Refuting Sollog aka.

Sollog –Immanuel-Adonai:
Well, this is the last bastion of blasphemous people in my opinion. I first witnessed Sollog at 1999, when I was very young and figured out his extreme views. I've emailed some people and they said let the blasphemers blaspheme, but I have to respond since he's strong in his rhetoric and challenges Christians to refute him. I hesitated in showing this work in 2010, because I wanted to make sure I got the facts right. This was created first in 2002 when I was 18 years old. The fact is anyone in this chat can refute him in a mini-second, but very websites by Christians exist refuting him so this long refutation is here to supplant researchers and Christians who want ammo just in case they see this form of Satanism. Many numbers are used to refute Sollog's claims and examples. I usually don't use numbers a lot only in describing conspiracies. I made this response back in September 2002, but so many issues arose, that I reduxed with new information for 2003. Enjoy. The website that I will base my refutation is on and on the title with the name of “Shocking 666 Bible Code - Discovered in New Testament” since it summarizes his beliefs. This refutation that I've created is the best in the internet so far. In the future many other people will refute him better than me, but so far no one can match this and Sollog definitely can't refute the following truthful information. This is one of the most controversial post I've shown here. Sollog is one of the most controversial people on the internet. Sollog is an extremely false prophet who thinks he's God and believes that Jesus Christ is Satan. I will use 3 simple signs to prove that he's a false prophet first:

Sign #1: Every prophet must be 100% accurate in all of its prophecies according to Deut. 18:22. Even if you have one failed prediction, you are a false prophet. Sollog, on the otherhand, had made numerous false prophecies. Examples of this include: 1). In November 2001, he said that the USA will be nuked and destroyed in 90 days. Nothing came in that timespan and in 2002, he lied and said that prediction was symbolic. 2).In 10/28/98, Sollog said that Bill Clinotn will die in his 2nd term. Clinton never died in his 2nd term of office. Evidence of him saying that is from the website 3). Death of Pope John Paul II in 1999. 4).Death of the Black Pope. That didn't happen. Anton LaVey, head of the Church of Satan, died not the Black Pope. The Black Pope is Jesuit General Kolvenbach, who resides in Rome. 5).Recently Sollog's followers said that John Paul II will die at 9/20/02, but the Pope didn't die on that date yet again. 6). If Sollog has many fake prophecies what makes his 1995 Solar elicpse information any better than his other failures. Sign #2 Any prophet that directs away the loving and obedience to the Living God is false as displayed in Deut. 13:2. That simply means that any prophet who tries to lead people to false gods, he or she is rejected and condemned as a false prophet. Sollog believes and accepts Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and all religions as one and equal except Christianity. That's a lie because: a).Each religion is different by its origin, ceremonies, perception of God, etc. b).Some religions perform occultic ceremonies like that pagan religions of Wicca, voodoo, Hinduism, etc. c).Many religions adhere to fake gods or don't believe in God (i.e. Vishnu, Allah, some Buddhists are agnostic or atheist, Confucius, etc.) d).Many religions aren't even unified in message or life fulfillment. e).Christianity and even Judaism never held to the inclusion of false religious faiths or gods as one or equal to each other. (Sollog's belief is New Age and a NWO-like philosophy). The verses of 2 Cor. 6:14-18, Eph. 5:11, Ex. 20:2-3,5, Isaiah 43:10, etc. forbids the inclusion of gos and religions as equal, true, or one. Sign #3: A prophet that denies that Christ is come in the flesh or deny Christ outright is false and has the spirit of antichrist. (1 John 4:1-3). Sollog does this and is rejected. Not to mention that on his main website of, he has horoscope and tarot card material which is expressively forbidden to use in the OT and NT. That's divination and witchcraft showing Sollog's actual intentions of deceiving people. The Issue of the Dead Sea Scrolls: The Dead Sea Scrolls are composed of many books. Of course the Essene Gospel of Peace Vol. 1-4 could show a person other than Christ. Many books existed and all books can't show one individual throughout its literature. The scrolls has the entire prophecy of

