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Interview Skills

How to interview experts to collect data

Schedule for this week


Who should we interview

and how?
Use Echo doc
Interview Notes for
Legend Research to
create a list of who you
might interview as a


Guest Speaker on
interview skills,
Mrs. Bell

Create practice
questions for
WDMCS leaders


Create interview
questions for
your expert

how to write
a formal
email to the
leaders of
drafting a
email to


How should
during an

group roles

email to


interviewing skills
as a group by
interviewing a few
leaders of

Who Should We Interview on Our Legend?

An expert on the legend

Someone with a personal connection to the legend
A family member
A teacher
A coach
A friend
An acquaintance
The actual legend

Go to Interview Notes for Legends Research in

Read through the prompts as a group and start to brainstorm
and answer them.

Interview Questions

What makes a good interview question?

Specific and open ended

Appropriate, related to what you are researching
Plan ahead, know how many and what questions you will ask
How do you ask a good question?
Eye contact
Speak clearly
Good posture

How do you record answers?

Assign a group note taker

Consider recording the interview on camera or voice recorder ( always ask permission)

How do we write formal emails?

Excellent grammar
To the point
Clear Subject
Sign with contact information
Have someone proofread it

How Do We Contact them?

Think of more than one person to interview. Your first choice may say no or
not respond.
Research to find their contact information and a little bit about them. Most
will have an email address online.
Write a formal email:

Who you are

Why you are contacting them
When you need to interview them by
Your contact information

Set up a time and place that your group can meet with them
and a trusted adult, during the school day or on the phone.

Class Constructed Email to WDMCS ADMIN

To: remy
CC: lifka
Subject: Can I interview you?
Content: Dear Dr. Remy, Ms. Seid, and Ms. Green,
My class is doing a project on Legends. I am a student at Indian Hills Junior High
School. May I please interview you for this project? Are you available this Friday
(October 2nd) between 8 and 9:45am? This interview should take around 20

Class Constructed Email to WDMCS ADMIN

To: remy
CC: lifka
Subject: Could I please interview you?
Content: Dear Dr. Remy, Ms. Seid and Ms. Green,
We are students at Indian Hills Junior High in West Des Moines, Iowa. We are
working on a project about legends. Could we interview you please when it is most
convenient for you?

Send your formal email to Ms.L-R

Choose ONE person to be the typist and create ONE group email
Once your group has drafted a formal email to the expert your group is trying
to contact, send to to Ms. L-R to edit and comment on. Do NOT send it to your
expert until it is approved.
Every email your group sends should be ccd to everyone in your group and
Ms. L-R

what is the hmework?

I cant find where this goes

Echo is saying I have a late assignment



Feel free to use this lovely piece of correspondence, too.

The username and password he is asking for was emailed to him.
Thanks for addressing this. Please be sure to applaud them for reaching out for help, but these are both examples of things that we address during class
and painstakingly demonstrate. Also, please stress that these two examples are not unusual. Everyone listening to your voice has probably sent an email
just as ridiculously familiar, asking questions that were answered during class, and/or lacking proper writing conventions.

Thank you!
Ann Van Treeck/Math - Dream Team

How will the interviews on Friday work?

Each WDMCS will have 5 groups

While one group interviews, the other 4 groups will patiently watch
Each group will have 5 minutes to interview their WDMCS

1 group member will ask questions

1 group member will take notes
1 group member with critique What went well?/What can be improved?
1 group member will be timekeeper/miscellaneous

How do we act during an interview?

Make sure you know who you are interviewing and how to say their name
Be professional. Even if only one person in your group is asking the questions,
you should all be attentive and performing your roles.
Pay attention to time; if you told your expert that it will be a five minute
interview, make sure it is a five minute interview.
Dress appropriately. You dont have to wear a suit, but you shouldnt wear
gym clothes.

Appropriate dress examples..but Friday is spirit


Not appropriate!

Who is your WDMCS leader?

Dr. Remy (Rhymes with Jamie)

Abigail, Anna, Jonathan, Jenna

Luke, Gavin, Eli, Zach
Will, Sofia, Ena, Tony
Lizzy, Halie, Hannah, Darbe
Zane, Eric, Leah, Liv Hope

Who is your WDMCS leader?

Dr. Remy: Superintendent (Rhymes with Jamie)

Jim, Nate, Kassidy, Braeden

Logan, Kolby, Jaime
Ashwin, Alex B, Emme B
Jared, Joe, Jacob, Hunter
Drew, Gavin, Henry, Joseph

Who is your WDMCS Leader?

Ms. Seid: Assistant Superintendent (Rhymes with Tide)

Quinn, Adrik, Street, Nick

Devin, Nolan, Alec, Juan
Khen, Kevin, Raul, Hailey
Ilijaha, Noah, Gary, Bonny
Jaden, Tik Tik, Nya, Phillip

Who is your WDMCS Leader?

Ms. Seid: Assistant Superintendent (Rhymes with Tide)

Allen, Ashley, Connor, Blake

Augie, Andrew, Elli, Julian
Cael, Lennox, Jacob, Tyler
Kristin, Joe, Jack, Caleb
Khushi, Alexa, Gracie, Gage

Who is your WDMCS Leader?

Ms. Green: Director of Human Resources

Ondrea, Kelsi, Mya, Ian

Alex D., Charlie, Cindy, Justin
LIllie, Monia, Keyah
Fernanda, Aaron, Mason, Olivia M
Averia, Chloe, Katie, Sejla

Who is your WDMCS Leader?

Ms. Green: Director of Human Resources

Thomas, Kail, Oscar, Katie H

Emmie V, Gabe, Mohammed, Andrew
Austyn, Olivia, Juan, Brody
Natalie, Erin, Isabella, Ricky
Jacie, Isabelle, Dasha, Luai

What is my role?
On the sheet of paper where you wrote your interview questions..
As a group decide who is the:

Interviewer-comfortable speaking to others clearly

Notetaker-great listener and writer
Likes and Needs to work on-positive and fair
Timekeeper/assistant -attention to detail and helpful