The 3 IDIOTS Controversies The concepts that are touched in the film of 3 Idiots are totally new to the

whole of Indian families. The thing different with this kind of movie is that it s a totally different concept. To let the child decide what he want s to do, is totally different a concept. It s a serious choice in todays world upto parents that they let the children do as per their liking if they chose the happiness of the child. Like it happens with R. Madhavan, who is so crazy about the animal photography but then he is forced into Engineering. The result is that, that out of the three friends, Raju, Rancho and Farhan, Rancho is the only one who is able to get good ranks in Engineering. Farhan flunks day after day in Engineering. Raju believes that in pleasing God, Goddesses and wearing all sorts of rings so that he passes in the exams. Rancho is the one who encourages them, to bring in the real Farhan and Raju. So on their graduation day Farhan find the courage to finally talk to his Dad that he wants to do wildlife photography. And finally Raju does wear those rings and bags a job in a good software company. Yes, it s a very different perspective from what the parents are brought up with. Because the generation gap between their parents and them was not as much as that between them and us. During our parents time, there were less career options, great limitations, less transportation and communication facilities and media facilities. But now, there are so many branches coming up. There are many avenues wherein if the student can get an overview of the whole subject and work in that direction. Students become more responsible, choosy and think futuristically that what are the prospects regarding his own growth, career wise, financially, can have enough savings and can still be a hot shot regarding his career and still enjoys what he is doing. This is the modern concept of SELF MANAGEMENT. Hence, to bring into force, the concept of self management, in many of the countries, that kind of training begins right from the childhood. It maybe, selecting a party dress that the child attends as an example. Well suggestions are welcome from them always but at last its they, who say that they said what they felt like now you chose what you want to wear. But if that s the case in India the moment the child chooses something different for his parents, they take it to heart that he does not care about them and all sorts of other things. Now that s the thing that should stop. It s a very small thing to make an issue of but the damage caused by the parents on the child s psychology is so immense that it lingers on and on and come out in a very rebellious way in the future. Well the initial difficulty faced by the child of indecisiveness is taken by the parents that he doesn t have his own thinking and just this kind of thinking ruins the child s life forever and ever. Suppose there are two children in the same family the parents tend to compare the bright child with the indecisive child and consciously he thinks that he is a failure. Such children have a hard time facing anything in the world just with the simple thought that when his parents are not excepting him how the heck the whole world will. But the reality then changes that he is accepted by his limited number of friends and the world but becomes more and more rebellious with parents. If the situation worsens he takes up adverse steps like committing suicide. Parents force their child to take up the career that they like. But if the child is not happy doing it then it does not mean that the parents made a wrong choice but it means that the child wants to take up the responsibility of his career on his own. As and when the responsibilities come he adapts himself and

makes himself what he finally wants to be. Rather it is now parents choice to help the child be bright in his career by allowing him to choose or make him so dependent on them in every way that the child is lost in another world. In the latter case he becomes merely a child who just rebels against his parents for what they have done with his life. And it doesn t matter how much time, energy or the money they have spent for making his future. And he questions all the closest relationships and wonders when he will be relieved from those relationships. And that s the time he really needs parents but they don t listen and the friends don t help out. He really feels that he is being picked by his neck by this ferrous giant up in the air and no matter how hard he tries to reach the ground and free himself, he cannot. Because the giant s grip starts getting tighter than ever before. Hence, it s time for all of us to really come out of these kinds of situations. There may be majority of people who might have loved the film but then when the time comes for them to let their child do what they want, they back off. The reason that they give is that they have sacrificed so much in their lives and made a living and saw the dream that their child would become a doctor or an engineer. But maybe he just wants to become a Radio Jockey or study in some institution for dramatics or make his life in Human Resource Development or be an anthropologist and just travel around the world. The choice of the kid is usually considered immature because they are very well protected in their homes. But if the child is given everything and even then not given the choice of his own career, he will become a suicidal case of Joy. Many a times the parents think too much beyond the capacity of the child. Like for example he cannot do good in his 10th boards then they will worry that he will not be able to cope in 12th Science and hence will just be a clerk or stenographer or an accountant which is not what they want because they themselves are Engineers and Doctors. And due to so much thinking of them the child loses his capacity to think about what is good or bad for him. Before he opens his mouth he is being mentally prepared for the next step not at all concerned whether the child wants to take it up or not. On the other hand, it is also true that if the child cannot make it through in 12th Science then he cannot dream of becoming the best astronomer in NASA, USA. He must know his pros and cons, his responsibilities and a fair idea about what will become of him after he does MCom or MBA. Will he be able to compete with other and how in the very best way can he find a better job, better pay and and a better living so that he can support his own parents start his own family and look after each and every need of them. So it s a more asking children to choose what they like to do in the future and what not. If they themselves choose they flunk or they come out with flying colours, the whole and sole hero of his life is the student himself. Or the parents force him into something that he doesn t like, then they will have to hear things like they have spoilt his life and that way they will lose him day by day and one day he will be no more for them.

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