of U.S.

Department Justice

Federal Bureau of Investigation

I(ashington, D.C. 20535 March 6,2010 1
M R . E R I KL A R S O N

F O I P AR e q u e s N o . : 1 1 4 1 5 5 20 0 0 t Subject: SEPTEMBER 2001 11, PENTAGON WRECKAGE Dear Mr. Larson, Acts is Reference made to your Freedomof Information/Privacy (FOIPA)requestfor FBI records your telephone Wreckage.This letterwill serveto document 11, concerning September 2001 Pentagon the on LAS with my representative, MarciaMorgan, March10, 2010. conversation to released digitalvideo discs(DVD)that may be responsive your request The FBI has previously impact, and/orvideosshot by any personor device,of any agency,that show approach, for all photographs 11, on at of or explosion the aircraft the Pentagon September 2001. (19) DVDs,and what followsis a description on is information contained nineteen The requested as decision to whetheror nol the DVDs will of the DVDs. This information enableyou to make an informed to are responsive your request. in : 1. DVD NumberNE421 This DVD displays12 minutesof Nepalitouristsdrivingfor sightseeing D W a s h i n g t o n , , C .a r e a . on at imagesof the explosion the Pentagon DVD displays 2. DVD Number1A-1495013:This S e p t e m b e1 1 , 2 0 0 1 . r being interviewed 3. DVD NumberNE418:This DVD displays1 minuteof footageof an individual afterplanehit the Pentagon. 27 to 4. DVD NumberNE438: This DVD displays mifiutesof footageof three peopletraveling the 11,2001 . Pentagon the see damageof September to from NorthCarolina 5. DVD NumberNE439:This DVD displays13 minutesof two men traveling 11, D.C.to see the Pentagon afterSeptember 2001. to Washington, in 26 6. DVD NumberNE485:This DVD displays minutesof footagefrom a Fire Department while it is stillburning. to Virginia that responds the Pentagon 7. DVD NumberNE413:This DVD displays10 minutesof a cameracrew outsidethe Pentagon attack. 11.2OO1 afterthe Seotember footageof DVD Number 6 8. DVD NumberNE414:This DVD displays minutesof continued NE41 . 3 9. DVD NumberNE424:This DVD displayst hour22 minutesof footageof a couplesightseeing D.C. in Salem,MA, New York, NY and Washington, 33 10. DVD NumberNE425:This DVD displays minutesof two girlson a roadtrip from by D.C.to see the damageto the Pentagon the September11,2OO1 Florida Washington, to Jacksonville attack. 22 clean-up, as 11. DVD NumberNE506:This DVD displays minutesof footageof the Pentagon well as tours insidethe crashsite.

on 12. DVD NumberNE507:This DVD displays30 minutesof footageof the damageinflicted the 11,2001 attack. afterthe September Pentagon DVD displays14 minutesof footageof the Pentagon burning. 13. DVD Number1A-1460265:This DVD displays15 minutesof security camerafootageof the 14. DVD Number1B-18302:This Pentagon fire. on burning, 4 This DVD displays minutesof footageof the Pentagon 15. DVD Number1D-1D195: plus one interview a collegeprofessor. of (Pentagon Crash#1): This DVD displays18 minutesof personal 16. DVD Number18'-18,647 footagefollowedby footageof Pentagonburningafter the crash. 17. DVD Number1B-18647(Pentagon Crash#2): This DVD displays13 minutesof personal footage of family evenls, as well as footage of the Pentagonburning. (PentagonFire):This DVD displays 11 minutesof footage of the 18. DVD Number 18.-18,647 momentsafter the plane hit the Pentagonto includescenes of rescueworkers. 19. DVD NumberNE422:This DVD displays34 minutesof ABC ChannelT Newsfootageat ReganNational Airport. fees are assessedat the rate of $15.00per Shouldyou desireany of these DVDs,duplication and DVD. The checkor moneyordershouldbe made payableto the FederalBureauof Investigation Attention WPU, 170 MarcelDrive, address:FederalBureauof Investigation, submitted the following to Wnchester,Virginia22602. Pleaseincludethe aboveFOIPAnumberon your checkor moneyto ensure payment is creditedcorrectly. and deniedbasedupon the a Sinceyou have requested fee waiver,it has been considered following: on basis.See 5 U.S.C.552 (aX4XAXiii). Request fee waiversare determined a case-by-case for g v S e e a l s o N a t ' lS e c .A r c h i v e . D O D , 8 0 8F . 2 d1 3 8 1 ,1 3 8 3( D . C .C i r .1 9 8 9 )( o b s e r v i n t h a tf e e w a i v e r basis). The burdenis on the requester show that the to are decisions to be made on a case-by-case whetheryou have met this burden, for requirements a fee waiverhave been met. In determining statutory and thereforeare entitledto a fee waiver, I must considerthe followingsix factors: (1) whetherthe subject "the operationsor archivesof the government;(2) whetherthe of the requestedrecordsconcerns " "likely of operationsor activities;(3) whether to contribute to an understanding governmental disclosureis will to of information contribute the understanding the generalpublic,as of the disclosure the requested has the abilityand intention disseminate to the requester, and that the requester opposedto the individual "significantly" public is to information the public:(4) whetherthe disclosure likelyto contribute to (5) has a commercial operations activities; whetherthe requester or interest of understanding government that would be furtheredby the requesteddisclosure;and (6) whether any such commercialinterest (k) in See 28 C.F.R.16.11S (2004). outweighs publicinterest disclosure. the "likely to contribute" an understanding to of In order for disclosedinformation be considered to must be meaningfully informativein relationto specificgovernmentoperationsor activities,the information alreadyin the public domain do not warrant a fee the subject matterof the request;requestsfor information to waiverbecausethe disclosure would not likelycontribute an understanding government of operations or understanding. Also, material that is preactivities when nothingnew would be addedto the public's your fee waiverrequestis processed a priorrequester automatically is denied. For these reasons, for denied. DVDs, you desire to proceed lf, after you have receivedand reviewedany of the above-decided you responsive materials, will need to submita new writtenrequest.The new with obtaining additional requestwill be processedbased on its date of receipt. lf we do not receivea written responsefrom you within thirty (30) days from the date of this letter, your requestwill be administratively closed. You have the rightto appealany denialsin this release,Appealsshouldbe directedin writingto Policy(OlP),UnitedStatesDepartment Justice,1425 New York of the Director, Officeof Information Avenue,NW, Suite 11050,Washington, D.C.20530-0001.Your appealmust be received OIP within by sixty (60) days from the date of this letter in order to be consideredtimely. Both the letterand the envelope "Freedom Information Appeal." Pleasecite the FOIPARequestNumber Act shouldbe clearlymarked of to assigned your requestso that it may be easilyidentified.

