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The Imperfection of the Abhorrent

Prophet Unimagined is that the real

world is pain. In his dreams, he knows all
of what shall come, and nothing is
unexpected. Yet despite what he will tell
you, Sacheverell's nature does not allow
him to control or predict the actions of any
creature perfectly in the waking world. The
hidden pain of his own impotence is what
drives him to sleep.
Just as their master, Infernals in service of
Sacheverell are only able to maintain their
illusion of control while they are not in
pain. Whenever an Infernal would normally
suffer a penalty to a roll due to pain, be it
from wounds, illness, charms, or any other
source, he cannot apply his perfect
First Sacheverell Excellency
Cost: 1m per die; Mins: Essence 1; Type:
Reflexive (Step 1 for attacker, Step 2 for
Keywords: None
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: None
Sacheverell is a monstrosity who inspires
"fear" and "disgust" in all who learn of him.
Those fools who dare approach him are
faced with "terrible prophecies" of
impending "doom". All the universe is
united in valuing his "sleep", for his
wakening would entail the single "worst
thing imaginable". It is a blessing, then,
that he prefers the "status quo" of his
eternal slumber, and pursues this end with
"grim determination" and the "forbidden
knowledge" he has gained by studying the
contours of the future. That is what the
world thinks of Sacheverell, and this is
good, for the truth is far more "pathetic".
Sacheverell is a "helpless" victim cast
adrift in a cruel world which exists only to
torment him and laugh at his "failures".
The Abhorrent Prophet Unimagined sees
the universe for the miserable place it is,
and wisely "discards the false hopes" it
others. The only salvation is to "give up",
and so Sacheverell surrenders his will to
responsibilities of choice to become a
"blameless" puppet of destiny. He has
forsaken reality, isolating himself behind
walls of "apathy" and withdrawing into
"dreams" in which he is still the Lidless Eye
That Sees, and knows not from whence the
strange Yozi named "Sacheverell" came. At
times, He Who Sees the Shape of Things to
Come thinks he spies something which

could offer hope, and for a moment he

feels as though his life is worthwhile after
all. However, reality is always quick to
punish such "self defeating" idiocy, and
thus it has become his habit to "lash out"
at those who would drag him back into the
hateful waking world.
Sacheverell Mythos Exultant
Cost: -; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: First Sacheverell Excellency
Unlike other variations of (Yozi) Mythos
Exultant, Sacheverell Mythos Exultant
requires the player to declare its use
before rolling the stunted action. The
Infernal rolls his dice pool twice, taking
whichever result he prefers, but forfeits
stunt rewards as normal for (Yozi) Mythos
Exultant if he succeeds. If the stunted
action fails despite the use of this Charm,
the Infernal loses (stunt rating x 3) motes
and one willpower, as the weight of
inevitable failure begins to crush the
Exultant is incompatible with any First or
Second Excellency.
Sorcerous Enlightenment of Sacheverell
Cost: -; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: First Sacheverell Excellency
Sacheverell focuses his consciousness on
his dreams, and thus magic comes most
naturally to him when it resonates with his
dreams of the present. Sacheverell
receives a 10 mote, 1 willpower discount
on all spells which primarily deal with
dreams, scrying, or the acquisition of
information. Spells which effect the waking
world, and which do not qualify for the
discount above, suffer a 1 willpower
Dream Vision Benefaction
Cost: 1m; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Simple
Keywords: Social
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisites: None
All the world is a dream to Sacheverell. It is
simple to insert himself into the dreams of
another. The Infernal names an individual
and falls asleep. The Infernal may also
slumbering. If the individual is asleep and
within the same realm of existence, the
Infernal appears to them in their dreams. If

the target has not gone to sleep, the

Infernal will invade their dreams as soon as
they do. The dreamer becomes lucid
enough to meaningfully converse with the
Warlock, and they may communicate
normally for as long as the target is asleep.
This can include social combat, though the
sleeper may pay 1 temporary willpower to
banish the Infernal from his dreams for the
night, or 3 to be rid of him for a month.
A repurchase at Essence 4 allows the
Infernal to target people in separate
realms of existence.
Crawling the Web of Nightmares
Cost: 1m; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Simple
Keywords: None
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Dream Vision Benefaction
Sacheverell's sleeping mind can contain
whole universes, but lesser beings are
more constrained. Thus, Sacheverell must
move from dreamscape to dreamscape to
see the full layout of the world's dreams.
While using Dream Vision Benefaction, the
Infernal may pay 1 mote to expand his
simultaneous target of Dream Vision
Benefaction. By default, the Infernal
merely moves to the dreams of the closest
sleeping individual to his original target,
but he may instead narrow his search to
specific types of beings.
He may, for instance, invade the dreams of
the closest mortal, horse, or god. For the
purposes of this Charm, all Exalts count as
humans, and the Warlock may not specify
that his next target be Exalted. The new
target may pay willpower as normal to
banish the Infernal. This leaves the
Warlock blocked from that person's mind,
but still within the dreams of all his other
targets. He may carry out different
conversations simultaneously in separate
dreams and participate in multiple,
separate instances of social combat.
At Essence 3, the Infernal may instead
move into the dreams of someone towards
whom his current target has an Intimacy. A
repurchase at this Essence rating allows
the Infernal to spread to all characters
within 5 yards of any effected character, or
to every target of an Intimacy of any
current target for a cost of 5m.
Dream Defining Gaze
Cost: 2m (+3m, +1wp); Mins: Essence 3;
Type: Simple