Isaiah and that prophecy shows descriptions of the coming of Jesus Christ. There are scholars who would concur with my opinion aside from Edmond Bordeaux Szekely or any other author. Isaiah 9:6 shows that Christ will be called Mighty God and the Prince of Peace. Isaiah 52:15 says he will be silent to his accusations, Isaiah 60:3 says that Gentiles will flock to him, Isaiah 52:15 says his blood is shed to make atonement for all and other examples exist of Christ in prophecy. All of the previous verses are fulfilled in the NT representing fully the Lord Jesus Christ. That alone blows completely in the face of Sollog. archaeological discoveries are occurring all of the time confirming the locations and historical events of the Bible like Nineveh, the ancient Temple, the reign of the Roman Emperor Augustus, the Babylonian King Nabonidus, the Nubian King Tarhaqo, Sennacherib, and the city of Ur. The Hermetic/Kabbalah Issue: Hermetic Ideas has no relation to the NT creation because: -Hermeitic ideas are traces in recorded history to the Greco-Roman/Egypt period in the 2nd or 3rd century. Hermetic influence range can be in fact as early a ancient Egypt, but it didn't arise as an entity until the 100's or 200's. The Bible was created by 100 A.D. and papyrus copies are discovered of the NT as early as 65 A.D. (i.e. Magdalen Papyrus-P64) -The Hermetic tradition is occultic. The hermetic tradition believes in human godhood, celestial marriage, Hermes, alchemy, etc. -The Bible in the OT and NT condemns such concepts of Hermetism by saying: a).The Word is Truth (John 17:17) b).There is only one God, not many and humans can't achieve godhood. (Isaiah 44:10, 45:21) c).The Bible condemns the occult, secret knowledge, etc. -As for metaphors. This is desperation by Sollog. Tons of metaphors, wit, and symbols are conveyed throughout the OT and NT. It's normal and not necessarily Hermetic to expect that. -The authors of the NT are simply the apostles and their companions. The Bible and scholars alike affirm this. (Look at 2 Peter 1:13-15, Acts 17:1-5, Rev. 1:11, Rom. 1:1-2, 1 Thes. 5:27, etc.) not by Hermetics. Sollog uses the Kabbalah, but it's occultic because: a). Even many Jewish scholars feel that the Kabbalah is false and a distortion of true Judaism. b). The Kabala is actually a combination of Jewish, Babylonian (Chaldean), Greek, Neoplationism, etc. merged together that's Satanic, occultic, and false. c). Many of the Kabala his pantheistic and gnostic showing dualism. The Kabbalah teaches that building bridges can give humans enlightenment, which is similar to the teachings of Gnosticism. d). It’s fruit is bad producing false Messiahs, false sects, Jewish apostates from Judaism, and many Kabalistic theophists include Madame Helena Blavatsky and the circles in

Germany which spawned the Nazi Party. e). Rabbis in the 4th-6th century spoke out against pagan-Gnostic, Neoplatonist, Hellenist (Kabbalah-like) errors that spread into Jewish thought. f). It’s an addition to the Torah and OT which is a clear violation of the Law similar to Catholicism adding unscriptural traditions to the Bible over the centuries. g). The Root Word of Kabala is Kabba. In Aramaic, Kabba means Illicit Sexual Activity. In Hebrew, Kabba means the Act of Murder. Just wanted you to know this so it makes Sollog very fraudulent. h). According to Freemason Albert Pike, Gnosticism was an offshoot of Kabbalism, a secret occultic tradition used by a minority of Jews. He also says in page 626 in Morals and Dogma that the Kabbalah is the key to the occult sciences and the Gnostics were born of Kabbalists. Kabbalism was an unique version of the ancient mysteries to deceive God's chosen people. Anything derived from the Kabbalah is never to be taken seriously because the Kabbalah is non-biblical and ungodly. So the usage of the Kabbalah by Sollog has no bearing on any Christian. It's deperation on his part and proves that he uses occultism to validate his false claims. That alone classifies him as a false prophet. Jesus or "Ieosus" in Greek has a value of 888 not 666 in Greek gematria. Now "8" ,means new beginnings, resurrection, or a new birth according to Biblical numerics. That's nothing Satanic about that regardless of Sollog's pleading. Jesus isn't Satan.

Secret Societies are to this day. The influence of the Knights Templar exist in Freemasonry today. For example, many degrees in the Masonic York Rite degree was known as the Order of the Knights Templar. Albert Pike admitted that the Knights Templar has an overt and covert policies to promote decisions in the world. This strategy is found in the Roman Catholic Church and the Order of Freemasonry. Both use charity as an excuse to promote their secret goal of trying to dominate the political and economic influences in the world. Freemasonry is a secret order that uses a wide spectrum of doctrines from ancient Egyptian ideals, Pythagorean doctrines, and influence from the Kabbalah too. When the Grand Lodge was formed in 1717, Freemasonry came out in the open public and they spread globally. Freemasonry came to be called by some as pro-Protestant, but they actually infiltrated the Protestants in order to promote Ecumenicalism. This cause some leaders in the Church of England, Lutherans, and even some Baptists to accept Romanism in Ecumenical unity. Certainly, this why the Vatican is supportive of the Ecumenical Movement via Vatican II. Also, they support some doctrines of figures like Karl Marx, Galileo, Darwin, and Oscar Wilde (as written by Richard Owen). There are also international bankers that have stolen wealth from the people to enrich their own pocket (while safeguards, standards, and legitimate parts of society have broken down especially during the recession). NAPOLEON said: "When a government is dependent for money upon the bankers, they and not the leaders of the

government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes.... financiers are without patriotism and without decency..." This is why economic populism is extremely popular among the 21st century.

