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The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah

Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami) 

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and eating. make the intention of Nafl I’tikaf because as long as you stay in the Masjid you will keep obtaining the reward of Nafl (supererogatory) I’tikaf. Whenever you enter a Masjid. Excellence of reciting Salat-‘Alan-Nabi  The Prophet of Rahmah. The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah ّٰ َ ۡ َ َ َ ٰ ۡ َ َ َ ٰ ٰ َ َ ‫ـب ا‬ ‫و ال ِك واصحبِك يـا حبِي‬ ّٰ ۡ ُ َ َ ٰ ۡ َ َ َ ٰ ٰ َ َ ‫ـو َر ا‬ ‫و ال ِــك واصــحبِك يــا نـ‬ ۡ َ ٰ َ ُ ّٰ َ ِ َ ‫ا ت َعا عن ُهم‬ ‫رض‬ ّٰ َ َ َ َ َ َّ َ ُ ٰ َّ َ ‫الس& ُم عل ۡيك يَا َر ُس ۡول ا‬ ‫الصلوة و‬ ّٰ َّ َ َ َ ۡ َ َ ُ َ َّ َ ُ ٰ َّ َ ‫ـب ا‬ ِ ‫الصلوة والس&م عليك يـا ن‬ َ ۡ ۡ َ َّ ُ ُ ۡ َ َ ‫ِعتِك ِف‬0‫ت ا‬ ‫ن و يت س ن‬ Translation: I have made the intention of Sunnah I’tikaf. upon remembering. and the Owner of  Jannah    ٖ . the Intercessor of the Ummah.$ -. drinking and sleeping will also become permissible for you in the Masjid. . pp. ‘O people! Undoubtedly.dawateislami. on the Day of Judgement the person who will attain salvation from its horrors and accountability amongst you will be the one who would have recited Salat upon me abundantly in the world. Hadees 8210) ‫ﮔﺮ ا ُن ﮐﯽ َرﺳﺎﺋﯽ ﮨﮯ ﻟَﻮ ﺟﺐ ﺗﻮ ﺑَﻦ ا ٓﺋﯽ ﮨﮯ‬ ‫ُﺳﻨﺘﮯ ﮨﯿﮟ ﮐﮧ َﻣﺤ َﴩ ﻣﯿﮟ ﴏف ا ُن ﮐﯽ َرﺳﺎﺋﯽ ﮨﮯ‬ َ ُ ٰ َ ٰ َ ُ ّٰ َّ َ ‫ا ت َعا  م َّمد‬ ‫صل‬ َ َ ۡ ُّ َ َۡ  ‫الب ِ ۡيب‬ ‫صلوا‬ 1 www. 471.’ (Al-Firdaus-ul-Akhbar. 2.              has said.

let’s make good  intentions for attaining rewards. The Beloved Prophet    ٖ .The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami) Dear Islamic brothers! Before listening to the Bayan.

4. Hadees 5942) Two Madani pearls  Without a good intention. and arguing with them. no reward is granted for a good deed. I also make the intention that I would deliver this speech (Bayan) in order to seek the pleasure of Allah      and for reaping the rewards.dawateislami. ‘ٖ‫ ’نِية المؤم ِِن خي مِن عمل ِه‬The intention of a believer is better than his action. I will approach other people by making Salaam. I will reply loudly with When I hear ‫الب ِ ۡيب‬ the intention of gaining reward and encouraging others to also recite.  The more righteous intentions one makes the greater reward he will attain. Instead of resting against a wall etc. pp. 6. (Al-Mu’jam-ul-Kabeer. If someone pushes me. Lowering my eyes. I will remain patient & calm and avoid staring. and for making individual efforts upon them. ‫ت ۡو ُب ۡوا ا ِ ا‬.              has ۡ ُ ۡ ُ َّ َ َ ۡ ّ ٌۡ َ said. 2 www. etc. I will listen to the Bayan attentively. ‫اذك ُروا ا‬. َ َ ۡ ُّ َ ّٰ ُ ۡ ُ ّٰ َ ُ َۡ  ‫صلوا‬. 2. 3.. I will sit in Attahiyyaat position as long as possible with the intention of showing respect for religious knowledge. . After the Bayan. َ ُ ٰ َ ٰ َ ُ ّٰ َّ َ ‫ا ت َعا  م َّمد‬ ‫صل‬ َ َ ۡ ُّ َ َۡ  ‫الب ِ ۡيب‬ ‫صلوا‬ Intentions of delivering the Bayan 1. Intentions of listening to the Bayan 1. vol. 5. shaking hands.. I will make room for others by folding my hands and limbs and by moving slightly. 6. 185.

I will deliver my speech (Bayan) by reading from a book of an authentic Sunni scholar.The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami) 2. verse 125)  And the Beloved Rasool    ٖ . Surah An-Nahl. < = Translation from Kanz-ul-Iman: ‘Call towards the path of your Lord with sound planning and good advice.’ (Part 14. 3. Allah      has stated in the Glorious Quran: ۡ  ۡ ۡ  ۡ ٰ ۡ 1 2  34 1 5 ۡ   1  63 4 - $ 7 $  8 ۡ 9  :.

In order to develop the habit of protecting my eyes from sins I will. or pronouncing difficult words. Whilst reciting poetry or speaking Arabic. Hadees 4361) 4. 7. That is to say. as far as possible. I will encourage the people to travel with Madani Qafilahs. English. َ ُ ٰ َ ٰ َ ُ ّٰ َّ َ ‫ا ت َعا  م َّمد‬ ‫صل‬ َ َ ۡ ُّ َ َۡ  ‫الب ِ ۡيب‬ ‫صلوا‬ 3 www. 6. 8. I will avoid delivering my speech with the intention to impress the audience with my knowledge.dawateislami. I will focus my attention on the sincerity of my .’ (Sahih Bukhari. I will avoid laughing and prevent others from laughing as well. lower my gaze.            has said: ٓ َ ّۡ َ َُّۡ ‫ن َول ۡو ايَة‬ ِ ‫بل ِغوا ع‬ ‘Convey from me even if it is a single verse. to practice upon the Madani In’amaat and to join the ‘Ilaqa’i Daura for Nayki ki Da’wat’ (area visit for calling towards righteousness). 5. I would follow these abovementioned commandments by calling people towards righteousness and will forbid them from committing evil deeds.

The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami) Great passion of sacrifice Dear Islamic brothers! The subject of today’s event is the ‘Great eminence of the blessed companions   !     ! " !.

Let’s listen to a faith-refreshing parable regarding the ‘Great eminence of the blessed companions   !     ! " !. #  $ ’.

Beside him came a groan from a wounded soldier. I went  # out looking for my cousin. Let’s listen to a parable from the first volume. I approached him with the water I had. (‘Uyoon-ul-Hikayaat. I found him completely drenched in blood. pp. Then I went back to Sayyiduna Hishaam   !        $ and he had also joined the other two. Before I got to him he had embraced martyrdom.  # I had hardly reached him when another person groaned and Sayyiduna Hishaam   !      #    $ also motioned me in the other person’s direction. #  $ ’: ‘Uyoon-ul-Hikayaat – a publication of Maktaba-tul-Madinah. comprises of two volumes. I took some water with me. My cousin looked at him and signaled to me to take the water to that soldier. page 73. 1. parable 17: Sayyiduna Abu Jahm Bin Huzayfah   !         $ has narrated that in the battle of Yarmook. vol. who was in the battle. it contains numerous thought provoking parables. 73)  #      (" !. suffering the last throes of death. That soldier was Sayyiduna Hishaam Bin ‘Aas   !       $ .

exalted and lofty was the eminence and glory of the blessed companions   !     ! " !.  %  '! !  !& How elevated.

these noble figures had the deep passion of sacrifice that they even sacrificed their own thirst. Seriously think about this. in such a critical and life-threatening situation. #  $ . when everyone just thinks about himself. these blessed companions   !     ! " !. observe the heights of their selflessness and sacrifice that despite being in the state of severe wounds and experiencing intense thirst.