Keywords: Social
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Crawling the Web of
Sacheverell does not control his dreams as
thoroughly as Oramus, but dreams are the
one place where he is not quite so
helpless. While traveling inside another's
dreams with Dream Vision Benefaction, the
Infernal may control the dream's content.
The Infernal specifies something, such as a
specific person, object, event, or emotion
and forces the dream to shift focus onto
the given subject. The Infernal may then
watch the dream play out, as the
dreamer's most recent memories of the
given subject are recreated in dream form.
This may involve the last time they saw
the person or object, their recollections of
the specified event, or the last time they
strongly felt the specified emotion.
At the storyteller's discretion, events which
were extremely emotional or important for
the dreamer may come forward instead of
the most recent ones. A dockworker may
dream of the drunken night he had with a
coworker over a game of cards last week,
instead of having a short conversation at
the general store with him this morning,
which may or may not have been what the
Infernal was hoping to discover. Terrifying
or humiliating dreams impose a -1 penalty
on the roll to recover Willpower in the
A repurchase at Essence 4 allows the
Infernal to effect all current targets of
simultaneously with a single use, forcing
them all to dream of the same subject. A
second repurchase allows the Warlock to
control the glamours of the Fair Folk. By
paying 5m, 1wp, the Infernal may target a
Waypoint instead of a dream. This allows
the Infernal to totally rework the themes of
the stories told there. Any Shaping attack
that does not conform to the Green Sun
Prince's dictates automatically fail. It is
permissible to enforce the story of
Sacheverell's power tearing down the
wholesale, causing all Shaping attacks to
fail and the Waypoint to temporarily calcify
into a part of Creation. These effects last
one day and are Sorcerous.
Flames of Passion Dimmed
Cost: 1m (+1m); Mins: Essence 2; Type:
Reflexive (Step 7)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Social

Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: None
The wonders of the world can inspire
Sacheverell to feel for but a heartbeat
before the inevitability of disappointment
and loss snuffs out his ability to care.
Whenever the Infernal is subject to an
Emotion effect, he may change the context
of that effect to despair.
A repurchase at Essence 3 allows the
Warlock to use this Charm against social
attacks meant to compel behavior for a
cost of 2 motes. This changes the social
attack so that it makes the Infernal do
nothing, instead of whatever behavior it
was intended to provoke. The Warlock
moves to comply for an instant before
realizing the futility of whatever he was
about to do. This obviously cannot defend
against social attacks which would force
him to abstain from some course of action.
A second repurchase at Essence 5 makes
the defense against Emotion effects, but
not social attacks, Permanent.
Consolation Inducing Cringe
Cost: 5m; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK, Emotion
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisites: Flames of Passion Dimmed
Many have been the self righteous heroes
who came forth to strike down Sacheverell,
only to stop when they saw what a piteous
creature he really was. The Infernal makes
a (Manipulation + Performance) roll
against all onlookers' MDVs. If he
succeeds, the target feels overwhelming
pity for the worthless creature before her
as an Emotion that can be resisted for 2
willpower. She may harass, ignore, or even
help the Infernal in response, but must fail
a Compassion check to bring herself to
actually attack him. The effect ends for
any character whom the Infernal attacks.
After being targeted by this Charm, a
character cannot be effected by another
use by the same character again for one
full day. At Essence 4, the Emotion effect
also gives the target a positive Intimacy of
pity towards the Infernal. The Intimacy
stays in place even after the Emotion
effect ends.
False Hopes Torn Asunder
Cost: -; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Native, Overdrive
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Consolation Inducing Cringe

