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Legends Timeline

A timeline of people who were legendary

by: Connor Simpson

1810BC - 1750BC
Hammurabi was a ruler who loved rules. However one thing about this ruler that was different than alot of others was that he
liked to make the rules fair for everyone. He created a legitimate court system. He had rules and regulations for evryrhing;
families, barbers, docters, serving the army growing a garden, owning land, running a buisness, and the list goes on and on!
There was a main mesedge that was displayed from the laws. The weak should't be hurt or intimidated by the strong, rich, or
powerful. For this reason he is a very famed ruler.

1508BC - 1458BC
Hatshepsut was the first female ruler of Egypt. She was also one of the greatest. She greatly increased

870BC - 808BC
Semiramis has many tales told about her. It is told that she tricked her husband into the throne however this is not true. The
king of Babylon married Semimaris on his own accord. After he died from natural causes, Semiramis chose to hold the throne
until her infant son was of age to rule. Normally A woman would never have been aloud to rule however Semiramis proved
that she was a strong ruler or else she would have been overthrone. No one knows what the queen did during her time ruling
for sure, but it is speculated that she may have built private millitary facilities. This is speculated because of the large amount
of construction that appears to have been done during her rule.

470BC - 399BC
Socrates was a great Greek philosepher who influences civilizations even today. Socrates was the first to try to create an
ethical system of goverment that was based upon human reason.

Julius Caesar
100BC - 44BC
Julius Caesar fought in a series of battles that expanded the Roman empire and then declared himself dictator for life. He was
dierce and respected. He was one of the greatest military leaders of all time. He singlehandedly laid the foundations for Rome.

The Wroght Brothers

Orville (August 19, 1871 ? January 30, 1948)
Dayton, Ohio
Wilbur (April 16, 1867 ? May 30, 1912)Millville, Indiana
The Wright brothers together invented the earliest form of the airplane. Airplanes are used for lots of things such as travel
over oceans, sending large quantities of materials to far away locations, and fighting wars. Without the Wright brothers all
civilization would be much less advanced than it is now.

Harry Houdini
1874 - 1926
Harry Houdini was the greatest magician of all time. He specialized in escaping from difficult predicaments. What really got
Houdinis magic show going was when he "swallowed" needles and thread and coughed them back up threaded through the
needles' eyes. What he was most well known for was when he escaped from a straight jacket while hanging upside down from
his feet several feet above the ground. Houdini has paved the road for magic today.

Clifford Berry
1918 - 1963
Clifford Berry was one of the two inventors who made the first electronic computers. The computer is monumental in
today's society. We use it for everything; scientific research, entertainment, our economic systems. Computers run our lives.
Without Clifford Berry, we would be stuck with substandard schools, inferior travel, fewer forms of communication, and
much more.

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