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Amitkumar Patil

Over 5+ years of IT working experience in SQL Server database development and

administration performed with DBA duties all in enterprise environment, Strong
troubleshooting and organizational skill.

Solid experience in database development and support, Database migration, SQL Server
2000 upgrade to SQL Server 2005

SQL database design, architecture, data modeling (conceptual, logical and physical design)
using Erwin.

Expertise in RDBMS, data warehouse architecture and modeling, ETL and DTS/SSIS

Thorough understanding and experience in data warehouse and data mart design, star
schema, snowflake schema, normalization and demoralization concepts and principles.

Expert in writing T-SQL, working on DTS, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, and Data Migration

Familiar with Database tools, Erwin, Visio, Toad, and LiteSpeed.

Expert in creating Indexes, Views, complex Triggers, effective Functions, and appropriate
Stored Procedures to facilitate efficient data manipulation and data consistency.

Experience in creating Jobs, Alerts, SQL Mail Agent, Database Mail and Scheduled DTS
and SSIS Packages

Expert in database activities like Database creation and Maintenance, Performance

Monitoring, Tuning and Troubleshooting

Expertise in generating reports using Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services
(SSRS) and Excel spreadsheet.

Very good knowledge in scheduling and deploying reports on report manger.

High availability support for SQL Server Failover clustering, database mirroring, log
shipping, replication.

Hands on experience on SQL Server Notification Service, Service Broker.

Solid experience in software development life cycle and n-tier applications development.

Development and programming experience with ASP.NET, C#, VB .NET, SQL Server,
XML, ASP, Access, and VBA.

Extensive experience in project management and execution involving multiple concurrent

development projects with a proven successful track record.

Exceptional ability to gather and translate complex user requirements into practical, costeffective software solutions.

Creative and innovative thinker, bringing energy, enthusiasm and leadership to problem

Consistent, well-organized and dependable performer with the flexibility to adapt to

constantly shifting priorities.

Strong troubleshooting and problem solving skills. Strong ability to prioritize multiple
tasks. Excellent communication skills, proactive, self-managing and teamwork spirits.

BS, Electronics

and Telecommunication ,NMU, India


SQL Server 2008/2005/2000/7.0, MS-Access, Oracle 10g/9i, Teradata.

Development Tools

Visual studio.NET 2008/2005/2003, Visual Web Developer

Design Tools

Microsoft Visio, Erwin Data Modeler, Rational Rose

Database Tools

SQL Enterprise Manager, SQL Profiler, SQL Query Analyzer, DTS

Import/Export, OLAP Services, Replication Tools, SQL Server Management
Studio, SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio, TOAD v9.5

ETL Tools

Data Transformation Services (DTS), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS),

Extract, Transfer and Load, Import/Export Data, Bulk Insert, BCP


Crystal Reports 9/10, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 2008/2005, MS

Access, Excel.

Web Technologies

HTML, XML, XSL, XSD, CSS, Web Services




C, C++, C#, Visual Basic 6.0, T-SQL, Java.

Scripting Language

JavaScript, VB script

Operating systems

Windows NT/2000/98, XP, Vista, MS-DOS, UNIX

ISP Corporation, Wayne, NJ

April 2009 to Current Date

SQL/ETL/SSRS Server Developer

International Specialty Products (ISP) is recognized globally for developing,
manufacturing, and supplying innovative specialty ingredients that enhance product
performance. ISP brings a breadth and depth of service capabilities, such as supply-chain
and design-chain services, logistics solutions, product assembly, device programming, and

computer system configuration and integration. The main aim of project is to develop the
in-bound feed and reporting development for Plan Accounting (PA) Database
-supply/demand forecasting solution for ISP Corporation.

Involved Logical, Physical design and Development of the ODS (Operational Data Source)
for PA Database and DSS (Decision Support System) using Erwin.

Define Check constraints, Business Rule, Indexes and Views.

Worked with data modeling product support team on tool features, functionality and

Installed SQL Server 2008 and Management tools using SQL Server Setup Program.

