Artist William D.



This Lotus flower is ca ti!ati"# a"$ se$ucti!e i" its loo%. &ts ele#a"ce a"$ lumi"ous 'lue hues is its hoo%. Li%e a" alie" creature with its lo"# te"tacle e$$les it reaches out. To mesmeri(e the loo%er) who 'y "ow is hy "oti(e %"ow $ou't. &t is ama(i"# that a" artist has this ower i" his #ras . To ta%e a 'eautiful flower a"$ i"to*icate a ca ti!e au$ie"ce with ai"t 'rush s lash. The 'rillia"ce of this ai"ti"# is i" the arra"#eme"t of its colors) Li%e !iewi"# stars i" the "i#ht s%y) its a eara"ce is sim ly stellar. AUT+OR Timothy B. Thayer ,,-,.-/001

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