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Powerlift Jet Pumps
Hydraulic Pumping Systems are the
most versatile means of artificial lift
equipment available today. Simple
pump size changes can increase or
decrease production rates as
necessary to compensate for changing
well conditions.
The applications for Weatherford
hydraulic pumps are broad, covering a
wide range of depths, volumes and well
conditions. Both initial installation and
operating costs can be reduced
measurably over other recovery
methods. Several wells can be
produced from one surface package,
greatly reducing the individual capital
cost per well. Free style pumps reduce
workover down time and repairs
The ability to heat or blend power fluids
enables viscous fluids to be produced.
Injecting chemicals with the power fluid
can combat numerous production
problems such as paraffin build-up and
corrosion. Powerlift Jet Pumps are the
shortest in the industry and readily
handle deviated wells. High gas liquid
ratios assist in lifting the wells.
Computer-aided analysis is provided to
allow the custom design of a system to
lift your well at maximum efficiency.

875"-3.688" *Assemblies available in corrosion resis tant alloys.: 58 281 2814211 CIS & Middle East Phone: (43) 9714-3325999 South .3000 365-09104-0* 361-09300-0* 3" PL-Jet 20 . increase fluid draw down and reduce operating pressures. Unless noted otherwise.4500 365-09191-0* 361-09215-0* 1-1/2" HV-Jet 20 .Lecheria. For more information contact an authorized Weatherford representative. WESTERN HEMISPHERE EASTERN HEMISPHERE Canada Phone: (403) 269-7788 Europe Phone: (44) 1224 331 331 Latin America North .5000 Adaptable to sizes 1. providing longer pump life.2000 365-09103-0* 361-09250-0* 2-1/2" PL-Jet 20 . Weatherford’s exclusive double angled pre-diffuser reduces cavitation and provdes unmatched efficiency. trademarks and service marks herein are the property of Weatherford. Fluid flow parts are specially designed to reduce pressure losses.5000 365-09598-0* Type SSD Jet 20 .00 (ALS5011) .weatherford. © Copyright 2002-2005 Weatherford · All rights reserved · Brochure 1332. Other sizes available upon request. · Houston. Venezuela Tel. Worldwide Customer Service 515 Post Oak Blvd.Buenos Aires.The Powerlift™ Jet Pump employs no moving parts. Absence of close fitted parts allows abrasive and gassy fluids to be easily Texas 77027 Phone: (713) 693-4800 · als@weatherford.3500 365-09634-0* 361-09605-0* 2-1/2" HV-Jet 20 . Specifications are subject to change without notice.600 365-09645-0* 361-09210-0* 2" HV-Jet 20 . available on request or at www. It achieves its pumping action by means of momentum transfer between the power fluid and produced fluid. Argentina Phone: 54 (11) 5077 0077 Weatherford products and services are subject to the Company’s standard terms and ASSEMBLY NUMBER PUMP DESIGNATION DISPLACEMENT RANGE / BPD BOTTOM HOLE ASSEMBLY 361-09200-0* 2" PL-Jet 20 .