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Written by: The Swang Himself


It was a day like any other day in the house of grey. He was queuing up for a rousing game of
League of Legends with his good friend Boosty Mc Brybry, his hotpockets had 30 seconds left to go in
the microwave, and his Mountain Dew still fizzled in its can. Ah, what a peaceful day said Greychu as
he leaned back in his chair rubbing his boyish chin with his hands I hope we win some games today so I
can make it to diamond!(Aint gonna happen capn).
Suddenly, as if by magic or incantation, he receives a message from Neko, his old Russian flame.
What I thought I 360 no-scoped her ages ago. How is she still able to talk to me?! he exclaimed. Hhello? he replied hesitantly to her message. Greychu I miss you so much pls talk to me. Ive stopped
cutting myself I promise, and the people in the white coats say Im getting better she explained to him.
She spends the next hour detailing the horror that was her life for the past several months. She had
been forced to take medications against her will, secluded in a comfortable room with regular meals,
given free and unlimited access to the internet, and even allowed to make online purchases and have
them delivered! Oh the humanity and clearly the patriarchy at work.
Greychu, I wish you would just take me into your big strong virtual arms again like you use to
she said whilst batting her eye lashes at him. Greychu blushed as this was unexpected. Never had she
been so coy and cutesy. No he thought I must resist this. Cannot give in to temptation. But it was
already too late. She had him under her sorceress spell! Slowly she dragged him into a private call so
that she could have her wayIn privacy.

Greychu youve been very naughty and I need to punish you she said and with great haste she
typed a message to him demanding that he remove his shirt. Greychu complied as if by impulse ripping
his Dorito stained jerkin and thrusting it upon the floor. I feel like I cant control my body. This is
badwhat will the others say!?
Meanwhile in the HDS chat everyone is having a rousing debate over which pro team is the best.
Perry swang chimes in to bitch about noobs in solo que, Carbae remains largely absent from HDS affairs,
Max is busy fapping or something, and Grant NEVER GETS ON FUCKING LEAGUE. It was business as usual
for the members of the dunk squad, but they were unwary of the heresy happening behind the veiled
curtain of a certain skype call. Anybody seen greydin? Brybry Fly Guy asked as he prepared a ranked
lobby for the two of them. Nope he hasnt said anything since midnight says grant as he runs his
fingers through his silky smooth hair and rubs coco butter on his hands to ensure maximum softness.
By now Greychu is fully nude and sprawled out on the floor unable to move [for some reason].
Suddenly Neko bursts through the computer screen carrying a myriad of objects with her. I wont let
you escape me this time Greychu she says as she stand over him legs spread and vagina dripping with
jamba juice. Greydins pork sword had been drawn and could not be sheathed. She would use this
opportunity to wrap it in plastic while saying you wont be needing this for what were doing tonight.
Greychus eyes widened with fear at the mere thought of being taken advantage of.
Slowly she rolled him over onto his stomach and spread his soft, girly-boy ass cheeks apart and
held them in place with Gorilla Clear Repair Tape ($6.77) to ensure they would remain spread
throughout her trials. She stared ominously at his tiny pink anus and proclaimed Im going to claim this
as my greatest victory. You will never walk comfortably again! She then turns to a small duffle bag that
shed carried with her. She walks slowly over to it wiggling her hips along the way in an attempt to
entice poor Greychu. She bends down slowly reaching into this tiny back, no bigger than a small childs

backpack, and pulls out the largest blackest strap on Greychu had ever seen. But waitsomething was
different about this strap on. It seemed eerily realistic and not at all plastic. Thats when greychu
realized it was a REAL COCK. Shed castrated a FUCKING HORSE and implanted steel rods in its shaft to
ensure it remained erect.
Greychu I hope you are ready for the time of your life Neko said with a devilish grin on her
face. She begins rubbing and spitting on it while releasing her jamba juice into her hand. She lathers it
up with her juices and prepares to strike at poor greychus bum. Greychu cries out for help and begs for
mercy but he would have none. Neko had her sights set and would not be quelled by mere words. She
began slowly inserting the tip of the horse strap on into greydins micro-sized anus. It stretched and tore
bleeding profusely as she plowed it into him. With the first few inches inserted she stops. Time to put it
on she says. She gets behind it strapping it to her hips and securing it in place. Suddenly the straps
disappear into her flesh and the strangest noises ring out from her innards. The pact has been made
said a demonic voice. Greychu looked about but saw nothing, and then he looked back at Neko what
he saw horrified him. The strap on was no more. It had fused with Neko and was now her own living
No PLEASE! MERCY! Greychu cried. Mercy is for men not named Greychu she says as thrust
all 18 inches of her newly formed monster horse cock into Greychus anus. It ripped through him passing
all his internal organs and lodging itself in his stomach. She began thrusting wildly as blood and jamba
juice flowed from greychus butt like gay selfies from Cody Hess Facebook timeline. A large bulge could
be seen in Greychus stomach and it grew and shrank repeatedly as she reamed his poor bum.
Back in the HDS chat Perry swang-kun realized something was amiss as Greychu had been
missing for hours. He privately messaged Grant-sama and said the magic words you gon get this work

