On behalf of the Government of Uganda and the Ministry of Education and Sports, I am
indeed very happy to be here to preside over this function where the Ministry is receiving motorcycles from UNICEF to support the work of the Centre Coordinating Tutors in the Core Prim'ary Teachers Colleges. You are all aware that the Teacher Development and Management System (TOMS)

was established with the main objective of improving the quality of Primary Education in Uganda. h~ It has indeed been a very successful system, but one of its main challenges Center Tutors (CCTs)

been the provision of transport to enable the Coordinating

move and support the teachers in the Primary Schools. from UNICEF which is timely and is also a great relief. The mandate and fundamental

We are grateful for this support

role of Primary Teachers'


(PTCs) in mo handle the very

ulding the primary school teacher is critical since these teachers foundation education

of our society. To ensure that nothing goes wrong at this stage in our system, adequate investment therefore must be provided in making the

desired quality of teachers. One of the Education for All (EFA) goals is to ensure that the learning needs of all young people and adults are met through equitable access to appropriate learning and life skills programmes. important that tutors in effectively. 1 The teachers are the ones to make this happen. It is therefore,


are sufficiently facilitated to enable them to do their work

I would like to thank UNICEF in a special way for supporting the Ministry of Education and Sports in a number of TOMS programmes in both PTCs and Primary Schools within their catchment areas. In addition to the donation we are receiving today, UNICEF has

funded several capacity building activities within the Ministry of Education and Sports and has supported development of several materials to enhance quality in Primary

Education, including the Customized Performance Targets (CPTs). Government recognizes the fact that Primary Education is one of the most effective investments, not only in making people more productive and socially aware but also in the attainment of other societal and social benefits. Training therefore, remain at the fore front Primary Education and Teacher NRM Government's priority

of the


The introduction of UPE in 1997, led to rapid increase in the enrolment from 2 million in
1997 to over 7 million to-dates. This increase in enrolment has given rise to a number

of challenges; key among which is the demand for qualified teachers to improve the quality of education. I wish to appeal to you Principals to utilize this donation of motorcycles to improve the quality of education responsibility. in primary schools of your catchment you produce areas. This is your impacts on the

The quality of the teachers


performance of the pupils in primary schools. Now that you have received the means of transport to facilitate you to move and provide support to the Primary School teachers, I expect commitment and hard work so as to achieve better results in primary schools. I


implore you to be more diligent in the execution of your duties in order for Uganda to realize improvement in the quality of the education we offer. Finally, I would like to congratulate the Colleges that have benefited from this offer. It is now your turn to prove that lack of transport has been a hindrance to your work and now you can show the difference. It is our prayer that you do the work as expected and

please use the motorcycles for the purpose for which they have been provided. Once again, on behalf of the Government of Uganda, the Ministry of Education and Sports, and on my own behalf, I thank UNICEF for the support and pledge our the quality of

commitment to continued collaboration education in Uganda.

as we work together to improve

For God and my Country


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