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How I grew from 300 to 5k followers in just 3 weeks — Marketing & Growth Hacking — Medium

How I Grew From 300 to 5k Followers In
Just 3 Weeks
#GrowthHacking my Twitter account for @Crowdfire Twitter Premier League

It all started on March 16th, 2015, when @deepak365 decided to hold the
@Crowdfire Twitter Premier League, which trended on social media as

Three weekly rounds, three targets, one winner in the end. Simple.
But before I go into the details, let me tell you that I am not a social media
guru. I don’t know how to market stuff. I don’t have a sense of humor like
@Trendulkar or @GabbbarSingh. To make things harder, @Crowdfire has
some awesome people like @iSpiritualist, @KaziUrooj, @NischalShetty,
@BuddhaSource who are pretty rad when it comes to #socialmedia,
especially Twitter. But I decided that I wanted to win one way or another,
and my strategy had one thing that I was good at — Code.­102/how­i­grew­from­300­to­5k­followers­in­just­3­weeks­2436528da845


6/14/2015 How I grew from 300 to 5k followers in just 3 weeks — Marketing & Growth Hacking — Medium “GrowthHackers are a hybrid of Marketer and Coder.Unfollowers Scoring: FG > 100 = 2 point 100 < FG < 500 = 4 point 500 < FG < 3000 = 6 point FG > 3000 = 8 point Bottlenecks: This might seem simple — just keep following people and eventually you’ll start getting followbacks. It’s only after your follower count reaches a certain level that you are allowed to follow more people. I figured out the answers to these pressing questions: 1. Entrepreneur My Twitter stats before the competition: Following: 635 Followers: 373 Round 1. https://medium.”  — Andrew Chen. but there are two big questions here: 1. True. Eg: You can follow only 2000 users at first. Strategy: The first thing I had to do was find people to follow. How to find people who would followback? 2. But you have to maintain a certain following/follower ratio. This ensures that people are active and are likely to engage with you. retweet and mentions) my tweets? With some research and actual experimentation. Choose a niche interest for your Twitter profile. 2. How to make sure those people engage (favorite. Maximize your Follower Gain Follower Gain (FG) = Followers . Find people who post interesting tweets and are active everyday on social­102/how­i­grew­from­300­to­5k­followers­in­just­3­weeks­2436528da845 2/9 .

unfollow everyone who does not follow you back to keep your Following to Follower ratio balanced and so that you are not stopped by Twitter’s rate limits on your way to glory! First Round @EagleEyeApp Stats: https://medium.6/14/2015 How I grew from 300 to 5k followers in just 3 weeks — Marketing & Growth Hacking — Medium 3.document.js­follow­ btn').scrollHeight);   $('. Solution: Following thousands of people manually is just impossible when you have to kick some ass in a competition.scrollTo(0. 1000); This will automatically follow all visible people on that page. If you want to stop the script. clearInterval(a) After; }. These people are more likely to follow you back. The only thing you must keep in mind after doing all this is: CLEAN YOUR ACCOUNT (Try @Crowdfire’s Non -Followers feature) PRO TIP: Give some time for people to follow back. a = setInterval(function () {   window. After that.user­actions­follow­button.not­following . paste this script and press ENTER. load more­102/how­i­grew­from­300­to­5k­followers­in­just­3­weeks­2436528da845 3/9 . You just have to go to your competitor’s follower list. That’s why I wrote this very simple script that you can run in the browser which will automatically follow people on Twitter. scroll for you. follow them and so on. Find people who have a Follower to Following ratio of 1 to 2. I was all set for winning Round 1. just paste the following line and press ENTER. open Developer Tools for Chrome.body.

com/marketing­102/how­i­grew­from­300­to­5k­followers­in­just­3­weeks­2436528da845 4/9 . growth hacking. social media. at the right time to get more engagement (favorites/retweets). Not only must you make sure you tweet less. I searched for interesting content related to marketing. Best source was Medium. https://medium. Strategy: The first thing I had to do was find good content. you must also make sure you tweet quality stuff.6/14/2015 How I grew from 300 to 5k followers in just 3 weeks — Marketing & Growth Hacking — Medium Overall Followers Received for Round 1 Round 2: Maximize engagement per tweet Engagement = ( Retweets + Favorites + Mentions ) / Number of tweets Scoring: Engagement < 1 = 1 point 1 < Engagement < 2 = 2 point 2 < Engagement < 3 = 3 point 3 < Engagement < 4= 4 point 4 < Engagement < 10 = 5 point 10 < Engagement = 10 point Bottlenecks: This round was tricky.

