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Wandering monks find complete ease when they walk down and recite the mantra whi

ch gets into their permeable sublte self with ease while they are on walks.Perso
n who donot get to state of Samadhi in static postures must try this method whil
e walking alone within himself and with a love towards the nature,walking at dus
k while the sky glitter with its glaxies of stars is right time to be with your
self in state of meditation at walk
The meditation is discipline of mind's thoughtfulness needs to stilling of minds
thought wave to thoughtlessness to achieve ones nature in original nature,where
the self merges the spirit and the soul.Meditation describes a state of concent
rated attention on some object of thought or awareness as explained in en.wikipe is an explanation of contemplation.Meditation gets completed when one re
ach self and from their he connects to God is a," state of Samadhi."
Meditation to some in static form is difficult to achieve,it is in their interes
t to try in state of walking alone in dynamic state with nature around as to man
y of us,walk brings physical comfort,emotional balance and intellectuals boost t
o some of us while in motion as awareness, in term of spirituality is easily, de
rived in form of bountiful of energies
In the morning after one is free from natures call and before the sunshine,a str
oll in the park,with following ideas- keeps you " give you bountiful life.Your e
nergy,the energy from tip of foot is slowly and gradual coming up as you are wal
king,keep your steps in full awareness in slow motion and enjoy the walk with su
rrounding plantation and fresh air, think you are part of this nature.
These ideation must come to you in your awareness as steps progress and pace mus
t slacken in process.
Do not talk while you walk with your better half or your children burden sum tho
ughts as energy is likely to be dissipated but try tobe alone- one with nature.
Immediately after the walk ending with slow place, sit own in peaceful park plac
e with trees around, surrounded by nature try to give your mind your positive th
ought and express gratitude to creator for all what he has created for us.
Close your eyes and meditate with picturesque nature and thank god for his Beaut
y in Nature and the Life within of which we are all part of it and Let Each one
within this nature be with peace.
The entire exercise must be of duration of one hour with fifty minutes walk and
minimum ten minutes meditation will cultivate boundlessenergy in oneself.
Meditating is getting the key of the tool of your total energy move in one direc
tion. All experiences of melting down of mind which makes the soul alive.Great e
xperience of harmony with nature makes the energy bountiful.