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Statistics show that 55-60% of U.S. citizens do not have an estate plan which means that
someone other than you will determine your loved ones future.
An estate plan is about more than your financial worth, its about peace of mind and taking
care of the people you love. If you already have an estate plan prepared, revisit it. Or let us help
create a plan designed with the needs of you and your family in mind.

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Give yourself or
someone you love
the gift of health.
Enjoy a happier holiday season
with balanced hormones.


Natural Options - Healthy Lives

Stay Sane, Slim and Sexy!

Join hormone expert Randi Mann, NP at this
educational and entertaining seminar.
Women only! Join us for an informative look at how hormone
changes affect us at every age. This seminar is designed to help
women make informed choices about bioidentical hormone
therapy, PMS, perimenopause, menopause, hypothyroidism,
adrenal dysfunction and sexual health treatments to feel happy,
energetic and sensual no matter how old you are!

Friday, December 4 9:30 a.m. to noon

Wednesday, December 9 5:30-8 p.m.
Wednesday, December 30 5:30-8 p.m.
$25 each or $20 each with a friend.

Wise Woman Wellness is the areas first innovative hormone

and wellness center, specializing in holistic, integrative and
functional medicine, hypothyroidism and use of customized,
low dose bioidentical hormones for men and women.

Wishing you a happy

and healthy holiday
from all of us at
Wise Woman Wellness.
May your holidays
be joyful!
Randi Mann, NP

Wise Woman Wellness, LLC

1480 Swan Road, De Pere | (920) 339-5252
New patients welcome. No referral needed.



Committed to patient education
Forefront Dermatology provides
expert winter skin care tips

DR. KENNETH KATZ, founder of Forefront Dermatology
Photo by Melissa Alderton Photography


10 Is the Standard American Diet feminizing our men?

Maintenance keeps horses healthy
and happy

12 Healthy in spirit: December dreams come true


16 Becoming the person I aim to be

How to find time for exercise


How to help kids find
extracurricular activities

18 Could you have a thyroid problem?

21 Medications not working?


Cost-saving measures when gifting a
large family


Garcher Family Christmas Cookies




Natures Pathways | December 2015


24 Are your medical bills skyrocketing?

26 Non-diabetic low blood sugar
31 Tips for more joyful holiday family gatherings
32 The Womens Health Initiative
34 Cold and flu prevention
37 How to ensure a healthy, happy holiday season
38 Give the gift of hope


40 Evergreen your holidays

42 Let it go!
45 How to maintain workout routines during the holidays
47 Lesser-known symptoms of breast cancer


To provide relevant information on personal wellness by connecting
healthy living experts with the communities they serve.

December 2015 | Natures Pathways

Its that time of year again! The holidays are here, and
have a tendency to take over the month of December. Weekend plans, concerts and baking days fill
our calendars. Snow days and twinkling lights are
reintroduced in our neighborhoods. Theres so
much nostalgia surrounding these days that a lot of
us wish they would last forever.
The hustle and bustle and overall fullness of the
month can also sometimes be overwhelming and
stressful, but the small reminders of the simple joys
that fill the air bring us right back to the feel-good
aspect of it all.
Gratitude is important all year round, but is
seemingly most abundant during this season. We
at Natures Pathways have a lot to be grateful for,
and cant help but feel especially lucky to be able to
share community experts and their wisdom with
readers around the state. Our December issue holds
what the holidays do: different perspectives, advice,
knowledge and an overall solidarity in its mission to
help those around us.

Barbara Schneider
Grace Olson
Kimberly Byrne
Sarah Van Abel
Ann Hanson
Melissa Alderton Photography

We hope you feel the same this season.

Happy Holidays from all

of us at Natures Pathways.
Connect with us!


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Deadline for advertising is the first
of the month prior to publication.
Natures Pathways is a medium for experts to
share relevant information on wellness-related
topics, including sometimes-controversial
issues. This magazine offers multiple
viewpoints so that readers are exposed to
all sides of such issues and able to make
informed decisions decisions that are right
for them and the lifestyles they wish to lead.
The opinions presented in this magazine are
not necessarily shared by Natures Pathways.



3201 E. Calumet St.

next to Buffalo Wild Wings
(920) 731-5300

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Sat 8am-6pm, Sun 10am-6pm

December 2015 | Natures Pathways



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We believe ever
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Sweet Willow
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supporting artis
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oduct innovatio
conditions. Like
ns and fair trad
wise, we supp
ort companies
encourage selfin the USA th
sustaining lifes
tyles for those
unique gifts an
in need. Stop in
d locally-made/
Sweet Willow
Naturals LLC
1531 Bellevu
e Street,
Suite B, Green


are expeAN
ed about what you

or conflict
ling overwhelmed
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life transition?
rtiing through a w
ulvey, MSW and ce
gether with Lynn M
to you! She
Welcome to W
ate your path back
This path off
fied life coach,
dy and sp
y honors and reco
you to the mind, bo
ling, and in this wa
king time
native to tra
that you are wo
th you the 7 Steps
as being a whole pe
Lynn will share wi
for you! As you be
that you have been
Positive Change an
ll utilize guided m
your life. In additio
. At Wild Meadow,
dreams and desires
call 920-659-0124
hedule an ap
and watch your
or visit www.wildm

Life Coaching
Wild Meadows
ive, Suite 3, Neen
1066 American Dr
Natures Pathways | December 2015



Vida Yoga! This slower-paced,

Try an Intro to Yoga class at Pura
yoga postures and sequences
60-minute class breaks down common
ures, expanding the students
with emphasis on foundational post
condition. Recommended for
knowledge of alignment and physical
a new fitness regime.
those new to yoga or embarking on
or advanced students include:
Other great class options for
involves holding supported
Restorative Yoga: This gentle practice
the body and achieve physical,
poses using props to passively open
mental and emotional relaxation.
g healing and rejuvenation
Restore & Renew: This class will brin
ywork. Class participants
through multiple methods of yoga
rative postures to fuzzresto
will experience everything from gent
ething new each week!
melting myofacial release. Theres som
ets those populations needing
Sloga (Slow-Yoga): This
a slower-paced practice. The
more assistance or those looking for
structural alignment.
class structure is based on breath and
Crystal M Hill, E-RYT and Owner
Pura Vida Yoga
2416 W Nordale Drive, Appleton





It is December, and the Chr
istmas season is just around
ner. With this will
come family gatherings, presen
ts and for many, the remembra
nce of the birth of Jesus
Christ. We here at The Salvatio
n Army work hard to make
it our business to meet
the needs of our community.
At Christmastime it is our goa
l to make sure that every
child has a gift, that every fam
ily has a meal, and that every
person is shown the love
of God through our actions and
words. Nothing The Salvation
Army does would be
possible without you.
Were sure you have seen the
red kettles already out in fron
t of your favorite stores.
You have probably even donated
your change. We urge you to
dig a little deeper this
year because the need is even
greater. Times are changing.
see every year, less
people carry cash and in turn
donations have decreased. No
ause people dont
want to help, but are unable to.
Now you can text the word gift
s to 71777 and you will be sen
t a link to donate
securely online. Volunteering
to ring bells is another great way
to help! Just two hours
of your time can make a big diff
Merry Christmas from all
of us at The Salvation Arm

Registration is open:

December 2015 | Natures Pathways

Is the
American Diet
By Suzanne M. Linton, ANP-BC, and APNP

eminization of men what? Men are supposed to be the

macho and strong ones in our society because they have
testosterone, right? Well, in many cases this is still true;
however, just look around you. Do your own experiment with
your male loved ones, check them out! Then also take note of the
males you seen in everyday life at grocery stores, gas stations, even
the gym! I think you will discover a commonality especially
in males over 40 years old. What you will find is larger abdomens (central obesity) and increased male breast tissue (does this
sound familiar to you women who may be reading this?). Could
it be similar to what happens to a woman going through menopause fat in all the wrong places (difficulty losing weight and
stubborn abdominal fat)? The answer is yes! But why? Men are
not supposed to have estrogen, right? It will make them weak
and more emotional, just to name a few. While that might not
be so bad, a few women may be thinking, the reality is that high
amounts of estrogen in men is just as bad as it is for women. There
needs to be balance. Excess estrogen is problematic.
Estrogen dominance is thought to be responsible for age related
weight gain, metabolic disorders and a variety of chronic health
conditions in both men and women. It is unfortunate because
balance is just not the case in todays world, especially when it
comes to diet and the foods we all consume, not to mention our
chemical laden society.
So, what is the Standard American Diet (SAD) you ask? It
is how a majority of the US population eats. The SAD diet is a
diet high in the following: unhealthy animal, saturated and

Natures Pathways | December 2015

hydrogenated fats, and high in processed foods, salt and sugar

(especially in junk food, fast foods). Not to mention low in fiber,
complex carbohydrates and plant-based foods. There is also a lack
of nutrients, related to how foods are processed and cooked, as
well as all the additives, toxins, preservatives and hormones that
plague our foods.
Our American diet has drastically changed in the past several
decades. It was noted to be the cause of at least two-thirds of
deaths in the 1998 Surgeon General Report by Dr. C. Everett
Koop. Additionally, our diet is primarily one of the biggest risk
factors to account for the nations leading causes of death: heart
disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and intestinal disorders. This in
turn points to obesity, something not just specific to men, but
the country in general. New research from the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) Internal Medicine (June 2015)
revealed that 75 percent of men and 67 percent of women are
overweight or obese compared from 20 years ago when it was
63 percent of men and 55 percent of women. Hmmm, it must
just be because people overeat and dont exercise, right? Wrong.
Obviously, quantity of food and inactivity is certainly part of the
problem. We all are aware of what makes us gain weight. But
what you may not know is that we are all being exposed to large
amounts of estrogenic compounds every day, and this wreaks
havoc with our hormonal balance.
Estrogenic compounds are found in meat, dairy products (full of
hormones), fruits/vegetables (saturated with pesticides), soy/soy
products (promote estrogen), vegetable oils (sunflower, safflower,

soybean, canola, corn, and peanut oil (promote estrogen). Additionally, synthetic forms of estrogen or xenoestrogens are found
in the air, cleaning products, flame retardants, dioxins, PCBs,
plastic chemicals (such as bisphenol A or BPA in plastic silverware, food storage containers, water bottles, etc.) lotions, shampoos and water, and PVC pipes. There are also parabens, which
are the synthetic chemicals used as preservatives in personal care
products like shampoos, deodorants, sunscreens, cosmetics and
also in foods like mayonnaise, mustard, salad dressings and candy.
Parabens can lead to diminished muscle mass, extra fat storage
and increase in male breast tissue. Toxins all the cides pesticides, herbicides, insecticides are all xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens or synthetic forms of estrogen are said to mimic estrogen.
Modern processing techniques of foods are a big culprit for this.
Processed foods contain dyes, preservatives, flavorings and other
additives. There are over 3,000 different chemicals added to food
in the US every year and none are required to be reported to the
FDA or USDA. When the estrogen content within our bodies
is excessive, it leads to estrogen sensitive tissues, which in turn
causes larger adipose or fat cells in the body. The excess estrogen
provides a never ending cycle of fat production and promotes fat
storage an ongoing cycle.
Therefore, this certainly can be contributing to the feminization
of men but even more alarming is that it even decreases a mans
testosterone levels! It is estimated that about 4 to 5 million American men suffer from low testosterone, but only 5 percent are being
treated. Some signs your man may have low testosterone include:
excess body fat, low libido, gynecomastia (excess breast tissue),
lack of motivation, depression, low self esteem , irritability, moodiness, memory loss, loss or morning erections, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, decreased energy/muscle mass, testicle shrinkage
and low sperm count.
What can be done about this? First, be aware and get informed.
Then talk to the men in your life, and let them know the threat
to their health, which will only continue to spiral out of control
if action is not taken. Help arm them with the right knowledge:
eating a healthy organic, chemical free diet, proper balancing of
hormones, essential nutrients from foods and high quality supplements, which can be preventative. Without intervention, our men
(and society) are destined for metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, atherosclerosis, stroke and
cancers. According to the CDC (2013) the top two leading causes
of death in men is heart disease and cancer.
This will be one of the first articles in a series like this. Please
watch for my upcoming articles that further discuss these topics.
Suzanne Linton, ANP-BC, APNP, works at Wise Woman Wellness LLC, an innovative wellness and hormone center at 1480
Swan Road, De Pere. Linton is a board certified Adult Nurse
Practitioner and an expert in sexual health and integrative medicine. Along with caring for women with hormonal imbalances,
Linton directs the Mens Vitality Program (MVP). This program is designed
to help men who are suffering from hormonal imbalances such as thyroid,
Andropause or Low T. This program uses laboratory testing along with physiological symptoms to outline a custom program for each individual male. The
program includes lifestyle coaching, nutritional guidance, supplement recommendations, sexual help and hormone replacement if needed to restore the vitality lost as men age. Please contact her at 920-339-5252 or via the Internet at See ad on page 3.

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the patients desired plan of care.
Dr. Donald Menya
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Certified Robotics

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Nurse Midwife

From holistic to high risk, our team is here for you.

