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By Sabina Fasano

Using the 5000 year-old technique

for self-empowerment
Qigong, Chi Gong, Chi Kung. However
you decide to spell it, the eastern practice
of Qigong is finding its way west and into
the health and fitness routines of

What is Qigong?
(pronounced, "chee-gung")
Qigong is the movement of energy, Qi
meaning "vital energy" referring to your
invisible energy field and gong means
"discipline" referring to, you do the work.
Qigong is the ancient Chinese method of
exercise that combines meditation and
slow movements to promote health and
relaxation. Students of qigong learn to
visualize their invisible energy field "qi"
and move it through their body to heal
disturbances in the function of an organ or
body part, bringing the body into natural
balance. "The mind leads the qi, and the qi
leads the blood". This means that you use
the power of your mind to guide and
enhance the flow of energy, the positive
healing source through your body.

Why Qigong?
Chinese medicine is based in the belief all
disease stems from an imbalance or
blockage in the qi as it moves through the
body's twelve meridians. These are the
invisible conduits that energy travels, and
also make up the internal map followed
for acupuncture.
More than 80 million Chinese practice
Qigong movements and meditation every
day because they see the rejuvenating
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results. The repeated practice strengthens

the immune system and boosts stress
resilience, factors medically recognized
as beneficial for treating and preventing
disease. This 5,000-year-old practice has
made its way around the world treating
arthritis, menopause hot flashes and
insomnia, anxiety, migraines, heart palpitations, heart disease and cancer. This
practice will enhance other treatment
option you choose to promote and maintain your health. If you consult with a doctor of Eastern medicine for menopause
symptoms or prostate complaints it will
likely include herbal combinations,
acupuncture, qigong and massage. A conventional medical validation of the healing effects of qigong can be seen at the
Mayo Clinic where classes are offered to
their patients to promote good health
through body mind balance and diminished stress.
Qigong is also a solution for anyone challenged by meditation, quieting their mind
and sitting still. Furthermore, the numerous benefits of qigong may offer a potential alternative to drug-based treatments
and today's prevailing health insurance

How Does it Work?

Qi is the link between the universe and
human being. Qi brings yin and yang into
balance and creates transformation. If
they are in step and in concordance then
everything can develop steadily and
healthily. The style of Pangu Qigong

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offers a simple yet eloquent articulation

of what this means, "sun, moon, all
mankind, harmonize."
It is a natural tendency to cubbyhole the
parts of human experience. Is it physical? Is it emotional? Is it mental?
Qigong teaches all parts are connected
and we are connected to the universe.
With qigong the meditation is a focused
intent and the movements are purposeful, creating your own power, freedom
and grace.

There are several styles but only two
classifications. Internal (Nei Dan) soft
qigong for healing and maintaining
health, and external (Wei Dan) hard
qigong for strength training.
Each style is taught in stages, learning
the graduating levels of intensity. Start
out slow and get acquainted with your
qi, feel its flow. With practice you will
begin to experience changes in your
body and emotions as the movements
release stagnant, blocked energy.
Notice if old problems and symptoms
become less problematic or disappear
altogether along with an awareness of
inner peace. Deeper levels of growth
come with practice, patience and more
practice. If you are serious about learning qigong or you simply would like to
try your hand at it, seek out a master as
your teacher regardless of how deep
into the practice you go.

and meditation. The Tao is a healing

technique that is also a lifestyle. It is
said of those who followed the Tao
many years ago, "They ate a balanced
diet at regular times, arose and retired at
regular hours, avoided overstressing
their bodies and minds, and refrained
from overindulgence of all kinds. They
maintained well-being of body and
mind; thus, it is not surprising that they
lived over one hundred years."
Tai-Chi Qigong. If you would like to
develop your spirit and sculpt your abs
in one practice this is a physically
dynamic technique that uses the qigong
principles while delivering a satisfying
Budokon. This style is where high
energy meets meditation. It is a
Americanized technique that includes
yoga, martial arts, stretching and meditation. If you feel an authentic qigong
practice may not offer enough stimulation, this system delivers a cardio workout with a soft ending.
Eight Treasures Qigong. This is a
series of eight movements that build a
strong foundation in qi cultivation and
becomes a stepping stone for more
advanced movements. It challenges
those who are already physically strong
and also suitable for those just beginning. It builds physical strength, stimulates energy, develops flexibility and
relaxes and strengthens the spine.

Pangu Mystical Qigong. This powerful mind technique transports love and a
hug to your heart and soul. A simple
series of three hand movements that
offer a rich and effective experience.
Pangu is a heart opening and healing
practice suitable for anyone, at any age,
in sickness or health and can be practiced standing, sitting or lying down. If
you are unable to move your arms or
hands or unable to stand, this technique
can also be learned without physical
movement, drawing fully on the power
of the mind to aid in the healing of your
spirit, mind and body.
Qigong is comparable to creating a
masterpiece orchestration using the
inspiring instruments of body, soul,
mind, and universe. It is said of a master, he is like a great musician who sits
down to play the same masterpiece he
learned years ago and has played time
and again, only now he understands
what the notes truly mean. GB
Sabina Eve Fasano is the founder
and CEO of Solutions for Women, a
company that develops and manufactures alternative healthcare products for women. The companys
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Popular Styles
Wild Goose or "Dayan" Qigong. This
style is the most widely practiced style
in China and legendary for making the
body stronger, the mind sharper and
mood happier. The movements emulate
that of the wild goose, the bird of
longevity. This is a complete healing
system with a series of 64 postures that
naturally open the twelve meridians. A
similar style is Crane Qigong a series
of movements patterned on the graceful
and harmonious movements of the
Dao-In Qigong. This is a Tao series of
exercises and disciplines described as
the way to a long and happy life, combining movement, massage, breathing
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