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I Am an Armed Cop/ Stay Away From my Gun

I am a cop. When I was hired, I realized that part of my job might be to risk my life for the greater good.
However, I did not agree that it would be part of my job to die without a fight. When you try to grab my
lethal force firearm, it triggers a life and death struggle. Dont believe the activists, who know nothing
about police procedures, who tell you I should respond by grabbing a non-lethal force tool such as a
Taser or pepper spray. I wont put my life at risk in a life and death situation by relying on a tool that
many times does not work.
The activists will say that this had something to do with your ethnicity, age or mental state and use the
term unarmed. If you grab my firearm, I cannot and will not consider these factors. What I will
consider is my familys faces flashing through my mind, my wish to live and the memory of a fellow
Minnesota peace officer who was recently shot by his own weapon after he was disarmed. I know that
you are unarmed only until you are armed with my firearm.
If you die in this struggle, you are the one who did something wrong, not me. I was doing my job the
best I could. I will regret this tragic incident ever took place, but I will not be ashamed or intimidated.

State Representative Tony Cornish

Chairman / Public Safety Crime Prevention Committee
Retired 32 Year Peace Officer