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Is this a Question of ethics or a potential conflict of interest? Has this fencing case created an issue here when the
prosecutor's are, prosecuting someone who's accusing them of Intentional Prosecutorial Misconduct that involved
dishonesty, fraud, deceit, falsification of legal documents, misrepresentation, civil rights violations, intimating
legal council's, FBI impersonation, releasing intentional inflammatory false statements to the media that would
have a substantial likelihood of prejudicing the criminal adjudicative proceeding, providing false information to
the judge, trying the yellow house business owners in the media, violating the speedy trial rights, manipulating the
Investigation to boost their chances of winning a conviction, obstruction of justice and releasing a 4-time
convicted felon "Patrick Nieder" serving a 10 year sentence after serving only 2-yrs. in a deal to get a false
testimony before a grand jury to get the 4-th indictment in the case,?"
Although the Department of Justice office also has jurisdiction to investigate allegations of misconduct by law
enforcement personnel, would it be ethical for the Prosecuting attorney Marietta Parker while directly involved
with prosecuting a case, to also be involved with sending a Kansas City FBI agent by the name of Bob Schaefer,
when that agency or Agent does not have jurisdiction over the Lawrence Kansas area, to investigate a formal
complaint of police misconduct submitted by a defendant that the Prosecuting attorney Marietta Parker is
overseeing the prosecution of? Would it be a conflict of interest or potential question of ethics violation for
Prosecuting Attorney Marietta Parker to have an FBI agent that she is associated with, and has a potential to pull
favors with, to investigate a complaint against Law enforcement personnel that is handling a case she is personally
associated with and currently prosecuting.

FBI agent Scott Gentine from the FBI in Topeka has confirmed Prosecuting U.S. Attorney Marietta Parker from
the Kansas City Department of Justice sent down an agent by the name of Bob Schaefer from the Kansas City FBI
to investigate a 2006 formal complaint alleging Lawrence police officers impersonated FBI agents during the
investigating submitted by Attorney Sarah Swain to the Lawrence Police Departments Internal Affairs Sergeant
Dan Ward on behalf of her clients Guy and Carrie Neighbors owners of the Yellow House Store, located in
Lawrence Kansas.
It is confirmed by the Kansas City FBI that complaints involving Lawrence Kansas are only handled by the
Topeka FBI and are not within the jurisdiction of the Kansas City FBI agency. FBI agencies will only handle cases
within their jurisdictions. Yet that rule has been disregarded in this case.
The rules of conflict of interest are designed to assure the public gets a fair deal! In order to provide a level of
impartiality. The law mandates that all parties have no connection, otherwise when personal interests are involved,
an obstruction of justice, potential improprieties and corruption has a greater potential to occur. Especially where
the potential of forfeitures for the Government agency exist!

Where is the credibility of an investigation that is burdened by actual and potential conflicts of interest, that is
falsely announced as completed, when not a single interview took place, nor were any documents or affidavits
reviewed by the Agent or the investigating agency, and no file exist at the FBI office that a investigation was ever
performed even after the agent Bob Schaefer was quoted in the news paper stating the Lawrence police was
cleared of any wrong doing

Were the owners of the Yellow House Store denied their right to a fair and impartial investigation of their formal
complaints of Lawrence Police officer's Jay Bialek and Mickey Rantz Impersonated FBI agents during the
There is no discipline short of Disbarment that would be appropriate in this case given the magnitude of offenses
and the effect this case will have on the profession and the public.
Just because someone hollers out a crime has been committed just dose not make it so, and the "Yellow House "
case will make a perfect example of that.
The Yellow house case will put the Presumption of Innocence back on the radar screen.
Will prosecutors across the country see fallout from the "yellow house" case as a defense strategy used to discredit
other cases and paint them as overzealous prosecutors with something to prove ?
This case has been a Fiasco "it seems the root of it is self deception arising out of self interest"
We have prosecutor's who are faced with a very unusual situation in which the confluence of their self interest
collided with a very volatile mix of race, dishonest and deceit.
To permit Marietta N. Parker and Terra D. Morehead to continue to fumble along with this case would make a
MOCKERY of our criminal justice system.
This case shows either Total incompetence or misconduct on a scale that is extraordinary.

P.S. Still waiting for Justice

Guy Neighbors.