and Grant-sama knew immediately what needed to be done. They dawned their attire and leapt out into
the night.
Meanwhile in Greychus room Neko continued to pound him furiously. Greydin began vomiting
rainbows as Mountain Dew dripped from his perky nipples. Yes! Mwahahaha! Yes, Im going to cum!
Said Neko as she grabbed onto Greychus waist for leverage. GjkdfajsfSifiiosdifkewfsj Neko shouted
undiscernible words in languages Greychu had never heard as jamba juice, semen, and Red Dye #15
spewed into Greychus innards. Slowly, inch by inch, neko slid her horse meat out of Greychus butt hole
which had been permanently widened to be the size of a large Mountain Dew can.
Suddenly Greychu heard the most harmonious sound the sound of rap music filled the air and
the smell of bratwurst filled his nostrils. W-whats going on? He muttered barely able to speak.
Suddenly NIGGER HONKEY bursts through the roof wielding their legendary weapons the Legendary
Pistol of the Hood and the Legendary Sword of White Privilege; Perry and Grant had finally arrived. They
stood back to back ready to face the beast. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! HIIIIIIIISSS Neko yelled and hissed
as Nigger Honkey charged forward to make their assault.
Nigger rolled sideways firing a volley of bullets at her wounding her non-existent breast. She
shouted spitting venomous jamba juice at him but he dodged that shit like a fucking G. Honkey swooped
in swinging his legendary sword and slicing off the head of her horse appendage. Youll pay for that
mortal! Neko exclaimed as she shot spaghetti from her fingers entangling Honkey. Aah! Im hit! he
cries out. Nigger quick to react whips out his massive black cock and fires semen missiles at Neko
blowing off part of her arm. She falls to the floor writhing in pain. Nigger rushes over to Honkey
untangling him and getting him back on his feet. Thanks for the welfare I mean help says Honkey
Aint no thang says Nigger. They stand together as Neko rises and they prepare for their final assault.
They both lunge forward shouting and brandishing their weapons heroically. Nigger flips upside down

shoving his black cock into Nekos eye and shooting her in the gut. He jumps away just in time as Honkey
swings his sword at her head blinded she was unable to see it coming and evade it. WHACK! with a
might swing her head rolled onto the floor and Neko was no more. Honkey rushes over to help Greychu
off the floor, but it was too late. Without them noticing Neko had cut Greychus wrists and his time was
running out. Gra I mean HonkeyTell Brybry Fly Guy tomake it to diamondwithout me. Nigger
looks down, his eyes filling with tears, but then he realized he was catchin some feelings and shrugged
that shit off. He grabbed Greychu by the hair and shoved his mighty black cock into his mouth. Nigger
sighed as he released his manly spunk into Greychus mouth filling him completely. Greychu gags as
suddenly he feels his strength returning to him. He realizesits Niggers cum! It has manly rejuvenating
powers! He drinks it gulp by gulp and watches surprised at the results. His muscles grew 3 times their
usual size, a six pack materialized out of nowhere, his boyish chin became a manly jaw complete with 5
oclock shadow. A button up shirt and tie quickly spawned out of nowhere and fitted themselves to his
body. He stood as his tiny girlyboy cock grew into a manly mans pork sword. And finally Greychus anus
closed tightly to the size of 0.5 mechanical pencil lead.
Honkey removed his manly cock from Greychus mouth and nodded approvingly at him.
Greychu wiping the spunk from his chin nodded back. Nigger and Honkey sped off into the night
knowing that they had just freed another poor soul from the grips of despair.

But then the camera zooms in onto Nekos severed head, a light flickering over it as if from some cheesy
horror film. It focused in on her eyes and then suddenlythey opened.