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Connect B2 Getting There

Unit 1

Theres always a busker singing in the stree corner.

I sat in the caf by the window and watched the passerby.
Do you have any loose change? Id like to tip the waiter.
A group of onlookers stood watching the skateboarders.
The project has been a success thanks to the dedication of the team.
After years of neglect, the building is in a very bad state. ,
He never thought of changing jobs because of his loyalty to the company. ,

8. Youll gain more insight onto the problem if you read this article.
9. She lost her cool and started shouting.
10. The restaurant is popular because its in a prime location.
11. We interviewed dozens of people.
12. We won the match against Spain, but it wasnt all plain sailing.
13. During the comedians performance, the audience did not laugh and they seemed
indefferent to his jokes.
14. The football fans caused a disturbance in the city when they came to see their team
15. These tables and benches are a welcome addition to the park.
16. When I see a beggar I try and give him or her some of my loose change.
17. Buskers are a common sight in train stations.
18. She shouted at him, but he didnt react.
19. She complimented him on the wonderful meal.
20. She is a gifted writer and her books are very successful!
21. The staff were untrained and they did not do the job properly.
22. You have to get permission from the city authorities to open a shop.
23. The film was a great commercial success.
24. Our offices are located in the commercial district.
25. People who ask for money in the street are often considered a public nuisance.

26. After his constant shouting, the heckler was thrown out of the theatre.

27. The film was well received by the critics.
28. He looked so funny in those pink trousers that I couldnt help laughing.
29. She stood out because of her bright pink hair.
30. That computer game comes in different versions.
31. A positive attitude helps a person cope with difficulties.
32. All his hard work paid off in the end, and he passed the exam.
33. Although our team got off to a good start, we havent done well lately.

34. We donated money and books to poor children.

35. I smiled at him, but he just ignored me.

36. The students came up with the idea of a marathon to raise money. ,

37. Most people feel anxious before a competition, so youre in good company.

38. Apparenly, its going to snow today.
39. Jennifer is over the moon because she got the job.
40. As Ive been away on holiday for a month, my work was piled up.
41. Ill take on the extra work if they pay me for it.
42. We had problems at the initial stages of the project, but we managed to solve them.

43. If you travel up north, youll get a taste of what life is like there.
44. We all had one hour to set up our stalls before the market opened. ,
45. A project is being initiated to help the elderly in our city. ,
46. During the Theatre Festival there will be fringe events such as a pantomime show.

47. Your talents and skills are not fully appreciated in your present job.
48. The film is made up of three different stories.
49. She has a staff of 10 who collectively earn more than 200,000.
50. This block consists of 10 flats.
51. We need advertising and money to get our business off the ground.

52. Dont involve me in your family issues!

53. Its the policy of our school to accept students from different countries. ,

54. Unfortunately, she was turned down for the part of Cleopatra.
55. Our children have separate bedrooms.
56. We cant eat at the new restaurant tonight-its totally booked up. ,

57. There will be an official investigation into the plane crash.

58. After a long wait, the rescue is finally underway.
59. Their company developed as an offshoot of a bigger international company.
60. The student comittee discussed some problems with the head teacher.
61. The library runs a poetry workshop once a month.
62. Theres a lot of noise-it sounds like theres a party going on.
63. The triathlon is very challenging because you have to run, swim and cycle.

64. Its a fast-paced novel with many different events happening quickly.

65. The seminar was boring and I did not get much out of it.
66. We hadnt met for a long time and we spent the evening catching up on our news.
67. Being a successful businesswoman and mother fills her with a great sense of
68. The street artist persuaded her to pose for her portrait.

69. I get a kick out of doing exercise.

70. Listening to music can help you unwind after a hard days work.
71. The boat capsized in the storm but, fortunately, everyone was saved.
72. I did not get on well with my brother because we are very different.

73. His constant moaning gets on my nerves.

74. Im willing to give as much money as they ask for.
75. Think carefully before you make up your mind.
76. Volleyball is my favourite pastime.
77. Its a good film and itll appeal to a large audience. ,
78. As I dont really go for romantic films, I wouldnt choose to watch the film Love
79. The two politicians exchanged ideas on a number of topics during the TV programmme.

80. When your life revolved around work, you have no time for a hobby.

Connect B2 Teens Online
Unit 2
1. More and more internet users are joining social networking websites, such as Facebook
and Twitter, for personal and professional reasons.
2. The two politicians exchanged ideas on a number of topics during the TV programmme.

3. Theyve increased the membership fee at the sport centre to 100 a year.
4. Theres a dance to raise funds to buy computers for the school.
5. The protection of the environment is certainly a worthy case.
6. People in need will get the money first.
7. Im opposed to children talking to strangers on the Internet.
8. The government has made an appeal for help of the victims of the earthquake.
9. The number of people present at the presidents talk was overwhelming.
10. Sandra always follows the latest fashion trends.
11. Our team is engaged in a very important project.
12. Parents complaint about their children spending countless hours on the Internet.

13. Put the CD-ROM into the computer and click here to launch the electronic dictionary.
14. Free food and wine didnt compensate for a very boring evening.
15. The website is the brainchild of the university student who designed and launched it
16. Its important for teenagers to be popular with their peers.
17. Jenny tutored a small group in maths.
18. The project is based on extensive research.

