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PMP Exam 1


____Introduction, Framework & Initiating PG___

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Total Questions: 30

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Choose one of the best choices available for each question. All questions are mandatory.
1. The VP of marketing approaches you and requests that you change the visitor logon screen on
the companys website to include a username with at least six characters. This is considered as
a. Project initiation

b. Ongoing operations

c. A project

d. Project execution

2. Which organization has set the de facto standards for project management techniques?

b. PMO

c. PMI

d. PMA

3. A project manager works in a company favoring the weakest authority for the project manager
the type of organization that holds the project manager to be the weakest is:
a. Projectized

b. Strong matrix

c. Weak matrix

d. Balanced matrix

4. During the life of a project, the project will go through several phases initiating, planning,
execution, monitoring & control and closeout. Which phase of the project is likely to have the
greatest amount of its funding spent?
a. Initiating

b. Planning

c. Executing

d. Closeout

5. The document that is proof of upper managements commitment to the project and gives the
authority to manage the project to the project manager is called:
a. The project plan
c. The project charter

b. The project goals and objectives

d. The project definition

6. Configuration management (part of PMIS) is:

a. Used to ensure that the description of the project product is correct and complete
b. The creation of work breakdown structure
c. The set of procedures developed to ensure that project design criteria are met
d. A mechanism to track budget and schedule variances
7. A project manager has just become the manager of a project. The document that recognizes the
existence of the project is called:
a. The statement of work
b. The project assignment
c. The project charter
d. The product description
8. Your company manufactures small kitchen appliances. They are introducing a new product line
of appliances in designer colors with distinctive features for kitchens in small spaces. These new

products will be offered indefinitely starting with the spring catalog release. Which of the
following is true?
a. This is a project because this new product line has never been manufactured and sold by this company
b. This is an ongoing operation because the company is in the business of manufacturing kitchen
appliances. Introducing designer colors and features is simply a new twist on an existing process.
c. This is an ongoing operation because the new product line will be sold indefinitely. Its not temporary.
d. This is not a project or an ongoing operation. This is a new product introduction not affecting ongoing
9. A project is considered successful when _________________
a. The product of the project has been manufactured.
b. The project sponsor announces the completion of the project.
c. The product of the project is turned over to the operations area to handle the ongoing aspects of the
d. The project meets or exceeds the expectations of the stakeholders.
10. Stakeholders can be identified in which project management process groups?
a. Initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling and closing
b. Initiating and planning
c. Planning and monitoring and controlling
d. Monitoring and controlling and closing
11. Youve decided to try your hand at project management in the entertainment industry. Youre
working on a movie production and the team has just completed the storyboard phase of the
project. Which of the following is true?
a. The storyboard is a deliverable that marks the end of the phase. The deliverable must be approved
before the next phase begins.
b. The storyboard phase marks the end of the Initiating process group and the next phase of the project
should begin.
c. All of the phases of this project together make up a program.
d. The division of phases and determining which processes to use in each phase is called tailoring.
12. The amount of authority a project manager possesses can be related to ___________________
a. The project managers communication skills
b. The organizational structure
c. The amount of authority the manager of the project manager possesses
d. Key stakeholders influence on the project
13. You have been assigned to a project in which the objectives are to direct customer calls to an
interactive voice response system before being connected to a live agent. You are in charge of the
media communications for this project. You report to the project manager in charge of this project
and the VP of marketing, who share responsibility for this project. Which organizational structure
do you work in?
a. Functional organization
b. Weak matrix organization
c. Projectized organization
d. Balanced matrix organization
14. Which of the following statements best describes the influence of stakeholders over the life of
a project?

a. Stakeholders ultimately direct all project activities.

b. Stakeholder influence is low at the beginning and tends to grow throughout the project.
c. Stakeholder influence is the highest at the beginning and tends to decrease throughout the project.
d. Stakeholders do not directly influence the project's outcome; they only provide authority and resources.
15. The project manager is assigned in the:
a. Charter

b. Project Plan

c. SOW

d. Management Plan

16. Youve been hired as a manager for the Adjustments Department of a nationwide bank based
in your city. The Adjustments Department is responsible for making corrections to customer
accounts. This is a large department, with several smaller sections that deal with specific
accounts; for example, personal checking or commercial checking. Youve received your first set
of management reports and cant make heads or tails of the information. Each section appears to
use a different methodology to audit their work and record the data for the management report.
You request a project manager from the PMO to come down and get started right away on a
project to streamline this process and make the data and reports consistent. This project came
about as a result of which of the following?
a. Technological advance

