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April 2010 — VOLUME 35, ISSUE 4
The people who have
walked in darkness have
seen a great light
Isaiah 9:2 Church Events
By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
Strange scriptural verse for Easter isn't it! The last time we heard it was in the service of 1 AGAPE MEAL
Lessons and Carols, the Sunday before Christmas. Taken from Isaiah, it served to remind GOOD FRIDAY ECUMENICAL
us how the coming of the Christ Child might give new light to our dark lives. The season of
Epiphany followed, and we heard numerous stories reminding us of how the coming of 4 EASTER SERVICES
the Christ changed people's lives in the time of Jesus and how it can/should change peo-
ple still. In Lent we have tried to examine ourselves to see where the light has been pre- 13 B&PW
sent and where we have changed, but also where we have not changed and still "walk in 18 FOOD COLLECTION
darkness." 23 BOX CITY
Now comes Easter. A few days ago, when the weather was warm and the sun bright, I 24 BLOOD DRIVE
walked downtown to meet a parishioner for lunch. I wore no jacket because it was so
warm. On the way back I walked on the east side of Capitol Avenue where the tall 25 YOUTH GROUP OUTING
buildings blocked the sunshine. I looked across the street and on the other side the sun
was still brightly shining - it was so inviting. I said to myself, "What am I doing on this
side of the street - the sunlight is so much better over there." Even though it was the mid-
dle of the block, I dodged the traffic just to get to the sunlight - it was so inviting.
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Great Vigil of Easter

By The Rev. Dr. Richard Sauerzopf
At 7 p.m., on April 3, Easter Eve, we will celebrate the Great Vigil of Easter. The service, which is also called the Pas-
chal Vigil, is the Church’s oldest known liturgy. We will begin with the lighting of the Paschal candle. As we welcome
the light of Christ into our lives together in this way, we will hear once again the story of God’s salvation of his people
Israel, and of his promise of redemption for all of his people. And then, for us, it will be Easter. As we complete our
worship together, we will celebrate our first Easter Eucharist. And so, we will worship together with great joy in the
mystery of our salvation, which Christ has given to us not only that we might live, but that we might live most abun-
dantly and everlastingly, with God in Christ glorified, being filled with the Holy Spirit in the mystery of that life of the
Trinity, which is love. Please join us, so that we might move together from the time of preparation and healing, which is
Lent, to the joyful celebration of life in love, which is Easter!
Confirmation Classes
This year’s Spring Confirmation for the Lansing area is scheduled for May 8, at 10:30 a.m., at All Saints', East Lansing.
As always, it offers people the opportunity to come before the Bishop and declare your intention to God and this
branch of the Church. Three options are available. The first is to confirm your Baptismal vows. This is for those baptized
as an infant and now ready to "Confirm" those vows as an adult. The second option is to be "received" into this branch
of the Church. Perhaps you were baptized or confirmed as an adult in another branch of the Church? This is the oppor-
tunity to be welcomed into this Episcopal branch. Finally, there is the opportunity to "reaffirm" your commitment to God
and the Church. We all should take these opportunities during the course of our lives because it often gives the Holy
Spirit a willing heart to work with.
In any case, if you are considering Confirmation, Reception or Reaffirmation, a class is offered on three successive Sun-
days from April 18 - May 2. It will begin at approximately 11:30 a.m. and last until 1 p.m. Refreshments will be pro-
vided and nursery care will be available if needed. Make reservations by contacting one of the clergy or calling the
Church office.

Some Time Away B&PW

By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller By Nancy Rudd, President
Our office manager, Kathleen Johnson, will be taking a The April meeting of the B&PW Guild is Tuesday April
bit of well deserved vacation from April 8-26. She will 13. We will meet in the Hill Room at 6 p.m. for dinner,
be in Florida visiting a new grandchild (born January business meeting, and fellowship. Our program this
3) whom she has not yet seen. While she is away, the month will be given by our own Steve Lange on the life
office duties will be covered. Do not hesitate to call of St. Paul.
with your normal concerns.
Please call Debby Pierce for a reservation. Dinner is
In addition, I (Fr. Weller) will be away visiting my own $8. Please join us for an evening of delicious food and
grandchild from Sunday evening April 4 through Fri- great companionship.
day evening April 9. Again, any needs you may have
will be met. In case of emergency, call Jeff Kressler,
Sr. Warden, or Sally Lawrence, Jr. Warden.