  #  $ were more concerned about others that if I were to quench my thirst then my Muslim brother will be deprived. Undoubtedly. their excellent manners and high courage is due to their true  love towards Allah      and His Beloved Rasool     ٖ .

             . some beautiful verses are presented. Now let’s listen to who is called a Sahabi? But first. centuries have . and their remembrance is the source of contentment of hearts and peace of our minds.dawateislami. taken from ‘Karamaat-e-Sahabah’. a publication of Maktaba-tul-Madinah: 4 www.

The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami) ‫ﮐﮧ ﮨﮯ ﻋﺮش ﻣﻨﺰل وﻗﺎ ِر ﺻﺤﺎﺑﮧ‬ ‫دو ﻋﺎﻟَﻢ ﻧﮧ ﮐﯿﻮں ﮨﻮ ﻧﺜﺎ ِر ﺻﺤﺎﺑﮧ‬ ‫اﻣﯿﮟ ﮨﯿﮟ ﯾﮧ ﻗﺮآن و ِدﯾﻦِ ﺧﺪا ﮐﮯ‬ ‫ﻣﺪا ِر ﮨُﺪٰی اﻋﺘﺒﺎ ِر ﺻﺤﺎﺑﮧ‬ ‫رﺳﻮ ِل ﺧﺪا ﺗﺎﺟﺪا ِر ﺻﺤﺎﺑﮧ‬ ‫ﺻﺤﺎﺑﮧ ﮨﯿﮟ ﺗﺎ ِج رِﺳﺎﻟﺖ ﮐﮯ ﻟﺸﮑﺮ‬ ‫اِﻧﮩﯽ ﻣﯿﮟ ﮨﯿﮟ ﻋﻠﯽ ﺷﮩﻮا ِر ﺻﺤﺎﺑﮧ‬ ‫اِﻧﮩﯽ ﻣﯿﮟ ﮨﯿﮟ ﺻﺪﯾﻖ و ﻓﺎروق و ﻋﺜامں‬ ِ ‫ﭘﺲ ﻣﺮگ اے اﻋﻈﻤﯽ ﯾﮧ دُﻋﺎ ﮨﮯ‬ ‫ﺑﻨﻮں ﻣﯿﮟ ُﻏﺒﺎ ِر ﻣﺰا ِر ﺻﺤﺎﺑﮧ‬ Definition of a Sahabi   ) * Sayyiduna ‘Allamah Haafiz Ibn Hajar ‘Asqalaani         $ has stated: Those fortunate people who saw (were in the company) the Beloved and Blessed  Rasool     ٖ .

             in the state of Iman and died with Iman is called a Sahabi and the number of Sahabah   !      ! " !.

It is reported that.  #  $ is more than 100. approximately 114000 blessed Sahabah   !     ! " !.000. on the occasion of Hijja-tul-Wada’.

approximately 124000 blessed Sahabah   !     ! " !. it is revealed that. through another narration. on the occasion of Hijja-tul-Wada’.  #  $ gathered for the Hajj pilgrimage.

  #  $ joined the Noblest  Prophet     ٖ .

(Zurqaani.              for the Hajj pilgrimage. pp. vol.3. 106) Names of all the blessed Sahabah   !     ! " !.

(Malfuzaat-e-A’la Hadrat. however the number of those whose names are known is about 7000.  #  $ are not known. 400) Amongst all the blessed Sahabah   !      ! " !. pp.

  #  $ . the Khulafa-e-Arba’a (the first four rightly guided caliphs   !      ! " !.

  #  $ ) are superior to all others then the Ashaab-e-‘Asharah Mubashsharah   !      ! " !.

  #  $ (those who were given the glad tiding of Jannah in the world) thereafter the blessed Hasanayn Karimayn (i.. Sayyiduna Imam Hasan and Sayyiduna Imam Husayn +   !     ! " !.e.

All the blessed Sahabah   !     !    " !.  #  $ ) then the Ashaab-e-Badr and Ashaab-e-Bayt-ur-Ridwan.

(Bahar-e-Shari’at. pp. part 1. #  $ are absolutely deserving of . what will be the eminence and greatness of these blessed figures whose virtues and characteristics are being glorified by Allah      . salvation and enormous rewards of the Hereafter. Let’s listen to 5 www. Ponder over this. 249) The Glorious Quran mentions their remarkable courtesy and Iman at many places and they were declared Jannati by giving them the glad tidings of forgiveness.dawateislami.

  @ۡ I $  .The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami) some blessed verses from the Glorious Quran about these blessed personalities so that our devotion and love towards them multiplies in our hearts:   F  J ۡ  J ۡ  ۡ ۡ   ?   J VۚUSH#J ۡR  Q OP   L MN.

for them are ranks before their Lord. and forgiveness and an honourable sustenance. verse 4) Allah      says in verse 100 of Surah At-Taubah. Surah Al-Anfaal.2ۡ  K(ٰ  = @ۡ I %H-G0 C ۡ DE B @ A 7>  Translation from Kanz-ul-Iman: These are the true Muslims. part 11: ۤ  ۡ  ۡ ٰ ٰ ۡ  ۡ   ۡ  ۡ ۡ  ٰ  ۡ        ۡ  ۡ    ۡ  ۡ   ٰ   -a/ )R . (Part 9.

 f  cde -ab3` ^ _` K ] 2( @I .

%H .  !2 \  @I2 YZ[ WX ۡ  ۡ  ٰ F  VijjS & 'ۡ 5  P ۡ h 7 .

to abide in it for ever and ever. this is the greatest success. (Part 11.$ Translation from Kanz-ul-Iman: Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with Him. Surah At-Taubah. verse 100) Allah      says in verse 29 of Surah Al-Fath. part 26:      ۡ      ۤ n    ۡ   ٰ  ۡ   J      0  -h t -F x  @ۡ Ivٰ w @ۡ I2 ۡ  $ rs u q r p . and He has kept ready for them Gardens beneath which rivers flow.

o !. )Rm  %HY Z[ l .

ۡ ۡ   ۡ ۡ   ۡ %H= ۡ ‚    @ I€ ( :  @A|}~ {H-d  \  Y Z[ ) .3k F ۡ ٰ   F   F ۡ    )ۡ . z/ C ۡ Nb 9ۡ R .

     ۡ  ۡ  ٰ  ٰ  ۡ    ۡ  ۡ  ٰ      Y Z[ .  H„H1v ۡ b :  @ۡ Iƒ._ y ۡ ۡ      ٰ  ۡ n ٰ nۡ  ٰ  Š  P-/ !‡ *o ˆ  f <] ۡ ‰ Q H†H8 ۡ _ … e :  @ۡ Iƒ. 7 .

@ۡ I2ۡ E K “”  6 www.dawateislami. %H -htۡu @ I $ ‹ۡ N   < Ž‚ R !ٖ   q ^b-/ ‹Nb-/   F ۡ  F  ٰ ٰ ‘’   ۡ  DE ٰ ) ۡRm V–—• S |}~ۡ 5  F (ۡ   L .

verse 218) َ ُ ٰ َ ٰ َ ُ ّٰ َّ َ ‫ا ت َعا  م َّمد‬ ‫صل‬ َ َ ۡ ُّ َ َۡ  ‫الب ِ ۡيب‬ ‫صلوا‬ Dear Islamic brothers! The abovementioned blessed verses clearly show how exalted and elevated is the status of the blessed companions   !      !" !. and their trait is mentioned in the Injeel. (Part 2. then thickened and then stood firm upon its stem. then strengthened it. Allah has promised forgiveness and a great reward to those among them who have faith and do good deeds. their signs are on their faces.(Part 26. Surah Al-Fath. pleasing the farmer – in order to enrage the disbelievers with them. part 2:    ٰ ٰ   ?  V–i™S &J 'ۡ 0 J ۡ h˜ Y Z[  %HY Z[ K 0ۡ  C ۡ ( ۡ  R 7>  Translation from Kanz-ul-Iman: They are hopeful of gaining Allah’s mercy. from the effects of prostrations. Most Merciful. and his companions are stern with the disbelievers and merciful among themselves – you will see them bowing and falling in prostration. seeking Allah’s munificence and His pleasure. this trait of theirs is mentioned in the Tawrah. verse 29) Allah      says in verse 218 of Surah Al-Baqarah. and Allah is Oft Forgiving. like a cultivation that sprouted its shoot.The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami) Translation from Kanz-ul-Iman: Muhammad is the Noble Messenger of Allah. Surah Al-Baqarah.