*Secret Societies like Freemasonry have symbolism. 32nd Degree Freemason named William Steve Burkle wrote about the square and compass in Masonic have deep symbolism. Some speculate that the Masonic square and compass is superimposed on the Freemason's Magic Square to have the patterns of touching numbers. Three Hastings councilors have been revealed as Freemasons – including the head of planning and the man driving the £100million link road scheme. Conservatives Terry Fawthrop, Matthew Lock and John Wilson are all members of the clandestine organization which has at its heart a pledge to help out other masons. The Observers found this out when they researched the council records at the town hall records. Cllr Fawthrop is the chairman of the local authority's planning committee, which is charged with making decisions on controversial applications and large developments. Speaking to the Observer, Cllr Lock said: "Being a freemason is an important part of my life. It is an escape from the very public life of being a councilor." The two things are very separate and I do not let them cross over. No mason has ever approached me and asked me to push things through for them. I wouldn't be very happy if they did..." Lock claims that Freemasonry is just a charitable organization when it's bigger than that. It's a group that desires universalism under the guise of Theism, deception

in its lower level members, and control or influence in the world political stage. Some believe that Freemason has been associated with Druid tradition including the British Royal Family. In The Trojan Horse: How The New Age Movement Infiltrates The Church, Brenda Scott and Samantha Smith, both women believe it. A source mentions that: "...Druid traditions were also preserved with Freemasonry, which is thought to have evolved from the Druids or at least alongside of them. This connection is addressed in Gould's History of Freemasonry. (James Bonwick, Irish Druids and Old Irish Religions, Salem N.H.: Ayer Co., 1984, p. 71).

Proof that Jesus acknowledged himself as the Son of God is from: 1).John 9:17-37 2).John 5:18 (He said that God the Father was his Father, therefore making him the Son of God). 3).Luke 22:69-70 4).John 10:36 5).Mt. 3:7 (The Father said that Jesus was his beloved Son). The apostles and other people called Jesus the Son of God and worshipped him, yet Jesus never rebuked him or complained about it. Why? It's most reasonable to assume that he is the Son of God (divine making him God) by his attributes, life, death, resurrection, and ascension into heaven. What leis by Sollog. He says there is no evidence of Jesus referring himself as the Son of God. What biblical evidence does Sollog show? None. O. What historical evidence can he show other than a desperate stretch of distorted Bible verses and the Kabbalah. The Sorath Issue: 1).sorath means "the sun" in an occultic sense of the Antichrist, etc. The real Hebrew word for sun is "shemesh" not sorath. Sorath does equal 666 in Hebrew gematria. 2).Even sorth IHVH (or sun of tetragammaton)=666, but Christ was never called the sun of God in the OT or NT. Jesus isn't Satan. Jesus is called the sun of righteousness (or shemesh tsidqiyah) from Malachi and that doesn't equal 666 in Hebrew gematria also. 3).The Son of God in Hebrew is ben elohim or ben IHVH. Ben Elohim and Ben IHVH doens't equal 666 at all. Sollog is one desperate individual. 4).Sons of God refers to humans not sorath and that makes his "sorath lie" inconsistent by the evidence. Christ's Birthday:

a). Not all Christians celebrate December 25 for his birth. Greek Orthodox celebrates his birthday on January. Some fundamentalist Baptist, Protestant, and independent Christian groups refuse to celebrate on December 25 at all, because December 25th is at the pagan Winter Solstice. b). Jesus was born most probably at the late summer or early fall so Sollog's Christian bigotry is faulty. Christians can worship on any day they want. (Rom. 14:5-6, Col. 2:2627, etc.) God never restricts worship to him on a certain day or holiday. Christmas is something else. I know what this day is about now. It’s based on the Romanist Mass since the word Christmas refers back to the Mass. The Mass is a unscriptural ritual that believes that Jesus Christ’s sacrifice is repeated by at priest constantly. Even the Scriptures maintain that Jesus Christ’s sacrifice was made one and for all among all mankind. Santa Claus is a made up image who origin come from pagan Norse gods, etc. Christmas is a hypocritical day that claims to promote togetherness of the human race, but it’s the time of the year that conveniently has massive materialism and a sense of greed for economic profit instead of spiritual development. Christmas is a man-made holiday. The birth of the Messiah being celebrated in a holiday is not mentioned in the Bible. Some believe that Yeshua was born in the first day of Sukkot or Tabernacles. Jeremiah 10 reveals how useless our man-made customs and idols are.