Design and develop SSIS (ETL) packages for loading data from ERP (ORACLE APP) &
EDI system, ODS to PA Database & DSS.

Responsible for creating database objects like table, Views, Store Procedure, Triggers,
Functions etc using T-SQL to provide structure to store data and to maintain database

Perform T-SQL tuning and optimizing queries using SQL server 2008.

Created SSIS Packages to perform filtering operations and to import the data on daily
basis from the ERP & EDI system, ODS to SQL server.

Schedule Jobs to run SSIS package in night feed to PA Database and DSS for fresh day

Load data form database to Data warehouse using SSIS packages

Wrote standard & complex T-SQL Queries to perform data validation and graph
validation to make sure test results matched back to expected results based on business

Created trace in SQL Profiler for Performance tuning on stored procedures and Scripts.

Developed various Charts and Graphs like Bar Chart (Side by Side, Stacked), Line graphs,
Pie Charts etc by using SSRS.

Created ABC Reports, ATS (Available to ship), Forecast consumption, Warehouse,

Backlog, and Stock High Low Reports Using SSRS

Run Import/export wizard to provide CSV and Excel files to mangers for the particular
records they want for different meetings.

Created Cubes i.e. Material Cube, Forecast cube and Stock cube using SSAS.

Responsible for Backup and Recovery Strategy and Planning.

Develop Technical Design and code for the interface required to support the development
of in-bound feed for PA database.
Environment: SQL Server 2008, ETL/SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), MS Excel
2007, Electronic Data Interface (EDI), ORACLE Apps, Management Studio, MS SQL
Query Analyzer, SQL Profiler .Database Tuning Advisor , SSRS and SSAS
Network Health, Medford, MA

January 2008 ? March 2009

Network Health, an insurance company based in Medford, MA is a high quality,
comprehensive health plan for Mass Health members. The project is to collect data from
the hospitals and to create reports for the number of in and out patients with the expenses.
Create a series of reports which shows cost by facility and panel and cost by facility and
service area.

Created database objects like tables, views, indexes, indexed views, stored procedures

Created and modified stored procedures, triggers, cursors and views on support of DBA
day to day duties or reports.

Actively involved as part of a team for gathering and analyzing the needs of End User
Requirement and System Specification.

Wrote custom T-SQL stored procedures and triggers to improve performance, preserve
referential integrity and provide additional application functionality.

Optimized the performance of queries with modification in T-SQL queries, removed

unnecessary columns, eliminated redundant and inconsistent data, normalized tables,
established joins and created indexes wherever necessary.

Created complex views and scripts to convert business logic for different reports.

Used SSAS and SSIS to create process and partition cubes.

Optimized and redesigned existing data marts.

Created complex stored procedures to customize the report data and to make data analysis

Developed and designed cubes around 45 dimensions, about 25 Measures and 20 calculated

Extensively involved in the SSAS storage and partitions and Aggregations, Calculation of
queries with MDX, Data Mining Models, developing reports using MDX and T-SQL.

Worked with SSIS to load text files to SQL Server.

Configured SQL mail agent for sending automatic emails when a SSIS process failed or
Environment: Windows XP, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, SQL Enterprise Manager, T-SQL,
Query Analyzer, Microsoft Excel, Crystal Reports 10 and SSRS 2005, SSIS, SSAS
Bitwise Solutions, Pune, INDIA

July 2007 - December 2007

SQL Server Developer

Bitwise Solution provides software and services for organizations that require application
development, systems management, or consulting services. The project involved working
on various databases that supported Cash Management and Reconciliation System. The
system provided a consolidated platform for incoming and outgoing payment processing

through consolidation of existing payment platforms. We also involved in migrating

database from MS SQL 2000 to MS SQL 2005.

Participated in upgrading from MS SQL Server 2000 to MS SQL Server 2005

Worked closely with the DBA for successful preparing, planning and installation of the
upgraded software and all its new tools.

Upgraded SQL Server 2000 databases to 2005, using Detach/Attach, Back up & Recovery.

Configure the SSIS Package for run time Parameters and Config file.