For social media marketers these hashtags are always your best bet. Solution: I used Buffer to schedule those tweets and track their performance. https://medium. you will be restricted by Twitter. favorite. I can’t be sure of the conversion from this (hence the theory). #marketing. #seo and #blogging. Based on the performance of each tweet. I created a script that would favorite all the tweets on the search results page. I rescheduled some of those tweets multiple times throughout the week. You get the gist. a = setInterval(function () {   window. scroll for more. Now there is a 50–50 chance that they will favorite your pinned tweet.ProfileTweet­actionButton. go to Twitter and Pin that particular tweet. And of course. scroll for more. distribute your favorites among multiple trending hashtags.js­actionButton. PRO TIP: Every time a new tweet is posted through Buffer. their reach/engagement/time of post.js­ actionFavorite:visible'). 1000) After favoriting 1000 tweets. and so on. #socialmedia. My next step was creating more engagement for my; }.com/marketing­102/how­i­grew­from­300­to­5k­followers­in­just­3­weeks­2436528da845 5/9 .document.6/14/2015 How I grew from 300 to 5k followers in just 3 weeks — Marketing & Growth Hacking — Medium The second thing that was to engage with other people on Twitter who shared the same niche interest that I did.scrollTo(0. so don’t spend all your favorites on one hashtag. If you want to stop the script. #smm. but it’s an interesting idea and worth a shot. they will get notification that someone added them to a list and check out the persons profile. You want to find people who have super awesome lists of Growth Hackers. So I searched for tweets with trending hashtags like #growthhacking. I don’t want to leave you alone with without having any tools to track the success of all my tips. just paste the following code and press ENTER.body. clearInterval(a) PRO TIP: Another interesting trick that I used was based on the theory that if you add someone to a list.scrollHeight);   $('. so here’s a tool I used to crack this round [list-copy].

. Engagement Score > 150 = 8 point https://medium. Fav) w. etc and then copy their followers list. How awesome is that! Second Round @EagleEyeApp Stats: Engagement (RT. .­102/how­i­grew­from­300­to­5k­followers­in­just­3­weeks­2436528da845 6/9 .r.6/14/2015 How I grew from 300 to 5k followers in just 3 weeks — Marketing & Growth Hacking — Medium Social Media Gurus.t Tweets Round 3: Maximize engagement per follower Engagement Score = ( Retweets + Favorites + Mentions ) * 100 / Total Number of Followers Scoring: 1 < Engagement Score < 10 = 1 point 10 < Engagement Score < 20 = 2 point 20 < Engagement Score < 30 = 3 point 30 < Engagement Score < 40 = 4 point .

So I wrote a script that would do just this.) Third Round @EagleEyeApp Stats: https://medium. and hopefully for every 1 of my tweets I needed at least one favoraite and one retweet. meaning my engagement had to be greater than 150. For those who are familiar with it. Eureka! Strategy: To win this round I had to get a score of 8. Now using this script does require some programming knowledge as it written in nodejs. I could still win this! Solution: I researched and found something called as the Twitter Streaming API that lets you monitor events and tells you when a user has tweeted. I would have to grow to 5000 followers by the end of the round. 3750 EFFING TWEETS IN 7 DAYS! That is almost 535 tweets daily. a strategy came to mind. For those who aren’t. It monitors the tweets from the accounts of my choice and then tweets the same content from my account. not only have to tweet like crazy. checkout the code here. Now there was no way I could *manually* search and post that many tweets. . while chatting with my friend @VanhishikhaB. I would. check the note at the bottom of this blog post. if I could put together a list of interesting social media accounts that tweet original stuff and piggyback on their tweets and post them to my account. but would also need insane engagement to even think of winning! One day. I would have to post roughly: (150 Engagement score *5000 Followers) / (100 * 2 Engagement) = 3750 Tweets­102/how­i­grew­from­300­to­5k­followers­in­just­3­weeks­2436528da845 7/9 . I had around 3200 followers at the time.6/14/2015 How I grew from 300 to 5k followers in just 3 weeks — Marketing & Growth Hacking — Medium Bottlenecks: This was the toughest round of all — or so I thought at first. BUT. take a breath and think about that for a moment.

https://medium. No one likes inactive accounts. I literally ruled #CTPL.t Followers and Tweet My Twitter stats after the competition: Following: 4. 2. People will unfollow you if they see that you are inactive (A lot of people use @Crowdfire’s Inactive Following tool to figure that out. no one likes that. 3.DR: there are a few points that I’d like to make: 1. Fav) w.7k Followers: 5. Post content that is relevant to your niche­102/how­i­grew­from­300­to­5k­followers­in­just­3­weeks­2436528da845 8/9 . Mention. Choose your target and follow wisely.6/14/2015 How I grew from 300 to 5k followers in just 3 weeks — Marketing & Growth Hacking — Medium Engagement (RT. Don’t follow blindly and expect a followback. TL.) That is the reason you should post quality tweets and stay active. Do not tweet about a random of topics.2k Needless to say.

which recently launched scheduling for­102/how­i­grew­from­300­to­5k­followers­in­just­3­weeks­2436528da845 9/9 . @iSpiritualist and @VanhishikhaB for helping with the edits. Happy #GrowthHacking! Note: I understand that a lot of people who are reading this are probably not good at programming. Hit me up on Twitter or email and I’ll help you set it up ☺ PS: Thanks to @prisharma25. https://medium.6/14/2015 How I grew from 300 to 5k followers in just 3 weeks — Marketing & Growth Hacking — Medium 4. or Buffer to automate good content. Warning/Disclaimer: Try the #growthhacks mentioned above at your own risk and go through these Twitter rules before trying. Use TakeOff.