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Communication plan for Todays Eaton

December 2015




Neo Classic



Neoclassic: the term to describe the revival of classic styles with a refreshing twist.
Combining the latest social media trends with traditional public relations strategy as our
groundwork, Neo Classic PR takes a holistic approach to campaign creation.
Our teams research-oriented planning process produces smart objectives, strategies
and tactics that lead to justifiable, measurable results. We rely on classic solutions and
our fresh, creative minds to produce smart objectives, strategies and tactics that lead to
justifiable, measurable results for our clients.

Design and Research: Endya Watson

Account Executive: Erica Batyko
Account Supervisor: Rachel Gill
Financial Manager and Editor: Ricky Salcer

Neo Classic


Executive Summary.....................................................................................4
Situational Analysis......................................................................................5

Client Overview.................................................................................5

Competitor Analysis..........................................................................6

SWOT Analysis ................................................................................7

Audience Analysis ..........................................................................10

Problem Statement..........................................................................11

Goal Statement...............................................................................11
Campaign Plan..........................................................................................12


Key Messages................................................................................12




Campaign Map...............................................................................23

Communication Elements........................................................................28
Research Report.......................................................................................40

Primary Research..........................................................................40

Focus Group ......................................................................40
Client Interviews..................................................................50

Secondary Research.....................................................................52

Neo Classic


Eaton is a global power management company that has recently added seven new
innovative capabilities to its electrical sector. Since Eaton acquired Cooper Industries
in 2012, it has made great strides in telling the narrative of Todays Eaton through
traditional and trade media outlets, but has had difficulty reaching non-traditional media.
Neo Classic PR conducted intensive primary and secondary research including expert
interviews, focus groups, competitor analysis, and past strategic traditional campaigns
to better understand the non-traditional media audience. A key challenge throughout
the research process has been finding non-traditional media personnel who are both
interested and influential with blogs focused on the electrical industry.
After Neo Classic PR pinpointed influencers within the blogosphere, our agency found
opportunity in spreading the story of Todays Eaton with methods that are already used
by these media sources: education, thought leadership and creative storytelling.
From this research, Neo Classic PR has developed a one-year strategic When
Seconds Count communications plan focused on telling the story of Todays Eaton
highlighting the life safety and mass notification capability. This narrative will be spread
to bloggers, influencers and online media. The plan uses non-traditional and face-toface tactics to reach our targeted audiences.
This casebook summarizes a focused, highly-targeted approach to build relationships
with non-traditional media sources and to motivate them to share Eatons narrative on
online platforms. Neo Classic PR hopes to position Eaton as a thought leader in the
electrical industry to the end-users of the companys products and services.

Neo Classic


Eaton is a power management company that provides energy-efficient products and
services to manage its customers electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more
safely and sustainably in more than 175 countries.
In 2012, Eaton announced the $13 billion acquisition of Cooper Industries, an
electrical equipment supplier. This was the largest acquisition in Eatons 101-year
history, broadening its portfolio of electrical products, services and solutions.
Before the Cooper acquisition, the electrical sector compiled about 35 percent of Eatons
business. After the acquisition, it now makes up roughly 65 percent. The company now
has the opportunity to tell the story of Todays Eatonwhich focuses on its expanded

Utility Grade Power

Life Safety and Mass Notification

Structural Support

Fusible Circuit Protection

Hazardous Environments

Wiring Devices

Lighting Solutions
Rise of Mass Notification Systems
Research gathered on megatrends and market research showed a positive outlook
for all of Eatons new capabilities in the next few years, especially life safety and mass
notification. Recent natural disasters and safety threats, such as Hurricane Patricia and
the Umpqua Community College shooting in Oregon, have increased the need for fullyintegrated systems in times of crisis. Eatons new mass notification system focuses on
providing responders with a way to activate the mass notification system from anywhere,
anytime. Eatons acquisition of Cooper provided new innovations to better serve its
customers. Life safety and mass notification keep businesss daily production flowing
and provides peace of mind to all employees.
Past PR Efforts
Since the acquisition, Eaton has used two different agencies to tell its new story through
two campaigns targeting mainstream and trade media. The campaigns produced
positive outcomes garnering thousands of unique visitors to Eatons website. This
was due to the banner ad campaigns and a new innovation microsite using creative
storytelling with client success stories, such as Eaton developing an energy storage

Neo Classic


system for the Salem Smart Power center and powering Facebooks data center. The
banner ads featured benefit-driven questions to drive more traffic to the microsite. The
ads were able to engage with the audiences to invite them to learn more.
In addition, through the acquisition of Cooper Industries, Eaton adopted the message
Protect. Alert. Inform, for its electrical safety and security products in hospitals,
airports and universities. This message is now included on all of Eatons life safety and
mass notification press materials. Eaton reinforces this by promising to deliver the right
message to the right people at the right time, with its mass notification system,
Eaton is now challenged with capturing the attention of non-traditional media,
specifically bloggers and other social media influencers through a one-year strategic
plan focused on the North American markets.
Tapping Into Non-Traditional Media
Based on primary and secondary research from an online focus group with Eaton
employees and public relations professionals, and interviews with bloggers, social media
influencers and industry experts, Neo Classic PR has found most decision-makers are
not obtaining their information from online resources. Instead, they are using trusted
vendors, contractors and other industry experts through word-of-mouth.
Focus group responses and secondary research showed that safety and reliability are
priorities within key messages the company wants to convey. Information gathered on
megatrends and market research showed a positive outlook for life & safety notification.
Security Info Watch estimates enrollment at universities to increase by 14 percent by
2022. Due to increased enrollment, construction will also see an increase at universities
by 9 percent through 2022; yet, there is seemingly a lack of online discussion on these
sectors and growth. Neo Classic PR believes we can complete Eatons challenge of
tapping into non-traditional media using its strong social media following and access to
non-traditional media writers linked to trade and mainstream media publications.

Eatons competitors are large power management and lighting companies. Its
competitors include: ABB, Acuity, Cree, Emerson, Philips, Rockwell, Schneider, and
Siemens. These companies are active on social media, but have experienced
problems with low levels of engagement. The most common forms of content shared
by these companies are success stories, product updates and advice articles for
engineers targeted to B2B audiences. Competitors LinkedIn and YouTube
channels are the platforms with the highest levels of likes and views. All the
competitors channels have few or no comments on posts. It is hard to tell if the
engagement companies receive is from outside audiences or company employees.

Neo Classic


A few of the companies maintain blogs ranging from an archive of press releases to
engineering help blogs. The same low-level of engagement on social media pertains
to the blogs as well. Eatons competitors appear to have the same difficulties as
Eaton when it comes to non-traditional media.

Eaton has garnered meaningful relationships with a number of trade media and
mainstream media outlets. Additionally, the company has built partnerships and
implemented projects with a variety of organizations in the electrical sector such as NRG
renew, the National September 11 Memorial and Museum and MillerCoors. While Eaton
has earned a large social media following, this is an area that could improve with more
engagement. Lastly, the target publics for this campaign, bloggers and social media
influencers, generally post content to promote education rather than a particular product
or company. For example, the blog HigherEd Tech Decisions posts technology
information important to university thought leaders, such as mass notification strategies
that will keep universities safe.
Our research findings are explained further with a summary of the strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities and threats to telling the narrative of Todays Eaton.

Eaton has several areas of its company working to create strong relationships with key
audiences, a strong social media following, successful past digital campaigns and solid
global brand positioning. The relationships built with new customers, mainstream media
and trade media have opened new doors to unexplored, non-traditional channels.
The acquisition has expanded Eatons electrical business from 35 percent of the
company to 65 percent, creating the ideal opportunity for Eaton to position itself as one
of the worlds leading electrical power management companies.
One of Eatons newest innovations in its life safety & mass notification sector is the fullyintegrated ALERiTY system. Eaton is the only company that offers in-building, wide-area
and distributed-recipient capabilities, all in one building. ALERiTY uses an one-button
system of systems approach that can be integrated with existing systems. This
technology gives Eaton a competitive advantage in the electrical industry by providing
an easy-to-use mass notification system for responders to access anywhere at any time.
Net sales for Eatons electrical products in 2014 was $7,254, an increase of 4 percent
from the previous year. Net sales increased by 83 percent in 2012, primarily due to
Eatons acquisition of Cooper Industries and new technologies such as ALERiTY.

Neo Classic


Eatons digital campaigns from the past two years have not captured significant
engagement and coverage in non-traditional media channels. Our secondary public,
industry experts, stated that they obtain most of their information through traditional
media or word-of-mouth. If the decision-makers are not seeking out information on
Eatons existing platforms (i.e Twitter, Facebook, Youtube), then the narrative of Todays
Eaton is ignored. In addition, secondary research found Eaton to have a significant
following on social media, but little to no engagement from key target audiences. For
example, engagement on Facebook posts is mainly interaction between Eaton
employees. Detailed social media analysis can be found in the monitoring report.

Eaton employees and public relations professionals interviewed in our focus group were
among those with experience in Eatons electrical sector. The participants stated there is
an opportunity to grow using Eatons strong social media following and pre-established
relationships with non-traditional media writers linked to trade and mainstream media
Our social media monitoring report on Eaton and its key competitors found there is an
opportunity to take advantage of its large LinkedIn following to increase engagement
among users discussing industry trends. Eaton could also concentrate on targeting
bloggers who write for online publications and websites to cover products and solutions
in its electrical sector. Based on the success of the microsite, Eaton has the
opportunity to arm non-traditional influencers with content to help tell the story of Todays
Eaton while educating audiences about Eatons electrical sector. These media kits could
be used at national trade shows and conferences for life safety and mass notification
that our target audiences are already attending. Eaton can attend industry specific trade
shows and conferences, such as; the Campus Safety and Security Summit organized
by Campus Safety, the Annual Airport Conference organized by Penn State University,
the International Association for Healthcare Safety and Security Annual Conference &
Exhibition, APCO International Conference and the National Fire Protection Association
Conference and Exposition.
Client Success Stories
A final opportunity comes from Eatons case studies and client success stories. As
mentioned, our research revealed that many bloggers aim to educate and speak to
audiences without promotion or mention of particular brands. Eaton has positioned itself
as a knowledgeable company that creates innovations backed by research and

Neo Classic


expertise; however, this is not yet conveyed through non-traditional media. Through this
campaign, Eaton has the opportunity to present product information and client
success through thought leadership and creative storytelling, making the content
more appealing to bloggers and social media influencers.