19. Dictionaries are regulalry updated to include new words or meanings. ,

20. The use of mobile phones by children is a controversial subject.

21. Hes an enterpreneur whose business in property.
22. The students came up with the idea of a marathon race to raise money. ,

23. Oxfam is a very important charity that helps people in Africa.
24. The company is supporting cancer research.
25. Thousands of farmers have been demonstrating about their economic problems.

26. The recent forest fires in the area are a great ecological disaster.
27. The internet has greatly affected the way people communicate.
28. As shes a teacher, she has strong views about educational issues.
29. The rain thats fallen this year has made up for the lack of rain last year.

30. Our webpage provides you with all the answers.

31. The scientist wasnt put off by the initial negative results of her research. ,

32. Theres a lot we can do to prevent young people from smoking.

33. Susan was deeply disturbed by the violent scenes in the film.
34. I should point out that our products are the cheapest in the market.
35. She threw away some important papers by accident.
36. He came across some old letters while he was cleaning his desk.
37. Protests have been made against animal testing.
38. Local shopkeepers objected strongly to the building of the new shopping centre.

39. If youre in favour of the idea, raise your hand.

40. Several tests were carried out to discover the effect of the drug on humans.
41. The minister wanted to raise public awareness about the need to save water.

42. He was a poor speaker who didnt manage to get his point across.
43. The destruction of the environment affects everyone.
44. She developed the concept for the new magazine.
45. Im satisfied with the way things turned out.
46. His questions about her private life really embarrassed her.
47. He inherited some money from his grandfather.
48. If you carry on training hard, you will get the gold medal.
49. They were all carried away by her exceptional performance.
50. When I finish college I will take over the family business.
51. All our students have free access to the library.
52. Driving along this difficult road demands my constant attention.
53. The accident came about as a result of bad weather. ,
54. The buildings in the slum neighborhoods of the city are old and dirty.
55. Ive managed to figure out how this mobile phone works by myself.

56. Hard work was a major factor in her success.

57. Since youve seen no results so far, you should try a different approach.
58. The bad weather has ruled out any chance of going on a picnic today.
59. When I get home, I want to catch up on all my paperwork.
60. As soon as I receive any news, I will get in touch with you.

Connect B2 Laws of Nature

Unit 3

We went on a safari to see wild animals in the bush.

We took a shortcut and got to the theatre early.
To enjoy your bicycle ride take the route along the sea.
I like this shampoo so Im going to stick to it.
The noise of the jeep startled the zebras and they ran away. ,
The cheetah is such a fast animal it can outrun a small car.
It gave me a thrill to see my favourite actor on stage.
There has been a massive effort to collect as much money for the charity as possible.
9. If you anticipate problems, its best to act now. ,
10. These people are in urgent need of help and cant wait any longer.
11. The picnic was put off until next Sunday.
12. They loaded three helicopters with food and clothes for the earthquake victims.

13. The other team members cannot cooperate with him because of his arrogance.
14. Polar bears in the European zoos suffer due to the heat.
15. The burglar lunged at him with a knife. ,
16. Although he spoke confidently, there was an undercurrent of fear in his words.

17. My wife is always grumbling about the housework.
18. In the open-air market the smells of the fruit, vegetables and fish mingle together.

19. The little defenseless child tried to hide from the stronger boys.
20. People hop on one foot and birds hop on two.
21. I have not seen her since our chance encounter last year.
22. Two fierce dogs were ready to attack anyone who passed the gate.
23. The lion roared as we came closer to its cage.
24. Lion, wolves and foxes are all predators.
25. The only light came from the lanterns we were holding.
26. We picked up all the leaves and put them in the wheelbarrow.
27. We can cut across the dirty riverbed to get to the camp.
28. Sam has a lot on his mind at the moment.

29. Why dont you ditch the old CD player and buy an iPod?
30. Its good to drink water when you exercise because you sweat.
31. If I had a choice, I would opt for a career abroad and not in my country. ,

32. He sat on the beach and threw pebbles into the sea. ,
33. Are there any good restaurants in the vicinity of our hotel?
34. Ive managed to figure out how this mobile phone works by myself.
35. Rachel walked clumsily on her high heels.
36. The tiger watched its prey carefully before attacking it. ,
37. On sunny days, I sometimes sunbathe on the lawn in my garden.
38. You should not get close to the animals in the zoo under any circumstances.

39. They dreamt of a great future together, but sadly, it was not to be.
40. The minute the bus stopped the children got off and headed for the beach.

41. He was insanely in love with her.

42. In the face of disadter, your first instinct is to save yourself.
43. Some stars in the sky are visible without a telescope.
44. I felt such a sense of release after I finished my last exam.
45. A feeling of sadness washed over Juliet when eveyrone left.
46. Ive trained my dog to obey simple commands.
47. Susans psychologist helped her to overcome her fear of flying.
48. Fences stop cows and sheep from wandering freely over the fields.
49. The work scheme helps to rehabilitate prisoners so they can have a normal life when
they leave prison. ,
50. They are living in primitive conditions because they have no electricity and running
51. My son loves to sit on my lap when I read to him.
52. Even though the restaurant was not making a lot of money, the owners kept it going.
53. After her second album she began to make a name for herself in the music industry.