Know Good Friday

Ecumenical Service Know
Someone Someone
St. Paul's in pleased to host this year's Good
Who Will Friday Ecumenical Service on April 2. It will be- Who is
Miss Easter gin at noon and will last approximately 90 min-
utes. The service will be followed by a soup/ Graduating?
Communion? salad luncheon provided at no charge.
If you do, please contact
If you do, contact the Our preacher will be The Rev. Michael Dunkle- the Church office with a
Church office of one of the berger for Christ Community Church (formerly name. In this season of
clergy with the name, and First Baptist). Participating churches will be Un- Graduation we try to
we will contact that person ion Missionary Baptist, First Presbyterian, Cen- honor all those who have
and see that his or her tral United Methodist, and perhaps North Side achieved an accomplish-
needs are met. Presbyterian. This will be the only service for ment.
the day. There will be not be a 7 p.m. service.

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Maundy Thursday Ecumenical Agape Meal
By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
Once again, St. Paul's will be inviting some of our ecumenical friends to join us for
the meal that binds all of Christianity together. On Thursday, April 1, we have in-
vited Central United Methodist Church, Christ Community Church (Formally First Bap-
tist), and Judson Memorial Baptist Church to join us for the Agape Meal. We will
gather at 6 p.m. and begin dinner at 6:15 p.m. This commemoration of the Last Sup-
per will be followed by the traditional foot washing memorialized in the Bible, as
well as the Garden Experience and concluding with the ceremonial Stripping of the
Altar in the Church.
Please plan on attending and making your reservation by calling the Church office or signing the guest list on Sunday

Save these Dates

June 6 Graduations Sunday Easter Services
June 13 Parish Picnic Sunday, April 4
June 21-25 Tentative dates for Vacation Bible 8 a.m. Sunrise Service with Music
July 21 Deanery Picnic and Eucharist at 10 a.m. Full Choral Eucharist
Hawk Island Park

Newcomer’s Class Hosts Needed for Dinner

By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller Groups
Not sure what St. Paul's is all about, even though you By Sally Lawrence, Jr. Warden
have been a parishioner for 10 years? Only been here
for a few months and are considering joining? Want to Parishwide dinner groups have been successful in the
know more, but aren't sure if this place is for you? past, and we would like to bring them back. They are
Sounds like you need to come to a Newcomer's Class. a great way to integrate new members into our family
Don't let the name fool you. We want to know you and and have some great fellowship. We need to begin
make ourselves better known to you, regardless of this process, however, by identifying those who would
your status. Consider attending the class on Saturday, be willing to host or co-host a group, sometime in May.
May 15, from 9-11 a.m. at the Church. Some fun—no If you are interested in hosting, please contact Sally
pressure—questions asked and some answered. Lawrence or Deb Pierce.
Even if you can't come to the class, consider attending
the Newcomer's Dinner on Friday, May 21 at 6 p.m.
This is one more offering to allow us to meet and greet
one another in a less formal way than the Sunday
morning Peace. Sign up is by calling the Church office
or signing the guest list on Sunday mornings.

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The 4 F’s Group practice of their faith differ from others of Muslim
faith? How is the role of women in Turkey different
By Nancy Sheldon than in other countries of Muslim faith? Is it difficult to
worship and follow their religious beliefs here in the
The group usually meets the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each United States? Yasir will engage us in a fascinating
month. (Exceptions noted *due to Town Hall conflict) conversation and some special food will be provided!
 12 noon Eucharist, 12:30 p.m. Lunch ($4) May 3: We’ll visit the Butterfly House and the beautiful
 1 p.m. Bible Study (Steve Lange) 1:15-2 p.m. Program Children’s Garden at MSU and take a box lunch from
A Catered Affair with us.
Anyone is invited who has time in the middle of the day!
May 17: This will be our end-of-the-year picnic, annual
April 19: Yasir Belgin, a Turkish Muslim, who has visited St. book share, and next year’s planning time at Nancy
Paul’s before with Carol Ingells, will be talking with us
about his religion, its history and customs. How might the

Spring Blood Drive

Saturday, April 24
By Elisabeth Richardson
We still need people to work this annual event. You can choose to sign up donors, help on the day of the Drive, bring
sandwiches, set up and tear down. I will be running the drive this year, but Ellie Doersam and Pat Riley will still be
involved. You may contact me at either 372-1369 or If you have never participated before, the
Red Cross always needs blood. If you have never worked a drive, it’s fun and shifts are only two hours in duration.