Based on interviews with industry experts, representing the electrical sector, NeoClassic
PR found that accessing non-traditional media is not relevant to their decision-making
process. Most of the targeted audiences use trusted vendors and references from
contractors and architects rather than non-traditional media sources to choose the best
The single greatest threat to this campaign is that Eatons audience still heavily relies on
traditional media to gain their information and make purchasing decisions.
Secondary research found an immense amount of clutter on social media platforms from
thousands of companies posting about new products and technologies, which makes it
difficult for companies to distinguish themselves among competitors.

Eatons current communication with clients is through online media and word-of-mouth.
Innovation microsite
Eatons website, particularly the microsite for the seven capabilities, plays a key role in
promoting the innovations and sharing client success stories. The microsite is a
top-of-mind resource for clients to learn more about Eatons products while non-traditional media is a secondary thought
Social Media
Eaton Electrical has a social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and
YouTube, for the lighting solution specifically (refer to monitoring reports for detailed
social media analysis). The channels are used to broadcast Eatons participation in
trade shows, feature products and highlight mentions in traditional media.
Focus group findings and client interviews revealed that Eaton relies heavily on word-ofmouth and partnerships to promote its products. A main partnership is with local
distributors who sell Eatons materials. Additionally, Eaton strives to reach all
stakeholders involved with decision-making in building projects (including architects,
designers, business owners, and facilities managers) to create a narrative about its

Neo Classic


Neo Classic PR will target a variety of non-traditional media, specifically bloggers, social
media influencers, and online media for traditional and trade media. These audiences
are experts and thought leaders who play key roles in the distribution of information
regarding Eatons newest capabilities. Our campaign will tell the narrative of Todays
Eaton through life safety and mass notification, our publics are affiliated with
organizations that have a need for emergency management products: hospitals,
universities and airports.

Bloggers who write about innovations and trends in universities, hospitals, and
airports. Specifically, Neo Classic will target blogs related to organizational safety
and security, current events that involve discussion of life safety and mass
notification systems and insight from emergency management and safety and
security conferences and expositions.
These bloggers write for and have the potential to influence the decision-makers in
our secondary publics.
Social Media Influencers
Social media accounts that post about innovations and trends in life safety and mass
notification. These leaders link to valuable content from other non-traditional outlets
to deliver information to owners, architects, contractors, and safety and security
managers of hospitals, universities, and airports who are decision-makers in the
power management of their organizations.

Industry Experts
Professionals who make the decisions on what products and solutions to provide safety
and security for universities, airports and hospitals. Specific publics for each industry

Universities: Personnel from university architects office, Information

Technology (IT) office, office of emergency management and both campus and
local police and safety and security officers
Airports: Personnel in safety and security management positions, transportation
security administration (TSA), IT staff


Neo Classic


Hospitals: Hospital security managers, director of safety and security

personnel, IT staff

Based on our research, Neo Classic PR found that bloggers and social media
influencers who cover topics relating to life safety and mass notification in universities,
hospitals and airports are creating educational content for industry experts implementing
certain systems into their buildings. The industry experts rely on this educational
information as well as trusted vendors to provide counsel to those making the ultimate
decision of what technologies will be installed in buildings.

Eaton is eager to tell the story of Todays Eaton, focused on showcasing its new
electrical capabilities. However, this story has not been shared through non-traditional
media. Neo Classic PRs research found Eaton has had difficulty identifying its key
audiences among social media influencers and influencers in the blogosphere because
these audiences produce content mainly for educational purposes rather than focusing
on promoting certain products for different companies.
While non-traditional media sources create this information, according to Neo Classic
PRs primary research, industry personnel do not use it in their decision making
process. Furthermore, blogs that Neo Classic PR found in secondary research showed
little engagement in the form of comments and shares. From this, we believe that
industry information is available through these sources, but awareness needs to be
raised. Eaton needs to shift away from the way it currently communicates with these
audiences online if it wants to effectively tell the story of Todays Eaton.

With our When Seconds Count campaign, sharing educational instead of promotional
content will motivate non-traditional media to share the narrative of Todays Eaton on
their online platforms and position Eaton as an industry thought leader through its
newest capabilities. Customers will read this story and think of Eaton when making
purchasing decisions.


Neo Classic


Neo Classic PR reviewed Eatons press material and news coverage related to life
safety and mass notification to determine a campaign theme in line with current
messaging. Recent press releases for Eatons five fire prevention plan tips, Eatons
mass notification system being used in the national 9/11 museum and Eatons
emergency education session at ISC highlight reasons why timely communication is key
in a crisis. The name When Seconds Count promotes the key message Eaton relays to
customers about how its technologies keep people informed when it matters most.


Eaton focuses on continuing innovations to create better products and

services to better serve its customers in the electrical industry.

Eatons expertise in life safety and mass notification educates media on best
practices to protect, alert and inform the critical audiences.


Eaton now has the leading technologies and solutions focusing on reliability
and ease of use in sectors that they have not been associated with before.

Life safety and mass notification keep businesss daily production flowing
and provides peace of mind to all employees.

ALERiTY, Eatons mass notification system, provides the right message to

the right people at the right time with a reliable, one-button system.


Neo Classic



To influence 10 percent of targeted non-traditional media to share Eatons

electrical products and solutions on personal social media platforms and blogs by
December 2016.

To increase engagement in the form of likes, comments and shares on Eatons

social media profiles by 10 percent through a creative storytelling campaign by
December 2016.

To position Eaton as a thought leader in safety and security management

among targeted non-traditional media by December 2016.


Disseminate Eatons owned media to bloggers and social media influencers

through non-traditional communications

Create Eatons owned media on non-traditional platforms

Provide face-to-face opportunities to educate bloggers and social media

influencers on Eatons new innovations and capabilities

Produce in-depth content to position Eaton as a thought leader among

non-traditional media

Educate our primary and secondary publics on Eatons new life safety and mass
notification technologies through face-to-face and nontraditional communications


Neo Classic


Neo Classic PR recommends that Eaton use face-to-face communications with
non-traditional media outlets by capitalizing on conferences and expositions they are
already attending.
A number of annual events take place that discuss best practices for safety and security
at hospitals, airports and universities. During the When Seconds Count campaign, we
advise Eaton to attend the Campus Safety and Security Summit organized by Campus
Safety, the Annual Airport Conference organized by Penn State University, the
International Association for Healthcare Safety and Security Annual Conference &
Exhibition, APCO International Conference and the National Fire Protection
Association Conference and Exposition. A description of each conference is included in
the end of this document. Based on a review of past conference wrap-ups and current
Twitter discussion, it is apparent that these conferences garner engagement beyond
industry personnel and traditional media to non-traditional media representatives.
ALERiTY Conference Alerts
Neo Classic PR will use Eatons conference media list, which is issued by conferences
to their participants, to distribute email invites to non-traditional media for a VIP
pre-conference demonstration. On the day of the event, Eatons ALERiTY system will be
used as a communication tool to send out a mass email notification to attendees with an
event reminder. The message will reference the use of ALERiTY to reach the attendees.
In addition, bloggers who register to attend one of the conferences Eaton has invited
them to will be eligible to be selected to receive a VIP text using ALERiTY. The blogger
who receives this text will win an exclusive interview with an Eaton engineer. This will
give the bloggers incentive to attend the conference as well as write about Eaton after
the conference.
Attendees will view a demonstration on Eatons life safety and mass notification system
and a discussion of how the system can protect, alert, and inform when organizations
need it most. For example, Eaton would inform bloggers on the top five best practices
for safety and security at hospitals, airports and universities, similar to Eatons
publication of five questions to ask employers about their fire prevention plan during Fire
Prevention Month. Attendees will be given a business card and a jump drive with a link
to additional press materials on the sector.


Neo Classic


The pre-conference event is a networking opportunity for both Eaton and
non-traditional media. The discussion and materials will provide non-traditional
media with an exclusive education and material for publication.
This tactic targets non-traditional media sources that attend events specific to the life
safety & mass notification industry.
Neo Classic PR will follow up with each blogger 1-2 weeks after the conference. The
follow-up email will include an infographic with a conference wrap-up that can be used
for publication. We will then monitor social media and blogger activity to determine if any
posted or published materials about the pre-conference demonstration. Additionally, the
link on the distributed business cards will have a tracking URL to gauge how many
attendees visited the website specific to this tactic.


Neo Classic


Neo Classic PR will invite three industry bloggers from our media list to co-host a
When Seconds Count webinar about life safety and mass notification for hospitals,
airports and universities respectively. The three webinars will span over a threemonth period with one presentation per month from each blogger in each industry.
One host blogger will be chosen from each of the pre-conference events and
demonstrations held by Eaton. The webinar will be a dialogue on how to transform
industry market outlook, current events and trends in life safety and mass
notification into creative content for a bloggers audience. The webinar will also
highlight resources that Eaton offers through the When Seconds Count campaign to
learn more about innovative solutions for life safety and mass notification.
Neo Classic PR will invite industry bloggers from its media list throughout North
America to the event. The host blogger will benefit from the potential of an increased
following and an opportunity to position his or herself as a thought leader on creative
content for industry news. This blogger can also benefit from a media relationship
with Eaton.
Bloggers may not attend an Eaton-branded webinar with the assumption that it would be
a sales pitch. Partnering with a current blogger will still convey the messages related to
Todays Eaton, but with third party affirmation.
Bloggers in North America who discuss safety and trends for hospitals, airports and
Neo Classic PR will use Google Analytics to track opens, clicks and responses from the
invite email and compare this to number of people who accessed the webinar. After the
webinar, Neo Classic PR will then monitor blog posts and social media mentions from
bloggers to measure coverage of the event.


Neo Classic


With the help of Eaton, Neo Classic PR will identify one engineer who works directly
with life safety and mass notification to host a webinar targeted to our secondary
public: industry experts. For this When Seconds Count webinar, we will invite
facilities managers, safety and security managers, architects, IT personnel and
emergency management personnel from hospitals, universities and airports in the
northeast Ohio area.
Neo Classic PR will develop a list of potential attendees from these areas and send
email invites to each. During the webinar, the engineer will present current trends in
mass notification systems, highlight key system functionalities that are important to
each group (hospitals, airports and universities) and briefly discuss the innovations
of Eatons system. The webinar will be education-based, but end on a call-to-action
to learn more about Eatons life safety and mass notification products.
These webinars will take place over a three month period, with each month
dedicated to one business. While the initial webinars will just be targeted to
northeast Ohio, this tactic could easily be implemented in other cities.
One of our campaign objectives is to position Eaton as a thought leader among our
publics. By hosting a webinar, Eaton has an opportunity to present purely educational
information about trends in life safety and mass notification, yet still tie in its brand and
industry expertise.
The audience for this tactic is personnel associated with safety and security at hospitals,
airports and universities in northeast Ohio.
Neo Classic PR will use Google Analytics to track opens, clicks and responses from
the invite email and compare this to number of people who accessed the webinar. At
the end of the webinar, users will be prompted to complete a brief survey to gauge their
thoughts of the presentation and their likelihood of working with Eaton in the future.