Pregnancy Adolescent and teen health concerns
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December 2015 | Natures Pathways


in spirit:
By Rev. April Kain Breese

THE HOLIDAYS ARE with us once

again. Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza,

the New Year. Holiday concerts, plays,
shopping, cleaning house, decorating,
wrapping, cooking and baking, eating,
drinking, family gatherings, office parties,
opening gifts, returning gifts, un-decorating, throwing away leftovers, snowmobiling or skiing with the family, putting
all the holiday stuff away until next year,
cleaning house again, and going on a diet.
And finally, finding tree ornament hooks
in the carpet two months later, or if you are
like me, leaving the (artificial) tree up until

Valentines Day because I like the lights and

I use lots of red decorations for maximum
season-ability! It all sounds rather tiring,
doesnt it?
Yet, for many of us, this is the annual
story, and we are at it once again this year
because there is something about the holidays that beguiles us. And this is especially
true for us women. We want to create the
perfect holiday season for, well, everyone
family, coworkers, and all those who are
hurting. How lucky we are to face these
holidays with so much to look forward
to and enjoy! Even those of us who are

relatively disadvantaged in this country are

among the most fortunate on the planet!
There are many wonderful possibilities
at this season, but it can be overwhelming again especially for us women
who think we have to do it all. A few years
ago, I decided to simplify. These days I do
only those activities that feel manageable
to me. I love to send Christmas cards, so I
still make the effort, even if some think its
an old fashioned practice and the stamps
are nearing 50 cents each! I love having
a Christmas tree up, and for a long time
obviously! I dont bake cookies anymore

A community for
spiritual growth
Sunday morning series on healing continues through Jan. 3
Christmas Eve candle lighting service 7 PM 920.739.4823 1800 S. Lawe St., Suite 400, Appleton


Natures Pathways | December 2015

Millions of people
around the world
love the Christmas
season because of
what it can bring
in joy, peace, love,
and renewed faith.
because I just eat them anyway. I dont go
to parties, I dont drink, and my purchasing of gifts is limited because my family is
quite small. (This may change if grandchildren appear!)
As a minister, I observe the season
with a healthy dose of why. Why are
we doing this, and what does it mean in
2015? Scholars tell us that most of what we
think we know about Christmas is based
on earlier traditions, not facts. Even the
gospels do not agree about what supposedly occurred. Did you know that the

narrative we call the Christmas story is not

found complete in any of the gospels, that
it is actually pulled together from chapters
found in the gospels of Matthew and Luke
and that it is not mentioned at all in the
gospels of Mark and John? Did you know
that the celebration of Christmas was
established to correspond with the winter
solstice and traditional Roman festivals,
not based upon any documentation about
the birth of Jesus? Yet, it is a wonderful,
awe-inspiring story, and it celebrates the
beginning of a new and remarkable life.
Millions of people around the world
love the Christmas season because of what
it can bring in joy, peace, love and renewed
faith. And, I wonder what it means to you
today? It is worthwhile to give that some
heartfelt consideration. Perhaps it will be
a time for you to give birth to a new and
even more remarkable life.
I think of it as a time of renewal, and
a time when something very special and
unexpected happens. For example, I meet
someone who offers me an extraordinary
gift of insight, a favor done with great
kindness, an expression of generosity, or

a simple loving gesture. Or it might be a

spectacular frosted morning, reminiscence with a long-time friend, or hearing
my favorite holiday songs. This year there
will be something that makes me tingle
all over, something that shows me that a
December dream lives on in me. It is the
dream of peacefulness, lovingkindness,
generosity, and heart-to-heart connection.
It may come when I least expect it, and I
will stop to notice and appreciate it.
You can guarantee that your holiday
dreams come true if you are willing to set
your intention. What is it that you most
want to experience, and are you willing to
watch for it throughout this season of lights?
Something wonderful is coming. May your
every December dream come true!
Rev. April Kain-Breese is with Unity
of Appleton, a community for spiritual
growth, which focuses on spiritual
well-being through affirmative prayer,
positive thinking and daily application
of five basic principles. Sunday services and youth
ministry occur at 10 a.m. Newcomers are welcome.
Try us out! For more information, including Sunday
talks, newsletters and upcoming events, visit or call 920-739-4823.

Have a
through December 31, 2015.
Kevan G. Lewis, MD

American Board of Dermatology Certified


For an appointment, call


141 Siegler St., Green Bay

2500 E. Capitol Dr., Appleton

Located at Encircle Health

Across from St. Marys Hospital

3415 Custer St., Manitowoc

In Bellin Family Medical Center

Located at Bellin Health

3263 Eaton Rd., Green Bay

2021 S. Webster Ave., Green Bay

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December 2015 | Natures Pathways



keeps horses
healthy and

orses are strong animals that have been relied upon for
centuries to fill various roles. Once a primary mode of
transportation for humans, horses also have helped
farmers tend to their crops and entertained millions on the
Since they are social animals, horses need attention and
consistent care. Keeping a horse is quite a commitment, but its a
commitment that can prove very rewarding. Caring for a horses
needs will help keep the animal happy and healthy. Horses require
basic daily care that should be tailored to the season.


A horse habitat is an area where the animal can escape the elements
when not grazing. Barns, stalls or even just shade coverings, depending on the area and climate, can make great shelters for horses. The
shelter should not be smaller than 12 square feet. If a shelter is small,
the horse will need to get more daily exercise to stretch out.

Keeping a horse is quite

a commitment, but its
a commitment that can
prove very rewarding.
Fencing and gates should be secure. Some horses are smart
enough to get out of paddocks or their stalls simply by opening
the gate. Chains and locks can help prevent escape artists.


Horses are grazing animals and are accustomed to eating all day.
If pastures are green and horses are getting enough grass, they
may not need supplementation with hay. However, if the weather
gets cold and grass is in short supply, horses will need access to
plenty of hay. Many horse owners feed their horses twice a day
and supplement their food with salt or mineral licks. Limit the
amount of oats and sweet treats, especially for animals that arent
as active. A veterinarian also can advise horse owners about the
best types of feed for particular horses based on the animals age,
activity level, gender, and breed.

Feet and teeth

It is important to maintain the health of a horses feet and teeth.

An inability to grind food properly can prevent a horse from
getting proper nutrition, which is essential to their health. This
is especially true when the weather gets cold and the horse needs
extra energy in colder weather. An equine dentist can examine

Natures Pathways | December 2015

a horses teeth and make sure there are no issues preventing the
horse from eating well.
Similarly, a horse spends most of its time on its feet. A farrier
should be called in regularly to inspect hooves and adjust shoes
if they are worn. Rocks, debris, snow, ice, and other items on the
ground can become lodged in the animals feet and cause irritation. Also, clipped hooves will chip less and provide more grip.
Farriers can suggest other tips to keep feet in good health.


Daily grooming will help keep a horse comfortable. Brushing the

horses coat provides a good opportunity to spend time with the
animal and further foster a good relationship. A horse will learn
to trust its owner more and more when owners make frequent
contact. Grooming also enables horse owners to inspect their
animals for any cuts, ticks or maladies that should be brought to
the attention of a vet.
Remember to hose down horses after a ride and during hot
weather. Sweat can attract flies, leading to bites and sores. The
Minnesota Horse Council notes that horses that spend substantial
time outside may be susceptible to sunburn. Apply a sunscreen to
the horses nose, especially for light-colored horses. Sunburns can
lead to blistering and infections, so make protecting horses from
the sun a priority.

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Spinal Decompression Therapy Table

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discs ... even after failed surgery.
DTS is a non-surgical, drug-free,
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Ruptured Discs
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Dr. Krystal


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Dr. Timothea

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Source: MetroCreative Connection.

DTS Spinal

Steven Bittorf, MD-PhD

December 2015 | Natures Pathways


the person
aim to be
By Niki Callahan

n my head, Im a very outgoing and adventurous person. I am

willing to try just about anything. In reality, I am getting better
and closer to being the adventurous and outgoing person that
I want to be and am in my head, but Im not getting there alone.
On my journey to become this person that I aim to be, you will
find me second guessing and doubting myself, watching others
and not thinking I can possibly reach that level, and standing off
to the side praising and encouraging others to reach their goals
and potential, afraid to reach my own. I am a teacher, a helper,
a positive ray of sunshine, always willing to help out and have a
smile on my face. Yet, I am terrible at accepting help from others,
asking for help, accepting compliments and praise, or seeing my
potential. It has taken me quite some time to realize that I can, in
fact, become that person that I imagine and hope to be. For me,

Holiday Gift Giving
Save 10% when you give
the gift of relaxation

Enter promo code NP2015 when you

check out to save 10%

Photo courtesy of ABMP

This offer is not valid with any other discount or offer.

This offer is only valid for online gift certificate purchases.
Certificates must be purchased by 1/31/16.

820 Washington Street, Manitowoc 920.682.6999

Schedule your appointment online!

Natures Pathways | December 2015

that means I need a bit of help. This help comes in the form of
gentle nudges, sometimes a big shove in the direction of what I
hope to achieve and goals I am capable of reaching. It also means
accepting help. I now realize that I need the help of people around
me who realize my potential, recognize what I want and hope to
do, and have the confidence in me that I dont have in myself until
Im able to find it.
I have struggled with allowing myself to participate, especially
when learning a new apparatus or move that intimidates me. It
turns out that its not that I cant, its that I doubt myself and my
mind stops my body from even being able to try. When I first
began to learn hoop I had no desire to go anywhere near the
apparatus, let alone learn anything on it. It was new, it was different, it moved in a way that I wasnt used to, and it was incredibly
intimidating. Secretly, hoop was also something I was intrigued
by and desperately wanted to learn. Rather than admitting these
things and realizing that it would take a lot of time and practice,
I covered my desire to learn with my fear. I just didnt like it and
wasnt going to learn it. I avoided the apparatus, I avoided trying
new things on it, and did the bare minimum that was asked of me
when it came to practicing. I allowed myself to be negative about
the experience and get angry with the experience and attached
those thoughts to hoop rather than what it really was: my anger
and disappointment with myself for being negative and not allowing myself to even try.
I began to realize that the only thing that was happening was
that I was getting more upset with myself for not trying than I was
when I tried and struggled with a move on the hoop. I was becoming more intimidated by the apparatus the more I avoided it and

I allowed myself to be
pushed, I allowed myself to
struggle, I allowed myself to
get out of my comfort zone
and have the adventure.
I have fallen in love with
watched others work on it. I was disappointed with myself and sad
that I was missing out on something that was a new adventure and
opportunity, and the only thing holding me back from it was me. I
began to push aside the negative and self-conscious thoughts and
slowly began trying a few things. I began to listen to and accept
the help and encouragement from those that were positively
encouraging me to participate and learn and stopped listening
to those that also had a negative opinion of the apparatus, probably for many of the same reasons as me. I allowed myself to be
pushed, I allowed myself to struggle, I allowed myself to get out of
my comfort zone and have the adventure. I have fallen in love with
hoop and the way it and the encouragement and pushing of others
allows me to feel accomplished, because I have to work at it and it
makes me feel proud when I succeed.
Being independent and self-sufficient is wonderful, but it is
even more wonderful when you allow yourself to push harder and
farther and accept the help and encouragement of others along
the way. When you allow yourself to get out of your comfort zone
and participate in the adventure, you gain so much more than a
new experience. You gain confidence, greater understanding of
yourself and a realization of your potential.
Niki Callahan is a former student and current instructor at Aerial Dance Pole
Exercise in Appleton. She holds multiple Aerial Dance certifications, is a certified
Aerial Yoga Instructor, and has a Group Fitness Certification through AAFA. She
is also an art teacher at a local school when not on an aerial apparatus. For more
information, call 920-750-1441 or go to the website See
ad on page 23.

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Could you
have a thyroid
Take The Thyroid Quiz
and find out!
By Randi Mann, NP

o you feel frustrated because you are gaining weight (i.e.

10 pounds or more in the past three months without an
explainable cause) and feel exhausted most of the time?
Do you have mood swings, brain fog, anxiety, depression, constipation and cold hands and feet? How about signs of hormone
imbalances such as PMS, low sex drive and irregular periods? Or
joint and muscle pain, dry skin, brittle splitting fingernails and
excessive hair loss? If so, you have a lot in common with many of
my patients and may have low thyroid function.
The thyroid gland is an endocrine organ that sits in the front
of your neck, below your Adams apple, and produces thyroid
hormones. Thyroid hormones are the hormones of metabolism and regulate speed of function of your cells and your body
temperature. How well your thyroid is functioning is related to
every cell in your body and if your thyroid is not working well you
will not feel well.

Take The Thyroid Quiz and

see how you score:
________ Anxiety
________ Brittle, splitting fingernails
________ Cold intolerance
________ Constipation
________ Depression
________ Dry or coarse skin
________ Fatigue
________ Hair Loss
________ Heavy menstrual flow
________ Migraines
________ Missing outer 1/3 of eyebrows

Natures Pathways | December 2015

________ Muscle or joint aches

________ Poor concentration
________ Poor memory
________ Poor motivation
________ Water retention
________ Weakness
________ Weight gain (10 pounds or more in 3 months)
If you ranked three or more symptoms as moderate or severe, you
may be suffering from hypothyroidism.
Thyroid disorders are best diagnosed and treated by a provider
who is an expert at carefully listening to you and your symptoms
along with the ability to interpret all of your test results. At our
center, along with blood testing, we often use a Thyroflex test
to help us diagnose hypothyroidism and determine your intracellular thyroid function. This is a simple reflex test that uses the
Thyroflex machine an FDA approved, medical device that is
clinically proven to sensitively detect hypothyroid conditions 98
percent of the time. This information, along with baseline thyroid
lab tests, ferritin and Vitamin D blood test results, is invaluable to
guide your treatment and is used to create a personalized treatment plan for you.
Many conventional medical providers were taught to order
one blood test called a TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) test
when evaluating thyroid function. Many functional medicine
providers order a more comprehensive panel of blood tests which
can be very helpful and give a more complete understanding of
thyroid function in the body. If needed, your treatment options
could include a synthetic medication (i.e. Synthroid T4 only)
or natural) thyroid medications (i.e. Armour T3 and T4) or

recommendations for other lifestyle and diet changes along and

supplements should you not need prescription medication for
your low thyroid function.
The risks associated with untreated hypothyroidism are huge
and include: cardiovascular issues such as an increase in the
following: LDL cholesterol, homocysteine (an amino acid associated with heart attacks, strokes and blood clot formation), CRP
(an inflammatory marker), high blood pressure and peripheral
artery disease. Patients may also have increased risk of Diabetes
and insulin resistance, nerve damage and dysfunction, weakness
and stiffness, carpel tunnel syndrome, hearing loss, and cognitive decline. Sadly, untreated hypothyroidism leads to an almost
double the risk of Alzheimers Disease, anxiety, depression,
premature delivery and four times the risk of Autism for a baby
born to a mother with low thyroid function.
If you ranked 3 or more of the symptoms on this quiz as moderate or severe it is important to find out if you truly have a thyroid
problem and to seek appropriate treatment. Please dont delay!
Randi Mann, WHNP-BC, NCMP, is the owner of Wise Woman
Wellness LLC, an innovative wellness and menopause center at
1480 Swan Road, De Pere. Mann is a board certified Womens
Health Nurse Practitioner and certified NAMS Menopause Practitioner, one of a handful in Wisconsin and less than 700 worldwide
to achieve this distinction. She combines the best of conventional, functional and
integrative medicine to help women with female, thyroid and adrenal hormone
issues to live healthier, more abundant, joy filled lives using a blend of compassion, cutting edge science, practical guidance and humor. Please contact her at
920-339-5252 or via the Internet at

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Rolfing Structural Integration


Ease chronic pain

Rebound from injuries more quickly
Restore flexibility and mobility
Improve posture and alignment
Heighten bodily awareness and perception
Process stress more efficiently
Experience deeper sleep
Deepen a meditation, martial arts
or yoga practice

Victoria L. Fuller,
Certified Rolfer

103 W College Avenue, Suite 601 Appleton, WI 54911

Located in the Zuelke Building

Valley Transit
Connecting the Fox Cities

For more information

on our services:
or 920-832-5800
Photo: Michael Leschisin, Image Studios

Public transit is an integral part of a healthy, thriving community.

Public transit helps to retain jobs, provide access to healthcare
and education, and support a high quality of life.

