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Is the World Heading to Big Collapse and Big Bang?

Answer -Yes and we are very near to this collapse

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Proof and Defense

Einstein’ theory when extended in time tells us that, the material systems of the
world in time, losses energy or heat and tends to wind and collapse to a point and
explode into a big bang. The theory tells that this collapse is preceded by alarming
increase in the energy or heat of the environment or space, which creates a shearing
force on all the enclosed ecological systems. Are we not experiencing it?

Now, for few moments retreat from the competitive world of money and matter and
observe your self, your community, your nation and the whole world in the past, in
the present and in to the future. Don’t you feel certain restlessness about the future
from within?

This restlessness is the sign of collapse coming. The magnitude of realization and
how one reacts differs from person to person, but every one who retreats will
experience this restlessness. Most who retreat take solace in religion and spirituality.
But he is not beyond the restlessness and collapse. He now sees the collapse coming
in real time and become restless and become increasingly and madly bonded to a
religion and spirituality.

As the collapse nears you don’t need to retreat, it becomes evident in nature. Mother
Nature directly stresses you and gives you clear signs.

The Signs of End and Collapse

1] The restlessness of human beings increases. People would run to religious fold as
never before to seek solace. But the restlessness persists and only increases. The
mind of an individual and mind of community and the mind of collective humanity
get caught between two contrasting forces; material and spiritual and experience a
shearing force. In ignorance humanity turns against humanity in the name of God,
Corruption and evil increases as never before, injustice and untruth peaks. Every one
attempts to build his own boat at the cost of the Mother Ship to face tempest

2] Mother Earth and its two forces [fire/wind earth/water] which used to give way to
one another smoothly to form day night cycles and climatic cycles sustaining the life
on earth goes aberrant and violent and against life. Are we not experiencing this on
earth? The Internet TV, Radio, News papers speaks to you everything about what is
happening around you. Just recollect the number of death and pains inflicted on
humanity by natural catastrophes and man made disasters [war and terrorism] since
2000. Also observe the corruption and injustice that is growing.

How the collapse and Big Bang occurs

Everything in nature exists in pairs. The Earth is designed into left and right. When
west awakes to day cycle and the material matter in it energizes and unwinds and
goes into disorder, simultaneously the east sleeps to darkness de-energizes and goes
into new order. An ordering and disordering cycle coexist to sustain the temperature
of earth and the life init. This cycle alternates giving a pulsating existence. The earth
in fact works like a double pump or heart. This alternating existence of two cycles, in
a given period of time manifests into day and night cycle and climatic cycle and so
on that sustains life. In short earth works to sustain certain energy to matte ratio.

When this functioning of earth is upset [The reason for it we will discuss in next
Chapter], the heat increases aggravating fire and wind forces. The environment
experiences a shearing force, the fires and wind bound natural catastrophes
increases as never before. In the opposite cycle this manifest as winding of earth,
leading to compression of earth’s crust leading to huge earth quakes. The rain and
snow fall per unit area in unit time increases alarmingly causing flash floods. These
signs are already occurring. The end of it would be the initiation of a chain of
volcanic eruptions, which will split the earth in the middle and turns inside out
creating a ball of fire. The earth cools by volcanic dust is well known fact to modern
world of science. This is the logical end to the modern world.

To know what is causing it, go to next chapter or page – What is causing the Big
Collapse and Big Bang?