helplessness drives the compassionate to
alleviate his suffering. These are the
Abhorrent Prophet Unimagined's most
dangerous foes, for their mercy may
delude him into forgetting that life is
misery. They must pay for trying to lure
Sacheverell back into the sadistic waking
world. This Charm grants an Overdrive pool
of 10 motes. Initially empty, the Infernal
gains 10 offensive motes the first time in a
scene that he initiates battle against
someone who holds a positive Intimacy
towards him, and an additional mote on
each action in which he attacks an enemy
who holds such an Intimacy.
At Essence 5, the Warlock's definition of
acceptable enemies expands. He may now
gain offensive motes for fighting anyone
who has shown him kindness earlier in the
scene, regardless of whether they hold an
Intimacy towards him.
Sharing the Truths of Insignificance
Cost: 3m (+4m, +1wp); Mins: Essence 3;
Type: Reflexive (Step 9)
Counterattack, Emotion, Social
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisites: Flames of Passion Dimmed
After internalizing the futility of emotion,
He Who Sees the Shape of Things to Come
feels compelled to share his wisdom. This
Charm is a counterattack against a social
attack which carries an Emotion effect. The
counterattack in an unnatural Emotion
effect that costs 3 willpower to resist, and
which causes the original attacker to fall
into despair.
A repurchase at Essence 4, which requires
the second purchase of Flames of Passion
counterattack any social attack by paying
7m, 1wp. In addition to the Emotion effect
above, the counterattack also carries a
Compulsion that costs 1 willpower to resist
and forces to target to disengage from
social combat and spend the rest of the
scene idle, perhaps wandering off to take a
nice nap.
Ideals Broken and Discarded
Cost: 12m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 4; Type:
Keywords: Social
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Sharing the Truths of

The self-righteous steadfastly cling to their

beliefs, but Sacheverell knows it is only a
matter of time before they abandon them.
Just as the Abhorrent Prophet Unimagined
whispered to the Empyreal Chaos to betray
his nature and bow before his Exalted
conquerors, the Infernal may wear away at
their enemies' strongest convictions until
they crumble beneath the weight of
inevitability. This Charm supplements a
social attack, which is able to issue any
non-suicidal unacceptable order. Mortals
offer less resistance, and may be
convinced to kill themselves.
Sleeping Horror Awakened
Cost: -; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Obvious
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Flames of Passion Dimmed
He Who Sees the Shape of Things to Come
ruins the world simply by being in it. All of
Heaven and Hell would dearly love to see
him die before he awakens. They will never
be that lucky. If damage in step 10 would
kill the Infernal, the attack is shunted into
his dreams and dissipates. He perfectly
dodges the attack, even if it was
undodgable, but the psychic strain of
mixing dream and reality forces him to
awaken. If the user of this Charm is a
Primordial or a Fetich Third Circle Demon,
the sympathetic bond between them also
wakes the other. As a unique Flaw of
Invulnerability, this Charm only applies
while the Warlock is asleep, and he may
not fall asleep again until the end of the
This Charm cannot protect against self
inflicted damage. If the Infernal wants to
awake, he must convince someone else to
attack him.
Inured to the World's Pains
Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Reflexive
(Step 2)
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Sleeping Horror Awakened
Life is suffering. Compared to this truth, of
what significance are the slings and arrows
of one's enemies? The Infernal perfectly
unexpected, even if it was undodgable.
This Charm bears the Imperfection of the
Abhorrent Prophet Unimagined.
Invincible Shield of Anhedonia

Cost: Varies; Mins: Essence 2; Type:

Reflexive (Step 2)
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: One scene
Prerequisites: Flames of Passion Dimmed
All the temptations of the world throw
themselves before He Who Sees the Shape
of Things to Come, yet he is unmoved, for
in his dreams he can see even the smallest
and most insignificant of flaws with ten
thousand times more clarity than he can
see beauty. In addition to the listed effects,
each version of this Charm replicates Keen
(Sense) Technique for the appropriate
sense. Upon purchasing this Charm, the
Infernal gains one of the options listed
below, and may repurchase this Charm up
to four times to learn the others.
"'Hearing"': The Infernal looses all ability to
enjoy music, poetry, and the screams of
his victims, as all dissolve into a
meaningless cacophony. The Warlock gains
the ability to perfectly dodge vocal or
written social attacks, even undodgable
ones, by gaining a point of limit, as their
worthless babble serves only to annoy him.
This version costs 4 motes.
"'Sight"': The Infernal blinds himself to
beauty. He automatically fails all rolls to
evaluate the worth of any object whose
pleasing form adds to its value, and cannot
ratings. Venus seems no more attractive to
him than a decaying Abyssal. More
Warlock disregards
defending against social attacks. This
version costs 4 motes.
"'Smell"': The Infernal can no longer derive
pleasure from the smell of a freshly picked
flower or a home cooked meal. Even
poisonous gasses and airborne diseases
fail to entice a response. The Warlock is
immune to all effects that require the
inhalation of a gas. This version costs 7
"'Taste"': Even the most delectable of
feasts no longer tempts the Infernal. The
Warlock gains immunity to all effects that
require oral ingestion of some substance,
even gaining the ability to safely swallow
and digest normally inedible objects,
though he gains no sustenance from them.
This version costs 4 motes.
"'Touch"': Pain is overshadowed by the
endless suffering that is life, though the
caress of a lover and gentle embrace of a
friend become pleasures the Infernal will
never know. The Infernal ignores all wound

