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Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova

Technical University of Moldova

Faculty of Technology and Management in Food Industry
Modern Languages Department

Chisinau 2011

have a dream, a dream to open my own restaurant. There are

various types of restaurant. Restaurants fall into several
industry classifications based upon menu style, preparation
methods and pricing. Additionally, how the food is served to the
customer helps to determine the classification.

A restaurant location is as crucial to its success as great food

and service. It will influence many parts of restaurant, including
the menu.

My restaurant will be located in Saint Petersburg city, on the

Zheni Egorovoi street.

Ideally, a new restaurant location should have its ownparking lot.

My restaurant will have a parking, that would be housed all
customers cars.

I believe that a restaurant name presents his appearance,

because it represents its type. Choosing the name of a restaurant
is as important as choosing the type of food that is going to be
served in the restaurant. A good name for the restaurant can be a
name that is easier to pronounce and easy to remember. This
name may reflect the theme of the restaurant, or just be a game
of words,but for me it is special word because Salcioara
Willow is one of my favorite tree and it reminds me my native
village and the time when I was a little boy playing with my
friends on the Nistru-s bank.

Ive decided to call my restaurant Salcioara. I have

chosen this name because the pronunciation of this word reminds
me my home and his confortable atmosphere. I hope that people
visiting this restaurant will feel its warmth and the spirit of
motherland that feel everyone that is far away from its home.
Also the tree represents the fresh air and health , thats why Ive
decided to call my restaurant in this way because I am sure that
after visiting my restaurant the guests will feel themselves fresh
and healthy.

Salcioara will be decorated in a rustic elegant and refined style.

That will make my restaurant more charming , attractive and
cozy. It will be placed as a basement with the hall made of stone.
The stones will be decorated with grape-vine. After you pass the
hall you will enter in a huge hall that will be decorated with
artificial trees and plants. In the center of the hall will be
placed a traditional decorative grill. The most important
accessory in my interior will be the fireplace. On the walls will
be carpets in the traditional decoration.

Natural materials create a sensation of cozy nest. Warm colors, a

pleasant laid-back music and air conditioning system offer
visitors a sense of calm and comfort of a fantastically fun. In the
restaurant are two rooms:
Large hall:

VIP room:

A restaurant menu design is a reflection of the restaurant itself.

The menu will be punted on a thicker paper, after that will be
laminated. Type face will be legible with decorations. I have
chosen this menu because its nice and materials are not

Kitchen equipment is necessary for preparing and serving food.

In my restaurant kitchen will be equipped with:
Sturdy mixer
Pots and pans
And others food preparation devices.

There are 2 types of hob's:

Gas-hob and electric hob. I will be caracterize electric-hob. I
choose this type of hob because electricity is more cheaper than
gas.An electric stove converts electricity into heat to cook and

o run a sucessfull restaraunt you will need staff for both the
kitchen and the dining area. A large establishment will
require more staff in both areas. The kitchen requires a head
chef to organize and oversee food production. A sous chef to take
care of the kitchen when the head chef is off shift. Line cooks to
do the cooking and plating. Prep cooks to make sure the kitchen
is fully prepared for whatever situations may come up. A

dishwasher to do the dishes and work on pealing vegetables. The

dinning area requires buspeople to clear and set tables. Waiters
to take orders from the customers to the kitchen and deliver the
prepared food. A front end manager to help deal with any
problems and to do the imedian supervising of the waiters and
bus staff.

Additionally additional
Own parking lot loc de
parcare propriu
To park a parka
To believe a crede
Appearance aparenta
Choosing alegere

A game of words
joaca de cuvinte
Willow salcie
Native village sat
I hope eu sper
Warmth caldura
Motherland patrie
Far away departe

I am sure sint sigur

Rustic rustic
Charming- fermecator
Cozy confortabil
Pass a trece
Grape-vine vita de vie
Huge-hall hol mare
Fireplace camin
On the walls pe pereti
Carpets covoare
Cozy nest cuibusor
Warm color - culori
Laid-back music
musica relaxanta
Fantastically fun
veselie fantastica
VIP Very Important
Thicker paper hirtie
Household - gospodarie
Clay-oven cuptor de
For both pentru
Require necesita
Oversee supraveghere
Make sure a se
Sturdy mixer mixer
Towel - prosop

To take care a avea

Plating placare
Electric stove plita