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are you passionate

about growing a forum
in Nova Scotia to develop

emerging health leaders?

Are you excited about
opportunities for real


mentoring relationships
and facilitating knowledge exchange?

Do you want to build your resume and grow your networks?

Join the EHL Nova Scotia Executive

What is an Emerging Health Leader?

EMERGING: an individual in the first 15 years of their health career or newly

moving towards to a leadership role

HEALTH: an individual who is committed to promoting health and wellness,

managing illness, preventing disease, across the lifespan or otherwise influencing
the determinants of health

LEADER: an individual who takes initiative to empower themselves and others

to influence positive change

Are You an Emerging Health Leader?

Are you currently studying, volunteering, employed or seeking employment

in a health-related area?
Are you planning on moving from another sector into a health related field
or from a front-line health related role into a leadership position?
Do you aspire to influence decisions that affect the health of others?
Have you taken initiative to improve your leadership skills?
Do you want to build leadership capacity in yourself and others?
Is the intended focus for your career to create the conditions for citizens and
communities to live well?
Are you looking to engage in productive partnerships with government,
health system, and community partners to improve health and well being of
citizens and communities?
Are you interested in engaging in improvement, planning, or policy efforts to
transform health at the patient/citizen, program/service, and/or system
Are you interested in networking and continuing education opportunities
with other emerging health leaders?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions

and feel you fit within the above definitions,
YOU are an Emerging Health Leader!

EHL Canada

Being Chair has given me new insights into healthcare from those who have had decades more experience and
the opportunity to apply it to my own leadership experience.
-Rob Fraser, Chair, EHL Canada

EHL was birthed in 2006 out of a desire to create a forum for young health leaders, formal learning
opportunities, informal networking opportunities, enable leadership development, as well as to facilitate
knowledge exchange.
EHL currently consists of one National Executive and 7 Node Executives located in:
Calgary, Edmonton, London, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.
Each node operates independently; however, Co-Chairs meet monthly with the National Executive.

To develop emerging health system leaders across Canada

To provide opportunities to support the development of emerging health
leaders through the creation of knowledge exchange networks, educational
events, mentoring relationships and informed health care and related

Through networking and educational events, Emerging Health Leaders
provides a forum for open, collaborative and constructive dialogue on timely
national health issues. EHL targets young health leaders from a cross section
of health employers in the public, private and not-for-profit sector.
Members of EHL will meet to share workplace experiences and perspectives,
discuss recent health system publications, communicate forthcoming events
including seminars, workshops and conferences as well as engage in
rich discussions on a host of political and health related issues.

EHL Nova Scotia

Engaging Today for a Healthy Tomorrow

EHL Nova Scotia (EHL NS) was established in January 2014. The executive committee includes two
Co-chairs, a Membership Director, Communications Director, Events Director, Partnerships Director and
Financial Director. To support the healthy growth of EHL, an advisory council of existing Health Leaders
was formed to support the NS Executive.
Since the launch in 2014, EHL NS has offered several successful opportunities for education and
mentoring, partnered with two major health conferences in Halifax and Charlottetown, and established
key connections with local health leaders, paving the way for future events.

"Engaging Today for a Healthy Tomorrow"

To provide opportunities to support the development of emerging health
leaders in Nova Scotia through the creation of opportunities for knowledge
exchange, educational events, mentoring relationships and informed health
care and related discussions.

Inclusive and Authentic We welcome and engage the full diversity of
emerging and current health leaders to participate in genuine conversations
and supportive interactions
Innovative We promote a culture of learning and inquiry to generate fresh
perspectives and creative solutions
Effective We demonstrate accountability to our stakeholders by using
resources efficiently to deliver meaningful opportunities for engagement and
capacity building
Collaborative and Cooperative We foster supportive partnerships and
linkages with health organizations and other stakeholders to advance our
shared goals and objective

The Events Director will join the Emerging Health Leaders Nova Scotia Executive in fulfilling
the Vision, Mission, Mandate and Strategic Directions of EHL Canada and EHL Nova Scotia.
Strong organizational skills and problem solving abilities
Self motivated and able to work independently, respecting timelines
Prior experience with event coordination and planning
Position Description
Lead the successful planning, execution, and follow up of EHL NS events as decided
by the EHL NS executive
Develop detailed project plans for all upcoming events and effectively manage
associated timelines
Serve as the primary contact/liaison with event speakers and presenters
Coordinate with the Communications Director to develop promotional materials and
provide relevant event details for communication to stakeholders.
Collaborate with the Partnership Director to establish and maintain strategic
partnerships and/or sponsorships.
The Events Director position is a 1.5 year commitment (Dec 2015 June 2017)

Please submit your application to with the subject heading

Events Director by 5pm (AST) on the closing date (November 23 rd, 2015).

What to include in your application:

1. A copy of your recent resume
2. Answers to the following questions (250 word maximum for each):
i. What do you believe you will bring to the position?
ii. Why do you want to be on the Executive of EHL Nova Scotia?
iii. What do you hope to achieve as part of the EHL Nova Scotia Executive?

Closing Date: December 4th, 2015

Potential candidates may be contacted for an interview. The successful applicant will
be notified by December 18th, 2015.

Thank you for your interest in Emerging Health Leaders Nova Scotia.
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