Neo Classic



Twitter and Facebook recently incorporated timeline videos that play directly from the
site. Neo Classic PR feels using this tool would be a great way to promote engagement
through social media. The videos will give Eaton a chance to showcase the narrative of
Todays Eaton in a creative, succinct way.
The campaign theme When Seconds Count will be used to start this video series, which
can later be used for the other six capabilities. The videos will be in line with Eatons
key life safety and mass notification messaging: Protect. Alert. Inform. and provide the
right message to the right people at the right time. The videos will feature a sequence of
instances that show how mass notification systems are vital to the day-to-day functions
and safety of a business.
Five different videos with the same theme and key messages will be shared over a
five week period of time. Neo Classic PR would plan, film and edit the videos. Each
would be shared with a hashtag, for example #ALERiTY, #StayAhead, #NotifyMe, and
According to Twitter research, tweets with videos get a 48 percent bump in retweets
compared to what a page normally normally. Additionally, hashtags are often called out
as the most effective way to promote conversation on Twitter. According to the Content
Marketing Institute, 50% of all internet users have re-posted a photo or video they found
online. This tactic represents our strategy of using non-traditional media to create
Eatons owned media.
The audience is Eatons current social media followers, such as electrical engineers,
marketing and communications professionals and online publications and potential
social media reach.
Neo Classic PR will evaluate this tactic based on Twitter engagement (favorites,
retweets, mentions and post clicks). Our agency will track how the engagement
progresses over the video series. The video will end with a link to a tracking URL.
Neo Classic PR will record engagement with this link using Google Analytics.


Neo Classic


Neo Classic PR recommends that Eaton use its LinkedIn presence to join groups that
are discussing public safety and mass notification systems.
LinkedIn groups provide an opportunity to create a conversation with industry experts.
Groups reach a specific target audience and only members are able to view the content.
Specifically, we would advise Eaton to join: Public Safety Technology, Public Safety
Information System Experts, and APCO. A description of each group is included in the
end of this document. These groups contain members of Eatons secondary audience
who are looking to share information and network.
We recommend Eaton asks one of its experts in mass notification systems to join the
group, as it is made for industry experts and access must be requested of the group
manager. Neo Classic PR will work with Eaton to determine the best candidate to
engage with this LinkedIn audience. The group member would be responsible for
participating in the conversation and gathering information that could be useful for
Eatons product and marketing development.
Group participation will allow Eaton to position itself as a thought leader among its
non-traditional audience. The conversation can also provide valuable insight into the
mindset of Eatons consumers, partners and influencers. Monitoring the group
discussion will allow Eaton to see what consumers want from their mass notification
systems and what they hope to see in the future.
The audience is industry experts in LinkedIn groups focused on public safety and mass
Neo Classic will evaluate this tactic based off of the comments that Eatons expert
receives, sentiment and general tone of these comments and if any of the group
members choose to make a purchase because of the conversation.


Neo Classic



Neo Classic recommends that Eaton use creative storytelling to increase
engagement on LinkedIn. We recommend writing client testimonials, interviewing
engineers about the success of their projects (9/11 Memorial & mass notification)
and stories about a day in the life of an employee to provide an emotional tie to the
company. Eatons story will follow the When Seconds Count campaign theme.
One story example is focused on Eatons creation of a system of systems that
avoids wasting time trying to navigate three, four or even 12 systems in a high-stake
situation. The story will creatively and conversationally illustrate what use of Eatons
products means for every second of an emergency.
Neo Classic will be responsible for conducting interviews and writing stories for
LinkedIn. The stories will focus on giving an inside look into Eaton and its
employees. The goal is to create stories to show real life experiences with Eatons
products that will increase engagement, comments and shares.
Eatons current posts receive low levels of engagement. Creative storytelling
focuses on stories that build a connection with the audience. These types of stories
drive engagement by starting a conversation. This tactic represents our strategy of
using non-traditional media to create Eatons owned media.
The audience is Eatons current LinkedIn followers, industry bloggers and industry
experts that use LinkedIn.
This tactic will be evaluated by the number of comments, likes and shares the posts
receive. The showcase page will have analytical data provided by LinkedIn.


Neo Classic



Neo Classic PRs interactive media kit will be the hub of all campaign content. The
significance of the kit is its traceable URL, which will allow us to attribute all interaction
with the site back to our campaign. The media kit will be segmented to provide the most
personalized experience based on the visitors needs. Upon entering the media kit,
visitors will be asked to indicate if they are a part of our primary or secondary public.
From here, the website experience will be determined by the specific needs of the
visitor. To make the experience most meaningful to each public, the blogger side will
have a life safety and mass notification education focus while the industry personnel
side will have more of a product and success story focus.
The media kit will be created by NEO Classic PR using online software by
Eaton does not currently have a media kit specifically for each of its sectors, which
leaves opportunity to create and promote this form of owned media. Because our
primary audience is non-traditional media, creating online content catered to their
interests will reach them in a way that is appealing to them.
Non-traditional media who write content on life safety and mass notification.
The interactive press kit will be tracked with Google Analytics to keep a measurement
of site activity. NEO Classic PR will create a plan prior to publishing the site to detail
the engagement we expect to see. The site will be evaluated after one month based on
initial objectives. We will also set up a Google Alert to determine if information specific to
the media kit was used by anyone in the target audience.


Neo Classic


OBJECTIVE: To influence 10 percent of targeted non-traditional media to share Eatons
electrical products and solutions on personal social media platforms and blogs by
December 2016.

EVALUATION: Neo Classic PR will evaluate use of the interactive media kit,
information distributed through pre-conference events and webinar interaction.
Each of these tactics includes a trackable URL linked to Google Analytics that
can determine who is sharing what content. Additionally, we will monitor Google
Alerts with the terms Eaton, ALERiTY, and When Seconds Countto find
mentions relevant to our campaign.

OBJECTIVE:To increase engagement in the form of likes, comments and shares on

Eatons social media profiles by 10 percent through a creative storytelling campaign by
December 2016.

EVALUATION: Pre-campaign, Neo Classic PR will work with Eaton to obtain

a baseline of social media engagement analytics for Twitter and Facebook.
From here, we can determine growth on each platform during and at the end
of the campaign. LinkedIn is limited in terms of availability of measurement
software, so LinkedIn tactics will be evaluated by sentiment.

OBJECTIVE: To position Eaton as a thought leader in safety and security management

among targeted non-traditional media by December 2016.

EVALUATION: Neo Classic PR will monitor media mentions through Google

Alerts to determine how Eaton is being positioned by non-traditional sources.


Neo Classic



12-month campaign from December 2015 to December 2016


Neo Classic


Planning for this tactic will take a month before each conference or trade show. The
planning process includes creating an invite list, creating the invitational emails, securing
Eatons booth and party room, ordering food, contacting registered bloggers and social
media influencers, and creating the ALERiTY text alerts. The conferences and trade
shows Eaton will be attending will take place in February, March, May, June and August.
Evaluation for this tactic will take place after each conference and trade show and after
the final one in August.

Planning for this tactic will take place a month before each webinar. The planning
process includes securing a blogger to run a webinar, selecting the topic,
purchasing the software for the webinar, creating a media list and sending out an
e-blast to invite participants. There will be three separate webinars discussing
different topics throughout the year. This tactic will be evaluated after each webinar
to make improvements.

Planning for this tactic will take place a month before each webinar including
securing an engineer to run a webinar, selecting the topic, purchasing the software
for the webinar, creating a media list and sending out an e-blast to invite
participants. There will be three separate webinars discussing different topics
throughout the year opposite of the months of the blogger webinars. This tactic will
be evaluated after each webinar to make improvements.


Planning for this tactic will take three months. The planning process will include
interviewing experts for video ideas, creation of videos, editing of videos, and
developing a content calendar for a timeline of when each video will be sent out.
The video impact will be evaluated by the amount of engagement the videos receive
based on likes, shares, comments, etc.


Neo Classic


Planning for this tactic will take one month following the LinkedIn creative storytelling
campaign.This time will include researching LinkedIn groups, finding an employee to
be responsible for participating, and developing content ideas. Group participation
will begin in May and will continue throughout the rest of the year and will be
evaluated by comments received, sentiment, and general tone the participant tracks.


Planning this tactic will take roughly two months. Planning will include producing
story content and scheduling posts. The campaign will begin in April and will be
evaluated based off of the number of comments, likes, and shares post receive.
Evaluation will start in July to monitor success and determine if any changes need to
be made in the campaign.


Creating and developing this tactic will take two months. This time will include
purchasing online software, creating and designing the online media kit, creating all
press materials and creating all creative storytelling elements. The online media kit will
launch at the beginning of March and will be evaluated based on views and


Neo Classic




Neo Classic




Neo Classic


Target audience
This element targets Industry bloggers that have been identified through Neo Classic
PRs media research.

To inform bloggers about an exclusive opportunity to connect with Eaton and

share potential blog content

To create positive communication and excitement about the event
Communication channel
The e-blasts will be designed and sent through Constant Contact.
Example of email/invite


Neo Classic


The VIP spot at

the 2016 Airport

Youve been selected to join Eaton at

Monday, March 21,


Hershey Lodge Great

American Hall

To receive:
A demonstration of our
life safety and mass
notification products

Networking opportunities
with other safety and
security bloggers from
across the nation

Exclusive access to an
Eaton engineer to learn
about new innovations

Blog content and topic

ideas from leaders in the
electrical industry


*Drinks and hors doeuvres

Register now and be eligible
to receive an exclusive
interview with an
Eaton engineer

Register Now

Neo Classic



Target audience
This communication element targets industry bloggers who attend the
pre-conference events.

To present bloggers with a small, memorable piece of communication that

will link to the interactive media kit

To create an element that makes traffic to the media kit from pre-conference

event attendees easily trackable
Communication channel
This element will be distributed to the target audience face-to-face at the conclusion
of the pre-conference events.
Example of business card


Neo Classic




An interactive media kit personalized to your needs.


Neo Classic



Target audience
This communication elements targets industry experts and social media influencers
working in safety and security for hospitals, airports and universities to pass on to

To create a visual communication element to demonstrate Eatons electrical

products in the life safety and mass notification sector

To educate viewers on how Eatons products work and why they are better

than competitors
Communication channel
The video will be posted on Eatons social media accounts.
The storyboard and produced video


Neo Classic



Neo Classic



Target audience
Bloggers that attend pre-conference events, participants in the Eaton webinars, and
visitors to the Eaton Electrical microsite.