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December 2015 | Natures Pathways



to find
time for

iet and exercise are essential components of a healthy lifestyle. While even the busiest men and women can find
ways to eat healthy, finding time to exercise can be more
According to the Presidents Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, regular physical activity can prevent chronic diseases like
heart disease, cancer and stroke, which are the three leading causes
of health-related death in the United States. In addition, men and
women who are not physically active are at greater risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Regular exercise helps people control their
weight while promoting bone, muscle and joint health.
While the benefits of regular exercise are substantial, finding
the time for daily exercise is not always so easy. The following are a
handful of strategies men and women can employ as they attempt
to make more time in their days to exercise.
REEXAMINE YOUR FREE TIME. Few adults, and especially
those juggling families and careers, have an abundance of free
time. But reexamining the ways you are spending your free
time may help you uncover some moments for daily exercise.
The Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition notes that adults
between the ages of 18 and 64 need at least two and a half hours
each week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity. While that may
seem like a lot, its only slightly more than 20 minutes per day.
It helps to supplement such aerobic activity with some strengthtraining activities at least two days per week. Try waking up 20 to
30 minutes earlier each day, using that time to hit the treadmill
or jog around the neighborhood. You likely wont be affected by
waking up earlier, and you wont need to alter your existing schedule for the rest of the day, either. If mornings arent your thing,
make better use of your lunch hour, going for a jog or visiting
your companys exercise facilities if that option is available to you.
WORK WHILE YOU EXERCISE. Technology has made it easier

than ever before to stay connected to the office even when you are


Natures Pathways | December 2015

nowhere near your desk. Men and women who cant seem to find
time to exercise often cite the demands of their job as the primary
reason behind their inactivity, but those same individuals can
use the technology at their disposal, be it smartphones that allow
them keep track of work emails or tablets that make it possible to
connect remotely to office servers, to work while they exercise.
Bring your smartphone or tablet with you when you work out on
the elliptical or jog on the treadmill.

Australian researchers found that people who regularly break up

their sedentary time, including the hours they sit behind their
desk at the office, with movement had healthier waist circumferences, body mass indexes and triglycerides than those who did
not. While hourly breaks to walk around the office might not
seem like exercise, such breaks can benefit your long-term health.

GET CREATIVE. Many people associate daily exercise with

private gyms, and while gyms can serve as excellent motivators and great places to get full-body workouts, time involved
in driving to and from the gym can make it difficult to commit
to gym memberships. But you dont need a gym membership to
live a healthy lifestyle. When possible, take the stairs instead of
an elevator and park further away from your office door so you
get a small cardiovascular workout on your way into and out of
the office. Rather than retiring to the couch after dinner, walk or
bike around your neighborhood. Such simple gestures may seem
insignificant, but the more creative ways you find to exercise each
day, the more beneficial such efforts become.
While there is no way to create more time in the day, men and
women can employ several strategies to make more time for daily

Source: MetroCreative Connection.

Its time for health
care, not sick care!
By Kim Baehman, MS, Clinical Nutritionist

magine waking up in the morning

feeling great! You bounce out of bed
with the kind of energy that will take
you from morning to evening. You have
the confidence to finally get to all those
things you have been putting off. You are
gaining control of your health and control
of your life! Isnt this what everybody
wants? Good health, full function and
absence of disease well into old age? Of
course we do!
Here is a scenario that might sound
more familiar for you or someone you
know. You go for your annual physical
and blood tests. The results come back
and your doctor tells you to start various
prescription drugs because your results
were not in the healthy range (i.e. cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, HDL, glucose,
blood pressure, etc.). This happens more
and more each day, and this prescription
drug may put a Band-Aid on the problem,
but doctor, what exactly got me unhealthy
in the first place?
This is not to say that some drugs dont
ever successfully prevent disease. But the
fact is that no matter how you look at it, the
US (and to a lesser extent other countries)

has a prescription drug problem. The US

spends two times more on drugs, and
takes twice as many drugs as other countries, and yet the health of Americans is
actually worse. That means we are paying

money for drugs that are not working for

us (and possibly causing additional health
concerns or adverse side effects in the
continued on page 23

December 2015 | Natures Pathways



How to help
kids find

ports may be the first thing that comes to mind when many
parents think of extracurricular activities for their children,
but not all kids are cut out for or interested in competitive
athletics. But just because a youngster may not be the next star
quarterback or captain of the soccer team does not mean he or
she cant find an extracurricular activity to be passionate about.
Parents know that schoolwork comes first, but extracurricular
activities can be important to a childs development, serving as
an avenue to meet new people and an opportunity to learn the
importance of teamwork. The following are a handful of things
parents should consider when trying to help their children find
the right extracurricular activities.


One of the easiest ways to help kids find an extracurricular activity they can be passionate about is to discuss their interests with
them. Youngsters with a love of animals might enjoy volunteering at a local animal shelter or hospital, while those who love to
write may find writing for the school newspaper is a great way to
apply that passion in a practical setting. Even kids with a passion
for video games might be interested in learning about computer
graphics and what it takes to design games. When trying to find
extracurricular activities for your children, resist the urge to write
off any of their interests. Instead, use those interests as jumping off
points to further engage their passions.


Parents know that school comes before extracurricular activities, but

kids may not be so wise. Keep in mind kids existing workloads when

Natures Pathways | December 2015

helping them find the right afterschool activities. Many organizations are especially flexible with teenage volunteers or employees, but
parents still must keep a watchful eye to ensure kids do not overextend themselves. Kids who overcommit to extracurricular activities
may end up feeling burnt out, which can have a negative impact on
their schoolwork. Encourage kids to find activities they care about,
but emphasize that these activities should not become bigger priorities than schoolwork. Let kids know that they can get more involved
during summer vacation, but make sure kids dont devote too much
of their time to afterschool activities during the school year. A couple
of hours per week and even some additional time on the weekends
should not distract kids from their responsibilities at school, and
thats still ample time for kids to explore their interests.


Internships were once exclusive to college students, but many

organizations now offer internship opportunities to high schoolers
as well. Kids who find themselves interested in particular subjects
at school, whether its graphic design or a beginners course on
finance, may be eligible for internships with local companies.
Such opportunities may even encourage kids to pursue a particular course of study once they enter college.
Extracurricular activities can help youngsters develop into wellrounded adults. Parents can help kids find the right activities
while still encouraging them to keep schoolwork atop their priority lists.
Source: MetroCreative Connection.

MEDICATIONS NOT WORKING continued from page 21

It all comes down to us choosing

to be proactive about our health
versus reactive, and accepting
the all too eager prescriptions
that are handed to us each day.
So what is your first line of therapy now that you have your results?
Surprisingly, obesity and chronic diseases associated with aging
hypertension, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes and osteoporosis are not inevitable outcomes of the aging process. Instead,
these diseases are largely preventable, simply by making sound lifestyle choices. Lucky for us, there are medically approved wellness
programs available as alternatives to prescription drugs. Your first
line of therapy should be to fix what got you ill in the first place
your diet and lifestyle! 96 percent of primary care physicians (PCPs)
believe that the US health care system should place more emphasis on nutrition in treating chronic disease. So why dont they just
follow through on that notion? Well, because there are barriers for
PCPs, such as lack of financial incentives, time, support staff and
training to help each individual patient in this manner.
Helping patients adopt a therapeutic lifestyle is the first and
possibly the most important therapy doctors and other health care
providers could use to treat many chronic health problems, as well as
the associated obesity epidemic we are experiencing in the US. It all
comes down to us choosing to be proactive about our health versus
reactive, and accepting the all too eager prescriptions that are handed
to us each day. Making lifestyle changes (proper diet, supplements,
activity, stress management, etc.) is a small price to pay compared to
how much we tend to pay in just one year for prescription drugs. You
definitely do not have to go to medical school to know how to take
care of yourself in those areas of your life!
Again, rest assured that there are professionals and medically
proven programs out there to help you achieve your wellness
goals. Remember, it is not just about preventing disease; its also
about striving to live your life to the fullest in all areas more
energy, less stress, improving your shape, better sleep, more
strength, fewer aches and pains, and the list goes on! So, what will
be your first line of therapy?
Kimberly Baehman, MS, is the clinical nutritionist and owner of
Nutritional Healing, LLC. Her passion lies in supporting peoples
health through evidence-based medicine (risks versus benefits of
medications) and healing therapies through nutrition. Kimberly
has her masters of science in human nutrition degree, and experience working with clients regarding weight and fatigue issues, sports nutrition,
food sensitivities and allergies, and general health concerns such as high blood
pressure, high glucose levels, high cholesterol/triglycerides, migraines, thyroid
conditions and gut dysfunction. To learn more, call 920-358-5764 or email
References: J. Douglas Bremner MD.
Survey of primary care physicians. Hart Research Associates in association
with the American Dietetic Association and the University of Tennessee. 2009.

Give your daughter

the gift of strength,
flexibilty, confidence
and FUN!

Teen Aerial Class

Begins January 6 or 9.
For ladies aged 14-17.
8-week course


Come dance with us!

8-week Pole Fitness Classes

(new session begins Jan. 3)

Daily Flexibility, Cardio and

Strength Classes
Drop-in Aerial Fabric Classes
(similar to aerial yoga)

Aerial Dance

1871 N. Silverspring Dr., Appleton

December 2015 | Natures Pathways


Are your medical

bills skyrocketing?
Here is your solution
By Howard J Lubin, BS, DDS

edical costs in the US are getting

totally out of control. Obamacare
premiums are rising 20 percent to
50 percent. Medicare premiums are rising

50 percent for some groups of retirees.

Deductibles are also rising, typically in the
thousands of dollars. The average person in
this country purchases 13 prescriptions per

year at a cost of $1,200. A recent report from

Fidelity states the average couple retiring at
age 65 will spend $220,000 over the rest of
their lifetime for medical care after Medicare
reimbursement! Who can afford that?
What if I told you that you could treat
all of your medical problems for what most
people pay just for prescriptions? Thats
right. You can treat almost any disease on
the planet all for the low cost of about
$100 per month.
How is that possible? Welcome to
natural medicine or as I call it, holistic

What is holistic medicine?




Natures Pathways | December 2015

Natural Holistic Medicine was practiced

for many centuries. At the turn of the 20th
century, Andrew Carnegie and John D.
Rockefeller threw their considerable influence behind pharmaceutical based medicine. They basically hijacked the medical
system and found a way to make medicine
very profitable. This gradually forced many
natural medical schools to close. Natural
medicine is based on using herbs, vitamins
and minerals to treat and cure all sorts of

maladies. Compare that to the synthetic

drugs that you buy 13 times per year that
never make you healthier.

What advantages are there

in natural medicine versus

Natural medicine uses compounds found

in nature, which are not patentable to be
exploited for profit. Therefore, the cost of
the treatment is far less than Big Pharmas
drugs. But the best part of natural medicine is that it often corrects the problem
that is causing your disease, not just
control symptoms as pharmaceuticals do.

Symptom control versus

disease control: Whats the

Lets say that you suspect you have diabetes. You go to your doctor for some blood
work. He says your blood sugar is high so he
puts you on a diabetes drug. So, now youre
fixed, right? Not quite. The diabetes drug will
usually bring down your blood sugar level
but that is just a symptom of diabetes. The
cause of diabetes is that the cells in your body
have become insulin resistant. This means
that the insulin produced by your body can
not penetrate the cell wall and be properly
used. Holistic medicine can correct this
insulin resistance and possibly reverse your
diabetes. Pharmaceutical drugs will never
do that. Another advantage is that natural
medicine has little or no side effects, whereas
virtually every prescription drug has side
effects, often severe. For example, some of
the latest diabetes drugs can cause ketoacidosis, which can kill you. Do you know of
anyone that has cured their diabetes using
traditional medical treatment? Exactly my
point. Youre a patient for life.

How safe are natural


Every year, about 128,000 people die from

taking properly prescribed pharmaceuticals. Think about that. Properly prescribed
drugs kill more than the entire population
of Green Bay each and every year. Another
1.9 million are hospitalized yearly as the
direct result of taking prescription drugs.
A recent report states that about 2,300
people go to the emergency room yearly
as the result of taking natural remedies
and many of these cases are suspected to

be from other causes. There have been no

documented deaths from natural remedies
in the last 2 years. Natural medicine is by
far safer than drugs.

Why doesnt my doctor use

natural medicine?

Big Pharma companies pay major amounts

of cash to medical schools to influence the
curriculum. Medical students are trained
to use prescription drugs to treat illness. A
typical medical student will receive 20 hours
or less of education in nutrition and natural
medicine. Compare that to the 5,000+ hours
of training I have in holistic medicine. Once
medical students graduate, they receive most
of their education from drug reps because
they have little time to study on their own.
Most physicians have their patients best
interests at heart, but do not realize they are
basically puppets of the drug companies. It
also doesnt hurt that doctors are promised
seminars in the Caribbean, Hawaii or on
cruises if they write a certain number of
scripts for a particular drug.

What diseases can natural

medicine treat?

Good question! The answer is: high blood

pressure, diabetes, obesity, pain, arthritis, erectile dysfunction and many, many
others. Most people do not believe that
cancer can be treated much better with

natural medicine than chemo, radiation

and surgery, but it is true. Ty Bollinger just
published The Truth About Cancer: A
Global Quest series online if you would
like 12 hours of education on treating
cancer naturally. It is an excellent series and
highly recommended. The fundamental
idea in natural medicine is that your body
has a tremendous ability to heal itself. You
just have to give it the proper fuel.

How do I get started on

natural treatments?

Contact a practitioner of natural medicine and ask for more information. You
will save money, be healthier and not be a
victim of our screwed up medical system.
You have everything to gain and nothing
to lose. Why dont you call today?
Dr. Howard J. Lubin is the owner and
clinician of Holistic Counseling Service
(, located
at 1505 Woodmont Way in Green Bay.
With a background in biochemistry
and dentistry, he became an enthusiast of holistic
medicine to cure his own chronic pain and has spent
years studying natural treatments. He offers solutions
for chronic problems such as pain, diabetes, erectile
dysfunction, GERD, arthritis, weight loss, anti-aging,
metabolic syndrome, stress/anxiety, high blood pressure, cancer support and allergies. All treatment is
done online from the convenience and privacy of your
home or in person using herbs, vitamins and lifestyle
changes. For more information, please call 920-2655867. Check out the website to win a free month of

21st Century

Natural Medicine
Holistic Counseling Service
Howard J. Lubin, B.S. D.D.S.
1505 Woodmont Way, Green Bay
Treatment for chronic health problems.

