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Departmentof Justice

Federal Bureau of Investigation

I(ashington,D.C. 20535

M a r c h1 6 , 2 0 1 0

M R . E R I KL A R S O N

F O I P AR e q u e s N
t o . : 1 1 4 1 5 5 20- 0 0
Subject:SEPTEMBER11, 2001

Dear Mr. Larson,

Acts (FOIPA)requestfor FBI records

Referenceis made to your Freedomof Information/Privacy
concerningthe September11, 2001 PentagonWreckage.This letterwill serveto documentyour telephone
conversation LAS MarciaMorgan,on March10, 2010.
with my representative,

The FBI has previouslyreleaseddigitalvideo discs(DVD)that may be responsiveto your request

for all photographsand/orvideosshot by any personor device,of any agency,that show approach,impact,
or explosionof the aircraftat the Pentagonon September11, 2001.

The requestedinformationis containedon nineteen(19) DVDs,and what followsis a description

will enableyou to make an informeddecisionas to whetheror nol the DVDs
of the DVDs. This information
are responsiveto your request.

1. DVD NumberNE421: This DVD displays12 minutesof Nepalitouristsdrivingfor sightseeingin

W a s h i n g t o nD, , C .a r e a .

2. DVD Number1A-1495013:ThisDVD displaysimagesof the explosionat the Pentagonon

S e p t e m b e1r 1 , 2 0 0 1 .

3. DVD NumberNE418:This DVD displays1 minuteof footageof an individualbeing interviewed

afterplanehit the Pentagon.

4. DVD NumberNE438: This DVD displays27 mifiutesof footageof three peopletravelingto the
Pentagonto the see damageof September11,2001.

5. DVD NumberNE439:This DVD displays13 minutesof two men travelingfrom NorthCarolina

to Washington, see the PentagonafterSeptember11, 2001.

6. DVD NumberNE485:This DVD displays26 minutesof footagefrom a Fire Departmentin

Virginiathat respondsto the Pentagonwhile it is stillburning.

7. DVD NumberNE413:This DVD displays10 minutesof a cameracrew outsidethe Pentagon

afterthe Seotember11.2OO1attack.

8. DVD NumberNE414:This DVD displays6 minutesof continuedfootageof DVD Number

N E 4 13 .

9. DVD NumberNE424:This DVD displayst hour22 minutesof footageof a couplesightseeing

in Salem,MA, New York, NY and Washington,D.C.

10. DVD NumberNE425:This DVD displays33 minutesof two girlson a roadtrip from
JacksonvilleFloridato Washington, see the damageto the Pentagonby the September11,2OO1

11. DVD NumberNE506:This DVD displays22 minutesof footageof the Pentagonclean-up,as

well as tours insidethe crashsite.
12. DVD NumberNE507:This DVD displays30 minutesof footageof the damageinflictedon the
Pentagonafterthe September11,2001 attack.

13. DVD Number1A-1460265:ThisDVD displays14 minutesof footageof the Pentagonburning.

14. DVD Number1B-18302:ThisDVD displays15 minutesof securitycamerafootageof the

Pentagonon fire.

15. DVD Number1D-1D195:This DVD displays4 minutesof footageof the Pentagonburning,

plus one interviewof a collegeprofessor.

16. DVD Number18'-18,647 (PentagonCrash#1): This DVD displays18 minutesof personal

footagefollowedby footageof Pentagonburningafter the crash.

17. DVD Number1B-18647(Pentagon Crash#2): This DVD displays13 minutesof personal

footage of family evenls, as well as footage of the Pentagonburning.

18. DVD Number 18.-18,647 (PentagonFire):This DVD displays 11 minutesof footage of the
momentsafter the plane hit the Pentagonto includescenes of rescueworkers.

19. DVD NumberNE422:This DVD displays34 minutesof ABC ChannelT Newsfootageat


Shouldyou desireany of these DVDs,duplicationfees are assessedat the rate of $15.00per

DVD. The checkor moneyordershouldbe made payableto the FederalBureauof Investigation and
AttentionWPU, 170 MarcelDrive,
submittedto the followingaddress:FederalBureauof Investigation,
Wnchester,Virginia22602. Pleaseincludethe aboveFOIPAnumberon your checkor moneyto ensure
payment is creditedcorrectly.

Sinceyou have requesteda fee waiver,it has been consideredand deniedbasedupon the

Requestfor fee waiversare determinedon a case-by-casebasis.See 5 U.S.C.552 (aX4XAXiii).

S e e a l s o N a t ' lS e c .A r c h i v ev . D O D , 8 0 8F . 2 d1 3 8 1 ,1 3 8 3( D . C .C i r .1 9 8 9 )( o b s e r v i n tgh a tf e e w a i v e r
decisionsare to be made on a case-by-casebasis).The burdenis on the requesterto show that the
statutoryrequirements for a fee waiverhave been met. In determining whetheryou have met this burden,
and thereforeare entitledto a fee waiver, I must considerthe followingsix factors: (1) whetherthe subject
of the requestedrecordsconcerns operationsor archivesof the government;(2) whetherthe
"likely "
disclosureis to contribute to an understandingof governmentaloperationsor activities;(3) whether
the disclosureof the requestedinformation will contributeto the understanding of the generalpublic,as
opposedto the individualrequester,and that the requesterhas the abilityand intentionto disseminatethe
"significantly" public
informationto the public:(4) whetherthe disclosureis likelyto contribute to
understanding of governmentoperationsor activities;(5) whetherthe requesterhas a commercialinterest
that would be furtheredby the requesteddisclosure;and (6) whether any such commercialinterest
outweighsthe publicinterestin disclosure.See 28 C.F.R.16.11S(k) (2004).
In order for disclosedinformationto be considered to contribute"to an understandingof
specificgovernmentoperationsor activities,the informationmust be meaningfullyinformativein relationto
the subject matterof the request;requestsfor informationalreadyin the public domain do not warrant a fee
waiverbecausethe disclosurewould not likelycontributeto an understanding of governmentoperationsor
activitieswhen nothingnew would be addedto the public'sunderstanding.Also, materialthat is pre-
processedfor a priorrequesteris automatically denied. For these reasons,your fee waiverrequestis