To present bloggers with a resource for potential blog content

To increase media coverage of Eatons newest capabilities
Communication channel
The interactive media kit will be distributed on USBs at pre-conference events.The
media kit it will also appear as a link at the end of webinars and will be posted on the
Example of the homepage and website wireframe


Neo Classic


When Seconds Count

An interactive media kit personalized to your needs.

My office is:


(Bloggers, social media personnel)

Contact us

In a university, hospital or airport

(Emergency management personnel)

Connect with us


About When Seconds Count

Neo Classic


Contact Us

About When Seconds Count

Attending a Safety and

Security Conference?


(Bloggers, social media personnel)

Press Releases

When Seconds Count Education

Eaton Expands
Energy Efficient
Wheelock Exceeder...

Conference Wrap-Up

When Seconds Count

video 1

LinkedIn Story 1

Conferences Were Attending

When Seconds Count

video 2

LinkedIn Story 2

Join Our Demonstrations

When Seconds Count

video 3

LinkedIn Story 3

Blogger Webinar Videos

When Seconds Count

video 4

Eaton leads
educational session
at ISC...
Eaton Shares Five
Questions To Ask
Your Employer
About Its Fire...


Eaton Video Campaign

When Seconds Count

video 5


Our Stories

Neo Classic


Contact Us

What makes
system of systems?

Educational Webinars

In a university, hospital or airport

(Emergency management personnel)

Press Releases
Eaton Expands
Energy Efficient
Wheelock Exceeder...
Eaton leads
educational session
at ISC...
Eaton Shares Five
Questions To Ask
Your Employer
About Its Fire...

Eaton in the News

News Story 1
News Story 2
News Story 3

Eaton Video
When Seconds Count
video 1
When Seconds Count
video 2
When Seconds Count
video 3
When Seconds Count
video 4
When Seconds Count
video 5


Whats Your Story?

Share Your

Command and Control
In-Building Mass
Wide-Area Mass
Distributed Recipient
Mass Notification

Neo Classic



Target audience
This communication elements targets bloggers who attended pre-conference events.

To present bloggers with visual communciation element displaying key take

away from each conference

To provide a visual communication element for bloggers to easily share on

their own social platforms

Communication channel
An infographic will be created after each conference/trade show displaying the
highlights and key messages from each. The infographic will be sent to the bloggers
and social media influencers who attended a specific conference.
The fully-designed inforgraphic


Neo Classic



Neo Classic



Neo Classic PRs primary research consisted of a focus group with Eaton employees,
representing marketing, sales and communications, public relations representatives and
15 informational interviews with industry bloggers, social media influencers and industry
experts to discuss issues vital to the success of this campaign.
Overall, the focus group found that Eaton is comprised of world-class experts and
support teams focused on supplying exceptional customer service, expanding its
customer base through new technologies and building lasting relationships. It has
already built strong relationships and third-party endorsement in traditional and trade
media, which could be used to connect with nontraditional contacts.
Recent projects mentioned in the focus group include: Eatons new blog,, Eatons work with airports and LED technology, a
solar energy project with NRG renew and a mobile trailer showcasing Eatons products.
These initiatives focus on the lighting solutions, hazardous environment and fusible
circuit protection capabilities, leaving opportunity to highlight one or more of the
remaining sectors. Focus group responses about Eatons business objectives showed
that safety and reliability are priority within key messages the company wants to convey.
While digital campaigns have provided positive results, bloggers, influencers and
experts still rely on traditional media as the go-to outlet for information. These key
publics do not generally engage with nontraditional media to access purchase
making information because there first move would be to go straight to the source.
Though these publics do not typically use nontraditional channels for decision making,
there is an opportunity to begin the online conversation through thought-leadership and

NeoClassic PR conducted a focus group with 10 Eaton employees and
communication consultants on September 23, 2015. The Eaton employees
represented various sectors of the company from sales to marketing and
communications. The communication consultants were from agencies Eaton has
hired in the past for different projects. The participants in the focus group were
asked to discuss their perceptions of Todays Eaton and Eatons new electrical


Neo Classic



To learn how Eatons business objectives connect to increasing

understanding of Todays Eaton among nontraditional media influencers

To obtain the key points and language necessary to help us create a

narrative on what the new capabilities mean for Todays Eaton

To gain insight about current and potential customers for Eatons electrical

To increase understanding of how Eatons electrical business differentiates

from its competitors and Eatons market position among competitors


NeoClassic PR used open-ended questions to begin a discussion with participants

about their perceptions of Todays Eaton and Eatons new electrical innovations.
Through these questions, NeoClassic PR was able to identify the key messages
Eaton would like to resonate with its publics through the narrative based on
exceptional customer service, new innovations and new media platforms.


Regina Perundik - Owner, Cobblestone Creative

Bernadette Miller - Senior Account Executive, Largemouth Communications
Judy Simms-Brown - Marketing and Communications Manager, Eaton
Gary Jennings - Director of Sales for Great Lakes District, Eaton
Kelly Propst - Director of Strategic Accounts, Largemouth Communications
Michelle Phillips - Global Marketing Communications Manager, Eaton
Leslie Swiantek - Account Executive, Cobblestone Creative
Kristie Anderson - Marketing Communications Manager, Eaton Lighting
Connie Smith - Marketing Communications Specialist, Eaton
Mike Correll - Director of Marketing, North America, Eaton

OBJECTIVE ONE: To learn how Eatons business objectives connect to increasing

understanding of Todays Eaton among nontraditional media influencers

KEY FINDINGS: Eaton wants to provide exceptional customer service, be

seen as a reliable company and provide innovative solutions.

We try to focus on the value proposition; the power challenges that Eaton is
solving is how we try to message, Kelly Propst, Director of
Strategic Accounts, Largemouth Communications


Neo Classic


One key message is that we provide solutions that increase productivity

without sacrificing safety. Safety and reliability are big things. Even though

our products are specified for anywhere in the globe, we have local

connections to help people face-to-face.
Mike Correll, Director of Marketing, North America, Eaton

An important area is service. How do we become the easiest company to

select, specify and install our products? We have a strong story to tell to the

advances Eaton will execute and allow customers to access resource
Regina Perundik, Owner, Cobblestone Creative

Eaton can now offer turnkey solutions to customers across the entire

power insulation within a facility.
Mike Correll, Director of Marketing, North America, Eaton

Getting in front of more user customers is important. We sell to the

contractor, but were working on trying to get to the owners to share the story

of the breadth of product and have them say that they would like to have

Eaton products be a part of their facility; we need to get in front of the end
Gary Jennings, Director of Sales, Great Lakes District, Eaton

OBJECTIVE TWO: To obtain the key points and language necessary to help us
create a narrative on what the new capabilities mean for Todays Eaton.

KEY FINDINGS: Eatons narrative focuses on its passion for innovation and
the partnership it builds with customers.

One thing I think is important is the level of passion and the culture Eaton has

to take care of the customer. What really sets us apart is the fact that we have

the best people and the passion and commitment. That is what is going to make

a difference for the customers.
Gary Jennings, Director of Sales, Great Lakes District, Eaton

Todays Eaton is more of a partner to our customers rather than just a power

management company. Were trying to partner with our industries and customers

without just selling products.
Mike Correll, Director of Marketing, North America, Eaton

What comes to mind is innovation you can rely on; innovation, reliability and

ease of doing business.
Kristie Anderson, Marketing Communications Manager, Eaton


Neo Classic


OBJECTIVE THREE: To gain insight about current and potential customers for
Eatons electrical business.

KEY FINDINGS: Eaton is expanding its customer base with the additions of
new technologies, media platforms, and training programs.

We will be announcing soon how the 9/11 museum is using Eatons

emergency communications system, a new capability that comes from the

Cooper acquisition. Its an overall solution thats helping customers

communicate more effectively.
Regina Perundik, Owner, Cobblestone Creative

Well be launching a new blog called

Were starting it because customers often see applications but dont know

where to get the latest LED information and get the best solutions

aesthetically and financially.
Kristie Anderson, Marketing Communications Manager, Eaton

Eaton had a trend in working with airports to conduct retrofits for LED

lighting so we made an infographic to see why airports are switching to LED

and to highlight architectural features in airports settings.
Kelly Propst, Director of Strategic Accounts, Largemouth

We launched a mobile training experience kicked off in February. It is a

40-ft trailer with Eaton products. The program aims to educate customers on

co-compliance installations in harsh and hazardousenvironments. The trailer

is touring the country showcasing new products and solutions.
Mike Correll, Director of Marketing, North America, Eaton

We did a project with NRG renew. It was a solar project that involves the

entire breadth of Eatons products. Weve done a lot of things with this

customer since then.
Regina Perundik, Owner, Cobblestone Creative

OBJECTIVE FOUR: To gain insight about current and potential customers for
Eatons electrical business.

KEY FINDING: Eaton is comprised of experts and professionals passionate

about providing the best level of support and insight to customers around the


Neo Classic


Eaton has an extensive engineering support team that differentiates Eaton

and provides a level of insight and expertise. We have an expansive services

team that has resources around the globe. One of the things thats

notable is that we can help customers wherever we are; we really have

experts all over the world.
Regina Perundik, Owner, Cobblestone Creative

One thing I think is important is the level of passion and the culture Eaton

has to take care of the customer. What really sets us apart is the fact that we

have the best people and the passion and commitment that is what is going to

make a difference for the customers.
Gary Jennings, Director of Sales, Great Lakes District, Eaton

The focus group participants emphasized that Eatons key messages should reach
clients, but also go beyond that to reach the end users. Some keywords consistently
used in Eatons elevator pitch and mission statement to convey this message are
innovation, customer service, reliability and safety. The projects that Eaton is
currently working on are skewed toward to lighting sector because it has been the
easiest sector to visually represent, according to External Communications Manager,
Holly Mueller. This shows an opportunity to push key messages through by utilizing
the other sectors.


Nontraditional media and social media influencers focusing on electrical innovations

and trends in universities, hospitals, and airports.

Neo Classic PR conducted four interviews with primary publics. To identify these
influencers, we reviewed trade publications that Eaton has previously been
published in to find individual bloggers, conducted keyword searches to find blogs
mentioning elements of the seven capabilities and analyzed Eatons social media
channel audiences to determine people who share key social media insights about
the industry.
Further research will be done to determine other potential primary public interviews.
The interview process will be ongoing to ensure that we have exhausted all options,
and followed-up with interviewees we did not get an initial response from.