Available treatments include: chronic pain, diabetes,

erectile dysfunction, weight loss, anti-aging, GERD,
metabolic syndrome, stress/anxiety, arthritis, high
blood pressure, cancer support and allergies.
(920) 265-5867

Cost Effective
Custom Care

Enter to win a free month of treatment

on our website. (Value up to $ 178.)
December 2015 | Natures Pathways


low blood
By Grandma Rose

an you have low blood sugar and not be diabetic or take

diabetic drugs or insulin? The answer is yes. The symptoms of non-diabetic low blood sugar can vary from just
being tired and irritable, leading to a carbohydrate addiction, to
fainting and many symptoms in between.
The brain uses twice as much blood glucose (sugar) as the other
cells in the body. When blood sugar goes too low, it is felt in the
brain first, hence lightheadedness, etc. Ironically, non-diabetic
low blood sugar is caused by too much fast digesting sugar and
starch in the diet, not a shortage.
This is how it works: sugar and starch digest very quickly, and
as a result your pancreas is signaled to produce insulin. Insulins
job is to lower the blood sugar and put the glucose in muscle cells,
and then store some in the liver for future use. The excess sugar
and starch is stored as fat called triglycerides. Unless you eat more
sugar/carbohydrates quickly, your blood sugar can fall too low.
This is the genesis of a carbohydrate addiction and weight gain,
as well as non-diabetic, low blood sugar. (There can also be other
causes such as certain drugs, etc. These will not be addressed here
and a doctor should be consulted.)

Natural Expressions
100% Whole Grain Bakery

We sell HI-MAIZE 260 Resistant Starch Fiber!

For Weight Loss and Blood Sugar Control
Find our products:
At our Appleton store, 825 E. Broadway Drive
Online at
For more information call 920-954-9727


Natures Pathways | December 2015

Simply eliminate all

sugar, flour containing
products, potatoes and rice
from your diet for a time
and see how you feel.
The solution is quite simple and harmless. Simply eliminate all
sugar, flour containing products, potatoes and rice from your diet
for a time and see how you feel. You will get sufficient sugar for
your brain from fruits and vegetables. You may be able to add
some of the banned foods gradually back into your diet once you
have a sense of how you feel.
The important thing when considering adding foods back in is
that they digest gradually and not so quickly. This can be accomplished by adding fiber and fat, and reducing or eliminating sugar.
Palatinose sweetener can be substituted for sugar in products.
Hi-maize 260 resistant starch fiber can also be added.
Natural Expressions has both palatinose (a natural sweetener) and
Hi-maize 260 resistant starch fiber along with instructions for use.
Natural Expressions 100% Whole Grain Bakery, LLC is located at
825 E Broadway Drive, on the north side of Plamann Park. The shop
hours are Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Grandma
Rose teaches a free class for blood sugar and weight control the first
and third Saturday of each month. Phone number: 920-954-9727.
Website: Email:

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December 2015 | Natures Pathways


Forefront Dermatology
provides expert winter
skin care tips
Merriam-Webster defines dermatology as the scientific study of the skin
and its diseases, but Dr. Kenneth Katz realized long ago that its so much
more. In fact, his belief in dermatologists ability to treat not only medical
conditions but the emotional response that accompany them is the very
foundation of his business.
Previously known as Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin, Forefront
Dermatology changed its name to more accurately represent what the vast and
highly experienced team of doctors and support staff provide for their patients.
We chose the word forefront because it really reflects the direction our
practice goes, Dr. Kenneth Katz says. Not only do we accomplish being on
the forefront of dermatology from a treatment and procedural standpoint,
were also on the forefront of dermatology in educating our communities. It
really describes who we are, not just what we are.
Forefront Dermatologys northeastern Wisconsin network includes 15
clinics, 21 dermatologists, and 9 physician assistants and nurse practitioners, yet it grasps the benefits and charms that smaller businesses typically
Each practice thats under the Forefront Dermatology umbrella is your local
community group of dermatologists, Dr. Kenneth Katz says. Yes, they have
the benefit of being a part of the group we have, but their focus is educating and
building relationships with people in their communities.
The connections made between doctor and patient span all ages from pediatric to geriatric, but more so focus on individual patients, not just their stage
in life. For example, Dr. Kenneth Katz relays their different approach to two
patients with seborrheic dermatitis, a condition often associated with red, flaky
skin. While an older patient may seek treatment because theyre embarrassed
about their appearance, a mother of a young child with the disease may look for
help because its itchy and keeping their child up at night.
We approach each treatment differently based on where that person is
in their lifespan, and take into consideration how they emotionally feel about
their disease, he adds. If someone is near a practice that doesnt have their
needed subspecialty (pediatric dermatology, for instance), specifically, we
often do real-time consultations within our network to provide the best care.
Forefront Dermatology is committed to providing their patients with the
best possible care regardless of where that care may be found, within or
outside of their practices. Medical research is also an emphasis within the

group, positioning them at an advantage if, and when, certain drugs become
available in dermatological treatments.
The management of skin conditions includes a lot of listening, and not just
from the patient. Forefront Dermatology specifically sets a block of time aside
for patient interaction. One way theyre able to accomplish this is simply by
using all of their appointment time face to face with their patients literally.
When we go into the room with the patient, we always have a scribe
with us, Dr. Kenneth Katz says. Were always verbalizing whats happening
so our nurse can document it and we can spend 100 percent of our time as
face time with our patient, as opposed to turning to write things in notes.
Its important for us to be providing ongoing education to patients and
people in our communities, Dr. Kenneth Katz says. Winter is coming, so
we want to talk about what can occur during winter why is it important
to prevent certain things, and what can you do to prevent them. Its also
important to dispel the misunderstandings that the general community has
about winter and skin care.
The team at Forefront provides tried and true tips on healthy skin care
year round, and in Wisconsin, a large chunk of that time is considered winter.
Below, the experts weigh in on some of the most important things to
remember this December and beyond.

How do you prevent and treat dry skin?

Our skin is tough, and is designed to be that way, but its also mistakenly
not given as much consideration as necessary especially during the winter
months. Whether one is struggling with eczema or dry skin in general, the
cold season brings about worsening symptoms that need your attention.
The biggest mistake people make is not moisturizing enough, and not
moisturizing in the right way, Dr. Betsy Wernli, dermatologist at Forefront
Dermatologys Manitowoc and Chilton clinics, says. Our skin is a barrier. Its
job is to keep bacteria, viruses and fungus out of our bodies. When it becomes
cracked and cut and open, we have a higher propensity to get an infection all
day long were exposed to different things and our skin fights it off.
One of Dr. Wernlis favorite tips is something she refers to as The Three
Minute Rule, a guideline shes created to promote healthy, moisture-rich
skin in the winter.
As soon as you get out of the shower, pat your skin dry and within three

minutes apply a thick moisturizing cream from the neck down all over your
body, she says. Repeat that at nighttime prior to pajamas to really lock in
moisture and restore the compromised skin barrier that decreased humidity,
and cold and wind creates in our skin.
She also urges that not all moisturizers are created equal, and has a
simple guideline to test whether or not something will truly help dry skin: if
you can pump it out of a container, its not thick enough. If you scoop it out
of a jar, it will be up to the task.
Winters can be brutal in Wisconsin, but the comforting thought that a
long, hot shower is a great remedy can prove disastrous for your skin.
You want nothing else than to come home to a hot tub, a hot bath or hot
shower, but its the worst thing you can do for your skin, Dr. Wernli says. The
best thing you can do is a warm shower and make it short, no longer than
five minutes.

potential to cause frostbite in those who arent careful. Dr. Peter Katz suggests
wearing a scarf or facemask to cover your cheeks, and using lip balm with petroleum jelly to protect your lips from the dryness that often occurs in winter.
To save your fingers and toes, and sometimes the tip of your nose,
rewarming after youre outside is important, he says. Get wet clothing off
and get your affected fingers and toes in warm water not hot or cold to
let them soak for at least 15 minutes.
Avoid radiators or fires, both with the potential to reheat your appendages too quickly.

Do tans prior to sun-filled

vacations protect you?

I tell my patients sun protection isnt just for the summer, Dr. Peter Katz,
dermatologist at Forefront Dermatologys Appleton clinic, says. Ultraviolet
B (UVB) rays are the ones that we often feel during the summer months
the ones that make you feel hot, cause sunburn and the redness that comes
along with it, but theyre not the only thing that contributes to skin cancer
and signs of aging like wrinkling and spots.
In fact, its the ultraviolet A (UVA) rays that are a major cause in signs of
aging such as wrinkles and brown spots and may be just as important
in causing skin cancer as UVB, regardless of being summer or winter. They
make up 95 percent of the rays that come through from the sun, and do so
on cloudy days, even penetrating through the windows of your car; however,
they generally dont cause the redness associated with sunburns, so they
can go undetected. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, UVA rays
are present during all daylight hours and throughout the winter months.
Although UVA rays are less intense than UVB rays, they are present all year
round and depending upon the time of the year, can be 30 to 50 times more
prevalent than UVB rays.
I recommend broad spectrum sunscreen all year long especially for the
face and the tops of the hands, the areas that are most exposed, Dr. Peter
Katz explains. Thats where you see most of the damage happening.
One of the important parts of protecting your skin in the winter is really
protecting it against the cold and wind, he adds.
Skiing, hiking and time in the mountains promotes fun, but also has the

Its not uncommon for those of us in the Midwest to want to escape the
brutal winters, and that often means vacations that offer sun, sun and more
sun! Historically, people have equated a tan as a sign of healthy skin, but Dr.
David Bertler, dermatologist at Forefront Dermatologys De Pere location,
debunks that myth and the accompanying idea that using tanning beds to
create a protective tan is a good idea.
A tan is your skins response to injury, he explains. When you visit
tanning beds, youre predominantly being exposed to UVA at an accelerated rate. It causes the pre-existing melanin pigment to immediately darken
so you believe you have a natural tan. Microscopically, this is a very porous
tan and not protective. Even a tan achieved by natural sunshine has only a
4 sun protection factor (SPF) at its best.
Tanning also causes a more rapid aging process wrinkles, age spots,
fine veins on the nose and face, and sagginess resulting from the loss of
elasticity of our skin.
Instead, he urges us to use other means to protect our skin on vacation:
protective clothing, high quality wraparound sunglasses (with UVA/UVB
protection listed) and hats. Dr. Bertler also suggests that we check the UV
index, a scale from 1 to 11 that tells us how much ultraviolet light is expected
that day. Applying and reapplying a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a factor
of at least 30 is also a significant tip in caring for your skin.
You should still use sun protective practices on vacation, Dr. Bertler
adds. Limit your exposure of the sun between the hours of 10 a.m. and
2 p.m. Sunscreen isnt a shield, it lessens the rate at which you get ultraviolet exposure. Even if you use an umbrella, you are still exposed to ultraviolet radiation being reflected off surfaces like water, sand, snow and even

Visit these specialists at your local

Forefront Dermatology locations:

Is sunscreen really necessary in the winter?


Top L to R: David Bertler, MD; Lisa Campbell, MD; Paul Stover, MD;

Semyon Zarkhin, MD, Beth Schroth-Seiler, PA-C

Bottom L to R: Kurt Holst, PA-C; Frances Ballo, MD;
Michelle Cihla, MD; Kenneth Pechman, MD
Not pictured: Nick Grimm, PA-C; Amber Abraham, PA-C; Jon Hayward, PA-C

L to R: Peter Katz, MD; Marcie Teske, APNP;
Michelle Lewis, MD; Brent Weed, MD

L to R: Sean Pattee, MD; Betsy Wernli, MD;
Susan Keiler, MD; Rikki Hammel, APNP

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Natures Pathways | December 2015

Tips for
more joyful
By Judith Rogers

his year you can make the holidays more meaningful and
joyful by learning a simple mindfulness practice called
mindful listening. We use many of the same skills as we do
with mindfulness meditation. We are going to focus on listening
to another person while being completely present in the moment
without judgment. When our mind wanders off, we bring it back
to our breath, label the distraction and go back to just listening.
With practice your listening skills will grow and you will be able
to give others the generosity of truly listening to them, bringing
more joy and love to share this holiday season.

Common obstacles we all share:

We are thinking of what we are going to say back. When you

realize you are not really listening and that your mind has
wandered to what you are going to say, just return to your
breath and listening.
We judge what others say through our view of the world
instead of just putting the focus on listening. When you
become aware of judging and analyzing what is being said
instead of just listening, label it judging and return to your
breath and listening.
We wish for the person to experience us in a certain way.
When you notice that you are more concerned about what the
person thinks about you than listening, come back to your
breath, label it lost focus and return to listening.
Judging the person, creating the need to fix them. Label it in
your head judging and bring your focus back to your breath
and listening. Remember it is not our job to fix anybody.
Fear or hurt feelings rise up and dominate your focus.
Acknowledge the hurt feelings in your heart: judging my

Remember all people are

entitled to have their own
perspective of life.
parenting style and go back to your breath and listening.

Anger at what is being said also happens. Label it, feeling

anger, and go back to your breath and mindful listening. Try

not to judge your anger or the other person.
Feeling pressured by time so finishing the persons sentences.
Notice you are feeling pressured. Label it as feeling pressured and go back to your breath and listening without
trying to control the situation.
continued on page 33

A Happier & Healthier Lifey!

begins toda
We teach Mindfulness Practices to alter the
way you handle stress and find a more joyful
and fulfilling way of being in the world.
Latest classes and workshops listed on the website.

Mindfulness Center for Wellbeing

Judy Rogers, M.S., L.C.S.W.
December 2015 | Natures Pathways


By John Sowinski

n 1993 a study was launched called the Womens Health Initiative. The study enrolled over 160,000 women aged 50-79 into a
number of randomized clinical trials, testing the health effects
of hormone therapy, dietary modification, calcium and vitamin D
supplementation. The studys goal was to look at the beneficial effects
of using these therapies to counteract many of the problems women
see as they age. It was noticed that after menopause, many women start
to have many of the problems that men see at an earlier age, such as
more heart trouble and osteoporosis. The thought was that if women,
once they are going through menopause are making less hormones, are
given hormones, we can reverse these problems or at least stop their
The study was stopped, though, when it was observed that there was
actually increased risks of breast cancer, heart disease, stroke and blood
clots in women using HRT. While the study also found hormone therapy
reduced the risk of fractures and possibly colon cancer, many women
stopped using and many doctors stopped prescribing hormone therapy.
However, there is great evidence that hormone restoration therapy
can help lessen the risk of osteoporosis. One of the problems with the
study is that the researchers were using hormones that are medications
and not the hormones that the body produces. Part of the funding for
the study came from drug companies. While this is good as it provides
funding for studies that may not otherwise happen, this also meant
they were providing the hormones they produce. The source of those
estrogen hormones came from pregnant mares. The other hormone
used was medroxyprogesterone. This is a progesterone like medication
used to balance the estrogens in the body. Medroxyprogesterone has
been shown to protect the uterus from excess estrogens; however,
there are many other problems with using medroxyprogesterone.


