a tube to collect this energy.

Combined with an oscilloscope, this will give both intensity and rate of
There can be two types of crystals - galena and quartz for polarity deter-
mination, or others.

Ssawostin, P.W. Magnetic growth reactions in plants, Planta. 12:327-330, Nov.

18, 1930. Constant magnetic fields exert a direct accelerating effect on
the growing zone of plants. This effect was noted as continuing despite
the fact that the magnetic field was maintained for periods not exceeding
25 minutes' duration.
Ssawostin, P.W. Magnetic physiological investigations. J. The motion of rotation of the
plasma in a constant magnetic field. Planta. 11:683-726, Aug. 16, 1930.
Constant magnetic fields of from 3,000-7,000 gauss produced measurable
effects on the streaming of plasma in Vallisneria spiralis. Thompson, Silvanus P. A
physiological effect of an alternating magnetic field.
Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. ser. B. 82: 396-398, 1910. Also Compt. rend. Acad.
d. sc. 150: 991-992, Apr. 18, 1910. Arch. Roentg. Ray 16: 386-389, Mar., 1912. Exposure to
the field of an electromagnet of 1,000 gauss of 50 cycles
gave rise to a sensation of flicker which was brightest in peripheral parts
of visual field. Wear, R.F. Rehabilitating the workman. Safety Engineering, May, 1922: 205-206.
Found wounds healed faster when exposed to an alternating magnetic
field of 60 cycles.
Let us suppose that there are some mysteries around us, from reported energies to reported
"sciences" that are not accepted by the academic community but do have a small following of devout
Instead of trying to validate or invalidate such reports, let us suppose instead that these do

exist on some foundation, if only at the present, a weak one. Any open mind will therefore

investigate these foundations to see if a grain of truth does exist.

Another possibility is that there is a common thread between these "sciences," "energies," or

medical "cures." Indeed there is a connection between the pragmatic method of Mesmerism and

hypnotism. Also Mesmerism and magnetic energy of the odic energy; correlations between odic

and orgone, orgone and moray, Gurwitsch and odic, mitogenic and Gurswitch, alchemy and orgcne,

alchemy and magic, magic and pyramid, electronics and all energies, L fields and mitogenic,

mitogenic and plants, Steiner and plants, Lakhovsky and plants, Kordalt and plants, hemopathic and

mitogenic, hemopathic and allopathic.

Assume that your knowledge on any subject could be enhanced by having access to

information of the far future: then if the science of the subject can be expanded in the future, the

necessary facts which will, with right thinking, create improvements in the future exist in the

present, and only need examination to disclose what is needed.

Imagination of particulars in future sciences discloses necessarily what laws will be used to

create effects.

A is to B as B is to A = Relationships - or harmonics.

Name = description

Law of names = law of descriptions.

Describe well and you have your answer. 'An energy burst and pattern flows from each hand into a

radionics device; the body is the monitor system of the mind and the radionics device, the pattern set

up by the mind (question) and the physiological response of the body to the radionics device is

agreement of tuning, hence "tuning" of thought forms. It seems that magnetic tuning is

accomplished by use of a mitogenic radiation field and a physiological energy burst tuning, all done

through the operator, not the machine. The machine is merely set by the fields.

Psychological and physiological attunement is more important than the machine. The

machine is a placebo to convince the mind of what it is already doing.

Radionics devices, such as De La Warr, register a count of protons in the nucleus of the

elements, compounds, or biological tissues.

1. Try to change the "rates" to 10-R for "setting."

2. Imfornation from angles of Rate settings.

3. Proton involvement.

4. Proton irridations is Radionics (broadcast).

5. Pos ions at freq. is Radionics.

6. Correlation between + ions and magnetism.

7. De La Warr's settings: Z =


8. 7 is like R's in parallel, orC's in parallel, or coils in parallel.

9. 7 is a ring series of rectangular cross sections in series.

10. Machine Front magnetic force, tuner orientation

(series of variable tuners Bio-magnetic tuning link output, input - nodal
point freq. tuning (pattern).

Input 6 sided crystal form in sphere with rotation knob.

Co-axial IMF cable for conductors.

Moray oscillator succeeded because he reduced the resistance of the circuit to a low

point where oscillation could occur and continue under micro-power. Benefit of

radioactive ionization!

Note: Abrams found energy condensed in capacitator, stored for long


Reich found sudden discharge of energy as electricity when critical concen-

tration reached.

Moray used massive storage capacitators.

Cameron: energy collected from antenna.

The radionics detector or rubbing plate utilizes a subconscious reaction to a sudden absorption

of infra red specific frequency when the tuning of the machine reaches resonance with a particular

thought or substance.