Neo Classic



Andrea Klee, Editor of Electrical Contractor Magazine


It is important for contractors to stay up-to-date with shifts in the market by

reading business-to-business publications, attending training and industry

Electrical contractors do extensive market research to find out what kind of

work its readers are doing. We ask our readers what kind of work theyre

doing, how they do it, what are the main topics theyre interested in etc.

By finding out what theyre interested in or what types of work theyre

expanding into, we know what types of content to deliver.

Research conducted by Electrical Contractor shows that the target audience

starts by reading the print magazine and from therethey are then directed
She does not look to industry blogs or influencers as a resource.

Hallie Busta, Online Technology Reporter for Electronic House


Maintaining professional relationships with industry leaders is key to

staying ahead on possible news about products and technologies.

Information regarding the industry is usually received via email.

We receive a high volume of emails from lighting-product manufacturers and
attend industry events including, trade shows and conferences, and that is
where we get most of our new-product news.

Part of our job is to go into those typically closed communities and open

them, at least to the extent that we can report salient information back to our

Networking and persistence are key to finding the information to give

to audiences.


Neo Classic


Rachel Cericola, Freelance Writer for Electronic House


Gathering information about the industry is done mostly by receiving

information from public relations companies. If more information is needed to
write about a specific topic, seeking out installers in the field is another way to
obtain key information.

Maintaining persistency is key in finding information to write about the

industry. This can lead help develop relationships with people among the
industry and lead to future material being obtained.

Jessica Kennedy, Blogger for HigherEd Tech Decisions


Jessica gets a lot of information from a variety of companies about products and
services. She has an editorial relationship with a few particular companies,
and building this relationship is the best way to be featured on the website.

If a particular university is interested in featuring product-specific content, they

can submit that to TechDecisions. Aside from this, the website doesnt explicitly
promote any companies.

Its very helpful when companies provide their own content that they feel may be

of interest to Jessica. Stories that seem applicable to the TechDecisions audience

(emergency management decision makers at universities) can potentially be

Jessica recommends keeping pitched content fresh with a balance of different

types of content (i.e. narratives and news pieces).

Most bloggers and industry experts said they gain information about the industry
through traditional sources. They attend conferences and trade shows to learn about
the newest products and technologies. Influencers also rely on information sent to
them by public relations professionals to create content. Neither bloggers nor
influencers depend on other non-traditional media sources to find content.


Neo Classic



Neo Classic PR conducted four interviews with industry experts in the life safey and
mass notification field to discover who makes the decisions on what products and
solutions are implemented for universities, airports and hospitals and what influenced
them to make those decisions.


Bill Buckbee, Kent State Assistant Police Chief

Bill Buckbee and his department spearheaded the initiative to upgrade Kent
States mass notification system earlier this year.


Products on Kents previous mass notification system were replaced

because it became clear that the old system was failing because it required
more human intervention and more repairs on a regular basis.

The last system felt overly complicated; people were under a lot of
stress when they went to use it. With the change, we wanted
something that would still look and sound familiar to the end user so
there would not be need for a lot of new education or new costs.

The decision about what products to add was made based on vendor
presentations and consultation with trusted contractors. Online media did not
play a role in the decision.

Ultimately we want something that has easy maintenance, is cost-

effective and is a good replacement of improvement on what we already

Buckbee recommends understanding the public and what things are

important to them: Try to find out what the school has and make
the pitch that your system will be a much better cost replacement.
Too often, sales people call me and say if youre really serious about
protecting people, youll use this which comes off offensively
because most public safety people are serious about protection.


Neo Classic


One area Buckbee feels everyone is weakest is a mass notification

system that will reach the hard of hearing, deaf and blind. The struggle
is how to get the message to them if theyre not not paying attention
to their phone.
Currently, Kent is working with two different systems for text and building
notifications, so in the future Buckbee would want these two to be integrated.

Gerald Eveleth, Assistant Director of Architecture and Engineering at

Kent State

Gerald Eveleth and his department worked with the Department of Public

Safety on the upgrade to Kents mass notification system.


The most important capabilities when it comes to mass notification

systems at a university are reliability, flexibility and intelligibility,

meaning being able to clearly understand the message being sent out.

Kent used trusted vendors and references from contractors and architects
to choose the best products for its mass notification system. Online media
did not play a large role in the decision.

The problem is that theres so much online and so many claims, its hard to
sort through the good and bad information. A lot of times we have people
we trust say I heard about this and I think its a good product so its very
much word of mouth.

A demonstration from a trusted voice in the industry would be the ideal

channel for universities to receive information about mass notification

Jeffrey Gordon, Deputy Commissioner Operations & Security

Cleveland Airport System


Social media is not used to research mass notification and safety products
for the airport. Most of the departments information is provided by AFA
circular updates.


Neo Classic


The need to learn is always being looked at and reviewed.

Attend conferences for airports and air safety, but not for mass notification

Gordon said he would be interested in having one of the airports resident

experts take part in a webinar on mass notification.

Daniel Ivan, Manager of Access Control for the Safety & Security
Department at Cleveland State University


Cleveland State uses two different types of systems for mass notification,

one for text, email and phone communication and one for wide-area

The emergency management team is in charge of reviewing commercial

systems on an annual basis. These professionals do not use consultation to
make decisions about the best system to use.

Currently, there is nothing Daniel believes should be improved about the

systems other than a decrease in price.

Reliability, ease-of-use and customization of delivery methods based on the

intensity of an emergency are desired functions.

Online media that is campus security specific is reviewed among the

emergency management team, however it is not a primary source of
determining best practices.

Cleveland State uses Campus Safety Magazine and ASIS to get information
on industry news.


These industry experts use traditional media and word-of-mouth communication to

gather information about mass notification systems. They attend conferences and tradeshows specific to their industries to learn about the latest products and technologies.
They do not consider social media a primary source of information. Industry experts are
not using non-traditional media to gain information or to make purchasing decisions.


Neo Classic


Sandy Williams, Manager of Content & Strategy, Eaton


Be sure to take the time to learn your clients business. Dont be uncomfort
able talking about financials.
One of Eatons bigger megatrends is with data centers (which are run by

electricity) There is room for opportunity here

Eric Franks, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Electrical
Sector, Eaton


There are a lot of people who specialize when it comes to constructing

a building, so there are a lot of people that Eaton influences. Eaton works
closely with building designers.

Market and sales of Eatons products relies heavily on distribution. Electrical

distributors stock Eatons materials and offer local value.

One of the goals is to help people who are designing for an owner get the
big picture, even if Eaton doesnt sell directly to them.

Primarily, the decision-makers for electrical power purchases use word of

mouth to obtain their information. Because of this, the mission is to figure
out the shortest way to describe the capabilities with a short, simple, message
that the customer will care about most.

I think weve done a good job of making a successful acquisition. Before

Cooper, Eaton was not considered one of the big global guys, now we
can compete.

Successful pitches include an understanding of the customers values, a

tailored message that comes down to the segment and insight about the

person making the decision.


Neo Classic


Holly Mueller, Manager of External Communications, and Hilary Spittle,

Integration Leader for Global Branding and Communication, Eaton


The acquisition has enabled Eaton to compete with the giants of the
electrical world.

The end of 2015 finalizes the integration period for Eaton, and the
company is still struggling to tell its new story to different types of media,
especially nontraditional.

The innovation campaigns for mainstream media and trade media have
been successful at increasing positive brand recognition through creative
storytelling and the microsite. The digital campaign strove to convince
decision makers to think of Eaton for new technologies.

We need to be known as a branded house, not a house of brands,

(speaking about creating one brand identity).

It is important to generate discussion through nontraditional media to

showcase Eaton as leaders and in the electrical world.

Never disregard the power of traditional tactics to target nontraditional media

Eaton has done so much with the new lighting sector already, it would like
to see expansion in other new categories, especially life & safety and
hazardous environments.

The consumers need to be educated that we are selling the same products
just with a different name.


The Cooper acquisition gave Eaton the opportunity to become competitive at a

global level. The goal now is the make this fact known among nontraditional media
audiences. Eaton had done a good job of pitching the story of Todays Eaton to
traditional media, however, conversation on non traditional media channels is an
area the company has not yet explored.


Neo Classic



The end of this year marks the final integration of Cooper Industries into Eaton. Neo
Classic PR is determined to tell the story of Todays Eaton through non-traditional
media channels in the United States. This story focuses on Eatons new innovations and
capabilities in electrical, energy-efficient solutions.
In order to tell this story, Neo Classic PR first conducted secondary research by
analyzing online and print resources to better understand market trends, content
strategies and target audiences of non-traditional media in the electrical industry.
Research revealed there is a scarce amount of specific non-traditional media content
surrounding these new capabilities. However, there is still opportunity for Eaton to tap
into a broader conversation on key topics including mass notification system
technologies incorporated into the electrical systems of hospitals, universities, airports
and government buildings.
Most of Eatons competitors have their own blogs targeting toward customers and more
specifically, decision-makers, but this type of owned media limits endorsements from
key influencers. These blogs write about client success stories, employee successes,
product updates and product tips. Neo Classic PR found earned media from bloggers
and social media influencers makes a brand appear more trustworthy and
knowledgeable in the mind of the consumer.
Information gathered on megatrends and market research showed a positive outlook for
life & safety notification and wiring devices, yet there is seemingly a lack of online
discussion on these sectors.

Eaton is a power management company that provides energy-efficient products and
services to its customers to effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical
power more efficiently, safely and sustainably. Eaton has approximately 102,000
employees and sells products to customers in more than 175 countries.
In 2012, Eaton announced the $13 billion acquisition of Cooper Industries, an electrical
equipment supplier. This was the largest acquisition in Eatons 101-year history that
expanded its capabilities by broadening their portfolio of electrical products, services
and solutions.