Natures Pathways | December 2015

If you are trying to restore

hormones to natural levels, it
makes sense that you would
use the hormones that the
body produces to do that.
If you are trying to restore hormones to natural levels, it makes
sense that you would use the hormones that the body produces to
do that. What that is called is bioidentical hormone restoration
therapy. The term bioidentical is short for biologically identical. They are the exact same hormones the body produces. The
term restoration means we want to restore those hormones to
physiological levels. When these hormones are compounded at
a compounding pharmacy, you can be provided with the exact
amount of hormones that you need to restore those levels.
As I wrote last month there are many things you can do to limit
your risk for osteoporosis, and restoring your hormones to physiological levels is a part of that.
John Sowinski, RPh, is the owner/pharmacist at Custom Health Pharmacy,
844 Willard Dr. Suite 7, Green Bay, your source for quality compounded
medications. For more information, please call 920-884-7345 or visit

HOLIDAY FAMILY GATHERINGS continued from page 31

Some final things to remember for

holiday gatherings:

Give up the need to comment on conflicting ideas, having an

opinion or the need to fix anybody.

Remember all people are entitled to have their own perspec-

tive of life. You are not going to change family members view
with hurtful words.
Listen with your heart. Try to just listen to the person without
comparing it to our own view point and without judgment.
In his book, The Art of Communicating, Thich Nhat Hanh
says that when communication is cut off, we all suffer. When no
one listens to us or understands us, we suffer. Mindful listening
brings about healing. During the holiday gatherings remember
to replace giving advice or passing judgment with your mindful
listening practice. Truly listening to a person from your heart is
the greatest gift of all.
Judy Rogers, M.S. L.C.S.W. is the founder of the Mindfulness
Center for Wellbeing in Neenah. She is a retired psychotherapist
with over 25 years of experience. At the Mindfulness Center for
Wellbeing we teach how to use Mindfulness practices and tools for
living a happier and healthier life.
We will come to your place of employment, church or wellness center with our
classes and workshops. Visit for more
details. You can also reach us at 920-948-5101. Like us on Facebook to receive
posts about upcoming events at the center.

Accouible Spen
nt Ap ding

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Chris Haase, certified clinical thermographer

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December 2015 | Natures Pathways


Cold and flu

By Steve Lankford

olds and flu are the most common

complaint of the winter season.
Both are caused by viruses and
both can be avoided, or at least the
frequency and severity can be reduced
with optimal nutritional supplementation.
In this article I will discuss prevention of
colds and flu. Next month I will discuss
knocking them out when you get sick.
The first step to a healthy winter is
prevention. It is better to be proactive and
work toward staying healthy. The foundation to staying healthy is to boost your
immune system. A basic approach will
include a good multivitamin and extra

vitamin C in the range of 500 to 2,000

milligrams per day. Ideally the multivitamin and C will be divided into two doses,
one in the morning and one in the evening.
This provides for a more even distribution
of nutrients into your system. If you are
one of those people who seldom get colds
or flu, this may work perfectly well.
However, there are many of you who
will have to use additional nutritional
support to increase your level of resistance.
This is where it gets tricky because the best
nutritional program will be different for
different people, depending on how often
you normally get sick, how severe and for

how long, and if you are also affected in

other ways. For example, some people are
susceptible to sinus infections, others to
bronchial problems. Your immune system,
when weakened by cold or flu, is more
vulnerable to other types of problems.
One of the easiest ways to provide additional support to your immune system is
with the use of a wellness formula. A wellness formula is a comprehensive supplement that includes the vitamins, minerals
and herbs that are known to be important
for immune function. A wellness formula
is not meant to replace your multivitamin
or vitamin C but as an adjunct, additional

Peace & Wellness Center

Powerful healing with

Hypnosis Reiki QHHT
Reconnective Healing EFT
2050 Riverside Dr., Green Bay
With client call and in-person reception!

Patricia M. Poole



Natures Pathways | December 2015

Vitamin C is still the

king of nutrients
and should be a
part of everybodys
nutritional support. The advantage of
a wellness formula is that you receive a
broad spectrum of nutrients all in one
convenient supplement. Wellness formulas are a cost effective way to get a variety
of specific support nutrients.
The biggest disadvantage to a wellness
formula is that you cant individualize the
nutrients or the dosage, other than taking
more or less of everything. The potency of
nutrients is often lower in a combination
formula. When you buy individual nutrients, youll get higher potency and you can
adjust dosages and combinations to suit
your specific needs. This is often a better
approach if you have a serious or chronic
condition and you want higher amounts of

nutrients than would be found in a combination formula. It is also preferred if you

are one of those people who like to experiment with different nutrients and create
your own nutritional program. Either
approach is acceptable. You have to decide
which approach works best for you.
Some of the individual nutrients that
can have a preventative effects include
vitamin A, which fights respiratory tract
infections and is especially good if you are
susceptible to sinus or bronchial infection.
Vitamin C is still the king of nutrients and should be a part of everybodys
program. If you dont tolerate vitamin C
because of the acidity, you should try a
buffered vitamin C, which uses calcium to
neutralize the acidity.
The regular use of herbs and plant
extracts is growing dramatically as people
learn about the benefits of phytonutrients.
Recent research suggests that echinacea
is more of an immune system modulator, which enhances immune function
and therefore could be taken over long
periods without over stimulating the
immune function. My preference is to use


echinacea at the beginning of a cold or flu.

Golden seal has specific antibacterial
properties and can be used alone but is
often used in combination with echinacea.
Astragalus is a tonic herb that has been
used in China for over 2,000 years for colds,
viruses and bacterial infection. These herbs
can be used alone or in combination.
Another nutrient that has proven benefits is beta glucan extracted from medicinal mushrooms and/or nutritional yeast.
Finally, dont forget to wash your hands
when in contact with others who may
be carrying the virus. Next month, I will
discuss how to fight off cold and flu viruses
when you are getting sick.
Steve Lankford is the President of
Family Nutrition Center, located
at 850-A Lombardi Ave in Green
Bay. 920-432-6886. Family Nutrition Center can help you discover
a nutritional program that works. Online at
Steve is also the host of,
dedicated to exploring the science of nutrition and
your good health. Currently there are over 180 interviews with the experts on natural health available
for listening and/or downloading.

I am very happy so far working with Natures Pathways

and the results of my ad. It has only been running a couple
months and I already have 13 new clients off the ad. Not
only are they new clients, but also clients that continually
book over and over with me! This is different from my
experience working with a coupon magazine in which case
people tended to come in and just use the coupon and
then didnt come back. I also have seen a better response
in this short time with Natures Pathways than what I have
with the coupon magazine. The clients I have pulled from
Natures Pathways so far are quality middle aged or retired
people that are great to work with.

Suzie Bellavance, owner, Heavenly Foot Care, LLC

Interested in adveristing with

Natures Pathways?
Contact Barb Schneider to learn more,
920-450-7101 or bschneider@naturespathways .com.

December 2015 | Natures Pathways



when gifting

xchanging gifts with loved ones is

one of the joys of the holiday season.
But it can be challenging to reign in
holiday spending when your shopping list
is especially lengthy. Fortunately, there are
many ways for holiday shoppers to cut
costs this season.

Develop a system
that works for
everyone so no one
feels like they need
to break the bank
this holiday season.


bags are great ways to exchange gifts

without going broke. In a traditional grab
bag, everyone brings a gift that does not
exceed a predetermined value and puts it
in the bag. Each family member then pulls
a gift out of the bag. Allow everyone the
option to swap with one another if one gift
is more fitting for a particular person.

Speak with other family members who also

may be feeling the pinch of holiday spending to establish a gift exchange system.
Rather than purchasing a gift for everyone in the family, split the list accordingly.
Maybe everyone will only be expected to
purchase gifts for the children, instead of
buying for kids and adults. Propose that you
only exchange gifts with immediate family
members and not your extended family,
such as your cousins, aunts and uncles.


SET A PRICE LIMIT. Decide in advance

that gifts should not exceed a certain

price. This way if you are budgeting for

Crystal Pathway
Gifts for Mind, Body & Spirit

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Natures Pathways | December 2015

the holidays you will have a better understanding of what you can expect to spend if
every gift should be around $30.

giving many little gifts, pool your resources

with some relatives and give a single bigticket gift. Each person can contribute
the same amount, or family members can
contribute as much as they can afford.


gift of an experience, such as tickets to a
sporting event or a night at the theater,
can make a thoughtful and impressive gift.
Again, other family members can contribute, and collectively you can enjoy a night
on the town or another adventure.

Having a large family can be expensive

come the holiday season. However, there
are ways to curtail your spending without
taking any joy out of the holidays.
Source: MetroCreative Connection.

How to ensure
a healthy,
happy holiday
By T. Heather Herdman

ike it or not, the seasons craziness is upon us once again,

with marketing blitzes, the next best sale that we must not
miss, holiday parties and many other potential stressors.
We cannot change the commercialism that pervades our culture
today, but we can change how we respond to it. One of the best
gifts we can give ourselves and our loved ones is the gift of taking
care of mind, body and spirit. There are many simple methods to
ensure a healthy, lower stress holiday season:
those shoulders creeping up to meet your ears? Take a breath!
Youve just fixed a lovely, healthy meal the table is perfect,
guests are ready to dig in take a breath! Take a moment to
acknowledge to yourself all you have done, to enjoy the smells and
the visual feast before you before you start to eat!
Dr. Andrew Weil recommends a daily practice of relaxing
breathing simple, and quite effective. Just follow these steps:
Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh
Close your mouth and inhale quietly through your nose for a
count of four.
Hold your breath for a count of seven.
Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh
sound for a count of eight.
Repeat the cycle three more times for a total of four breaths.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY eat healthy, tasty foods, drink

lots of liquids (of the nonalcoholic variety), minimize refined
sugar and caffeine. Schedule exercise every day even a 10
minute walk will do wonders for your body, mind and spirit.
Sip on a delicious herbal tea chamomile, hops, skullcap,
passionflower an hour or so before you want to go to sleep
and get some restorative sleep, which your body needs! Add some

Agree to buy and do less,

and share more take
these moments to deepen
those things that bring
joy to your spirit.
immunity boosters to your daily routine elder berry and elder
flower, echinacea, golden seal, rosehips and hibiscus combine to
make yummy immunity boosting teas, for example. Make soups/
stews to stay warm and satisfy your taste buds. Add some astragalus root to the pot to boost that immunity! Herbs and spices can
be added to many foods and beverages. Rather than grabbing a
supplement bottle, incorporate the actual plant in your cooking to
enjoy the benefits and the flavor the herbs provide!
Are you noticing muscle tightness or pain? Get up and move a
little, change positions, close your eyes to reduce strain for a few
moments. Think you dont have time? You will find that just a few
moments of movement can save you much time in the long run.
You will be more effective and efficient, and you wont be nearly
as uncomfortable!
TAKE CARE OF YOUR MIND it needs rest, but it also needs
new types of stimulation. Try a different type of literature, music
or art to stimulate those beautiful grey cells! Explore new places,
vary where you go for your walks and really pay attention to what
is around you mental stimulation helps keep our brains functioning well, and improves our mood and sense of fulfillment.
continued on page 39
December 2015 | Natures Pathways


the gift of hope
By Kathi Bloy

he Facebook page looks like many others. A smiling family

sits side by side on a bench in front of their older, twostory house. Visitors to the Give the Gift of Hope-Broeniman Family Fund page learn that this loving, close-knit family
struggles every day with medical issues most of us have never
heard of, much less encountered.
Amie Broeniman, mother of the family, has neurofibromatosis,
a genetic disorder she shares with her mother, Alice Matson, and
her youngest daughter, Emma, 13. Neither my mom nor I have

your life...

celebrating your
support during
your medical

Natures Pathways | December 2015

any issues from the neurofibromatosis, Broeniman said. Emma

has every rare side effect you can have from the disease, including
pseudoarthrosis of the tibia.
The term means false joint, and it causes bones to break but
not heal. The body perceives the fragments as separate bones and
doesnt attempt to unite them. Emmas tibia broke at 15 months,
and she has undergone numerous orthopedic surgeries since
then. Eventually her lower leg had to be amputated, and she now
walks with a prosthesis.


Check our website for upcoming Celebration of Support Events,
We assist individuals and their families struggling with a medical crisis through financial
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Celebration of Supports (aka individual fundraisers) our tools
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organization, accountability and raising spirits.
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Neurofibromatosis often causes tumors to form on nerve tissue,

and Emma was diagnosed in 2007 with two brain tumors. She
underwent five rounds of chemotherapy and many surgeries.
Today she has nine brain tumors growing and recently began her
sixth chemo regimen. The tumors have left her legally blind as
Emmas doctors recently told us that she shouldnt be doing
stairs anymore at all, Amie said. Im short and tiny, and its very
hard for me to help her up and down the stairs.
Add to her diminutive size the fact that Amie was diagnosed
with breast cancer in 2012 and underwent a double mastectomy
and chemotherapy. She has advanced osteoporosis, and doctors
recently told her the cancer has metastasized to her bones. My
doctors dont want me carrying anything up and down stairs,
Amie said.
That leaves a big burden for her husband, Jim, who has had to
miss a great deal of work as a safety coordinator for Sonoco to
care for the familys needs. The couples middle daughter, Delaney,
16, has a developmental disorder and is completely nonverbal.
The genetic testing shes been undergoing at Childrens Hospital
in Milwaukee revealed that she suffers from Cornelia de Lange
Syndrome, or CDLS. She needs a lot of assistance with daily living
and will never be able to live independently.
In spite of all these challenges, the Broeniman family has always
given back to the community. Allie, the oldest daughter, started
a nonprofit when she was just 12. Seeing how much comfort her
sister Emma derived during hospital stays from a blanket donated
to Childrens Hospital, Allie wanted to make blankets for other
ill children. She started Operation: A Sisters Love, and through
the organization has donated more than 1,000 tied fleece blankets.
The best solution to many of the familys problems, long term,
is an accessible one-story home. When Alice Matsons two brothers and two sisters became aware that her daughters family faced so
many challenges, they wanted to help get them into that home. They
started a fund in October through Community Benefit Tree, Inc.
We decided it was really important to have something taxdeductible for people who want to make donations, Matson said.
We did a lot of research to make sure the organization we chose
would be something wed want our name on, too. Community
Benefit Tree was a good fit for us.
Donations are growing, but it will take about $150,000 to buy
a modest one-story home for the family. To get the word out, the
family set up the Facebook page mentioned at the beginning of
this story. It contains a link directly to Community Benefit Trees
website where donations can be made easily using a credit card
or PayPal. Readers wishing to donate may do so by visiting http://
The Community Benefit Tree Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization governed
by Christian values. Our mission is to help individuals and families struggling
with a medical crisis financially, emotionally, spiritually and with practical
resources. We celebrate peoples lives and support by helping family, friends, or
co-workers plan a Celebration of Support event for their loved one. In the last
ten years these one-day events have helped more than 500 families with funds for
living and medical expenses. Community Benefit Tree also provides education,
support, resources and financial assistance for families. For more information,
visit or contact CBT staff at 920-422-1919.