Eucharistic Visitor and

Minister Training
By The Rev. Deacon Bill Fineout
An extremely important lay ministry during our Sunday
service is the one of the Eucharistic minister, the cup
bearer who distributes the Blood of Christ during the
sacrament of the Eucharist. Eucharistic visitors distribute
that Body and Blood as they visit those who may be
homebound or sick and could not attend the regular
Sunday services. Eucharistic visitors take this Holy Com-
munion to others, connecting them with the church com-
munity and Christ.
Eucharistic minister and visitor training will be offered
in two parts, on Saturday, April 17, and Wednesday,
April 28. If you have any interest in becoming a chalice
bearer or home communion visitor, please contact Fa-
ther Gordon or Deacon Bill before this date. The first
session on Saturday will be from 9:30 a.m. until noon.
The second session on Wednesday, scheduled for 6:30
p.m., will be about an hour.

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Financial Information as of February 28, 2010
By Julie Young, Treasurer

Year to date through February is 16 percent of the year. Pledge income in February was $33,813, making the year to
date total $63,696, which is 19 percent of the annual budgeted pledge income. At this early point in the year, it appears
we are ahead of the estimated pledge collection.
Operations for February had a net gain of $11,227. This is due in large part to a generous bequest received from the
Virginia Hilbert estate in the amount of $10,000. There were no transfers required from the investment account into the
operating account. The investment accounts/funds had a net income of $8,446 for February.

Vestry Highlights
At the March 16 Vestry Meeting, your Vestry:  Received a treasurer's report with anticipated
changes to come
 Enjoyed the pleasure of each other's company over a  Noted the improvement in the cleanliness of the build-
pork roast dinner ing with the new cleaning arrangement
 Did devotions based on the book Fingerprints of God  Noted that the Vestry will cook for Canterbury - MSU
by Barbara Bradley Hagerty. Question? Where are Sunday night, March 21
the fingerprints of God in your life?  Received committee reports
 Approved an amended agenda  Noted and viewed the prototype of the new website
 Approved February minutes - impressive!
 Accepted the resignation (with regret) of Roger  Received Clergy reports
Fowler from the Vestry. Business considerations im-  Adjourned at 8:45 p.m.
pinge on the hours that Vestry and Vestry Committees

Requests for Prayer

We pray for those who are sick and in need: Cindy Robinson, Shelley Robinson, Mason Hill, Lois Caswell, Barb
Hacker, Marjorie Belles, Aleda, Dave, Kathryn Senko, Barb Powers, Patricia Reno, Skip and Marsha Macholz, Tom
Foltz, Vivian Hawkins, Linda, Bill, Kent Riley, Jan Bigham, Max Sutton, John Hawkins, Joan, Karol Ryan, Julie,
Phyllis Quinn, Amanda, Laura Miller, Stephanie, Maureen Nauss, Grace, Norm Landon, Jared Miller, Aviana Bridge-
man, Pat Amundson, and Sam Montie, Sacha Mallory and Seth Burris
We pray and remember those in the Military, serving in dangerous areas: Daniel Reno, Tyson Carter, Matthew Raw-
lins, Jonathon Reno, and Jeff Doorlag
We pray for the people of Haiti and the relief and rescue workers attempting to assist them
We pray for comfort for the family and friends of Michael Skinner, Florence Julia (Olszewski) Polack, Peggy Brede,
Katey Lynn, and Richard O’Conner who recently passed away
We pray for those expecting: Jenelle and Paul Rawlins, Kym and Matt Hall, and Summer (Sleight) and Jake Stevens

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Mission and Outreach Activities
Where is Christ calling you to help others?
April 4 – April 18 September 19
 Brown Bag Sundays for Food Bank (pass out bags on  Memory Walk—Alzheimer’s Association
April 24
 Manna Sunday (first Sunday of the month, loose and
 Red Cross Blood Drive dedicated offerings for street ministry, bus tokens and
work boots)
May 13
 Outreach Committee meeting (second Tuesday of the
 Ascension Thursday Deacon’s Dinner Fundraiser month)
 Heifer gift cards
 Prayer quilts
 United Thank Offering  Cars, INC
 Habitat
 Sudanese K-12 Education Scholarship
 SILS Collection for apartment setup