54. Before we went sailing we took all the necessary safety precautions.
55. A rescue team are on hand to deal with any emergency.
56. You have to walk your dog on a leash in the city.
57. My hotel room overlooked the lake.
58. One of the side effects of this drug is a feeling of tiredness.
59. The water in the lake is dangerous because it contains substances that are bad for your
health. ,
60. The truck driver suffered severe injuries from the road accident.

Connect B2 The Big Wide World

Unit 4

He was taken to hospital for better medical care.

Food and medical supplies have been sent to the disaster area.
The meat is best served with spices, especially black pepper.
I bought this little statue from a street vendor outside the Acropolis museum.

5. Greece trades in olive oil all over the world.
6. The concert is well organised and will draw a large audience.
7. The best cars are manufactured in Germany.
8. Why do you want to sell an active and thriving business?
9. The population is declining rapidly, as many young people are leaving the area.

10. A rich diversity of styles and trends was presented at the fashion show.
11. The film is a historical drama with actors wearing 18th-century period dress.

12. He learned the craft of jewelery making from his father. ,
13. This wooden table is beautifully carved with flowers. ,
14. We buy our groceries at the local market.
15. Supermarkets also sell household items, especially things for the kitchen.

16. The Eiffel Tower is a famous landmark in Paris.
17. You cant rely on him to get the work done on time.
18. Fishing provides a livelihood for many people on the island.
19. I wish I could have extended my holiday because I was having a great time.
20. Despite the development of tourism, the village has preserved its character and
traditions. ,
21. Greece has a long tradition as a seafaring nation. ,
22. If you travel up north, youll get a taste of what life is like there.

23. The Italian coastal areas are very beautiful.

24. There is an exhibition at the National Theatre of their period costumes. ,

25. There are new laws to conserve wildlife in the area. ,

26. The department stores clothes range from small to large sizes.
27. You can purchase souvenirs at the museum shop.
28. Children love seeing costumed characters from their favourite cartoons and films.

29. They met aboard a cruise ship. , , ,

30. The travel agent will give us our daily itinerary for our trip to Spain.
31. We arranged for an off-hour tour of the city to avoid the traffic.

32. The concert is open to the public for a small admission fee of 2.
33. The museum offers tickets at a special price for seniors.
34. Book a table in advance because its a popular restaurant.
35. This ticket is valid for travel for one day. ,
36. In her new job, Karen will be working alongside some very famous actors.
37. My grandmother sews all her own clothes, so everything she wears fits her
38. Oil makes the car engine run smoothly.
39. Apart from the captain, the ship has a crew of 20. ,
40. Mr Smith, our English teacher, always takes a keen interest in our achievements.
41. They are constructing a new hotel near the beach.
42. Living in a foreign country is a real learning experience.

43. Aeroplanes need a lot of maintenance and there are specialised egineers to do this
44. He only had time to give us a brief description of the event.
45. The disaster area stretches over hundreds of kilometres.
46. Beautiful lakes and green hills are part of the regions remarkable scenery.

47. Im going hiking in the mountains this weekend.

48. A part-time job will enable me to spend time with my children in the afternoon.

49. Now that I could see him close up, I saew that he was very attractive.
50. A policemans job is to enforce the law. ,
51. If you want to leave, I wont stand in your way.
52. Hercules was one of the legendary heroes of Greek Mythology.
53. You need a visa from the American Embassy in order to visit New York.
54. Archeologists have puzzled over this ancient writing, but they have been unable to
read it.
55. She felt a kind of inward happiness which she didnt share with anyone. ,

56. What have you been up to since we last met?

57. A bonus will surely motivate the workers to work harder.
58. You should stay put until I come to pick you up.
59. Its a treat to have a day off from work once in a while. ,
60. Lets take a stroll in the park.

Connect B2 How We Behave

Unit 5
1. She usually takes part in all the class activities.
2. Tests were conducted on the new drug. ,

3. During the talk, the behavioural scientist discussed teenagers.

4. The results will be published on our website.

5. All participants in the course should be here at 9 tomorrow morning.
6. The students observed the experiment and wrote down the results.
7. Vast numbers of tourists come to the Greek islands every summer.
8. Today, many people are careful not to consume too much animal fat.
9. I agree with argument that children are happier when they have a daily routine.

10. After a few private lessons, the improvement in his English was significant.
11. The experiment produced such astounding results that the scientists could hardly
beleive them. ,
12. Food must be properly packaged. ,
13. They built a special cabinet to display their collection of antiquities. ,
14. I am all for protecting the environment, its so important.
15. Global warming is threatening the survival of many animals.
16. We must develop a strategy to help us with this emergency.
17. The children were not being cooperative and wouldnt help to clear up their toys.

18. The hero of the comic book always fights evil people. ,
19. Ghost stories always give me the creeps, theyre so frightening.

