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Types Of Consumers In An

Updated on October 23, 2011
In this article the different types of consumers that make up an ecosystem are put into perspective but
before we do that its important that we know what an ecosystem is. If you are in search of the types of
consumers in business and marketing types click here.
What is an ecosystem?
An ecosystem is a biological term depicting an environment that brings together or is home to various
living and non living organisms.
The article isnt about discussing how the ecosystem works but will rather dwell on the different types of
consumers that make up the ecosystem.
Herbivores are living organisms that mostly feed on plant based products like leaves, grass, some fruits
and shrubs.
carnivores are meat eating animals that acquire their food and energy and nutrients needs of their bodies
through feeding on other animal tissues. Carnivores can either be scavengers or predators. Scavengers
are those consumers who feed on dead organisms that have either died through the natural way or were
killed by predators like the lion. The predators rarely eat dead organisms but instead hunt and kill their
pray before they eat them. The carnivores are mostly to be found in the animal kingdom but there exists
some few of them in the plant kingdom. There are carnivorous plants that feed on such things as insects
that come near them.
Omnivores are types of consumers that are similar to both herbivores and carnivores in one way or
another in terms of the types of foods they happen to eat. They eat both animals and plants products to
derive energy and nutrients. Note that omnivores usually dont eat every plant or animal that comes their
way but are selective in nature on what they prey on. They only consume on things that good for them
and their general being and avoid on food substances may not be suitable for consumption or that poses
a health threat to them. A typical example of an omnivore is man.
Saprophytes are types of consumers or organisms that generally get their food and nutrients from
decaying or non living organisms. Fungi are a good example of a saprophyte.

Individual sport
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An individual sport is a sport in which

participants compete as individuals.


Figure skating



Knife throwing

Krav Maga

Mixed martial arts




Power lifting


Rock climbing








Speed skating





Examples of individual sports include:



Auto racing











Table Tennis


Table Football


T'ai chi ch'uan


Tenpin bowling

What is the difference between individual

and dual sports?


In individual sports, a player competes without a partner, but in dual sports, a player
has two or more partners. An example of an individual sport is tennis. On the other
hand, double tennis is an example of a dual sport. The other kind of sport is team sport,
where games are played by a group of people against an opposing group.

What are examples of dual sports?

What were sports like in the late 1800s?

What are dual stunts?


The advantage of individual sport is that the player does as he pleases and does not
have to listen to the ideas of another player. Dual sports may be a bit complicated as
one player has to effectively link his ideas with those of his partner. However, the
advantage of dual sport is that the two players complement each other. Athletics can
have a single player competing against others, but it can also have a number of players
on one team, such as in relay. Other examples of individual sports are boxing,
bodybuilding, cycling, surfing, darts, archery, bowling, golf, karate, gymnastics,
shooting, squash, taekwondo, yoga and javelin. Examples of dual sports are badminton,
chess, synchronized swimming and table tennis. Examples of team sports are hockey,
cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, rowing, and handball. A dual sport varies from an
individual sport in that it may need a larger playing ground. On the other hand, team
sports need the largest area of play not only to accommodate the players, but also the

Give at least 50 examples of

individual or dual sports?

8.Mens track and Field

9.Womens Grass Tennis
10.Womens Tennis - Clay

Some examples of individual or dual

sports include:

11.Womens Tennis - Indoor

1.Womens Basketball

12.Womens Tennis - Outdoor

2.Mens Basketball

13. Mens tennis -Grass

3.Womens indoor volleyball

14.Mens tennis- Clay

4.Womens Beach Volleyball

15. Mens tennis - indoor

5.Men's indoor Volleyball

16.Mens tennis - outdoor

6.Men's Beach Volleyball

17. Mens Racquetball

7.Womens Track and Field

18.Womens racquetballall

19. Women's Lacross


20. Mens Lacross

48. Gymnastics

21. Powder puff Football


22. Mens American football

50.Car Racing

23. Women's soccer

24.Mens soccer
25. Rugby
27. Barrel Racing

2013 250 Dual Sport

Motorcycle Shootout
Adam Waheed | March 18, 2013

28. Team Calf Roping

29. Mens Baseball
30.Womens softball
31.Mens swimming
32.Womens swimming
33.Womens Diving
34.Mens Diving
35.White Water Rafting
36. BMX racing
37. Dirt bike racing
38. Power lifting
39.Ping pong
40.Cross Country
41.Snow boarding
43.Water Skiing
44. Ice skating
45. Ice Racing
46.Ice Hockey

