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Local Agenda

Thi Qar province in Iraq

Abdullah hayal Khalaf


Introduction about local agenda 21

in Thi Qar
Thi qar is one of the Iraqi provinces in my country
which has an area around 12,900 km2.components
of the social life many for example (oil, agricultural
land, some of industries, ranching, chicken
farming, fisheries and tourism) but no investment
for that. Investment and development very
weak .we cannot say, there are plan for the future
because till now, we do not have infrastructure for
the city. the people suffer from this problem
especially in the winter .air quality is not good and
the reasons for that many , I will discuss that for
every statement and giving the reasons that are
making happen in the city and important
suggestion to make the city sustainability and the
people can live comfortable and stability. although
for educational very high in the city , the plans
very law and the government are tried to realize
the problems to figure out the crisis solutions but
the economic situation deteriorating is hampered
the statement and postpone the planning till
recover from the economic situation deteriorating
and salvation of war . I will explain every one
.locally and futurity

Quality of governance and

provide various residential areas for various *
people levels and budgets
provide services close to the residential area to *
not designate the people go outside their zones for
respect special case requires like disabilities and*
blind people
provide low cost houses, or flats for homeless and *
provide served residential center for senior people
and disable people
improve planning strategy to make Thi Qar (my *
home town) attraction area
improve shopping centers and other facilities like *
restaurants and parks to attract people and to earn
the benefit that will go to the people in that
improved the overall quality of life for citizens *
and by coordinating investment in housing with
investment in economic, social and environmental

enable housing need to be played effectively and *

on an affordable basis, especially for key groups
.such as homeless and old people

Integration of transportation and

make a central station include all cases of strings *
that reach all the areas all around the urban center
make bus terminal and station near to the central *
train station to make it easy come from another
city by trains or buses switch to other trains or
passenger vehicle
improved the road system in Thi Qar by making *
use of the spaces beside the previous roads and
make it more encompassing
keep the green spaces and plants in the middle *
strip to cut the air contamination
increase the pedestrian field, particularly in the *
city core and high density fields and provide
passage in the walkways for disables people
improved bus system and replace older buses *
with new singles with new engineering systems for
navigations and observation systems

We have a problem in parking space in my
.hometown especially near shopping center
the lack of parking spaces that means that this *
area is an attraction area and people want to use
public transportation therefore the suitable
solution is making multistory parking and improve
public transportation facilities
reduce parking spaces in the streets and *
encourage people to use public transportation by
offer good prices per travel

Minimize the environmental

impact due to surge in travel
the congestion with traffic in the city center is the *
.main cause of air pollution and noise
It's should provided with plants to provide a good
environment to walk and reduce the pollution and
the plantation it should include the middle strips
and walkways for the pedestrians
Water quality and drainage system
The water sometimes affect with some causes like
dust, dirt and other solid pollution and chemical
solutions from the acid rains and factories all of
that are washed rainwater into drains, the water

sometimes discharge untreated water into local

decrease the impervious are by make the parking *
lot impervious by layers of graded aggregate and
the surface from stones or design the residential
area in way reduce the impervious area
reduce the quality of the rains becomes surface *
runoff by make detention or storage tank for the
extra water from development (Q after
development is smaller than Q before

:Air quality
The main cause of the air pollution is traffic
congestion to decrease the pollution of the air
should be decreasing the numbers of vehicles
going to the city and this can be done by motivate
the people to use public transportation

Buffering zones should be planned between
commercial and residential areas as distance is an
effective method for reducing noise levels and it is
cost effective
Shopping centers should be planned and
developed that place the rear of the stores out by

the busy street and the parking lot between the

stores front and the residential property lines

:Landscape and biodiversity

The assessment of biodiversity in managed
:landscapes remains a problem for mainly
diversity measure strongly depend on the chosen *
spatio-temporal scale of the prevailing assessment
and unfortunately there are no satisfying scaling
function applicable to transfer result to another

:Renewable energy
Thi Qar has no renewable energy facilities should
adopt some project to develop alternative methods
include solar energy facilities and wind power and
geothermal energy we can also use solar houses to
provide energy for the house and its suitable in Thi
.Qar because the weather is hot most of the time

Lighting is needed in many areas in the interest
of public safety and it can enhanced the
appearance of the buildings, however much
external lighting is poorly designed, controlled and
misdirect and this can cause light pollution. The
benefit of well designed and coordinate lighting
include a reduction in overall energy consumption

and an enhanced evening economy as well as

.reduce light pollution and good personal safety

:Open spaces
Local plans should establish open space standards
based upon the national playing field association
minimum standard. This standard require the
provision of 2.4 hectares of open space per 1000
population of this 1.6 hectares should be for sport
.and 0.8 hectares for children play parks

:Safety and security

Good planning and environmental design can
contribute to reducing the opportunity for crime to
occur and people's fear crime. The city council
should establish some crimes prevention
programs. Increase mobile patrols and response
service, installing security cameras in and around
vital areas and start educational programs to raise
.public awareness