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Michelle Henderson Costas, William; Dicken, David 1/8/2010 4:03 PM Governor's Residence Detail - CONFIDENTIAL COVERT OPERATION INFORMATION

The Squadroom is working on the following detail for Sunday involving a possible drug conveyance at the Governor's Residence. I have already briefed the Assistant Director Ernie Moore at DRC. Lt Mannion has been advised and will update the Governor and Residence Director as requested. Everyone is okay with the plan.

Sergeant Chad Miller is investigating the report of a possible pending drug conveyance reportedly planned at the Governor's Residence. In this case DRC officials have discovered some information between an inmate and his wife where an apparent conveyance is being set up out of the Pickaway Correctional Institution. At this time information indicates that the contraband is reportedly going to be dropped near the Governor's Residence where it will be left for a work crew inmate to pick up later. At this time it appears the drop may take place on Sunday at some time during the day prior to 5:00 PM. According to information discovered an inmate working on a food service crew at the residence was then going to retrieve the package and attempt to smuggle it back into the institution. At this time DRC plans to remove the possibly involved inmates from the work crew and replace them with new workers. The inmates at the facility will be placed in segregation while the investigation continues. The conveyance plan was intercepted in an item of mail sent from the suspect/inmate to his wife on the outside. The letter was then placed back into the mail system to be delivered. It has not be confirmed that the suspect on the outside has received the letter or actually plans to make the delivery, however information developed at this time would indicate that she plans to carry out the delivery and would require that investigators conduct surveillance of the drop site to determine if any criminal contraband is dropped off on the residence grounds. There is reportedly some type of function being held at the residence and the institution is providing inmate food service workers to staff the event. The event is a function being attended by about 12 individuals. Our plan is to conduct surveillance and see if the suspect makes a drop at the residence. If a drop is made the suspect will be allowed to leave the area and will be followed by undercover officers. The package will then be retrieved and the contents will be examined. If the contents are found to be narcotics or other illegal contraband the suspect will be pulled over by a marked patrol unit. The traffic stop would be effected away from the residence as to not cause a safety concern or distraction for the event. The suspect/inmate is ^^^^^^^^^^ age 45. The outside/suspei einmateswifej |tes on the work crew who could possibly be involved are H H DRC investigators suspect that the other inmate invol vecM^^HHBHl matches that of the person described by the suspect. The incident remains under investigation by Division Investigators and DRC Officials. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks, Michelle


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