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trade. and communications integration.Bloomberg 2 Introduction Globalization refers to the international movement toward economic. The purpose of this paper is to write about the industry which is most global in nature based in Bloomberg Industry Market Leader. It includes a brief description about the industry of IT Services including the competitive environment of this industry. . Business globalization is about how business change itself from single origination to multiple countries associated in. financial. Paper also describes the characteristics that make it most global from others ending with conclusion.

Jobs related to IT and software development has been moved to lesser budget scenarios. Competitive Environment Opportunities are creating such as IT consulting. As globalization accelerates more competition is entering to the world. 2004). Some research surveys show that salaries are rising at faster rate in IT sector than others. IBM is expending global sales and distribution channels and a range of third party distributors to globalize its products. Firsthand management flairs are required from the top level of IT organizations.Bloomberg 3 Bloomberg Globalization has emerged as a hot issue because it has a great influence to overstate in IT sector today. Global administration of talents. recruitment process and infrastructures have been rehabilitated. Custom apps. . International Business Machines Corporation is providing computer solutions through Advanced IT. Financial and trade integration is rising due to globalization (Arora & Gambardella. Policies. merchants and standards help in reducing cost in IT. Extreme involvement of IT is striving international business to support in globalization. Hewlett-Packard Company is servicing the world by providing IT services for corporate and individuals and other hardware. data analysis and s ystem integration. Consideration about processes is only the way to be competitive.

and services units (Hewlett-Packard . 2000). the competition has made the customers more demanding. in November. separating its computer and printer hardware business (HP Inc. Sequentially.) from its enterprise hardware. acquisitions and divestitures are resulting due to this volatility. Companies are doing this because there profitability and market share are disorderly. The deal was refused by the both sides. Mergers. HP proclaimed about splitting in two. many of the business publications reported that Hewlett-Packard was in talks to purchase storage equipment maker EMC.Bloomberg 4 Demand for IT services is increasing rapidly due to technological advancements. Small companies are competing by targeting the niches or by emerging with larger companies. software. innovative services are the cause of profitability. Giant companies have advantage in extensive service contribution and global access. Then. For example. Greater volatility has been seen that cause to affect the IT companies. mainly to advance scale and cut costs. The IT industry is always unrest. Nemours innovations in products are defining and redefining the industry constantly. better features and more flexibility at pricing points (Agarwal & Karahanna. It gives them the ability to outsource services to great corporates. They demand Greater performance. Technical expertise. Structure of businesses are reexamining by the companies for better performance.

HP’s goal for the split was to increase revenue stream and be Fortune 50 companies. IT can benefit the business under following categories. the two companies find ways to improve the enactment of slow-growth businesses struggling to maintain decent profit margins. . In today’s chaotic environment IT industry entails many common characteristics of leadership and abilities to impact the technolog y. to become more agile and focused on their respective markets and competitors. 2013) says “process innovation initiatives have (or should have) well-defined and ambitious change objectives”. Even it has potential to innovate and improve communication affordability but without involvement of Institutional alliances it cannot be happened. With this partition. o Cost reduction o Growth improvement o Qualifying swiftness o Risk management To standardize the business processes above aspects can help a lot as Davenport. These days learning is demanding information and communication.Bloomberg 5 Enterprise). IT professionals need to learn about skills and abilities offered by IT sector.

New realities of chaos require long lasting changes. In modern era complex and chaotic improvements and diversity in trends are challenging to the IT. calculated risk taking and intuition. Changes often create a chaotic condition. If you want to survive change is essential. In other words. selflessness. vision. Specific technical knowledge is required to cope with the changes to compete globally. integrity. economic and social disturbance is the signal of embarrassment from the globalization. 1993). Passionate competition. commitment. trust. remarkable diversity. An IT leader should be motivated and proactive. creativity. The IT industry will be on its new levels considering about leadership. IT leader should be aware of these changes. persistent eruption of IT.Bloomberg 6 In the new era leadership will be the essential part of competitive industry. Conclusion IT industry is reshaping in various ways. innovative. . Companies are no longer relying on one-note strategies. For massive technical improvement IT industry should possess the characteristics like. Great companies tend to act more like their competitors and they must mature to learn organizational skills. More attentiveness is required. Analyses are improving limitations and revenue streams for success (Davis. Leaders must be able to handle complexity.

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