20. Its in your interests to keep up to date with your studies.

21. The companys new advertising slogan is Safety First. ,
22. The head teacher walked up and down the corridor to make sure that all the pupils had
gone into class.
23. Youre supposed to hand in your project tomorrow.
24. Shes so beautiful that people always stare at her.
25. He marched into my office and demanded an explanation.
26. Apparently, its going to snow today.
27. The university considers him to be one of the most important scientist of our time.
28. Youre likely to get the job if you do well at the interview.
29. My doctor advised me to reduce the amount of sugar in my diet.
30. Medical students learn to apply the techniques that they are studying.
31. I was very impressed by her beautiful voice.
32. We must find ways to combat pollution.
33. He was sent to prison for committing a number of crimes.
34. I have my eye on him because he has caused a lot of problems recently.
35. The environment you grow up in has an effect on your character. ,
36. Mum persuaded me to buy this dress altough I didnt like it.
37. We try to treat out pupils as individuals.
38. You can depend on Jane to tell you truth.
39. Could you turn the lights on? I cant see anything. ,

40. The little girls birthday cake was in the shape of a flower. ,
41. The teacher divided the class into three groups so that they could play a game.
42. Its important to use caution when you do something dangerous.
43. When I do my maths homework, I need to be extremely focused.
44. These instructions will help you build the model ship step by step. -
45. My parents didnt comment on my bad behaviour.
46. People were waiting for the train which was approaching the platform. ,

47. Hes an influential politician and has many followers. ,

48. I will put this money to good use.
49. He deceived the police by giving them false informationabout the suspect.
50. Dont worry. Ill be there in time for dinner.
51. If you are dissatisfied with the product, we will take it back and give you a full refund.

52. On second thought, Ill buy only one dress.
53. Could you please sweep the floor before you close the shop?
54. Ill give you a discount if you buy two T-shirts instead of one.
55. After our walk, we sat on a bench and rested.
56. I see no point in discussing the matter any further.
57. The teacher confronted the pupil she caught cheating.
58. The athlete was disqualified from the championship because he had used illegal drugs.

59. The crowd was shouting and applauding as the band walked off the stage.
60. Paul was grinning from ear to ear when he heard the good news.

Connect B2 Art Trends

Unit 6

This statue is an accurate representation of Queen Victoria.

The photographers job requires attention to detail.
You need a combination of hard work and talent to become an actor.
The Prime Minister conveyed the message that the government would reach an
agreement with the strikers soon. , ,
The painter used dark colours to convey the impression of sadness.
The police managed to find the thief because of Susans accurate description of him.

One thing I like about this painting is the composition: the dancers are exactly in the
His remark was very tongue-in-cheek and wasnt meant to be taken seriously.

The TV programme includes funny videos with a tongue-in-cheek commentary.

10. She praised her son for his excellent performance at school.
11. The book gives us quite an interesting perspective on the world of professional
12. It was an extravagant dinner party with too much food and drink. ,

13. Our Christmas dinner was a real feast. ,

14. I was fascinated by the beauty of El Grecos masterpiece View of Toledo.
15. I dont like unexpected visits-I prefer it if people tell me they are coming.
16. He grew up in luxury so hes conditioned to think that he can have anything he wants.
17. This is an abstract image of a cat created by using different geometrical shapes.

18. As an artist she isnt interested in mundane tasks such as cooking and cleaning.
19. Theres a dreamlike feeling to the final moments of the film. ,
20. The illustrations for the book were drawn by a famous artist.
21. Each reader will perceive the meaning of the poem differently.
22. Romanticism was a movement in art and literature which emphasized imagination and
feeling. ,
23. That cake looks very tempting.
24. Its a good film and it will appeal to a large audience.
25. At first glance, the sculpture looked like it was made from glass, but in fact, it was
made from plastic.
26. We intend to go skiing next weekend. ,
27. Are you as unconcerned about the situation as you appear to be?
28. Each lesson is broken down into several units.
29. The children made paper cones to decorate the Christmas tree.
30. The earth is a sphere.
31. Cut the vegetables into small cubes.
32. Painting and sculpture are referred to as visual arts.
33. Nature has always inspired artists and writers to create some of their best works.

34. The lecturer is not very good at getting her ideas across. ,

35. I cant get over how rude he was to me, especially because we had just met.

36. My grandfather often tells me stories about the war and the living conditions back
then. ,
37. The caf was disgusting as it was dirty and smelt of smoking.
38. Water turns into steam when boiled. ,
39. I lost my appetite when I saw a fly in my soup.
40. Shes so lively, Im sure youll take an instant liking to her.
41. My teacher was critical of my essay and said that I had to rewrite it.

42. I didnt enjoy the first two episodes of the series, but now its grown on me.

43. The young artist produced a lifelike sculpture of a bird.
44. She has lined up all her shoes according to colour.
45. I have many photos that I would like to put in frames and hang on the wall.
46. It never occurred to me that my poems would be published one day.

47. The famous singer was surrounded by fans asking for her autograph. ,

48. Although both his parents are celebrities, hes an accomplished actor in his own right.

49. It doesnt seem like an interesting book at first, but after a few pages it draws you in.
50. A piece of wood floated away on the surface of the water. ,
51. I get a kick out of doing extreme sports.
52. The poem is filled with imagery about love. ,
53. Oranges thrive in many places of the Peloponnese because of the warm climate.
54. The islands are humid in the summer and that makes it difficult to sleep well at night.

55. I dont want to eat this sandwich because its made with processed cheese.

56. Jakes amazing new computer made me rub my eyes in disbelief!

57. They have been rehearsing for the Christmas play every evening.
58. There are more and more TV shows catering to very young audiences.

