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By: DWLuttrell

The Moral Decline in America

The lack of proper moral instruction has led to many problems in America.
The questions have been asked, Who are you to judge me, or, By whose morals,
but someone asking such questions may be reflecting upon the wrong questions.
Stronger questions those people should be asking is, What is morality and
possibly, In what country do I live. defines moral as, of, relating
to, or concerned with the principles or rules of right conduct or the distinction
between right and wrong; ethical (moral, def. 1). Some citizens of America are
given moral values to live by most of their lives and for the good of the community
are to instill them into others. These citizens are known as the Boy Scouts of
America. Boy Scouts take an oath, part of it being to keep their morality training
and to help other people,
"On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to
obey the Scout
Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally
awake, and
morally straight" (Boyles, 2005, para. 1).
American Boy Scouts are trained to help people figure out the American standards
of morality through the precepts taught to them such as bravery. Bravery is a law
to scouts (as scouts are called), and even if scared to say what a Boy Scout believes
is right, it is part of ones duty. Going through Boy Scout training, and observing
some school programs, sometimes it appears to be two opposite ends of a
spectrum. Instead of moral education in schools, people talking usually leads to sex
education and youths. It is not surprising to see such turpitude in young people
taking place in society, and it can be demonstrated anywhere from MTV to people
dirty dancing in night clubs as the younger generation gets older.
As degeneracy spreads, many ills have come to the United States. Divorce
rates are soaring at 40-50 percent, and although it may seem socially acceptable,
as morality is on the decline so is the country. Children grow up with single parent
families because people have sex out of wedlock, or maybe even lose their parents
to a sexually transmitted disease. The who cares attitude is leading to many folks
not paying attention to the judgement of the ones who are to teach American
morals. Lack of morality is an outstanding problem today because without these
guidelines society is on a steady decline.
Accordingly, divorce rates are very high in the United States. It is easier for
couples to get a divorce today than it has ever been, and the country is suffering for
it. Family collapse is the root cause of a host of social problems, including poverty,
crime, drug abuse, and academic underachievement (Rector, 1996, para. 4).
Children sit at home yearning to see their mother or father, yet instead of nurturing
the child, the parents fight each other in courtroom battles. Having no way out of
the marriage, couples only option would be compromising rather than divorcing
because of no alternatives. According to Kazdin, 90 percent of people marry by
age 50 about 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States divorce.

By: DWLuttrell
The divorce rate for subsequent marriages is even higher (as cited by the
American Psychological Association, Marriage and divorce, 2015, para. 1). The
American legal system is bogged down with divorce lawyers and child support
cases. Tax payers actually have to pay for a special judge to sit over spousal
separation proceedings, but in reality, that court shouldnt exist.
Many channels could be tapped into to cure the high divorce rate. Along with
sex education in schools (or instead of), courses could be designed focusing on how
to find the right partner and how to make better life decisions. A course designed in
such a manner is not unthinkable. Many intelligent and content couples could
collaborate to write a book for a class. At the same time, stiff penalties could be
enacted by legislature to deter married couples from separating. People should be
forced to live with their decisions, but todays society doesnt seem to believe so.
Instead of living with their own unfortunate decisions, other people have to pay for
them, such as their children or even taxpayers. Harsh penalties for men and
women could be enacted for extramarital affairs. A $2,000 fine would definitely
make him or her think again about cheating on his or her spouse. The thought of
paying for an action may keep a tempted spouses eye on its own partner rather
than the one across the street or the one of his or her neighbor. Many countries
around the world such as the Middle East and in Africa give the death penalty if a
spouse cheats on his or her partner, so it isnt unthinkable, no matter how
insensitive or politically incorrect as it may seem. In those places, it is entirely
politically correct.
Likewise, children being born out of wedlock is a moral problem. Two
peoples night in a bar may turn into a lifetime of misery for a child after two
immoral drunken degenerates have a one night stand. The drunkards have sex
without respect for a being they might accidentally create. Children born out of
wedlock are seven times more likely to be poor than children born to couples who
are married (Rector, 1996, para. 4). It isnt the childrens fault, but it is how their
lives tend to turn out. People can bury their heads in the sand about it and make up
terms such as insensitive, yet insults will never change the facts. Unmarried
parents often have fewer resources, and their children display inferior outcomes
compared to those raised by two married parents. (Lue, & Heiland, 2012, page 17).
The facts from 1996 to today never change. The real insensitive ones are the
people who have children without planning on it, or the ones with planned
pregnancies but cant take care of the children. People in todays world are too
scared to speak the truth because it may hurt someones feelings; however, being
sensitive to others feelings isnt always the best for them. Children born out of
wedlock are more likely to wind up on welfare burdening the tax payers, and the
lack of the single parents resources put the child in a crummy position.
Many ways exist to cure unwedded sexual activities, but they havent been
enacted into law. Im optimistic they will be. Some women have children to get
more welfare, so one could theorize cutting back on welfare programs may make
those people think twice about having children. Another way to cure premarital sex
would be to have fewer abortion clinics with stricter guidelines for abortions by
restricting abortions to rape victims. If abortions were restricted, people would