The thought or substance determines the particular frequency of infra-red. The combination of

R, L, C, of a radionics machine gives resonance only in infra-red region because of the componenets

high frequency resonance band.

While infra-red is used, this is an effect; not a cause. The mechanism of transmission is the

earth's magnetic/gravitational field.

The machine only measures the reaction of the biological organism to coming in resonance

with that field.

Biological magnetics S orientations: Absorption (ir) FM - AM on carrier Tuning by pattern -

M. Rae, Wicca Magnetic Bodies Across Space. Geometry effects on Mag. - or -?

Oxygen as carrier energy.

The present limitations of science is the limitations it places on phenomena.

If a phenomenon cannot be monitored by conventional equipment, then it is not accepted as

worthy of study.

Space so broad, reaching past galaxies of stars, universes - yet space is so small - I am always

within talking range.

Sometimes you hear a buzzing in your ears when you become quiet, "this is your own noise

your choo-choo is making. On hearing this, often you make yourself busy and the noise goes away.

How much better to listen and find the noise changes, rising through many levels to merge in a great

symphony of resonant souls. You convert your noise to music.

Perfect freedom is loving yourself to a point where no desires exist.
God forgives those that forgive themselves!
Is there so insignificant a feeling as under a starry sky alone?
Advanced activity at full moon - pos ions
Advanced activity with magnetism - pes ions
Advanced activity with comets - pos ions
Radionics counts protons - De La Warr - Abrams
Positive ions accelerate activity. Negative ions induce an electric field around
- so positive ions attracted internally.
Pyramid - pos proton field collector

REICH: Scissors picked up magnetic charge, strong.

J. JEANS: Rotating dielectric produced magnetic field.

: Rotating dielectric produced polarization. Energy concentrated will induce magnetic

field. Rotating armature "dielectric" will induce magnetic field. Generator of "E" of dielectric


Ref: Science Digast, Oct. 1974: Radiation That's Good For You by Ellen R. Hartley. Fish indoors

out of natural light suffer from a disease called pop-eye (exophthalmos) cured by long u.v. light.

Dept. of Agriculture growing plants with u.v. - faster growth, bigger plants

UCLA: Cancer cells killed in rats by u.v. blue light.

Pink light kills pumpkin blossoms female.

Blue light kills male pumpkin blossoms.

Blue light on mink, chinchilla, produced more female babies.

1. Formatory forces of mass/matter can be used to analyze mass and matter.

2. A machine that utilizes formatory forces will have a geometric pattern.

3. Formatory forces related to spectroscopy by being J-1, J-2, J-3.

4. Biological organism and reactions used to detect and control machine utilizing formatory


IF: science of the past were existent; then they would have developed something similar to

Radionics: and left a metaphysical science or something that would very much appear metaphysical

- magic - astrology - alchemy - tarot - all mysterious meta-sciences.

Check Bird alchemical transformation elements and my element model for "how" layers of

elements interact, (one element of layer N reacts with one layer E?).

The growth of a crystal in a strong magnetic field will produce a crystal possessing a high

dielectric constant, and a strong emitter of diamagnetic properties.

It would be interesting to find the results of cooling a melt of Bismuth (diamagnetic) in a

strong magnetic field.

Would the bismuth be paramagnetic or diamagnetic?

Tungsten nickel fluoride (crystal) used in radionic machines.

Oxbile tablets for applescab disease - reagent.

Nicotine sulphate - for spruce budworm. IMPORTANT -

Energy at 45° from coil - detector

Important for gen-motor winding.

Krenusha Brenko used EMG enhancement to detect a pendulum movement reaction.

Bio-monitor = EMG detector . o . biological sensitivity produces on contact with a known or

unknown field a muscular reaction as well as other reactions.

Dowsing must also have a comparable muscular reaction - must have also, GSR reaction.

Person can be trained on GSR to answer: (1) High resistance - no. (2) LoW

resistance - yes. (3) Fuzzy on that ____________ . (4) Don't know________ .


1. Might be used when energy (odic) at high point of day.

2. Might be used at low point during day.

3. Must have an effect on red cell count (days later).

4. Must have an effect on white cell count (days later).

5. Must directly influence EEG - GSR.

6. Direct or indirect on EKG - EMG.

7. Effect on sperm count days later.

8. Effect on ovulation days later.


Compounds mix S + W, N + E primarily:


N + E E-Sl, N-O = SiO Compounds

S + S Cu - Cl = CuCl . . . Needs other

N + N P - O + PO...

W + W Kr - N = KrN...

E + E C + H =CH.... Compounds

E + W H + Kr = KrH Needs complex (+ another)

S + N F + S = FS

Exceptions - CuO, ZhO

#1-H, #6-C, #9-N, #8-O, #16-S, #17-Cl.

