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I, Djamoliddin (Jamal) Karamatov am a male and was born on May 16, 1960 in Tashkent,
Uzbekistan. In those years, Uzbekistan was part of the USSR. In 1967, I went to school. It was
a specialty. Students had to perform a special program lasting 30 minutes. Those who have
successfully passed the examination in the specialty are recommended study and to go to a
conservatory. In 1979 I graduated this school. However, I didnt continue my study because my
family needed money and I needed to work. Diploma of our school gave the opportunity to work
as an accompanist.
Since 1979, I began working as a special music school, where the main subjects were
musical. I learned piano. In addition to the specialty at the school had serious classes in music
theory, ear training, and chorus. All students have to pass examinations in piano three times a
year. At 4, 8, grades were considered competitive, and students had to perform a special
program. Students who received estimate C and below could not study further and got expelled
from school. In this school, I studied for 11 years and was in the 11th grade final exam in the
accompanist in public kindergarten schools. In those years, kindergartens had singing lessons
and I was playing the piano and helped the singing teacher to teach the children songs. We were
ready for different holidays like New Year and sang for parents and children. It was during the
Soviet era. 90 percent of the songs were about Lenin and communism. In those years, the Soviet
Union was spending a lot of money to promote their values and of the Communist from
childhood instilled in children that the best years in the Soviet Union everyone had to go to the
army. Only people with disabilities have been released from the army. In the US Army country
in the world is the Soviet Union and the best people are Communists. So I worked until 1984.

In 1984 I was drafted into the army. In those people are under a contract. In the USSR,
the army took everybody, and if someone wanted to avoid the army then they were imprisoned.
In the army I was lucky and I got in a military music orchestra and band since the last two years.
After finishing my military service in 1986 I returned home and began to teach children piano
playing and continued to work as an accompanist.
In 2007, my family and I came to the US to the city of Sacramento. In Sacramento, I
began to study English, first in schools for adults then from 2010 at the Sierra College. In 2013
I went to the ARC College where I study at the present time. As well as working as a selfemployment as a teacher of piano. Basically teaching children who speak Russian.
Unfortunately because of this and because of the fact that a lot of Sacramento Russian speaking
my English is developing very slowly because of very little practice.
I am married and have two daughters. My wife Nasiba Salieva studies with me at ARC
College. My oldest daughter Betty is 22 years old and my youngest is 12 years old. Her name is
Nargis. My goals are to finish all my college classes and open a day care with my wife with
music lessons. My most important characteristics about me is that I am honest, fair, caring, strict,
and try to always do my best. It has been a challenge to learn English and I am always worried
that my family might not have enough money to pay for our small home. Besides these
challenges I have had some significant events such as going to ARC and taking the ECE 300,
312, and 325 classes and having a chance to open a day care with my wife and teaching music
lessons there.
At present time my wife and I take classes ECE 300, 312 and 325. I continue to teach
children at the piano and play the piano at the church. The things I learned in my intelligence
survey is that I have musical strength, logical strength, existential strength, visual strength, and

shows my intrapersonal strength. My learning style is visual and working alone and with a
group. Also using hand gestures and seeing pictures. The things that strongly describe me is that
I am a fast learner and have my own tricks and ways of helping people learn faster and better. I
am also very orderly and strict. These qualities would make me and effective class teacher
because these characteristics are important in the school teaching essentials. The things that
strongly do not describe me are that I am lazy and never do my best. This might impeded my
ability to teach because I wouldnt teach anything and never come to my class.
In childrens lives I want to be the caring and loving person that teaches kids things and
helps them in their life journey. The children that I teach piano are always pleased of the way I
teach them and the parents are happy to see the children improve.