By: DWLuttrell
surely take fewer risks in their sex lives. The lack of clinics would force them into
back alley abortions which can be more dangerous, and it would be out of public
view making it less popular or heard of. It is better if abortions are harder to get
and not easier as a whole. Women have been getting back alley abortions since the
time Roman slaves were used as prostitutes, maybe even before, but it definitely
would remove a psychological safety net residing in peoples minds. Then folks
couldnt just wake up and say, Were going to abort this baby in the safety and
comfort of a doctors office because we made poor decisions. Most people dont
want to break the law, so if going to get a back alley abortion is illegal, they could
possibly go to jail. Not only is unwedded sex a burden to the court system, but it is
a burden to the medical community. Making premarital sex illegal, or akin to
prostitution, would probably be the best action for society as a whole. Forcing
people produce a marriage license before buying condoms would be a good way to
prevent some people from having sex out of wedlock. Maybe it would not stop all of
them, but a lot of them. It is easy enough to infer anyone with a sexually
transmitted disease did not set out to get one. Sexually transmitted infection rates
climbing is evidence of either condoms not working well or the educational system
wasting tax payer money with sexual education programs. From 2012 to 2013
syphilis numbers increased by 10%, according to the CDC, even if gonorrhea
levels stayed about the same, and chlamydia levels fell by 1.5%, sexually
transmitted disease rates are rising (CDC, 2013). Instructors telling children it is
okay to have sex with a condom is similar to handing a lit fire cracker to a toddler
and telling the child not to be scared. The child is going to hold onto the fire cracker
thinking all is well and watch it, but eventually it is going to explode in its face.
Condoms break or fall off sometimes, eventually it happens, and similarly children
arent scared of fire crackers until they explode.
Additionally, American citizens lacking morality are less prone to follow the
rules, but this in itself is self-explanatory because morality is good conduct. Good
conduct is following the guidelines put forth to follow. Most rules are based around
peoples conduct, but immoral people are always looking for loopholes even when
none exist. It isnt hard to find someone who stretches to truth to fit his or her own
agenda rather than what was intended by the laws. A correct description of
someone trying to escape through loopholes would be to call the individual immoral.
When asked a question by an immoral person, morality instructors may ask
themselves, Why did you ask the question if you are not going to listen to the
answer, quite often. If one does not agree with the answer given, the person is
typically going to perform an ignorant action while trying to find a way around what
he or she didnt want to hear.
Some cures for peoples abominable actions would be to enforce the code of
conduct already in place against such degenerates. Americans should be more
proactive against the slackers in society by having a greater presence in the
community, but instead the loudest voice being heard today is of the unruly. The
typical person goes to work, does what is supposed to be done, and goes home.
Citizens shouldnt have to drive home through a mob rioting and littering in the
streets paid for by the working ones taxes while the people in the mob claim they
cant find jobs. I know people who join those mobs. The ones Im talking about do

By: DWLuttrell
not look for a job and seem to do all they can to keep from getting one. It may not
be all of them are like that, but they are all I have to judge by. Maybe the worst part
about todays world is being criticized for speaking against degenerate peoples
behavior while the anarchists and the immoral try to get away with their crimes. It
feels as if roles are being reversed, barbarians are taking over, or a child trying to
tell a parent what to do. Their chants may die down eventually by looking at the
way people are voting. The American majority is getting angry, and it is showing in
the election polls!
In a word, morality is doing what is right by moral guidelines and having
proper conduct. As upsetting as it may be to individuals, Americans are tired of
getting their voices stifled by what is called political correctness even when it is not.
Looking at schools, teachers seem to be doing their own objectives while everyone
else around him or her says a teacher isnt allowed to. Political views have no place
in the classroom, the same as at a church, unless the lesson being taught by the
teacher or preacher is history. Boy Scouts and soldiers alike are taught what law
calls True American patriotism which is mostly ethics, and these degenerates keep
trying to silence either one at any chance. One may say even in peer review, such
as a person saying, This doesnt go along with anything I stand for. I cant read
this, as was said by a student before about a paper of mine. Sometimes you will
be asked to comment on a paper that is antithetical to your point of view. It is
important that your own position does not make you overly critical and similarly,
papers that exactly reinforce your reproach should not receive a less critical view
(Del Mar. & Hoffmann, 2015). That was not good conduct or moral. People protest
at soldiers funerals, saying God hates soldiers, but the book they claim to be using
says God does not hate soldiers. God exonerates those who fought for him. Those
same people even get arrested shouting at congressional meetings displaying their
lack of discipline and order. It isnt even a shock anymore, but it is tiring to watch
on CSPAN or the news. Laws do not give individuals the right to be disorderly and
immoral, no matter what people think, and quite often they are arrested. The law
gives people the right to petition, but when their petitions are struck down, some
scream and holler like little babies. The immoral scream about tolerance while
displaying none themselves, only looking through a tyrants eyes, and having no will
to conform to standards. Just because the guidelines being displayed are not their
own personal will, it doesnt mean theyre unjust, nor does it mean they do not have
to follow the rules in this country. Displaying poor conduct and not conforming to
standards is immorality, and morality is on the decline in America.