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Director of Academic Affairs

Responsibility: The Director of Academic Affairs shall identify and assess the needs of
ASWSUV and work with administration to address student issues. The
Director of Academic Affairs position is new this year and will work
closely with the ASWSUV President throughout the year to further
develop the position.

Duties: The Director of Academic Affairs shall have and exercise the following
powers and duties:

A. Perform duties in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws.

B. Learn about current academic needs and build rapport with key administrators by
sitting on multiple committees such as, but not limited to:
1. Chancellor’s Student Advisory Board (CSAB) as ASWSUV member and
project follow-up support
2. Faculty Organization Executive Committee (FOEC) meetings as an ex-
officio member
3. Academic Council meetings as ex-officio member
4. Public Affairs Lecture Series (PALS) as ASWSUV’s representative
5. Teacher of the Year committee as ASWSUV’s representative
C. Establish monthly meetings with the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs to discuss
current academic concerns of students and build rapport
D. Work with the Manager of the Student Bookstore to constantly improve the book
buyback program in terms of percentage of books bought back, prices offered, and
E. Attend as many faculty candidate meetings as possible and provide student
F. Help the ASWSUV President appoint students to the Student Conduct Board.
G. Potential first-year projects include, but are not limited to:
1. Advocating for student representation on the Academic Integrity Board
2. Centralizing and advertising the extended class offerings schedule on
WSU Vancouver’s website
3. Establishing a percentage target for extended class offerings
4. Expanding current class offerings
5. Establishing a M,W, F and T, TH class schedule
6. Working with Academic Coordinators to effectively advertise and
continually improve the advising process.
7. Advocating for new degree programs at WSU Vancouver including, but
not limited to:
i. Doctorate in Nurse Practitioner (DNP)
ii. Masters in Accounting
iii. Bachelors in Sociology
H. Provide an oral and written report at each Senate meeting.
I. Attend all mandatory ASWSUV meetings including, but not limited to:
1. Retreats
2. Executive Team meetings
3. All Student Government meetings
4. One-on-one meetings with the President
J. Perform any duties deemed necessary by the ASWSUV President.

Requirements: The Director of Academic Affairs must be a member of ASWSUV and be

enrolled in at least six (6) credits per semester during the regular academic
year. S/he must be in good academic standing, maintaining no less than a
2.0 GPA.

Desired Qualities: Self-motivated and goal-oriented

Strong communication skills
Functional knowledge of the university system
Time management and organizational skills
Ability to work within a team

Work Conditions: Frequent interruptions, some noise, fast-paced

Term: The Director of Academic Affairs will hold office from commencement to
commencement, or until his/her duly elected successors take office.

Salary: In accordance with ASWSUV By-Law (330.02), the salary for the
Director of Academic Affairs will be fifty percent (50%) of the President’s
salary, thus eight thousand dollars ($8000) for the entire year.

Hours: The Director of Academic Affairs shall contribute at least fifteen (15)
posted office hours each week to his/her duties until commencement.
Posted office hours must be held between the hours of 8:00 AM and 6:00
PM. Workloads may require additional hours.
Application for Executive Staff
Please print in ink or type on a separate sheet, and attach Resume.

Full Name:___________________________________ E-mail:_________________________________

Phone Number: Day ________________ Evening __________________ Cell _____________________

Address:_________________________________________ City:_______________________________

State:____ Zip Code:________ Check one: Freshman □ Sophomore □ Jr. □ Sr. □ Graduate Student □

Major:___________________ Minor: ___________ Are you currently taking 6+ graded semester hours

for the rest of the academic year? Circle one: Yes No Is your CUM GPA 2.0 or above? Yes No

Have you read the ASWSUV job descriptions (attached)? Yes No

Will you be able to attend two Senate meetings a month and hold fifteen office hours weekly? Yes No

Why do you want to become an ASWSUV Executive Staff member? Please be general
and specific to the position.

What are your previous collegiate experiences related to Student Government or other
leadership experiences?

In what areas would you like to see ASWSUV take an active role?

Please list any Community Service experience.

**Return completed application to Tiffany Moore’s box in OSI by 5:00pm April 9th,
please direct any questions to