59. Ill have a modest portion of spaghetti because Im on a diet.
60. Im giving you a pay rise because you are hard-working and efficient. ,

Connect B2 Extreme Nature

Unit 7

A storm suddenly blew up bringing strong winds with heavy rain. ,

I received a long rectangular envelope in the post.
A tornado hit the town and destroyed it completely.
A time bomb ripped the old building apart.
After the earthquake, the rescue teams evacuated people to safer parts of the
6. She started crying when she recalled what had happened.
7. A tornado is characterised by a funnel-shaped cloud.
8. The ball rolled down the road.
9. Driving a racing car was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life.
10. Road accidents have increased in frequency in the last 20years.

11. We cant come to any conclusion until we have looked at all the data.
12. The detective followed the trail of blood left behind by the injured man.
13. The hurricane left a trail of devastation as it swept through the town.
14. Although he had no background in sales, he established a successful business.
15. It was such a great offer that I couldnt resist it.
16. He assumed that I would go to the party and didnt even bother to ask me.
17. There werent enough seats for the performance because they had underestimated the
number of tickets they would sell.
18. Eventually, she conquered her fear of heights by going to therapy. ,

19. A reporter who witnessed the event photographed it with his mobile phone.

20. We have a wine cellar in the basement of our house.

21. We drove across the plains.
22. I prefer communicating face to face with someone rather than talking on the phone.

23. This mask offers you protection against all poisonous gases.
24. As I was approaching Jim turned away and left.
25. Yesterday, it rained heavily and there hailstones as big as ping-pong balls.

26. They predict that a hurricane will strike the west coast. ,
27. In the heavy thunderstorm, our tree was struck by lightning and caught fire.
28. They have decided to seek out the truth no matter what.
29. The heavy snow has resulted in several schools being closed.
30. One hour prior to the flight the plane was carefully inspected.
31. The bite of a cobra can be deadly. ,
32. You should realise the potential danger of sailing in bad weather. ,
33. He is actively looking for a new job.
34. Shes fit, so she thinks nothing of walking five kilometres to work every day.

35. In the summer, children should keep out of the sun, especially 10 am and 4 pm.

36. My brother sneaks out of the house sometimes without my parents knowing.
37. I have no desire to take on another project.
38. The police gathered evidence from the scene of the crime. ,
39. Suddenly, in the middle of the summer, we had a freak storm.
40. The statue was preserved intact for centuries.
41. A probe was sent to examine the conditions on the planet Mars.

42. When you drive at such high speeds you put your life at risk.
43. I didnt listen to the weather forecast and got caught in the snow storm.

44. Its unheard of for the president to use public transport.

45. The car skidded on the icy road and crashed into the bus stop.
46. Because we didnt have umbrellas, we were totally rain-soaked by the time we got
47. He felt a lot of frustration because he was unable to solve the problem. ,

48. Adventure holidays are suitable for thrill-seekers.

49. The waiter went back and forth between the kitchen and the tables. -
50. Since rain is on the way, I suggest we cancel our walk.
51. Camels can go without water for days.
52. We like to go away in the height of the summer.
53. She asked the taxi driver how much he would charge to take her to the airport.
54. I overheard my boss talking about changes in the company when I passed her office.

55. Im not saying it was the worst restaurant Ive eaten at. Far from it, they had some
delicious desserts.
56. These blankets take up so much space in the cupboard there is no room for my
57. I prefer travelling light, so I always pack only basic necessities like my toothbrush ans a
change of clothes.
58. We rented a secluded cottage in the woods for the summer.
59. My uncle lives in a remote village in the Scottish Highlands.
60. The hotel has all the amenities you could ask for: swimming pool, gym, jacuzzi, beautiful
gardens, shops and a cinema. ,
Connect B2 Raising Children
Unit 8
1. A teacher should treat all her students equally.
2. The hotel staff treated us like royalty, satisfying all of our wishes and needs.

3. His success has gone to his head and now he barely speaks to his old friends.

4. When he lost the game, Robert flew into a rage and began shouting.

5. I draw the line at sharing the bathroom when I stay in a bed ad breakfast.
6. The director accepted the award, but said with her usual modesty that it was teamwork
that led to the success of the film.
7. I lost my temper when I saw the dog had eaten my new boots.
8. In case of an emergency, please dont hesitate to call me.
9. Youve got to keep a sense of proportion when training for the athletic competition and
not overdo it.
10. Too much stress at wirk will take its toll on your health.

11. My grandmother played an important role in my upbringing.

12. Shes devoted all of her energies to her job to the exclusion of her personal life.

13. He threw a stone at the window and smashed it. ,

14. He puts his success down to hard work.
15. We have raised our dog since it was a puppy.
16. Soldiers have to follow rigid rules in the army.
17. She had the discipline to study hard without pressure from her parents.
18. Tim was reprimanded for talking during the test.
19. You shouldnt let your personal problems interfere with your job. ,

20. It was decent of John to pay for the repair although the accident wasnt his fault.
21. Human beings cant hear as well as dogs.
22. She may be inexperienced, but youve got to give her some credit for trying.
23. They knew they were breaking the law and were prepared to face the consequences.

