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1. Faithfully proclaim Gods love through
compassionate care
2. Uphold bioethical principles and the
teaching of the Catholic Church.
3. Develop competencies of health care
professionals for integral growth and
strengthen partnership in education,
training and research.
4. Pursue value innovative and socially
responsive healthcare services at par
with global standard for sustainability.
5. Assure that Christian stewardship and
good governance are practice.

The missions are the purpose and primary

objectives of the SJSBH. It defines what the
hospital aspires to be and stated clearly that
could be understand by all.

Privileged to share Gods saving and healing
action, we envision SJSBH as a Christ
centered dynamic and socially responsible
global health care INSTITUTION providing
holistic quality healthcare services.
(Think like Christ, love like Christ, and serve
like Christ)

The SJSBH visualizing in putting Christ as a

centered in providing health care services to
the patient. The vision gives direction to the
employees on how they expect to behave and
inspires them to give their best in providing
quality health care services.

a. Responsibility I am obliged to fulfill
those things for which I am
accountable, carry out actions for
which I have given my word and
actions which the laws requires of me. I
am accountable to persons in authority
and to the persons to whom I have
given my words.

The values of the SJSBH represent the

priorities of the hospitals culture. It provides
direction to the employees on how they can
truly act in the institution.

b. Honesty - I am capable of critical

reflection of my feelings and values,
my actions and my ideas, capable of
expressing and acting on the truth
authentically and with sincerity.
c. Efficiency I see to it that I am on
time and that the intended outcomes in
the different activities are achieved with
a minimum of effort and waste.
d. Personal health/ Grooming I care
for my body as embodying my feelings,
imaginations my mind and my inner
self through habits of personal
disciplines and personal grooming
e. Limitation/ Celebration I accept and
even embrace my personal limitations
thus making me open to corrections
and suggestions from peers and
superiors on my performance thus
making me experience a sense of

To render comprehensive quality care

to all regardless of sex, status, creed or
To give the best possible care in terms
of patients needs solicitous medical
attention and surgical intervention as
the case may be.
To provide opportunities for the total
development of all those involve in
health care services, to motivate them
towards the Christ- like concern for all
those whom they serve.
To participate in the education and
training of medical and paramedical
students geared towards Christian
To be involved in research activities to
enhance knowledge and improve
patient care.
To extend health care services to the

The objective of the SJSBH aiming that will

benefits the patients, the employees and the
hospital itself. It clearly emphasizes what the
hospital aiming for, achievable, rational and

community in coordination with existing