Active elements + W = NA - MG

Computer program to: input any Radionic number and intensity and provide
a diagnosis.
A B coil should have a R change when Biological field is in contact - detector. Use As R

Bridge - use as freq. controller RC network - RL.

The whole science of Diamagnetism is high R, low E, with all the parameters of E reversed.

An electrostatic envelope is the only practical E force in this area. However, a D field can be

generated, controlled by non-conductors, and produce reverse parameter transistors.

Can monitor grav. fields - stellar effects (moon-sun).

Reverse use - can monitor biological effects of E Freq.

2 1/2" tube 11' long acts as a "matched impedence" to natural "Radiation." Therefore the

energy is attracted! The tube is also an electrically closed body - and an electrostatic charge may

increase its "drawing" power. End polarity may be important.

1. Out of body pickup 145 mc.
2. Project Hermes - hetrodyning S high freq.
3. Lakhovsky - 152 mc.
4. Raudive pickup - high freq.
5. Experience - Chan-4 Emma turn off TV - 1952. Father in low mood - (Down to Channel 4).
Across room - hetrodyne signal.

Malcolm Rae - Circle of force S vectors
Vector = distinct thought or condition. Canada - Ratios and equivalences Cambell -
formulas and diagrams work H device. J. G. - parity - energy - frequency - pattern. Cameron -
left and right handed patterns. Voice - pattern and mantra. Light - pattern - treatment of
diseases. Mass - pattern and form.
Circle and patterns transmitted by earth field. Ds La Warr - magnet pattern. M. Rae - magsnt.
A distinct thought - properly oriented - will achieve the desired result.
Mineral spas, mud, holy water
Medicines, gems, vibrations
Sound is in eights, color or light is in eights, elements is in eights, all octaves,

There is an orderly arrangement of radiations from elements and compounds. De La
Warr - (1) magnet nodal points detected at thirty miles.
(2) a frequency or sound may be imposed and transmitted by the magnet.
Magnet nodes at every 5-3/3 inches. There is a "matrix" in space.

1937: Charles W. Littlefield - MAN, MINERALS, AND MASTERS.

Master formulae:
In the proportion and grouping of the material elements which constitute
a thing lies the cause of its form, its quality, and its functions.

Five principles - light, sound, flavor, odor, feeling - by these man

senses eyes ears taste smell touch
communicates with environment.

Every form of energy acts through soma particular form of matter. The energy behind matter:
organic and inorganic energy = Radionics; Odic; Orgone; L fields; Alchemy.
Monitor: Electrostatic:

Using chemical, or living cells as a sensor: The radionic machine will send a "tuned"
signal at the proper rate. Its amplitude will trigger a response from the chemical or cell
culture - small electrostatic potential, good for monitor.

Acts like metal plate / coil
acts like antenna
has (.638K) resistance - 638 to 650
has ( ) inductance
Has ( ) noise / compare to resistor same value
Peizoelectric type, 2 sections
Audio spectrum
High frequency spectrum
Response at - 40 DB as variable signal
Not inductance Biological change on resist. readings
Capacitive - reactive device electrically
Average impedence of crystal pickups - 100 K with .001 - .0015 cap.
Crystal - lead Zirconium titanate
Current flowing due to inherent polarization is called "dark current" or noise
Re: Breakthrough - information in "noise."
There is thermal noise (resistors) and "cosmic" noise - cosmic noise has "information."

Crystal type


Dielectric value "high"


Frequency rescnant


Is shield needed - circular - square

Positive "static" system - proton 8 neutron

Attracted to "diamagnetic?"

Likes oxygen

High Freq.

Attracted to tubes

2 plane - 2 polar

Refracted, reflected, focused

Aligned with terrestrial magnetism

The whole thing is displacement - the orgone box cannot

work without there is a displacement energy.

See preceeding page:
All that is needed to establish a technology is (1) a special type transistor to amplify;
(2) or power a normal transistor with a concentrated power source of this energy.
The transmitter-receiver using the silicon cell could transmit-recieve modulated signal:
using the geiger tube can only handle binary.
A photo-multiplier can also be used - modulation.
Problem: All these are line of sight transmitters and receivers, which must be located in
the beam with distance determined by beam-cutoff (stops).
However, using the photomultiplier as a pickup, it can modulate a "normal" transmitter,
and transmit world wide!

Neon-pickup respiration - directly related to volume intake. 60 cps hum - The biological
organism will pick up according to its mass. The intensity of signal is related directly to mass
- composition. 1. Patients in bed may be measured for weght loss - or gain.