24. They made every possible effort to keep the fire in check. ,
25. Children should always be respectful of their elders.
26. Lower your voice and speak in a polite manner. ,
27. Its the most prestigious university in the country so only the best students are
accepted. ,
28. He is an extraordinary person and manages to do many things well. ,

29. Hes liked and respected by everyone he comes into contact with.
30. John ambitiously aims to be the best in everything he does.
31. During the race the athletes need to focus on the target and block out everything else.

32. Hes been rehearsing so intensely for the dance competition that hes exhausted.
33. At the age of 90 he was physically weak, but his mind remained active and alert.

34. Poverty makes people suffer both physically and emotionally.

35. Tim has a knack for making people feel comfortable. ,
36. Its Sallys intention to clean the house this afternoon.
37. Were making our garage into an extra bedroom.
38. Cheering, whistling and similar displays of excitement are not allowed in the concert
hall. ,
39. I kept avoiding him until he finally got the message and stopped calling me.

40. Shes put a lot of work into decorating her new flat.
41. Exercise may do more harm than good, especially if you do too much.

42. Without parental support and guidance, children often find it difficult to make
43. He had a tough childhood because his family was very poor. ,
44. From the start, it was apparent that our team would lose the match.
45. A psychologist may help him work through his emotional problems.

46. If things dont always go your way, dont be discouraged from trying again.

47. You wont get anywhere in life with this negative attitude.
48. If you want your writing to improve youll have to work at it.
49. My parents brought up four children.
50. The boy tried to walk a fine line between his studies and training for the
51. Gifted children should be encouraged to reach their full potential.

52. The teacher tried to increase her students involvement in community projects.
53. Anyone who misbehaves will be sent to the head teacher to be punished.
54. I didnt want to drive in the storm, so I pulled over and waited for the rain to stop.

55. Sallys university course is difficult and she finds it hard to keep up with her studies.
56. Shes prepared to go to great lenghts to get a university education.
57. When I enrolled in the computer class, I didnt realise wed have so many homework
assignments. (.. )
58. Promising young athletes dont always become as successful as their coaches expect
them to.
59. Ive been in this job for 30 years and I have gained a good deal of experience along the
60. The doctor reassured his patient that there wasnt anything serious with him.

Connect B2 Hands-On Learning

Unit 9
1. During her training as a nurse, she got a lot of hands-on experience while working in the
hospital. ,
2. The theatre was founded in 1989 by a wealthy actor.
3. I think a more sophisticated approach is needed to solve this problem. ,

4. A special screening of the documentary has been scheduled for staff members only.

5. Shes a highly recognised scientist whos won several awards for her work.

6. Theyve increased the membership fee at the sports centre to 100 a year. ,

7. He has a degree in law fro Oxford University.

8. You cant talk to the teacher while the class is in session. , (
9. In the closing shot of the horror film, the audience get to see the monsters face.

10. Our daughters Margaret nickname is Maggie.

11. He doesnt have the maturity to become a manager.
12. Shes not prepared to deal with the problem. ,
13. The science laboratory uses all the latest technology and is considered state-of-theart.
14. When you have to provide for your family on a limited budget, you cant afford any
15. The soundtrack for the film Titanic was one of the biggest selling albums of al time.

16. Many students apply for admission to more than one college. , (
, )
17. The admission requirements to study at Oxford University are very high.
18. The archeology students have organised an excursion to Egypt.
19. Thanks to computer graphics and 3-D technology, the field of animation has advanced
20. Its mandatory for all athletes to have drug tests before a competition.
21. We discussed the different aspects of the project.
22. Does this project count towards your final exam results?
23. I plan to go to a sports camp this summer.
24. The actor gave a solid performance as Hamlet. ,
25. The university has a reputation for high standards.
26. My company paid for the computer course I attended last month.
27. The tuition fee for college is very expensive.
28. Schools should provide extra-curricular activities for students, such as sports and
social events.
29. This hotel provides excellent accommodation for visitors. ,
30. My parents provide the money for the university fees and living expenses.
31. The exhibition includes works by Van Gogh.
32. Furnished flats are very popular with students who are living away from home for the
first time.
33. The owners of that house havent been in residence for a long time. ,
34. Passengers should contact the airport before departure as flight times are subject to
35. The stadium seating for 3,000 people.
36. The auditorium was full last night for the performance of the famous singer.

37. The festival is in full swing with three dance performances and a parade scheduled for
today. ,
38. The film has a prestigious cast, including the Oscar winning actress Julia Roberts.

39. When I enrolled in the computer course, I didnt realise wed have so many homework
40. Applications must be submitted by 15th December. ,
41. The river is 500km in length. ,
42. He came from a small town, but managed to make it big in New York as a photographer.

43. The new book is aimed at teenagers who enjoy vampire stories.
44. Chess is a game which demands a high level of concentration.
45. On Sunday, we spent the day messing around on the beach.
46. Nick is a very good instructor who taught me everything I needed to know. ,

47. I received positive feedback from the teacher on my work this semester.
48. The housing market is very strong at the moment and she got a lot of money when she
sold her flat.
49. The film was shot on location in Africa.
50. The producers ran out of money, so they never finished the film.
51. Since youre unfamiliar with the area, let me take you on a tour.

52. A healthy lifestyle can make all the difference to the way you look and feel.

53. We must get to school on time every day.
54. Business trips are all work and no play for me- I dont have any time to enjoy myself.