  #  $ of the Noblest Prophet     ٖ .

            that they had devoted their entire lives  for the pleasure of Allah      and the Holiest Prophet     ٖ .

Allah      has not only rewarded them with the glad tiding of Jannah as a return of their dedicated and devoted services to the Beloved and Blessed  Prophet     ٖ .            and for the sake of achieving the eminence of Deen and these great Arab warriors showed such great sacrifices for the revival of Deen that can never be forgotten.

the Revered and the Renowned Rasool 7 www.dawateislami. Besides the blessed verses of the Glorious Quran.              but also mentioned them in the Glorious Quran in many places so that people to come until the Day of Judgement strongly inculcate love towards the blessed companions in their .

The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami)      ٖ .

           stated the excellences and virtues of the blessed companions   !     !" !.

  #    $ with his own blessed lips. The most illustrious followers Sayyiduna ‘Umar Farooq-e-A’zam      ٖ . and sometimes glorified their status and honour by mentioning their blessed names.

.e. the Noblest Prophet َ ۡ َ ُ ۡ َ ۡ ُ ُ َ ۡ ُ َّ َ has stated: ‘‫اب فا ِنهم خِياركم‬ ِ ‫ ’اك ِرموا اصح‬i.                !      #    $ narrated. ‘Respect my Sahabah (  !      ! " !.

blessed companions   !      ! " !. Hadees 6012) ۡ ُ َ ۡ ُ َ َ ۡ َّ َّ ُ ۡ ُ َ ۡ ُ َ َ ۡ َّ َّ ُ ۡ ُ َ َ ۡ َّ ُ ۡ َ ۡ َ َّ ُ ُ ۡ َ He further added: ‘‫ ’خي ام ِت القرن الِين يلو ِن ثم الِين يلونهم ثم الِين يلونهم‬The best among people are of my Ummah (i. 2.e. they are the most virtuous people from you’. pp. (Mishkat-ul-Masabih. 413. vol. #  $ )..

Taabi’een) then those after them (i. Tab’-e Taabi’een  !   !" !.e. #  $ ).e.. then those after them (i..

(Sahih Muslim.   *  $ ). Hadees 2535) There are some distinguished Sahabah   !      !" !.

 #  $ whose blessed names were  specified with their unique qualities by the Noblest Prophet     ٖ .

           . the most pious and the most truthful person of my Ummah is Abu Zar. The most merciful and the kindest person of my Ummah is Abu Bakr. the wisest and the bravest person of my Ummah is ‘Ali Bin Abi Taalib. the most honourable and the most modest person of my Ummah is ‘Usman Bin ‘Affaan. the most worshipping and the most abstinent person of my Ummah is Abu Darda and the most tolerant and the most generous person of my Ummah is Mu’awiyah Bin Sufyan (  !      !" !. the most virtuous and the most trustworthy person of my Ummah is ‘Abdullah Bin Mas’ood. the best judge of my Ummah is ‘Umar Bin Khattab.

vol. 7. (Kanz-ul-’Ummal. #  $ ). 344. pp. Hadees 33666)  Further he     ٖ .

             stated: Salman is the first person to enter Jannah amongst the people of Faaras.dawateislami. (Kanz-ul-‘ . Hadees 33672) 8 www. Suhayb is the first person to enter Jannah amongst the Roomis and Bilal is the first person to enter Jannah amongst the people of Habshah. pp. vol. 7. 344.

The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami) All my blessed Sahabah (  !      !" !.

7. pp. Hadees 33674) ِ ‫ﮨﺮ اِک ﮔﻞ ﭘﮧ‬ ‫رﻧﮓ ﺑﮩﺎ ِر ﺻﺤﺎﺑﮧ‬ ‫منﺎﯾﺎں ﮨﯿﮟ اِﺳﻼم ﮐﮯ ﮔﻠﺴﺘﺎں ﻣﯿﮟ‬ Beacons of guidance Dear Islamic brothers! Have you seen! How excellently the Noblest Prophet     ٖ . 345. vol. #  $ ) are beloved and noble in my sight even if he is a Habashi slave. (Kanz-ul-‘Ummal.

              showed the great eminence & prominence of his blessed  ٖ companions   !      !" !.

 #     $ and the desire of the Holy Prophet     .

       is that his Ummah must show great respect and reverence towards his blessed companions   !      !" !.

Therefore.  #  $ . we should have true love towards the blessed Sahabah   !      !" !.

  #  $ by acting upon the blessed saying of the Beloved Prophet     ٖ .

          and we should lead our lives while following their excellent character and their way of living because these are those  blessed people about whom the Noblest Prophet     ٖ .

414. !. Mufti Ahmad Yar Khan % * . Whomsoever you follow. pp. (Mishkat-ul-Masabih. Hadees 6018) Commenting on the abovementioned blessed Hadees. the renowned commentator. vol. 2.            has stated: َ ۡ َ ۡ ُ ۡ َ َ ۡ ۡ ُ ۡ َ َ ۡ ۡ ّ َ َ ۡ ُ ُّ َ ‘‫اب كلجو ِم فبِاي ِ ِهم ا ِقتديتم ا ِهتديتم‬ ِ ‫ ’اصح‬My companions are like (guiding) stars. you will be guided (on the right path). Hakeem-ul-Ummat.

  ) *   $   ! has stated:      (" !.

  % !&  '! ! What an impressive and striking comparison is given  here! The Noblest Prophet     ٖ .

the Ahl-e-Bayt   !     ! " !.              called them the guiding stars and in another blessed Hadees.

the Muslim Ummah needs both the blessed Ahl-e-Bayt-e Athaar   !     ! " !. Those who travel by sea need a boat or ship and the guidance of stars as well. because ferries and boats seek the guidance of stars. similarly.  #  $ have been compared to Sayyiduna Nabi Nuh’s ark.

 #    !    " !.

vol.dawateislami. 179) ُ ‫ﻧﺠﻢ ﮨﯿﮟ اور ﻧﺎؤ ﮨﮯ ِﻋﱰت َر ُﺳ‬ ‫ﻮل ﷲ ﮐﯽ‬ ‫َﺻﺤﺎب ُﺣﻀﻮر‬ ‫ ا‬،‫ا َﮨﻞِ ُﺳﻨﱠﺖ ﮐﺎ ﮨﮯ ﺑﯿﮍا ﭘﺎر‬ ِ 9 . (Mirat-ul-Manajih. #  $ and the blessed Sahabah   !   $ for guidance. 8. pp.

The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami) Dear Islamic brothers! The matchless character and the way of living of the blessed Sahabah   !      !" !.

  #  $ is of great importance in terms of receiving  Tarbiyyat (training and guidance). The Holy Prophet     ٖ .

.              has َّ ُ َ َّ ُ َ ۡ َ َ َ َّ ۡ ۡ ۡ ۡ َ ۡ َّ ُ ۡ ۡ َ ۡ َ ُ ۡ ِ ‫ت كل ِملحِ ِف الطع‬ stated: ‘ ِ‫ بِال ِملح‬0ِ ‫ يصلح الطعام ا‬0 ‫ام‬ ِ ‫ ’مِثل اصح ِاب ِف ام‬i. The likeness of my Sahabah [blessed companions   !      !" !.e.

similarly. (Sharh-us-Sunnah. 7. Hadees 3863) As salt is used in a very little quantity but it makes food taste good.  #  $ ] is like salt in the food. my Sahabah (blessed companions   !       !" !. vol. pp. 76. Food is not good without it.