Food Collection - Brown Bag Sundays

By The Rev. Deacon Bill Fineout
Your outreach team will sponsor a food/grocery collection to support Open Door Ministries and the Greater Lansing
Area Food Bank programs. These are the same groups we have helped in the past. You will be offered brown paper
grocery bags to fill and return the first two weeks of Easter. Bags will be passed out on Easter Sunday as needed.
Please return the filled bags by Sunday, April 18. Last year we collected and donated 52 bags of groceries.
Suggestions for most used products:

 canned peas
 vegetable cooking oil
 canned fruits & vegetables
 tuna fish
 juice & coffee
 spaghetti noodles & sauce
 syrup
 peanut butter & jelly
 napkins
 flour & sugar
 granola bars & Pop Tarts
 cereals, hot and cold
 Jell-O
 canned soups & stews: beef, chili, hash
 dried beans (kidney, navy, pinto) canned beans

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Choir News
Special Notes
Wednesday, April 7: No Family Night Dinner, and No Rehearsals for Cherubs, Boys’ and Grace, and High School
Thursday, April 8: No Chancel Choir Rehearsal 
Sunday, May 23—Choir Banquet 

Singing Schedule
Date Choirs Date Choirs

April 4 (Easter) May 9 All Choirs: Cherubs, Boys’ and

10 a.m. Cherubs, Boys’ and Grace, High Grace, High School, Chancel
School; Chancel
May 16 High School; Chancel
April 11 High School; Chancel
May 23 High School; Chancel
April 18 High School; Chancel
May 30 High School; Chancel
April 25 High School; Chancel
June 6 (Graduation Sunday)
May 2 High School High School; Chancel

Ensemble Concert
By Dr. Stephen R. Lange, Minister of Music
The Lange Choral Ensemble will present its annual Spring Concert at 7 p.m. on Sunday, May 2. Titled “Music for Or-
gan, Harp, and Percussion,” the performance will feature Chichester Psalms by Leonard Bernstein, and Dorchester Can-
ticles by Tarik O’Regan. The program will also include works by Palestrina, Bach, Durufle, Stroope, and Clausen. Tick-
ets are $10 for adults and $8 for seniors and children.

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St. Paul’s Youth Group Activities

Box City is Coming to St. Paul’s

On April 23-24, St. Paul’s Youth Group will have an opportunity to “walk in the shoes” of the homeless for a night. In
an effort to raise awareness of the homeless situation right here in our own community, the youth will hold a Box City
lock-in at St. Paul’s. The evening will be filled with eye-opening information, life changing experiences and, of course,
fellowship and fun. This event is open to grades 5-12, and we highly encourage our youth to bring a friend to share
the experience. If you have questions contact Barb Heany at 420-5316 or Gordon Weller at 482-9454.

Personal Needs Collection

Christian Music Night at Beginning April 4, the Youth Group will be collecting
Edru Skating Rink personal needs items such as non-perishable foods,
personal hygiene products and cleaning supplies, as
By Barb Heany, Youth Coordinator well as blankets and clothing. Your donations will make
a difference in the lives of men, women and children in
Mark your calendars everyone and join the Youth Michigan’s Capital City area through the Lansing Res-
Group for Christian Music Night at Edru Skating Rink on cue Mission. Look for the grocery cart located in the
Sunday, April 25 from 5-7:30 p.m. The cost is $5.50 Merrifield Room which will provide more detailed in-
which includes skate rental. For more info contact Barb formation regarding the items that are needed. Thank
Heany at 420-5316. you for helping us help Lansing Rescue Mission help

St. Patrick´s Day Festivities

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Easter is the culminating event of Christianity. But in order to appreciate it we have to make a conscious effort to immerse
ourselves in the bright light of the resurrection, the Son light. Most times that takes a conscious action on our part. It is so
easy to stray from the light and warmth of the Son into the shadows of doubt, despair, or even apathy, and simply lose
our way. Often we do not realize when we are walking in the shadows.
We hope you will plan on making the effort to be with your St. Paul's Parish family this Easter. Participate as fully as you
can, knowing that the glow of the Resurrection provides a light and warmth that even death cannot overcome. Hallelujah!

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