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Tom and Geraldene

By Kassandra O’Shea

Tom and Geraldene

By Kassandra O’Shea

Text & illustration copyright © 2015 by Kassandra O'Shea
All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form
without written permission from the author.
Edition: First
Made with Love and good intentions.

Kassandra O'Shea

For Billy, Gabby, Tyler and Preston.
May you always see the world in a creative way.

One rainy morning Tom was playing inside with his favourite toy giraffe.

"Hello, my name
is Geraldene,"
the toy giraffe said.

"You are only a toy. How can you speak?"
Tom asked, very shocked his toy giraffe was speaking.

"I'm a very special toy,"
Geraldene replied, and, with a pop, turned into a real giraffe.

"You're not a toy, you're a real giraffe!"
Tom said excitedly, reaching up to pat Geraldene’s long neck.

"I am still just a toy;
only those with a
special imagination
can see who I really am."
Geraldene smiled.

Tom ran to tell his sister Robin, about Geraldene.
"Come quick! There is something I have to show you!"

Robin followed Tom into his bedroom.
When they arrived, Geraldene had turned back into a toy and would not speak.

"Why did you turn back into a toy?"
Tom asked, disappointed his sister could not see the real Geraldene.

"I am a special toy,
and only those with
a big imagination
can see me.
Robin is older now
and has forgotten
how to pretend,"
Geraldene replied.

Tom ran to tell Mummy about Geraldene because,
he was sure she had a big imagination.

When Tom and Mummy returned to his room,
Geraldene had turned back into a toy.

"Why did you turn back into a toy?
I was sure Mummy had a big imagination,"
Tom asked.

"Once, when Mummy was little, she had a big imagination,
but she has forgotten how to use it,"
Geraldene explained.

Tom was sure Daddy had an imagination and
that he could still use it, so he ran to tell him.

When Daddy and Tom returned to his room,
Geraldene had once again turned into a toy.

Tom was very disappointed. He wanted to share his new special friend
with his family, but no one seemed to have the right amount of imagination.

"Do not be sad, Tom.
Daddy did once have a
vivid imagination,
but he has forgotten
how to dream,"
Geraldene said.

Tom heard Nan arrive and ran to tell her.
"Come quick, Nan, I have something to show you!"

When Tom and Nan went into his room, Nan smiled.
Geraldene was not a toy, she was a real giraffe.

Tom was very surprised.
"How can Nan see you?" he asked.

"Nan can see me because, she
never lost her imagination."
Geraldene smiled.

Tom and Nan hugged Geraldene together.

"I will never lose my imagination,"
Tom said.

Thank You
This book would not be possible without the
love and kindness of family and friends. Thank
you to Tara Popp, Christina Reyes, Siobhan
Smith, Georgie Luhur and Liz Lawson for assistance with editing. Your help is forever appreciated.
A special thank you to Sandra and Kel, for your support, encouragement and infinite friendship, I love you.
Inspired by the memory of my amazing nanna, Alice,

About the Author
Kassandra O'Shea lives in a small country
town in New South Wales, Australia. She
loves to design, create, photograph and
make things.

Kassandra O’Shea

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