penalties and becomes immune to all pain

based effects. This version costs 3 motes.
At Essence 5, the duration increases to
A single repurchase at Essence 8 reduces
the cost of all versions of this Charm to 1
mote apiece.
Cruel Reality Unveiled
Cost: 15m; Mins: Essence 4; Type:
Simple(Dramatic Action)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Sorcerous
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Flames of Passion Dimmed
Adorjan cuts away the fetters of sanity and
draws her victim-beneficiaries into her
Pure Land world Jouten to dwell in blissful
madness. She should know better than to
think something as simple as insanity can
offer escape from the torment of samsara.
This Charm is an hour long dramatic action
in which the Green Sun Prince confronts his
target with the unrelenting misery of the
world outside of their delusions. The
paranoid are shown that no amount of
distrust can really protect them from
betrayal, and those with phobias are
shown how everything else is just as
terrifying as the
thing they fear.
derangements, but is infused with a
permanent sense of melancholy and
detachment. They may not repair or create
positive Intimacies unless they spend a
Virtue channel for each scene spent doing
Depression is not an illness but instead the
only sane response to a mad and terrible
world. As such, this Charm cannot cure
depression or similar derangements,
though it can convert them into
depression, turning Bi-Polar Disorder into
unipolar depression, for instance.
Judging Eyes Blinded
Cost: 6m; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: One scene
Prerequisites: Flames of Passion Dimmed
It is bad enough that Sacheverell must
acknowledge his own endless string of
failures. The thought that others may see
and mock him is truly unbearable. The
Warlock cloaks himself in a veil of
unobtrusiveness, and all Perception rolls to
notice him automatically fail. If any Charm
contests this effect, the Infernal applies
(Essence) bonus successes on the Charm
rolloff. However, the Green Sun Prince is

also consumed with a primal terror of

being noticed. If at any point the Infernal
believes he has been spotted, that anyone
in the area believes they are being spied
upon, or hears his own name spoken, he
must flee the immediate area by the most
expedient means possible and not return
for the rest of the scene. In the First Age,
the Solars erected systems to regularly
shout out the name of Sacheverell to
frighten away his roving dream-eyes from
their most sensitive buildings, including
the site of the Calibration feast. The
Usurpation was enough to awaken
Sacheverell, but for those installations
which stopped him from dreaming of the
first and greatest act of betrayal against
the Lawgivers.
Advent of the Somnambulant Oracle
Cost: -; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Judging Eyes Blinded
Sleep is the rightful domain of Sacheverell,
but he cannot neglect the waking world
lest he be awakened. This Charm splits off
subservient to the original. This personality
has its own Motivation and set of
Intimacies, which are initially defined by
the Infernal when he learns this Charm.
The two personalities share memories, and
the second instinctively understands the
will of the primary personality in any
situation, but they are otherwise distinct.
Social attacks and mind controlling magic
used on one do not affect the behavior of
the other.
The second personality is normally
powerless, as it is not really a part of the
Infernal's conscious mind. Rather, it is a set
of goals and opinions which takes control
of the Infernal whenever he is asleep,
essentially transforming his slumbering
body into a philosophical zombie. The
second personality is naturally adept at
aping normality. A successful Perception +
Awareness check at difficulty 3 is
necessary to notice that something seems
strange about the Infernal, and a threshold
of 2 is required to determine that he is in
fact sleep walking (or sleep talking, sleep
fighting, sleep plotting-to-escape-fromHell...).
World-Forsaking Dreamer Shintai
Cost: -; Mins: Essence 4; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None

Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Advent of the Somnambulant
Oracle, Dream Defining Gaze
The Ebon Dragon dreams of the world as it
could be, a place of hollow shadows where
virtue and hope have been crushed
forever. Sacheverell dreams of the world as
it is, and this is far worse. The Infernal falls
asleep permanently, and may permanently
change the motivations of both his
personalities when he does so. The
balance of power between the two
personalities shifts. The primary, sleeping
personality loses the ability to access any
memories of the sleepwalking personality
which postdate the learning of this Charm.
Additionally, the sleeping personality
becomes subservient to the sleepwalking
one, as the sleepwalker's desires dictate
the actions of the sleeper. The Infernal
recovers Willpower with a Conviction roll as
normal every day at midnight. The
sleeping personality extrudes a small piece
of the Infernal's soul from his body,
creating an infinitesimally small, invisible,
and immaterial "eye." Whatever the eye
sees, the Infernal dreams. This is how
Sacheverell gathers the visions to form his
endless dreams of the present. The eye
can move at 10 yards per tick in any
direction and benefits from any Charms the
Infernal uses improve his own senses, but
it is otherwise powerless. The eye can be
banished by the same methods that work
against an Infernal using Judging Eyes
When buying this Charm, the Infernal must
specify what has driven him to abandon
reality and dwell forever more in his own
dreams. For Sacheverell, this was the
unthinkable rebellion of the lesser gods
and races against the invincible Primordials
who ruled the world. If, in his dreams, he
ever witnesses any event on the scale of
the Usurpation which reminds the Warlock
of the cause of his self imposed exile, he
immediately awakens, and can never fall
asleep again. This Charm, Advent of the
Somnambulant Oracle, and any others
which rely on sleep have their experience
point cost refunded, though the Infernal
retains access to them for the purpose of
fulfilling other Charms' prerequisites.
Initially the eye created by this Charm can
stray no farther than 10 miles from the
Infernal's body. Repurchase at Essence 5
upgrades this to 100 miles. A second
repurchase at Essence 6 removes this
range limitation entirely, allowing the eye

