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The Princess

17 Agustus 1998 ,
Today is the Indonesias Independent day. So all
the citizens who lives on the Capital City of Indonesia
come to Gelora Bung Karno Stadium for watch the King
of Indonesia, Ray Prasetya lead the independence
ceremony. For the Indonesias citizens meets their king
uneasy because Ray rarely on his palace. His duty as a
King force him to ensure his nation not live in poverty.
When Ray Prasetya 17 years old he has officially
become the King Of Indonesia to replace his father who
was killed in war. In his first period, he get many critism
from publics. There are peoples who thinks Ray too
young to be king of Indonesia. Ray who is at 17 years old
at that time be judged by the publics that he doesnt
have the stability of emotion. But ray can prove the
publics that hes able to be a King on his age.
Ray Prasetya looks the outside VIP room of the
stadium then he found his peoples have wait for him

now. Honestly he was worried because of the mysterious

letter that came last week.
are you nervous darl? a familier voice from
behind make him turn back. Then Ray smiles to the lady
in front of him now.
Andini Kusumanegara is the Queen of Indonesia.
But she is the first woman of common peoples who
become a queen. The nations call her Iron Lady
because she can handle everything on her way. Shes
always there when Ray need a help. Andini never left Ray
No, I have had it for 10 years. But maybe this
year will be very special because a new royal family will
join us today Ray Said with smile on his cheeks. After
that he switch his consideration to the beautiful baby
who fall asleep on the stroller now.
yeah, she will make everything seems special on
her way because she is the princess of Indonesia darl
Andini said then she put her hand on rays shoulders to
make him more relax.

Ray looks Andini sweetly then he hold her hands

before he open the door.

All the citizens who was there give an applause to
Ray after he closing his speech about Peace Building on
Indonesias Kingdom in future.
To Publics there is an announcement from the royal
family about the new princess. So we hope all of you can
silent for a few minutes
hello my peoples who are gathered here or
watching this broadcast on your tv. Now I and my
Queen will introduce all of you to our daughter Ray
Said then the camera focus on the baby face who was fall
asleep on her stroller now.
her name is Kyla Libriana Prasetya. Please help
us educate the princess later Andini said.

The Rebellious Princess

17 years later,
1 platoon of royal guards have the task to escort
the princess. Some of them even followed the princess
into the classroom.
Kyla looked annoyed at 3 royal guards behind
her. She feel uncomfortable with her friends gaze to her.
She thinks she look like a child now.
I had some business with my teacher. So can all
of you wait me in the outside? Kyla said
3 royal guards look each other. Then one of them
answer kylas question.m
I will accompany you princess. Then both of
them will join the others out there
Kyla rolled her eyes upset. If one royal guards still
follow her then her plan to escape will fail.

hey! I said I have some business with my

teacher. I cant allow you to know. So I ask all of you
wait me outside now Kyla said with high-pitched voice.
The royal guards feels awry rightnow. On oneside
theyre not allowed to left the princess alone but the
otherside theyre afraid if the princess get angry to them.
I thought you guys silence rightnow as a consent
to left me
princess please be careful
I will. You can go now
excuse us princess
Then the 3 royal guards left Kyla behind them
and Kyla turned around to go home through the
Kyla sitting quietly in her fathers room. She
ready to take the punishment because her mistake this
afternoon. She realize her attitude today is too much. The

worst effect of her attitude today is the 3 royal guards

will lose their job.
Princess can you tell me the reason on your
action today? Ray ask Kyla.
dad Ill tell you once again. I dont Any Royal
Guards around me. Its embrace me. I looks like a child
not a princess Kyla said to her father.
Ray Prasetya looks her daughter from head to toe.
He realized that his daughter looks different. Now, Kyla
has exceeded his mothers height and her hair become
short like her favorite idol, Mizuhara Kiko. On her face
Ray see the simple make-up. Kyla has grown up for real.
Kyla you are the princess of Indonesias
kingdom. Its normal if you has 1 platoon of royal guards
around you. Because youre the princess who must be
but dad I think this is excessive. I am a teenager
now, I can protect myself. I can see which are true and
which are false

kyla behave yourself in front of your father.

