Invasive Plant Management Plan

1) Introduction - Background information on invasive Plant Species in Wisconsin. - Who is the Invasive Plant Management plan for (Managers/volunteers). - What will be done with the plan. 2) Property Overview - Purpose of the property - Adjacent land ownership - Surrounding land use - General description of plant communities 3) Plant Communities/Covertypes - Describe Community Types - Describe Management Units Burn units Compartments Stands Natural Areas - Describe any areas enrolled in conservation programs MFL CRP Other - Designated Use Areas 4) Inventory - At a minimum the inventory portion of the plan will include a list of known species, approximately where they occur, and some type of map, even if it is hand drawn. - Should develop a range of acceptable inventory efforts 5) Templates - Known - Potential 6) Current and Historic Management 7) Management Options (control) - Describe control techniques - Restrictions on control - Funding options 8) Prioritization

- Early Detection 9) Monitoring - What should we expect? - Level of monitoring will be dependent on goals - Management actions need to be recorded somewhere 10) Prevention - BMP’s - Timing of activities - Educational Resources - Supply resources (boot brushes etc.) 11) Property Specific Management Plan - Broken down by management unit? 12) Resources - Local Partners Contractors Volunteer/Friends groups - Government Contacts - Adjacent Landowners - Funding Oppurtunities 13) Appendices - Other helpful or more detailed information

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