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Haley Thalheimer

Audience Analysis
This exercise requires you to identify and research the audience you would like to
target to receive information about the client.
Imagine that the press kit you produce will be available on the website, but the
materials must also be distributed to the media. To select the right outlets, you must be
able describe psychographic and demographic needs of the publics who will most benefit
from the information.
This exercise is designed to help you articulate audiences demographics and
psychographics so that the information will be positioned to meet your audiences
particular needs. You must use documented sources, which you will reference as a
journalist would. Idiosyncratic surveys and interviews WILL NOT suffice for this
Reference the information as a journalist would; therefore, APA and Chicago and
Turabian cites are inappropriate. First-person references are also inappropriate.
Repeated failure to include sources may result in a 0 for this assignment.
Answer each of the following questions using the format provided. For the final
version, you will re-format the analysis so that it looks professional, not like a class
1) Define your target public(s)
Married couples in their late 20s and early 30s living in the ZIP code 32224
looking to get out and about in the Jacksonville art community.
2) Give public a nickname that speaks to its demographics and psychographics (i.e.
SUV-driving soccer moms.)
Fast Track Couples
3) Provide a three-paragraph description of your publics demographics (i.e. where
they live, age, educational level, marital status, income, ZIP Code description,
According to the database on DemographicsNow: Married couples living
in the ZIP code 32224 live in single family and town homes in Jacksonville,
Florida. This is located in Duval County. They live in moderately priced
neighborhoods such as Georgetown, Avanti and Glen Kernan Golf and
Country Club. These homes cost on average $220,000 to $329,000.
In the 32224 area, people between the ages of 25-34 make up 17.8 percent
of the population. In this area the population is 38,221. The most prevalent
race in 32224 is Caucasian, making up 79.7 percent of the population.

The average household income is $79,915. Married couples make up 46.2

percent of the population. In this area, 29.6 percent of the population has a
bachelors degree, 14.3 percent a graduate degree and 22.8 percent some
college, no degree.
4) Provide a three-paragraph description of your publics psychographics ( needs,
desires, how do members use information and expectations, etc.).
According to the Mosaics on DemographicsNow: Married couples in
the ZIP code 32224 work at decent jobs and own their homes. Typically both
partners in the relationship work to help contribute to the household. These
couples make a decent living because most are college educated.
Couples in this area enjoy an upwardly mobile lifestyle and stay fit by
jogging, biking and doing aerobics. The 25-34 age range enjoy night life
activities that include going to bars, comedy clubs and rock concerts. This
age group tends to dine at casual restaurants such as P.F. Changs, The
Cheesecake Factory and Chilis. This is convenient for them because St.
Johns Town Center is located two miles away.
Couples in this area like whatevers new and hot. They are statusconscious consumers that love electronics and purchase the latest equipment.
These couples drive premium SUVs, CUVs and sports cars. Although they
like the finer things in life they are still smart with their money, utilize sales
and clip coupons. They find that they dont have time for traditional media
and the best avenue to reach them is the Internet.
5) What are some of the key words that would be important to include in your
materials? These should be words that relate to your audiences needs, wants,
desires and expectations.
Local restaurants
Buy one, get one
6) Explain what that demographic, psychographic and representational information
suggests about whats important to your audience. This can only be accomplished
after sufficiently answering questions 1 -6.
According to the Mosaics on DemographicsNow: The demographic,
psychographic and representational information suggests that my audience is
secure and educated. My audience is active and enjoys being out and about
in the community. Between work, play and staying fit my audience finds time

to be online and uses the Internet to simplify their lives. My audience finds
financial stability and being active important. Although they are financially
stable they know they need to work hard before they are well off.
7) A brief outline of the public(s) informational networks in the order that they use
information (i.e. primary source of information is network of friends; secondary
source is TV, etc.)
According to the Mosaics on DemographicsNow: The primary source
for the married couples living ZIP code 32224 is the Internet via laptop or
smartphone. These couples are not too concerned with issues unless they are
put at their front door, so news outlets such as Fox News, CNN and ABC are
not a source. However, if there is an issue they are most likely to use the
Internet to research it. Couples in this area have varying interests in
television, that range from channels such as MTV, VH1 and Spike to more
family oriented channels such as Disney, Nick at Nite and Cartoon Network.