  #  $ ) are little in quantity amongst my Ummah but are the source of everyone’s reform. Excellence and prominence of Sahabah Kiraam Enlightening on the excellence and prominence of the blessed Sahabah Kiraam   !     ! " !. The first carriage of a train that is attached is with an engine and connects the entire train because it is pulled by the engine.

The blessed companions   !     ! " !.  #     #    $ . Sayyiduna Abdullah Bin Mas’ood   !   $ has stated: Whoever wants to go on a straight path should follow them and act upon their way of lives as there is a great probability for people to be overcome by any Fitnah (turmoil).

  #  $ of the Noblest  Prophet     ٖ .

             are the most superior people of all amongst the whole Ummah. they are those blessed and fortunate people who are chosen by Allah      for the services of his  Beloved Rasool     ٖ . they possess the greatest amount of knowledge and their deeds are devoid of formalities. they are the most pious.

57. Hadees 193) ‫ﮨﺮ اِک ﻓﻀﻞ ﭘﺮ اِﻗﺘﺪا ِر ﺻﺤﺎﺑﮧ‬ ‫ﺧﻼﻓﺖ اِﻣﺎﻣﺖ وِﻻﯾﺖ ﮐﺮاﻣﺖ‬ َ ُ ٰ َ ٰ َ ُ ّٰ َّ َ ‫ا ت َعا  م َّمد‬ ‫صل‬ َ َ ۡ ُّ َ َۡ  ‫الب ِ ۡيب‬ ‫صلوا‬ 10 www. indeed. Do recognise their eminence and greatness. 1. follow their way of lives and learn from their matchless courtesy and character. (Mishkat-ul-Masabih.     . pp. vol. Kitab-ul-Iman. these people are on the straight path.

The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami) Dear Islamic brothers! Have you seen! How beautifully Sayyiduna ‘Abdullah Bin Mas’ood   !       $ enlightened us on the excellence and eminence of the  # blessed companions   !      !" !.

Undoubtedly.  #  $ . every blessed companion of  ٖ the Noblest Prophet     .

            is a source of guidance because these blessed companions were privileged to attain the blessed company of the  Noblest Prophet     ٖ .

 The Greatest Prophet     ٖ .              which brought them great status that can never be attained by any non-Sahabi.

pp.            has stated: Your spending of gold equal to a mountain in charity cannot be equal to a Mad of any of my Sahabi [blessed companion] or even half of that. (Sahih Bukhari. 2. Hadees 3673) The renowned commentator of the Holy Quran. Mufti Ahmad Yar Khan - !&!  . vol. 522. Hakeem-ul-Ummat.


fasting and all other worships. Hence it can be deduced. ‘My companion gives away about 1 ¼ Sèr barley in charity whereas any other Muslim whether he is a Ghaus or a Qutb or a common Muslim donates gold equivalent to a mountain. with reference to the abovementioned Hadees has described that 4 Mads are equal to 1 ‘Saa’ and 1 Saa’ is equal to 4¼ Sèr so 1 Mad is equal to 11/8 Sèr. how high will be the reverence of those who were bestowed with the holy company of the Most    Beloved Prophet (    ٖ .  ) +! .000 Salah offered at other places. When 2 Rak’aat Salah offered in Masjid-unNabawi is equal to 50. his gold cannot exceed the companion’s 1¼ Sèr barley in recognition and Divine approval and similar is the case with Salah. $   ! .

             ) of Allah      and how admirable will be their deeds! Dear Islamic brothers! Since the biggest virtue of any Muslim cannot equal the smallest virtue of the blessed Sahabah   !     ! " !.

Shaykh-ul-Hadees.  #  $ . still. no matter how elevated in status or rank a great saint. Ghaus and Qutb has. even if they have great saintly miracles. he cannot achieve the position of any Sahabi. similarly. ‘Allamah Mufti ‘Abdul Mustafa A’zami /0 !1 ۡ!.


  ) + !. $   ! has stated: All the blessed scholars have agreement on this matter that the blessed Sahabah Kiraam   !     ! " !.

 #  !   !" !.

 $ are superior to the blessed saints    * all the blessed saints   !   !" !..    $ i.e.

    *  $ including those who would come until the Day of Judgement may attain the highest status of Wilayat (sainthood) but 11 .

many miracles may not have been displayed by the blessed companions   !      ! " !.The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami) can never achieve the distinction of any blessed Sahabi. Allah      has bestowed these guiding stars with such a prominent position that all other saints can never imagine to have that elevation & notability. Though.

  #  $ as compared to the blessed saints   !   !" !.

    *  $ . Since the blessed companions   !     ! " !. The more one attains this quality. the higher rank he possesses. because Wilayat (sainthood) means closeness to Allah      . but remember that an abundance of miracles is not the evidence of superiority.

  #  $ imbued with  ٖ the blessings of the most Renowned and Revered Rasool     .

(Karamaat-e-Sahabah. pp. is uniquely only for them. 53) ‫ﮨﮯ ِدﯾﻦِ ﺧﺪا ﺷﺎﮨﮑﺎ ِر ﺻﺤﺎﺑﮧ‬ ‫ﯾﮧ ُﻣﮩﺮﯾﮟ ﮨﯿﮟ ﻓﺮﻣﺎنِ ﺧﺘﻢ اﻟﺮﺳﻞ ﮐﯽ‬ Dear Islamic brothers! It is understood that the blessed companions   !      ! " !.              so the Divine proximity they have.

these blessed companions   !     ! " !. #  $ have been elevated to such an unmatched stage by blessing them with a highly revered status that it would be impossible for anyone else to reach.

 #  $ rendered matchless sacrifices in which they not only devoted all their possessions for the revival and propagation of Islam but they also never hesitated to lay down their lives by undergoing great tribulations while at the time of migration.      !"!.

  3  !+ &!   .

today. ! We are Muslims. we have Divine commands in the form of the Glorious Quran and blessed sayings of the Beloved and Blessed Prophet      ٖ .

this is also the outcome of their lifelong struggles. we should have true devotion and affection towards them by treading in their footsteps continue refraining from any kind of insulting actions or talks and always keeping ourselves engaged in glorifying them.            in the form of Ahadees-e-Karimah. The blessed scholars state: Whenever the blessed companions   !     ! " !. therefore.

  #  $ are mentioned. (Bahar-e-Shari’at.dawateislami. . 252) 12 www. pp. it is obligatory to honor them with high and glowing praises. vol.

The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami) Remember! Making claims of having love towards the Beloved and Blessed  Prophet     ٖ .

            is not sufficient at all for pursuing the pleasure of the  most Revered and Renowned Prophet     ٖ .

it entails the great respect and reverence of the blessed companions   !     ! " !.              . rather.

  #  $ as well. otherwise showing any kind of contempt towards them may displease the  Holy Prophet     ٖ .

           . I saw the Beloved Prophet     ٖ . I found myself in the Jaami’ Masjid ‘Ali Qahtaan         Sharqiyah.   ) * ‘Allamah Yusuf Bin Isma’eel Nabhaani          $ quotes a narration of Abu   ) * $: In my dream.

I did not know them. I humbly said Salam in the court of Noblest    ٖ Prophet     ٖ .              accompanied by two men.

                 but he      .

        did not respond. ‘O Beloved Prophet     . I humbly  ٖ  said.

            ! I send Durood upon you in such and such quantity and you have not replied to my Salam?’ The Noblest  Prophet     ٖ .

‘O Beloved  Prophet     ٖ .              said.’ I humbly said. ‘You do send Durood upon me but you show contempt towards my blessed companions.

           .’ The most Revered and Renowned Prophet     ٖ . I would not  do this again. I seek forgiveness on your blessed hand.