55. There was an agreeable smell of freshly baked bread in the house.
56. Its compulsory to wear school uniform at my school.
57. You can borrow my book and read it at your leisure.
58. I revised the new French words before my exam.
59. All new employees receive personal supervision when they join the company.
60. We meet every month to exchange ideas and discuss topics of mutual interest.

Connect B2 Living Conditions

Unit 10

Living in the desert with its harsh weather conditions is not easy.
They live in a small town of 3,000 inhabitants.
John decided to leave his village and work in an urban area.
These dwellings are built from wood.


About 70% of the earths surface is covered by water.

Its a real wilderness with vast forests and high mountains.
Its a narrow, busy, densely built street with houses on both sides.
Its the most densely populated city in the countryand has approximately one million
9. After days of sailing in the endless expanse of ocean, they reached an island.
10. Where will you settle when you get married?
11. Hes so resourceful; hes always experimenting with new ways to solve problems.

12. Dig a few more holes in the garden so I can plant these tulips.
13. They went down the mine shaft to reach the gold. ,
14. This necklace is precious to me because it used to belong to my grandmother.
15. Theres a problem with the circulation of hot water in the central heating system.

16. We bought a spacious apartment with three large bedrooms and a huge living room.

17. Democracy originated in ancient Athens in the 5th century BC.

18. The explorers had to cut a path through the thick vegetation in the jungle.
19. The living conditions in the west of the country remain much the same as they were a
century ago.
20. Its not important how much you spend on a gift; its the thought that counts.
21. She tried to conceal the truth from her parents, but they already knew about her
22. The house has been abandoned for years and shows no signs of habitation. ,

23. I smiled at him, but he just ignored me.

24. The family took refuge from the hurricane in the basement of their house.

25. She was struck by the large size and graceful elegance of the building.

26. She cant support herself let alone her family.

27. The more I heard about the strange story, the more my curiosity grew.
28. Her jealousy finally got the better of her and she ended her marriage. (
29. Were embarking on a new project later this year. ,
30. I knew the city was near as the green fields had given way to an industrial area.

31. They lived in the outback of Australia, far away from any town.

32. She got off the bus and made her way to the office, walking fast.
33. A large number of fans flocked to the theatre to see their favourite rock group.

34. Many people moved to America at the beginning of the 20th century in the hopes of
becoming wealthy.
35. The two brothers made their fortune buying and selling property.
36. This exhibit really brings the Inuits culture to life.
37. The landscape is so beautiful that it takes my breath away.
38. It is an isolated island visited by few tourists.
39. He looked at the children play beneath the window.
40. Working in the garden was backbreaking work. ,
41. Unless the storm lets up, we cant continue our journey. ,
42. The extra homework is for the students benefit.
43. He knew it was a dangerous job, but he agreed to do it regardless of the risk.

44. One way to conserve energy at home is to use solar power.
45. The archeologist found a subterranean tunnel that ran from the castle to the sea.

46. London is a melting pot where people from all over the world live and work.
47. My aunt and uncle are so inhospitable that we rarely visit them.
48. In the end, he always gives in his wifes unreasonable demands.
49. Many old buildings were destroyed in order to make way for the new stadium.

50. The nun lived a spiritual life devoting herself to the Church.
51. Steps must be taken to ensure national unity and peace.
52. Living in these surroundings, you have a sense of oneness with nature.

53. Its foolish to take a chance with a thief- just give him all your money.
54. Theres no health centre here- just a doctor who calls in on patients once a week.

55. I wonder if shell be as good on stage as she is on films.

56. Ill explain the rules as we go along.
57. It was a conventional wedding without anything unusual.
58. The busy street was turned into a pedestrian precinct with shops and outdoor cafes.

59. We need to choose a central venue for the cultural festival this year.
60. An increased police presence in the city centre has made the public feel safer.
Connect B2 Todays News
Unit 11
1. Police findings were based on the reports of the eye-witness.
2. An eye-witness was invited onto the news programme to give an account of the fire.
3. The TV channel covered the breaking news of the tornado and its effects.

4. If you happen to see her, give her my phone number.

5. She was wearing an eye-catching diamond necklace which drew everyones attention.

6. Shes a political journalist for The Times newspaper.

7. The World Cup will be broadcast on television. ,
8. The scientific discovery was a newsworthy event and was broadcast on all of the
television news reports.
9. She hasnt acted before so she lacks the polish of a professional. ,
10. Hes gone offline because he doesnt want to chat with me anymore.

11. The exhibition features paintings by contemporary artists.
12. She secretly captured the event on her mobile phone camera.
13. Ecotourism has produced a new breed of tourists who care about the environment.
14. Climatic change has had an impact on plant and animal species around the world.

15. The rise in the earths temperature has caused the ice to melt in the polar regions.

16. The children played well and seemed quite content. ,

17. A piece of wood floated on the surface of the water.
18. Well be arriving at the airport shortly.
19. Hes been in Greece for 10 years, but hes just applied to become a Greek citizen.

20. The 1990s were a good decade for music.

21. He has awarded the Nobel Prize his contribution to science.
22. Its difficult to come to terms with being unemployed.
23. They claim to have made changes, but everything seems precisely the same as it was to
24. The game finally came to life in the second half. ,
25. The teacher tried to increase the students involvement in community projects.
26. Im curious to find out her point of view on the subject.
27. The bridge has been badly damaged and will remain closed for some time to come.