Neo Classic


Before the Cooper acquisition, the electrical sector compiled about 35 percent of Eatons
business. After the acquisition, it now makes up about 65 percent.
The Cooper acquisition presented Eaton with the opportunity to tell a new story of
Todays Eaton that focuses on new innovation and capabilities of the following:
Utility Grade Power: The utility grade power sector encompasses power
management products. Due to the acquisition, the sectors success goes back nearly 60
years to when Cooper Power Systems was the first to design and sell the AWR
transformer, which became the industry standard. The PEAK transformer was created
by Eaton to provide increased overload capacity and a smaller carbon footprint.
Life Safety and Mass Notification: ALERiTY is a mass notification system that takes a
one button approach to operate as a system of systems. There are three parts to the
mass notification system; in-building, wide-area and distributed-recipient. The system
provides a web-based command console that is easy-to-understand for users and can
be accessed and monitored by responders anywhere at anytime.
Structural Support: The strut system supports a variety of commercial and industrial
applications including; overhead support grids, racking systems, panel stands and more.
Eatons B-Line series 4Dimension strut system saves up to 55 percent on materials and
saves up to 30 percent more time.
Fusible Circuit Protection: The CUBEFuse is Eatons fuse design that is so small in
size it can give engineers 70 percent more room, which can lead to reduced panel size.
This will leave more wall space for new enclosures and monitors.
Hazardous Environments: This sector provides electrical system protection solutions.
The ACE explosionproof VFD is an explosionproof enclosure with a heavy-duty blower
that provides constant internal airflow allowing the variable frequency drives (VFD) to
operate at temperatures of 50 degrees celsius.
Wiring Devices: This sector integrates USB charging outlets into wall receptacles. The
USB ports make a way to charge virtually any electrical component in a quick,
convenient way.
Lighting Solutions: This sector includes WaveStream, an integrated set of components
that allow LED lights to increase efficiency and decrease wattage consumption. It offers
a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures from nine product families.

Appendix A


Neo Classic


Lighting Solutions:
The lighting solutions market outlook looks very promising. LED lighting is expected to
show tremendous growth in the coming years. Big Market Research estimates the LED
lighting market to grow 45 percent annually and eventually reach $63.1 billion by the
year 2020. The LED lighting market was struggling early on. The costs were down and
the efficiency was better than incandescent light bulbs in the market but the strong glare
from the lights was holding it back. Another major reason according to Market Watch is
that LED lighting offers 50,000 hours illumination. With the construction market
beginning to rise again, LED lighting is on pace to eventually eliminate the use of
incandescent light bulbs.
Life & Safety Notification:
This capability of Eaton is showing tremendous growth in the market due to university
growth and construction. Enrollment at universities and colleges is continuing to
increase annually. Due to the increase in enrollment, safety systems and mass
notification systems (MNS) are trending upward. Security Info Watch (SIW) estimates
that student enrollment at universities will increase 14 percent from 2014-2022. This is a
major contributing factor to the need for MNS to be installed. Also, due to the
increasing size of freshman classes, construction on campuses will increase by 9
percent from 2014 to 2022 according to SIW. Finally, SIW concludes that at the higher
education level, deployment will surpass $267 million by 2019. These staggering
numbers will also lead to the increase of the mass notification market as a whole.
According to the report Mass Notification Market Global Forecast, the entire mass
notification market will be worth over $8.5 billion by 2020. Within the next five years the
market will double.
Fusible Circuit Protection:
According to the Freedonia Group, there will be an annual demand increase of 5.5
percent for circuit breakers and fuses. The market should reach $5.1 billion by the year
2017 according to the study.
Wiring Devices:
Today, specifically in the automotive industry, there are more electronic capabilities in
vehicles. This is driving the trend for wiring devices upward, specifically in North
America. The construction and residential industry also play a key role in the growth of
the wiring devices market. The accessibility wiring devices allows to operators is a major
advantage to the market. It continues to drive growth and with the spending of
consumers to increase annually, the wiring device market will follow in stride.

Appendix B


Neo Classic


Hazardous Environments:
Variable frequency drives, which are used in hazardous environments to endure
subject conditions is experiencing a significant market outlook. According to Steve
Ruddell, VFDs are seeking a growth rate of over 5 percent every year.
Utility Grade Power:
Electricity Transformers are expected to reach staggering numbers by the year 2017.
Globally, electricity transformers similar to PEAK transformers produced by Eaton are
expected to surpass $53.6 billion. Global Industry Analysts (GIA) predicts nearly 10
million units will be sold by 2017. A major factor contributing to the rise of this market
is due to the need for electricity in developing countries and the constant urbanization
worldwide. The market was strongly affected in 2008 and 2009 when the United States
faced an economic crisis. That has changed due to the increase in infrastructure and
construction of electric grids globally. The United States is the second most growing
market for electricity transformers through the year 2017.


Campus Safety Magazine conducted a 2014 survey about campus safety and mass
notification. The magazine surveyed 700 campus security, law enforcement, emergency
management and other protection professionals. the findings revealed that more than
half of respondents planned to upgrade to a new emergency notification solution within
one year. Furthermore, interest in system use increased since 2010: respondents
planning to upgrade to new external loudspeakers increase from 15 to 24 percent;
desire for computer alerts increased from 18 to 24 percent; and interest in text message
systems increased from 32 to 43 percent.
The same survey distributed to hospitals and healthcare systems showed a similar
interested in investing in emergency notification systems. Fifty-four percent of these
survey respondents reported that they planned on upgrading their organizations
emergency email system; 17 percent planned to upgrade their intercom and overhead
paging systems and 31 percent showed interest in replacing the system they already
have in place with an integrated system.
An article posted on Corporate Tech Decisions calls the need for mass notification
systems across all organizations more vital today than ever before. The article states
that while many organizations desire emergency notification systems, officials may not
know how to find systems and what system in particular will work best for them. The
article goes on to say that in coming years we will see more integration with mass
notification systems between buildings so that a single platform can intelligibly relay an
emergency message. This is a feature Eatons mass notification system already has,
setting the company apart.


Neo Classic


Healthcare and the aging population are two of the largest trends in Eatons industry.
The World Business Council for Sustainable Development estimates that around 1.9
million individuals each month become part of the 65 and over population. This will lead
to individuals aged 65+ to account for 1/5 of the total global population by 2020.
As the worlds population increases and continues to age, the demand for healthcare
facilities is rising. The U.S. Department of Energy reported that hospitals are among the
nations most complex and energy-intensive facilities. Hospitals use more that 2.5 times
the energy intensity and carbon dioxide emissions of commercial office buildings.
Last year, the U.S. Department of Energy announced the launch of the Hospital Energy
Alliance, an industry-led partnership to promote the integration of advanced energy
efficiency and renewable technologies in hospitals.
Mass Notification in Healthcare:
According to Healthcare Facilities Today, Healthcare organizations are increasingly
starting to use mass notification systems that were originally intended for crisis
situations, to get information to all parties as quickly as possible using multiple
platforms. These systems have the ability to accelerate code-calls and operational
communications. There is potential for systems to be used to fill shifts with qualified
staff. One example, is a hospital using its mass notification system to assign nurses to
the Emergency Department. According to Eaton, hospitals can use its mass
notification system to operate: employee notifications, emergency signaling and security
alerts, personnel callbacks, community alerts, joint commission compliance, and
emergency management.
Energy and Education is a second trend in Eatons industry. The International Energy
Agency predicts that by 2050 the global demand for energy in buildings will increase by
up to 60%. Energy Star reported that primary and secondary schools spend $6 billion
annually on electricity. The average Energy Star score achieved by schools is 67 out of
100. Energy Star surveyed 55, 019 academic properties in the U.S. alone.
The National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities reports that mass notification
needs to be a high priority in education institutions. Emergency notification systems
(ENS) have become essential in universities since the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting.
Mass Notification in Universities:
A review board created by Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine found that at the time of the
Virginia Tech shootings the university had an email notification system that could send
only 10,000 alerts per minute.


Neo Classic


It was still in the process of installing a text message alert system. One of the major
controversies surrounding the event was the timing and content of emergency
messages sent to students and staff. Following the tragedy, Virginia Tech installed a
multimedia notification system that could be sent from anywhere with a wifi connection.
Campus-wide alert systems were installed in several other universities following the
event to ensure that in a crisis situation messages could be sent instantly to everyone at
risk. These systems were used immediately following the Virginia Tech shooting in the
2008 shooting at Northern Illinois University and the 2010 Virginia Tech stabbing.
Multiple campus incidents have occurred since then to show the need of ENS. The top
priority for mass notification is to communicate across multiple platforms without
requiring recipients to take active measures to hear your messages. As of October 9,
there have been 23 college campus shootings in 2015.
Arora Engineers, Inc. reports that the majority of Class 1/Large Hub airports host
50,000-200,000 occupants a day. Controlling the movement of these occupants,
especially in crisis situations, is paramount to reducing the potential panic and
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is one of the top 10 busiest airports in the U.S.
with more than 100,000 passengers a day. The airport strives to stay current with airport
industry trends and recognized the need for on-the-go charging capabilities. The airport
tried using kiosks, which quickly became overcrowded. The airport then changed to USB
charging outlets.
According to Daily News, there is current conversation among traditional and nontraditional media outlets promoting the integration of using mass notification systems into
Most airports host 50,000-200,000 people on an average day, and for most, it is the first
time they have ever been to the facility and are unaware of what to do in emergency
situation. If airports have the ability to control the movement of visitors, then the
potential for chaos and panic is greatly reduced. In order to reach each visitor in the
facility, a clear and concise message must be delivered through audible, visual and
graphic methods.
Mass Notification in Airports:
Many major airports have emergency systems in place, but are not fully integrated,
causing the flaws in emergency situations. The facility may have a fire alarm system,
public address system and textual informational system, but are not interfaced into a
complete mass notification system. A fully-integrated, well-designed system will improve
human response time immensely and reduce possible loss of life.


Neo Classic


An example of failed integration of an airports mass notification system happened on

November 1, 2013. A fatal shooting at LAX left one person dead and several others
wounded mainly due to serious shortcomings in communications in emergency
response. The investigation found airports officials had inadequate emergency alert and
warning systems, which left a major disconnection between agencies, leaving
emergency responders in the dark.
LAX is now developing a mass notification system to effectively communicate around
the entire airport and finding a way to send emergency messages to visitor cellphones.
LAX phones and panic alarms will also transmit location information to dispatch when an
emergency call is made.
About Eatons Mass Notification System:
Eatons ALERiTY mass notification system provides an innovative solution that sets it
apart from competitors. The system integrates in-building, wide-area and distributedrecipient (via SMS text, voice calls, pagers and email) to broadcast important messages
in emergency situations.
The systems one button functionality creates ease of use across both wired and
wireless networks, meaning that it is able to connect indoor, outdoor and individually
distributed messages into a single interface.
The functionality of Eatons integrated system is as follows:
in-building mass notification system: an emergency voice communication supervised
by the interfaces operator. The system can be used across multiple buildings
Wide-area mass notification system: High power speakers project emergency
notifications with clear, intelligible voice messages and sirens across large
geographic areas
Distributed-recipient mass notification system: links web-based communication to
distribute messages through SMS text, voice calls, pages and emails

Appendix C


Neo Classic




Everbridge is a mass notification company that was created in response to the 9/11
attacks. It positions itself as a leader in unified critical communication. Everbridge has
more than 2,500 clients worldwide 21 of the top 25 airports and 4 of the 10 largest U.S.based healthcare providers.