Youre the princess, if your friend unpolite to their father
then you must be polite to your father.
Andini not like to see Kyla being disrespectful to
her father. If the publics know about this, then Kyla will
get many critism and Rays enemy will take advantage
from that issue.
mom I just tell my opinion to dad. I dont
unpolite to him
Andini let Kyla talk about her opinion. She is 17
years old now. So she can protest us. Then Kyla dont
mad with your mom. She just care with you. Ray said
to mediate them.
darl, Kyla must know before Andini
completing her sentence, Ray touch her shoulder to stop
what should I know? ask Kyla to her parents.

Ray and Andini looks their daughter nervously.

This is not the right time to tell Kyla everything, Kyla is
too young to know about that secret.
dont think about that. Just tell your wish Said
Ray before Kyla leery to them.
well, I dont any guards around me. I want to go
to school with my own car
I cant allow it. But as long as youre in school,
I can withdraw all the guards around you. So you can
comfort yourself. Deal?
Ray, what are you doing right now?! Andini
shock hear rays sentences.
well, I can accept that. So deal dad
Kyla grinning to think of herself that tomorrow
will feel the freedom.
After Kyla left Rays room, Andini looks her
husband for the explanation of his action today. Because

its dangerous let Kyla alone in her school. Someone

might be hurt Kyla.
believe me. No one can hurt our Kyla, she is the
princess of Indonesia. She is strong and tough.
Ray hold Andinis hands. He looks at his wifes
eyes. Try to make Andini trust Kyla.
she is strong better than any girl on her age darl
I believe her but I cant believe the world

The New Student

omg he is so cute..
I cant hold it. His smile make me crazy..
he is so hot. Damn it..
This morning Arimbi High School so crowded.
Many of female stundents stand in front of Kylas class.
That makes Kyla difficult to enter her class.
what happened to all them?! Why they stand in
front of the class and close my way Kyla said irritably.
Kyla has a small body. Her height is only 155 cm.
So uneasy to pass the line of the female students in front
of her class. Its different if Kyla come with her royal
guards like always. Her friends will open the way for her
because theyre afraid with the royal guards around Kyla.
excuse me, I want enter the class Kyla said. But
her voice covered by the sound of the girls who standing
in front of her class.

hey hey guys. I think you cover the princesss

Kyla hear a foreign voice from her class. It voice
of the male student but Kyla dont know who is it.
After hear that voice, the girls immediately look
back. Then theyre shock see Kyla behind them.
excuse me said Kyla. Then all of her friends
open the way. Kyla pass the line with the voice that talk
about her who come alone today.
When Kyla has reached the door of her
classroom, suddenly there is someone who cover her
hello princess, Im Davi. Nice to meet you Said
Davi with his killing smile.
this is the owner of the voice that make the girls
here open their way said Kyla heart
thanks you said Kyla after that she pass Davi.
for what?

you know it
During the class Kyla feel uncomfort because
Davi her newchairmate- keep looking at her since the
beginning of the class.
can you fokus on our teacher explanation? ask
Kyla annoyed.
why I must switch my eyes from the beautiful
one to the bored one replay Davi with his killing smile.
you come to this school for study right? ask
I come to meet the princess of this country. So I
come here to meet you Kyla
Im gonna die Kyla said annoyed.
Davi, Kyla whatre you talking about when I
give the explanation of the matery in front of the class?
Mrs Suci from the front of the class Stare to Kyla
and Davi. On her chair Kyla feel embrace and afraid.
Embrace because she is a princess but she cant be a role

model to her society. Then she afraid If publics know

about this, her parents will get some criticism because
they cant educate Kyla as well. Different with Kyla, Davi
look calm on his way.
well miss, likes you see I am a new student here,
So I have to learn more about the subjects in this school.
Davi said Politely.
you can discuss that after my class. Now fokus
on my class
Ok miss. Were sorryKyla said. She bowed her
head. Kyla hit Davis hand because He doesnt bow his
head. Forcefully davi follow Kylas action.
During recess, Davi hold Kyla who wants to go to the
what are you doing in the library? ask Davi
read a book of course replay Kyla innocently.
are you not hungry?
I have breakfast this morning

well I am hungry
you can go to cafeteria. Many foods available on
lets go. You must accompany me because Iam a
new student here. Mr. Anton said I must ask a help If I
am in trouble.
I saw a lot of girls come to our class this
morning. I think they are interested in you. Why you not
go with them?
my mother said I cant go with the stranger.
then I am a stranger too right?
No. youre my chairmate who will always help
Im really really gonna die rightnow said Kyla
hey, everygirl always dreaming about eat
together with me. Today I give you an opportunity to


make everygirl jealous with you Davi said. Then he

embrace Kyla, and Kyla hit his hand again.
No. you give them an opportunity to kill me.
its the risks that you have to received because
walk with me