28. The drowning man was rescued by lifeguards.
29. The news of the queens marriage spread like wildfire across the country.

30. In the old days, few people owned cars.

31. The ambulance was on the spot within minutes.
32. Ordinary citizens should be allowed to participate in discussions about matters of public
33. I met my teacher by chance, as I was walking down the street.
34. Many road accidents occur because drivers are careless.

35. He put it well when he said that charity begins at home.

36. The first chapter of the book begins with a narrative about the main characters
37. This research is based on the observations of 350 schools around the country.

38. The old lady was mugged as she was coming out of the bank and her handbag was taken.

39. News of the disaster spread quickly.
40. Government officials will announce the changes this evening.
41. Alexander the Greats empire was huge.
42. The artists paintings are reproduced in the art book.
43. Many reporters study journalism at university.
44. There were two finalists at the dance competitions.
45. Now that we have a bif garden, Ive decided to try my hand at growing potatoes.
46. The teacher encouraged the students to learn at their own pace.

47. We all sat down and Paula handed round cups of tea and coffee.
48. The director collaborated closely with the producer when they made the film.

49. Travelling to Antarctica was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Anne.

50. Language games encourage students interaction.
51. Parents must teach their children to be selective about which websites the log on to.

52. Whats on the telly tonight?

53. The students are free to pick and choose which books theyd like to borrow from the
school library.
54. Her kisses and warm hug soothed the child and he stopped crying. ,

55. Sue tries to keep up to date with the latest fashions. ,

56. The ambulance is on the scene now.
57. My father is very interested in politics and enjoys discussing current events.

58. Ill look up information about the history of journalism on the internet.

59. Not all the information on the internet is reliable so you must cross-check it.

60. The government invested in defense at the expense of the countrys education and

Connect B2 A Job to Suit You

Unit 12

This course is tailor-made for engineers.

Its worthwhile to keep an eye out for last-minute sales.
We decided to get out of the rat race and went to work on a farm.
News of the disaster spread quickly.
All the orders were given by word of mouth so that no written evidence could be
discovered later.
6. As she comes from a well-off family, she doesnt feel the need to work.
7. Thank you for your invaluable help in organisisng this successful event.
8. You will not be appropriately dressed for the wedding if you wear jeans.
9. The new programme will enhance the residents quality of life. ,
10. Second-hand cars are cheaper to buy tha new ones.
11. The downside of living in th ecity is that it is expensive.
12. The scientist has been in the limelight recently because of her interesting discovery.

13. Its a school which caters for children with special needs.
14. Before setting up your own business, youd better see a business consultant.
15. A number of firms are facing financial difficulties as a result of the general economic
16. Hes an experienced bank manager with great financila know-how. ,
17. I found my current job through an employment agency.
18. Im a regular customer at the local caf. ,
19. After being the top model for Chanel for several years, she went on to launch her own
fashion label.
20. Online shopping is less time-consuming than actually going to the shops.
21. More and more people seek to improve their looks through cosmetic surgery.

22. Our hotel offers exceptional bargains for budget conscious travellers.

23. The bus company follows strict safety guidelines.
24. We constantly adapt our services to suit our costumers needs.
25. Carl paid his way through college by working as a waiter.
26. Lets put last Sundays bad match behind us and concentrate on winning this one.

27. We offer management training, not to mention a safe career path and a good salary.

28. Its quite uncommon for fashion models to be designers as well.
29. The company admitted their mistake and paid for the damage.
30. Doctors generally disapprove of overeating and smoking.
31. It was an awful film and I am not exaggerating.
32. At 5 each, these skirts are a real bargain. ,
33. I make a point of visiting my grandfather avery weekend.

34. This stamp is rare. How did you get hold of it?
35. We really did the rounds of all the bridal shops and finally found the perfect wedding
36. The children of well-to-do families usually study at expensive, prestigious universities.

37. Could you please drop these books off at the library on your way home from work?

38. We have received complaints from several customers about the slow service.
39. Its hoped that a compromise will be reached in todays talk.
40. I mostly dress casually in T-shirts and jeans. ( )
41. Hes a very demanding child and keeps me busy.
42. When we reached the theatre, we realised we had left the tickets at home.

43. Instead of mathematics, I decided to go for a degree in economics.

44. Sallys university course is difficult and she finds it hard to keep up with her studies.
45. If you anticipate problems, it is best to act now. ,
46. The insurance company will send someone to assess the amount of the damage. ,

47. Lets go over the list of applicants once more before you make a selection. ,

48. How do you cope with two jobs?

49. Her novel first came out in hardcover. , cd
50. Her autobiography was so engaging, that I read it from cover to cover in a few days.

51. There was a touch of irritation in her voice.
52. The police are checking the authenticity of the painting.
53. Drivers need to be careful because the roads are wet and slippery.
54. Because of the change of plan you might want to reconsider your decision.
55. Their partnership is a perfect match.
56. They thought he was stupid and often ridiculed him.
57. The smell of cigarettes coming from the restaurant put me off eating there.

58. There are always obstacles to overcome in order to fulfil your dreams.
59. The students enlisted the help of their parents for the school Christmas party.
60. She frequently argues with her parents because her dreams are theirs. at complete
odds with