Christianity's fruits and a refutation of Sollog's lies: a). First killing innocent people are forbidden in the OT and NT. (Romans 13:9, Mt. 19:18, etc.) Anyone committing those immoral actions in the events of the Crusades or the Quest of Discovery obviously isn’t Christians. Real Christians will never kill millions of innocent people or illegally use compulsion to receive land or territories. b). Christianity made tons of contributions in: -Medicine -Capitalism -Civil liberties (civil rights) -Music -culture -media -literature -Mathematics -Anthropology -technology/computers -Education -labor reform -Science (Johann Kepler, Robert Boyle, Blaise Pascal, Isaac Newton, George Washington Carver, Carolus Linnaeus, Michael Faraday, Arthur Custance, etc. were all Bible Believing Christians) -Slave trade destruction (John Wesley, William Wiberforce, David Livingstone, Granville Sharp, etc.) -Prison reform (John Howard, Elizabeth Fry, Florence Nightingale, etc.) And tons of others. c).He fails to mentions other religions' or creeds' folly, but a bigoted frenzy against Christianity: -Communism killed 100 million people from 1917-1991 in Russia alone (Communism is more destructive than Christianity) -Islam killed thousands of people in its Jihads <632-1700's> -Hindus killed thousands of Dravadians, Muslims, and other dissidents in India. -Nazis killed 15 million people during WWII ,<1939-1945> d).The majority of the events Sollog presents are responsible by Catholics. Some Protestant groups were involved in the persecution of Anabaptists, slavery, discovery, etc. but not in the magnitude of Catholicism. Sollog doesn't even know that Christianity isn't a monolith but is divided into different groups and beliefs like Orthodox, Protestants, etc. To use all Christianity in Sollog's assessment is bias, hypocritical, and ignorant of history on Sollog's part. e).The Nt is full of peace by Christ saying Love your neighbor as yourself. (Mt. 19:19, 22:39), Do no violence to no man (Luke 3:14), and tons of other positive, peaceful scriptures. The future is now and later with you going to heaven or hell after death not now entirely as Sollog subscribes to. This isn't slander but 100% truth. The Morning star Issue: 1). In Isaiah 14:12-15, no morning star is mentioned together describing Lucifer. 2)."Morning stars" is used in Job 38:7 denoting multiple angles rejoicing at God's creation not Lucifer. Out of all of the verses Sollog tries to distort, he has forgotten that on which exposes his lie. He obviously isn't God. "Morning stars" are angels not Satan. Multiple morning stars existed not only one as Sollog gleefully pretends.

3). Lucifer in Hebrew is Haylale coming from the root word hawlal meaning to boast, to shine, to be foolish, to praise, and to be mad (insane or crazy) not a morning star. Satan tries to boast in glories and masquerades, as an "angel of light" but isn't to deceive. (2 Cor. 11:12-15, Isaiah 8:20). 4). Lucifer signifies Venus. Venus is just a planet not a star or "morning star." Sollog sure knows how to make a deceptive lie. 5). A star is used in prophecy at Num. 24:17 describing Christ being fulfilled at Rev. 22:16 showing the bright and morning star. 6). Stars can be used in a good connotation from Num.24:17, Job 38:7, Job 38:31, Psalm 121:6, Ecc. 1:7, Gen. 22:15-19, Rev. 1:20, 1 Cor. 15:29, Amos 5:8, etc. 7). Really it's like Lucifer saying "I am Venus" and Jesus Christ saying "I am the bright and morning star." They are different. Jesus isn't Satan. 8). Modern dictionaries equate Lucifer and morning star as the same, so Sollog and others use that to deceive. Lucifer means light bearer and Venus not morning star. 9). Lucifer fell to the ground and hell so he's no longer an angel or one of the morning stars (angels). When a being falls, it's no longer a star or planet. Sollog hasn't discerned that logic. Sorry Sollog, this "Bible Thumper" has read my Bible. I'm not Catholic so this priest information has no bearing any me. The Anti-Christ isn't God, but someone who will falsely claim to be God. (1 Thes. 2:4)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gematria has many areas of Catholicism equaling 666 like these Examples:

I don’t agree with gematria for spiritual purposes, but I use these examples an example. -Viciarius Filli Dei=666 (created by Andreas Helwig, rector of Berlin <1572-1673> -I Protera=666 -Lateinos=666 (invented by Irenaeus[ca. 130-202 A.D.]) -He Latine Basilieia=666 -Italika Ekklesia=666 -Apostates=666(This though has nothing directly to do with Catholicism) -Dux Cleri=666 (Invented by Walter Brute, a 14th Century follower of Wycliffe and Lollard martyr.) -Ludovicus=666 (Invented by James Birchena, a British author, who died in 1831) -Romiith=666 (made by Johannes Gerhard) -Teitan (Satan in Greek and has no relation directly to Catholicism)=666 Ioanes Paulus Secundo (John Paul II in Italian using only Roman Numerals for calculation)=666 It has no effect on me again, because authentic Waldensians, Hussites, Lutherans, Baptists, Protestants, Wycliffe, independent Christian groups, etc. have similar interpretations of Catholicism.