to reach any location in the same realm of

existence. A third repurchase removes
even this limitation, allowing the eye to
travel to other realms by whatever means
it can find. A fourth repurchase at Essence
8 allows the Infernal to have one separate
eye on every plane of existence which he
can reach simultaneously. A final purchase
at Essence 10 gives the Infernal 54 eyes in
every realm of existence he can reach.
A Private Hell
Cost: 30m, 2wp; Mins: Essence 3; Type:
Keywords: Combo-OK, Illusion
Duration: One day
Prerequisites: Judging Eyes Blinded
Sometimes, Sacheverell wishes he could
just disappear, not only from the sight of
others, but from the entire universe, and
trouble Creation no more. When activating
this Charm, the Warlock rolls (Manipulation
+ Stealth), and everyone who has any
memories of him and a MDV lower than the
number of successes on the Infernal's roll
suffers an unnatural Illusion that costs 4
willpower to resist and causes them to lose
all memory that the Infernal has ever
existed. The Illusion abates when this
Charm ends. Meanwhile, the Infernal sends
himself Elsewhere. There, he may do
nothing, not even purely mental actions,
except choose to end this Charm and
return himself to the spot which he
disappeared from.
The Rewards of Hope
Cost: 1m; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Reflexive
(Step 2)
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: None
When champions arise to fight the
destinies Sacheverell has foreseen, it is not
enough that they die. The futility of
resistance must be demonstrated to those
they had sought to protect. If the Infernal's
attack dealt damage, everyone who holds
a positive Intimacy towards the attack's
target receives a vision of what has
happened to them, along with the
knowledge of the Warlock's identity. Each
such vision counts as a scene spent
building a negative intimacy of fear
towards the Infernal.
Additionally, if the Infernal has the final
repurchase of The Shape of Things to
Come, the vision also imparts the
knowledge that defeating the Warlock will

awaken him and damn the universe to

Heart String Strangulation
Cost: 5m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 3; Type:
Keywords: Combo-OK, Shaping, Sorcerous
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: The Rewards of Hope
Of all the myriad forms of suffering,
Sacheverell considers physical pain the
crudest. To truly become the ultimate
monster, his blows must do more than
merely rend his opponent's flesh. This
Charm supplements a physical attack. If
the attack hits, it is repeated as a Shaping
effect on all individuals towards whom the
target holds a positive intimacy and who
have a lower Essence score than the
target. The target is forced to watch as his
loved ones suffer for his temerity as per
The Rewards of Hope.
This Charm is an implement of torture, not
enforced Intimacies do not function as
proper arcane links to the individual. It is
permissible, however, for someone to form
an Intimacy naturally with the intent to use
those feelings to attack them.
Death Offers No Escape
Cost: 1m; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Reflexive
(Step 10)
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: The Rewards of Hope
The Neverborn believe that one day
Creation shall be shattered and their
torment will end as they sink into the cold
embrace of Oblivion. Sacheverell can only
pity their naive optimism. If this Charm is
used to enhance a fatal attack, the victim
is forced into Lethe to be reborn into the
cycle of eternal suffering.
Furthermore, this Charm searches the
Loom of Fate for every appropriate body
for the soul that is fated to be born before
the end of the next Calibration. The life
which would be most distasteful to the
victim is selected, and they are guaranteed
rebirth into that body. If another Charm
contests either of these two effects, the
successes on the Charm roll-off. The
target's last thoughts are filled with visions
of the indignity of his next life. In this way
are potentates reborn as slaves and
devout Immaculates reincarnated as thralls
to the Anathema. If it becomes impossible