The shoulder
Today is the inspection day. Usually the teachers
and the principal collect the students in the hall. Then
they lock them there, after that they gonna check the
students bag. This action have purpose to caught the
naughtys students who come to school just for play not
hey princess you not bring anything right?
teased Davi for fun with Kyla.
of course not
you looks nervous today. I thinks you bring
forbidden things. Like cigarettes or drugs or before
Davi complete his words Kyla cover his mouth with
book on her hand.
shut up boy. You make me go insane
Davi laugh because Kyla looks funny when she is angry
or badmood.


After wait for one hour Kyla and the others

student can enter their class. For check their stuffs that
probably confiscate by the school.
you dont check your bag? Davi ask Kyla. He
wonder see Kyla who sit on her chair now.
I dont have too. Because I dont bring anything
prohibited Kyla said proudly.
When Kyla and Davi busy mocked eact other
they dont realized there is someone open Kylas bag and
put something in her bag.
okay student. Before we begin the class I have to
check your bag again. Because I get the call that said in
this class there is a student who has a cigarette
In her place, Kyla wake Davi who was sleep
since the last subject begin.

wake up. The teacher will check our bag again

there is someone who has a cigarette on this
I am gonna kill that person who disturb my
hey you come to school to study not to sleep
I have said that before Davi completing his
word, the teacher has come to their chair.
open your bag guys
Kyla and Davi open their bag, then the teacher
start check from Davis bag. After that she move to
Kylas bag. And not reliable she found the cigarette in
Kylas bag.
princess.. the teacher cover her mouth because
she not be believe that student is Kyla.


that is not mine. I never smoke Kyla said

then who is belongs to?
I dont know miss. That is not mine, and I never
dont believe her easy, it could be hers. Give her
the appropriate punishment, only because she was a
princess she can impunity
yes I agree
the princess must get the punishment
After that the students arguing about Kylas
punishment. There are some students want Kyla drop out
from the school but the others want Kyla get suspension.
Because they think bring the cigarette is a big mistake for
a student. Moreover the princess who bring the cigarette.
hey hey guys calm. Miss this cigarette not
belongs to the princess but its belongs to me Davi said.
He take the cigarette from Kylas hand.

well, if this cigarette is yours then why its in

Kylas bag? replay the teacher
em that is becausebecause I want to make
Kyla surprised when she found that cigarette davi said
The teacher looks Davi suspiciously. But she
want to believe what Davi said, because if this Cigarette
really belong to the Princess she gonna die cause can
educate the princess well.
well, follow me to the principal room
okay miss. Davi said obediently
Kyla feels guilty for Davi. She know absolutely
the cigarette not belongs to Davi because she ever see
Davi taking the asthmatics medication. So Davi of course
not the smoker because he has Asma.
what are you doing here?
Kyla turn her body while she hear Davis voice
on her back.

are you okay? What the principal say? Are you

drop out from school? Or you get suspension? Kyla ask
Davi even before he sit next to her.
slow down girl. Are you worry about me now?
Davi said with his killing smile.
I am serious right now Dav. What the principal
he forgive me because I still dont know about
this schools rules. Then he continue his speech about the
bad effect If a teenager like us smoke. I really sleepy
hear his speech
why are you doing that?
what do you mean?
why you admit that cigarette is yours? Are you
believe I am the owner of that cigarette? So you want
make me feel thankful to you?
it is difficult to the princess say Thanks you to
the common people?

are you believe that I am the owner of that

cigarette? Hoa I cant believe this. I think you
say..before Kyla complete her word Davi hit her
forehead to stop her talking.
Can you stop talking for a moment? How can I
explain about my action today if you still talking.
Kyla silent for a moment. Do not ask Davi
anymore. After ensuring Kyla will be silent for a
moment, Davi start to talking.
well I know that Cigarette not yours. But our
classmate keep suspicious you. Then you are too
stubborn, So I think I have to admit that cigarette is mine.
Before the news you smoke spread.
why you do that?
maybe to make you say thank you to me Davi
said randomly.
whatever. I want to go home now. The royals
guard has been waiting for me outhere. So see you soon
Kyla said, she wave her hand toward Davi.