             ُ َ َ َ ّٰ ُ َ ۡ َ َ ُ َ َّ َ َۡ َ َ then responded to my Salaam: ‘◌‫’وعليك الس&م ورحة ا ِ وب َركت ٗه‬. 163) ‫ﺑَﮩ ِﺮ ِﺻﺪّﯾﻖ و ُﻋ َﻤﺮ ُﻋﺜامں ﻋﻠﯽ‬ ‫ﮐﯿﺠﺌﮯ َرﺣﻤﺖ اے ﻧﺎﻧﺎﺋﮯ ُﺣﺴﯿﻦ‬ ‫ﮐﯿﺠﺌﮯ َرﺣﻤﺖ اے ﻧﺎﻧﺎﺋﮯ ُﺣﺴﯿﻦ‬ ‫ﺳﺐ َﺻﺤﺎﺑﮧ ﮐﺎ َوﺳﯿﻠﮧ ﺳ ِﯿّﺪا‬ َ ُ ٰ َ ٰ َ ُ ّٰ َّ َ ‫ا ت َعا  م َّمد‬ ‫صل‬ َ َ ۡ ُّ َ َۡ  ‫الب ِ ۡيب‬ ‫صلوا‬ Shining stars to the straight path Dear Islamic brothers! We have come to know that besides reciting an  abundance of Salat upon the Beloved Prophet     ٖ . pp. (Sa’adat-ud-Daarayn.

             while having profound love towards him. we must also have true love and affection for all the blessed companions   !     ! " !.

  #  $ .      !"!.

  5!!4 having true reverence and love towards some of the blessed companions   !     ! " !.

  #  $ and showing 13 .dawateislami.

The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami) contempt towards other blessed companions   !     ! " !.

  #  $ . will lead to the displeasure and curse of the Holy Prophet     ٖ .

 #  the Intercessor of Ummah.          . Deserving of Divine curse Sayyiduna ‘Uwaym Bin Saa’idah   !        $ narrated. the Prophet of Rahmah. the Owner of Jannah     ٖ .

(As-Sawa’iq-ul-Muharriqah. anyone who curses them has the curse of Allah      on him. my َ َ َ ۡ َ ّٰ ُ َ ۡ َ ۡ َ َ َ ۡ ُ َّ َ ۡ َ َ َ ۡ َ ۡ َ ِ ‫ال‬ َّ ‫كةِ َو‬ helpers and my relatives. pp.              has stated: Undoubtedly. ‘‫اس اجعِي‬ ِ ‫’فمن سبهم فعليهِ لعنة ا ِ والم&ئ‬. 4)    Further he     ٖ . He      has made some of them my deputies. and of all people. Allah      has chosen me and He      has chosen my companions for me. ‘0‫ عد‬0‫ يقبل ا مِنه يوم القِيامةِ صفا و‬0’ Allah      will not accept any of his obligatory action nor his supererogatory act. and of the ً ۡ َ َ َّ ً ۡ َ َ َ ۡ َ ۡ َ ُ ۡ ُ ّٰ ُ َ ۡ َ َ angels. thus.

Have the fear of Allah      ! Do not criticise them after me. And the one who had malice towards them. vol. has persecuted me.            stated: Fear Allah      for the rights of my Ashaab (companions). whoever speaks ill of my companions (  !     ! " !. Hadees 6014) َ ۡ َ ۡ َۡ َۡ َ ََ ۡ ََ ۡ ‫ح‬ ۡ ‫اب َك َن ُمَال ًِفا ل ُِس َّن‬ It is stated in another blessed Hadees: ‘‫ت‬ ِ ‫’ومن اساء القول ِف اص‬ ِ i. (it is as if) he had hatred towards me. the one who persecuted me. 2. 414. the one who loved them.’ (Mishkat-ul-Masabih. pp. he did so out of my love..e. the one who persecuted them. surely has displeased Almighty Allah      and the one who displeased Almighty Allah      is about to be arrested (captured for punishment) by Allah      .

‘‫صي‬ ِ that destination! (Ar-Riyad-un-Nadarah. 1. #  $ ). those who bear hatred and malice towards the blessed companions   !     ! " !. vol. indeed. is my way. pp. 22) Dear Islamic brothers! Have you seen. according to the blessed Hadees. has gone astray from ۡ ۡ ۡ َۡ ُ ِ ‫ار َوبئ َس ال َم‬ ُ ‫ال‬ َّ ُ‫ ’مأ َواه‬and his abode is Hell – and worst.

Those who 14 . and of all people.  #  $ deserve the curse of Allah      . of the angels.dawateislami.

The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami) commit blasphemy against the blessed companions   !     ! " !.

  #  $ and those who join the company of such people earn the displeasure of Allah      and  His Beloved Rasool     ٖ .

and are not privileged to recite the Kalimah during the pangs of death. Sayyiduna ‘Allamah Jalaluddin Suyuti Shaafi’i /0 !1 ۡ!.              and destroy their Hereafter.


when he was asked to recite the Kalimah.  ) + !. $   ! reported: A person was in the pangs of death. I am unable to recite because I used to join the company of such people who used to encourage me to speak ill of Sayyiduna Abu Bakr and Sayyiduna ‘Umar (+   !      !" !. he replied.

 #  $ ). pp. 38) Dear Islamic brothers! Have you seen the terrible consequence of that most unfortunate person who was unable to recite the Kalimah in the state of Naza’ (deathbed) and those unfortunate people who themselves speak ill of the blessed companions   !      ! " !. (Sharh-us-Sudoor.

He   !   $  #  # passed by a person who was speaking ill of the blessed companions Sayyiduna ‘Ali. Let’s listen to some incidents in this regard. #  $ are made as examples of warning in the world. Sayyiduna Talhah and Sayyiduna Zubayr   !     !" !. Terrible consequence and an enemy of the Sahabah Sayyiduna Sa’d Bin Abi Waqas   !            $ was going somewhere.

He   !   $ said to  # that insulter: Refrain from speaking ill of my brothers or I will curse you. #       $ . Sayyiduna Sa’d Bin Abi Waqas   !         $ made Wudu (ablution). entered a  # Masjid and after performing two Rak’aat [cycle] of Salah. The fearless insulter said that are you frightening me as if you are a Prophet. he   !        $  # prayed with these words in the court of Allah      : O Allah (     )! If he has displeased You by speaking ill of the glorious companions of Your Beloved  Prophet (    ٖ .

show me a sign and make him an example of warning for the true believers.              ). (Dalaail-un-Nubuwwah. It is stated: (After his death) people came to Sayyiduna Sa’d   !     #  $ running and said: O Abu Ishaaq! Allah      has answered your prayer (and the enemy of the blessed companions has been destroyed). then the camel crushed him to death. (He   !        $ had just uttered  # this words) when suddenly a camel went charged through the rows of the people and fell on that insulter with its teeth. 190) 15 www. punish him . pp. vol. 6.

I went up to him. but today. I had filthy company of such wicked people who would swear Shaykhayn Karimayn (+   !      !" !. ‘Unfortunately. bricks [which were placed on his belly] fell down from him and he began to cry in a terrible voice: ‘Alas! Fire. After being informed of that. I sent a person man to buy a shroud and one to dig a grave. paying each of them for their tasks and we began to prepare unbaked bricks. one of my employees informed me that a man had died in so-and-so traveller’s lodge where he had no heirs and now his corpse was not shrouded.The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami) ‫ﺟﻦ و ﺑﴩ ﻣﯿﮟ ﺗﮭﮯ َﺻﺤﺎﺑﮧ ﺷﺎہ ﮐﮯ‬ ّ ‫ﺟﺲ ﻗﺪر‬ ‫ﺧﺼﻮﺻﺎ ﭼﺎر ﯾﺎروں ﮐﻮ ﺳﻼم‬، ‫ﺳﺐ ﮐﻮ ﺑﮭﯽ ﺑﮯ ﺷﮏ‬ ً َ ُ ٰ َ ٰ َ ُ ّٰ َّ َ ‫ا ت َعا  م َّمد‬ ‫صل‬ َ َ ۡ ُّ َ َۡ  ‫الب ِ ۡيب‬ ‫صلوا‬ Terrible consequence and an offender of the Sahabah   ) * $ has stated that Sayyiduna Abul Sayyiduna Khalaf Bin Tameem          ) * $ told me: by the grace of Allah     I was a very Haseeb Basheer         wealthy trader. alas! Destruction! Ah! Fire. He replied. When I reached that traveller’s lodge. We were busy doing these tasks when suddenly. shook him whilst holding his arm and asked him who he was and what’s his situation. there is no shroud for him and we do not have enough money that we can arrange for his funeral rites. His companions told me that he was a devoted worshipper and a pious man. Once. alas! Death. I found his dead body so I placed a sheet over him. I had plenty of luxuries and I would often live in [different] cities of Iran. ah! Destruction!’ When his companions witnessed this frightening scene. ah! Death. the dead person sat up. they stepped back.

