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11% of Indonesians live in poverty according to Indonesia Central Bureau of

Statistics Report in 2014. This number of people who are classified as Poor in
Indonesia, is even predicted to increase by, at least, 1 million in this year. This
number could even be worse, until 3-4 times higher, if the calculation made by
using World Bank Poverty Standard.
Increase in the number of uneducated and unhealthy people and reduction in
parents motivations to give, at least, sufficient education to their children are only
two possible negative impacts from many effects of the higher number of poor
population. Therefore, it is logical if someone says that it would be even harder to
find poor people that could exit from the poverty trap loop compared to previous
period. It is sad and somehow hurtful whenever I see a poor person that does not
have a house and could not afford a meal.
This situation has successfully made me to continuously ask and motivate myself to
answer this question, What should I do toward this situation? I am not a rich
person nor powerful person. How could I do to help this 12 million poor Indonesians
to exit the poverty loop? Then, I came up with a belief that perhaps I do not have
enough money or power to turnaround this situation, however I still have my
knowledge and experience that I could share to the people, i.e. poor Indonesians,
which might empower them with some motivation and knowledge that could help
them to exit from this poverty trap loop.
I finally found IHFs voluntary vacant as Mathematics Teacher which I believe is very
suitable with my passion and capabilities. I was not only got experiences as
Teaching Assistants for Mathematics courses in my university for 3 semesters but
also I have loved teaching since I was in University. For me teaching is just another
form of leadership. A great leader must be able to empower the followers and the
same thing is also applied to a teacher. A teacher has to be able to understand the
students problems, find the right solutions, and communicate the solution in a right
way, so that students could not only understand but also apply the materials in
examinations and daily life.
I believe through this voluntary, not only I can increase students ability in
Mathematics, but also motivate them to explore more about Mathematics by
themselves, which could help them in the future. For example, increase the
acceptance probability in university examination so that they could get advanced
education which might help them to bring them to get outside from this poverty
trap loop.
I am very happy if I could see my students become successful because of my
teaching which is my biggest motivation to become the volunteer in IHF. Not to
mention that I also believe IHFs has great credibility as a NGO.