Radionics test:
Connect person to EEG, EKG, GSR - take readings - control tests.
Connect radionic instrument - change in EEG, EKG, GSR - if change - then radionics

End Result - Monitor - Variable reluctance crystal: Frequency/Phase/Resistance


177 impedance air B = 177

Diamag. = Bismuth

= Coil 1 MM = 30 GC
Resistance changes = intensity monitor, Freq. changes/phase = information. Inteferometry =

information. Beat Freq. - crystal osc & variable reluctance.

Divided into Positive or negative energy systems mass -

anti-mass 9 groups total E = Neg., P = Positive, N =

Neutral charge Pos (2) sum (EPN) particles = C Alpha,

Beta, Gamma Pos (2) sura (EPN) sub-particles = c meson,

photon, neutrino Pos (1) sum (EFN) electrical, proton, neutron Neg (1) sub group - neg. mass -

positron - neutron Neg (3) sub-sub group - mesons P - N - E Neg (4) sub-sub group - photons +-N

Neg ±(5) sub-sub group - neutrino + - N Pos (3) sub-sub group - mesons + - N Pos (4) sub-sub group

- photons + - N

A neutral charge particle always has a greater intensity of force.

Until a reliable monitor is devised far radionics, a bridge may be used to monitor parameters

of the body to detect the subjective "go" or reaction of a radionic machine. GSR - acupuncture

points - sound through skin.


Is there an energy field in man? When I touch a sensitive electrical device, I alter its
normal signal; this is referred to as body inductance. What then is inductance?
If I substitute a bowl of water, there is a change in the signal on an oscilloscope of three
millivolts, and with the body 12 mv. If an equal quantity of mass in weight is substituted for
the body, there is a very small change in signal from that of the bowl of water. An equal
weight of water comparable to the body will not elicit half the energy displayed on the scope.
What then is the body but water and some chemicals. If chemicals are added to the
water, little change is observed in electrical readings, but let any living organism approach
and double the energy of "induction" occurs.
There is not only a change of intensity of induction but a signal, change as well. A
probe in water will pick up house current at sixty cycles per second or electrical inductance,
but a living organism will produce a complicated wave form on top of the 60 cps wave form.

Vectored Thinking
From society we have strong pressure to conform to certain ideas, standards, ways of
thinking, and especially ways of scientific research.
Let's assume that there are other ways of thinking that are equally valid -and possibly
much better. As science changes our way of living, so it changes our way of thinking.
Projecting the future meeting an alien, if a superior science, then "possibly" different
thinking. We can also assume that an alien can also have different sciences as well as some
common throughout the universe.
We can assume loyalty to homeland, pride, protection of family, agression for food,
creativity, to be fairly universal. Sciences common include botany, zoology, geology,
physics, chemistry, math. However, while universal sciences
are common to any race, planet, solar system; they can be unique as far as approach is concerned.

Each science and emotional instinct has been found in radionics to occupy distinct quadrants of

a circle as vectors. Were we to shift a particular vector right or left, new approaches to a problem

appear as different instincts, emotions, hopes, are also vectors, new ways of thinking appear.

From vectors of a circle we have discovered that all possibilities, all thoughts are contained

therein. We have only new found the means for tapping all knowledge in the universe, but we have

not completed analysis yet to attain that knowledge.

Everything is so simple. There is an energy that we generate. Our health, mental framework

and emotions modulate this energy. FM & AM can tune or de-tune ourselves.

A ball - having perception in every direction - living mass of energy - all perceptions are the

same, expressed by different separations of frequency.

To assign a specific location to hear with is to limit perception to 1% of possible; same with

sight, taste, etc.

Assuming mass form reduces vibration, very much affected by planet vibration and mass. To reach

escape velocity, one must tune in planet frequency. Phase of frequency important, out of phase is

cancellation or destruction (epilepsy).

What does a dowser do? He "feels" his biological system respond to small signals; the

dowser is a reaction conditioned monitor.

What of the radiesthesia or pendulum user? A person who uses a lever to amplify

subconscious signals - a reaction conditioned monitor.

The conditioning or programming is this: dialog of person to himself: "I

want this pendulum or forked stick to do this (bend or swing in this manner) when

a signal is perceived by the biological organism."