Stimulate the senses. Try new herbs or spices in your foods and
beverages. Add some organic cardamom pods to your coffee or
tea, or perhaps some cinnamon and savor the difference as you
enjoy the smell and taste of something new!
TAKE CARE OF YOUR SPIRIT the propaganda machines
are telling you all the things you must buy, do, see and make, but
listen to your own internal voice. What brings you peace, joy
and happiness? What does this season mean to you? You dont
have to cave in to the consumerism of this time of year if your
joy comes from nature, from your friends and family, from your
religious expression be there, do that, share that! Agree to buy
and do less, and share more. Take these moments to deepen those
things that bring joy to your spirit.
We can all live healthier, more simple lives, which allows us to enjoy
the beauty of this planet, our friends and family, and our lives.
Enjoy the magic of the season and stay healthy at the same time!
T. Heather Herdman, PhD, RN has over 25 years of experience in health care.
She is one of four owners of Sweet Willow Naturals in Green Bay, WI, which
provides bulk herbs, spices and teas, essential oils, natural body products,
materials for making your own natural products, unique gifts, and offers
classes on herbs and aromatherapy. For more information, visit Sweet Willow
Naturals, 1531 Bellevue Street, Suite B, Green Bay, call 920-530-1188, visit or email
Reference: Three breathing exercises.
ART00521/three-breathing-exercises.html. A Weil.


Natures Pathways n. Your

resource to share information of

health, wellness & sustainability
with a natural perspective.

Kathi Bloy is a freelance writer from Appleton.

December 2015 | Natures Pathways


By Jennifer Semrau

ecember is a busy time of year! Cookies to bake, food to

prepare, guests to entertain, cards to send and gifts to
purchase and wrap. All of this holiday activity can add up
to a lot of extra waste. As we countdown to the holidays, consider
these tips to evergreen your holidays in more ways than one!

The tree

The debate: an artificial tree, which can be

reused year after year, but is made of nonnatural materials? Or a real tree, which can
be composted after the holidays, but needs
to be replaced year after year? Why not go
for option three, which is a potted tree? A
potted tree is a waste-free alternative and
can be planted in the yard in spring.


Purchase durable decorations that can be

reused year after year. If starting
from scratch or adding to your
decorations, consider hitting
up a thrift store and reusing
someone elses extra
holiday lights, use
energy-efficient LED
lights. Also watch for
holiday light recycling
programs which often

Natures Pathways | December 2015

run from November to January. Recycle old light strings (from

any holiday), as well as extension cords which no longer work,
at these collections. And of course, dont forget to use a timer on
holiday lights to save energy in the middle of the night!


Think about the number of

guests and a reasonable amount
of food to prepare. Many of us
overdo and make too much,
which could go to waste. But
just in case, plan ahead for leftovers and have on hand reusable
containers to send guests home
with tomorrows meal. In addition,
use washable plates, cups, silverware, serving dishes, tablecloths
and napkins in lieu of disposable items.

The gift

Give the gift of an experience

instead of more stuff. Give gift
cards to a favorite restaurant,
tickets to a concert or show, an
offer to babysit so your recipient can run errands or have
a date night, etc. the list is
endless! Another alternative is
a homemade gift. Homemade

cookies or candies, crafts, etc. have far more meaning than mass
produced items. If you are really into living green, offer a gift that
helps your recipient live a greener lifestyle too, such as a reusable
grocery bag, state park pass, or reusable batteries and a charger.
Think outside the box in wrapping your gift as well. Grandparents
love a gift wrapped in a grandchilds artwork. Comics or maps can
be colorful alternatives. Or save and reuse gift bags from previous


Recycle all that you can (and arent saving

to reuse next year): cans, bottles, boxes,
cards/paper/bags free of any non-paper
material like batteries, lace/string, foil,
etc. Save and reuse bows, tins and other
non-recyclable items. If you opted for
a cut, real tree, watch for collection
days, drop off at a yard waste center or
place in your backyard as a winter habitat
for birds.
Jennifer Semrau is the recycling coordinator for Winnebago
County Solid Waste in Oshkosh, overseeing the countys recycling, hazardous material, container rental and sales/marketing programs. She is also the former president of the Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin and recipient of the 2013
Christy Dixon Recycler of the Year award. For more information, visit, call 920-232-1850 or like them on
Facebook at



Why should you choose a

green carpet cleaner?
There are at least
6 billion reasons.
Your choice
makes a

Make the right choice for your family!

We urge you to consider our Green Clean Package for your next
carpet cleaning service. Its the right choice for your home, your
family and our planet.We offer this service because we believe in it.
Its what we use in our own homes because we wouldnt trust our
families and our environment to anything else.

Call us today to find

out more!
920.606.9489 920.810.2489
Mention this ad and receive $20

off your first cleaning

Your leader in manual physical

therapy in the Fox Valley since 1990!

Spruce up gift giving. Give

homemade cookies, handmade

crafts or gift "experiences"
instead of "stuff."

Pine-ing for new lights?

Retire and replace old sets

with LED lights to save
energy. Recycle unwanted
light sets through seasonal
collection programs.

Cedar forest for the trees. Decorate a

live, potted tree and plant it in the yard

next spring!

Fir up-cycled materials and new-to-you

holiday decorations, shop local thrift stores.

Winnebago County Solid Waste

105 West County Road Y, Oshkosh
920-232-1850 920-727-2896




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Visit our newest location inside
Integrative Pain Management in De Pere!

17 locations in Wisconsin
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Let it go!
Becoming unfrozen
By Tanya Kriesel

ost of us have heard the song made popular by the Frozen

movie, Let it Go! You might even know it by heart or
have watched your little ones repeatedly perform an
outstanding home concert. As they sing to the top of their lungs, you
see them transform into the full character of the confident, courageous Elsa. Elsa, the Snow Queen, who let it go discovered freedom.
Bodywork, the releasing of emotional, physical and mental pains may
be your means of letting it go in order to create your path to freedom.
When we experience a trauma accompanied by strong
emotions and those emotions cannot be released or expressed at
that time, they may become trapped in the body at a cellular level
and hold restriction patterns within our tissues. Plus, as stated by
Susanne Babbel, Ph.D, Even if one has grieved and processed the
emotional impact of the trauma the nervous system might still be
in survival mode.
It is like the stuck or frozen emotions within our muscles, organs,
nerves or soft tissues are continuing to play that old tape over and
over again from that past trauma. It can be from a deep trauma such
as abuse or a car accident or a simple little episode in childhood that
is still impacting us and leading to physical tension.
These prolonged tensions create stress and influence the proper
functioning of our bodily systems, which may lead to chronic

[CranioSacral Therapy] can

improve whole body health
especially the function of the
nervous system and brings
a deep sense of relaxation.
pain, impaired immunity, anxiety and many other ailments or
conditions. Our way of life can be affected by these conditions
and hinder us from living our higher life purpose.
Our conscious minds may not even be able to access these
emotions stored deep in our cells. Its as if they have a mind of
their own. Through certain types of bodywork our bodies become
the storytellers, and the bodily tissues are the pages in which they
are written upon. It is by tapping into the inner wisdom within
us that we can unravel, releasing the emotions and tensions at a
cellular level to allow the bodys innate healing to take place, and
for our physical bodies to be brought back into alignment and
balance. In turn, our lives and minds find balance and alignment
with our hopes, dreams and purpose. John Upledger called it our

Our professional practitioners specialize in treating

the mind, body and spirit of each individual.
Services offered:
Reiki Massage EFT Craniosacral Reflexology

Your appointment with wellness awaits ...


Natures Pathways | December 2015

Lighting the
way to a
healthier you!
2150 Memorial Dr., Ste 213A
Green Bay 920-429-2888

Inner Physician in his book Your Inner Physician and You, and
he states, I have come to believe that each and every one of us has
an intelligence inside that knows everything about what is going
on in our lives. This includes our symptoms and their meanings
(if any), our illness, our inner conflicts and the like.

So what are some therapies that can

help us let go?

Visceral manipulation is a gentle manual therapy. A therapist gently

feels for restrictions and holding patterns of the internal organs and
assists the bodys ability to release and restore it back to health. Based
on Chinese medicine, each organ is associated with a certain emotion.
When we have excessive worry our stomachs become upset, when
we are experiencing great sadness we hold our breath and breathing
is labored. Our emotions can bring tension to our organs and create
restrictions. On the flip side, an accident, illness or surgery can bring
restrictions and create emotional upset. Visceral manipulation techniques can optimally enhance the organs movement, reduce pain,
improve posture and foster emotional well-being.
Craniosacral therapy is another gentle manual therapy. By using
a soft touch the therapist mainly works along the spine, cranium
and sacrum influencing the cerebrospinal fluid by assisting the
body in releasing restrictions of the soft tissues. This can improve
whole body health, especially the function of the nervous system
and brings a deep sense of relaxation. Sometimes a somatic
emotional release may occur. Stored emotions and memories
may resurface. The body may move into the holding patterns and

restrictions related to the incident to release the blockage and

bring itself back into balance.
Both of these techniques work closely with the fascial system.
Every bodyworker is influencing the fascia. It is around every cell
of our body! Fascia is a web of connective tissue that covers every
muscle, bone, nerve, blood vessel and internal organ. Through
visceral manipulation and craniosacral therapy we are freeing
the fascia system from tension and holding patterns in our body.
When our fascia is free, we are free. The soul of man, with all the
streams of pure living water, seems to dwell in the fascia of his
body, Dr. Andrew Taylor Still has said.
By letting go, our minds, bodies and spirits can feel the freedom,
strength, and courage to shine. We are no longer frozen in the past
and can step into our hearts desire. We can start moving toward
sharing our gifts with the world just as the Snow Queen shared
hers. So let it go! Let it go!
Tanya is a Licensed Massage Therapist integrating craniosacral
therapy, massage techniques, gentle visceral manipulations and
Reiki to help release the emotional and physical conditions, traumas
and stress within the body. She is a practitioner at CCM Wellness
Center. For more information, visit
References: Philosophy of osteopathy. A. Still. 1899.
Your inner physician and you: Craniosacral therapy and somatoemotional
release. North Atlantic Books. J. Upledger. 1997.
The Connection Between Emotional Stress, Trauma and Physical Pain. S. Babbel.

Wer e
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Garcher Family
Christmas Cookies

By Debi Morton


1 pound butter, softened

2 pounds (8 cups) white flour
6 eggs
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 packet yeast or 1 cake yeast, 2/3 ounce
2 cups milk (or enough to make dough
Fruit filling: Your choice of poppy seed,
apricot, nut, cherry, prune, apple choose
from any jam or fruit filling you like.

Making the dough:

Warm 1 cup of the milk in the microwave

or on the stovetop to 105 degrees, and
add the yeast. Let the yeast develop for 5
minutes until bubbling on top.*
Cut softened butter into the dough to
create a pea size texture.
Beat your eggs to combine, then add the
milk and yeast mixture. Combine this with
the flour and butter dry mixture. I do this
initially with a large spoon, but then use my

Natures Pathways | December 2015

hands. Continue adding the remaining milk

until dough is sticky. It should be stickier
than a bread dough. No kneading is needed!
Form dough into 2 balls and let rest for
30 minutes to 1 hour in the refrigerator.
This recipe makes a lot of cookies so you
can use half and freeze the rest for later.

Making the cookies:

Divide one of the balls into quarters. Roll out

one quarter of the dough to about 11 inches
by 17 inches. Cut in 2-inch squares. I do this
by making one long cut down the center of
the rolled out dough, then cutting the remaining dough in half longwise. Repeat. Then
cut crosswise to get your 2-inch squares. Use
a ruler as needed. Repeat process with the
remaining quarters of dough.
Take a small dollop of your fruit filling
of choice and place in the center of each
square. Traditional flavors include poppy
seed, prune, nutmeats or apricot. You can
also use this dough to go a more savory
direction and use cheese or veggies.
Assemble the cookies by taking the

opposite side corners and pinching

together. Use a little water to get the
corners to stick.
Bake on a greased baking sheet at 350
degrees for 15-20 minutes. Allow to cool
and sprinkle with powdered sugar.
Happy Holidays! Enjoy your family and
*For active dry yeast, the water temperature should be between 105 and 110
degrees for proofing. While 95 degrees is
the best temperature for yeast to multiply,
thats not quite warm enough for proofing
active dry yeast. It needs the extra warmth
to dissolve and become active. (Source:
Debi Morton owns Driftless Depot
Organic Market, Deli & Caf, 140
Winsted St. in Spring Green. She is
a lifelong foodie, chef and advocate
of eating seasonally. Debi and her
husband are also organic and biodynamic growers
of fruits and vegetables. For more information, visit or call 608-628-1001.

How to maintain
workout routines
the holidays

etween decking the halls, visiting

family and attending holiday parties,
it may seem like there is little time
to maintain a workout routine during the
holiday season. While the holiday season
is an especially busy time of year, men and
women who plan and stay dedicated to
their routines do not need to let their health
fall by the wayside until January.
Several studies show that people can
gain anywhere from one pound to a few
pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Although that might not seem like a
lot of weight, a report in The New England
Journal of Medicine noted that many
people never lose the weight they put on
during the holidays.
Those who struggle to keep the weight off
understand the importance of maintaining
both a consistent fitness schedule and healthy
eating habits. This may be challenging when
the rich foods and parties synonymous with
the holiday season are around to threaten
healthy habits. Heres how to stay on course.
DATE. Treat exercise as any other obliga-

tion on the calendar. Make it a necessity

and not a luxury. Schedule time for workouts, even if it means removing something
else from your agenda.


youre accustomed to an hourlong workout

but cannot fit in more than 20 minutes on
some days, dont skip the workout simply

because its shorter. Make the most of that

time by targeting larger, core muscles.
may need to alter your daily schedule to
fit in gym workouts or other exercise. Try
getting up earlier and heading out prior
to work or school. This will open up time
throughout the rest of your day, and you
can use that time to meet the demands of
the holiday season.
BUDDY. Its far easier to blow off a workout

when you go it alone. However, if you have

a workout partner who is counting on you
and vice versa, you may be less inclined
to miss a workout - even when youre not
especially motivated to hit the gym.
need not be limited to exercises in the gym.
Plenty of activities work the body and burn
calories. Sledding, ice skating, skiing, and
snowboarding are just a few winter sports
that can help you stay in shape.


OR GYM. If holiday travel is on your itin-

erary, select a hotel that has fitness equipment. This way you can keep up with your
routine. Even swimming a few laps in an
indoor pool can provide a cardiovascular
workout while youre on vacation. Remember, it only takes a two-week break from
exercise to experience a fitness regression,
and you will only have to work harder to
get back to your current fitness level if you
let exercise slide too long.