lf, after you have receivedand reviewedany of the above-decidedDVDs, you desire to proceed
with obtainingadditionalresponsivematerials,you will need to submita new writtenrequest.The new
requestwill be processedbased on its date of receipt.

lf we do not receivea written responsefrom you within thirty (30) days from the date of this letter,
your requestwill be administratively

You have the rightto appealany denialsin this release,Appealsshouldbe directedin writingto
the Director,Officeof InformationPolicy(OlP),UnitedStatesDepartmentof Justice,1425 New York
Avenue,NW, Suite 11050,Washington,D.C.20530-0001.Your appealmust be receivedby OIP within
sixty (60) days from the date of this letter in order to be consideredtimely. Both the letterand the envelope
"Freedom Information
shouldbe clearlymarked of Act Appeal." Pleasecite the FOIPARequestNumber
assignedto your requestso that it may be easilyidentified.
We appreciate yourconsideration
in thismatterandsolicityourcontinued
patience.lf youhave
pleasedo nothesitateto contactDavidP. Sobonya,Publiclnformation


DavidM. Hardy
FederalBureauof Investigation
Winchester,V A 226A2-4843

DearFOIA Officer:

UndertheFreedomof InformationAct, 5 U.S.C.subsection 552,I amrequesting all recordsrelatedto the following,

includingbut not limited to reports,forms,notes,memos,letters,emails,photosand/orvideo:

l. All recordsrelatedto therecovery,examination,identificationand/orinvestigationof aircraftpartsandrvreckage

from the Pentagonfollowing the SeptemberI I attacks,includingbut not limited to recordsrelatedto chainof
custody,andrecordsidentifring the currentlocation(s)of theseaircraftpartsandwreckage.
2. All recordsrelatedto therecovery,examination,identificationand/orinvestigationof thehumanremainsof aircraft
passengers andcrewrecoveredfrom the Pentagonfollowing the Septembsr1l attacks,includingbut not limited to
recordsrelatedto chainof custody,autopsyreports,& recordsidentifyingcurrentlocation(s)of saidhumanremains.
3. All recordsrelatedto therecovery,examination,identificationand/orinvestigationof personaleffectsof aircraft
crewandpassengers from the Pentagonfollowing the Septemberl1 attacks,includingbut not limited to records
relatedto chainof custody,andrecordsidenti$ing the curent location(s)of thesepersonaleffects.
4. All photographs and/orvideo,shotby anypersonor device,of any agency,that showanyof the following:
' The approachand/orimpactof the aircraftthat struckthe Pentagonon SeptemberI l, 2001.
' Theflight andcrashpathof saidaircraft(insideandoutsidethe Pentagon), includingbut not limited to objectsin its
path,and,/ordamagecausedby saidaircraft.
' Partsand/orwreckageof saidaircraft-at the Pentagon,andanysubsequent locationthey weremovedto.
' Humanremainsandpersonaleffectsof thepassengers andcrewof saidaircraft.
. Damageat the Pentagoncausedby explosions.
' The C-130aircraftwhich wasflying in the areaaroundthetime the Pentagonwashit on SeptemberI l, 2001.
' TheE4-B aircraftwhich wasflying overt}reDC Metro areathe morningof SeptemberI l, 2001.
' Any aircraftflying in the DC Meho areabetween8amand 12pmon SeptemberI l, 2001.

If there areanyfeesfor searchingfor, reviewing,or copyingtherecords,pleaselet me know beforeyou taskmy request.I am

willing to payup to $300in connectionwith this request,but I am seekinga waiverof all fees,asdisclosureof theserecords
hashigh public interestvalue,andarebeingsoughton behalfof the HistoryCommons(, a non-profit
newsmedi4 educationalandresearchinstitution.If possible,I wouldpreferto receiveall recordson CD or DVD-ROM.

l. Thesubjectconcernsthe operationsor activitiesof the US Government; it relatesto the investigations,
cleanup operationsconductedby Federalentities..
2. T}nedisclosureis informative;manyof theserecordshavenot beenmadepublic, andthereis tremendous public interestin
informationrelatedto the SeptemberI I attacks,includingthe attackon the Pentagon.
3. Thedisclosurehelpsthepublic understand t}reoperationsandactivitiesof the US Government;by makingtheserecords
available,the public will havegreaterinsightto the SeptemberI I attacks,andthe federalresponse.
4. Thedisclosurecontributessignificantlyto public understanding; (see2 and3)
5. TheHistory Commonsis a non-profrtorganization andhasno commercialinterestin theserecords;they will be posted
online,andwill be accessible by thegeneralpublic at no charge.

If you denyall or anypart of this request,pleasecite eachspecificexemptionyou thinkjustifiesyour refusalto releasethe

informationandnotifr me of appealprocedures availableunderthe law.

If you haveany questionsabouthandlingthis request,you maytelephoneme at

Sincereh, \

Enk Larson