Peter wasn't the first Pope as Sollog lies about because: a). The Pope concept never existed in the early church. b). In Mt. 16:23, Jesus called Peter Satan for a rebuke, but later Jesus would bless Peter to feed his sheep and blessed all of the apostles before ascending to heaven. What a great liar Sollog is. c). 1 Cor. 10:4 sys the foundation is Christ without a Vicar of Christ (Pope) involved. d). Eph. 2:20 says that all apostles are placed as stones. No one apostle is implied to be superior to another. It's full equality and no Papacy. All apostles are pillars as in Galatians 2:1-9. e). Historically, the Papacy is a product of gradual development and in 1870 even Papal infallibility became a concrete dogma of Catholicism. I agree with Sollog on Mt. 23:9 though that you shouldn't call clergy father.There is a Vatican link to WWII as well. It's easily proven that IBM funded the Nazi Holocaust. This Masonic corporation allowed computer technology to be utilized by the Nazi to track and murder Protestants, Baptists, Jewish people, and folks of many backgrounds during the Holocaust. This has been documented in Edwin Black's book called IBM and the Holocaust. The head of IBM in that time was high level Freemason and Pilgrim Society member Thomas J. Watson Sr. The IBM Hollerith machines were used by Hitler to promote murder. IBM today owns Verichip Corporation. Verichips popularizes a microchip in animals and human beings.

The lesson about these facts is that we should always oppose mandatory microchips into our bodies if that occurs in the future and the military industrial complex didn't exist now (It spread among thousands of years especially during WWII). Of course, the Vatican was involved in the Holocaust and Ustashi Massacres in the 1940's as well.

f). Peter even called himself an elder in 1 Peter 5:1-2 similar to all apostolic leaders making Peter not a Pope. Nowhere in the Bible implies that Peter is the head apostle or Pope. g). James supercede Peter in authority in the Jerusalem Council, Peter was rebuked by Paul, and in 1 Peter 5:4; he acknowledged that Christ is the Chief Shepherd. h). Even Protestants and the Orthodox don't believe that Peter was the first Pope or superior to the other apostles so Sollog is false. The Messiah doesn't equal 666. In ASCII code in English (i.e. Where A=1, B=2, etc) it's 4444 meaning Melchi-shua (4444) or king of aid not Satan. There are no contradictions with or in Christ's sayings: 1). First Mt. 6:6 refers to the method of prayer not restriction. Jesus wanted prayer to be simplistic not extravagant as people parade around in public in a prideful manner. Luke 12:2-5 even says that He never concealed anything to his disciples. That one verse refutes Sollog's myths. 2). Mt. 7:1 refers to hypocritical judgment. Jesus always respected human judgment in some areas. Sollog needs to read John 7:24:"Judge not the appearance, but judge righteous judgement." Has Sollog read the Bible in context? Maybe not. Or Luke 7:43 honoring human judgment when Christ said, "thou hast righty judged" and other verses. 3). The cornerstone refers to Christ. A bad cornerstone? Peter? Peter is fallible and of course bad. We're all sinners who are in need to be saved by Christ. 4). Matt. 1:23 is in Greek. A change of E is evidence? ha! Emmanuel is the Greek word for Immanuel. Another example of this is from Luke 3:36 showing Noe, but that's Greek for Noah. Also see Luke 3:35 showing Heber which is Eber in Greek. It's the same thing and the same reasoning is they’re making no contradiction. Sollog is just desperate and a liar. It's perfectly normal to see changes in words by reason of a different language. All languages are different from each other. 5). Isaiah 11:6 refers to the millennium reign of Christ where the wolf will lay with the lamb, etc. Sollog has a poor exegesis of the end times. The rest of Sollog's distorted verses are gibberish. There are more than 300 prophecies and 100 verses to confirm Christ as the Messiah and Jesus as God so I won't comment on his further lies. Jesus' name in Hebrew is "Yeshua" and it doesn't equal 666 but 411 in Hebrew gematria. Sollog just lies and says it equals to 666. I have no problem with his mathematical formula of the circumference of the earth being one of the signs to prove the existence of God. It's most probably true.