The same signals noticed by the organism can be monitored by "plesmograph"

or pressure flow of blood in the hand. By EEG or brain signals which suddenly change as a
reaction to signals.
What is the signal the organism detects which promotes the reaction? An energy field
passing downwards through that person into the earth will alter as the surface layer of the
earth changes. (Moving organism). This layer will inhibit or enhance that flow.
The energy field passing through a person will alter if an "artificial" field of a
photograph is passed over by the hand. Symbols are models of reality - and convey the
same information.
Listening to the "Tomorrow" show on cancer, discussing treatment by chemical,
biological, or other modes: what is needed is to approach medicine in an "energy totality"
of the body.
Listening to those men seems to convey the feeling that doctors are in the dark ages.
There are physical diseases of bacterial origin which need treatment by bacteriology -
there are also diseases caused by mental and personal problems that need treatment by (1) an
energy system, (2) secondary treatment by mental sciences. Cancer is a mentally caused
Unhealthy diet produces inability to fight stress, fatigue.
I have a vision: a technological vision of what will be the science of tomorrow. Each
of you will witness what will be a turning point in man's evolution through science.
What is this vision? Control of an energy will produce such a change in the sciences
that all the world will change in ten years. That health in every individual will result
(potentially), and that all men in every part of the world will gain their freedom.
Biofeedback devices will progress to the new science it should be, and allow men to literally
channel creativity and knowledge into their personality.
We have the technology today except for one small detail, a monitor of the energy to
convince scientists of its existence. Once accepted, by even a few, an explosion of
discoveries will produce the science of tomorrow. Since this monitor will also allow
parapsychological monitors, there will be no place to hide. No secrets, and thus no bondage
- all men will be eventually free.
(1) Thought yields an energy! Thought can produce emotions, and change the galvanic
resistance of the skin. This can be a radionics monitor - when in resonance, the resistance
will change abruptly.
(2) An electrometer may be used as a monitor since the biological organism will reflect a
large change at moment of resonance. An interaction of the biological field and the substance
tested is how tuning is accomplished.
If the Biological Inductance (60 cps hum) can be picked up at over 15 feet it must have
some effect on a radionics machine. Conversely, at the moment of "tune" or resonance, the
field will change because of orientation of mind and machine.
When we shift our reality to another reality (alternate realities) what we are doing is shifting
our "primary" frequency and its harmonics. The carrier - gravity - and its frequencies
produce a whole new set of harmonics and beat notes.
Things which affected us in the "old" reality were from frequency disturbances .
Now, a new set has formed which gives us more or less trouble or effects; however the old
problems induced by their longevity to manifest in biological problems will soon disappear
and be replaced by a new set.
Therefore all diseases may be cured by a shift of alternate realities or manner of
thinking, likewise, new problems will eventually surface.


Apparently every individual is specially sensitive to one of the seven colors of the spectrum,

This resonant color does not always agree with the natural taste of the patient.

Color is definitely potent and effective.

Each person has an individual general rate (total overall radiation). Each person has an

individual consciousness rate (or serial number).

Biometric Headings: animals - 0-150; man - 150-750. Leonardo DaVinci from signature:


Each person possesses a resonant "key note" Sound has color: middle C = 256 = red; B = 480

= violet/red.

A resonant note induces a color into the person's aura or field of force, affects 7 to 8 seconds.

Cell salts deficiencies radionic:

(1) Calc. Phos. (2) Ferr. Phos. (3) Kali Phos.

(4) Nat. Phos. (5) Mag. Phos. (6) Kali Mur.

(7) Nat. Mur. (8) Calc. Sulph. (9) Nat. Sulph.

(10) Kali sulph. (11) Calc. Fluor. (12) Silica

The biological organism is an energy machine. The flew of energy through and around this

organism is dependent on its health and intensity of mind. Of the three polarities, two are known to

be opposite and have effects on the body. Of the third, little is known.

Thinking produces a warmth from "energy" as well as activity. This energy termed positive

is isolated during thinking in the head. It may not flow or redistribute to other parts of the body

until the thinking activity is reduced.

Coolness is an energy symptom induced by chemical activity in the stomach and other organs.

This energy may circulate if (1) the thinking activity is not

too great; (2) if the emotional level is not too great.

Anytime either of these energies is blocked, an unbalance occurs, which if perpetuated, may

result in a permanent imbalance or illness of specific kind, depending on the blockage.


If we agree that there is an unusual energy having two polarities, and each of opposite spin;

then by certain symbols, used as designs to investigate, the flow pattern of energy may be found by

pendulum reaction.

While intensity may not be found by dowsing or pendulum reactions, the energy flow and the

pattern it takes may be found by using the biological sensitivity of the human organism.

On the following page*, the flow energy absorbed by the patterns and then emitted by that

pattern is defined by an arrow underneath the pattern. The con-clusion of this experiment was that

energy follows physical lines exactly.

Knowing how energy flows may predict the future science of psychotronics. A pattern may

be created to produce a left hand vortex, a right hand vortex, or a combination.

— Energy controlled produces predictable results. Psychotronics then has two parts, energy

control and energy effects.

