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Bruce Dumont. (b.

By Marilyn Dumont and Lawrence Barkwell Bruce Dumont was born on May 25 th 1944 at !lds "lberta the son o# $ose%h "mbrose Dumont (191&'1992) and (ecile Marie )anasse (191&'2***). "mbrose was #rom the +ikino ,ettlement and (ecile Marie was #rom !nion Lake ,askatchewan. -is #ather "mbrose Dumont was a .reat .reat .randson o# /sidore Dumont the #irst Metis killed at Duck Lake ,askatchewan at the be.innin. o# the 0iel 0esistance o# 1115. "mbrose was in2turn a .reat .reat ne%hew o# 3abriel Dumont brother to /sidore. Bruce4s mother Mary is the dau.hter o# "nna Du#resne and Daniel )anasse (or "nasse). Daniel "nasse was born on $uly 19 1115 at (al.ary the son o# $ean Ba%tiste )anasse and 5melie (alder. Mary4s .rand#ather was 6rancois Du#resne born $anuary 115* at 6ort 7itt. -e married (atherine 7iche dit Morin. Bruce4s mother Mary Dumont assisted or.ani8in. 9reaty Days at !nion Lake and she was a com%etiti:e 0ed 0i:er $ Daniel )anasse was the /ndian ".ent and /nter%reter #or the 6ederal 3o:ernment at the !nion Lake 0eser:e ,askatchewan. Daniel4s mother 5melie died at !nion Lake on "%ril 1 194& at 19 years o# a.e. 6rancois Du#resne the #ather o# "nna Du#resne was a ,cout;/nter%reter #or 3eneral 3. Middleton whom led the British a.ainst the Metis in 1115. 6rancois Du#resne was ca%tured by Bi. Bears warriors (<anderin. ,%irit) and held #or =ust o:er 2 months be#ore esca%in.. "mbrose and Mary Dumont had 1* children 5 boys and 5 .irls. 9hey were married in 19>& at ,t. 7aul de Metis "lberta mo:ed to the +ikino Metis ,ettlement to his %arents 7ierre and Mar.uerite Dumont4s homestead and tra%%ed #ished #armed and lo..ed there until 1942 mo:in. to ,undre "lberta with 4 children. "mbrose and Mary had Metis membershi% cards since 19&2 in 3olden B( and (al.ary "lberta. "t the last count there are 11* direct Metis descendants o# "mbrose and Mary Dumont. Bruce was educated in ,undre "lberta. -e recei:ed an "%%renticeshi% 9rade ?uali#ication in 5lectronics at the ,outhern and @orthern "lberta /nstitute o# 9echnolo.y and obtained his 0ed ,eal in 5lectronics. -e subseAuently worked in the B.(. #orest industry then trained as a ,a#ety 7ro#essional with the <orkers (om%ensation Board and was a ,a#ety !##icer in @anaimo B(. 6rom 1992 retirin. in 2**B. -is %olitical career as a Local Board Member and 7resident o# the @orth /sland Metis "ssociation 199B. -e was elected )ice 7resident o# M7(B( in 2**> and ser:ed as actin. %resident since 2**4. /n 2**5 he was elected as 7resident o# the Metis @ation British (olumbia. -e is %resently Minister o# (ulture -erita.e and and Minister #or -ealth #or the Metis @ational (ouncil. -e is currently ser:in. his #orth #ull term as 7resident o# the

Metis @ation2British (olumbia. !n "u.ust 1 2**& the MCtis @ational (ouncil (M@() named Bruce Dumont as interim 7resident M@( until the election #or M@( 7resident was held resultin. in the re2election o# (lCment (hartier. Bruce is a stron. %ro%onent o# Michi# retention and de:elo%ment. 3i:en below is his statement #rom the Metis @ation British (olumbia home %a.e statement on cultureD
/ want to recall my childhood bein. born and raised a%eetha4kosian. <e were only known o# callin. oursel:es hal#2breeds. 9he term MCtis was seldom used. Both %arents were o# MCtis ancestry. My #ather and 3rand%arents were (ree;6rench and my Mother and 3rand%arents were (ree;,cot. "ll the %arents and .rand%arents s%oke #luent (ree. 5n.lish was a second to all o# them and some only s%oke (ree. My .rand%arents were born in the 111*4s and %arents in 191&. /n 19>& my %arents "mbrose Dumont and Marie )aness were married in ,t. 7aul de MCtis "lberta. 9hey always li:ed in (ree s%eakin. communities mo:in. to Bea:er 0i:er ,outh o# Lac La Biche "lberta now known as the +ikino ,ettlement. (ree and Michi# are widely s%oken in this re.ion. My .rand%arents on my #ather4s side were #rom the )ictoria ,ettlement "lberta they worked as tra%%ers. 9he .rand%arents on my mother4s side were #rom !nion Lake ,askatchewan. <orkin. as (hie# 6actor and inter%reters #or the 6ederal 3o:ernment. 9hey all knew how to li:e o## the land with traditional #oods and medicines. 9hey mo:ed to central "lberta #rom +ikino in ,e%tember 1942 to ,undre "lberta with #our other MCtis #amilies in a three ton truck with stock racks. <e were the #irst MCtis #amilies to arri:e in a town %rimarily %o%ulated by @orwe.ians. <e sAuatted on the south road between the ri:er and the road so in essence we were road allowance MCtis. / was born in 1944 startin. school in 195* and my #our older siblin.s all started school in 1941. / was denied my because we were not allowed to learn or s%eak it in school althou.h we s%oke it at home. <e had to learn the 5n.lish My %arents always #eared o# their children bein. taken by the 3o:ernment to the 0esidential ,chool as many o# their nieces and ne%hews were taken. 9hanks to them we stayed home but some o# our cousins went to 0esidential ,chool.

Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research Louis Riel Institute

Metis %oet and educator Marilyn Dumont is Bruce4s sister.