Rhetoric of American quotes refuted: Do Christians think that the Founding Fathers were perfect? Do Christians believe in all of the beliefs of the Founding Fathers? Do Christians put leaders on a pedestal above Christ? Do Christians put a nation above Christ or let origins of names or a nation define their qualities? The answer to all 4 questions is a resounding No. I realize the quotes of Franklin, Washington, and even Lincoln and their perceptions of race and equality. They were wrong on those opinions, but that doesn't mean that no Americans in that era disagreed with racism or slavery. Abraham Lincoln wasn’t perfect as we all know, but he did do some legitimate things. Abraham Lincoln created the Greenback and his credit system reindustrialized America and caused an economic boon in the late 1800’s. This policy was copied by Bismark of Germany. Lincoln allied with the Czar of Russia in order to prevent the Union from being attacked by Europeans like England. The Greenback was a debt free currency. Many Christian Americans dissented with racism and slavery back then. I follow God not Caesar and if the govt. is corrupt, you follow Christ and try your best to improve the govt. by exposing Secret societies, etc. with all of the legitimate means that you can. As for Lincoln: Before Gettysburg, he had racist attitudes, but after that battle he changed. He converted to Christianity and maintained the plan to end slavery. Why doesn't Sollog quote Abraham Lincoln's statements after the Civil War? Look at portions of his annual message to Congress in 1862, Lincoln said: “The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate for the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise to the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country. We cannot escape history. We will be remembered, in spite of ourselves...In giving freedom to the slave, we assure freedom to the free-honorable alike in what we give and what we preserve." After the war, Lincoln respected the devotion of black Union troops. In his 2nd Inaugural Address, Lincoln expressed that the war was necessary to let the oppressed (African American slaves) go free. Sollog should have quoted more American heroes like African American abolitionist David Walker who dissented with slavery in 1829: "Had you not rather be killed than be a slave to a tyrant, who takes the life of your mother, wife, and dear little children." One leader was the Republican Senator of the 1800's called Thaddeus Stevens who said:

"Since the surrender of the armies of the confederate States of America a little has been done toward establishing this Government upon the true principles of liberty and justice; and but a little if we stop here. We have broken the material shackles of four million slaves. We have unchained them from the stake so as to allow them locomotion, provided they do not walk in paths, which are trod by white men. We have allowed them the privilege of attending church, if they can do so without offending the sight of their former masters. We have imposed on them the privilege of fighting our battles, of dying in defense of freedom, and of bearing their equal portion of taxes; but where have we given them the privilege of ever participating in the formation of the laws for the government of their native land? What is negro equality, about which so much is said by knaves and some of which is believed by men who are not fools? It means, as understood by honest Republicans, just this much, and no more: every man, no matter what his race or colour; every earthly being who has an immortal soul, has an equal right to justice, honesty, and fair play with every other man; and the law should secure him those rights. The same law which condemns or acquits an African should condemn or acquit a white man." "(Thaddeus Stevens, speech in Congress [3rd January, 1867]) Or Alexander Hamilton and John Jay who helped organize New York's first antislavery society. Sollog won't quote other great American heroes who risked their lives to improve America from slavery, voting rights denials, civil rights violations, environment, etc. There is no excuse for letting the immoral action of slavery to exist in America at all, but to put contributions on the backburner and only show the folly of other is just as bias also. I will give credit when credit is due and acknowledge the sin of many Founding Fathers at the same time. Sollog won't also even quote the American Heroes of: Frederick Douglas, John Brown, Henry Highland Garnet, Lucretia and James Mott (Quakers), Robert Burns, Harriet Tubman, William Lloyd Garrison, Sojourner Truth, etc. JFK in his June 11, 1963 Television Address to the whole nation about Civil Rights that: “…It ought to be possible for American consumers of any color to receive equal service in places of public accommodation, such as hotels and restaurants and theaters and retail stores, without being forced to resort to demonstration in the street. It ought to be possible for American citizens of any color to register and to vote in a free election without interference or fear of reprisal. It ought to be possible, in short, for every American to enjoy the privileges of being American without regard to his race or his color. In short, every American ought to have the right to be treated, as he would wish to be treated, as one would wish his children to be treated. But this is not the case today…Next week I shall ask the Congress of the United States to act, to make a commitment it has not fully made in this century to the proposition that race has no place in American life or law. The federal judiciary has upheld that proposition in the conduct of its affairs, including the employment of federal personnel, the use of federal facilities, and the sale of federally financed housing…” This is Frederick Douglass’ speech at the Anti-Slavery Society in Philadelphia