The effects of vortex energy systems are not covered here.

What is the fourth dimension? fifth? sixth? The main thing is that multi-dimensions can exist

and can be functional. Why they exist is a hard question, but, by their existence they are like the

rays of the sun - they warm us but we do not understand even why light properties are as they are.

We use light bulbs, flashbulbs, chemical light, and other forms of light.

* This (following) page has been included in the author's manuscript elsewhere.


I imagine you have noticed the title of this book and have the immediate question "What could

be beyond parapsycholgy?"

Let's start by defining common terras. Psychology is the reaction of the mind. Psysiology is

the study of the brain (biofeedback). Parapsychology is the function by which information is

transfered from the universe or other minds to your

mind. Beyond parapsychology is the means by which the universe operates and

provides multi-functions.

In the study of man, we have then three variables which I have set out as


A. Reaction to stimuli's by the mind.

B. Potentials (electrical) of the brain during reaction.

C. The function by which these are possible.

If you like or dislike something, that is a reaction of the mind. We may or may not know

why like or dislike.

When we are monitored with an electroencephalograph we have a physical record of the brain

action during its reaction. In biofeedback, control of the brain by watching-hearing changing

electrical sounds - light and controlling them is possible. These sounds-lights are connected to the

brain by electronics which measure the changing potentials of micro-voltages; or the electro-

chemical action of the brain.

Learning to control brain potentials produces effects an the body we inhabit and the mind we

react with.

We construct our own consciousness by the means of perception we choose -Le Shan.

Food: Why do we heat food? Is it to "break down" the proteins or what? If so, what is the

definition of "break down?"

Could it not be that heating food adds energy, decomposes substances into a
"bion" enriched combination of organic mass; and that the body derives its needed energy
from the "bion content" and "frequency of radiation".
Information: What if instead of proving every statement or relevant addition to a
problem before finding a solution: we used the reverse method. Instead of all things are
false until proven we use: all things are relevant, categorized, oppositions noted, and see if
lumped information can point to a solution. Some-tines a mass of information points to a
solution where one truth does net.
We have man as a primitive searching for food, building societies, competing with
others; then we have man as an energy system - utilizing energy from food, from sun, and
from gravity.
Communication using gravity as a carrier of information raises man to a "knowing"
biological organism, as all information can be obtained on a cellular level.
The energy of plants, solar systems can be tapped to provide heat, power, and tissue
energy so that man can fulfill nature's design in longevity of life.
Telepathy: Emission from the body of modulated ultraviolet combines with the emission of
ultraviolet (blackbody emission) from the earth. A field of ultraviolet frequency circulating
through the earth called gravity carries the modulation to all parts of the earth. A sensitive
can "tune" the specific frequency of modulation. Each object on the Earth adds its
emission/absorption to the field.
We can in some way analyse the billions of components comprising the field and select
specific locations, people, masses, or other unknowns. We can then lock (subjectively) at
an area beyond our vision by analyzing the field of that area and converting in our mind the
"vision" of that area.
Likewise, by visualization of a person, we locate the individual component of the field.
Antigravity is a concentrated energy capable of exerting force (self exp.)
However, it is possible from my research to suggest that anti-gravity is just gravity with

polarization reversed. (Plain polarized vs. circular polarized.)

A black body radiation reflected should have the same characteristics as anti-gravity. Black

body radiation passing through a prism should have gravity attraction properties.

Polarization separates Odic - and Odic + - both ultraviolet emissions.


It is evident that man wants to control his environment; and in learning to control nature, has

provided himself with a means of leaving man out of the benefits of his science.

Man conquered aerodynamics and learned to push a mass through space supported by

differences of air pressure. Man was taken along as a passenger. Physics however, discovered

radioactivity, electronics, and other sciences that "were found to affect man" - not postulated as

effects but rather found by caused accidents . A harmful reaction of man to a science is an

"accident," not a planned usage.

I believe engineers benefit man enormously by practical application of physics, but physicists

are so lost in theory, hardware, and funding that they forget to examine their discoveries as to

possible effects to the quality of life of man.

How does man decide the manner of this thinking? He is conditioned to reality in various

ways: his home, parents, society, land, and existing "accepted" sciences.

If any of the conditioning agents are wrong, misleading, then his acceptance of their views are

to that extent wrong or misleading.