  #  $ ) i. Sayyiduna Siddeeq-e Akbar and Sayyiduna ‘Umar Farooq-e-A’zam (+   !      !" !.e.

net . ‘My good deeds did not benefit me at all. I was 16 www. I was shown my abode there. I was dragged towards Hell where the fire was blazing.  #  $ ). I recited Istighfar and said.   ) * Sayyiduna Abul Haseeb          $ has stated: Having heard his words. ‘O wretched man! You should then be punished severely. I would also swear them and show hatred because of being in their evil company and.dawateislami.’ (Then I asked him) How have you come to life after having died? He replied. After I died.

you would then be thrown into your real abode (i. he died again. When you would have informed them about your condition. I took the shroud back which I had bought and said. I have been revived to give this piece of news so the insulters of the blessed companions can derive a lesson from this condition of mine and refrain from blasphemy or anyone who commits blasphemy against the blessed companions will suffer the terrible consequence like mine. he suffers a painful consequence in the Hereafter. After saying this much.The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami) then told that soon my life would be brought back to me so that I could inform my evil companions of my painful consequence and tell them that the one who makes an enemy of the pious bondmen of Allah.e. Hell). ‘I will not arrange the funeral rites of this evil man who is an offender of Shaykhayn Karimayn (+   !      !" !. Other people standing at a distance also heard the warnings that he had mentioned.

the honourable Ahl-e-Bayt and the blessed Awliya and illuminate our hearts with the candle of love of these glorious personalities and become deserving of goodness in both the worlds. 247) ‫اور ﻣﺠﮫ ﺳﮯ ﺑﮭﯽ َﴎزد ﻧﮧ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﺑﮯ اَدَﺑﯽ ﮨﻮ‬ ‫ﻣﺤﻔﻮظ ﺳﺪا رﮐﮭﻨﺎ ﺷﮩﺎ ﺑﮯ اَدَﺑﻮ ں ﺳﮯ‬ Dear Islamic brothers! Have you seen how severe and terrible consequences that insulter of Shaykhayn Karimayn had suffered! We should therefore avoid the company of such wicked people and only join the company of lovers of the Beloved Rasool. 1. My teacher dreamt of him َ ُ ّٰ َ َ َ َ and asked: ‘6‫ ’ما فعل ا ب ِك‬i. vol. true lovers of the blessed companions. shrouded him and only those people performed his funeral Salah. I was later informed that his evil companions gave him a bath.’ I then left that place. You may carry on with it.e. A person has stated: A friend of my teacher died. I cannot even endure staying here anymore. (‘Uyoon-ul-Hikayaat. because no other person even bothered to attend it. How did Allah      treat you? He replied: Allah      has forgiven me. Love for the pious bondmen of Allah      will be of great help in the grave as well as on the Day of Resurrection. My teacher asked: How did Munkar Nakeer treat 17 www.  #  $ ).net .dawateislami. pp.

The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami) you? He answered: They made me sit and began to ask me questions. Allah      placed this in my heart and I said to them: Leave me for the sake of Sayyiduna Abu Bakr and Sayyiduna ‘Umar Farooq +   !       !" !.

one angel said to the other. Dear Islamic brothers! Those who love the blessed companions   !      !" !.  #  $ . they left me and returned. saintly intercessors therefore. leave him. Hence. he has presented the names of honourable. Upon hearing this.

  #  $  ٖ   are beloved to Allah      and His Rasool     .

those fortunate people will be granted the special privilege of closeness to the  Beloved Mustafa     ٖ . In fact.             .

Proximity of Noblest Prophet  for the fortunate people Sayyiduna Ibn ‘Abbas +   !      !" !.            on the Day of Judgement.

 #  $ narrated. the Beloved and Blessed Prophet    ٖ .

Azwaaj (blessed wives of our Beloved Prophet) and Ahl-e-Bayt (  !      !" !.          has stated: Whoever has devotion towards my blessed companions.

vol. (Ar-Riyad-un-Nadarah. pp. the Greatest and Holiest َّ َ َ َ ۡ ََ ۡ َ ۡ َ ۡ َۡ َۡ َ َ ۡ َ ۡ َ  Prophet   ٖ . 1. he will be with me on the Day of Judgement under my rank.  #  $ ) and does not criticize any of them and departs from this world with their love. Sayyiduna Anas   !    #  $ narrated. 22) There is also a glad tiding of deliverance for the devotee of blessed companions.

1. pp.e. 22) ‫رﺣﻤﺘﯿﮟ ﻻﮐﮭﻮں ا ُﺑﻮ ﺑﮑﺮ و ُﻋﻤﺮ ُﻋﺜامن ﭘﺮ ﻣﯿﺮے َﻣﻮﻟٰﯽ ﺣﯿﺪ ِر ﮐَ ﱠﺮار ﭘﺮ ﻻﮐﮭﻮں ﺳﻼم‬ ‫ﮨﮯ ﯾﻘﯿﻨًﺎ ﮨﺮ ﺻﺤﺎﺑﯽ ﺟﺎں ﻧﺜﺎ ِر ُﻣﺼﻄﻔٰﮯ‬ ‫ﮨﺮ ُﻣﮩﺎﺟﺮ اور ﮨﺮ ا َﻧﺼﺎر ﭘﺮ ﻻﮐﮭﻮں ﺳﻼم‬ َ ُ ٰ َ ٰ َ ُ ّٰ َّ َ ‫ا ت َعا  م َّمد‬ ‫صل‬ َ َ ۡ ُّ َ َۡ  ‫الب ِ ۡيب‬ ‫صلوا‬ 18 www. ( .dawateislami. vol..       ِ ‫اب فقد برِئ مِن ال ِفا‬ ِ ‫’من احسن القول ِف اصح‬    has stated: ‘‫ق‬ i. whoever spoke well of my blessed companions has sought deliverance from hypocrisy.

The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami) Introduction of book Dear Islamic brothers! Since the blessed companions   !      !" !.

various books and booklets have been authored on their blessed life history from time immemorial and until now this is continued with great spirit.  #  $ have attained such a great eminence and exaltation.      !" ! .

  3 !+ &  !.

 ! Maktaba-tul-Madinah (the publication unit of Dawat-e-Islami) has published two thick volumes on the biographies of Shaykhayn Karimayn (Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Siddeeq and Sayyiduna ‘Umar Farooq-e-A’zam +   !      !" !.

 #  $ ) namely ‘Faizan-e-Siddeeq-e-Akbar’ as well as many booklets on the life history of 6 blessed companions have been published. Besides. ‘Karamat-e-Sahabah’ a remarkable publication focussed on the distinctive miracles of blessed companions   !       !" !.

downloaded and printed out as well: www. ‘Faizan-e-‘Aaishah Siddiqah’ and ‘Shan-e-Khatoon-e-Jannat’ are also available and made online which can be read. Furthermore.dawateislami. we have heard about the great eminence of blessed companions   !      !" !.  #  $ can also be bought from Maktaba-tul-Madinah. ‘Faizan-e-Ummuhat-ul-Mu`mineen’. َ ُ ٰ َ ٰ َ ُ ّٰ َّ َ ‫ا ت َعا  م َّمد‬ ‫صل‬ َ َ ۡ ُّ َ َۡ  ‫الب ِ ۡيب‬ ‫صلوا‬ Summary of Bayan Dear Islamic brothers!

