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Reflection about the impact of beliefs or values on the teaching of mathematics.

Every teacher must provide the chance for the students to think out of the box and express
their opinion in classroom. Apart from that, students also have the ability to perform as the
teachers are able to be guiding them thorough out their studies. Teachers should also provide
freedom to students to use their ideas to solve any problem that is concern in mathematics.
Nevertheless, every students have the opportunities to excel in their studies due to they are
given the chance to ask question when they dont understand the lesson that has been carried
Trial and error is a method that should be employed by teachers in the classroom as it gives
the students the chance to look for a solution in mathematics subject. In addition, when the
students do a mistake teachers should guide them by correcting the mistakes.
In the globalisation era, teachers are required to adapt the use of technology in maths
education. The use of technology in maths education has advanced the level of maths
education in school level itself. This is due to the support from the government where each
student are given note book as a token for learning with technology. This method is widely
carried out in schools in Malaysia.
Teachers should also adapt to the new teaching methods namely PPSMI and PBS in maths
education. Teachers should also understand the history of mathematics before implementing
each chapter in the classroom. Teachers beliefs of learning and teaching are related to an aid
thats used in the classroom. According to Ernst (), teachers perceived mathematics as a set of
rules and skills that is employed in teaching to reach a specific goal. According to Kenny
(1991), the training that teachers acquired has a strong impact on producing teachers with
beliefs in the curriculum innovation.

Renne (1992), argues that teachers mathematical beliefs is related to explain the origin of a
complex system with the context of the present and past educational system. Apart from that,
teachers are also required to engage themselves in decision making skills to produce a
positive outcome in teaching environment. (Brown & Ross, 1995). Teachers also believe that
mathematics requires neatness and speed in solving the problem. Frank (1990). According to
Wood and Floden (1990), teachings of mathematics in school is based on the memorization of
the facts and rules.
Mathematics is also known as a step by step instruction given to students in solving a
problem. (Stigler & Hiebert, 1997). According to Thompson (1992), classroom practise will
help students to construct mathematical concepts, being creative, provide good reasoning and
applying the ideas into practice.

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