b. Business need

c. Customer request

d. Legal requirement

17. What are the inputs to the Develop Project Charter process?
a. Contract, project SOW, enterprise environmental factors, organizational process assets
b. Project SOW, project selection methods, organizational process assets
c. Contract, project selection methods, enterprise environmental factors, organizational process assets
d. Project SOW, project selection methods, enterprise environmental factors
18. Your nonprofit organization is preparing to host its first annual 5K run/walk in City Park. You
worked on a similar project for the organization two years ago when it co hosted the 10K run
through Overland Pass. Which of the organizational process assets might be helpful to you on
your new project?
a. The strategic plan, because youll want to make sure the project reflects the overall strategic direction
of the organization
b. Historical information on the 10K run project
c. The project SOW, which describes the high-level details of the run/walk program
d. The organizations PMIS system
19. You are the project manager for Techiesoft International. Since you dont sleep much, you get
a lot of project work done. Youre considering recommending a project that costs $575,000;
expected inflows are $25,000 per quarter for the first two years and then $75,000 per quarter
thereafter. What is the payback period?
a. 40 months

b. 38 months

c. 39 months

d. 41 months

20. Mathematical models using linear, dynamic, integer, or algorithm models are considered as
a. Project selection criteria
b. A form of expert judgment
c. Project selection methods
d. A form of historical information
21. You are a project manager for ITSs traveling Rodeo Show. Youre heading up a project to
promote a new line of souvenirs to be sold at the shows. Youre ready to document the processes

youll use to perform the project as well as define how the project will be executed, controlled, and
closed. Which of the following is true?
a. You are working on the project scope management plan.
b. You are working on the product scope statement.
c. You are working on the project management plan.
d. You are working on the project scope statement.
22. Which of the following processes serve as inputs to each other?
a. Executing, and Monitoring and Controlling
c. Planning, and Monitoring and Controlling

b. Executing and Closing

d. Executing and Initiation

23. The project life cycle differs from the product life cycle in that the product life cycle:
a. Does not incorporate a methodology
c. Can spawn many projects.

b. Is different for each industry.

d. Describes project management activities.

24. What are the characteristics of a Project?

a. A project is a temporary endeavor to create a unique product/service/result
b. Temporary, uniqueness and Progressive elaboration
c. A project in a large organization is similar to programs
d. Project should have SMART objective
25. Which of the following is correct?
a. Vision, Mission, Strategic Goals, Strategic Initiatives, Programs, Projects, Deliverables
b. Vision, Strategic Initiatives, Programs, Projects, Goals / Deliverables
c. Mission, Strategic Goals, Strategic Initiatives, Programs, Projects, Outcome
d. Strategic Initiatives, Programs, Projects
26. Your company plans to introduce PMO function in their structure. VP of Projects & Quality
says the PMO should manage the resources within the projects. A well experienced Accounts
Manager says the PMO should take care of cost calculations for all projects in the Organization.
And the CEO is of the opinion that PMO should oversee all the currently run projects & report to
him on a periodic basis. Whose inputs would you consider?
a. VP Projects & Quality
b. Accounts Manager
c. CEO
d. PMO should do all the work said and also take more work from other big shots in the Organization.
27. In Stakeholder Register, following information is mandated. What are they?
a. Identification information, assessment information, stakeholder classification
b. Name of Stakeholder, role, contact information, requirements, expectations, supporter/ resistor
c. Stakeholders name, position, interested/ not interested in success of the project
d. Identification information, stakeholder classification

28. What is the easiest formula for calculation of present value?

a. Future value divided by rate of interest + 1 to the power of no. of years

b. PV = FV / (1-r)^n
c. PV = NPV + Investment
d. PV = FV / (1-n)^r
29. A new project manager is keenly looking at lessons learnt & financial information of a 10 year
old successful project held by a different project manager. What is he up to?
a. He is looking at organizational process assets, to take some clue for his current project
b. He is trying to find fault in the previous project
c. He is proving to be a smart guy in front of his boss
d. He is trying to learn the success formula & implement the same in his project
30. The main disadvantage of working for a projectized organization is
a. No professionalism with team members
b. No career growth
c. No home when projects are completed
d. Project manager has full authority but he is incapable of handling a team or any people issues