  #    !" !.

the most praiseworthy and the most deserving  of honour and reverence after the Noblest Prophet   ٖ . The blessed companions   !   $ are the best amongst all humans.  #    $ .

These distinguished blessed companions embraced Islam saying ‘Labbayk’ in the response of the call of Noblest Prophet   ٖ .          .

net .          and sacrificed all their resources and even their lives with full devotion and dedication for the sake of elevating the status of Islam and propagating it all across the world.dawateislami. Their unparalleled and unrivalled sacrifice is beyond one’s imagination and description. 19 www. May Allah      grant us the true devotion towards them and privilege us to tread in the footstep of blessed companions.

research and publications. This Majlis has ambitiously taken on the responsibility of serving the religion in the areas of Islamic sciences. !. Shu’bah Tafteesh-e-Kutub (scrutiny of books) 5. Shu’bah Darsi Kutub (syllabus books) 3. Imam-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat.  ) * Shu’bah Kutub A’la Hadrat (books of A’la Hadrat       $ ) 2.The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami) Al-Madina-tul-‘Ilmiyyah Majlis ‘Al-Madina-tul-‘Ilmiyyah’ consists of the ‘Ulama (scholars) and Muftis of Dawat-e-Islami. 1. Shu’bah Tarajim Kutub (translation of books) Al-Madina-tul-‘Ilmiyyah’s topmost priority is to present the precious books of A’la Hadrat. Shu’bah Takhreej (references of quotes) 6. Imam Ahmad Raza Khan % * . Shu’bah Islahi Kutub (edifying books) 4. It has the following six Shu’bahs (departments).

associate yourselves with the Madani environment of Dawat-e-Islami and travel in Madani Qafilahs  with the lovers of the Beloved Rasool     ٖ .  ) *   $   ! in an easily understandable way meeting the needs of the present age. carrying out virtues and arousing the yearning for Makka-tul-Mukarramah and Madina-tul-Munawwarah. Take part in 12 Madani activities For refraining from sins.

furthermore.dawateislami. 3. he   !       $ would awaken him. pp. 263) 20 www.  # (At-Tabqat-ul-Kubra. It is a Sunnah of Sayyiduna ‘Umar Farooq-e-A’zam   !              $ as he   !   $ used  #  # to wake up people on the way when he   !        $ would leave his house for  # Salat-ul-Fajr even after the ‘call to prayer’ (Azan). if he   !       $ finds anybody  # sleeping in the Masjid. In the Madani environment of Dawat-e-Islami. Sada-eMadinah is also one of the 12 Madani activities. commit yourself to take part in the 12 Madani activities of Zayli Halqahs. .              . Awaking Muslims for Salat-ul-Fajr is (undoubtedly) an act of great reward and something that every Muslim should definitely do. the term Sada-e-Madinah refers to ‘awaking Muslims for Salat-ul-Fajr’.

The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami) Dear Islamic brothers!      !"!.

  3! + &!  .

Ameer-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat ! ! . .

! !.

Undoubtedly. acting upon the Sunnah of Sayyiduna ‘Umar Farooq-e-A’zam   !       #  $ and they collect plenty of virtues as well. Meanwhile. as a result of the individual efforts of a preacher of Dawat-e-Islami. and the doctors had advised me to have an operation for its treatment. I suffered from appendicitis. That speech transformed my life. I travelled with a 3-day Sunnah-Inspiring Madani  Qafilah with lovers of the Beloved Rasool     ٖ . I once listened to a Sunnah-Inspiring speech titled ‘The Perils of Television’ released by Maktaba-tul-Madinah. I was terrified. Fortunately. !8  9 !4 7 has also given his disciples and followers this Madani activity of ‘Sada-e-Madinah’ in the Madani In’amaat. daily hundreds of Muslims awaken other Muslims for Salat-ul-Fajr. inspiring me to join the Madani environment of Dawat-e-Islami.   ! ! !: . Let’s listen to a Madani parable: ‘I was a fashionable youngster and would often watch movies.

           . for the first time in my life.      !"!.

  3!  +   .

Due to the blessings of the Madani Qafilah.      !"!. . my disease  &! was cured without any operation.

  3!  +   .

I take this opportunity to mention the excellence of a Sunnah as well as some Sunan and manners. The Prophet of  Rahmah. highly inspired by this. the Intercessor of the Ummah    ٖ . Furthermore. I hand in my Madani In’amaat booklet every month and awaken Muslims for Salat-ul-Fajr every morning acting upon the Madani In’aam of Sada-e-Madinah.’ ‫ﺗُﻮ ﺑﮭﯽ اے ﺑﮭﺎﺋﯽ ﮐﺮ ﻗﺎ ِﻓﻠﮯ ﻣﯿﮟ ﺳﻔﺮ‬ ‫ﮐﺎش! ﮐﺮ ﻟﮯ اﮔﺮ ﻗﺎ ِﻓﻠﮯ ﻣﯿﮟ ﺳﻔﺮ‬ َ ُ ٰ َ ٰ َ ُ ّٰ َّ َ ‫ا ت َعا  م َّمد‬ ‫صل‬ ‫ﺑﮯ ﻋﻤﻞ ﺑﺎﻋﻤﻞ ﺑﻨﺘﮯ ﮨﯿﮟ َﴎ ﺑَﴪ‬ ‫ا ّﭼﮭﯽ ُﺻﺤﺒﺖ ﺳﮯ ﭨﮭﻨﮉا ﮨﻮ ﺗﯿﺮا ﺟﮕﺮ‬ َ َ ۡ ُّ َ َۡ  ‫الب ِ ۡيب‬ ‫صلوا‬ Dear Islamic brothers! In conclusion. . I now  &! travel with a 3-day Madani Qafilah every month.

pp. ‘He who loves my Sunnah. and he who loves me will be with me in Jannah. 9. loves me. .’ (Ibn ‘Asakir.              has said. 343) ‫ﺟﻨﱠﺖ ﻣﯿﮟ ﭘﮍوﺳﯽ ﻣﺠﮭﮯ ﺗﻢ اﭘﻨﺎ ﺑﻨﺎﻧﺎ‬ ‫ﺳﯿﻨﮧ ﺗﺮی ُﺳﻨﱠﺖ ﮐﺎ ﻣﺪﯾﻨﮧ ﺑﻨﮯ آﻗﺎ‬ 21 www.dawateislami.

‫ﻣﺠﮫ ﮐﻮ َﺟﺬﺑﮧ دے ﺳﻔﺮ ﮐﺮﺗﺎ رﮨﻮں َﭘﺮ َور ِدﮔﺎر‬ ‫ُﺳﻨﺘﱠﻮں ﮐﯽ ﺗﺮﺑ ﱠﯿﺖ ﮐﮯ ﻗﺎﻓﻠﮯ ﻣﯿﮟ ﺑﺎر ﺑﺎر‬ َ ُ ٰ َ ٰ َ ُ ّٰ َّ َ ‫ا ت َعا  م َّمد‬ ‫صل‬ َ َ ۡ ُّ َ َۡ  ‫الب ِ ۡيب‬ ‫صلوا‬ 22 www. 218-219) To learn various Sunan.The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami) Putting kohl: 4 Madani pearls 1. enter the applier into the container then use that same applier to equally put it in both eyes. Kohl powder made from other stones can also be used. however. (Shu’ab-ul-Iman. One of the best ways to learn Sunan is to travel in the Madani Qafilahs of Dawat-e-Islami with the lovers of the Beloved Prophet. pp. It is. pp. In Sunan Ibn Majah. 5.’ (Sunan Ibn-e-Majah.  Apply thrice to each eye (put the kohl applier in the kohl bottle each time for a new application). Here is the summary of the three narrated methods of using kohl. obtain the following books.dawateislami. there is a narration that. pp. 5. 180) 4. It is Sunnah to use antimony (kohl/Surmah) before . vol. both published by Maktaba-tul-Madinah. Makruh (disliked) for a man to use black kohl with the intention of makeup but if that is not the intention. (Mira-tul Manajih. pp. (Fatawa ‘Aalamgiri.  Apply twice to each eye and on the last application. vol. it is not Makruh. vol. 4.  Apply thrice in the right eye and twice in the left. 115. Hadees 3497) 2. Bahar-e-Shari’at part 16 comprising of 312 pages and Sunnatayn aur Adaab. vol. the publishing department of Dawat-e-Islami. comprising of 120 pages. 6. ‘The best kohl (Surmah) among all is Ismid as it strengthens the eyesight and grows the eyelashes. 359) 3.

