Artist William D.



For well over two hun re years the le!en s have always "een the same. The names have #han!e $ lo#ations too$ heroes livin! li%e that&s their %ame. An so the Harte Family Farm nestle in a valley o% a mountainous town. A story o% #ountry livin! an the a ventures that are always a"oun . The #ountry is so "eauti%ul with its #ris' mountain air. Rivers sto#(e with "rown trout$ !reat %ishin! i% you #are. )%% in the istan#e you #an hear an ea!le soun its !hostly s#ree#h. While a mule eer an her %awn ra#e a#ross the mea ow out o% rea#h.

There are so many %amilies out there$ o% whi#h the Harte*s are one. Li(e so many %amilies$ ealin! with untol 'ro"lems. Ta(in! the time to ma(e the %amily li%e wor(. Runnin! a homestea an ealin! with 'ro"lems that lur(. A #ertain serenity is a#hieve in nature&s "eauty an solitu e. Li%e has meanin!+ this mountain #ountry !ives you %ortitu e. In li%e you nee a reason to live$ this "eauti%ul %amily 'rovi es that. The Harte&s live an love in a 'er%e#t #ountry mountain %ormat. This %amily an their a ventures #reates memories o% you&re home. Home there is no 'la#e li(e it$ there%ore shall it ever "e (nown.

Lai out in this !or!eous mountain #ountry$ with its won er%ul #harm. Is the homestea %or ever (nown as The Harte Family Farm. Author Timothy ,. Thayer -./01/.-0-

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