After Kyla disappear behind the gates school,

Davi is smiling. Because he absolutely know the reason
why he decided to protect Kyla.
Kylas Palace, 21.00
Kyla cant sleep tonight. She keep rolled in her
bed. Because the incident when Davi protect Kyla always
rotating in Kylas memory. Kyla remember when Davi
admit that Cigarette is his thing. Kyla remember too
when davi doesnt tell his reason to protect Kyla. All
these things rotating in Kylas memory likes a old movie.
he really really make me go insane Kyla said
as she covered her red face.


Davis secret
Davis home, 21.00 WIB,
well, tonight you will be caught by me the
slander Davi said while wearing his minus glasses.
Then davi turn on his computer. His hand dancing
on the keyboard so fast like he already memorized every
alphabets on the keyboard layout. Davi looks his wifi,
after he convinced the wifi is stabil he start typed many
programming words that brought him into his schools
hmm the mudslinger will be discovered in one
Not too long at davis computer screen appear a
name and a face that was he know so well.
oh Clara. The nerd one in the class, but what her
motive to do that? Is kyla hurt her sometimes?


Before Davi found the Claras reason to malign

the princes, his computer alarm realized him that he still
connect to the school database. As soon as possible he
was remove his tracks and turn off the electronic devices
that he just use before.
The next day, 07.30 WIB
Davi glance to the watch that attached in his
wrist. Usually at this time, Clara has arrived at school.
Today Davi want to interrogating Clara about her action
yesterday. He thinks Clara doesnt have any motive to
slander Kyla, because they never have a problem.
Good morning Clara Davi greet Clara who was
reading a book in front of her.
Clara shock because Davi talk to her. Her face
suddenly turn red and she adjusted her glasses nervously.
goodmorning to..Davi Clara greeting Davi
too but haltingly.
dont be nervous Cla. I am not a killer Davi
said with his killing smile. Then he sit next to Clara.

Clara just laugh on her chair. She is nervous and

dont know what to say. She loss her word.
em well Clara, I want to ask you something
important. May I?
you can ask me anything
So, yesterday you know the teacher found the
cigarette on princesss bag right? Davi ask Clara slowly.
But suddenly her face turn pale. but that cigarette is yours right?
em honestly that cigarette not mine too. But I
have to admit it is mine to protect the princess
then the cigarette is princesss thing? Clara ask
Davi with shock expression on her face.
I think you know the truth Cla Davi cornering
Clara to the wall.
What II dont understand
Clara said nervously.


hm I will tell you the secret. So last night I

check that cigarette then guess what? I found your
fingerprint on it. Well from that fact we can conlude, first
you are the owner of that Cigarette or you are not the
owner but you ordered by someone to put that cigarette
on princesss bag
of course I am innocent
but the proof said the other opinion. Youre not
innocent Clara. So lets tell me youre the type one or the
Clara still not say anything. Davi glance his
watch, a half of hour soon the school will more crowded.
If this morning Davi doesnt get the answer, it will
difficult to ask in other time because Clara will avoiding
if you tell me, I will not report you to the
principal. I will act like youre really innocent. Deal?
Davi ask for a deal.
you will not report me?

yes of course. Lets make it is the secret between

can I ask the proof? So I can believe you 100%.
tomorrow I will bring the proof. So now tell me
your answer
Honestly I dont know the person who told me
that. The day before yesterday, I found that cigarette in
my drawer with this letter
Clara expend the brown envelope from her bag.
Davi looks the envelope carefully. Try to find the clue of
the sender.
its letter said, I just have to put the cigarette into
Kylas bag. After that I will get the money.
Why you do that? How if the money never come
to you but you already put that cigarette on the princesss
I am not stupid too. I said I need money first
Then I will put that cigarette on Kylas bag

Davi see Kyla who had just enter the classroom.

Then he immediately halt talks with Clara. Because Kyla
shouldnt know about this.
well Clara I think we can discuss about that
news later. Because the teacher will come to class soon.
Its really nice talk with you
oh..okay Davi. Nice to talk with you..too Clara
force her smile for support Davis words.
Davi sit next to Kyla. He put his hand around
Kylas shoulder. Then Kyla hit his hand.
the rough princess Davi said as he rubbed his
hand that had been hit by Kyla.
the ugly duck replay Kyla. She stuck out her
tongue to Davi.
you really ugly when you stuck your tongue like
that Davi said. He flicked Kylas forehead.


what are you talking about with Clara? You

know right Clara is stolid person. Kyla ask Davi
sorry its a secret between I and her. Davi said,
then he stuck her tongue to Kyla like what Kyla do
Kyla kick Davis legs because he doesnt want
tell her the secret.