Social Media
Facebook: 1,395 likes
The Facebook page is used for both an external and internal audience. There are post
about employees social events and participation in company activities. Many of the most
recent post are about the conferences Everest attends. The Facebook page has very
low engagement with most posts receiving either a couple likes or no interaction at all.
Twitter: 2,196 followers
The Twitter account is used to post conference updates and to promote articles from the
companys blog. There are a few posts to promote upcoming webinars and
success stories. The target audience appears to be B2B. Engagement is lower on
Twitter than LinkedIn, This may be because the content is for a purely external
audience, while Facebook produces content for both an external and internal audience.
LinkedIn-2,865 followers
Everests LinkedIn account produces content for a B2B audience. The content consist of
success stories, webinar promotion, and advice articles on effectively using mass
notification systems. Engagement is low, but consistent. Every post has received at least
one like. The posts that receive the most engagement are about company awards and
mass notification systems being used to locate missing persons.
RAVE Wireless:
Rave is a mobile safety company with a focus on delivering safety and preparedness
solutions. Rave offers solutions for schools, universities, state and local governments.
emergency notification, and emergency preparedness.

Social Media
Facebook: 327 likes
The Facebook account is for B2B audiences. The posts are mainly success stories and
articles written by trade publications and local newspapers. While every post has
engagement in the form of likes, the interaction comes from the same set of people who
appear to be Rave employees.


Neo Classic


Twitter: 1,929 followers

The Twitter account shares the same content and targets the same audience as the
Facebook page. Engagement on the account is non existent besides one user that
retweets most of Raves posts.
LinkedIn: 1,016 followers
This account follows the same format as the former two. There is engagement, but it
comes from the same followers.
While Raves social media does not appear to be particularly effective, the website is
easy to navigate and provides quick access to resources such as webinars,
whitepapers, and infographics.
After researching the social media accounts of eight mass notification competitors, Neo
Classic PR found that nearly all competitors had limited or no engagement on their
accounts. Most of the engagement on competitor accounts seems to come from
employees. This suggest that audiences for mass notification are not using social media
to make purchasing decisions or to interact with companies.

ABB is global power and automation technologies corporation. It produces solutions to
improve the efficiency, productivity and quality of operations while minimizing
environmental impact. ABB focuses on creating innovative products and technologies to
drive modern society.
Social media:
Facebook- 374,785 likes
LinkedIn- 543,106 followers
YouTube- 9,722 subscribers
Twitter- 110,000 followers
Google+- 6,462 followers
Blog- ABB Blog
Content: ABBs social media content focuses on storytelling, awards and global
success stories. The company uses its social accounts to position itself as a global
leader in the industry. The key audience appears to be B2B sources, however there
are stories that would appeal to engineers in general. The content changes
depending on the social media platform. For example, some of the posts ABB shares
on its Twitter account do not appear on its Facebook page. This suggest that ABB is
actively tailoring its messages to fit its audiences.


Neo Classic


Acuity Brands Inc. is a North American market leader in lighting solutions for indoor and
outdoor applications. Its lighting solutions cover both conventional fixtures and advanced
solid-state technology that integrate with powerful digital controls and daylighting. Acuity
products aim to become more energy efficient and provide a higher quality of light.
Social media:
Facebook- 1,817 likes
Instagram- 192 followers
LinkedIn- 10,904 followers
Twitter- 3,116 followers
YouTube- 254 subscribers
Content: Acuitys social media content contains success stories, pro tips, job
openings and conference/ convention attendance updates. A lot of the posts are
purely advertisements in status form. The intended audience appears to be B2B
clients, specifically those attending trade shows. Acuitys content is consistent across
platforms; it does not vary based on the social media channel. LinkedIn and
Instagram are the channels with highest levels of engagement.
Emerson is a technology and engineering corporation that focuses on industry-leading
technology and investing globally. Emerson is currently celebrating its 125th
anniversary and like Eaton is producing a campaign on what is next for the company
and how it has evolved.
Social media:
Facebook- 35,946 likes
Twitter- 9,804 followers
LinkedIn- 167,935 followers
YouTube- 2,779 subscribers
Blog-Emerson Network Power
Emerson has launched multiple social media campaigns recently. One campaign
focused on the pride Emerson has in its employees and its innovative plans for the
future. The next plans focused on Emersons corporate-social responsibility, It posted
several stories about its partnerships with STEM, local charitable organizations and
government connections made to help combat climate change. Currently, its social
media channels seem to target engineers as it is looking to hire. The level of
engagement is low on all platforms except LinkedIn. There are not many comments
but there is a significant increase in likes when compared to other platforms.

Appendix D


Neo Classic



Eaton hired Jack Morton, a global brand experience agency, to develop a campaign
focused on leading innovations with Eatons new capabilities. The campaign mainly
consisted of banner ads in trade media and the development of the microsite. The
opening client meeting discussed the challenge of integrating former Cooper products
as Eaton products in the mind of the consumer. Consumers were used to the thousands
of different products and brands Cooper carried.
The agency launched a digital campaign to convince decision makers to think of
Eaton when making game-changing technological advances in new categories. From
March until December of 2014, banner ad campaigns ran in trade media for the
electrical industry featuring hero innovations and Eatons new capabilities with
benefit-driven questions to drive traffic to the Eatons new microsite. The microsite was
designed to tell stories behind the new technologies and their products and solutions.
The microsite features editorial-style interviews with experts to tell the stories of the new
innovations. For example, Eatons lighting solutions are found all over the world in busy
airports, universities and hospitals. The interviews with experts bring each lighting
solution from thes1e buildings to life. They help to paint a picture in the mind of key
business influencers and decision makers.
Eaton hired a secondary agency to develop a campaign focused on leading
innovations with Eatons new segments to the top-tier and non-traditional media. The
agency launched a campaign to convince decision makers in industries and segments in
which Eaton has not previously done business with. This is essentially the same
campaign as Jack Morton, just with a different audience.
The campaign resulted in a positive impact on the brand70 percent of respondents
were likely to consider Eaton for business. Sixty percent of visitors to articles on the
microsite read more than two-thirds of the story. Eaton emphasized the importance of
evaluation during the client meeting.


Neo Classic


Conducted a content analysis in both quantitative and qualitative forms that compares
Eatons electrical business use of owned and earned media to two competitors. The
social media analysis reviews data from Eaton Electricals posting between August 28,
2015 and September 24,2015. The Google Alerts analysis monitors daily alerts between
September 4, 2015 to October 4, 2015.
This analysis uses Eatons website, Google Alerts, Fanpage Karma, FollowerWonk and
individual social media platforms.
Fanpage Karma offers a dashboard of analytics for company profiles including follower
counts, engagement rate and post types, frequency and times. Using this tool, Neo
Classic PR recorded values from data over the course of one month and developed
implications based on the findings. Similarly, FollowerWonk creates numerical
comparisons of company profiles. This information was used in the competitive analysis.
The sample includes Eaton, Emerson Network Power and Acuity.
tED Magazine
516 Mentions

tED Magazine
Light & Power

Light & Power
104 Mentions
72 Mentions

Top 3 Media Outlets Posting Content

About Eaton

Stocks: 21 articles

Keyword Search Results for Eaton

press: 5 articles 3 articles

One Week Google Alerts Analysis: Article



Neo Classic


Owned media: Facebook (Data range is August 28 to September 24)


Eaton primarily uses pictures and links to share updates on Facebook. In terms of social
media engagement, there is a general consensus among researchers and influencers
that posts perform better when pictures are used, and this reflects in the average likes
above. The inconsistency of Eatons posts is show in the bar graph above, with a rather
high number of five posts added in one day. Lack of scheduled social media posts or a
content calendar tends to decrease post engagement, and also make it difficult if not
impossible to gauge what content is most meaningful to Eatons audiences. A social
media content plan is something the company should consider to garner more


Neo Classic


Owned media: Twitter

In our review of Twitter, Neo Classic PR accessed Eatons follower list to gauge who
is following Eaton, for example, electrical industry experts, Eaton employees and
other electrical companies. Additionally, FollowerWonk was used to determine what
types of tweets were posted by Eaton over a two-week period.

Total Followers: 10.7K

Whos talking about @ETN_Electrical?

@ETN_Electrical mentions and metions of Eaton and Electrical primarily come from

Popular hashtags: #EatonEngaged, #EatonLive

Percent of Timeline

Tweets (no @)
@ Contact tweets

07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Types of tweets from @ETN_Elecrical

Over a Two-Week Period


Neo Classic


The Types of Tweets from @ETN_Electrical over a Two-Week Period shows that
Eaton primarily uses tweets with no @ contact and rarely retweets content.
While mentions and retweets should not dominate the page, Eaton is missing out on an
important element of conversation with taking advantage of these things. One suggest
would be for Eaton to retweet content produced by employees who, as noted above, are
very active on Twitter. A retweet of this outside yet relevant content would lead to more
impressions across Twitter (meaning, the number of people who had potential to view
the tweet) and ultimately more engagement.
Engagement rate is calculated by dividing the number of followers by Eatons overall
impressions. At a rate of 9 percent, Eaton has much opportunity to grow and increase
its number of impressions. The social authority score shows that Eaton does fairly well
with retweet rate in relation to followers. To increase this number even more, Eaton can
focus on creating more creative and anecdotal content that would give more potential for
Qualitative Analysis
Eatons website includes an online newsroom with both owned and earned media
coverage. The owned media is in the form of press releases and earned media is digital
media coverage. The press releases highlight projects Eaton is working on with partners
including cities, airports, conferences and so on. Eaton also has owned media presence
with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Earned Media
Based on a content analysis of Eatons online newsroom, the three main stakeholders
that are posting content about Eaton are tED Magazine, LEDinside and Electric, Light
& Power website. A keyword search for Eaton on tED Magazines website shows that
the corporation has 516 mentions, however, the latest mention dates back to June 2015.
Since 2012, a major theme among the stories Eaton is mentioned is the Cooper
acquisition. A mirrored keyword search on LEDinside produces 72 search results for
Eaton, but in this case, the articles maintain a steady flow of almost weekly updates of
Eaton. A keyword search on Electric, Light & Power produces 104 mentions of Eaton,
with the most recent being September 3, 2015.
An in-depth content analysis of earned media shows that Eaton is predominantly
mentioned for projects including LED lighting, WaveStream and electrical solutions.
We began by tracking Google Alerts using the keywords Eaton Corp, however; Holly
informed us that the company strives to be referred to as just Eaton. The alerts were
edited to search for Eaton Electrical, for this campaign.


