New Media & Social Networking for Photographers
by Lindsay Adler www.lindsayadlerphotography.com

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Social Networks
Where to start?

Time Management
Integrate into Workflow Part of everyday practices Important to business just like advertising, customer services Doesn’t have to devour your time!


What We’ll Cover
What is Social Networking What it means to your Business Getting Ready Google Alerts Google Profile Best Practices Your Blog


MY social networks!
lindsayadlerphotography.com/blog Facebook.com/lindsayadler1 Twitter.com/lindsayadler (@lindsayadler) Linkedin.com/in/lindsayadler Youtube.com/adlerphotoworkshops Vimeo.com/lindsayadler Flickr.com/photos/lindsayadler


My First Blogging Success!
MindFood Magazine Australia Sublime Magazine London Existence Magazine Poland


New Studio Location: Facebook
Photographed a few senior friends Posted photos, tagged them Within 1 month had more business than I could handle! 30%+ of my portrait business Facebook related


What is Social Networking?
Networking has been around forever Always business practice... now just on the web Build & Maintain relationships No time, geographic or hierarchical boundaries!


Build a Reputation Gain (Positive) Exposure Find New Clients Network with Colleagues Share & Learn


Social Networking & Your Business
New way of reaching clients and building relationships Share your work and ideas Become part of the ‘party’ Communication & Feedback BUILD A COMMUNITY!


Build a Following: COMMUNITY
Evangelists Collaboration Resource for Q&A Sponsorships Blog advertising


Your Approach
What do you want to say? Who do you want to say it to? Where does your audience ‘hang out’ online?


Before You Start
You’ll need: Profile Photo Bio(s) Username Professional Email Passion!

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Consistent Brand and Identity Google is Your Friend
Gmail (while using professional email name) Google Calendar Google Reader- RSS Feeds

Google Reader- RSS Feeds Google Analytics Google Profile


Google Profile
Google.com/profiles Helps with SEO List key links Bio Flickr or Picasa feed Profile Photo


Google Alerts
Google.com/alerts Emails you when someone mentions your name, business, specific keywords Monitor conversation about you! (or your competition)


**Best Practices**
Get Active Online Show Sincere Interest Be Personable Encourage Dialogue Develop a Schedule Use Analytics Use SEO Update Regularly Contribute Valuable Content Go to your Audience/Clients


Where to Start
Your Blog Facebook Profile Facebook Page Twitter LinkedIn Flickr Other


Your Blog: Your Home on the Web
Share ideas and images Establish personality Build reputation

Build reputation


Why Blog?
Build Your Reputation Express Yourself Become an Expert Share Your Work Improve your SEO Increase your Following Attract New Clients Promote Yourself Start a Conversation Create a Resource


Reputation as the expert = “Go To” person Show consistently good work Sharing, giving Knowledgeable, industry leader, etc


Blog as Website Trend
Blog is website Portfolio section of blog Great CMS (content management system) Great SEO (search engine optimization)


SEO (search engine optimization)
Photo websites are not naturally SEO friendly.... but blogs are! Words in posts Tags Google image search Your name higher in results, associated with important keywords


Graph Paper Press Photocrati ProPhoto Themes


What to Blog?
Behind-the-Scenes Recent Work Tutorials & How To Business Insights Review

Review Reflections Updates Make a List Ask A Question Cover an Event Interview Others


Client and Colleague Favorite High pass-along rate Photos Videos Interviews Business stories Outtakes


Best Practices
Identify Your Target Audience Get a Schedule and Stick to it! Plan Ahead Keep Blogging in Mind Pre-Write “Pillar” articles Encourage Reader Questions Submit Articles Use Analytics


Point to your Blog!
Twitter Facebook Forums Other networks

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Use Analytics
Where is your traffic coming from? Which posts are most popular?