your We appreciate considerationthismatter solicit yourcontinued in patience. youhave and lf questions, please nothesitate contact DavidP. Sobonya, Public lnformation do to Officer at anyfurther


DavidM. Hardy SectionChief Record/lnformation Dissemination Section RecordsManagement Division

December 26.2009 Federal Bureau Investigation of Records/Information Dissemination Section 170MarcelDrive Winchester, A 226A2-4843 V (540)868-4995 Facsimile Number: DearFOIA Officer: UndertheFreedom Information of Act, 5 U.S.C.subsection I amrequesting records 552, all related the following, to includingbut not limited to reports, forms,notes, memos, photosand/orvideo: letters,emails, l. All records related therecovery, to examination, identification and/orinvestigation aircraftpartsandrvreckage of from the Pentagon following the September I attacks, I includingbut not limited to records related chainof to custody, records and identifring the currentlocation(s) theseaircraftpartsandwreckage. of 2. All records related therecovery, to identificationand/or examination, investigation thehumanremains aircraft of of passengers crewrecovered and from the Pentagon following the Septembsr attacks, 1l includingbut not limited to records related chainof custody, to reports, records autopsy identifyingcurrentlocation(s) saidhumanremains. & of 3. All records related therecovery, to identification examination, and/orinvestigation personal of effectsof aircraft crewandpassengers the Pentagon from following the September attacks, l1 includingbut not limited to records related chainof custody, records to and identi$ing the curent location(s) these personal of effects. 4. All photographs and/orvideo,shotby anyperson device,of any agency, showanyof the following: or that ' The approach and/orimpactof the aircraftthat struckthe Pentagon September l, 2001. on I ' Theflight andcrashpathof saidaircraft(insideandoutside Pentagon), the includingbut not limited to objectsin its path,and,/or damage caused saidaircraft. by ' Partsand/orwreckage saidaircraft-at the Pentagon, anysubsequent of and locationthey weremovedto. ' Humanremains personal and effectsof thepassengers crewof saidaircraft. and . Damage the Pentagon at caused explosions. by ' The C-130aircraftwhich wasflying in the areaaround time the Pentagon hit on September l, 2001. the was I ' TheE4-B aircraftwhich wasflying overt}reDC Metro area morningof September l, 2001. the I ' Any aircraftflying in the DC Meho areabetween 8amand 12pmon September l, 2001. I If there areanyfeesfor searching reviewing,or copyingtherecords, for, please me know beforeyou taskmy request. am let I willing to payup to $300in connection with this request, I am seeking waiverof all fees,asdisclosure these but a of records hashigh public interest value,andarebeingsoughton behalfof the HistoryCommons (historycommons.org), a non-profit newsmedi4 educational research and institution.If possible, wouldpreferto receiveall records CD or DVD-ROM. I on PublicInterest: l. Thesubject concerns operations activitiesof the US Government; relates the investigations, recoveryand the or it to and cleanup operations conducted Federal by entities.. 2. T}ne disclosure informative; is manyof theserecords havenot beenmadepublic, andthereis tremendous public interest in information relatedto the September I attacks, I includingthe attackon the Pentagon. 3. Thedisclosure helpsthepublic understand operations activitiesof the US Government; makingthese t}re and by records available, public will havegreater the insightto the September I attacks, the federalresponse. I and 4. Thedisclosure contributes (see significantlyto public understanding; 2 and3) 5. TheHistory Commons a non-profrtorganization hasno commercial is and interest these in records; they will be posted online,andwill be accessible thegeneral public at no charge. by If you denyall or anypart of this request, please eachspecificexemption thinkjustifiesyour refusalto release cite you the information notifr me of appeal procedures and available underthe law. If you haveany questions abouthandlingthis request, maytelephone at you me Sincereh,
Enk Larson