Neo Classic


Primarily, Google Alerts showed results that were not relevant to the research, for
example, Eatons stock information.

With the keyword change from Eaton Corp to Eaton Electrical stock updates were still
prevalent, however, other stories surfaced.

The keyword adjustment also added noise to the Google Alerts channel, with alerts
about people in the news with the last name Eaton.
Overall, earned media mentions have remained consistent in that they highlight Eatons
LED lighting solutions and are among three top media sources. One of the key themes
mentioned in many of these stories is Eatons work with airport lighting, (ex. Detroit
Airport and Los Angeles International Airport.)


Neo Classic


Owned Media: Facebook

Eaton has a separate Facebook page segmented for the electrical sector. At first
glance, the page primarily gets engagement from liked and shared posts. It is
unclear what the pages content strategy is considering that posts range from a 3-D
tour of Eatons oil gas refinery to a spotlight of different products. There is also not
a constant posting schedule, as some posts are in the same day and other are 3-4
days apart.
The consistency of likes and shares is a positive point for the page. Shares
indicate that that content would gain more impressions and reach, which can be tied
to outcomes for Eatons social media objectives. One thing that is lacking, however,
is comments. While likes and shares are important, both are passive metrics that
dont include the important element of conversation.
Further analysis of likes and shares shows that many of the people involved with
Eatons content are Eaton customers. Also, much of the interaction is from people
living outside of the U.S. Though Eaton is global, more research should be done to
determine why not many U.S. clients arent interacting on the page.
Insights and suggestions
Eatons Facebook content lacks comments | a review of content that did receive
comments could inform the topics that would drive conversation.
Photos are the dominate content type | while photos do tend to perform successfully,
Eaton could benefit from linking to YouTube videos and creating smart video content
that showcases the seven capabilities through creative storytelling.
The content lacks consistency | Clear themes and scheduled posting would make it
easier for Eaton to pinpoint whats working and whats not in terms of popular post
days and times, popular topics and so on.
Owned media: Twitter
Eaton also has a separate page for the electrical sector on Twitter. The page utilizes
pictures well, and it is immediately apparent that tweets with pictures have more
interaction than those without.
One thing that seems to be lacking is Eaton branded hashtags. A few hashtags such as
#EatonLive and #eatonengaged were found, but these are not widely used outside of
Eaton employees. Also, similar to the Facebook page, the Twitter pages lack video. This
is something that could really propel Eaton creatively, especially since its products are
all very visual.


Neo Classic


Further analysis shows that Eaton does well with responding back to Twitter
mentions in a timely fashion. Many of its mentions are from other businesses, not
many are from people. This is seemingly because Eaton is primarily a business to
business company, however, our goal will be to increase engagement among
specific people in our key publics. Overall, Eatons Twitter following is a much
broader audience outside of Eaton employees, so there is room for opportunity.
Insights and suggestions
Incorporate consistent use of hashtags | Hashtags play a big role in spreading
content on Twitter and inviting interaction. Eaton could really get creative with a

hashtag delegated to each of the seven capabilities. These hashtags could create
different conversations about the new capabilities as well as providing a way for online
influencers to easily access the conversations.
Much of Eatons content is things that the company itself is tweeting out, rather than
retweets or mentions | Retweeting content from thought leaders or people who
mention Eaton will drive more Twitter impressions. Additionally, mentions are a great
way to drive conversation.
Most of the mentions of Eaton are from employees particularly the same few people
| Creating more compelling content can entice publics outside of Eaton employees to
interact with and share content.
Owned Media: LinkedIn
Eaton Electrical has a LinkedIn showcase page with 3,601 followers. An initial look at
the main page shows that the company receives interaction primarily through likes. The
posts gain an average of nine likes each. (ADDITIONAL RESEARCH--topics, whos
Owned Media: YouTube
It appears that Eaton has a main YouTube page for all of its sectors, however, there are
also subpages, one of those being lighting. There seems to be a lack of consistency in
the fact that Eaton has Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages dedicated to Eaton
Electrical, yet a YouTube page only dedicated to lighting. The channel has 382
subscribers and posts videos showcasing its different indoor and outdoor lighting
solutions totaling to just under 49,000 views.


Neo Classic


Competitive Analysis (Eaton, Emerson Network Power, Acuity; August 30 to

September 26)
This analysis compares Eaton Electricals social media pages to ABB Powers
(separate) electrical pages and Emerson Network Powers main pages.
*Note: This analysis uses social authority scores. According to Followerwonk, this
number is generated by:
The retweets rate of a few hundred of the measured users last non-@mention
A time decay to favor recent activity versus ancient history
Other data for each user (such as follower count, friend count, etc.) that are
optimized via a regression model trained to retweets rate


Neo Classic


Eaton vs. Emerson


Neo Classic


Eaton vs. Acquity


Neo Classic


Of the three Facebook profiles, Emerson Network Power has the most likes and
highest engagement rate
Over a month period, posts earned an average of 12 likes and 2.6 shares each.
While there can only be speculation about why the company is performing this way,
one reason may be because of the consistent flow of posts which appear to be on
a content calendar. Additionally, the likes are shaped by topics, most popular being
company awards and product content presented in an infographic.
On Twitter, Eaton, Acuity and Emersons social authority score are 42, 38, and 44
respectively. This shows a Twitter users influence based on retweets, activity and
follower count.
Acuitys content is primarily text, with no use of branded hashtags, but of general
hashtags (ex. #LED, #Engineer, #Jobs)
Emerson rarely incorporates pictures into it tweets, and this is reflected in the low
overall retweets and favorite rate
Acuitys Facebook page often incorporates infographics, and the primary content
topic is the companys conference appearances
Overall, Eaton has a good base on its social media channels, leaving room to expand
and grow. The biggest issues the profiles seem to face are engagement. As noted
above, much of the engagement on Facebook and Twitter in terms of likes, shares,
comments, favorites and retweets come from Eaton employees. While it is great that
employees are interacting and helping to energize the social media pages, interaction
with key stakeholders and customers will be important for Eaton to garner. Along those
lines, Eaton should strive to gain active interaction. While likes and shares are good,
they are both passive and do not generally lead to conversation. Interactions such as
comments and retweets hold more weight when it comes to connection with Eatons
Eaton generates a good amount of earned media, however, the stories that showcase
the company do not come up often in Google Alerts. Many of the articles deal with
Eatons share in the stock market. Targeting nontraditional media for this campaign will
be especially important for this expose. Google Alerts also include blog posts, so more
discussion of Eaton in the blogosphere overall can improve these Google results.
Compared to the competition, Eaton has a fairly large following, yet lower engagement.
There is much opportunity for Eaton to look to competition for things that could be
incorporated into a social media campaign, for example, infographics or videos.


Neo Classic


Infographics garnered higher engagement among other posts on Eatons

competitors pages. According to Twitter research, tweets with videos get a 48
percent bump in retweets compared to what a page normally normally. Additionally,
hashtags are often called out as the most effective way to promote conversation on
Twitter. Because Eaton seems to have a consistent flow of YouTube videos, linking
to these (or creating others) could lead to more interaction on Facebook and Twitter
as well as a larger following.
A final, overarching suggesting would be for Eaton to create a content calendar for
Facebook and Twitter. With the inconsistency of time and content topics on each
of the platforms, it doesnt see that there is already a calendar in place. Creating
this calendar will inform Eaton on what topics are popular or unpopular, what are
the best times to post to gain the best interaction, and what specific people interact
with what type of content for a tailored approach. For example, posts about Eatons
participation in trade shows and employee news seem to gain higher interaction than
other posts, however, a definitive decision about the most effective content to use
could be made by using and monitoring a content calendar.


Neo Classic


September 23, 2015, Eaton Headquarters

*Note: We did not have time to get through all questions listed in the discussion guide
due to the large number of focus group participants. Some questions were asked out of
order to address the topics of priority. The questions that were asked during the focus
group are starred above.
Thank you all so much for joining us. We are from Kent State University and for our
senior Public Relations Campaigns class, Eaton has tasked us with telling the story of
Todays Eaton, specifically through the use of non-traditional media.
Housekeeping Items
In order to keep the conversation flowing smoothly, please say your name before
speaking so that we can make sure only one person speaks at a time.
We will be taking turns moderating the conversation. First youll be hearing from team
______, then team _______ and finally team ____.
There will be an activity where we ask you to create a short list. Please have a paper
and pen or a document open on your computer to record your answers.
Add consent form info for recording
Group Introduction
Id like to start by having each of you introduce yourself and tell us:
Your Name
Job Title
How long have you been working with Eaton?
Highlight your role in providing counsel
Objective One: To learn how Eatons business objectives connect to increasing
understanding of Todays Eaton among nontraditional media influencers
How would you describe Eatons business objectives? How do these objectives
connect to an increased understanding of Todays Eaton?
If we asked you to develop a 30-second elevator speech to explain Eatons new
capabilities to customers what would you say?
Now, tell them to prepare a sheet or document for the three-words activity.


Neo Classic


Objective Two: To obtain the key points and language necessary to help us create
a narrative on what the new sectors/capabilities mean for Todays Eaton
Now it is time to pull out a sheet of paper. I want you to take a few moments to think of
a few words that come to mind when you think of Todays Eaton. In a couple minutes, I
would like each of you to share your words and explain why you chose them.
What are the current key messages communicated to news media and/or
Is there a project right now that you are really excited about? (direct toward sales
and marketing)
What online media do you access to gain insight for your job and the industry?
What megatrends and/or issues would you like to see Eatons electrical sector focus
on in the next six months? Opportunities to grow?
What are some top trends and issues in Lighting Solutions? Utility Grade Power?
Life & Safety Notification? Structural Support? Fusible Circuit Protection? Hazardous
Environments? (depending on the source)
Objective Three: To gain insight about current and potential customers for
Eatons electrical business
How do you define a customer profile in the electrical sector?
Objective Four: To increase understanding of how Eatons electrical business
differs from its competitors and Eatons market position among competitors
What is your key market segment in the U.S.?
In your opinion, who do you think is Eatons biggest competitor for each capability?
How do you obtain information to help you with your job? Who are your influencers in
your field?
What does success for Eaton look like to you?
Closure (Ask if there are any final questions or comments. Thank you.)


Blogger Media List
1. Eric Bernard - Marketing Associate, Report Exec
2. Jeffery Gordon - Deputy Commissioner Operations & Security Cleveland Airport
3. David Burns - Certified Emergency Manager
4. Amy Canfield - Security Systems News (Campus shootings)


Neo Classic


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5. Deanna Martin- Communications Manager, American Society for Healthcare
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