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Worst Of Autocall Certificate on France Telecom, GDF-Suez and Total and Vinci

6%p.a. Quarterly Conditional Coupon - European Barrier at 60% - 1.5 Year - EUR

Details Redemption
Issuer EFG Financial Products
Guarantor EFG International On 09.04.2010 Client pays EUR 1000 (Denomination)
Rating: Fitch A

Bbg Ticker FTE FP Equity GSZ FP Equity FP FP Equity DG FP Equity If all the Underlyings close above their Coupon Trigger Level:
Strike Level (100%) EUR 17.69 EUR 28.27 EUR 42.76 EUR 43.48 The Investor will receive a 1.5% Coupon
Autocall Level (95%) EUR 16.81 EUR 26.86 EUR 40.62 EUR 41.31
Barrier Level (60%) EUR 10.61 EUR 16.96 EUR 25.66 EUR 26.09
Coupon Trigger (60%) EUR 10.61 EUR 16.96 EUR 25.66 EUR 26.09 On top of the Coupon, if all the Underlyings close above their Autocall Trigger Level:
The product is early redeemed and the Investor receives a Cash Settlement in EUR equal to:
Initial Fixing Date 26.03.2010 Denomination. The product expires.
Payment Date 09.04.2010
Valuation Date 03.10.2011
Maturity 09.10.2011 On 09.10.2011 Client receives (if the product has not been early redeemed):
Details Cash Settlement Quarterly Autocall and Coupon Observation
European Barrier a. If the Worst Performing Underlying closes above the Coupon Trigger Level on the Valuation date:
ISIN CH0111527534 The Investor will receive a Cash Settlement in EUR equal to:
Valoren 11152753 Denomination + (1.5%) Coupon
SIX Symbol Not Listed
b. If the Worst Performing Underlying closes at or below the Barrier Level on the Valuation date:
Denomination x (Final Fixing Level of the Worst Performing Underlying) / (Initial Fixing Level of the
Worst Performing Underlying)

- France Telecom SA provides telecommunications services to residential, professional, and large business customers. The Company offers public fixed-line telephone, leased lines and data transmission, mobile
telecommunications, cable television, Internet and wireless applications, and broadcasting services, and telecommunications equipment sales and rentals.

-GDF Suez offers a full range of natural gas and associated energy services throughout the world. GDF produces, trades, transports, stores and distributes natural gas, and offers energy management and climatic and thermal
engineering services.

- Total SA explores for, produces, refines, transports, and markets oil and natural gas. The Company also operates a chemical division which produces polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, rubber, paint, ink, adhesives, and
resins. Total operates gasoline filling stations in Europe, the United States, and Africa.

- Vinci SA builds roads, offers electrical, mechanical, and civil engineering and construction services, and operates toll roads. The Company builds and maintains roads and produces road construction materials, builds
electricity and communications networks, installs fire protection and power and ventilation systems, and operates toll highways, bridges, parking garages, and a stadium.

Opportunities______________________________________________________________________ Risks______________________________________________________________________________________________
1. Quarterly opportunity to receive a 1.5% Coupon (6% p.a.) and to be early redeemed. 1. I f on the Valuation Date, at least one Underlying closes at or below its Barrier Lev el, the
2. Your capital is protected against a decrease of 40% at maturity Inv estor will suffer a loss reflecting the performance of the Underlying
3. Secondary market as liquid as equity markets

Best case scenario_________________________________________________________________ Worst case scenario_______________________________________________________________________________

The Worst Performing Underlying closes between the Coupon Trigger and the Autocall Level on The Worst Performing Underlying has never closed abov e the Coupon Trigger Level and it closes
each observation date, and closes at or above the Coupon Trigger Level on the Valuation Date below the Barrier Level on the Valuation Date.

Redemption: Denomination + 6 Coupons of 1.5% (Total return: 109%) Redemption: Shares of the worst performing Underlying

Historical Chart
importer depuis la deuxieme feuille
France Telecom Observation date scenario
160% GDF Suez N Quarters since last Coupon
140% Vinci
Early Redemption: Denomination


Autocall Level at 95%

1.5% Coupon is paid

Coupon Trigger and Barrier Level at 60%

Redemption at Maturity: Shares of the
Worst Performing Underlying
Jan-08 Apr-08 Jul-08 Oct-08 Jan-09 Apr-09 Jul-09 Oct-09 Jan-10

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Bruno Frateschi +41 58 800 10 45 Sofiane Zaiem
Stanislas Perromat +41 22 918 70 05
Alejandro Pou Cuturi Live prices at
+377 93 15 11 66

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