Google Analytics
Analyze Your Traffic Focus your Social Networking Efforts Learn about keywords, important sites, linking sites, more Determine successful content



Dashboard Visits Referring Sites Keywords Bounce Rate


Quick SEO Tips
Use WORDS Images: captions & alt tags Include keywords (tags) and captions Link in (shows importance) Link out (shows relevance) Get profiles & use them

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Grade the SEO of your site

Go where the clients are! Business are made up of people, people on Facebook! Senior portraits, mothers, etc

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Facebook Pages
Local Business Visual Artist

Local Business
location phone website parking

38 39

Genuine From Clients

Divide photos by topic Seniors Babies Families Weddings


“Tag This Photo” Select Face Select Client (friend) name

Select Face Select Client (friend) name

41 42 43

Facebook comments Discounts, Specials

Visual Artist Page Albums
Behind the Scenes Recent Shoots Portfolio

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Like analytics Info on demographics, view, interactions

Facebook Ads
Extremely targeted: Age Geographic Area Interests Networks Ex: Status change to “engaged”

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Facebook Ad Campaigns
Pay per click daily budget

Facebook Ad Analytics
Hits per day over time, gauge high-low times

Tips for Facebook Ads
Catchy text calling to action or showing personality Easy to ‘read’ photo Test multiple campaigns over several weeks/months Allot more funds for “peak” times (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, mid-summer)


140 character updates Key for community building Share & Learn Direct traffic to blog, other social networks Be part of the conversation Be an expert


What to Tweet
Find a friend to follow... what how they do it!


What to Tweet
Find a friend to follow... what how they do it! Tweet photos, behind the scenes Useful links, related industry content Musings


Twitter language
@lindsayadler - mention me, or public message to me #hastags - like adding keywords Followers - like friends but not necessarily reciprocated DM- direct message (private) between people following each other


Twitter Tools
URL Shortening tr.im bit.ly Share Images Twitpic TweetPhoto


Lists and Listorious
Group people together by categories expertise geographic regions associations companies Helps you Get Started Following!


Collaboration & Sharing
TweetUps: Twitter Meet Ups... meet in real life Share useful links Champion other photographers Collaboration Examples: Illustrators, Stylist, Photo Walks


GREAT SEO (google image search) Blogging Plug-ins Build a community Integration with other networks Art Buyers (Getty Images) http://www.flickr.com/groups/callforartists/


Workflow and Metadata Friendly
Automatically detects IPTC data Keywords and adds as ‘tags’

Keywords and adds as ‘tags’ Caption input as description Export to Flickr directly from Lightroom, Aperture after apply keywords, metadata Detects geotagging (plots on a map) and EXIF info (camera settings)

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Flickr Copyright Controls
Set the ‘creative commons’ designation for each image Batch apply designation (if all copyrighted, etc)

Flickr Social Networking Integration
Automatically notify Twitter, Facebook Post to blog

Flickr Analytics & Statistics LinkedIn
Online Business Presence Your online resume Essential Links Testimonials Architectural and Corporate Clients


Create Credibility, Open Doors
Link with other professionals Ask for ‘introductions’ Request Testimonials Establish expertise in “answers” section


YouTube & Vimeo
High pass-along rate Show personality Embed in blog YouTube: HUGE audience Vimeo: Great interface


YouTube Channel
Personalize Channel Guru Colors, Themes Subscribers Insights

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YouTube Analytics Other YouTube Benefits
YouTube Partnership $$ http://www.youtube.com/partners

YouTube Partnership $$ http://www.youtube.com/partners Easy Embed


Video Ideas
Behind-the-Scenes How-to Tutorials Resource for clients EX: Brides posing guide EX: Seniors clothing and location guide


Other Networks
DOZENS of other networks Go to your clients Set up profiles


Get Ahead or Get Nowhere
Social Media = Media New form of communication Save time and money Not just the future... it is now!


1 Hour Per Day!
Sign up for sites, find people to connect with Tweet once per day Update Facebook page 2-3 times per week Pick a blog schedule, and stick to it! Add 3 Flickr photos per week

70 71

Start Sharing!
Include links in your email signature to key network

Check out my book Linked Photographer... out May 4th!

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