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Human Design


Human Design gives humanity an opportunity to

see how it all works and to discover the laughter
because that is what it is all about!
(Ra Uru Hu)
Human Design, this unusual but revolutionary knowledge that came into the world the
end of the eighties presents enormous depth and at the same time is simple and practical.
It is my pleasure to convey to you my personal flavors and findings after years of
individually experimenting with Human Design and to provide you with some resources
in order to set you off on your journey with your personal Human Design map.
First of all and most importantly, Human Design is an individual experiment.
It can only be of real value to you and in your relating with others if you are checking out
your map for yourself by experimenting individually with its characteristics introduced to
you in your reading.
Human Design is a knowledge that is alive, it is about how our uniqueness operates and
is lived out by us. Human Design describes the energetic mechanisms of how we
experience life. So it is very much about identifying these mechanisms for yourself first,
in your inner world and in your relating with others.
On the other hand, it is a knowledge that has nothing to do with believing anything that is
said to you. On the contrary, it is based on a principle of logic and therefore demands
So if we combine these 2 characteristics, we come to understand that Human Design can
only be considered valid and enriching as a result of individual experimentation.
If you do not wish to experiment with it, Human Design will just be an interesting and
extraordinary knowledge explaining so much about what it is to be alive and unique. But
knowledge is not power. Because of the personal experimentation factor, some call
Human Design knowledge for wolves, great courage is required to check it out for
yourself, alone!
Only your personal engagement with the very simple and practical tools presented in
your Human Design reading - what we call type, strategy and inner authority - can
make the information truly valuable and provide you with a tool for profound selfknowledge, inner transformation, truthful relating and give you a chance to experience
the awe life can inspire.
Personally, I think this is one of the beauties of Human Design, the knowledge as such
can be deep and complex but its value is accessible to all, young/old, schooled or not,
no matter your cultural, religious or social background, if you want to experiment with it
you can do so and come to a better understanding of your uniqueness, how to live it and
affirm it in your relating with others.

And now that we are talking about how the individual experiment allows us to discover
the value of Human Design in our life, lets also get into some other characteristics.

It is worth mentioning that Human Design isnt something that offers instant
Experimentation is a road of trial and error. The tools for your experiment - that is your
type, strategy and inner authority - may be very simple tools but that doesnt make them
necessarily easy to apply in daily life.
As an example, Human Design tells us not to act on our emotions spontaneously in the
moment. It explains that the mechanical nature of emotional energy is an energized wave
a spiral - that goes up and down, from hope to despair, in its search for awareness.
Therefore, emotional energy can only obtain and bring clarity over time. Emotions bring
us perspective in life; they show us the highs and lows that half empty, half full
spectrum on the same glass of water. This is the energetic mechanism explaining why
there can never be full truth in the now on the emotional plane, only over time and with
patience more and more perspective can be gained and bring us closer to inner clarity!
So taking decisions spontaneously when one is on an emotional high or low can never be
a decision that allows seeing the full spectrum and therefore never be a decision that is
taken with clarity.
The half full or half empty glass is a matter of our oscillating emotional spirit and
requires therefore time.
When we think about our own experiences on the emotional plane, we might accept that
as simple and straightforward, but at the same time we can immediately see how difficult
it is not to act out on our emotions. How challenging it is not to take a decision in those
moments of euphoria and saying yes to things that in such state look amazing or when
all looks dark, not to smash the door and wish everything to hell.
So we can quickly understand we have to go through some trial and error - individual
experimentation in order to come to grips with these simple but powerful tools before
they can become the bedrock of our unique decisions and allow us to live life based on
our decisions and not on the powers of our conditioning.
Human Design is full of such simple formulas specifically applying to each one of us.
But before we are truly comfortable with taking decisions from those places and
according to the energetic mechanisms that honor who we are uniquely designed to be,
time is a very important factor and a great ally.
Remember, what you are given in a Human Design reading are tools for you to start an
experiment of deconditioning, a journey of realigning with your unique aliveness and deidentifying from the grips and entanglements of conditioning. Its an experiment that
brings us from whom we were brought up to become to whom we were born to be!
And although the tools may seem simple, Juan Miro, the painter, once said Mastering
Simplicity is Mastering Freedom. I think he is right, it is a mastering process: it involves
falling down and standing up again as well as determination to go on. And while time
goes by the experiment becomes satisfying, rewarding, fun and freeing. It is journey one
grows into and its surely an amazing adventure of an extraordinary originality.