Indonesia Mourning
Today Kyla is absent from her class because she
will flight to Papua with her father to replace her mom
that had to go to Palestina for humanitarian aid
Indonesia. Honestly Kyla prefer to go to school than
accompany her father to Papua. She dont want to die of
boredom in Papua. But she cant ignore her fathers wish
that she has begin to know her societys condition.
hey sweetheart why you looks unhappy? We
will landed to papua no longer more Ray ask Kyla who
looked bored out of the plane.
how many days we will spend in Papua dad?
hm I think 3 days 2 night. Why?
I want to go to Jakarta as soon as possible. I feel
I am gonna die if I gradually in Papua.
Princess you know, which province that resulted
in a huge foreign exchange?


of course Jakarta. Because it is the capital city

no, it is Papua that give us lots of money every
year. Because every place in Papua contain the metallic
then why Papua become the poor province dad?
because there are some people who make Papua
like a dairy cow
dad you have to punish them
of course I will
Then Kyla spend her time with her father. They
talk about many things. Kyla feel her childhood is
so there is a boy that make you interested? Ray
teasing her daughter.
dad what are you talking about? Its non-sense
Kyla said shyly. Her face become red.


omg, my daughter has grown up. So, he look

likes who?
I think he more handsome better than you dad
Kyla mock her father.
oh its hurt me princess
The conversation between them must stop
because the royal secretary enter their room.
excuse me the noble king, there is a call from
our embassy in Palestina?
oh oke. Please connect to telephone in this
okay the noble king
you can go now
excuse me
After the royal secretary exit the room, Ray go to
the telephone that located at the corner of the room.


is it mom? Kyla ask her father. Then she walk

into rays place.
maybe she want tell us that she has arrived at
Ray started talking on the phone, but suddenly his
face turn pale. He dropped the phone in the palm of his
hand. Then he sat on the floor.
dad are you okay? What happened in Palestina?
Is it mom?
Ray look his daughter with a look that is difficult
to describe. But from his eyes, the tears turn out.
Kyla..your momshe..was a bullet on
her body .in the pathof Gaza. Her condition is
serious rightnow. But the hospital in Gaza dont have a
complete equipments to remove the bullet from her
Kyla fell to the floor. All of her body is tremble
rightnow. She thinks her father just make a joke with her


but after fifteen minutes elapsed, her father still cry on

his place.
dad we have to go back to Jakarta rightnow.
Then order them to move mom as soon as possible to
Jakarta. We will waiting her there dad
Ray realized he has done a shameful act in front
of her daughter. He must embrace her daughter in this
time, but he instead cry on his sadness alone.
you are rightnow. I will ask the pilot to back to
Jakarta. Then you call our embassy in Palestina, order
them to fly mom as soon as possible to Jakarta
dad, mom will be fine right? Kylae ask Ray
before he open the door.
your mother is a strong woman Kyla
I know dad
Then in the cloudy sky, they fly back to Jakarta.
bring a thousand of hope about their lovely person will
not left them.

3 days later, The royals grave Jakarta.

The sound of gunfire was heard. Its mean there is
a royal family who pass away. Today, The Greet Queen
of Indonesia is pass away. She die on her duty in
Palestina. Every people in this country cry for her. In the
courtyard, many flowers as a final honor to her from the
society located on it.
Kyla cant stand on her own foot when she look
her mothers body inserted to the ground. Lucky, Davi is
behind her, so there were restrained her.
Dav, That is my mother. She left me Dav. She
leave before She can looks me wear my crown Kyla
said with tears on her eyes.
Davi doesnt said anything. Doesnt doing
anything. He still silent in his place, but his hand hold
Kylas hand for toughen her. Once Davi is in Kylas
position. He saw his parents die in front of his eyes. At
that time he feel his world has broke. He cant hear what

the others said. So Davi do the same thing on Kyla, he

will not do anything just stand beside her. accompany
her pass her hardtime.
On the others side Ray has to hold his cries.
Because he is a King. A king should not be a weak
person. Furthermore, there is Kyla who need him. So
Ray save his cries on his heart and be brave to accept the
death Andini. Ray look the tombstone that reads Andini
Kusumanegara. He cant believe Andini left him first.
you are the only woman I have loved darl. No
one likes you. you are a gift from the god. I promise I
will protect Kyla with my own life. I will not let them hurt
her. so you can calm now darl. Rest in peace Andini
Said Ray on his heart.