during the American Civil War on December 4th 1863: “I am one of those who believe that it is the mission of this war to free every slave in the United States. I am one of those who believe that we should consent to no peace which shall not be an Abolition peace. I am, moreover, one of those who believe that the work of the American Anti-Slavery Society will not have been completed until the black man of the South, and the black men of the North, shall have been admitted, fully and completely, into the body politic of America. I look upon slavery as going the way of all the earth. It is the mission of the war to put it down. I know it will be said that I ask you to make the black man a voter in the South. It is said that the coloured man is ignorant, and therefore he shall not vote. In saying this, you lay down a rule for the black man that you apply to no other class of your citizens. If he knows enough to be hanged, he knows enough to vote. If he knows an honest man from a thief, he knows much more than some of our white voters. If he knows enough to take up arms in defence of this Government and bare his breast to the storm of rebel artillery, he knows enough to vote. All I ask, however, in regard to the blacks, is that whatever rule you adopt, whether of intelligence or wealth, as the condition of voting for whites, you shall apply it equally to the black man. Do that, and I am satisfied, and eternal justice is satisfied; liberty, fraternity, equality, are satisfied, and the country will move on harmoniously.” William Lloyd Garrison’s speech at Charleston, South Carolina on April 14th 1865: Abolitionism, what is it? Liberty. What is liberty? Abolitionism. What are they both? Politically, one is the Declaration of Independence; religiously, the other is the Golden Rule of our Savior. I am here in Charleston, South Carolina. She is smitten to the dust. She has been brought down from her pride of place. The chalice was put to her lips, and she has drunk it to the dregs. I have never been her enemy, nor the enemy of the South, and in the desire to save her from this great retribution demanded in the name of the living God that every fetter should be broken, and the oppressed set free. I have not come here with reference to any flag but that of freedom. If your Union does not symbolize universal emancipation, it brings no Union for me. If your Constitution does not guarantee freedom for all, it is not a Constitution I can ascribe to. If your flag is stained by the blood of a brother hel d in bondage, I repudiate it in the name of God. I came here to witness the unfurling of a flag under which every human being is to be recognized as entitled to his freedom. Therefore, with a clear conscience, without any compromise of principles, I accepted the invitation of the Government of the United States to be present and witness the ceremonies that have taken place today. And now let me give the sentiment which has been, and ever will be, the governing passion of my soul: "Liberty for each, for all, and forever!" There was Masonic/Illuminati influence in early America:

Benjamin Franklin denied Christ's divinity and was a Mason. Thomas Jefferson was a Deist, denied Christ's divinity, he was accused of being a Mason, He supported the Illuminati, he is rumored of being apart of the Hells Fire Club, Lodge of Nine Muses in Paris, etc.) George Washington, Paul Revere, Ethan Allen, John Hancock, John Adams, James Madison, and 27% of the signers of the Constitution were Masons. That doesn't prove anything negative about Christians in America because: The scripture tells us that in the final analysis God has one nation of all, which is he church. It is the church composed of all believers, which are our “Christian nation”, not the social, political institutions of the world. We thank the Republic for the freedom we enjoy, but Christ is our supreme authority at the end of the day. Legitimate space between church and state is biblical (Mt. 22:21) so both sides won't get caught up in each other’s affairs.

Jesus and Satan contrasted: Jesus: Jesus denied that he had demonic influence by stating that I have not a devil. (John 8:49). Jesus can heal diseases. (Mt. 8:2-4, Mark 5:25-29) Jesus is God and man having direct lineage from Abraham, Judah, and David (Mt. 1:125) Jesus ascended into heaven by his own power (Mark 16:19, Luke 24:50-51, Acts 1:9-11) Jesus is the Creator of all things making him God. (John 1:1-3, Col. 1:16) Jesus has the fullness of the Godhead bodily. (Col. 2:9) Jesus is the express image of the Father and has a kingdom (Heb. 1:3, Luke 22:29). Jesus admitted that he is Alpha and Omega, The King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and the first and the last. (Rev. 1:17, Rev. 17:4). Jesus is the Rock and foundation over all of the church (1 Cor. 10:4, 1 Cor. 3:11, Romans 9:31-33). Jesus claimed to be God and that's admitted by the Jewish people trying to stone him. Also see that Jesus is the Saviour (John 10:30-33, 1 John 4:14, 2 Peter 3:18, Titus 1:4, etc.) Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6). Jesus is sinless, gives eternal life, and conquered death and the grave. (1 Peter 2:22, John 20:28, Mt. 19:10, John 3:15-16, 1 Cor. 15:55, Rev. 6:2, Rom. 5:21). Jesus rebuked Satan by quoting scriptures to him, pre-existed all life, and executes all judgment. (Mt. 4:1-13, Rom. 11:36, 1 Cor. 8:6, Heb. 1:12, John 6:62, etc.) Jesus has all authority on heaven and on earth. (Mt. 28:18). Satan: Satan is called the devil and serpent. (Mt. 4:1-5, Luke 8:12, Acts 13:2, 2 Timothy 2:26, Gen. 3:1-2, Rev. 12:9, 2 Cor. 11:3) Satan is the dragon and the god (false god) of this world. (Rev. 12:4, 2 Cor. 4:4). Satan is a fallen angel or spirit that's never a human or man. Satan is the son of morning, the wolf, enemy, liar, and murderer. (Isaiah 14:12, John 10:12, John 8:44, 1 Peter 5:8, Mt. 13:39, Luke 10:10, etc.)