for the soul to be reincarnated into that

body, such as from competing magic
winning control of it or beings from outside
Fate preventing the birth, the soul goes to
the next most unwanted body. If no new
births of the proper species will occur
before the next Calibration, the soul will
instead be reincarnated as soon as
possible, regardless of what sort of life the
baby is fated to have.
At Essence 5, even beings who's souls
normally dissipate upon death are forced
into the wheel of metempsychosis. Spirits
are prevented from reforming in their
sanctums. Instead, their souls are held
together by the magic of this Charm and
used by the universe as the basis of
another spirit of the appropriate type. This
has all the same effects as a mortal soul
reincarnated. The birth of beings outside of
Fate are not predictable by the Loom of
Fate, and so creatures which are naturally
outside of Fate will be reborn at the earliest
possible opportunity.
At Essence 6, the Warlock becomes able to
transmute souls as they die. Beings killed
by this Charm are reborn into the worst life
inside of Fate possible, regardless of what
type of being that is. The soul will be
twisted into the proper type of soul for the
species it is to inhabit. Dragon Kings can
be made to become one of the humans
that had served as their slaves in Ages
past, and the mightiest gods forced to live
as dung beetles. If, while waiting for their
fated reincarnation, a birth outside of Fate
occurs which would have been even more
distasteful to the soul's former life, it
instead serves as the basis of that life
instead. For example, if the Unconquered
Sun is killed with this Charm and slated for
reincarnation as a mortal bandit, only for
one of the Ebon Dragon's Third Circle
demons to die, he will instead be rebuilt
into a properly formatted Essence pattern
to gestate inside the Ebon Dragon as his
new soul.
Today's Hero, Tomorrow's Monster
Cost: -; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Death Offers No Escape
Trusting to the vagaries of Fate to ensure
that a soul's next incarnation is perfectly
tailored in its horror is foolish. Instead of
returning to Yu-Shan for eventual rebirth,
the newly dead soul attaches itself to the

Infernal's like a barnacle. There, the

Infernal may make social attacks on it, all
of which automatically succeed. Since the
soul has already passed through the
process of Lethe, the results of these
attacks carry over to its next life, though it
must wait until its body and mind mature
to the point that it can understand them
before they have any effect. Giving the
command "murder your parents" to the
soul, for example, will not be acted upon
until the child is old enough to understand
what "murder" and "parents" are. Once the
Warlock is finished influencing the soul, he
may either release it to Yu-Shan to be
reincarnated as per Death Offers No
Escape, or specify a gestating fetus which
the soul will enter once it is ready for birth.
If the fetus is destroyed or otherwise
prevented from being born, the Infernal
becomes aware of this fact and may
change the soul's destination.
A repurchase at Essence 5 turns the
Infernal's body into a Craft(Genesis)
workshop in which he can directly create
bodies of the appropriate species for
attached souls to inhabit. The new body
forms as a cyst inside the Warlock, which is
expelled once he has accumulated enough
successes to finish the new life form. After
specifying what he is to create and
ingesting proper esoteric ingredients for a
Genesis Artifact, he needs take no other
action to help the creature's progress. Each
day, he reflexively makes an appropriate
Craft(Genesis) roll, and counts the
completion as normal. At any time after it
is finished, he may expel the cyst from his
body and it grows into the creature he
designed over the course of a minute, at
which point he selects one of his trapped
souls to bring it to life.
Creating a new member of an existing
mortal species counts as Artifact 1, while
existing Essence using species are Artifact
3. Unlike normal applications, this Charm
can allow Craft(Genesis) to create literally
any form of life, as long as the Warlock has
an appropriate soul on hand to use as a
template. Creating beings such as spirits or
Fair Folk is possible, thought they count as
Artifact 5 or even NA if they are especially
A repurchase at Essence 6 which requires
the repurchase of Death Offers No Escape
allows the Green Sun Prince to create truly
new races or Behemoths, instead of merely
copying preexisting species.

Inevitable Doom Foresight

Cost: 5m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 2; Type:
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: The Rewards of Hope
Occasionally, Sacheverell's sleeping form
stirs, and three of his 324 wings briefly
unfurl from one of his 108 eyes, that he
may glimpse the shape of things to come.
This Charm constitutes an unblockable,
undodgable social attack that targets a
single individual, which may be used in
combat time as a simple action. This
unnatural Compulsion costs 2 willpower to
resist, and forces the character to gaze
into samsara. At this stage, the Infernal's
visions are as limited as the Maidens' in
that he may see only tragedy. If the target
does not resist, they and the Infernal
experience a Storyteller created vision of a
single action the target will take some time
in the current scene. The vision must be of
what the character attempts, not of what
they actually do. "You will try to betray
your circle to the Wyld Hunt," is
appropriate, but "You will betray your circle
to the Wyld Hunt," is not, as there is no
guarantee that the target's circle will not
prevent him from making it to the local
Immaculate monastery to rendezvous with
them. This action must be something the
character can actually do and have
consequences the character would dislike,
prophecies of samsara are limited only by
the imagination and cruelty of the
As per the samsara keyword, the target is
forced to go through with what he saw in
the vision, and to do nothing that would
prevent it from coming to pass. If a Dynast
foresees herself selling her mortal husband
into slavery, she cannot kill him to stop
this from happening. If the actions of
others make the fulfillment of the prophecy
impossible, such as if someone else kills
the Dynast's husband, then she realizes
that she was misremembering what she
saw, cloaking the horror of the future
behind veils of delusion, and receives a
new vision from the Storyteller, which is
retroactively what she had actually seen all
along. The Infernal also sees this revised