If he discovers something new, then" his "reality" changes or is not restricted to prior accepted

views, whether of the society, sciences, teachings, or exist-

ing nature or natural phenomena.
We have nature as a common denominator in the history of man's learning. What man
has thought or accepted about his natural world has produced his ingrained beliefs - whether
pygmy, eastern, western, caucasicn, northern, or race.
Man is a combination of race acceptance and thinking as well as nature acceptance. If
man discovers previous views are wrong or misleading - then he has expanded his view, but
to change the views of others can be a most difficult task. This is why science proceeds
slowly in the face of changing kncwledge of nature, phenomena or events - always hesitant to
accept the obvious, inadequacy of prior wrong views.
Man's search for control over his environment led to a search for the meaning of his
life. Man's search for meaning led to morals, rules, regulations. Rules and regulations
created a desire to expand and new knowledge was desired to gain more control.
The more we investigate, the more we control and the more we learn about ourselves.
This is science.

Lattice structure: Where the corners meet - the energy formation is paramount to
understanding how and what Radionics is.



Output from speaker rather than mind.

Project Hermes must Radiate. Can be picked up. Zero beated for modulation
Set up for possible 445 MC oscillation.

Set up initially for radio freq. for opt. performance.


Inherent Resistance in tube because of vacuum, and no emitter. Constant Voltage and
constant current (small) except when ionization changes.

Precept: Energy changes ionization!

The frequency is audio spectrum around 2000 cps or muscle frequency. The standing waves in
radionics are tuned to muscle frequency.
Proton precession is also this frequency.

Frequency in radionics is induction of sonics from body, tuning, detection of standing waves.

1. An oscillator at Hydrogen frequency should be reinforced by nature and


2. Radionics measures frequency and energy.

3. Precession of elements determines frequency; what is not known is that

this is a monitor, and that frequencies may be changed by radionics.

4. Generator with Bismuth - diamagnetic field.

Check attenuation by resistors in tuning - Radionics

If magnetism has a frequency, the use of magnets to affect that frequency is possible.

If a radionic machine utilizes magnetics, then a magnetic frequency change will occur and
possibly intensity.
Possible rotation force exerted on magnet.

At resonance, there should be an infra-red effect on the dark current of the FPT 100 - Photo-


Detection equipment

The ionization tube has a crystal mounted at each end, yet separated by 1/8" plexiglass. The

crystals are oriented with "C" axis in line with the tube so that the point of one points towards the

base of the other.

The smaller (1-3/4") crystal is wound with 2,000 winds of #39 awg, the 3" larger has 4,000

turns, each random wound with ceramic coated wire.

The quartz crystals are as flawless as nature made, tumbled and polished to optical quality.

The smaller crystal has a bronze tube pointed towards it and at 90° to the ionization tube. This tube

has a transformer of 30 to one ratio, step up. 1500 turns #39, 50 turns #22, all contained on

outside of tube.

All connected to Van de Graff generator.

The crystals are the source emitters and the energy must pass through 1/8" plexiglass at each

end of ionization tube. The crystals contain a coil for resistance monitoring only - no energy source

is added to crystals.

The ionization tube is a particle accelerator!

Dcc. 11, 1974 (J.G. Gallimore)

R Hand Coil over glass tube insert iron tube Energy emitted is neutral charge and
modulated by the variations of current in the coil fed by the mic-amp. Dec. 17, 1974 (J.G.)
If one magnet can have a vibration, and another magnet can be tuned to that specific
vibration by rotation; then a certain resonance and energy flow should occur.
The neutron-ometer is a device that will monitor neutron emission and neutron fields.
Similar to the proton magnetometer which monitors gravitational variations by proton
activity and used for metal and ore detection.
The use of neutron emission can have a much wider application on a variety of uses.
As energy by displacement is forced from the secondary coil, it will by attraction of a

dielectric be drawn in the crystal and produce an electrical charge on the surface which is detected by

the coil and amplified. Energy received is greater than air induction.

Everything I work on is:

frequency: VLF to UHF +

transducers: demodulation

velocity: or conversion


standing waves:


Magnetic relationships

unusual energy I need a monitor:

It must resolve to crystal transducer; or: magnetic related transducer. It

must also be related to ultrasonic frequencies; or frequencies faster than

light; crystals.


Changes in protoplasm streaming as effect.

Changes in blood pressure as effect.

Changes in tissue ionization as effect.

Changes in blood sugar as effect.

30 GC radiation from eyes, infra-red, 1 MM.

1990 to 2500 angstroms, Gurswitch organic radiation.

Yeast cell growth rate as reaction to presence.

Plane polarization light as harmful, undesirable.

Circular polarization as enhancement to tissues. Non-organic, physical

Gravity effects to mass produces ultraviolet luminescence.

Static electricity induced from absorption in mass.

Variable reluctance as pickup (crystal).

Frequency effects, beat frequency detection, also phase.

Changes in dipole organization atoms as effect.

Daily terrestrial magnetic changes as effects.

Molecular stresses in matter, Gauss.