ٖ ‫ َو َﺻ ْﺤ ِﺒ‬.The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami) The Salawaat-‘Alan-Nabi and Du’as that are recited in the Sunnah-Inspiring weekly Ijtima’ (congregation) of Dawat-e-Islami: 1.ٖ ِ‫ﺎﱃ اﻟْﻘ َْﺪ ِر اﻟ َْﻌ ِﻈ ْﻴ ِﻢ اﻟْ َﺠﺎ ِہ َو  َٰ ٰا ﻟ‬ ِ ‫اﻟ َْﻌ‬ The saints of Islam have quoted that whoever recites this Salat-‘Alan-Nabi at least once on the night preceding Friday [the night between Thursday and Friday] on a regular basis will be blessed with the vision of the Beloved and  Blessed Prophet    ٖ . The Salat-‘Alan-Nabi for the night preceding Friday ‫ـﺐ‬ ّ ِ ِ ‫ـ‬#َّ ‫ﺎر ْك  َٰ َﺳ ِّﻴ ِﺪ َﻧﺎ ُﻣ َﺤ ّﻤَـ ٍﺪ اﻟ‬ ِ ‫ اﻟْ َﺤ ِ' ْﻴ‬$ُ ِّ ّ ِ ‫ﱮ ْاﻻ‬ ِ ‫ا َﻟﻠّٰ ُﻬ َّﻢ َﺻ ِ ّﻞ َو َﺳﻠِ ّ ْﻢ َو َﺑ‬ ‫ َو َﺳﻠِ ّ ْﻢ‬.

             at the time of death. to the extent that he will see the Noble Prophet     ٖ . as well as at the time of his burial into the grave.

(Afzal-us-Salawat ‘ala Sayyid-is-Sadat.ٖ ِ‫ا َﻟﻠّٰ ُﻬ َّﻢ َﺻ ِ ّﻞ  َٰ َﺳ ِّﻴ ِﺪ َﻧﺎ َو َﻣ ْﻮ َﻻ َﻧﺎ ُﻣ َﺤ َّﻤ ٍﺪ َّو  َٰ ٰا ﻟ‬ It is narrated by Sayyiduna Anas           $ that the Beloved and Blessed  #  Prophet    ٖ .              lowering him into the grave with his own merciful hands. All sins forgiven ‫ َو َﺳﻠِ ّ ْﻢ‬. pp. 151) 2.

net . pp. 65) 3. then before he stands back. and if he recites it whilst sitting.ُ ّٰ‫َﺻ َّ اﻟﻠ‬ 23 www.dawateislami. then prior to his sitting back. 70 Portals of mercy ‫  َٰ ُﻣ َﺤ َّﻤ ٍﺪ‬.              has stated.’ (ibid. his sins will be forgiven. ‘Whoever recites this Salat upon me whilst standing.

70 portals of mercy are opened for him.The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami) Whoever recites this Salat-‘Alan-Nabi. The reward of 600.ِ ّٰ‫ام ُﻣﻠ ِْﻚ اﻟﻠ‬ ِ ‫ َﺻ َﻼةً َد ا ۤ ﺋِ َﻤ ًﺔ ۢ ِﺑ َﺪ َو‬.ِ ّٰ‫َﻣﺎ ِﰱ ْ ِﻠ ِْﻢ اﻟﻠ‬ Shaykh Ahmad Sawi /7 !ۡ. (Al-Qaul-ul-Badi’.000 Salawat-‘Alan-Nabi َ‫ا َﻟﻠّٰ ُﻬ َّﻢ َﺻ ِ ّﻞ  َٰ َﺳ ِّﻴ ِﺪ َﻧﺎ ُﻣ َﺤ َّﻤ ٍﺪ َ َﺪد‬ . 277) 4. pp.


(Afzal-us-Salawat ‘ala Sayyid-is-Sadat. Nearness to the Distinguished Prophet  ٰ ‫ﺐ َو َﺗ‬ . pp.  ) *ۡ $   ! reports from some saints of Islam that the one reciting this Salat-‘Alan-Nabi once receives the reward of reciting Salat‘Alan-Nabi 600.ٗ َ‫ﺮ= ﻟ‬ ُّ ‫ا َﻟﻠّٰ ُﻬ َّﻢ َﺻ ِ ّﻞ  َٰ ُﻣ َﺤ َّﻤ ٍﺪ ﮐ ََﻤﺎ ُﺗ ِﺤ‬ One day somebody came [to the blessed court of the Beloved and Blessed    ٖ Prophet    ٖ . 149) 5.000 times.

              ]. and the Holy Prophet     .

       made him sit in between himself and Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Siddiq   !        $ . The respected  # companions   !      ! " !.

When he had left.  #  $ were surprised as to who that honoured person  was. the Holy Prophet    ٖ .

125) 6. Durood-e-Shafa’at ‫ ا ﻟْ َﻤ ْﻘ َﻌ َﺪ ا ﻟْ ُﻤﻘ ََّﺮ َب ِﻋ ْﻨ َﺪ َك َﻳ ْﻮ َم اﻟْ ِﻘ َﻴﺎ َﻣ ِﺔ‬. pp.’ (Al-Qaul-ul-Badi’.              said. ‘When he recites Salat upon me. he does so in these words.ُ ْ‫ا َﻟﻠّٰ ُ@ َّﻢ َﺻ ِ ّﻞ  َٰ ُﻣ َﺤ َّﻤ ٍﺪ َّو ا َ ْﻧ ِﺰﻟ‬  The Greatest and Holiest Prophet     ٖ .

net . 2. pp. my intercession will become obligatory for him. 329. vol.dawateislami. Hadees 31) 24 www.              has stated: The one who recites this Salat upon me. (Attargheeb Wattarheeb.

Good deeds for 1000 days .ُ ّٰ‫َﺟ َﺰی اﻟﻠ‬ It is narrated by Sayyiduna Ibn ‘Abbas +         #  $ that the Noble and Blessed  Prophet    ٖ .ٗ ُ ‫ َﻋ َّﻨﺎ ُﻣ َﺤ ّﻤ ًَﺪا َﻣﺎ ُﻫ َﻮ ا َ ْﻫﻠ‬.The Great Eminence of Blessed Sahabah Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami) 1.

‘For the reciter of above supplication. ‘If anyone recites the following Du’a three times at night it is as if he has found Layla-tul-Qadr. seventy angels write good deeds (in his account) for 1000 days. vol. Hadees 17305) 2. Rab of the seven skies and the magnificent ‘Arsh. Allah           Who is َ ُۡ is ‘‫’سبحان‬. 25 www. Here is the Du’a: َ ۡ ُ ّٰ 0َِّ ‫َل ا ٰ َِل ا‬ َ ۡ ‫ا‬ ‫الل ِۡي ُم الك ِر ۡي ُم‬ ۡ ۡ ّ َ َ ۡ َّ ّٰ َ ٰ ۡ ُ َّ ‫ا ِ َر ّب‬ ‫ب ال َع ۡر ِش ال َع ِظ ۡيم‬ ‫سبحن‬ ِ ‫الس ٰم ٰو‬ ِ ‫ت السبعِ و ر‬ ِ Translation: There is none worthy of worship except Allah ۡ َ ۡ َ ‘‫ ’حل ِيم‬and ‘‫’ك ِريم‬. An easy way to spend every night in worship The following narration has been mentioned on page 187 of Gharaib-ul-Quran.’ (Majma’-uz-Zawaid.              has stated.’ We should recite it every night. 254. .dawateislami. 10.