The Warlock may target himself with this

Charm for free as a non-Charm activation
Simple action.
At Essence 3, the Warlock may specify a
known Intimacy of the target, and the
vision will revolve around how the target
will betray and ruin that Intimacy, if
A repurchase at Essence 3 adds the Illusion
keyword. The target refuses to believe that
the Warlock's prophecy was the cause of
her actions, instead rationalizing them as
due to her own character flaws. For
example, the Dynast above may believe
that she sold her husband because she is
greedy. While under the effects of this
Illusion, the character cannot behave in
ways which would violate her new self
image unless she pays a point of willpower
to act freely for a scene. This Illusion costs
3 willpower to remove, and this willpower
payment cannot be made until the Illusion
is challenged, such as the Dynast's friends
reminding her how she would often give to
charity or by acting against the Illusion's
dictates for a scene.
Another repurchase at Essence 4 allows
this Charm to be used as a Performance
based social attack, and thereby effect
everyone within listening range. A third
repurchase at Essence 6 allows the Infernal
to make written social attacks with this
Indefinite, and he must keep the motes
committed lest his words lose their
oracular power. The Charm ends after a
single person has read the effected text.
Prime Future's History Made Radiant
Cost: 15m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 3; Type:
Simple (Dramatic Action)
Keywords: Compulsion, Illusion, Social,
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisites: Crawling the Web of
Inevitable Doom Foresight
To view samsara head on requires the
strength to ensure that what one sees shall
truly come to pass. This is infeasible in the
case of whole societies, but He Who Sees
the Shape of Things to Come needn't see
anything but the silhouette of the future in
order to guide the fate of organizations.
After all, while individuals may deviate
from the norm, the cosmic truths of
samsara inform enough of the populace's
behavior that individuals are irrelevant.
Love is slavery, tomorrow shall be worse

than today, hope is a lie, the world's

wonders will diminish, usurpation is
inevitable, these are among the truths
which Sacheverell has gleaned from
samsara and which allow him to plan the
future of whole nations.
This Charm is a Manipulation + Socialize
Dramatic Action requiring several hours of
observing the a social group, with a
difficulty of the leader's MDV. If the roll
succeeds, the Infernal may add or remove
one item from the group's Policy. The
group's leader may pay 10 Loyalty,
incrementally or in a lump sum, to remove
or reinstate that part of the Policy at the
end of the scene in which she paid the final
point of Loyalty.
Furthermore, the Infernal is automatically
alerted to events which would cause the
group to change its Policy away from what
he has dictated. If he responds and
successfully deals with these threats to his
plans, then his change to the Policy is
reapplied if it was successfully removed,
the amount of Loyalty paid towards
it is reset to zero, everyone in the social
unit gains an intimacy towards that part of
the Policy as an unnatural Compulsion, and
entirely forget whatever threat had
opposed that part of the Policy as an
unnatural Illusion effect. The Compulsion
and Illusion cost a cumulative 1 willpower
to resist for each threat the Warlock has
dealt with, to a maximum of 5.
Forthright Prophet Stance
Cost: -; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Obvious, Samsara
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Inevitable Doom Foresight
Sacheverell is not so cruel as to delude
others with false hope, yet they still
foolishly deny that the truths he reveals to
them. This Charm removes that luxury.
Whenever the Infernal speaks the truth,
this fact becomes undeniably Obvious to
everyone who hears him. Though this does
not stop him from lying, once those around
him understand that everything but his lies
carry with them the ring of truth, it
becomes difficult to successfully do so.
Still, a clever Warlock can use this to his
advantage. "The Ebon Dragon kidnapped
the Scarlet Empress using Infernal Exalts
made from corrupted Solar Exaltations,"
for example, is false no matter how close
to the truth it actually is.

Note that, as per the samsara keyword,

any attempt to relay information gained
from samsara never seems to be true.
Merciful Shattering of Dreams
Cost: 4m; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Simple
Keywords: None
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisites: Inevitable Doom Foresight
The most compassionate act imaginable is
to teach someone that the best thing they
can do is abandon their aspirations, curl
into a ball, and go to sleep. When
activating this Charm, the Infernal specifies
a single target and something that person
wishes to accomplish. Any action the
Infernal takes which directly contests the
target's efforts to realize that goal enjoy a
stunt bonus as if they resonated with the
Infernal's motivation. The Warlock also
gains a bonus success on all rolls for such
actions, which does not count as dice
gained from Charms. If the goal is
represented by an Intimacy or the
Motivation of the target, the Green Sun
Prince gains 2 or 3 bonus successes,
Pathetic Failure Anticipation
Cost: -; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Native, Samsara
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Inevitable Doom Foresight
Benezer the White Ram died, and it was
the Lidless Eye that Sees's fault. He was
too weak to stop it, too stupid to see it
coming, too hideous for the Chosen of the
gods to consider sparing him, too
worthless to do anything at all. His
transition into Sacheverell has made him
no better, but now he can at least predict
his own failures to prepare himself for
them. This Charm gives the Infernal an
extra Peripheral Essence pool that is 10
motes large.
Additionally, whenever the Infernal uses
Inevitable Doom Foresight on himself, he
may specify exactly what he wishes to see.
If he does so, he is granted a vision of
himself failing spectacularly at whatever
action he foresaw. This ensures that he will
botch the roll for that action the next time
the specified situation occurs. If the
Storyteller judges the situation to have
been appropriate for an Eclipse caste oath
enforced botch to have occurred (i.e., not
so specific that it will never actually come
up in play, something that the Warlock
actually had a chance at succeeding at