Diamagnetic fields and molecular alignment.

Radiation from moving electrons, Maxwell's displacement.

Crystal resistance changes as effect.

Formatory forces and crystal shape as reaction.

Ionization of gases, mass.

Inteferonetry and infra-red effects.

6,500 to 13,000 angstroms, Brunler radiation.

Changes in radioactive emitters as effect.

12 quanta per cubic cm natural, parabolic mirror condenses.

Ultraviolet emission from plants, response.
Galvanic effect of plants, people, response. Physical
Energy effects photographic film.
Polarity, energy, stronger in vacuum.
Energy condensed by magnifying glass.
Concentration effects to gravity, possible weight change.
Concentrations affect magnetic compass.
Optical properties passing, reflected through prisms.
Effects to capacitance.
Attraction to, storage in dielectrics.
Ultraviolet emission from chemical processes.
Polarization effects from refraction, reflection.
Solenoidal vectors as independent field.
Poynting flux, transportation through space - time.
Absorption of sound in mass by form, emission.
Ultraviolet emission from mass, crystals, magnets.
Ultraviolet emission from electromagnetism.
Buildup of ultraviolet effects in mass.
Potassium iodide - active effect on sensitized surface.
Emission of elements of four polarities.
Polarization from circular to plain should reverse gravity.
Speed of chemical reactions.
Detected by Geiger counter if condensed (ionization effect).

Flying saucers work on "gravitational" or "gamma" energy. The hull works

as antenna or pickup - then storage in capacitators, then usage in coils.
Usage is
by a "diamagne-tic" field which opposes gravity, an omnidirectional ray created by two coils
High frequency cool gamma can be used like electricity - or can be converted to
A "resonance" of oscillation or impedance is necessary to collect and store energy.
This must be a simple device.
Once the gravitational field of multi-masses is established and stabilized, modulation of
any mass is carried without effort cor energy to all masses connected.
Does not the human body have mass and gravitational attractions? Then PSI
modulaticn is carried free, without any energy loss.

I found myself born as a rabbit, fair gams to be eaten by many. Determined

not to be someone's lunch, I started to learn about my world. I became educated,

then intellig2rrt, and still kept learning. Then confusion reigned where I lost

reality and forgot I was - rabbit — venturing out without fear. Only luck or

destiny kept me safe.

Later I changed my outlook on knowledge and became wise. Then I could

learn as much as I could absorb daily yet still keep a sense of reality.

Attention to detail was thus changed to attention to information setting out the

pattern of life, actions of life.

Inside I do not feel like a rabbit. However, to a varmint I still look like lunch

and I doubt not I would taste like lunch to one familiar with eating my kind.

Now fear, that terrible word, made me learn I was a rabbit, learn more

learning, until I forgot, then again learn I was a rabbit.

While no longer afraid, I am concerned.

Will anything replace electricity? I doubt it. However inefficient, it is perhaps the
best possible choice for "usage."
The beta particle has very little energy and must be "pushed" tremendously to achieve
power force. How much better "the alpha particle with greater energy, or better yet the
gamma particle with fantastic energy.

All that is needed is a converter to electricity. However, foray device used

direct will operate any electrical device.
Moray Diodes
Bismuth contacts shell - both same


This is a machine/computer which allows a person to "integrate" the subconscious, to receive a

meaningful "analog" output or in many cases digital.

The "machine" answers questions yes or no by subconscious reaction - it utilizes the biological
field around a person and the sudden fluctuation of that field as a response.

This is similar to the sudden change in resistance of skin tissue (GSR) due
to emotional changes of the person.
When the person is facing west, the machine is best oriented, and "locks"

onto the Earth gravitational field. The combination of man and machine in the proper orientation

produces a field intensity easily changed by emotion or "mind".

The geometric pattern of the machine is such that an "analogy" of any thought can be

artificially set, imposed, or tuned.

Place sample in "S" well and check if proper well, if not, place in well M (found by meter

going down = well s) turn magnet dial "R" till lowest reading on meter. Turn spectrum dial to

lowest setting. Continue on with dial 1, 2, 3 etc

We are born into a biological body which has a life sustaining self-regulated Bio-mechanism.

The energy utilized by the body needs to be replaced, and the energy system governing the total

body allocates energy available to different functions. We intake "food" and this is processed

chemically to extract energy, and other chemicals needed by the body.

The psychology of a species is how it solves the problems of food, shelter, and its use of non-

critical time which it may spare when the essentials are obtained.

The consideration that a non-biological life (above a species) can exist, or that species can

use para-biological abilities for existence, or for other reasons, is called attunement.

The specific manner in which abilities are used are according to what it be-lieves is possible,

or what has been told to it.