To some motorcycling is about

versatile, go anywhere, do anything
transportation. And thats where dualsports fit in. They are the twowheeled version of an SUV capable of
taking you past the concrete
boundaries of civilization and into the
wild like few machines can. Within
this category the 250cc four-stroke
class is not only the most accessible
in terms of affordability, but also the
most adept at treading on trails due
to their reasonable dimensions and
curb weight paired with high fuel
effi ciency. In this test we contrast the
differences between three of Japans

top brands in the 2013 Dual Sport

Motorcycle Shootout.
In our last dual-sport shootout
(see 2010 Dual Sport Motorcycle
Shootout ) the WR250R reigned
supreme, offering the ideal
ingredients both on and off-road
making it a capable dual-sport. The
blue machine has remained
aside from updated graphics and the
yearly MSRP increase. With a price
tag of $6390 it is once again the most
expensive bike, and by a wide
margin. For most it will be a tough pill
to swallow and an element that could
once again limit its popularity.
Like Yamaha, the KLX250S platform
has remained the same for the last
few years. Although it still relies on a
carburetor to deliver fuel to the
engine, for some that older
technology will be a boon as it equals
added mechanical simplicity and a
more organic motorcycle feel. In spite
of its price having crept up by a few
hundred dollars at $5099, its still one
heck of a value.

Despite offering a 250cc dual-sport in

other parts of the world, up until this
year Big Red didnt produce this style
of motorcycle for American
consumption. That all changed with
the release of the CRF250L. The 250
replaces the smaller
sized CRF230L and is designed to
appeal to a wider range of
motorcyclists with its full-sized
chassis and larger water- cooled
250cc engine. Somehow Honda was
able to keep price down and is
offering the bike at $4809 making it a
hard deal to pass up.
In the spirit of exploration and
exploiting the authentic capabilities
of these machines we set off to one
of Americas most rugged landscapes:
Death Valley. We camped off the grid,
away from the lights and cell phone
towers of the city and inhaled the
same rustic air that 49ers and other
pioneers did so many years ago.
Along the way we rode across a
variety of terrain, mostly un-paved, to
get a true sense of where these bikes
excel and where they dont. Each bike
was then rated via our tried and true
scoring system giving us a winner.

"Individual and Dual Sports"

a. differentiate Individual sports and Dual sports;
b. enumerate the examples of Individual and Dual sports; and
c. perform the different examples of Individual and Dual sports.

"Individual sports"

An Individual sport is where you play as one team and it refers to a sports in which
participants compete as an individual

Examples of individual sports:

1. Archery- is the art, practice, or skill of propelling "arrows" with the use of a "bow".

2. Badminton- is a "racquet sport" played by either two opposing players or two opposing
pairs, who take position on opposite halves of a rectangular court that is divided by a net.

3. Boxing- also called as "pugilism", is a combat sport in which two people engage in a
contest using only their fists.

4. Golf- is a precision club and ball sport, in which competing players use many types of
clubs to hit the balls into a series of holes on a golf course using the fewest number of

5. Table Tennis- also known as "ping-pong, is a sports in which two or four players hit a
lightweight hollow ball back and fourth using table tennis rackets.

"Dual Sports"

Dual sports is a sport where in you played with someone else.

Examples of Dual sports:

1. Chess- is a two player board game, played on a chessboard, a square-checkered board
with 64 squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid.

2. Basketball- is a dual sports, the objective being to shoot a ball through a basket
horizontally positioned to score points while following a set of rules.

3. Synchronized Swimming- is a hybrid form of swimming dance and

gymnastics, consisting of swimmers performing a synchronized routine of elaborate moves
in the water, accompanied by music.