The New life

1 month later,
Kyla look Andinis photo that placed on her
bedroom. On that Photo her mother looks cheerful. She
wear a black dress with Kyla beside her. That photos was
taken in 2000. At that time Kyla is 3 years old.
After her mother pass away Kyla and her father
try to return the condition like the first time. They try to
live without Andini. In first period, it is a difficult thing
to do. Imagine you have to pass your life like nothings
happens. Kyla almost cant pass it, but there are Ray and
Davi that always support her. slowly Kyla can stand on
her own foot like before. She can laugh on Davis jokes.
She can talk with her father like usuall.
Kyla look her phone which lies in her bed. On the
display appears Davi. When she know that Davi call


her, she let her phone ringing for a minute. Then, when
her phone ringing for the third time she accept that call.
what took you so long accept my call?
I am at the toilet a few minutes ago
Really? But I see from the street here, you dont
move anywhere. You just sit on your bed
After she hear Davis words, Kyla go to her
balcony. Then she found Davi standing in her backyard.
Davi wave his hand to Kyla. He shows the food that he
what are you doing here? Kyla ask Davi from
her balcony.
why you dont come here? Lets eat together
I have eat with my father. Moreover I am a girl,
I cant eat on this time


well, you can accompany me eat this food. I

really hungry rightnow
why you not eat in your home? You think my
palace is a restaurant?
I miss you. So I come to your place as soon as
possible. But Its weird If I go to your place without
anyreason. So I buy this food as my reason to come to
your place
Kylas face getting red rightnow. Davi always
had a way to make Kyla drift. Now, Kyla already fallen
for Davi. Dont know from when, But Davi fill her heart
I will go to your place. Wait a minute
dont make up too much
of course not. Who are you
Kyla open her cupboard. Looking for the best tshirt she ever have. She need t-shirt that will make she
look beautiful tonight.

ah this t-shirt too colorful

no. this too sexy
which is the best tshirt?! Kyla shout frustration
because she cant found the best t-shirt but simple.
When Kyla already in the backyard, she see Davi
sleep on the grass.
hey its not the place to sleep
what took you so long? I have say that you dont
have make up too much
I dont wear any make-up stupid. The distance
between my room and this backyard is so long
I will believe it. Anyway this is for you
Davi pulled something from his pocket. The
phones hanger with cartoon character. Kyla receive the
gift from Davi with confuse feeling.


there is no reason. I just remember you when I

look this phones hanger
you think this character looks likes me?
yes, this character named Ran from Detective
Conan. She is the main role female character. The story
said Ran is the tough girl but deep inside she is a weak
why Ran act so tought like that?
she dont want make peoples around her worried
about her
After Davis words the atmosphere between them
turns awkward. Both of them dont know what else to
talk about.
why this situation turn awkward? Davi ask
I dont know.
Kyla let me tell you something


about what?
just listen it carefully
Kyla turn her body to face Davi. Inside her heart
Kyla feel nervous wait Davis words. She wondered
waiting the sentence from Davi.
I might be like you
what? I cant hear you
Please dont play a joke
I am serious. Repeat again please
I maybe like you
so its maybe?
okay. I like you
Kyla move from her seat. She left Davi who is
silent in his place. Davi thinks Kyla ignore him, then he


went out from his place. Tomorrow he will explain about

his words to Kyla.
Daviiiiii!!!!!Kyla shouted.
Davi stop from his nets. Then he turn his body to
face Kyla.
why did you go
you left me first right?
I need to prepare myself to talk with you.
Dont too hard. I know if you cant accept my
hey stupid listen me carefully ok?
I will
Davi, I dont know why. I dont know since
when. But I like you too. You make my heart beating
with your own way.


After hear Kylas words Davi run to her. Then he

hug Kyla tightly.
are you serious?
of course I am
I have a hundred secret that I havent shared
with you
then I have a hundred time to hear every secret
of yours
Kyla know her relationship with Davi maybe
uneasy in the future. There are many obstacles will face
them. But she know Davi will not give up easily on their
relationship. Then Kyla too no matters what happened
she will keep everything that She has. Her crown, her
family, and plus her boyfriend now. Because She is the
princess of Indonesia. She is tough and strong but she is
weak sometimes.