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Many small galleries across the city specialize in

local art, but there are also fine examples of

contemporary art to be found in Puerto Vallarta.
The streets are filled with crafts in Puerto
Vallarta. Collectors can acquire baskets, textiles,
paintings, and small sculptures that reference the
citys symbolsmade by local artists and
indigenous groups.
Huichol handicrafts are examples of the eyecatching art made by indigenous peoples from
the mountain regions. Using techniques passed
down from generation to generation since preHispanic times, they make and sell brightly
colored embroidered and beaded clothing and
other distinctive items.

Puerto Vallarta food offers plenty to talk about

and taste. In this beautiful destination, fresh
seafood is combined with the skill of top chefs,
making Mexicos flavorful culinary tradition an
added bonus when visiting here.
The port town offers a wide range of options,
from luxury restaurants to Mexican snack bars
on every corner, as well as traditional local
eateries or fondas.
Visitors can also try fusion food and the
creations of experienced and independent chefs
throughout the hotel zone. And don't overlook
the local drinks. A wide variety of beverages
includes the tejuino, a drink made with slightly
fermented corn, brown sugar, and lime juice;
and posi or cuala, a corn-based drink that is the
perfect accompaniment to other exotic flavors.

For many, Puerto Vallarta is synonymous with

partying and they are not wrong. After busy
days, nightlife in Puerto Vallarta offers a
surprising number of options. Younger visitors,
who cant wait for night to come so they can go
to nightclubs, bars, and restaurants and party
until daybreak, won't be disappointed by the
range of alternatives.
Groups of young people from all over the world
come to party here because there is something
for everyone, from those who want to have a
drink in a Puerto Vallarta nightclub to those who
stay on the sand until dawn dancing with a
cocktail in their hands.
Tourists come to Puerto Vallarta to enjoy the
varied night life, often at the end of the school
year, for stag nights, birthday parties, and to
celebrate New Year. The music varies
depending on the night spot, but, Mariachis and
tequila always keep the party going.

Puerto Vallarta architecture is distinguished

by an exquisite fusion of architectural
innovation and tradition. The port town is
also known for the cultural mix in its
colorful streets and the modern sculptures
that enhance the area. Rafael Zamarripas
famous Caballito de mar (Seahorse) on the
Playa de los Muertos has become a symbol
of Puerto Vallarta.
The marina also boasts a lighthouse, a
historic monument dating back to 1932.
Historic buildings in Puerto Vallarta,
authentic examples of Mexicos Colonial
heritage, are found along the streets of
Vallarta in its squares with bandstands and
lush gardens.
The towns main square, for example, serves
as an entrance area for Our Lady of
Guadalupe church, the dome of which
emulates the crown worn by Empress
Carlota while she was in the country as
Empress Consort of Mexico in 1860. The
Santa Cruz church dating from 1954, with a
classical yet innovative design, can also be
visited and is notable for its simple and
beautiful lines.

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board 2015.

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