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coffee-break city plus

RIES: Don’t forget to offer emotional support that will motivate your partner to invest more in your relationship. Keeping yourself in a cheerful state will keep you in a sound state of health.



Kolkata ● Monday ● 29 March 2010



AURUS: You are likely to realise that internship has professionally changed you. Testing times on the romantic front will occupy much of your time. You are blessed with good judgement. ANCER: A promising day to take steps to combat your stress levels. Avoid making quick judgments about people. Sharing problems with family would help you find a solution. IRGO: Failure to benefit from intelligence at work is likely to disappoint you later. Domestic problems could put you under tremendous pressure. Financial problems could affect you. CORPIO: The day promises success in purchase of land or a vehicle. You will have to make compromises without complaints to maintain a healthy romantic relationship.



EO: Give suggestions only after considering their practicability. Face fear head-on at work. Restore the harmonious atmosphere at home. It’s time to evaluate your relationship to ensure joy. IBRA: Your skills will bring you professional success. Devoting quality time to family will bring harmony. The day promises good financial position. Delegate work to others. AGITTARIUS: Monetary gains are likely to remain high. Handle romantic situations with care and sort out differences with your beloved. Find new ways to increase your income.



EMINI: You will have to be objective in your assessment of subordinates. A short trip with the family will rejuvenate you. A new source of income may be generated today.










APRICORN: You will have to work steadily to gain a professional edge. Efforts to erase the loneliness and depression of parents will succeed. You will recover pending dues today. ISCES: You aim to develop a committed team at work. Your mere presence at home will boost the family’s morale. The prospect of high returns in shares will tempt you to invest.


QUARIUS: Your association with social work will cure you of your loneliness. You strive to revive your love life. Today you will be successful in your efforts to stay fit and feel good about yourself.

Across 1 Questioning (9) 8 (Depleted) layer of gas (5) 9 Attack (7) 10 Very hungry (8) 11 Beelzebub’s home (4) 13 Chaos (6) 14 Part of speech (6) 16 Bloody (4) 17 Domestic worker (4,4) 19 Chilled (3-4) 20 Less good (5) 21 Modern (6-3) Down 1 Dominant woman (5,3)

tice (5,7) 2 Stuck (2,1,3) 7 Mechanism 3 Enthusiasm for moving (4) things along 4 Notorious (12) lawsuit, for example (5,7) 12 Waste (eg time) (4,4) 5 Careless 15 Base (6) shep18 Part of an ear herdess? (4) (6,2,4) 6 Military jusANSWERS TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE

dennis the menace





How many words of four or more letters can you make from the letters shown in today's puzzle? In making a word, each letter may be used once only. Each word must contain the letter at the top of the pyramid. There should be at least one nine letter word. Plurals, foreign words and proper names are not allowed.
Answers: Form, from, frons, inform, iron, minor, MISINFORM, monism, mons, morn, norm, rosin, sorn.


Milap’s girl meets boy tale has an other-world twist
His flair for churning hit stories one after the other is well known. And now Milap Zaveri is taking a shot at direction with Jaane Kahan Se Ayi Hai...



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e is the man behind the spicy scripts of Jhankaar Beats, Masti, Heyy Baby and the upcoming House Full. And now with Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai, Milap Zaveri has taken the rope of direction in his hands. Talking about this Riteish Deshmukh and Jacqueline Fernandez starrer popcorn flick, Milap says, “This love story has a twist, the male protagonist is a regular guy from earth, while the girl literally lands from Venus.” “It happens that Director Milap Zaveri with Riteish and Jacqueline a dejected Reteish laments over the lack of romance in his life and God makes Australia for Heyy Baby. He loved the Incidentally, Milap belongs to the him meet someone from the other plan- story and that very moment, we struck a Tribhuvandas Zaveri family.” It’s a et. And the fun starts from here,” he deal. As for Jacqueline, her background hardcore business family, so you can reveals. makes her fit the role perfectly. While well imagine, when I told my father The fact that fantasy movies like Riteish’s acting capabilities need no about taking up writing for films as my Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic didn’t man- introduction, Jacqueline is really hard- choice of work, what was his reaction! age to take off at the box office, is not working. She got the entire film’s dia- Well tempers flared, almost replicating bothering Milap, he reasons, “This logues recorded and next we know, she the Amitabh Bachchan and Pran conmovie will appeal to the sensibilities of has mugged all the lines up, including frontation scenes from the film the young crowd. It is just the perfect the other characters’. Well I can vouch Sharaabi. But I stuck my guns and today treat to unwind and have a good time.” for the fact that her Hindi is better than all is well on the family front,” he chuckReflecting on his choice of cast, the Katrina’s.” “And by the way, Sajid les. debutant director says, “I had narrated Khan, whom I consider like an elder Jaane Kahan Se Ayi Hai is set for the script to Riteish while shooting in brother has done a cameo here,” he adds. release on April 9. Noted dancerAnurekha Ghosh performed Mudra, it integrates three forms of dance – Chhau (from Purulia), Gotipua (from Orissa) and Kathak, creating a fascinating and visually dynamic gestural and communicative language. The event happened recently at Purbashree, Bharatiyam Cultural Multiplex, Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre. Tollywood Actor Paoli Dam flaunt a creation from designer Jaya Rathore’s Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, Autumn-Winter 2010 collection. The designer has tried to revive the long forgotten art of Convent stitches that gives her collection a trendy yet traditional look.




✰ Indulge in a dekko at Changing Lines, an exhibition of paintings by the faculty members of visual arts, Rabindra Bharati University at the Birla Academy of Art and Culture. Open till April 4. Time: 3 pm to 8 pm ✰ The inaugural ceremony of Octave — art and cultural fest of north-eastern states, will be unveiled by M. K. Narayanan, governor of West Bengal today at 6 pm. Venue: EZCC, Bharatiyam Cultural Multiplex ✰ Booklovers can flock to the Oxford Bookstore to be a part of the launching session of The Temple-Goers by Aatish Taseer (of Stranger to History fame). Date: March 31. Time: 6:30 pm