Satan is the evil one, a created being, and fell to hell to be made a spectacle before kings (Mt. 5:37, Mt. 6:13, Mt. 13:19, Eze. 28:17, Luke 10:18, Isaiah 12:15, Rev. 12:8, etc.) Satan is Belial or worthless, the Adversary (Satan mean Adversary in Hebrew not morning star) (2 Cor. 6:15, 1 Peter 5:8) Satan didn't abide in truth and fell into condemnation, he can't force us against our will or possess us, and Satan is a defeated foe and wil be punished forever. (1 Timothy 3:6, 1 Cor. 10:13, Rev. 20:9-11) How dissimilar Jesus and Satan are. JESUS ISN'T SATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bible Code Issue: 1). Many bible Codes are false and discovered after the fact. (The exceptions are Rabin's death, the Gulf War, and parts of 9/11 found before the fact) making the Bible Codes an exaggeration. One example is World War III according to Drosinin is enclosed with 2000 and 2006 plus atomic holocaust. Nothing happened in 2000. 2). Some legitimate scholars believe that the Bible Codes are fake and I won't consider Christ Satan by one so-called "Bible Code." Dr. Brendan McKay, a computer science teacher from Australia has concerns over the mathematics of the Bible Codes. Dr. Ronald L. Giles Jr. called the Bible Code a skip code creating endless possibilities. Peter to. Cahattaway found codes involving important figures of history in the story of "Moby Dick" showing the coincidence and discrepancies of the ELS Bible Code. 3). Sollog shows little to no criteria in finding the code neither any method but a KJVBible usage to derive it. I can find any word intersection to validate any belief I want using Sollog's methods. In fact years ago I found a website having a Bible code saying there is no YHVH. 4). There is no biblical or historical evidence to prove Jesus Satan, so I reject Sollog's desperation in that so-called "Bible Code." The Word of God is superior to any and all Bible Codes so I won't adhere to a Bible Code for my beliefs. Sollog's so-called intersecting Prophetic Line: According to Sollog at, two intersecting lines across the U.S.A. that meet at Little Rock, Arkansas is his line. He says those are punishments to America by his power. He's lying because: I've researched both lines and found that some patterns occur. The 2 lines are one portion of a large pentagram, which stretches across North and South America. Look at http://cuttingedge/news/n1350.cfm or for more details on it. So Sollog has nothing to do with that line whatsoever.

Philippians 2:10-11 says "That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow of things in earth, and things under the earth: And that every tongue should confess that Jesus is Lord, to the glory of God the Father." Sollog will be at judgement like everyone else and will BOW TO ALMIGHTY GOD WHO IS JESUS CHRIST AND GIVE AN ACCOUNT TO THEIR LIFE TO HIM AND RECIEVE ETERNAL LIFE OR ETERNAL PUNISHMENT. It's not too late for Sollog, but he may have cross the line in blasphemy against God's only begotten Son. References: Greek gemetria: monogenes Huis Theos (Only begotten Son of God)=1450 (Jesus)Iesous=888 Kurie O Theos (Lord God)=889(close to 888) Christos=1480 Messiou (Messiah)=925 Hebrew gematria: YHWShAY=391 YHWShWAY=397 Messiah and blood in English=176 using Hebew letters. Yeshua=311 IHVH=26 Mashiyach(Messiah)=358 Ascii code (English) JESUS CHRIST (in all caps)=887 Jesus CHrist (in lower and upper case letters)=1175 Ascii time six code: (i.e. where A=6, B=12, etc.) Satan Hindu=666 Lucifer Hell=666 Dragon Pope=666 (I'm controversial at times like Sollog. It's my persona. Sometimes I can't help myself. ha ha ha ha ah ah.) Lucifer Hades=666 Mark of Beast=666 A-Z Gemetria in the English Language (i.e. where A=1, B=2, etc). Supreme Being, El=151 Jesus Christ=151 Holy Spirit=151 (actually 153, but close to 151) God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit=453=3*151 (Trinity) Moshiach, Lamb of God=151 Immanuel=88 YHVH,redeemed man=151 The Coming of the Messiah=222 Crucified Redeemer=151 The Victor is Jesus=222 Lord=49 Jesus, the Son of Yahweh=246 Son of God=95 Bethelem Sacrifice=151

Jesus Christ, Son of God=246 This is one of the most controversial posts I've ever made. I don’t accept the numerical gematria, but I show them to refute Sollog. Enjoy. I will respond later on to comments whether they be positive or negative or both. The pyramid issue by Sollog is all conjecture with the shapes and the prime focus of men is God not pyramid in figuring out God. There’s nothing wrong with researching the pyramids, but I see no substitute with Christ-alone in religious affairs. Once again Sollog is refuted by someone not even 21 years old. SOLA SCRIPTURA SOLA FIDE SOLA GRATIA SOLA CHRISTO SOLA GLORIA DEO By Timothy June 25, 2003 1:13 pm. EST To see 2 websites exposing Sollog you can go to and