anyway, not something the Infernal would

actually want to fail at, etc) then he gains
10 motes for the Essence pool provided by
this Charm. This is the only way the pool
may be refilled, and it may be done at
most once per scene.
Note that the Samsara keyword only
applies to the failure itself. If the Infernal
has a vision of losing a horse race against
Regent Fokuf, he is not required to actually
challenge the Regent to a race. If he finds
himself in such a race, however, he cannot
do anything to prevent himself from losing.
If a character would normally be unable to
take this Charm, such as due to the Native
keyword or the limit on the number of
Green Sun Prince more pool expanders,
they may learn it anyway, but do not gain
the mote pool until they could normally
learn this Charm.
The Shape of Things to Come
Cost: 9m; Mins: Essence 5; Type: Reflexive
(Step 2)
Keywords: Samsara
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisites: Pathetic Failure Anticipation,
World-Forsaking Dreamer Shintai
Sacheverell has traded hope for certainty.
By activating this Charm, the Infernal truly
sees the Shape of Things to Come. This
removes the unexpected tag from all
attacks directed at him as he sees them an
instant before they occur, but this is the
least of the Charm's effects.
As long as this Charm is active, the Infernal
sees everything that he will do, say, or
even think in the next instant. He loses all
free will, watching himself live his own life
from deep inside the recesses of his own
mind. He cannot even contemplate the
horror of his own situation, as samsara
dictates his thoughts. Other than a few
modifications, he behaves normally:
*He will not attack or otherwise harm
Characters with the effects of this Charm,
but who do not actually know it, do not
count for this purpose.
*If given the opportunity, he will attempt to
convince others who are capable of it to
learn this Charm, and all its repurchases.
*Once during each scene, he will perform
one act such as those caused by Inevitable
Doom Foresight. The Storyteller simply
declares that the character does this
action, as he only sees it the instant before
it is to happen, and thus has no time to
react. He suffers the Illusion effect from

the first repurchase of Inevitable Doom

Foresight as normal, unless he is already
effected by such an Illusion caused by The
Shape of Things to Come.
The player remains in control of the
Warlock. He now lacks free will, but in the
context of the game table, he never had
any to begin with. Instead of the player
deciding what the character will choose to
do, the player decides what samsara will
force the character to do.
At Essence 6, the duration increases to
indefinite. A repurchase at this Essence
level makes this Charm permanent.
A second repurchase allows the Infernal to
share the gift of freedom from freedom. By
committing 9 motes, the Warlock may
grant a willing target all the effects of this
Charm, until he decides to decommit the
Essence. Another repurchase at Essence 7
allows the Infernal to inflict this Charm on
unwilling victims by succeeding on a
Presence or Investigation based social
repurchase at Essence 8 allows the
Warlock to use Performance based attacks
instead, which requires the commitment of
9 times the targeted Unit's Magnitude
motes. A penultimate repurchase at
Essence 9 reduces this Charm's cost to 0m,
and prevents the Infernal from using it
unless he is awake. The Infernal may still
commit motes as normal, and, if he does
not, the targets do not receive the benefit
of automatically negating unexpected

attacks. The effect still ends if the Infernal

Abhorrent Prophet Unimagined's position
as harbinger of a philosophical apocalypse.
This repurchase requires Essence 10 and
Sacheverell Glory Incarnate. As long as the
Infernal is awake, every person in every
realm of existence (including unreachable
ones such as Autochthonia while the Seal
of Eight Divinities remains intact) suffers a
flurry of an infinite number of social
attacks every tick. These social attacks
cost 10 willpower to resist, inflict the effect
of this Charm on any who succumb to
them except the immunity to unexpected
attacks, and count as natural mental
influence but automatically stunt around
the limitation that natural mental influence
can only drain 2 willpower per scene. The
effects of this Charm do not dissipate if
Sacheverell dies when they are inflicted in
this manner. Finally, all repurchases of The
Shape of Things to Come have their
minimum Essence reduced to 6 and the
Sacheverell Glory Incarnate prerequisite is
removed from this repurchase. These
effects apply to everyone capable of
learning Sacheverell Charms, not just the
Infernal himself. If a character no longer
qualifies for his repurchases because
everyone who knew the final repurchase
dies, he may abandon them and receive an
experience point refund.