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This may be the last chance to ever get this most elucive film. The seller was n
ot kidding when he said he kept this film in pristine condition.
I have seldom seen a 8mm film conversion look this good. And the content on the
film. Well, let me just say was ahead of the pack
in his ideas and methods of training. If you are a martial artist-historian, or
buff. Into the old Chicago mob characters, yes it is likely he was
involved with it. Then you need to own a copy of this film. Was he as good as th
ey say ? An imporatantman in the early days of karate and kung fu arts in the U
S. Now, long forgotten or regulated to comic book clown status. The man made mil
Knew everyone. Taught some of the best in that time. Could break fire bricks wit
h his punch. You owe it to yourself to see him for yourself.
We missed it first time around. Do not let this oppertunity pass you buy again.
Likely the last chance for this one fellows.
Wed Nov 07, 2007 5:57 am

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I've been to a number of different Tenaga Dalam schools for the last 20 years or
so. They are NOT that different. All work with the area below the navel. The br
eathing exercises are largely similar. The methods of activation can be signific
antly different, thou. Some use rajjah like TDI, some use mantra, etc
I dont know much about Tridaya, the schools I've been to called:
Satria Nusantara, Hawa Murni Prana, Panca Sakti, Pernafasan Murni Tenaga Dalam,
TDI, Cakra Prana Nusantara.
In Cakra Prana Nusantara I've got a guru attunement so I'm authorised to give a
ctivation to other people.
There's also a reiki variant which combines reiki with innerpower activation. I
t's called Prime reiki. I've been doing experimentation in giving Prime reiki at
tunements to other people, including Mr Sastra Vardhana. I'm still refining the
attunement method ...
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2007 12:26 pm

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Thank you for these informations. I'm interested by Cakra Prana Nusantara.
The main purpose of Tridaya is fight. There are many Tenaga Dalam based on djin
n power. TDI is different because based on divine energy.
In Tendai system, Master has knowledge of Bio-Energy Adjustment Key, Multi Func
tional Essence Strikes, Aji Rajah Kalachakra, able to imbue matter/things and ot
her people with Multi Functional Cosmic Energy/Prana, Near and Distant Healing t
hrough Energy Form Power, through telephone/cellphone or flowers and salt. Able
to transfer diseases to animals or eggs, further
Development of the 6th sense, the Secret of Aura and Colors, Astral
Travel, Locate and Extract family heirloom buried in the earth etc,
Close contact with a spiritual teacher, True Self, Sufi Reiki Cellestial Power healing, Sacred Inner Power and other skills gained
unique to that person's talents and abilities...