Human Design is about life and deeply rooted in its duality and embraces all that is
present within this duality we are immersed in.
Life is as much about the light as the darkness, sometimes we are sad and sometimes
were happy, then there is pain and then there is delight. This is the nature of who we are
and Human Design is surely not a formula to escape all of that and just see things from
the bright side. What it can do is bring enormous insights and understanding when it
comes to all these aspects of our duality and offer a way of integrating seeming opposites
or contradictions. Suffering doesnt come from the darker aspects of life; on the contrary,
they often make us stronger. Suffering mainly comes from our identification, from the
mind not letting go of it and attaching to it.
In her book on her Human Design experiment, The Revolution of One, Mary Ann
Winiger states Personally, I havent found anything like Human Design explaining so
clearly what it is to be human and how to stop suffering.
But dont be deceived, suffering is not the same as pain on any level of our being!
In that sense, Human Design is about being correct in all of these dimensions of life,
about not been overthrown by the attachments of our mind and about bringing out our
individual and unique flavor. Its about making decisions that are correct for us and bring
out the splendor of who we are.
Human Design - and its experiment - is not about morality, ethics or religion.
What is good for me can be damaging for you. And let us also recall that it isnt about
believing anything! So dont let your belief or disbelief stand in the way of your
experiment or be an obstacle to enter into this knowledge! Human Design gives credit to
our human skepticism and stresses individual validation.
A Human Design reading, the map that you are introduced to and that helps you to
understand the mechanics of your unique differentiation is the starting point of your
experiment. Such a reading has a certain similarity with some of the other applied
sciences we are more familiar with. We dont expect a doctor to give us the theoretical
constructs of his diagnosis, similar to the way a Human Design analyst doesnt normally
go into the under laying theoretical depth of the knowledge in a personal reading. It is
brought to you through a top-down approach. In order to come to grips with your
individual map you are given information which is substantiated in its depth, but is kept
simple and practical when it is communicated to you.
In that sense, it is information that contains the essential so that you can relate to it and
allow it to arouse in you the excitement to enter into your personal experiment.
In the end, it is all about the process of authentic decision making in your life with your
type, strategy and inner authority. Such experimentation unties the knots of conditioning
that hold you in their grip through homogenized thought and action. This is what a
reading is intended to bring about.

And remember, if further curiosity drives you, there is no problem in getting it satisfied
by the vast educational possibilities available both live as well as online or through your
national organization!
It is also good to know Human Design is a knowledge that has been experimented
with by thousands over the last twenty years. People with so many kinds of
backgrounds and from all over the world have found it worth to dive into and have
greatly contributed to bringing the knowledge alive.
Ra Uru Hu, the founder of the knowledge, explains in a documentary called Encounter
with a Voice that it is a knowledge that has established itself in the world and can stand
the test of time and the scrutiny of scientists. It can be looked at from any perspective and
it can be seen that it is valuable for human beings. Human Design is a matrix that is there
for everyone, it doesnt matter what your religion is, or your culture is, or whatever. It is
about understanding what it is to be a human being and it is of value to all.
From my own experience, I can tell you that it is a very useful and enriching experiment
to be in, that is a fun and original journey and that I therefore enjoy sharing it with you.
As well, I would encourage any parent to offer these unique insights as a gift to their
children so that their uniqueness is valued through a caring education that honors their
So, I hope I have been able to give you a first understanding of this extraordinary and
revolutionary knowledge and how it can be of most value to you when taken as an
individual experiment. If you feel something for this experiment yourself, with pleasure I
will take you through your own design in a personal reading. For booking and further
information I would suggest you to visit my website .