Develop the Documents for Logging/Error Handling for SSIS Packages

Integrate the SSIS package, converting all existing DTS packages of MS SQL 2000 to 2005
by adding extra SSIS task.

Tried to incorporate the DTS Packages into SQL Server 2005 Integration Services by using
Package Migration Wizard and Execute DTS 2000 Package task.

Involved in the design of transformation strategy from OLTP to OLAP Interfaces using
SSIS and the new SCD Task.

Scheduled Jobs to call ETL/SSIS packages and Stored Procedures.

Created Alerts for successful or unsuccessful completion of scheduled Jobs.

Created Error and Performance reports on SSIS Packages, Jobs, Stored procedures and

Created complex stored procedures and reports to calculate interest for Fixed Income
banking products such as Term Deposits, CD accounts etc.

Configured SQL Mail agent for sending Automatic emails when a SSIS Process is Failed or

Created reports include formatting options such as Grouping, Sorting, and Parameter
prompts using Crystal Reports X.

Developed several complex reports using various features like (multiple grouping, drill
down, parameterized fields, formulas and conditional formatting using Crystal Report X

Implemented charts and graphs like Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Line graphs for financial
reports using Crystal Experts of Crystal Report X
Environment: SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), DTS, MS SQL Server 2000/2005,
Windows,), Crystal Reports X
Datamatics Technologies Ltd, Nasik, India

May 2006 ? June 2007

SQL Server Developer

Datamatics is a global provider of intelligent, value-driven technology and business
solutions. The project was to create a database for the Manager Incentive Plan (MIP)
which was used to calculate the incentive for the managers during the fiscal year based on
the revenue and sales.

Created Logical and Physical data models using Erwin as data modeling tool.

Developed complex Stored Procedures, Functions, SSIS packages, Triggers, Cursors,

Tables, Views, Indexes and other SQL joins and statements for applications.

Designed and implemented stored procedures and triggers for automating tasks.

Tested the reports and fixed bugs in Stored Procedures, Tables and Triggers.

Schedules and performed data transfers using SSIS including filtering appropriate to the
data mart for data analysis

Worked on MS SQL Server tasks such as data loading, batch jobs, BCP, SSIS, Instances,
Linked Servers and Indexes.

Re-hosted Variable Annuity processing system to run on SQL Server.

Compressed data files by removing empty database pages and updating index statistics.

Configured snapshot replication for reporting, user acceptance test and development

Generated reports in Share Point.

Developed and edited many reports with SSRS.

Designed and implemented user log in and security.

Managed and monitored the system utilization by using the query optimizer and checking
the execution plan and worked in Enterprise Manager for job scheduling and batch

Planned the complete back-up of databases for disaster recovery scenarios.

Environment: Windows 2000 server , Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Microsoft Access, SQL
Server Profiler, SSIS, BCP, SSRS.
Suntec Web Services Pvt. Ltd., India

Jan 2005 ? April 2006

Database Developer
Suntec offers a broad range of database development services designed to provide custom
solutions to all of their client?s needs. Online Shopping system was developed which
allowed users to surf through the product list for purchase. Menus were used for users to
navigate the store and Nested Menus allowed the staff to organize the store into
subsections. In addition to showing the list of user?s current purchase selections, the
Shopping cart allowed the users to remove items from the purchase list.

Developing stored procedures, triggers, views and adding/changing tables for data load and
transformation, and data extraction.

Working on Client/Server tools like SQL Server Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer
to Administer SQL Server.

Configuring, tuning, and optimizing SQL Server 2000/2005.

Involved in requirement gathering, analysis, design, development, change management,

deployment and user training.

Transformed data from various data sources using OLE DB connection by creating various
DTS packages.

Scheduling Jobs and Alerting using SQL Server Agent.

Proactive and Reactive tuning of databases in every stage of the project.

Used Performance Monitor and SQL Profiler to optimize queries and enhance the
performance of database servers

Developed Reports to generate daily, weekly, monthly, yearly Reports using Crystal
Environment: Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005, Windows XP, ERWIN, Crystal Reports.