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Table of Contents
Introduction Chapter 1 The Secret Life of Dream Girls Chapter 2 Think Sexy, Act Cool Chapter 3 Where to Find Men if You don't have One Chapter 4 Why Spock Chapter 5 Moving a Man through the Gates Chapter 6 What you need to know about Oxytocin and how to use it to create over the top feelings of excitement, attraction and love Chapter 7 Three Critical Relationship Stages and how to Make it work for you Chapter 8 The Truth About Men Marriage Chapter 9 What Men think about some Women after they get Married Chapter 10 The Prince Charming Effect Chapter 11 I still love him and all the weird reasons women don't get what they want Chapter 12 Taming the Beast Chapter 13 Men have to go from sex to love Chapter 14 Is He in Love? Chapter 15 The 3R Logic Chapter 16 What you need to know about men and attraction – the science Chapter 17 How to learn attraction skills Chapter 18 Living the Truth about You Chapter 19 Bringing Him Closer Chapter 20 Communicating so He'll listen Chapter 21 Advanced Techniques #1 – 12 Chapter 22 Enhanced Technique – The Matrix Method Chapter 23 What he thinks about the way you handle money Chapter 24 Red Hot Sex Chapter 25 Deadly Mistakes 1 – 5 Chapter 26 Assessing Him Chapter 27 Getting the Ring around your Finger Chapter 28 Using the GDS system to help you get a commitment or marriage Chapter 29 The Proposal Chapter 30 Personally Chapter 31 Bouncing Back Chapter 32 Bonus – Questions and Answers

I want you to know this system can change your life if you let it. I am 100% confident of this. You have to be clear about what YOU deserve as a woman. You’re going to do what it takes to figure that out. You’re going to SEDUCE your own mind while seducing the mind of the man who is right for you. When you are able to re-make yourself into a tantalizing siren, everything about your attitude will follow and you will automatically think and draw what you want into your life. To become ultra successful with men, you have to increase your perceived value and social status. You cannot get what you want with low value behavior patterns. In every relationship or interaction, a man will assign a certain value to you based on the way you behave. He will put you in a category. If you put your cards on the table by making it obvious that you are the one who DESIRES something, you will hand over your power to men to make decisions about you instead of YOU being the one to make decisions about them. Think about it: when a man approaches you for a date, you have the power to decide if you want to go out with him or not. You actually hold the power when he is the one pursuing you. And you get to decide whether sex will happen. You have the power to accept his advances or reject him. While dating, the more power you hand over or give up, the less value he will assign to you. When women give up power, they make it so that a guy can reject them or they tolerate a guy's behavior EVEN when they are not getting what they want. This sends a powerful message. It conditions a guy to respond in a way HE wants to respond. In essence, it takes away a woman's ability to be in control. This is never what you want to have happen when you are dating or in a situation where you want to take the relationship further. As much as possible, you need to control a man's decision to reject you. And this means that you don't ever shrink you world down to HIS attention. It means that you retain your desirability by making him know on a conscious or subconscious

level that you retain the decision making power. This isn't power over him, it is power over yourself. We talked earlier about increasing your perceived value. Let's look at how this works and what we are trying to accomplish with this program. In the seduction community, they often talk about the relationship between value and effort. The way it applies here is: the more you work at getting or keeping a man's attention, the lower your perceived value will be to him. Before we talk about this further, let's get real here. Everyone assigns a social value to the people around them. There are some guys you wouldn't be caught dead dating because of the way you perceive them. Their attraction value to you is low. Ok. Let's get back to value and effort. Anytime you find yourself in a situation with a man where you are exerting a lot of effort in order to be validated or bring him closer, he will perceive you as someone of low value. You may not consciously think this will happen, but you can always tell how valuable you are to a man by HIS behavior towards you. He'll also reason that if you were someone of high social value, you wouldn't need to do anything to try to GET his attention or MAKE him do what you think he should. On a basic biological level, we are all looking to mate with someone who can pass on the best genes for survival. This is the exact blueprint for how relationship works. If you DO more work, you will set yourself up to be rejected more often or you will decrease your chances of getting the results you want in your relationship. The seduction community encourages guys to keep their perceived effort low because “effort telegraphs interest and when you do this, you are basically saying, “look, I want you, do you want me?” and when this happens, it forces the person to make a decision about you.” And as we mentioned earlier, as much as possible, you do not want to put the power in a man's hand to make a decision about you. When you give him your power, you give him your control. So the methods in this program is about increasing your perceived value in a way where it appears that you are not exerting much effort AT ALL. This is why you need to work in the background of creating and increasing attraction but

stay out of the forefront of trying to talk or convince him into wanting more. When you use logic, you decrease your value. Here's another quote from puatraining.com(speaking to men), “When you exhibit a high degree of effort or work, before you sleep with a woman, you are conveying low value. It's a low value characteristics. Only men of low value work hard for women. And when you convey low value behaviors, she starts thinking to herself, “I don't want to be around this guy.” This is incredibly important information for you to understand. Again, the more you WORK, the more your value goes down. The more you give, the more you stay when you're not getting what you want, the more you call him when he's not calling you or spend hours texting him when he is not making plans to see you, the LESS attraction he'll feel for you and the LESS he'll be motivated to want MORE. The next chapter and the rest of the program will show you how to maintain or work on increasing your value. Higher value = more attraction = more desirability = increased feelings of bonding and commitment in men. You are going to learn the unique way of exuding high quality behaviors, how to create deeper emotional bonding with your man and how to bring him to a place where he finds you irresistible.

When you are ready to have a man blissfully addicted to you because you are radiating from a centre of magnetic attraction... When you are ready to learn the secrets to having a force so powerful, any man will be under your spell... When you are ready to have your man find you so enigmatic, he'll want to move mountains for you...

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