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Tim Lee

Period 4
Constitution Scavenger Hunt Study Guide
1. How often Representatives Elected - 2 yrs
2. How old Representative - 25
3. How long is term for Senator - 6 yrs
4. How were senators originally chosen? Which amendment changed it - state legislature. 17th
12. In what federal body do bills concerning taxes originate - House of Reps
13. What fraction of both houses must vote to override veto - 2/3
14. What happens when president doesn't sign bill in 10 days and what is exception? - It'll
become a law unless Congress is adjourned (pocket veto)
15. List 6 Powers of Congress
- taxes, borrowing, regulate commerce, coin money, punish counterfeiting, establish
post offices, create courts
16. Which clause in section 8 gives Congress the most general, non specific power - the
necessary and proper clause
17. 3 limitations that deny people rights
- habeas corpus can't be suspended except if public safety needs it
- slave trade can't be prohibited until 1808
- no bill of attainder/ no ex post facto laws
22. Name three Powers of President
- commander in chief

- pardons except in impeachments

- treaties and appointment
23. Name body of Congress that must approve treaty - Senate 2/3
24. What body of Congress approves nominations - Senate
27. Term of Supreme Court Justice and when removed? - life. impeachable action
31. Topic of Article 6 - relationship between states
32. What does Constitution say about how one State must regard laws of other state - full faith
and credit
34. What fraction of houses of Congress necessary to approve proposed amendment - 2/3
35. What fraction of states must approve a proposed amendment to be ratified - 3/4
38. What does Constitution say about which law shall predominate if any conflict between laws
-the Constitution is the supreme law of the land
39. What qualifications for holding public office is forbidden - religion
40. How many states to ratify Constitution - 9 states
41. Name 5 basic civil liberties guaranteed in first amendment
- Religion, Assembly, Press, Petition, Speech
45. What is 9th Amendment - anything not in Constitution is left to the people
46. What is 10 Amendment - anything not in Constitution is left to the states and the people
51. What is repeated in 5th and 14th Amendment - due process (protect basic rights)
52. Which amendment = citizenship? - 14th Amendment
54. Which amendment prohibited alcohol and which repealed it? - 18th. 21st repealed it
56. Which amendment said president only for two terms -22nd Amendment

61. Which amendment establishes what to do if the president is incapacitated and can't perform
his duties? - 25th Amendment. VP --> Speaker -- > President Pro Tempore

1. Congress
2. President
3. Judicial
4 States/relationship between states
5. Amendments
6. Supremacy Clause
7. Ratification