EXERCISES. Burn more calories in less

time with high-intensity workouts. This

way you wont need to schedule as much
time for workouts but will still get the
benefit of exercise.


vacuum cleaner, rake or broom as a piece

of exercise equipment. While cleaning up
for holiday company, turn on the radio and
get your heart pumping, too. Do leg raises
while youre preparing meals or do some
pushups off of the kitchen counter.
if you cant make it to the gym, rely on
your own body resistance for a thorough
workout. Pushups, squats, burpees, mountain climbers, jumping rope, and lunges
are some exercises that rely on bodyweight
for effectiveness.
THE DAY. If you have a few free moments

here and there during the day, use these

opportunities to exercise. By the end of
the day, you may find you squeezed in an
entire workouts worth of exercise over the
course of several 10-minute intervals.
Exercise and fitness do not have to play
second fiddle to other holiday activities.
Make time for workouts, and you will be
ahead of the game come the new year.
Source: MetroCreative Connection.
December 2015 | Natures Pathways



Matricaria recutita,
Chamomilla recutita

wo types of chamomile have been used for health conditions: German chamomile and Roman chamomile. While
the two kinds are thought to have similar effects on the
body, the German variety is more commonly used in the United
States and is the focus of this fact sheet.
Chamomile has been widely used in children and adults for
thousands of years for a variety of health conditions. Today, chamomile is used as a folk or traditional remedy for sleeplessness,
anxiety and gastrointestinal conditions such as upset stomach,
gas, and diarrhea. It is also used topically for skin conditions and
for mouth ulcers resulting from cancer treatment.
The flowering tops of the chamomile plant are used to make
teas, liquid extracts, capsules or tablets. The herb can also be
applied to the skin as a cream or an ointment, or used as a mouth

What the science says

Chamomile has not been well studied in people so there is little

evidence to support its use for any condition.
Some early studies point to chamomiles possible benefits for
certain skin conditions and for mouth ulcers caused by chemotherapy or radiation.
In combination with other herbs, chamomile may be of some
benefit for upset stomach, for diarrhea in children and for infants
with colic.
NCCIH-funded research includes studies of chamomile for
generalized anxiety disorder and abdominal pain caused by childrens bowel disorders.

Natures Pathways | December 2015

The flowering tops of the

chamomile plant are used
to make teas, liquid extracts,
capsules or tablets. The herb
can also be applied to the skin
as a cream or an ointment,
or used as a mouth rinse.
Side effects and cautions

Note: There are reports of allergic reactions in people who have

eaten or come into contact with chamomile products. Reactions
can include skin rashes, throat swelling, shortness of breath and
anaphylaxis (a life-threatening allergic reaction).
People are more likely to experience allergic reactions to
chamomile if they are allergic to related plants in the daisy family,
which include ragweed, chrysanthemums, marigolds and daisies.
Tell all your health care providers about any complementary
health approaches you use. Give them a full picture of what you
do to manage your health. This will help to ensure coordinated
and safe care.
Source: MetroCreative Connection.

symptoms of

ublic perception that breast cancer

is only identified by lumps detected
through self-examination or routine
mammography may prevent thousands of
women from receiving an early diagnosis
and the care they need. Although lumps
are the most common symptom associated
with the disease, women should recognize
that breast cancer can produce additional
Susan G. Komen for the Cure, one of the
premier organizations for breast cancer
research, advocacy and treatment, advises
that the warning signs for breast cancer
are not the same for all women (or men).
Various changes in the breast and body can
occur, including the following conditions.

that starts suddenly and is not associated

with breastfeeding can be indicative of
cancer. Other changes to the nipples, such
as pulling in of the nipple (inversion) or
itchy, scaling skin on the nipple, should be
brought to the attention of a doctor.


advises that less than 10 percent of people

diagnosed with breast cancer report pain
as a symptom. But unexplained pain in an
area of the breast should not be ignored.

right breasts are not completely symmetrical, and women familiar with their bodies
know that one breast is often slightly
larger than the other. However, breast-size
changes that occur out of the blue may be
indicative of a medical problem.

are breastfeeding can experience a rash

on the breasts from an infection of breast
tissue. But those who are not breastfeeding
should be evaluated by a doctor if redness,
irritation or rash appears.


the skin, peeling, flaking, or scaling skin
can be a cause for concern as well.
tumors may not only be felt in the breasts.
Breast cancer can spread to the lymph
nodes around the breasts, and lumps may
be felt under the arms.



Breast pain that does not go away and

seems to involve one area of the breast
should be checked.
FATIGUE: General cancer symptoms can

include unusual fatigue and unexplained

weight loss. These symptoms should not
be left unchecked.
One of the best things women and men
can do is to familiarize themselves with
their bodies so they will be more capable
of pinpointing any irregularities that may
develop. Individuals can routinely look
at their breasts and inspect for subtle
changes. But remember that hormonal
breast changes occur during the menstrual
cycle, so its best to be familiar with how
breasts look and feel both during and after

Source: MetroCreative Connection.

and share

NIPPLE CHANGES: Nipple discharge

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Massart Chiropractic
1315 W. Mason St., Green Bay
As Green Bay chiropractors, the Massart Chiropractic team takes pride
in offering the most complete chiropractic resource in our area. In fact, our willingness to volunteer information and explain every chiropractic
procedure in advance, is often mentioned by our
delighted patients. Why? Those who know what
chiropractic is and what chiropractic isnt, seem
to get the best results in the shortest amount of
time. Were looking to help Green Bay-area residents who value their health and want a chiropractor who offers peace of mind. Ready to get
started? Call our Green Bay office today to schedule an appointment.

CCM Counseling and Wellness
2150 Memorial Drive, Suite 213, Green Bay
CCM Counseling and Wellness
goes beyond traditional talk
therapy to include the whole
person mind, spirit and body.
This approach has contributed to successfully supporting our clients for over three decades. We offer
you the opportunity to discover your own path of
healing and wholeness to transform yourself, your
life and your relationships. We invite you to partner
with us on your journey of exploration and healing.
We are thrilled to have as a part of our staff, reiki,
reflexology and massage practitioners who can
provide you the opportunity to nurture all of who
you are. Call or make an appointment on our website. We accept most insurance plans.

N474 Eisenhower Drive, Suite C, Appleton
At LearningRx, we treat
learning challenges such
as ADD/ADHD, reading struggles and learning disabilities. Brain training goes far beyond traditional
tutoring by effectively addressing the cause behind

Natures Pathways | December 2015

learning and reading struggles. We focus on changing a students underlying ability to learn and read.
We train and strengthen cognitive skills with scientifically based and clinically proven one-on-one personalized training. You and your child are no longer
limited to treating symptoms. Contact us to transform learning and reading struggles into success.
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
2740 West Mason St., Green Bay
NWTC serves over 40,000
students annually. With advanced technology and state-of-the art facilities,
its no wonder students are choosing an affordable
education close to home. NWTC offers more than
100 degrees, diplomas and apprenticeships, with
many transferring into the 4-year system. NWTC is
finding passions and pushing potential.

Lake Park Swim & Fitness, LLC
730 Lake Park Road, Menasha
See our ad on page 30.
Lake Park Swim & Fitness is the Fox Valleys
newest and most refreshing health club. Locally owned and operated,
we have combined the latest in equipment, classes, club amenities and more to give our members
an unparalleled experience. Customer service and
building a sense of community is our main focus
be a part of the LPSF family and experience the

CCM Wellness Center
2150 Memorial Drive, Suite 213A, Green Bay
All of us at CCM
believe the answer to the question, Is Today Your Day? is Yes,
it is your day to improve your tomorrow. A commitment to better tomorrows is the reason CCM
has been serving the community for over three decades. It has been a privilege providing people the
opportunity to heal through education, counseling
and now our beautiful Wellness Center. Living your
Yes to wellness can start today. Call 429-2888 to

Support our local

businesses in the
healthy living industry!

set up an appointment for Reiki, Massage, Craniosacral, EFT or Reflexology.

CSA Commercial
Steve Mech, President
333 N. Plankinton Avenue Suite 205, Milwaukee
Office suites are now available for
wellness practitioners. Situated on
1.3 acres in Sheboygan County,
the Wholistic Health Center has
been the destination for wellness for over thirty
years. The grounds include a beautiful meditation
garden accompanied by a labyrinth of concentric
circles for mindful reflection. Prices start at $300
per month. Call Steve Mech at 414-333-1936 or
email for more details.
Green Bay Integrative Health
Steven V. Bittorf, M.D., Ph.D.
926 Willard Dr., Ste/ 236, Green Bay
Dr. Steve provides a complete suite
of integrative health services, including bio-identical hormone testing
and replacement therapy; ACLAT
food sensitivity analysis and consultation; optimization of digestive health, thyroid function and weight loss; health care navigation; and
much more.
Peace & Wellness Center
681 Baeten Road, Green Bay
Trish Poole has provided hypnosis and
energy healing through both private
sessions and classes since 1997 in the
greater Green Bay Area. She recognizes that everyone makes positive
changes and heals differently, and the most effective treatment in most cases is a unique custom
blend service that addresses precisely what a client
really needs. Trish provides a powerful kind of
mind-body-spirit medicine via a combination of
hypnosis, Reiki, Reconnective Healing, QHHT and
EFT. Clients can see her for private confidential appointments in person, by Skype or by phone. Trish
also offers classes at her office and other locations.



Twohig Dental
William J. Twohig, DDS
417 E. Ann St., Weyauwega

J . TW

O H I G , D . D . S.



Twohig Dental wants you to experience a natural and holistic

approach to dentistry. Our practice is a mercury-free, healthcentered office. We believe in treating patients as
individuals. We are dedicated to advanced education in traditional and non-traditional dentistry. We
invite you to schedule a consultation with us.


N atu

r a l a n d Ho l i




Valley Clean, LLC
Carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning
Were more than just a carpet
cleaning company. Yes, we clean
carpets. Our job is to give your
carpets a clean, bright, like-new
appearance and provide outstanding service and
value. But were also moms and dads, pet owners
and homeowners. We live in a community and care
about the environment we share. You care about
the safety of your family, your children and your
pets. So do we. You care about the environment. So
do we. Thats why we urge you to consider our
Green Clean Package for your next carpet cleaning
service. To find out more about our green cleaning
and what it means for your family, give us a call.
Vans Refrigeration & Services
W1081 Pearl St., Oneida
Vans Refrigeration & Services offers
your family or business the best
products and services combined with
a level of customer service that will
exceed your expectations. With more than 30
years of geothermal experience, quality WaterFurnace brand geothermal heating and cooling
products are just where we begin. The technicians
at Vans Refrigeration & Services are trained and
equipped to handle geothermal heating services,
refrigeration repair and installation and ma


Wise Woman Wellness, LLC
Randi Mann, NP Owner, Board Certified
Womans Health Nurse Practitioner and NAMS
Certified Menopause Practitioner
1480 Swan Road, De Pere
Randi Mann, NP, helps
ages live healthy, vital, joy-filled lives
through medical and non-medical solutions, education and lifestyle guidance. Seek care from an expert knowledgeable in the latest scientific
research, and who offers integration of complementary and conventional approaches. Mann has
achieved the prestigious NAMS Menopause PractiNatural Options - Healthy Lives

tioner Certification and has spoken nationally on

behalf of the Bioidentical Hormone Initiative. She is
skilled at prescribing customized, bioidentical hormones when needed. Attend the introductory seminar End Hormone Havoc Stay Sane, Slim and
Sexy to learn the fundamentals of hormone changes, treatment options and great self-care. Call for an
appointment or register for a seminar today!

Woodhead Insurance Services, LLC
1085 Allouez Ave., Suite 2, Green Bay
920-544-0058 (office)
Woodhead Insurance
is dedicated to providing our customers with
health insurance products that meet their needs at the right price. Our
friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff will
help inspire, educate, and problem solve for our
customers. Success will be measured by our clients choosing us because of their belief in our
ability to meet or exceed their expectations of
price, service and expertise.

Foxxie Fitness & Wellness, LLC
Foxxie Fitness & Wellness, LLC provides a complete tool box for anyone wanting to achieve greater
fitness (fit, adj: in good condition).
Our choose-your-own-adventure approach allows
you to be in charge of your destiny. Whether it is
physical, emotional, financial, spiritual or other fitness you desire, get the job done right with all the
tools youll need.
Wild Meadows Life Coaching
1066 American Drive, Suite 3, Neenah
Are you looking for calmness and clarity in your
life? Have you been feeling overwhelmed or conflicted about what you are
experiencing? Perhaps going through a new life
transition? Welcome to Wild Meadows. I am Lynn
Mulvey, MSW and certified life coach, and together
we can illuminate your path back to you! Let me
introduce you to the mind, body and spirit connection. This path offers you an alternative to traditional
counseling, and in this way we honor and recognize
you as being a whole person, acknowledging that
you are worthy of taking time for you! As we begin
your journey, I will share with you the 7 Steps to
Positive Change and begin to bring all that you have
been hoping for into your life. In addition to this, we
will utilize guided meditations to bring awareness to
your dreams and desires. At Wild Meadows, discover your path and watch yourself bloom! To
schedule an appointment, call 920-659-0124 or

Custom Health Pharmacy
1011 S. 10th St., Manitowoc
Custom Health Pharmacy is your source for
quality compounded medications. Our state-ofthe-art compounding lab provides the highest
quality compounding possible. You have a choice
where you get your compounded prescriptions
you dont need your prescription sent to you from
Madison. We also offer: hormone saliva testing,
hormone consultations, adrenal fatigue consultations and testing, Take Charge weight loss program and a full line of Now vitamins. We accept
Caremark and Express Scripts.
Kaldas Center
200 Theda Clark Medical Plaza, Suite 133, Neenah
Kaldas Center for Fertility, Surgery, & Pregnancy,
S.C is changing how patient service is delivered. Hearing the patient and
adapting to their needs is important as we look to
support patients in their quick return to living life to
the fullest. To complement our patient services, we
offer nationally recognized skill and training to
chieve the desired outcomes of our patients.

Orthopedic & Spine Therapy
4000 N. Providence Ave., Appleton
With 17 locations throughout
the state of Wisconsin, Orthopedic & Spine Therapy has been
passionate about physical therapy since 1990. Practicing outrageous customer
service, it is our goal to get you back to your daily
life with a plan of care designed to fit your individual needs. Our employees are knowledgeable,
driven and here to help you! Visit our website to
find a clinic near you and schedule an appointment today!
PT Center for Women
3913 W. Prospect Ave., Suite LL2, Appleton
PT Center for Women offers
women of all ages comprehensive evaluation and treatment for their physical therapy and massage needs. Our
gentle, heartfelt approach to healing allows women to feel calm and comfortable, and pursue a
program of care that can change their lives. Our
goal is to provide women with a successful outcome for a happier, healthier life.
December 2015 | Natures Pathways


The NEW Dermatology Group

Dr. Kevan Lewis, MD, FAAD
Offices in Green Bay, Appleton & Manitowoc
The NEW Dermatology
Group specializes in providing dermatology care
tailored to each individual.
We utilize technology to advance the practice of
dermatology and integrate the most advanced research and innovation in the field. Dr. Lewis is the
only dermatologist in Wisconsin with triple ACGME training in dermatology, dermatopathology
and Mohs micrographic surgery. As a result, we
provide an exceptional level of care for patients
with a broad spectrum of skin conditions.
Valley Thermography
1111 N. Lynndale Drive, Suite 202, Appleton
Christine Haase, certified clinical thermographer, uses digital
infrared thermal imaging
(DITI), a noninvasive clinical imaging procedure for
detecting and monitoring a number of diseases
and physical injuries by showing the thermal abnormalities present in the body. Conditions and
injuries that can be diagnosed and monitored include hormonal dysfunction, inflammation, lymphatic activity, disc disease, dental, vascular disease, sports injuries, allergies, cancer and more.
DITI uses no radiation, is painless and FDA registered. Call to schedule your appointment.
Wise Woman Wellness, LLC
Randi Mann, NP Owner, Board Certified
Womans Health Nurse Practitioner and NAMS
Certified Menopause Practitioner
1480 Swan Road, De Pere
Thyroid disease is a
nosed cause of many symptoms, including weight gain, depression, fatigue, constipation and hair loss. Hypothyroidism diagnosis and management
is offered by the hormone experts at
Wise Woman Wellness and can help you sometimes even if you were told your TSH blood test result
was normal. Our nurse practitioners are specially
trained in the detection of hypothyroidism and use of
natural and prescription medication treatments. Call
920-339-5252 for details.
Natural Options - Healthy Lives

B Alive Nutrition Center
2321 S. Oneida St., Green Bay
Whats better than
whole foods? Find out
at B Alive Nutrition Center where we have an incredible selection of vita52

Natures Pathways | December 2015

mins, herbs, bodybuilding products and beauty

care. Our natural and organic products such as
wild Alaskan salmon, grass-fed beef, organic freerange eggs, organic dried fruits and nuts and
much more are all available at wildly low prices. B
Alive is open to help you 7 days a week MondayFriday 9 a.m.-8 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. and
Sunday 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Come and see why B Alive
means Better Health at Better Prices!
Family Nutrition Center
850-A Lombardi Avenue, Green Bay
Family Nutrition Center is
one of the premier health
food stores in northeast Wisconsin. Since 1976, Family
Nutrition Center has been helping customers understand how nutrition can help them become
healthier using natural nutrition. Family Nutrition
Center is also known for its selection of the best
nutritional products from Americas best companies, all at the lowest possible prices. Visit Family
Nutrition Center, you wont be disappointed.
Nutritional Healing, LLC
Kimberly Baehman, MS, Clinical Nutritionist
400 N. Richmond St., Appleton
Kimberly Baehman, MS, is the clinical
nutritionist and owner of Nutritional
Healing, LLC. Her passion lies in supporting peoples health through evidence-based medicine (risks versus
benefits of medications) and healing therapies
through nutrition. Kimberly has her masters of science in human nutrition degree, and experience
working with clients regarding weight and fatigue
issues, sports nutrition, food sensitivities and allergies, and general health concerns such as high
blood pressure, high glucose levels, high cholesterol/triglycerides, migraines, thyroid conditions
and gut dysfunction.

Community Benefit Tree
2204 Crooks Ave., Kaukauna
The Community Benefit Tree, Inc. is
501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization
governed by Christian values. We
are here to celebrate peoples lives
and support during their medical crisis. We help
family, friends, co-workers plan a Celebration of
Support event for their loved one who is going
through a medical crisis. This one day event helps
the family with funds for living and medical expenses and it provides strength, hope and joy to
experience all the support from the attendees of
the event. Community Benefit Tree also provides
education, support, resources and financial assistance for families struggling with a medical crisis.

Green Bay Area Newcomers and

Neighbors, Inc.
P.O. Box 8261, Green Bay
Newcomers help new,
existing or prospective
residents feel welcomed
in the Green Bay area community! The Green Bay
Area Newcomers and Neighbors, Inc. social club
originated in 1935, and provides the opportunity
to have fun and form friendships while participating in numerous activities and events monthly.
They also promote and provide a means for introducing or reacquainting existing residents to the
area by providing materials and services.
Valley Transit
801 S. Whitman Ave., Appleton
Valley Transit provides

Valley Transit safe and reliable public

Think outside the car.
transportation to the
many communities that comprise the Fox Cities.
Whether youre in Appleton, Buchanan, Grand
Chute, Kaukauna, Kimberly, Little Chute, city of
Menasha, town of Menasha or Neenah, you can
use Valley Transit to get where you need to go. Service hours: 5:45 a.m.-10:30 p.m., Monday through
Friday, 7:45 a.m.-10:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Marks East Side
1405 East Wisconsin Ave., Appleton
Marks East Side has been family owned and operated since
1967. Through years of experience, recipes have been fine-tuned and perfected.
Daily specials, the best German cuisine in the Valley, Friday fish fry, as well as steaks and other seafood. Marks is the small group specialists
perfect for intimate, private dining for groups of
50 or less. Next time out, make it Marks!

Streus Pharmacy Bay Natural
635 Main St., Green Bay
Traditional medicine plus natural
options. Streus Pharmacy Bay
Natural is a locally owned, independent pharmacy and natural
supplement store. With the marriage of traditional
medicine plus natural options, the nutritionists,
registered nurses and pharmacists offer a balanced
approach to helping you achieve your personal
best. We provide complete prescription service,
compliance packaging of medications, quality
natural supplements, health & beauty products,
grocery, educational programs, healthcare screenings, and a unique gift department.

The Organic Skin

Founder, Shawna Peterson
Facebook: The Organic Skin
The Organic Skin offers a full skin,
body and hair care line imported from
Greece, called is the first to sell Olivaloe in
the United States. Every product starts with organic olive oil and organic aloe vera and they never use
paraben, propylene glycol, mineral oil, silicone or
Vaseline. The Organic Skin - The Treatment your
skin deserves.


Great Lakes Relaxation Center
Christine Vander Bloomen
For nearly 11 years, Christine
has worked with clients seeking massage for stress relief to
injury treatment. She educates clients about their
bodies and how they work so they can take better
care of themselves between sessions so they feel
better faster. New clients are always welcome.
Please visit our website for more information.
Massage Envy Spa
3201 E. Calumet St., Appleton 920-731-5300
1241 Lombardi Access Road, Green Bay 920-405-9200
At Massage Envy Spas, our
mission is to provide a pathway to wellness, well-being and worth through professional, convenient and affordable massage therapy and spa services. Whether it is your first massage
or massage therapy is part of your wellness plan, we
have a therapist to match your needs. We offer
many massage modalities including Swedish, deep
tissue, trigger point therapy, sports, reflexology and
more. Signature services and enhancements include
hot stone massage, aromatherapy, deep muscle
therapy and sugar foot scrub. We have four different spa facial treatments specially formulated for
Massage Envy Spa. Our professional estheticians
have the scientifically proven products to give you
noticeably healthy skin.
Radiance Spa Healthy Skin & Wellness
W5699 County Road KK, Suite L, Appleton
Are you wanting that peaceful, easy escape?
Welcome to the Fox Valleys hidden gem!
Welcome to Radiance.
Were bringing the
ahh back into spa.
Are you wanting healthy
options for your skin, personal attention just FOR
YOU, or your own personal escape from the hectic
lifestyle we all live? Look no further. Radiance Spa is
your escape for luxurious facials, spa pedicures like

no other, massage services, and body treatments for

everything your skin and body needs. We have an
amazing infrared sauna for detoxing, release of joint
and muscle pain, arthritis and inflammation. We
also offer skin care consultations to educate and
start you in the right direction for your personal skin
care needs, as well as professional waxing, airbrush
tanning, eyelash extensions, pedicures and manicures. We are here to give you your personal attention for a beautiful, radiant you. Naturally.
Rejuvenessence mediSpa
Kenneth Pechman, M.D., Ph.D.
Board Certified Dermatologist
2201 East Enterprise Ave., Suite 104, Appleton
The mission of Rejuvenessence mediSpa is to restore,
revitalize and rejuvenate the
skins appearance, health
and function. We strive to improve our clients skin
through our professional services and high-quality
products and thus, enhance our patients self-esteem and self-image. We are proud to offer free
consultations on all of our services!

Divine Energy Light Workers
Rev. Jen Rietveld
611 N. Lynndale Drive, Suite C., Appleton
Rev. Jen Rietveld offers divinely guided
services in the form of: spiritual counseling, energy/light work, cellular release, chakra cleansing and balancing,
guided meditations, property blessings, weddings, funerals and offers Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps. She is also Access Bars Consciousness certified, AromaTouch Technique
certified (IPC# 491733) and a Forevergreen distributor. For a full description of her services,
please visit her website at DivineLightWorkers.
com. To schedule an appointment, please email
Rev. Jen at or call/text
N.E. Wisconsin Spiritual Experiences Group
For activities near you, visit:
Are you looking for spiritual rest and
rejuvenation? Discover Eckankar and
experience the light and sound of
God. Check out Eckankar (www. and N.E. Wisconsin
Spiritual Experiences Group (see above) for tools,
resources and spiritual conversations near you.



Unity of Appleton - A Community for

Spiritual Growth
1800 S. Lawe Street, Suite 400 in Appleton
Rev. April Kain-Breese, Minister
Sunday services and youth ministry at 10 a.m.
Find us also on Facebook
Unity focuses on positive
thinking, prayer and meditation. Grounded in the teachings of Jesus, but with respect for all faith traditions. Stimulating Sunday
messages, music and fellowship; adult classes and
groups; and youth ministry that emphasizes the innate goodness in each child. If you like Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Ekhardt Tolle, youll like Unity!
Sunday services and youth ministry at 10 a.m.

Epiphany Law
4211 N. Lightning Dr., Appleton
Epiphany Law originally started as a Business Law
Boutique and business law continues to be the
heart and soul of our practice. However, since we
opened our doors we have significantly grown two
other areas of deep expertise: litigation and estate
planning. Within each of these three areas we apply the same efficient use of people, systems and
technology to provide incredible service, superior
work product and predictable pricing.
Massage Envy Spa
3201 E. Calumet St., Appleton 920-731-5300
1241 Lombardi Access Road, Green Bay
Massage therapist positions
available at Massage Envy
Spa in Green Bay and Appleton. Massage Envy:
more of a culture than a company. Like you, were
out to make a positive difference in peoples lives.
Maybe thats why Massage Envy has its own
unique culture. Youll find a friendly, giving and
supportive environment. We offer:
Orientation and follow-up in-house training
Schedules that fit your life
A great living doing what you love
Various therapeutic massage services
Advancement in a fast-growing company
Well-stocked treatment rooms with state-ofthe-art equipment
Minimum 500 hours of massage therapy
Must adhere to local and state massage therapy licensing laws and regulations
Must pass a background check
We encourage all massage therapists to be members of a national professional association. For
more information about a career at Massage Envy,
visit, and submit a resume and cover letter to a location near you.
December 2015 | Natures Pathways


Every second Saturday of the month
9:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

Homeopathy @ Home Acute Care Class

Healing Way Homeopathy presents this class
monthly on the second Saturday of the month
from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Each class will cover
five common homeopathic remedies to learn how
to use in the home for minor illness and first aid.
Classes are held at Lawe Street Wellness. Fee:
$70. Registration is required. Inquiries and registration to or
Friday, Dec. 4 9:30 a.m.-Noon
Wednesday, Dec. 9 5:30-8:00 p.m.
Wednesday, Dec. 30 5:30-8:00 p.m.

End Hormone Havoc Stay Sane,

Slim and Sexy
Join hormone expert Randi Mann, NP, at this educational and entertaining seminar held at Wise
Woman Wellness, 1480 Swan Road, De Pere.
Women only! Join us for a fun, informative look
at how hormone changes affect us as we age. This
seminar is designed to help women make informed
choices about bioidentical hormone therapy, PMS,
perimenopause, menopause and sexual health
treatments to feel happy, energetic and sensual
no matter how old you are! Cost: $25 each or $20
each with a friend. To register, call 920-339-5252.
Thursday, Dec. 24 7 p.m.

Christmas Eve Candle Lighting Service

Join us for a warm and wonderful celebration of the season. Location: Unity of Appleton, 1800 S. Lawe St., Suite 400, Appleton. For
further information, call 920-739-4823 or visit

Aerial Dance Pole Exercise..............................................23
CCM Wellness Center....................................................42
Community Benefit Tree.................................................38
Crystal Pathway.............................................................36
Custom Health Pharmacy...............................................33
Divine Energy Lightworkers............................................17
Epiphany Law..................................................................2
Family Nutrition Center..................................................34
Foxxie Fitness & Wellness...............................................27
Great Lakes Relaxation Center.......................................16
Green Bay Integrative Health..........................................15
Holistic Counseling........................................................25
Kaldas Center................................................................11
Lake Park Swim & Fitness...............................................30
Marks East Side.............................................................11
Massage Envy Spa............................................................7
Massart Chiropractic......................................................15
Mindfulness Center for Wellbeing..................................31
Natural Expressions Bakery.............................................26

New Possibilities Integration...........................................19

Nutritional Healing.........................................................21
Orthopedic & Spine Therapy..........................................41
Outagamie County Recycling ........................................24
Peace & Wellness Center................................................34
Rejuvenessence mediSpa................................................55
Relaxn Birth...................................................................14
Streus Pharmacy............................................................17
The NEW Dermatology Group........................................13
The Organic Skin............................................................27
Twohig Dental...............................................................56
Unity of Appleton..........................................................12
Valley Clean...................................................................41
Valley Thermography, LLC..............................................33
Valley Transit..................................................................19
Winnebago County Dept. of Solid Waste.......................41
Wise Woman Wellness, LLC.............................................3
Womens Care of Wisconsin...........................................30

Saturday, Jan. 9 and Feb. 13

Homeopathy @ Home Class

Class will cover 25 common homeopathic remedies and their common uses. One Saturday per
month for five months in Sept., Oct., Nov., Jan.
and Feb. Registration required. Please call 920740-5048 or email healingwayhomeopathy@ for more information.


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event in the


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Massage Envy

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NTS with fall
for kids
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of going GLUTEN ES
Prepare to
and much


1. Mail this form with a check or credit card information to
Natures Pathways, PO Box 2735, Appleton, WI 54912.

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Restore ... Revitalize ... Rejuvenate ... Your skin!


Kenneth Pechman, MD, PhD, Medical Director

Board-Certified Dermatologist

2201 East Enterprise Ave., Suite 104 Appleton

See our specials online at


Safe Mercury

920.867.3101 417 E. Ann Street, Weyauwega, WI